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101 Lies in Muhammad- a prophet.

Ali Sina’s ‘Understanding psycho-biography of Allah’s

A brief note about the book. I begin by highlighting a number of ways in which the author of the aforementioned book goes to trouble in order misunderstand the prophet of Islam:

A. Omission of crucial facts: The three years of private preaching by Muhammad at the house of Al-Arqam is deliberately suppressed from the reader, the thirteen years of non-violence and peaceful preaching is not mentioned once ,the unprecedented blanket amnesty given to the vanquished Quraysh at the conquest of Mecca is also carefully concealed from the unread reader. Equally missing from this redacted, weaponized caricatured biography is the decade and half long persecution of the early Muslims. All this razzle-dazzle obfuscation and whitewashing of injustices committed against Muslims is a necessary contingent to constructing a pseudo psycho-biography in which the prophet Muhammad is the sole aggressor and the Quraysh are his hapless, innocent,peaceful victims.

B. Deliberate distortion of facts: For instance the prophet is portrayed as an ambitious robber and looter from start to end of the book, this, even though Muhammad’s commerce raiding or guerre de course never extended to any of the hundreds of non-Qurashyt tribes roaming in and around Mecca and Medina. Muhammad strictly targeted only the Quraysh who kicked him and his band of followers from Mecca with just their clothes on their back ( some companions like Suhaib Ar-Rumi,were forced to hand over their entire possessions and wealth,literally stripped off every penny at their disposal) But this stringent targeting of enemy vessel ( merchandise in this case) is twisted out of proportion and reality flipped on its head to make it look as though Muhammad and his companions were raiding random innocent tribes. Another form of distortion widespread in this book involves constantly misleading readers to misunderstand the Hijra as an unnecessary misadventure or a provocation to stir up social anarchy. We are told that those who emigrated to Abyssinia were slaves and youths, and that their families and owners pursued them out of genuine concern for their well-being and fear of

financial loss. These are patent, bold-faced lies. The fact that amongst the first Muhajiruns (those who fled Mecca for Abyssinia) included Muhammad’s own beloved daughter Ruqayah, her husband and his close companion Uthman and many other families who were uprooted from their homes for simply choosing Islam as their new faith is enough to dispel such colossal deceits.

C. Whitewashing historical facts to construct a mythical, propaganda narrative: Even though the Quran and Sunnah are replete with anecdotes of how early Muslims were abused, tortured,kicked and drove out of their homes in Mecca through brute force, persecution, torture, boycott and lack of freedom of worship, the reader is continuously misinformed to believe that Muhammad wilfully imposed self-exile on his companions without any pressing need, without any external pressures, just for the thrill of it, just to pick a fight, just to cause troubles, just to loot and pillage! Moreover the well documented historical persecutions against early Muslims is either downplayed or summarily dismissed out of hand without any justification whatsoever. Throughout the book we see clear attempts to whitewash, downplay and ignore abuses committed against Muslims and a propaganda motif to magnify those committed by Muslims.

D. Wholesale fabrications and outright lies. -Such as his little outlandish story of Muhammad’s mother,Amina abandoning her baby, Muhammad, in order to remarry/due to post-partum depression. -The prophet suffering from epilepsy at the age of 4 while under the care of Halima and a second time while reconstructing the Ka'aba. -The prophet suffering from acromegaly because he had swollen hands and feet etc all this and many other similar claims are demonstrably without a foundation.

E. Use of spurious, questionable, apocryphal sources. The author ferociously depends on spurious, inauthentic, ungraded, un-sifted accounts of the seerah to paint the most hideous & repulsive of images-hardly a fair means of ''understanding Muhammad''. A good example of this is found in one of his sub topics titled ‘’assassination’’ where the author digs out three incidents of assassinations, namely that of Ka ’ab Ibn Ashraf, Asma Bint Marwan and Abu afak, shockingly though, out of the three only one, the former is considered authentic, the other two allegations are well known apocryphal stories that do not bind on Muslims to believe.

F. Fallacious equivocations: Repetitive, long winding chapters are dedicated to compare Islam with few cults which selfextinguished barely a year or two after their inception. These cultist losers who either ended up in jail or self-destructed are then uncritically & foolishly compared to the man who single handedly transformed the roaming shepherds of the Arabian desert into illustrious civilizations,offering them a structure and a functional central government for the first time in their history, radically revolutionizing every phase of their life; their way of thinking, of transacting commerce, dietary ethics and, rules of engagement of warfare, ending superstitious, barbaric,bedouin practices such as infanticide, upgrading women's status and abolishing inheriting of women like commodities, repealing exploitative bedouin laws of depriving adopted children right to keep their heritage and lineage, inspiring a renewal of civilization the like of which was not seen in the West until the European Renaissance, etc, in short this giant, legendary revolutionary and social reformer is bizarrely juxtaposed with a few cult losers like Joseph Kony and Jim Jones.

G. Misquoting, Mutilating and twisting verses of the Quran and Sunnah to draw a preconceived conclusion: He argues that Quran promotes a cultist mindset and then goes on to misquote the Quran to show that it encourages its adherents to take their own lives in the way Joseph Kibwetere and others did. In summary then, this tiresome work, "Understanding Muhammad: A Psycho biography" is not a biography at all, much less a "Psycho-biography" of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but a shoddy, pathetic piece of propaganda attempting to caricature and character assassinate,the spiritual leader of a global force of 1.6 billion people.

H. Misusing and misquoting authorities: The author extensively depends on Sam Vaknin as an authority on NPD,astonishingly though,Vaknin’s material ‘’ Malignant Self Love’’ was not intended for Muhammad but for someone else who Sina looks upto as a religious role model (Jesus)and who he pits up against Muhammad to show that Muhammad was a less than a savoury character than Jesus. In other words although Sina fronts and champions Vaknin as the ultimate authority on NPD manual,when it comes to Vaknin’s research on Jesus,Sina tosses it into the bin,only to recollect again but this time to force-fit it into Muhammad.

Before I present the 101 lies and factual errors in this book, allow me to quote one remarkably interesting statement from Ali Sina's book and then we subject this statement to its own acid test throughout this refutation and see if it can withstand scrutiny.

'' It’s truth that will destroy Islam. Confronted with truth, Islam is defenceless.I wrote this book with two goals in mind: to help Muslims see the truth and leave Islam, and to unmask the real face of Islam and warn of its threat, so the world can stand up and protect itself''

Now let us unveil the ''truth'' which Sina thinks will destroy Islam and let’s see whether his goal of helping Muslims leave Islam can be realized in the face of the preponderance lies, deceptions, spins and propaganda we are about to unmask.

1. The practice of sending infants to be suckled by bedouin wet nurses was not common in Arabia.Only depression caused by becoming a widow at an early age and thoughts of the child becoming impediment to the possibility of remarrying can explain Amina's giving away of her only child. P8 - This is a straight factual error from the get-go, in the first few pages of the book.

The fact is that '' It was the general custom of the Arabs living in towns to send their children away to bedouin wet nurses so that they might grow up in the free and healthy surroundings of the desert ‘’- Saifur-Rahman Mubarak Puri,The Sealed Nectar. It was indeed a common practice amongst the Bedouin elites to send their kids away

from the city to be suckled and bred up in pure environments. Sina negates this wellknown fact so that he may succeed in painting a false picture of an emotionally needy, neglected, unloved child who as a result grows up with a host of physical and mental illnesses including OCD and Narcissism.#theoryfail.

‘’Fresh air for the breast, pure Arabic for the tongue, freedom for the soul; and many of the sons of Quraysh were kept in the desert as long as eight years’’ (Martin Lings, Muhammad his life based on earliest sources P23.)

Suffice to say that the entirety of chapter two of this book is based on this single false premise;that Muhammad had a needy, traumatic childhood that transformed him into a self-seeking, ruthless narcissist in adulthood. Once we destroy this obvious lie, the rest of the book crumbles on itself like a house of cards.

2. Muhammad grew up amongst strangers, having been abandoned by his Mum to be suckled by a bedouin wet nurse. p9.

-Muhammad did not grow up among strangers, neither was he abandoned by his mum nor did he ever felt unloved. He was surrounded by several foster brothers and sisters who were also his close cousins. They included Abdulah Bin Al-Harith,Anisah Bint AlHarith,Hudhaifah Bint Al-Harith. Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib,Saffiyah bint Abdul-Muttalib and Abusufyan bin al Harith who too were suckled by the same two wet nurses who suckled the prophet. Once again this pseudo-psycho biography fails in its attempts to paint Muhammad's childhood as problematic or deficient.

3. Halima reported that Muhammad was a solitary child. He would withdraw to an imaginary world and converse with friends that no one could see. p9

Lie! - Fact is the only alarming report we have from Halima is concerning the incident of opening the chest. There is nothing from Halima about Muhammad conversing with imaginary friends or avoiding company or being recluse and solitary. These are the vain hallucinations of a desperate man making desperate, unfounded claims to concoct a bogus psycho-biography.

4. Muhammad remembered his mum as an unloving cold woman, was resentful of her and had deep emotional wounds that were never healed.p11.

- Wow! Just wow! This liar could not provide us with a single scintilla of reference to

support such grave smear and slander. Fact is the prophet never uttered a word of resentment or contempt against his mum in his entire 63 years life. I challenge Sina or and any other Islamophobic goof-troop to furnish a single example of the prophet ever uttering a contemptuous word against his mother. Far from ever being rude or harbouring resentment against his mother, Muhammad equated service, compassion and kindness to ones parent with the worship of almighty God. The Quran says in this regard: ''And we have enjoined on man (to be dutiful and good) to his parents. His mother bore him in weakness and hardship upon weakness and hardship, and his weaning is in two years give thanks to Me and to your parents, unto Me is the final destination''.Q31:14.

Notice the last part of the ayah which links thanking your parents to thanking God. Is this how emotionally needy, neglected, resentful children speak of mothers?

And it doesn't stop here, there are dozens of verses dedicated to parents in the Qura’n,all of which speak highly positively of them.

Consider the next two verses. ''Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honour.''Q17:23)

The next verse particularly invokes the sacrifice that parents go through to raise up their

kids and commands that we pray for them:

''And out of kindness lower to them the wing of humility and say: "My Lord! bestow on them Thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood''

Surely, if he suffered a traumatic, neglectful childhood, why does he insist on praying for Parents on account of their cherishing and sacrifice? Why is their appreciation link to thanking Allah?

As a matter of fact, it was through his deep love, affection, fond memories and reverence for his mum that the ban on visiting graves was lifted upon the early Muslims. Prior to the visit of his mother’s grave, it was forbidden for Muslims to tour the grave sites.

5. When Muhammad visited his mother's grave 55 years after her death, he declined to pray for her because ''He could not forgive her, he remembered her as cold woman.p11.

Could not forgive her for what? What crime did she commit against her child? Cold woman? She becomes a cold woman for sending her child to a bedouin wet nurse,? when every Mary,Amina and Elizabeth was doing so? This man is jahil of the history and culture of breastfeeding. The act of sending babies outside the city to be suckled by wet nurses was common even outside Arabia, one simply needs to goggle ' history of breastfeeding in various cultures’, but I guess that does not bode well with the pseudo psycho-biography we are supposed to imbibe blindly? What’s even funnier is that Sina himself affirms that ‘’ There is no record that Muhammad ever spoke of his mum’’ (p73). If Muhammad has never spoken of his mum how can he claim that Muhammad was resentful of her? Moreover the Qura’n itself absolves any mother of any wrong doing with regards to employing foster mothers as an alternative means of nursing their baby.

''And if you wish to have your children nursed by a substitute, there is no blame upon you as long as you give payment according to what is acceptable. And fear Allah and know that Allah is Seeing of what you do''.(Q2:233)

1400 yrs ago the Quran declared that using wet nurses as a substitute was acceptable normal and un-blame-worthy, our little cyber warrior ghost, Sina, comes along in 2008 and says ' No, Amina is blame-worthy, she is guilty of abandoning her child, what she did was abnormal and uncommon practice', who do you trust? ghost or the ancient text? -Furthermore,the command not to pray for one's disbelieving parents in Quran 39-19 and 9-113 is a generic decree against all disbelievers, not a personal resentment by the prophet against his mother. The divine prohibition not to supplicate for one's disbelieving parents was specifically revealed after Abu Talib had stubbornly rejected his nephew's incessant pleas to proclaim the oneness of Allah. None of these revelations have anything to do with Amina or personal resentment against her.#theoryfail. Seems the author is desperately struggling to build a case on fictitious, made-up pseudo-psychology.

