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Fixed Wing


The OILSPILLWATCH™ unmanned aerial surveillance systems include three primary platforms; the Aerostat (AS), Rotary Wing (RW), and Fixed Wing (FW) systems. The AS system is a lighter than air aerial surveillance and communications system that quickly deploys over environmental response areas to provide fast and effective communications and surveillance. Tethered from a ground base, trailer, or sea vessel, the surveillance payload includes EO/IR cameras for day or night operations in addition to a Mesh Communications Network. The RW and FW aerial surveillance systems are fitted with mission specific EO/IR cameras for an array of applications including security, surveillance, monitoring, response, and inspection. Each platform can be custom configured to support a customer’s unique requirements.

Environmental ♦ Infrastructure ♦ Exploration Security ♦ Industrial ♦ Utility Agricultural ♦ Mapping

Product Specification Sheet

Rotary Wing

Aerial Monitoring and Communications Equipment

Product Specification Sheet

Mission Specific Platforms – Helikite, Aerostat , and UAS

Technology Specific Cameras for Environmental Protection

Responder Multi-Radio Kinetic Mesh Network Voice ad Data

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