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Hasan said: No one regards witchcraft as permissible except the witch. Hence you see many evil witches during times when there is no sword to deter them, deliberately bewitching people, whether they love them or hate them, in order to force them to ask him to undo it, as a means of taking people's wealth unlawfully, taking control of their wealth and misleading them.

Having said all this, we call upon the Ummah of Tawhid, the Ummah of the Qur'an, the Ummah of Muhammad (Peace and Blessing upon Him) those who adhere to correct belief, to tell them that the witch is a Kafir and his actions are Kufr. He does not have the power to bring benefit or harm to himself, he has no power to give life or death or to bring life after death. He has no knowledge of the unseen. The jinn who serve the witch are also Kafirs and rebels, because the believer among the jinn, like his counterpart among mankind, does not agree to be subjugated and enslaved; he is proud and does riot accept to go down to such a level.

O Ummah of the Qur'an, look at the state of the witches in all places. They beg for the money that they take from the sick, so how can they make you rich? As Islam has closed the door to going to witches, is there any alternative? We say: Yes, there is an alternative in the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon Him).

Signs by which a Witch may be recognised 1. He asks about one's name and one's mother's name. 2. He demands the slaughter of an animal or bird, whether it has specific characteristics or not, and whether the blood is to be smeared on the sick person or not. 3. He tells the sick person to eat a certain kind of food, or to drink a certain kind of drink, for a specific period of time, whilst keeping away from people in a darkened room during this period. 4. He gives the sick person papers to burn and scent himself with the smoke (like incense), or to hang them up, or to bury them. 5. Everyone who writes letters or numbers, or hexagons, or tears up the words of Allah, is a witch. 6. Everyone who mutters incomprehensible words, or words in a language other than Arabic, is a witch.

Punishment under Islamic Law for Practising Sihr

According to Imam Malik, a person who practises sihr (sahir), but does not have it done for himself is similar to the person Allah describes in the following verse: (...and they learned what hurt them, and did not profit them, knowing well that whoso buys it shall have no share in the world to come.) (2:102). According the verse, Imam Malik believed that the Punishment for practising sihr is the death sentence. Al-Muwatta (628)