6. Muhammad had the memories of a loveless and lonely childhood which haunted him through out his life.p11

Lonely? Loveless?

As we stated above, Muhammad was surrounded by numerous foster siblings in his early childhood and after the age of six, he moved to live with his doting grandfather, where again he was surrounded by the limitless love, warmth and company of his numerous uncles and aunts (Muhammad had no less than 10 uncles and a dozen aunts, two of them Hamza, and Saffiyah were his close age-mates) - Surprisingly Sina makes this bogus claim right after vividly describing how Muhammad's grandfather, Abdulmutalib pampered and spoilt the little Muhammad with love in preference over his own kids - is he aware of the glaring irreconcilable

conflicts of what he is writing? Spoiled with love or a loveless child, make up your mind!

7. Muhammad was ungrateful doting uncle Abu Talib.p13


to his

How was he ever ungrateful to his uncle, Sina does not care to say, but I suspect he refers to the attempted death-bed conversion of Abdul Muttalib by the prophet, yet again I fail to see how ungratefulness follows from this heart-felt plea to save his uncle form what he sincerely believed to be a cosmic, eternal punishment for disbelievers. The following are the words of Muhammad before the supposed decree in Quran 9-113 which made Muhammad '' ungrateful'' in Sina eyes was revealed: '' (By Allah, I shall certainly seek forgiveness for you ( Abu Talib) unless I am told not to'' (Sahih Bukhari vol 2,Bk 23,No)442

Sounds like ungrateful nephew?

8.Muhammad was not fond of work. Even as a child, he avoided the company of other children and did not play with them.p14. - Avoided company of other children? Who was recording this? Truth is we have no

record of Prophet Muhammad’s childhood life except for one or two major events, but certainly nothing about his childhood demeanour. This is really beyond the pale of lie. Far from the recluse, introverted, withdrawn youth that Sina paints, the prophet worked and earned a living as a shepherd, was a very robust and active member of the society he lived in. As a youth he always took part in the social-political struggles of his society, such as the Fijaar wars, he participated in the formation of Hilf-ul Fudhul ( The league of the virtuous, akin to our own U.N & Geneva Conventions ) etc , He mended his shoes and

tended to his own flocks. It is clear to anyone with two brain cells that these are indeed menial but nonetheless noble jobs, much more respectable and ennobling than making a living by scribbling cheap,rhetorical, hate-filled articles, propaganda blogs and fake psycho-biographies riddled with lies and hateful slanders.

Indeed it was Muhammad’s hard work, integrity, fairness and his successful managerial skills in trade and merchandise that attracted the wealthy Khadija to him, so much for a lazy, recluse character.

9. At the cave Hira, Muhammad felt rhythmic muscle contractions, abdominal pains, involuntary movement of head and lips. p15

None of this is true.

10. When Muhammad run to khadija following his mystical experience at the cage, she told him not to be afraid and assured him that he was visited by an angel and was chosen to be a prophet.

Outright lie!. Let’s quote khadija herself: ‘’Allah will never disgrace you. You unite uterine relations; you bear the burden of the weak; you help the poor and the needy, you entertain the guests and endure hardships in the path of truthfulness’’.

Do you see any word about Muhammad being chosen to be a prophet? It’s crystal clear from the above quote that Khadija only assured him that since he was

generally a man of good nature, Allah will never humiliate or harm him. Nowhere does Khadija assure him that he was the chosen prophet...that was Waraqah ibn Nawfal,NOT Khadija.

11. Monotheism, which is now the main argument of Islam, was not originally part of the message of Muhammad. p16.

Wow! Monotheism was not originally part of Islam? So what was the original message of Islam? Sadly Sina has not been bold enough to venture into what it was. Once again, another factual error. From the first public sermon of Muhammad on mount Safa, to the last one in the farewell pilgrimage, From the earliest of early Meccan sura to the last Madani ones, the core message of Islam has always, consistently been one of upholding Tawhid/monotheism and Upbraiding Shirk/polytheism.

12.The Meccans refused all dealings with Muhammad and his followers because he taunted and insulted their religion.p16.

What were the insults? Sadly, again Sina does not spell out how or what this insults were. Truth is the prophet never insulted any one's religion, he simply preached TawhidMonotheism and critiqued idolatry that is not the same as insulting. If the Quraysh couldn't stomach an intellectual critique of their paganism and idolatry then that only undermines the notion that they were tolerant and peaceful. In fact the Quran explicitly forbids cursing and insulting other people's God/s: Quran 6-108 ''And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah , lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds.

Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do''. Furthermore he omits to mention that the Meccans refused to have all dealings with not just Muhammad, but punished his entire tribe ( Bani Hashim and bani Muttalib) for their perceived grievances against Muhammad. If the Quraysh were so nice and tolerant why did they vent against entire tribes that did not have anything to do with their insulting-read critique of their idol worship.

13. The Quraish ended the boycott because Muhammad compromised and agreed to appease the pagans by praising their idols (the satanic verses incident).p16

Wrong! The boycott was not even in place at this early time of the first migration, neither was it terminated because of a compromise. The First emigration happened in the 5th year of Muhammad's prophetic career, the satanic verses incident happened three months later, same year, whereas the boycott took place in the 7th year and lasted for 3 good years. Sina is off by a whooping five years…not bad! The boycott and the satanic verses incident have a five-year gap between them, there is no way one could influence the other. The two events simply are unconnected. Furthermore the boycott was terminated through a surreptitious scheme hatched by five Quraysh nonMuslim gentlemen who perceived the boycott to be a pact of collective punishment, injustice and aggression against one clan, NOT because of a fictitious compromise.

14. Some of Muhammad's followers left him due to the satanic verses incident.p16.

Factual error! None has ever left Islam because of this fictitious incident. In Fact none has ever apostatised from Islam during the entire Meccan phase. This is simply another factual blunder.

15.Khadija's social Abubakar,Uthman and Islam.p17

standing Omar to

convinced convert to

Dreadfully wrong! Omar converted while on his way to kill the prophet, he examined, scrutinized and read the revelation for himself then persuaded that it was too powerful to originate from Muhammad’s mind, dropped his sword and made his way to Dar-AlArqam, where he took the shahada. Abubakr and Uthman were both out of Mecca for a business trip when the prophet made his call. They both accepted the massage instantaneously out of conviction and trust for the prophet, not because of Khadija.

16 Muhammad encouraged his followers to leave Mecca. This upset those whose children or slaves had converted to Islam. p18

Wrong! How many slaves emigrated to Abyssinia where Muslims fled to and were hotly pursued by the Quraysh? Answer, None! Whose slaves or children were Uthman Bin Affan and Ruqayah Bint Muhammad? (Two of the 17 people to flee Mecca in the first Hijra) Moreover there were no children converts, the new converts were either adults or adolescents capable of making conscious decisions. Islam does not seek child converts. Period. Notice also how this dajjal makes it as though the prophet imposed exile on the sahabas without any pressure or persecution. Fact is Muhammad peace be on him, encouraged his followers to emigrate because of the persecutions and lack of freedom of worship. We mentioned earlier that for the first three years the Muslims worshipped privately in the house of Al-Arqam, what was the need of worshipping privately if the pagans were tolerant and there was freedom of worship? 17. Bilal was not persecuted, he was only being punished for trying to escape and for fear of causing a financial loss to his owner and not for his beliefs. p18.

A Lie and factual error combined. There is no evidence of Bilal ever attempting to escape. This is simply a fabrication by Sina. Anyone who has heard or read of Bilal’s traumatic tortures, and his famous cries of ’’Ahad, Ahadun Ahad’’ (One, One, One) will find it irresistible not to cringe at this shameless lies. Fact is Bilal was persecuted for his beliefs and forced to recant his faith but stubbornly held fast to tawhid. Sina is fabricating a non-existent alibi for Bilal’s persecutors in a devious attempt to whitewash the oppression and violence committed against Muslims by the pagans. So much dishonesty for someone claiming to be fired up by violence and intolerance yet remains a hawkish proponent/whitewasher of violence against Muslims.

18. Summayah did not suffer martyrdom, she even lived to remarry a Greek slave called Azraq after her husband Yassir's death.p19

Factual Error! Either Sina is ignorant of the Seera, whitewashing Quraysh crimes or is conflating Summayah the slave of Hudhaifah, the wife of Yassir and mother of Ammar with another Summayah, a slave girl too of Al-Harith Bin Kaladah. Also he errs when he says only Ibn saad recorded her martyrdom, fact is even Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Hashim recorded it. A casual glance on wiki entry for Summayah is enough. There is no seera book that disputes the martyrdom of Summaya. This is another sick attempt to deny the oppression Muslims suffered at the hands of the pagan Quraysh.

19.There is no evidence against Muhammad. P19.




Absolute whitewash! Another devilish attempt to deny and downplay the criminal actions of the Quraysh against Muhammad in order to invert reality and portray Muhammad as the sole aggressor and Quraysh as his peaceful, innocent victims.

Here are few samples of how Muhammad was opposed, persecuted and even almost

killed. Psychological persecutions:

-Abu Lahab forced his two sons to divorce two daughters of the prophet who were engaged to them-Ruqaiyah and Umm Kulthum. - When the prophet lost his dear and only surviving son in his old age, Abu Lahab not only rejoiced at this but assailed the bereaving man with vile, inhuman curses calling him ‘’ the man cut off with offspring’’.

Physical persecutions.

-Stoned until his ankles bled- Kanzul Ummal. -Umm Jamil,Abu Lahab’s wife used to tie bundles of thorns with ropes and litter them on his path in order to cause him bodily injury. - Guts and entrails of sheep and camel were thrown on his back while he prostrated in prayer by Uqbah Bin Abi Muait at the command of Abu Jahl. Uqbah even spit on the face of the prophet. -He was verbally abused, called a liar and a sorcerer. -At Taif, street urchins were set upon him and they stoned him till his sandals were clot with blood. - His two clans the Bani Hashim and the Bani Muttalib were collectively punished with a vicious socio--economic boycott to pressure Abu Talib and the Banu Muttalib to rescind their protection of Muhammad. The boycott was so severe and biting that both his ageing uncle,Abu Talib and his dearest wife Khadija passed away shortly after, no doubt from the hardships, pressure and the trauma of isolation and starvation. -And when all these sustained harassments and persecutions were not enough, they schemed a joint murder effort involving all Quraysh tribes so that the blood money or restitution would be spread over them all. - Finally when he escaped with his life to Medina, a search party was launched and a reward of 100 camels put on his head.

To negate this well known, well documented facts is simply disingenuous and reeks of a cheap propaganda attempt at whitewashing abuses against Muslims and Muhammad.

20. When Muhammad forced thousands of slavery.p19.

came free

to power, he people into

Unproven malicious slander! I challenge Sina to mention just a single free person who was ever forced into slavery, not thousands, just one! In fact reality is that Muhammad warned harshly against enslaving a free person. In a hadith qudsi- a hadith at par with the Quran-found in Bukhari he said: ‘’ There are three whose opponent I will be on the day of resurrection, and whomever I oppose, I will defeat...A man who sold a free man and consumed his price’’.

The only form of slavery Islam recognizes is that of enemies captured in the battlefield and even these ,it commands that they should be ransomed or released where possible and if they are not likely to regroup and fight back again:

‘ Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve,then it is smitting of the necks until when ye have routed them,then making fast of bonds; and afterwards either grace or ransom tioll the war lay down its burdens.That (is the ordinance). And if Allah willed he could have punished them (without you) but (thus it is ordained) that he may try some of you by means of others.And those who are slain in the way of Allah,He rendereth not their actions vain’. (Q:47-4)

Thus it is clear enslaving a free person is against the spirit and the message of Muhammad.


There is no evidence of persecution against Muhammad's companions.p19.

The whitewash continues! We are here again! The whitewashing of abuses against Muslims continues unabated throughout the book. Basically another wicked attempt at flipping reality on its head, ignoring abuses against Muslims in order to portray them as the sole, dominant aggressors and their tormentors as their victims. Needless to say the early Muslims were forcefully kicked out of their homes into far away foreign lands and cultures.

Here is a detailed link highlighting clear evidence of persecutions against companions of Muhammad.

22. Religious intolerance in Arabia began with Islam. p20

Really? So why was the prophet and the early Muslim community forced to worship in private in Dar-AL-Arqam (AL Arqam's house) for the first three years? If the pagans were so peaceful and tolerant what was the need for hiding the rival religion for three good years?

