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Jamadiyul Ukhra 1435 AH Volume 1, Issue 6

CMC Newsletter

Dear Brother/Sister Jamadiyul Ukhra 1435 AH: The hilal for the month of Jamadiyul Ukhra has been sighted in Sydney. Therefore the month of Jamadiyul Ukhra 1435 will start on Wednesday 2 April 2014, Insha'Allah

Iqamah times at the Gungahlin Mosque: Fajr: 6:15 am Dhuhr: 1:30 pm Asr: 5:30 pm Maghrib: sunset Isha: 9:00 pm

Alhamdulillah, our fundraising team organised a fundraising dinner in Lakemba, Sydney. It was their first experience of hosting an event interstate. The event was very successful monetary wise, but more importantly it has bolstered their confidence in organising more of such events in Canberra and elsewhere. Please read in detail about the Sydney fundraising dinner and other efforts by the fundraising team on page 2. Construction team is working progressively on getting the building application (BA) approval for the Gungahlin Mosque project. Once BA is approved, which we expect within few days, Gungahlin Mosque construction can be started. More from the Construction team on page 3. Last month, there had been hearings in the ACT Supreme Court for the case between Concerned Citizens of Canberra and ACT Planning Authority in relation to the Development Approval of Gungahlin Mosque and Community Centre. The hearing went for five days. CMC executive members and also few volunteers attended each session of the hearing as an observer. We are now waiting for the judgment of the case. It should be noted, however, that CMC is not a party to the case. We attended the hearings solely as an observer due to the fact that verdict may impact the development application of the Gungahlin Mosque and Community Centre project.

Jumma: 1:00 pm


Project Update Bank Balance: (The Noble Quran 10: 62-64) Listen, the friends of Allah shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve (62). Those who have believed and have been fearful of Allah (63). For them there is the good news in the worldly life and in the Hereafter: there is no change in the words of Allah. That is the great achievement (64).

Main Account: Balance of the main account as on 31/03/2014: $302,937.75 Balance as on 31/01/2014: $251,062.76 Expenses in March 2014: $7905 Rent Account: Balance of the main account as on 31/03/2014: $2,331.52 Balance as on 31/01/2014: $1,956.52 Expenses in March 2014: $1,085

Fundraising Subcommittee update: Alhamdulillah, by the mercy of Allah (SWT) we collected $62,705 in March, 2014 and $24,297 in February 2014. Balance of the main account as on 30/03/2014 is $302,062.75. Expenses during the month of March, 2014 were -$7905 and February 2014 were -$8740. May Allah

accept all of our efforts.

Sydney Fundraising event update: Alhamdulillah, we successfully completed the event. So far, we have collected about $60,000 cash and another $90,000 worth of pledges.

Jamadiyul Ukhra is the sixth month of the Islamic calendar

Upcoming fundraising activities: 1. Friday Fund collection in Canberra and interstate (Ongoing). 2. Door knocking activity in Canberra (Starting soon In’sha’Allah). 3. Fundraising dinner in Canberra. Date and Venue TBA. Volunteers are welcome to help us to raise funds for the house of Allah . For feedback or specific questions with regards to fundraising activity please email Monir Hossain Coordinator, Fundraising Subcommittee


Construction Subcommittee Update: The Gungahlin Mosque Building Approval (BA) process is currently in progress. We expect the Building Approval process to be completed this week. A date for the start of construction will be announced once the BA process is complete. CMC Exec and ABACM (our builder) have decided on breaking down the staged works into the following sub-categories: Substructure: Completion of this stage will be the pouring of the slab. Prior to the concrete pour there will be a number of elements which need to be ‘roughed in’ (put in place) such as hydraulic and electrical services. This stage will include the site grading and excavation as required for the structural foundation plus any other preliminary works. Superstructure: This stage will include the erection of structural steel and all masonry, construction of precast walls and installation of windows doors and roofing. At the end of this stage it is intended that the building will be at lockup. Fit-off: This stage will include the installation of all lining, hydraulic and plumbing fittings as well as any other fittings such as balustrades and handrails. On completion of this stage the stage 1 works should be compliant for the certificate of occupancy from the certifier.

Abu Hurairah narrates that


Rasulullah said: Whoever goes to the masjid in the morning or in the evening, Allah prepares for him a good hospitality in Paradise as often as he goes to the masjid, morning or evening. (Bukhari)

ABACM has also prepared tender packages for the above and these are being sent out starting on the 26 March. The work has been broken down into the following tender packages: Civil Works Concreting Roofing Glazing Floor Finishes Landscaping

Hydraulics Masonry Structural Steel Joinery Tiling

Electrical & Communications Carpentry Metalwork Mechanical Painting End of Daylight Savings on Sunday, 6 April:

If there are any CMC members or if CMC members know any trades person interested in tendering for the above work, please contact the construction committee via email (below). For feedback or specific questions with regards to construction activity please email

Please remember to turn back your clocks 1 hour before you go to bed on Saturday night, 5th April

Mohammed Khan (Haroon) Coordinator, Construction Subcommittee


If you got anything to buy or sell or if you are looking for any house or tenant, please email with your classified information on We will include it in our next edition of newsletter. Gungahlin Mosque Address: 140 The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin, ACT 2912 Postal Address: CMC Inc PO Box 273 Gungahlin, ACT 2912 E-MAIL:

Bank Account details Bank Name: ANZ Account Name: Canberra Muslim Community Inc BSB: 012950 Account No: 109547085



143506 cmc newsletter jamadiyul ukhra  

143506 cmc newsletter jamadiyul ukhra

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