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Yoenis Cespedes wins MLB Home Run Derby 1st player left out of All-Star Game to win event by r2 | on July 16, 2013 0 Tweet

Oakland’s Yoenis Cespedes stole the show, slugging 17 homers in the opening round. What an exciting event – not even the best Hollywood plot makers could have come up with something like what hapened at the Home Run Derby final unfolded on Monday night at Citi Field. A number of jaw-dropping shots amazed everyone watching the game, either at the stadium or on TV.

(Click here to watch the MLB 13 The Show Homerun Derby Trout Cespedes Stanton Harper video)

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The impressive show put on durung the Derby was picked up by all major news stations, and they are all had raving reviews, and here4 are just a few of them:

“In terms of intriguing, headline-grabbing talent, MLB couldn’t have scripted a better Home Run Derby final than the one that unfolded on Monday night at Citi Field. In the end, A’s outfielder Yoenis Cespedes topped Nationals phenom Bryce Harper with an astounding power display. Cespedes, who tallied 32 homers against 25 outs (he needed just five outs to top Harper by a score of 9-8 in the final), hit a number of jaw-dropping shots over the course of the night. Here’s the one that clinched the victory:” Yoenis Cespedes tops Bryce Harper in Home Run Derby final They all say pretty much the same:

“No matter how the 2013 All-Star Home Run Derby turned out, the night belonged to Cuban sensation Yoenis Cespedes. The Oakland Athletics outfielder set a torrid early pace, blasting 17 homers in the opening round, including several into the third deck in left field, on his way to defeating Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals 9-8 in the final. “I don’t know if they can see this in Cuba, but the day before yesterday I spoke with my 4-year-old son who’s in Cuba and he asked me to dedicate the home runs to him,” Cespedes said in Spanish. “So I dedicate them to him and to the rest of my family.” Cespedes needed only five outs to finish off Harper, with several of his gargantuan blasts hitting off press box windows, pickup truck windows and upper deck facades.” Cespedes tops Harper to win Home Run Derby

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CBCsports also have some great video in their article:

“The Home Run Derby champion didn’t even make the All-Star team. Yoenis Cespedes won baseball’s power-hitting competition with a dazzling display Monday night, becoming the first player left out of the All-Star game to take home the crown. The Oakland Athletics slugger beat Bryce Harper 9-8 in the final round at reconfigured Citi Field, hitting the decisive drive with five swings to spare. In his second major league season, the outfielder from Cuba flipped his bat aside and raised his left arm in triumph when he sent his 32nd homer of the night some 455 feet to centre field, where it caromed off the back wall of the black batter’s eye. He was swarmed by the American League All-Stars near the third base line.” Athletics’ Yoenis Cespedes wins MLB Home Run Derby

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We could go on and on, but you get the picture – it was an awsome event:

“Oakland Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes stole the show at the 2013 Home Run Derby at Citi Field on Monday night with an incredible display in the first round and a walk-off win in the Finals. The Cuban-born Cespedes opened the contest with 17 homers in the first round, many of them landing Citi Field’s upper deck in left field — territory rarely reached in game action in the park’s four and a half year history. And the crowd went wild:” Yoenis Cespedes puts on impressive display to win Home Run Derby

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For people who love Baseball this event will go into history as one of the best and most spectacular.

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The night belonged to Cuban sensation Yoenis Cespedes, and he will forever remember this event.


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Yoenis Cespedes puts on extraordinary show off to win Home Run Derby the full report  

Oakland's Yoenis Cespedes stole the show, slugging 17 homers during the opening round. How much an exciting event - not even the best Hol...

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