23. Muhammad was not the first Arab prophet.

Musailama, started his prophetic calling a few years before Muhammad.p21.

False! The concept of Nubuwa or prophet-hood was alien to Arabs, Ismail was the last Arab prophet before Prophet Muhammad, and he preceded him by many centuries. Musailama too did not make his copycat prophetic claim before Muhammad but actually much later, after Muhammad and towards the end of the life of the prophet. 24. Medina was owned by Jews, the Arabs came to Medina at least a thousand years after the Jews. p22.

If they came to Medina at least a thousand years after the Jews then why did their population not exponentially exceed over that of the Aws and Khazraj? How come the late comers (Arabs) overwhelmingly outnumbered the Jews and reduced them to insignificant footnote minority in their own lands?

25. Several verses of the Qur’an exhort Muslims to raid innocent people and loot them, for reward in this world and in the next.p26.

Unproven Pernicious Lie!, forget several just cite one verse which exhorts Muslims to raid and loot innocent people! This is pompous, false slander without a shred of evidence to back up. Once again he said several verses but failed to provide a single verse that prescribes ‘’ raiding and looting of innocent people’’. As I alluded to in my opening, what Sina calls ‘’raiding and looting’’ is nothing more than a commerce raiding, a tactic not only acceptable in the Arabian context of the time but one that has also a celebrated history in the American as well as French and German naval traditions. Historically commerce raiding also popularly known as guerre de course has been considered a valid military strategy and a means of waging economic warfare against a powerful enemy. It’s important to note that Muhammad and the early Muslims did not raid caravans belonging to random tribes or innocent people. Instead their attacks were very specific and limited to caravans that belonged to the Quraysh,their arch enemy, who drove them out of their homes with just their clothes on their backs and with whom they were already in a state of conflict.

Moreover the Quran itself in no uncertain terms prohibits raiding or looting or extending aggression to innocent peoples, but only against those who persecuted the Muslims. The Quran declared: ‘’ Fight in God’s cause against those who fight you, but do not commit aggression, for surely God does not love aggressors’’. (Q:2-190) An excellent in-depth analysis of the nature of this raids and why they can never be considered controversial can be accessed here:

25. Nowhere in the authentic biographies of Muhammad, do we read that he ever fought personally.

Outright Lie! He fought and led the battle of Badr, Uhud,Hunayn and was at the forefront digging the trench at the battle of Ahzaab.

26. Muhammad allowed killing children during night raids. p34.

Boldfaced lie! Nowhere did Muhammad ever command the killing of children, women and non-combatants.

Below are a couple of hadith that show direct orders from the prophet stating that women and children should never be harmed: Muslim Book 019, Number 4294: It has been reported from Sulaiman b. Buraid through his father that when the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) appointed anyone as leader of an army or detachment he would especially exhort him to fear Allah and to be good to the Muslims who were with him. He would say: Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war, do not embezzle the spoils;

do not break your pledge; and do not mutilate (the dead) bodies; do not kill the children. When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them. Then invite them to migrate from their lands to the land of Muhairs and inform them that, if they do so, they shall have all the privileges and obligations of the Muhajirs. If they refuse to migrate, tell them that they will have the status of Bedouin Muilims and will be subjected to the Commands of Allah like other Muslims, but they will not get any share from the spoils of war or Fai' except when they actually fight with the Muslims (against the disbelievers). If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah's help and fight them. When you lay siege to a fort and the besieged appeal to you for protection in the name of Allah and His Prophet, do not accord to them the guarantee of Allah and His Prophet, but accord to them your own guarantee and the guarantee of your companions for it is a lesser sin that the security given by you or your companions be disregarded than that the security granted in the name of Allah and His Prophet be violated When you besiege a fort and the besieged want you to let them out in accordance with Allah's Command, do not let them come out in accordance with His Command, but do so at your (own) command, for you do not know whether or not you will be able to carry out Allah's behest with regard to them. Here is one hadith of that shows us that before any expedition that was carried out by a Muslim, that the prophet would speak with the leader of the group commanding the leader to be just, and that the leader should NOT kill children. Why would the prophet give such a command if he was an evil man like were supposed to believe? The fact that the prophet gave such an order shows what a good man he was, and that he was not a barbarian, nor a savage, and that he made several righteous rules of war’. More clear injunctions prohibiting killing children and women.

Bukhari Volume 004, Book 052, Hadith Number 258. Narrated By Ibn 'Umar : During some of the Ghazawat of Allah's Apostle a woman was found killed, so Allah's Apostle forbade the killing of women and children. The above are just a few of several hadiths that clearly stipulate the Islamic position regarding women and children caught in the crossfire. Islam does not even permit the killing of male non combats.

27. Muhammad broke his treaties later when he become powerful.p35

A blatant Lie! Sina failed to provide a single treaty which was broken by Muhammad before the pagans had already breached and forfeited its terms. The prophet Muhammad was known for his faithfulness towards observing his end of the bargain. Once he entered into a treaty he was never the first to break it and even this charlatan could not furnish a single instance from the entire seera where Muhammad was ever the first to violate his covenants. On many occasions he handed back his own companions who narrowly escaped torture and persecution against all odds and who had hoped for protection from the prophet and the nascent Ummah, but the prophet would rather keep his word than get carried away by the sorry, emotional plight of companions like the beleaguered Abu Jandal and Abu Busayr. 28. Islamic chroniclers admit that Muhammad did not marry women unless they were young, beautiful, and childless. p36

A boldfaced lie against Islamic chroniclers.

Let’s list down all the wives of the prophet and see how many of them were young and childless.

1. Khadija- aged forty, twice widowed, had at least three children from previous marriages. 2.

Saudah, Forty, divorced with one son


Aishah -9 years old virgin, childless.


Hafsah Bint Umar Bin Al Khattab, twenty, widow


Zainab Bint Khuzamah, Thirty, twice widowed


Umm Salama, thirty five, widowed with four children

7. Zaiban Bint Jash- Thirty Five -Widowed remarried and divorced then married Muhammad. 8.

Juwairiyah Bint Al Harith- Twenty, Widow

9. Umm Habiba Ramlah Bint Abu Sufyan, thirty Five years old, divorcee with one child. 10.

Safiyah Bint Huyai- 17 years Widow


Maimuna Bint Al Harith- Thirty six years old.

As you can see, one doesn't need Islamic chroniclers to discern that quite a good number of Muhammad’s wives were both old and had children. In these list we see at least four of his wives had children and the overwhelming majority of them were widows, some twice widowed and others divorcees. Furthermore it’s famously narrated that when the prophet proposed to Umm Salama she objected to the marriage on three grounds: ‘’ I have three characteristics: I am old, with a child and jealous ’’ to which the prophet countered ‘’ as to jealousy, I will call on God to take it away from you. As to old age, I am older than you; and as to the child, leave him to God and his messenger’’

If Muhammad reviled women with children, this was his opportunity to step back from an old woman with four children and run for the woods but instead he says ‘’ leave the children to God and his messenger’’.


All of Muhammad’s wives were in their teens or early twenties and this is when he was in his fifties and sixties. p36.

Shameless liar!. We have already seen above that 90% of his wives were middle aged divorcees and widows, some with children as many as up to four. Only one of his wives was a virgin and perhaps just two; Aisha and Saffiyah could be described as young. Unless you want to change the meaning of a teenager, there is no way you can describe married women in medieval Arabia who have been divorced and widowed at least twice as teens.

30. Muhammad allowed his men to rape the women captured in raids.p36.

Unsubstantiated Slanderous Lie!. The noble Quran prohibits forcing slave women into sex and as a result of this decree Caliph Omar prescribed Dhirar Bin Al Azwar to be stoned to death for forcing himself unto a slave girl. Here is both the Quranic verse and the hadith: ‘’ But let them who find not (the means for) marriage abstain (from sexual relation) until Allah enriches them from His bounty. And those who seek a contract ( for eventual emancipation) from among whom your right hand possess-then make a contract with them if you know there is within them goodness and give them from the wealth of Allah which He has given you. And do not compel your slave girls to prostitution, if they desire chastity, to seek thereby the temporary interests of worldly life. And if someone should compel them, then indeed, Allah is (to them), after their compulsion, Forgiving and Merciful’’.( Q24:33)

Actually this verse was revealed after some master forced his slave to have intercourse with her.

‘’ Musaykah, a slave girl of some ansari came and said: My master forces me to commit fornication. Thereupon the following verse was revealed: But force not your maids to prostitution. ( Q24-33. Translation of Sunan Abu Dawud,divorce ( Kitab Al-Talaq) book 12,number 2304.

Caliph Umar sentences a slave girl’s rapist to death by stoning ‘’ Khalid sent Dhirar Bin Al-Azwar in aparty and they attacked an area of the tribe of BANI Asad. They captured a pretty woman, Dhirar liked her hence he asked his companions to grant her to him and they did so. He then had sexual intercourse with her, when he completed his

mission he felt guilty, and went to Khalid and told him about what he had done. Khalid said: ‘’ I permit her for you and make it lawful to you’. He said: ‘No, not until you write to Umar (about this) Khalid informed Umar about this and Umar wrote back that he 9 i.e. Dhirar, should be stoned to death).By the time Umar’s message reached, Dhirar had died. ( AlBayhaqi’s Sunan al-Kubra,vol.9 p.177 Hadith 18222)

Position of classical scholars and Imams:

Imam Shaafi’i:

‘ If a man acquires by force a slave girl,then has sexual intercourse with her after he acquires her by force,and if he is not excused by ignorance,then the slave-girl will be taken from him,he is required to pay the fine and he will receive the punishment for illegal sexual intercourse.’’( Imam Shaafi’i,Kitaabul Umm,Volume 3,page 253)

Imam Malik gives a similar verdict: ‘ In our view the man who rapes a woman,regardless of whether she is a virgin or not,if she is a free woman he must pay a dowry like that of her peers and if she is a slave he must pay whatever has been detracted from her value.The punishment is to be carried out on the rapist and there is no punishment for the woman who has been raped,whatever the case.’( Imam Maalik,Al-Muwatta’, Volume 2,page 734)

It’s clear then that rape is categorically prohibited in Islam and the punishment is the same whether it’s committed against free women or slaves.

31. Assassination was Muhammad’s dealing with his opponents.p41



If that were the case, he would have assassinated the entire city of Mecca upon conquering it for it harboured some of Muhammad’s most inveterate and implacable opponents. If this claim were true, he would have assassinated the entire chiefs of the city of Taif which hosted the most hostile opponents of Muhammad who stoned him to unconsciousness for simply calling them to Islam. Fact of the matter is that the handful opponents who were assassinated such as Ka’ab Ibn Ashraf were genuine political threats; they were a people deemed to be a threat to the national security, peace and stability of Medina. The bulk of his opponents were often forgiven after being vanquished.

But wait a minute, isn't this coming from the same individual who supports,advocates and celebrates the assassination and extra judicial drone killings and even nuking of those he deems as threat to western civilization? Why is it OK for him to get rid of those he considers a risk to western democracy but not so OK for Muhammad the leader of Medina to eliminate those hell-bent on overthrowing his religion and the new political dispensation in Medina? Smell a hypocrite?

32. Muhammad burned Muslims who disagreed with him alive in a mosque.

Outright lie. The masjid Dirar- Mosque of dissent/harm- which he alludes to was a mosque built by hypocrites for creating division and disunity amongst Muslims by drawing people away from Masjid Quba. When the prophet realized the true intent and the purpose of this newly built mosque he instructed his companions to demolish it. None was burnt inside and no one was killed in this incident. Just hallucinations of a desperate man seeking to magnify and manipulate even the most trivial and innocuous of events.

33.Muhammad was obsessed with rituals, such as how to perform ablution; how many times to

pray and how it should be performed therefore he must have also suffered from OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.p148

Muhammad lived a full lifetime of forty plus years before Islam and its rituals had taken root in his life. Why would someone who suffered TLE since he was four (according to Sina) show up signs of OCD fifty plus Years later? Why are the Obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms absent for nearly a third of his life?

34. Muhammad's companions struck abdullah ibn ubbay and cut his face open while trying to help Banu nadhir.p49

Unsubstantiated slander!. Ibn Ubbay was never hurt. In fact despite his treachery and subterfuge, after his demise the prophet used his own shirt as a shroud for Ubayy’s corpse and even prayed for him. Additionally when some of the companions fed up by his ceaseless intrigues advised the prophet that he should get rid of him, Muhammad responded:

‘’ Do you want people to say that Muhammad kills his companions’’? Likewise when Ubayy’s own son approached the prophet and offered that he himself should slay Ubayy instead of someone else, the prophet’s reply was: ‘’ Nay, but let us deal gently with him and make the best of his companionship so long as he be with us’’ (As quoted from Ibn Ishaq by Martin lings p239)

35. Muslims consider burning and looting properties of non-Muslims legitimate acts of war, as they were practised and sanctioned by Muhammad. p50

A baseless pernicious lie!

