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Artist: Tammy Haas Blog: Shop: These earrings came about from a wonderful sunrise I was lucky enough to see! I think they turned out pretty much the way I would see a sunrise in my copper jewelry design.

Artist: Lisa Glenn Blog: Shop:

I just love working with copper wire! It has a warmth that you just don’t get from the typical silver and gold-filled wire jewelry that we see all the time. It is also very forgiving when working with it because of its softness and malleability. This piece was made with some of my hand-torched double-ended “cherry-red headpins” and done in a nontraditional woven frame. The wire was shaped around the stone as the weaving was done to “capture” and secure it. The frame is actually open along one side and the turns in the larger wires bring the whole thing together. The petrified wood cabochon is one that my grandfather made several years ago. It is an incredibly beautiful stone, and i am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with his creations and incorporate them into my own.


Copper Wire Jewelers - Issue 5  

The art and inspiration of the talented members of Copper Wire Jewelers.

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