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During the period of this sihr, the Jinn may cause the girl to experience occasional headaches.

Symptoms 1. Occasional headaches, which persist despite medication. 2. Severe tightness in the chest, especially between al-'asr and midnight. 3. The patient sees the suitor in an ugly image. 4. Absentmindedness. 5. Anxiety during sleep. 6. Occasional constant stomach-aches. 7. Pain in the lower part of the back.

Al Sihr Ar-Rabt (Penile Erection Problem during intercourse), Al- 'ajz al-jinsi (impotence) and Adhdhu'f al-jinsi (sexual weakness) Ar-Rabt The man affected by this type of sihr feels active and energetic about having sexual intercourse with his wife. His penis is even erected as long as he is distant from his wife. Nevertheless, as he approaches her, his penis shrinks and is unable to have sexual intercourse.

How Sihr Ar-Rabt is done The Jinn entrusted with the task of sihr settles in a man's brain, precisely in the centre of sexual excitement which sends codes to the sexual organs; and lets the sexual organs function normally. But, when a man approaches his wife, with the intention of having sexual intercourse, the Jinn thwart the centre of sexual excitement in the brain and blocks the signals sent to the organs which pump blood into the penis for erection. Consequently, the blood drawbacks rapidly from the penis, and the penis shrinks. A man, for instance, may be normal when making love to his wife; that is, with an erected penis. However, when he is about to penetrate intercourse, his penis shrinks, so he cannot have sexual intercourse; and erection is an essential ingredient in achieving sexual intercourse, as we know. Sometimes a man with two wives may be affected with the sihr of rabt, but only with one wife. This is because the Jinn of this type of sihr only hinders the centre of sexual excitement when the man approaches that specific wife.

Ar-Rabt in Women (sexual frigidity) Just as a man suffers from ar-rabt (penile erection failure) and is unable to have sexual intercourse with his wife, a woman, too, may suffer from ar-rabt (frigidity). There are five types of rabt in women: 1. Rabt al-man'(obstruction): It occurs when a woman prevents her husband from having sexual intercourse with her by tightly joining her legs together and obstructing his penis from entering into her vagina. This reaction is automatic and beyond her control, but one young man whose wife was affected by this type of sihr, criticised his wife for her response, so she explained that it was beyond her control. One day, she told him to put iron shackles between her legs to keep them apart before, starting sexual