Muhammad declared that he who steals or even takes anything from a non- Muslim without his consent will be his enemy on judgement day:

‘’ if anyone wrongs a Muahad ( a non Muslim) man, or diminishes his right, or forces him to work beyond his capacity, or takes from him anything without his consent, I shall plead for him on the Day of Judgement ’’ . (Shaykh Albani declared this hadeeth to be Saheeh in Sunan Abu Dawud .Book 19, number 3046.)

If any Muslim engages in looting and destroying of non-Muslim properties it will be in defiance and in direct contravention against the sharia of Muhammad and on judgement day Muhammad will be a witness against them.

Al-Mughirah Ibn Shubah was a dreaded famous highway robber and a raider even in pre-Islamic times but when he met the prophet and offered to share his loot and join Islam, Muhammad had this to say to him:

‘’ As for your Islam I accept it, and as for the wealth I have nothing to do with it, it is obtained through treachery and we have no need for it’’

The above anecdote also debunks the claim that Muhammad was goaded by greed for booty and wealth. Here Muhammad had the double opportunity of getting a free booty and enlisting the services of a legendary robber but instead of relishing the opportunity, he accepts the man’s conversion and rejects his ill acquired loot and then lampoons his un-Islamic method of appropriating wealth.

Muslims are not permitted to transgress the limits and act in unjust and aggressive manner even in the context of the battlefield they must restrain themselves. The Quran 2:191, 5:8 and countless other places prohibit such transgressions: ‘’ O Ye who believe stand out firmly for God, as witness to fair dealing and let not hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just

that is next to piety: and fear God. For God is well acquainted with all ye do’’.( Q5:8)

For detail analysis of impermissibility of stealing from non-Muslims see the below link from Islam Q/A:

36. It is important, in studying Islam, to note that the call to prayer was also the call to war.p52

Absolute falsehood! Where and when was the adhan ever used as a battle cry Sina doesn't say.

37. Muslim historians themselves deny the charge of treachery and conspiracy with the pagans levelled against the Banu Qurethza, and say the Meccans withdrew without fighting because they did not receive support from the Banu Quraiza. p52

False! Once again he doesn’t specify which Muslim historian rejected the charge of treachery and conspiracy against the Qureytha, reason, because no historian rejects the claim. Fact: Huyaay Bin Akhtab, the Banu Nadhir leader persuaded and convinced Ka’ab Bin Asad (leader of the Qurayza) to break their covenant with Muhammad. When Muhammad got whiff of their apparent treachery he sent three separate envoys to find out what was going on ( Sa’ad Bin Mu’adh,Sa’ad Bin Ubada and Al-Nu’man) the three all came back with the confirmation that they heard: ‘’The Jews speak disparagingly of the apostle, saying, who is the apostle of God? We have no

agreement or undertaking with Muhammad’’. (Alfred Guilame the Life of Muhammad, a Translation of Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasu Allah.pp. 453)

Finally, it is false to assert that the Meccans withdrew because they did not receive support from the Banu Qurayza, rather the Meccans withdrew because the Muslims planted seeds of discord and distrust between the Quraysh and the Jews.

38. Sa‘d bin Mu‘adh was a bodyguard of Muhammad and that’s why he gave a harsh verdict against the Banu Qurayza.p53

OK, i get it that he shielded the prophet from arrows at the battle of Uhud so that makes him a bodyguard? This summarizes the author’s simplistic and fallacious methodology. Often he picks a specific issue from the seera and snowballs it into a generic fact: Muhammad permits companions to confound the enemy in the battle field with deceit, our little Islamophobe will draw from this that Islam permits lying as general rule of thumb! How scholarly!

Facts about Sa’ad ibn Muad :

1. Banu Qureytha themselves appointed Sa’ad as the judge and declared that they will agree with whatever verdict he gave. 2. The reason why they chose Sa’d is because he used to be a friend and ally of the Qureyza as an Aws during jahiliya period and secondly they knew him for his strong sense of justice. 3. Sa’ad himself was one of the envoys ( along with Zubeyr and sa’ad Ibn Ubadah) sent by the prophet to confirm that the Qureyzah indeed retracted from their pact with Muhammad- in other words he was a first-hand witness to their treachery and open declaration of hostilities. 39. Muhammad instructed Abu Baseer to go to al-Is to rob the Caravans of the Quraish-

Hudaybiyah incident.p55.

A shameless, dishonest, unfounded calumny against Muhammad.

Truth of the matter is, Abu Basir escaped from the Quraysh shortly after the conclusion of Hudaybiyah which stipulated that anyone who escapes from the Muslims side will be returned to the Quraysh but the same will not apply if a member from the Muslims camp defected and joined the Quraysh. In keeping with the treaty, the prophet handed over Abu Basir to the Quraysh envoy who sought after him, consoling him with:

‘’ Be of good cheer! God will surely find you a way out’’ Abu Basir soon escaped from the guards, killing one in the process. He came back to the prophet saying: ‘’ your obligation has been fulfilled. You did return me unto them and God has delivered me from them’’ With this Muhammad turned to one of the surviving guards pursuing Abu Basir and said to him: ‘’ Take back this man to those who sent you (i.e. back to Mecca and the Quraysh again) but the guard refused to take custody of the prisoner out fear for his life. And so the prophet turned to Abu Basir and said: ‘’Go wherever you will’’ meaning just leave me now and don't cause us any further trouble.

Nowhere did he instruct him to rob caravans, this is simply a lie. Nowhere did he instruct him to go to Al-Is.

40. Lying as a strategy to advance Islam is called taqiyyah.p57.

Absolute lie! And Oh! The irony of using taqiyyah while denouncing taqiyyah should not be lost! Taqiyyah is the ultimate intellectual cop out and the last refuge of the Islamophobe. It

says: ‘’You are Muslim therefore you are lying, even if you are telling the truth, you are still lying’’ The claim that advancing Islam through Taqiyyah is acceptable has no basis neither in scripture nor in Islamic law, this is simply a defamatory lie. Lying is considered to be a grave sin in Islam. A Muslim can only tell a lie under three (and only three) exceptional circumstances:

1. A man may tell his wife a white lie so as not hurt her feelings, example if she asks her husband how dinner was or how pretty looks. 2. A believing Muslim may tell a lie to maintain brotherhood between two Muslims, i.e. a Muslim may say good things about each person to mend the ties between the two. 3. At times of war if a person is threatened to be killed if he does not give up his or her faith, it is permissible to feign apostasy. ( Sahih Muslim book o32,number 6303): Do you see ‘to advance Islam’ on the list? The above three special circumstances are the only valid excuse for telling a lie in Islam, any other forms of it including advancement of Islam, overthrowing western civilization by stealth and all those Islamophobic scaremongering you hear on Pamela Geller et al blogs are simply nothing but the fevered imaginations of paranoid, conspiracy nutters.

Specifically lying to advance Islam is not acceptable. The Quran says:

‘’And cover not truth with falsehood, nor conceal truth when you know’’ (Q2:42) ‘’ Indeed Allah does not guide one who is a transgressor and a liar’’ ( 40:28) ‘’ The curse of Allah be upon him if he should be among the liars’’ (24:7) ‘’O you who believe fear Allah and be with those who are true’’ (9:119)

‘’…The believers are those who are truthful’’ ( 49-15)

41. Both Muhammad’s grandfather and uncle failed to impose adequate discipline on him p72.

How? Is there anyone who ever complained about Muhammad’s discipline or lack of it?

Yes, both Abdul Muttalib and Abu Talib showered the little Muhammad with limitless love and preferential treatment over their own offspring but what does this have to do with discipline or lack of it? If doting too much on your children is the root cause of narcissism as Sina wants to convince us was the case with Muhammad, then 99% of parents in our globe are raising narcissists, why? Because almost all parents are guilty of excessive and permissive love.


Khadijah’s father was an turned his daughter into a narcissist p75.

alcoholic who co-dependent

Problem with this little fancy theory is that Khuweylid was not alcoholic at all, there is no shred of evidence for this. Rather all we know about khuwaylid is that he was a respected, successful businessman who bequeathed his vast riches to his daughter. Also the little story in Tabari that he cites about Khadija dousing her dad with wine before the marriage is a very well-known apocryphal story. The sound opinion of the scholars including Ibn Hajar’s is that Khuwaylid died long before the Fijaar wars ( that’s long before the prophetic call,nearly twenty years before Muhammad married Khadija) and that her nikaah was conducted by her uncle Amr ibn Asad and NOT Khuweylid. This is yet another exposure of the authors’ crazed fixation with apocryphal stories in order to (mis) understand Muhammad. Yet another narcissism theory bites the dust.


Muhammad was a narcissist who craved constant praise, attention and adulation.p76.

Ok! care to explain why Muhammad explicitly insisted that Muslims should not over praise him as Christians do with Jesus? Why would a narcissists stop people from praising him? And secondly why did Muhammad humbly accept to be called a servant and a slave in the Quran? ( see 72:19,17:1-2, 2:23)

And why does one who craved constant praise, attention and adulation deflect that attention and praise from himself to another being:

‘’ All praise is due to God alone’’ ( Q1-2) ‘’… For all praise is due to God, sustainer of the worlds’’.(Q6:45) (please don’t tell me

Muhammad was calling himself sustainer of the worlds!) ‘’ But extol though they sustainers’ limitless glory and praise him, and be of those who prostrate themselves in adoration’’ (Q15:98) …’’ All praise is due to God alone, but most of them do not understand it’(Q16:75).

‘’And say all praise is due to God, who begets no offspring and has no partner in his dominion, and has no weakness. And therefore no need of any aid, and thus extol his limitless greatness’’.(Q17:111).

So why is this supposed narcissists deflecting all praise and attention from himself to the one lord, cherisher and sustainer of the worlds?

44.Abu Bakr pleaded with Muhammad to wait three more years before consummating the marriage.p81.

Absolute tosh! And you know it’s a load of tosh because Sina fails to back it up. This is simply another malicious lie against Muhammad. Nowhere in the entire Seera do you ever read that Abu Bakr pleaded with Muhammad to wait, rather it was a common sense and a matter of conscience to wait till the girl has attained puberty.

45. From his early youth, Muhammad attended the annual fair in Okaz, where people from everywhere met for commerce and fun. There, Christian preachers read stories of Biblical prophets to their captivated audiences. Muhammad was fascinated by those stories. p81.

There were no Christian priests or preachers in Mecca, much less Christian preachers who read Biblical stories. Moreover there were no Arabic Bibles available during this time.

46. Muhammad built his empire without ever having to fight a single battle personally.p82.

Lie! He fought, led and won many battles including Badr,Uhud,Khandaq, Khaybar and Hunayn. He built his empire by leading from the front, by fighting, through military genius and during times of relative peace through diplomacy, wisdom and beautiful preaching and exhortation.

That said I find this charge of cowardice too rich and comical coming from a selfdeclared messiah of the Muslim world who is too chicken to let his head out of the foxhole he’s buried himself in over the last two decades. At least Muhammad led armies into real battles and won many a decisive battles. Got

injured, lost a tooth and bled from the side of his face in a battle unlike our ‘’saviour’’ who is so timid, so scared of the shadowy jihadist lurking in every corner that he would rather never leave by the side of his foxhole than get a scratch for his raison d’être.

47. The Meccans did NOT call Muhammad honest, Amin simply means trustee by virtue of profession, thus Muhammad Amin does not mean the honest onep85.

Factual blunder! Muhammad Amin does indeed mean the ‘’ trustworthy one’’ and it was given on virtue of his untainted character, truthfulness and honesty. Amin does not simply mean trustee by virtue of profession but by virtue of character, of trustfulness and honesty.

Here are few hadith which affirms that the Quraysh indeed did affirm Muhammad’s unparalleled trustfulness and honesty: Abu Sufyan the leader of Quraysh was asked by Heraclius about the Prophet Muhammad’s honesty, below is the rest of the conversation and Abu Sufyan’s response:

‘’ He (Heraclius) Said ‘have you ever blamed him for telling lies before he claimed what he claimed?’ I replied ‘no’ He said ‘does he break his promise’? I replied ‘No, but we are now at truce with him and we afraid that he may betray us’... ‘ When I asked you whether he was ever blamed for telling lies, you reply was in the negative, so I took for granted that a person who did not tell a lie about other people could never tell a lie about Allah, I asked you whether he had ever broken his promise. You replied in the negative, and such are the apostles; they never break their promises’’. ( Sahih Bukhari vol 4,Book 52 Number 191)

Another hadith showing the Meccans bearing testimony to Muhammad’s truthfulness: ‘It is reported on the authority of Ibn 'Abbas that when this verse was revealed: "And warn thy nearest kindred (and thy group of selected people among them)" the Messenger of Allah (May peace be upon him) set off till he climbed Safa' and called loudly: Be on your guard! They said: Who is it calling aloud? They said: Muhammad. They gathered round him, and he said: O sons of so and so, O sons of so and so, O sons

of 'Abd Manaf, O sons of 'Abd al-Muttalib, and they gathered around him. He (the Apostle) said: If I were to inform you that there were horsemen emerging out of the foot of this mountain, would you believe me? They said: We have not experienced any lie from you. He said: Well, I am a warner to you before a severe torment. He (the narrator) said that Abu Lahab then said: Destruction to you! Is it for this you have gathered us? He (the Holy Prophet) then stood up, and this verse was revealed: "Perish the hands of Abu Lahab, and he indeed perished" (cxi. 1). A'mash recited this to the end of the Sura. (Sahih Muslim, Book 001, Number 0406) Once again Sina lied, and we have established that the pagans indeed called Muhammad the truthful one ( Amin)

48. Muhammad commanded his followers to cut ties with their families in order to secure his absolute dominance over them. He ordered his Mecca followers, who had immigrated to Medina, not to contact their relatives back home.p86

False smear! The Quran is very clear on this: ‘’ Allah forbids you not with regard to those who fight you not for (your) faith nor drive you out your homes from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just’’. ( Q60:8) The above verse was revealed regarding Abu Bakr’s daughter, Asma who received a visit from her then disbelieving mother. Not knowing what to do and what level of relationship the new religion of Islam allowed, Asma sought to seek clarification from the prophet, the response came back clear in the form of the above revelation Q60:8 The only people you can’t have good relations with in Islam (whether relatives, friends or family) are those defined in: Quran 60:9:

‘’ Allah only forbids you from those who fight you because of religion and expel you from your homes and aid in your expulsion - [forbids] that you make allies of them. And whoever makes allies of them, then it is those who are the wrongdoers’. See this link for the permissibility of maintaining good relations and being kind to disbelieving parents and family members:

49. In Mecca Muhammad was courteous, attentive, compassionate, flexible, helpful and even humble, in Medina , he became demanding, tyrannical, wilful, aggressive and exploitative( a few selected surahs are juxtaposed to show the contrast and

evolution of the character of Muhammad pbuh,) p89. Talk of selective amnesia! Is this from the same author who argued a few pages back that Muhammad was intolerant, divisive, rebellious, insulting, anarchic and blasphemous against the Meccans from the start of his mission...suddenly he forgot what he just scrawled eighty pages back and now we are told Muhammad was humble, flexible ,moderate, liberal and helpful while in Mecca! Which is which?

50. Mariyah Ibn Qibtiyah was Hafsa's maid. p93.

Lie! She wasn't! She lived independently in her own house in the outskirts of Medina.

51. In Islam oaths have no meaning. Muslims can promise something and then renege if they so choose. p85.

False slander! Breaking oaths and pledges is a grave sin in Islam. The Quran has this stiff warning for those who do not keep their covenants: ‘And

those who break the covenant of Allah after its confirmation and cut asunder that which Allah has ordered to be joined and make mischief in the land; (as for) those, upon them shall be curse and they shall have the evil (issue) of the abode.” (Q13:25)

The Holy Qur’an encourages the fulfilling of promises in the following ayat too: “Yea, whoever fulfils his promise and guards (against evil) - then surely Allah loves those who guard (against evil).

In various places in the Holy Qur’an we find that fulfilling a promise has been made obligatory and highly emphasised. For example, “and fulfil the promise, surely (every) promise shall be questioned about.” (Surah al-‘Isra’,17:34) Also,

“O you who believe! Fulfil the obligations.” (Surah al-Maida 5:1) And lastly from Sura 9,one of the last sura to be revealed ,also loved by the Islamophobes: It commands the prophet to respect treaties entered with disbelievers and the polytheists if they do not break it first: ‘ Except those of the idolaters with whom you made an agreement, they have not failed you in anything and have not backed up anyone against you, so fulfil their

agreement to the end of their term; surely Allah loves those who are careful (of their duty).” (Surah at-Tawba 9:4)

52. Muhammad made his deity tell people that adoption was wrong, depriving countless orphans of a second chance at life. p96.

Absolute balderdash: The only thing the Quran prohibits is the Jahili practise of changing the parental identity and heritage of adopted children. Adopted relationship is never equal to a real blood relationship, pretending so will only hurt children and rob them of their real identity. How is making a child believe they are the real children of the household in which they grow up and subjecting them to disillusionment and grief upon realising the sad truth, a positive thing?

The Quran has equated abandoning orphans with rejecting the deen/religion itself.

Quran 107:102-3

‘’ Has though seen him who rejects religion’’? ‘’That is the one who drives away the orphan’’ A similar profound message is repeated in Quran 2:215:

‘’ They ask you ( O Muhammad), what they shall spend, say: that which you spend for good is for parents and relatives and orphans and the needy and the traveller .And whatever you do of good-indeed Allah is knowing of it’’.

In Al Tirmidhi hadith 4974 narrated by Abu Umamah, we read: ‘’Allah’s messenger said,’’ If anyone strokes an orphans head, doing so only for Allah’s sake, will have blessings for every hair his hand passes; and if anyone treats well an orphan girl or boy under his care, he and I ( prophet Muhammad) shall be like this two in paradise ’’, ( putting two of his fingers together).

In light of the above guidance from Quran and Sunah, not only is adoption permitted in Islam, it’s highly encouraged and is an extremely virtuous, devotional act in the sight of Allah. There is absolutely no restriction in Shariah regarding anyone adopting a child, but because the relationship of blood in Islamic law has obvious connections with marriage and inheritance etc, there are certain guidelines in Islam a believer who wishes to adopt must follow: 1. The child will always be called by his or her biological father’s name- No room left for appropriating or robbing the child off his parental heritage. 2.

The child will only inherit from his original blood-relationship

3. The foster parents who adopt the child have the option to will or bequeath up to a maximum of one/third of their wealth to their adopted children after their death if they wish to do so.

53. Muhammad found it difficult to abstain from food and water from dawn to dusk during Ramadan, so he himself ate whenever he pleased-eating suhri later than others and breaking fast earlier-p99

This is a scandalous lie! This is a perfect example of where the author flips reality on its


Contrary to Sina’s false assertions, the prophet is the only one who used to perform what is known as Al-Wisaal ( continual fasting for days without a break),the companions in their eagerness to emulate him tried but he dissuaded them from practising this type of cumbersome and difficult fasting because it was too hard for them and when they protested that even he himself observes it and so they should attempt it too, he responded ‘’ But Allah feeds me’’ meaning my God gives me strength, stamina and the forbearance required to endure such a long unbroken hours of thirst and starvation. Here is the hadith that exposes Sina’s dishonesty and the ugly length he is prepared to go to misunderstand Muhammad:

Sahih Bukhari ,Volume 3, Book 31, Number 145 : ‘’ the prophet fasted for days continuously; the people also did the same but it was difficult for them. So, the prophet forbade them (to fast continuously for more than one day). They said, ‘’ But you fast without a break’’ .The prophet replied,’’ I am not like you, for I am provided with food and drink (by Allah) Once again we see Sina makes one claim and the sources say exactly the opposite.

54. In none of the wars that Muhammad waged did he put his own life in danger.p100.

Lie. In fact in the battle of Uhud he almost died. There was pandemonium and confusion at one point as news of his death spread towards the Muslim camp. He gave his blood, lost the side of his face and broke a tooth, how much more did you want him to give? How about the author gets out of his little fox hole, grow some spine, take his claims to the public court and man up a bit. Surely only then can your accusations of cowardice against a man who led armies in battles and won several of them be taken seriously. 55. Muhammad encouraged his adulation of him and strongly

companion’s frowned on


No he never did and there is no evidence that he ever encouraged adulation and frowned on dissent. This is unsubstantiated smear. Contrary to this bogus claim there is a clear evidence showing that Muhammad was extremely humble and disliked and frowned on adulation tremendously. Evidence from Quran.


The Quran almost always describes him as a slave.

‘’ He it is who took his slave by night from Masjid-al Haraam to Masjid-al Aqsa..’’ (171) ‘’And if you are in doubt about what we have sent down to our slave (Muhammad) then produce a surah the like thereof..’’ ( Q2:23) It is highly unlikely that someone who craves adulation will constantly subordinate himself and mandate billions upon billions refer to him as a slave ( through the recitation of Quran)

Evidence from sunnah. 2.

When some people said to Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam): “O

Messenger of Allah, you are the best and the son of the best among us, and our master and the son of our master.” He (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) addressed him saying: ‘ ‘’ O people make your requests straightforward and let not Shaytaan lure you saying the wrongs things. I am only the slave of Allah, and his messenger. I do not like you to elevate me above my rank in which Allah, the Exalted has praised me’’ ( Musanad Ahmad and an Nasa’ee)

3. On another occasion, Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) interrupted small girls who described him with the attribute of the Knower of Ghayb (Unseen), arRabee’ah bint Mu’awaidh (radhi allahu anhu) said: “The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu

alaihi wa-sallam) came on the morning of my marriage. I had with me two servant girls, singing and mourning about my relatives who were killed on the Day of Badr, and they said while singing: “Among us there is a Prophet who knows what will happen tomorrow” The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) said: ‘’ What are you saying? Do not say it! No one knows what will happen tomorrow except Allah, the most mighty and the most majestic’’ ( Sunan Ibn Majah)

56. The first blood spilled in the history of Islam was the blood of a non-Muslim by Muslims.101.

This is a half-baked lie. The statement conjures up an image of belligerent Muslims causing havoc and shedding innocent blood of non-Muslims, however the reality of the incident in question tells a different story. The entire claim is based on an incident involving a one on one fight between a Muslim man and a non-Muslim one, incidentally the fight ended with the non-Muslim man nursing some bruises and injuries. Period. Typically though, the Islamophobe run with this story, spin it, yarn it and snowball it out of proportion to make it look like a hordes of Muslim armies were attacking and spilling the blood of non-Muslims in the early stages of Islam. It’s true that Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqas fought with a Bedouin who rudely interrupted and ridiculed a group of Muslims given deeply to meditation and salaah, the two men exchanged blows and the bedouin was injured and bled. Thus the incident Sina implicitly references is not one that involved actual blood loss, i.e. no loss of life reported.

In contrast we have blood of Muslims being shed by the pagans left and right to the point of mortality during this period of early Islam and entire families like that of Yasir and Sumaya were tortured to death ,yet all Sina does is amplify the petty injuries of the Qurashyt side while down playing the serious atrocities committed against the Muslim side.

57. Muhammad viewed as enemies any who

were not his supporters and followers. p101.

Outright Lie! Muhammad was on friendly, diplomatic terms with many of the nonMuslim neighbouring Arabs and non-Arab tribes and signed numerous pacts and peace treaties with them and co-existed peacefully with many non-Muslims and non-Arab tribes such as the Christians of Najran and others who were less hostile. He made cordial diplomatic relations with a number of Arab tribes who were not his supporters and he never viewed them as anything but neighbours and potential Muslims. Example of non-supporters whom he enjoyed cordial relations:


Banu dhamra


Banu Juhaina


bani Zur’a and Bani Rab’a

4. Christians of Najran.

Aside from these peace treaties with Arab tribes he also extended his courtesy call to various kings and emperors around the world see: 1.

Letter to Abyssinia.


Letter to the king of Egypt known as Muqawqis


Letter to khosroes, Emperor of Persia.


Envoy to Caesar ,King of Rome


Letter to Mundhir Bin Sawa,Governor of Bahrain


Letter to Haudhah Bin Ali,Governor of Yamamah


Letter to Al Harith Al Ghasani, king of Damascus


Letter to the king of Oman,Jaifer and his brother

58. Muhammad encouraged his believers to spy on each other.101.

Unfounded calumny. Author could not provide a single example of this malicious smear.

59. In Quran 80, Muhammad takes blame (for Abdulah ibn Maktum incident) and even makes Allah admonish him for his condescendence,nontheless as a narcissist he had to blame his detractors even more from verse 17 Onwards: p187.

Now let’s repost verse 17 onwards which Sina did his best to conceal despite making pompous claims regarding it. 17.

Cursed is man; how disbelieving is he?

18. From what substance did He create him? 19. From a sperm-drop He created him and destined for him; 20. Then He eased the way for him; 21. Then He causes his death and provides a grave for him. 22. Then when He wills, He will resurrect him. 23.No! Man has not yet accomplished what He commanded him. Then let mankind look at his food. 24.How We poured down water in torrents, 25.Then We broke open the earth, splitting [it with sprouts], 26.And caused to grow within it grain 27.And grapes and herbage. 28.And olive and palm trees 29.And gardens of dense shrubbery 30.And fruit and grass 31.[As] enjoyment for you and your grazing livestock 32.But when there comes the Deafening Blast 33.On the Day a man will flee from his brother 34.And his mother and his father

35.And his wife and his children, 36.For every man, that Day, will be a matter adequate for him. 37.[Some] faces, that Day, will be bright 38.Laughing, rejoicing at good news. 39.And [other] faces, that Day, will have upon them dust. 40.Blackness will cover them. 41. Those are the disbelievers, the wicked ones.

As you can see, the verses are simply reminding man about his humble beginnings, then recount the blessings of almighty God on him, and finally conclude with a judgement where those grateful believers would rejoice and enjoy eternal bliss and the ungrateful disbelievers would meet their just recompense too. Question is do you see any narcissistic ego at play here? Any hint of any particular detractors being blamed regarding incidents related to Ibn Makhtum? Such a scum.

60. Muhammad broke moral and ethical codes of society whenever it suited the Nakhla raid he instructed 8 of his followers to raid during the sacred months.p100.

Wrong! No he didn't! He sent them for a reconnaissance mission and they disobeyed his orders. In fact when the eight men responsible for Nakhla raid returned the prophet rebuked them saying: ‘’ I did not order you to fight in the sacred month’’ (Ibn Ishaq p287)

On the other hand the Quran itself recognized and affirm that the Muslims on this occasion had committed a ’ a grave sin’:

‘ They ask you about Fighting in the sacred month.Say, ‘ Fighting in that month is a great offence but to bar others from God’s path,to disbelieve in him,prevent access to the sacred Mosque,and drive out its people,are still greater offences in God’s eyes: ( Their) persecution is worse than the killing ( of Amr Ibn Al Hadrami).’ They will not stop fighting you ( believers) until they make you renounce your faith,if they can. If any of you renounce your faith and die as disbelievers,your deeds will come to nothing in this world and the hereafter,and you will be inhabitants of the fire,there to remain. But those who have believed,who were driven out from their homes,and who strive for God’s cause,it is they who can look forward to God’s mercy.God is most forgiving and merciful.’ (Q2:217-218)

The Islamic affirmation of the four sacred months occurs throughout the Quran. Muslims are not to fight in these months, so long as the other side respects this prohibition:

‘ Fight during the sacred months if you are attacked therein,for a violation of sanctity is subject to the laws of just retribution.So,if anyone commits aggression against you,attack him as he attacked you.’ ( Q2:194)

Also the Quran affirms the idea of sacred spaces:

Do not fight them at the sacred Mosque unless they fight you there’.(Q2:191)

And as if these are not enough the same message of upholding the sanctity of the

sacred months is repeated in the so called verse of the sword, surah nine itself,: ‘ When the sacred months are passed, then fight and slay the pagans wherever you

find them’’ ( Q9:5)

And one more last verse revealed after the conquest of Mecca, which also affirms the idea of sacred months and sacred spaces and more importantly commands Muslims to uphold justice and be fair even to their enemies: ‘Do not violate the sanctity of God’s rites or the sacred months ....or the people coming to the sacred space......Do not let your ill-will towards a people-because they barred you from the sacred Mosque-cause you to transgress against them. Help one anther to do what is right and good.Do not help one another towards sin and aggression.’ ( Q5:2)

More crucially Muhammad offered restitution to the victims of Nakhla raid. Are there any stories of Judeo-Christian prophets such as Moses,Joshua,Samson,David and Saul who engaged in genocides against canaanintes and other natives ever giving restitution to victims’ familes?

Evidence for restitution :

Sir Thomas Arnold writes: ‘’ In so doing Abdullah had not only acted without authority but violated the sacred truce within Arab custom caused to be observed by through out the month of pilgrimage. Muhammad received him coldly with the words: ‘’ I gave thee no command to fight in the sacred month’’, dismissed the prisoners and from his own purse paid the blood money’’. ( Preaching of Islam,p30,Sir Thomas Arnold)

61. Qur’an says the jinns used to stand on each

other’s shoulders to listen to the conversation of the ‘Exalted Assembly,’ until they were shot down by stars that were fired at them like missiles.p111.

Nowhere does Quran ever mention Jinns standing on each other’s shoulders. The author pulled this stuff right from under his hat.

62. Muhammad suffered from depressions and frequent thoughts of suicide.p113.

Depressions? Zero reported in the entire annals of Islamic history. Suicide? Reported once when he experienced powerful mystical encounters that he could not at first fathom. Only in Sina’s world is one experience synonymous with frequent occurrences.

63. The first to suspect that Muhammad had epilepsy was Halima, or her husband, when Muhammad was just five years old. p114.

False! Halima never mentioned the word epilepsy in any Seera book.

64. Muhammad’s seizures consisted of both simple partial seizures (partial loss of awareness) and complex partial seizures (complete loss of awareness) Sometimes he fell and lost consciousness and at other times he did not. (References Sahih Bukhari 26,no 652). p114.

Author references the following hadith. Let’s see if it fits both description of epilepsy as given by our quack doctor (partial loss of awareness via viz complete loss of awareness):

Narrated by Jabir Bin Abdullah ‘’When the Ka’aba was built, the Prophet and Abbas went to bring stones (for its construction).Al Abbas said to the prophet, ‘’ Take off your waist sheet and put it on your neck. (When the prophet took it off) he fell on the ground with his eyes open towards the sky and said, ‘’ Give me my waist sheet.’’ and he covered himself with it.’’ Three points emerge clearly from this hadith: 1. The Ka’aba was undergoing reconstruction and Abbas and Muhammad were part of the builders. 2. Abbas suggested to the prophet that he remove his waist sheet and put it around his neck for easy manoeuvre. 3. As Muhammad tried removing his waist sheet, he fell down, his eye were open and he was fully conscious as he immediately recognized that he lost his waist sheet.

Now the million dollar question is where does epilepsy partial or complete fit in? A man fell off to the ground while trying to adjust his waist cloth during a construction, the man remained conscious and cognizant of what’s happened throughout the incident, how desperate then must you be to push ridiculous epileptic charges into such unbefitting scenario ?

65.Ibn Sa'ad said “Upon hearing the story of the .night journey many who had prayed and joined Islam became renegades and left Islam.p120.

Blunder!. This is a clear example of how the author is attracted to the most un authentic, apocryphal narrations just so to misunderstand Muhammad.

Truth is this narration by Ibn Sad’d is apocryphal and is rejected by all mainstream authoritative biographers. Every first year Seera student knows majority of biographers are unanimous that none has ever apostatised from Islam during the entire Meccan

era. Simply put,there was no nifaaq,no Munafiqs,no Murtads during the Makan era, but our doctorer who has a gargantuan appetite for apocryphal stories doesn't get this rudimentary basics of Seera.

66. Sura 93 verse 1-3 calls to mind Muhammad’s lonesome orphanhood, it shows how much the memory of his lonesome childhood pained him.p 71.

Absolute howler! the verse in question does not at all address Muhammad’s ‘’lonesome childhood’’ at all. The context of this verse is that the prophet did not receive the wahy or the revelation for a considerable time, then the Meccans started lolling their tongues and ridiculing the prophet, some of the idolaters said: ‘’Muhammad’s lord has abandoned him’’, others mocked: ‘’ His lord has abandoned him and hates him’’( tafseer Ibn katheer.

The above verses do not have anything even remotely to do with the lonesome and difficult childhood that Sina so desperately needs to use as filler for chapter two of his ludicrous book.

See the Tafseer of the sura in question here: option=com_content&task=view&id=1155&Itemid=149

67. Muhammad in Quran 17:55 claimed to be the preferred messenger over all other prophets.p61

Predictably Sina did not quote the verse and the reason is that Muhammad is not

mentioned therein.

‘’ And your lord is most knowing of whoever is in the heavens and the earth. And we have made some of the prophets exceed others (in various ways) and to David we gave the book (of psalms)’’. ( Q17:55)

Funny enough, the verse that was supposed to prove Muhammad’s NPD afflictions and tendencies mentions and hails only David. Reality is that Islam considers messengers (Rasool) to be elevated above prophets (Nabi),the distinction is that messengers are sent with books while a prophets is one appointed by God to confirm, follow and guide mankind back to the righteous path using the shariah and the Books brought by the Rasool (messenger) before him. Thus messengers are elevated in honour and position by virtue of their responsibility remember every messenger is a prophet, but not every prophet is a messenger.

In Islam there are five who were sent with divine books and independent teachings, these are called ulul’azmi (The arch-prophets) and it is these that the above ayah 17:55 addresses. The five are mentioned in Quran 33:7.

68. Muhammad tried convert to islam.p89.





When and who is not mentioned. Needless to say the Quran explicitly rejects coercion in religion:

‘’ There shall be no compulsion in religion, truth stand out clear from error; whoever rejects evil and trusts in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.’’( Q2:256) More clear cut injunctions prohibiting coercion:

Surely we have revealed to you ( O Muhammad) the Book for the people with the truth; so whoever follows the right way, it is for his own soul and whoever goes astray, he goes astray only to its detriment; and you have not been put in charge of them.( 39:41) ‘’ And those who disbelieve say: ‘’ If only a sign had been sent down upon him (Muhammad) from his lord’.’ You are not (O Muhammad) but a warner and for every people a guide’’.( Q13:7) ‘’ Whoever obeys the messenger, he has indeed obeyed Allah; and as for he who turns away, we have not sent you ( O Muhammad) as a keeper over them.’’( Q4:80) ‘’ Therefore do ( O Muhammad) remind, for you are only a reminder’’.( Q88:21). ‘’ You are not a controller over them’’.( Q88:22). But if they turn away, then we have not sent you ( O Muhammad) as a keeper over them; only deliverance ( of the message) is your duty.’’( Q42:48.

69. Many famous and talented people in history suffered from TLE and arguably, they owed their creativity to this disease.p137.

Wrong! TLE does not make people creative. The victims of TLE are smart, creative and great achievers in spite of their illness not because of it moron!

70. Muhammad harboured thoughts grandiosity and omnipotence.p140


Sina failed to give a single example from the corpus of the Seera where the prophet ever expressed thoughts of omnipotence and grandiosity. In contrast I have successfully shown that Muhammad wilfully and happily recorded in the Quran for all generations to recite and know that he was the slave of God- see Quran 2:23 and 17:1-2. I can’t see how a self-seeking narcissists with a grandiose sense of self-importance will relegate himself to an eternal serfdom status. Contrary to this unsubstantiated claim, the Quran makes it clear that Muhammad did not have the knowledge of the unseen and did not possess the ability to harm or benefit anyone without God’s will. Consider this interesting verse which completely destroys any charges of omnipotence and grandiosity:

‘Say, I hold not for myself the power of benefit or harm,except what Allah has willed. And if I knew the unseen,I could have acquired much wealth,and no harm would have touched me. I am not except a warner and a bringer of good tidings to a people who believe’.( Q7:188)

71. Muhammad was so impressed with himself, so full of narcissism that he made his deity say:

“And you (stand) on an exalted standard of character” (Q.68:4) and are “a lamp with spreading light.” (Q.33:46) Compare this with the words of Jesus who when someone called him ‘good master’ objected and said,’ why do you call me good, no one is good-Except God alone.p62.

If the above Quranic ayah is a proof of Muhammad’s narcissism, let us go beyond the carefully selected verses and see what else Jesus said that could also make him a narcissists per Sina’s prognosis:

‘’ Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me’’.(Mathew 10:37) ‘’He that is not with me is against me.(Mathew 12:30) ‘’Then he called the crowed to him along with his disciples and said: ‘’ who ever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me’’.(Mark 8:34) ‘’You cannot bear fruits unless you remain in me’’.( John 15:4 ‘’ I am the way,the truth and the life.No one comes to the father except through me ’’.(John 14:6)

Astonishingly Dr Sam Vaknin,the main authority cited by Sina throughout chapter two to buttress his narcissism claims, has dedicated an entire chapter titled :’Jesus Christ, narcissists‘ in his book ‘Malignant Self Love’. You can access an extract from the book below, where Dr Vaknin builds a damning narcissism case against Sina’s beloved idolJesus.

72. When Aisha was accused of having an affair with Safwan, She denied the charge and later claimed that Safwan was a eunuch.p`143.

Blatant lie.

73. TLE often resolves on its own. This must have happened to Muhammad as in later years of his life there were fewer fits of seizure...The seizures probably stopped in his later years.P140

This is immediately contradicted by his claim that TLE affects sexuality and that '' in the last decade or two of his life Muhammad was actually impotent.p142.

If the seizures have stopped in the later years, then how do you explain the silly, asinine conjecture that in the last decade or two he was impotent due to TLE? The whole nonsensical story about impotency falls apart upon a cursory analytical glance.

74.—Quran 33:56 supports NPD.P61.

Lie! The verse simply means send blessings and greetings upon the messenger, it doesn't say glorify or exalt Muhammad. The same greetings and blessings are sent to other messengers and angels as well, nothing peculiar to Muhammad about this statement.

75. Despite the fact that Mariah was the only woman who bore Muhammad a son when he was past sixty, and was probably more beautiful than his other wives, Muhammad did not marry her.p144.

Lie. According to Ibn Katheer and many other commentators she was married and become part of the blessed union of ‘Umm al-Muminin ‘Mothers of the believers’. There are many opinions regarding her status but Sina would pretend and have you believe that there is only one that exists and that’s the one that says she wasn't married.

76. There is a hadith that shows Muhammad did not have intercourse with his wives but only “fondled” them. He would visit them, sometimes all of them in one night, engaging in foreplay but not in intercourse.p145.

Once again let us quote the hadith Sina refers to and judge for ourselves if it supports or destroys his allegations. Sahih Bukhari Volume 1 book 6,number 299

(on the authority of his father) 'Aisha said: "Whenever Allah's Apostle wanted to fondle anyone of us during her periods (menses), he used to order her to put on an Izar and start fondling her." 'Aisha added, "None of you could control his sexual desires as the Prophet could." Folks, Is this the ‘’truth’’ which Sina hopes will help defeat Islam? Can you imagine the author wants to spin this hadith and use it to bolster his argument that Muhammad suffered from low sexual libido? Part of the reason why the author avoids quoting the actual hadith texts and instead almost always prefers only to give blank references is because he thrives on the hope that no one will cross-check his references, alas! How unfortunate!

77. Muhammad raised his hand to strike Jauniyah when she refused to accept his proposals. p145. references Sahih Bukhari vol 7,book 63,no 182.

Once again the actual text of the hadith is not given, the reason becomes obvious once we do check it up for ourselves. Indeed nothing could be further from the truth. The prophet raised his hands to pat Jauniyah'' so that she might become tranquil, not to strike her. Here is the full excerpt of the hadith.

Volume 7, Book 63, Number 182 : ''We went out with the Prophet to a garden called Ash-Shaut till we reached two walls between which we sat down. The Prophet said, "Sit here," and went in (the garden). The Jauniyya (a lady from Bani Jaun) had been brought and lodged in a house in a date-palm garden in the home of Umaima bint An-Nu'man bin Sharahil, and her wet nurse was with her. When the Prophet entered upon her, he said to her, "Give me

yourself (in marriage) as a gift." She said, "Can a princess give herself in marriage to an ordinary man?" The Prophet raised his hand to pat her so that she might become tranquil. She said, "I seek refuge with Allah from you." He said, "You have sought refuge with One Who gives refuge. Then the Prophet came out to us and said, "O Abu Usaid! Give her two white linen dresses to wear and let her go back to her family." Narrated Sahl and Abu Usaid: The Prophet married Umaima bint Sharahil, and when she was brought to him, he stretched his hand towards her. It seemed that she disliked that, whereupon the Prophet ordered Abu Usaid to prepare her and to provide her with two white linen dresses''.

78. When Jauniyah, sought refuge in Allah, Muhammad stopped his hand mid air, was overcomed by guilt and as result gave the girl two of her stolen dresses back.p146.

Liar! What guilt? What stolen dress? Both accusations are unfounded calumnies.

79. Cleanliness did not concern Muhammad; he was just obsessed with rituals.p152.

This is a disgustingly ignorant remark. Honestly I don’t know where to begin because there is such massive amount of material that emphasises the importance of cleanliness in Islam that it’s just too daunting and nearly impossible to list them all down. That said, I will give a few textual evidence to demolish his lies and then attach a link that expounds in detail on the topic of cleanliness in Islam. Muhammad famously proclaimed: ‘’cleanliness is half of the faith’’ (reported by Muslim, Ahmad and Al Tirmidhi) The Quran too has a lot to say about cleanliness: ‘’Truly, God loves those who turn unto him in repentance and loves those who purify themselves’’ (Q2:222)

‘And your clothing purify’ ( Q:74-4) ‘And uncleanliness avoid’ (Q:74-5)

How more clear could it be that Islam lays great importance on cleanliness?

See this for detail exposition of the topic:

80. Physically, Muhammad was a sick man, because Anas reported that he had big hands and feet.p157.

Ha! So big hands, large head and feet are a sign of physical sickness says our ‘’ Doc’’.

81.Bukhari has written that Muhammad’s feet and legs were swollen ( as a result of suffering from acromegaly159.

Notice once again no textual reference is given, merely provides hadith number on the footnote, reason? Should be quite obvious by now; he is pulling a fast one on you and crossing his fingers that you will take his word for it and not counter check his sources. Very unlucky dude. References given is Sahih Bukhari vol 2,Book 21,number 230. Imagine my shock and horror when I opened up Bukhari and disappointingly found this:

'' The Prophet used to stand (in the prayer) or pray till both his feet or legs swelled. He was asked why (he offered such an unbearable prayer) and he said, "Should I not be a thankful slave."

In other words, the prophet’s feet and legs were not swollen due to a disease or physical deformity but due to the pressure and friction caused by offering lengthy prayers while standing. What a fraud!

82. Muhammad had peculiar, unpleasant smell that he masked with excessive perfume.p159.

Lie! All the sources I have checked report the opposite; that Muhammad smelled pleasantly, that a sweet natural fragrant smell emitted from his body. There is no classical book that mentions a peculiar odour ever emanating from his body. When Sina can’t find stuff from the seera and Alfu layla Wa layla works, he makes it up as he goes along.

In Qisas al Anbiya the prophet is described this way: ‘’ His body was clean and his scent beautiful, whether or not he had used scent, his skin always had a lovely scent to it. If someone shook his hands or conversed with him or showed of his friendship or affection, he would smell that clean scent all day, and if he laid that sacred hand on a child’s head, that child could be distinguished from other children by that clean scent’’.

83. Muhammad suffered from breath and the following evidence:p163.

shortness hadith

of is

''The Messenger of Allah did not speak as continuous and fast as you speak. His Speech was intermittent and slow so anyone who listened could understand.281 the Speech of the Prophet was not like singing, but he lengthened the words and Pronounced forcefully''.282

Lol. My friend Chameleon X, who also penned a surgical deconstruction of this book, calls this a trans-millennial medical quackery. see here..

84. In Islam Corporal punishment, including torture for disobedience to the authorities is prescribed both for children and for adults. p167

Whaaat? Corporal punishment and torture for disobedience?? You can’t make this stuff up! I mean I have heard common lamentations against corporal punishment for adultery and fornication but for disobeying authorities?, you have to be Ali Sina to muster the nerves needed to record this in a book.

85. In Islam stealing from considered acceptable. p169.




Lie. Take it easy, Sina is just scaring the bejeezus outta ya!

Allow me to let the ultra conservative Islamic website ‘Islam Q/A’ to respond to this slapdash, hateful smear: ‘’ When a Muslim enters a kaafir country, it is as if he entering into a peaceful agreement with them – which is the visa which is given to him to enable him to enter their country – so if he takes their wealth unlawfully, then he is breaking that agreement, in addition to being a thief’

See link for in-depth analysis into the impermissibility of stealing from non Muslims.


In Islam Muslim converts are encouraged to cut their ties with family and friends if they are not Muslims.p170

Absolute lie! For Muslims to encourage converts to sever ties of kinship with their family will be

tantamount to disobeying and contravening explicit revelation which not only permits such relationship but obligates and promotes interacting justly and dealing rightly with your non Muslim family. Earlier we have seen that when Asma the daughter of Abubakar was unsure whether or not to invite into her house her then disbelieving mother, the revelation declared :

‘’Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes-from being righteous towards them and acting justly towards them. Indeed Allah loves those who act justly’’.( Q60-8)

87. It is the duty of every Muslim to make new converts.p170

Nope! Our duty is not to convert, just to convey the message. Quran 3:20 ‘So if they dispute with thee, say: "I have submitted my whole self to Allah and so have those who follow me." And say to the People of the Book and to those who are unlearned: "Do ye (also) submit yourselves?" If they do, they are in right guidance, but if they turn back, Thy duty is to convey the Message; and in Allah's sight are (all) His servants’

88. Muslims are taught to shun kafirs and are encouraged to socialize only with fellow Muslims. The Qur’an prohibits taking friends

from among unbelievers (Q.3:28)p171.

Completely untrue! The term ‘Auliya’ used in this verse does not mean a mere friendship, rather the term refers to a specific type of close intimate friendship, a better translation of the word would be ‘’protecting friends'' or simply ‘’ patrons’’. Those whom Muslims should shun and not socialize with are properly defined in:

‘As for those disbelievers who do not fight against you on account of your faith and who do not expel you from your homelands,God does not forbid you to show them kindness and equity,for verily God loves the equitable! God only forbids you from taking as awliya ( protecting friends) those who fight you for your faith,and who drive you out of your homes and support others in driving you out. Those who seek their protection are indeed wrongdoers’. (Q60-8-9)

But Sina’s woes do not end here, there is another problem with his feckless claim: how does he explain the fact that Islam allows Muslim men to Marry Kaffirs( Q5:5)? or are they too prohibited from befriending and socializing with their spouses?

89. According to Muhammad, unbelievers are the “vilest animals” in the sight of God. (Q.8:55) p171.

Author devilishly omits to mention that what the Quran calls the vilest animals is not just any and all unbeliever but unbelievers who:

'' You made a treaty with but then they break their pledge every time, and they do not fear Allah.'' ( 8:56)

What a lying scum!

90. Muhammad’s Islam is not a religion, it’s a cult like that of Jim Jones, David Koresh, Order of the Solar Temple, Heaven’s Gate,Charles Manson and Joseph Kony's LRA.P174.

This poppycock is basically repeated through out the last 2 chapters. To this we say, If Muhammad founded a cult, why has Islam achieved a complete and an enduring revolution in all spheres of life; social, economical and political within the lifetime of Muhammad and why does it continue to be such global force to reckon with, in contrast why did the others not only failed to leave a positive mark but self-immolated briefly after they were founded and lost to obscurity for ever, without leaving a single positive legacy? Why? 91. When Muhammad recounted his tale of ascending to the seventh heaven, Abu Bakr was at first taken aback.p182.

Lie! Immediate reaction of Abu-Bakr was to question if indeed the prophet did make such a claim and when it was pointed out that he did, he remarked: ‘’ If so he said, then it is true. And where is the wonder of it?. He telleth me that tidings come to him from heaven to earth in one hour of the day or night, and I know him to be speaking the truth’’ Ibn Ishaq as quoted in Martin Ling’s ‘Muhammad his life based on the earliest sources’.

In fact far from being taken a back, he readily accepted it as soon as it was clear to him that Muhammad did indeed make such a claim. And oh! The irony of this lie! It was on this occasion that Abu Bakr earned the title ‘ As-Siddiq which means ‘truthful’. 92. Early Muslims were mostly slaves or rebellious youths in their teens with no social standing.p186.

Wrong! There were many people of social standing like Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman but even if we accept that the early companions were mostly drawn from disenfranchised and vulnerable circles such as slaves and youth of no social standing, so what?

What a pathetic snob! Notice the author’s loathsome objections against this disenfranchised group? His disparaging and deplorable attitude against the 99% (the youths, the weak, the poor, slaves and women) is emetic and exposes much about his persona. Yes Muhammad’s message appealed to the weak, the needy and the vulnerable, yes he liked the idea of protecting the weak and the defenceless and that explains why he actively partook in Hilf-ul-Fudhul or league of the virtuous in his youthful days and fondly praised it late in life. As Prof. Charles Lindholm notes: ‘’ In Mecca,Muhammad’s revelations at first had relatively little influence. His original converts were his wife and some of his closest relatives, but most of the early believers were those who were poor, disenfranchised and humble. They were drawn to the Quran’s condemnation of excessive riches, to its advocacy of generous donations to care for the disadvantaged and to its repudiation of the arrogance and selfishness of the wealthy’’. ( The Islamic Middle East pp66-68)

Muhammad was a strong opponent of social justice, arguing for greater rights and protections for the poor, the slaves and the weak. He criticized meccan societies as decadent especially for the way the rich and the powerful (1%) treated the most vulnerable members of society (99%) He scoffed at the powerful and rub them the wrong way when he radically declared: ‘’ God has made the payment of charity from (your) wealth obligatory on (you) to be taken from the wealthy amongst you and given to the poor’’

And further continued to rub the 99%: ‘’ In their wealth is the right of the beggar and the destitute’ (Q51-19)

Muhammad defined righteousness and piety as: giving wealth to relatives, orphans, needy, freeing the slaves and being truthful: ‘’Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the East or the West, but (true ) righteousness is in one who believes in Allah, the last day, the angels, the book and the prophets and gives wealth, in spite of love for it, to relatives,orphans,the needy, the traveller, those ask (for help),and for freeing slaves; and who establishes prayer and gives zakah;those

who fulfil their promise when they promise; and those who are patient in poverty and hardship and during battle. Those are the ones who have been true, and it is those who are the righteous.’’( Q2:177)

He rightfully lashed out on economic exploitative practices such as hoarding and usury; the latter led to bankruptcy and caused many of the debtors to become slaves. Meanwhile he preached mercy towards the debtors: ‘’ If the debtor is in difficulty, grant him time till it is easy for him to repay. But if you forgive the debt by way of charity, that is best for you, if only you knew’’.(Q2:280)

‘It is no wonder then that Muhammad’s earliest followers were from what Sina would regard as zero class and no social standing. Prof. Stephen P.heyneman explains why Muhammad attracted these underdog class: ‘’A major principle of the Quran is that of establishing a just society, one concerned with socio-economic equality among its component parts. the treatment of women and children, as well as reformation of the institution of slavery, were important elements in this concern with establishing an ethical and viable social order. Muhammad criticized Meccan society for its disregard for the welfare of its weaker members; as an orphan, he had personal acquaintance with the treatment meted out to anyone without powerful support. Many of the reforms of pre-Islamic customs stipulated in the Quran concerned the well being of women and children, particularly girls. female infanticide-whether for reasons of honor or poverty-was abolished. Reforms were made to ameliorate some injustices committed by men against women...Many of the underprivileged referred to in the Quran were women. General injunctions include the right of the indigent to share of the abundance of the wealth.’’ (Islam and Social Policy p53)

93. When Muhammad turned and frowned on Ibn Umm Makhtum's interuption, those around him noticed his contempt and criticized him for his hypocrisy and double standards, thus he revealed Abasa in order to get out of this embarrassing situation.p187

Absolute lie! This was completely a non issue that was not picked up by anyone and would have gone unnoticed if it wasn't mentioned in the Quran. No one criticized the prophet and no one even noted that anything slightly wrong has transpired.

94. Quran 8:72 states that Muslims should not give protection to other Muslims who did not emigrate. In other words, they should kill them, until they leave and comply.p193.

Guess what? It’s the usual suspect; no textual reference given, just a bland footnote. Shocking is an understatement when we read the verse and realize that not only is killing not mentioned but the opposite is actually emphasized,i.e Muslims of Medina are commanded to give help to the converts who couldn't migrate from Mecca if they sought help from them. ‘’ Indeed those who have believed and emigrated and fought with their lives in the cause of Allah, and those who gave shelter unaided-they are allies of one another. But those who believed and did not immigrate-for you there is no guardianship of them until they emigrate. And if they seek help of you for the religion, then you must help, except against a people between yourselves and whom is a treaty. And Allah is seeing of what you do.’’ (Q8:72)

95. In Islam believers must relinquish their will and disregard everything including their family and their own lives.In the Qur’an we read: “… then seek for death, if you are sincere.”(Q.2:94)

Folks bear in mind that the author is using this verse to show that Islam is a cult and it encourages relinquishing will, family and even taking of ones own life to please Muhammad and Allah. Any time you notice an Islamophobe quoting a mutilated verse, that should send alarm bells ringing, this ellipses are a tell tale sign that they are pulling a fast one on you. Fact is when the verse is quoted fully; we find nothing exhorting Muslims to take their own lives. Here is the full verse from 294-5:

Now read the above mutilated, defaced verses in full:

'' Say: "If the last Home with Allah be for you specially and not for anyone else then seek ye

for death if ye are sincere.” But they will never seek for death on account of the (sins) which their hands have sent on before them. And Allah is well acquainted with the wrong-doers’’.

Obviously the verse is addressing some people of the scriptures who claimed monopoly over God’s mercy and blessings. They claimed that they are the sons and the chosen ones of God to the exclusion of other mankind. The verse is challenging them to invoke Allah to bring death on them if indeed they are truthful. How disappointing can it get? Time and again the author quotes a averse to mean one thing and the verse says another. 96. The three historians, Tabari, Ibn Sa’d and Ibn Ishaq agree that only a few converted to Islam out of faith. The majority converted out of fear or for the greed of a share in the loot. p205.

Not effort is made to back up this gigantic falsehood claim because none exists. Simply lying about those great historians.

If Islam does not accept or acknowledge those who have emigrated for wealth,material considerations or women do you think it will accept the conversion of those who do so out of greed and coercion? “Whosoever desires (by his deeds) the reward of the Hereafter, We give him increase in his reward, and whosoever desires the reward of this world (by his deeds), We give him thereof (what is decreed for him), and he has no portion in the Hereafter.’( Q76:9)

Likewise the same is repeated in Q42:20: “Whosoever desires the life of the world and its glitter, to them We shall pay in full (the wages of) their deeds therein, and they will have no diminution therein .

And Finally Muhammad himself declared:

‘The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended. So whoever emigrated for worldly benefits or to marry a woman, his emigration was for what he emigrated for.’” (Narrated by al-Bukhari, Bad’ al-Wahy, 1)

97. In the Qura’n Muslims are asked to fight those who do not believe in Allah (Q.9:29)p221.

Lie! Verse 9:29 commands Muslims to fight against only those who initiate aggression by breaking peace pacts, as illustrated by its historical context( for context see verse 1-11). Muslims are not permitted to attack non Muslim who are not hostile to them see (Q9:4,9:7,60:8-9,9:12,9:13,5:8). Muslims are NOT permitted to attack non Muslims who are not hostile to them, who do not oppress Muslims ( Q2:190-1-2) or try to convert Muslims by force from their religion (Q22:-39-40) or expel them from their lands or wage war against them or aid and abet aggressions against them. These are the only condition under which a Muslim may fight against non Muslims; you will not find a carte blanche command in the Quran exhorting Muslims to fight non Muslims simply for not believing in Islam...that’s simply a scaremongering calumny. 98. Muhammad instructed wealth of non-believers.p225




Please name one group of non believers that were ever looted or plundered except thee enemy Quraish pagans who confiscated and looted the wealth and property of early Muslims? Contrary to this unfounded smear, Muhammad declared that anyone who takes anything from a non Muslim without his permission, oppress him or cause him pain he cant bear, will face off Muhammad himself on the day of Judgement before t the supreme court of almighty God. ‘’ The prophet said: Beware! Whoever oppresses a Muahid ( Non Muslim living in

Muslim land with agreement) or snatches (any of) his rights or causes him pain which he cannot bear,or takes anything from him without his permission,then ‘’ I will fight against such (a Muslim) on the day of judgement’’. ( Sunnan Abu Dawud,Volume 3,page 170,Hadith 3052) Elsewhere in the treaty with the Christians of Najran, Muhammad offered to protect and maintain the possessions, the wealth, the property, life and even the churches of the Christians of Najran. It states:

‘Najran and its neighbouring area are in the security of Almighty Allah and His messenger. The property, religion, churches of the inhabitants as well as their possessions, whether much or little, are under the protection of the prophet” And in line with this prophetic Sunnah of protecting the life and property of the non Muslims, the second Caliph, Umar Ibn khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, wrote to Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah saying: “Prevent Muslims from harming or oppressing them (non Muslims) or from taking their property illegally” For further and deeper analysis of non-Muslims rights under Islam see the below link:

99. Muhammad was so desperate for attention and respect that when a group of Arabs came to visit him and did not pay him the reverence that he thought he was entitled to, he made his deity say: ( Qura’n 49-2-4) O ye who believe! Raise not your voices above the voice of the Prophet, nor speak aloud to him in talk, as ye may speak aloud to one another, lest your deeds become vain and ye perceive not. Those that lower their voices in the presence of Allah’s. p228.

A monstrous Lie! The verse in question has naught to do with seeking attention and reverence from visiting Arabs.

Notice the verse opens with: ‘’O ye who believe..’’ meaning that it is addressing believers and not just ‘ a group of Arabs who came to him’. All the Tafseers i have checked confirm that Sura 49:2-4 was revealed about some Muslims who had the habit of being raucously loud while addressing the prophet. Nothing to do with seeking attention and reverence from Arab tribes. The verse is addressing believers, specifically mentioned by name in the Tafseer of ibn Katheer are two stalwart believers who already had much respect and reverence for Muhammad (Abu Bakr and Umar).

The tafseer goes on to explain that the verse was revealed to chastise companions who raised their voices over that of the prophet when he was receiving a delegation.This was to show honour and respect to the guests NOT to demand one from them. 100. A Muslim cannot accept the rule of unbelievers. He must disobey them, fight against them and endeavor to kill them as prescribed in the Qur’an 25:52. p.222.

Same tactic, same predictable pattern- A reference without a textual quote, to cover up the obvious embarrassing blunders and hopping no one will cross reference his misguided claims. Needless to say that the verse in question says nothing at all about disobeying the authority of disbelievers and equally certainly nothing about endeavouring to kill disbelievers: Quran 25:51-52 ‘’And if We had willed, We could have sent into every city a warner.’’

‘’So do not obey the disbelievers, and strive against them with the Qur'an a great striving’’

As you can see, there is no word about killing disbelievers, no word about rebelling against their authority. The disobedience referenced in the above ayah concerns issues of faith, morality and

ethics and not about politics. See Ibn katheer’s exegesis of these two verses here: option=com_content&task=view&id=2389&Itemid=80. And finally the last nail on the coffin of Sina’s outrageous lies concerning Muslims not being allowed to accept the rule of unbelievers comes from the Hijra or flight to Abyssinia commissioned by Muhammad himself. Muhammad instructed his followers to emigrate to a land ruled by a Christian king and they remained loyal and abiding subjects under a non Muslim rule for close to a decade. And to further demolish any fall-back argument which posits that Muhammad was only loyal and accepting of non Muslim rule when he was weak and in Mecca, the crushing hammer fact is that Sura 22 referenced above by our Islamophobe is itself a Makki Sura:). What this means is that Muhammad could not have commanded his followers to disobey unbelievers rule while at the same time directing close to a hundred of his companions to live as loyal subjects under a non Muslim rule.

101. Islam is the only religion violence in its holy book.p254.



Nuff said.

Back to Sina’s delusional acid test retort:

**.It’s truth that will destroy Islam. Confronted with truth, Islam is defenceless. I wrote this book with two goals in mind: to help Muslims see the truth and leave Islam, and to unmask the real face of Islam and warn of its threat, so the world can stand up and protect itself*

Sorry but its crystal clear that you miserably failed in both goals. This book along with such other virulent anti-Islamic polemics, blog posts and articles that permeate the web will only help cement and solidify the imaan of any Muslim who reads them and far from unmasking Islam, it only exposes the treachery, the hate, the deceit, the paranoia and desperation of the anti Islam crusaders.

101 Lies And factual Errors in Ali Sina's Book.  
101 Lies And factual Errors in Ali Sina's Book.  

A surgical page by page refutation of Ali Sina's book ' Understanding Muhammad'. by Ahmedeen