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Epilogue As we saw through this short presentation, magic tends to incorporate itself in the science again, from where it was banished long time ago. Many fields that were taken as magic now are parts of the science, like hypnosis that became important part of psychology and the same is with suggestion. Today's magic doesn't intend anymore to give the practitioner primarily the power over the world, but to give him a safe method of self-development and self-improvement. Magic, along with the other spiritual paths, tends to fill the hole left in the modern man's soul by the material science that refuses everything spiritual. The final reunion of the spiritual and the material sciences has already begun. How long it will last, depends only on us, the next generation.

DEFINITION OF SIHR Sihr is an agreement set up between a sahir and a Satan, which stipulates that the sahir commit certain illegal or polytheistic acts, in return for the Satan's assistance and obedience in fulfilling the sahir's request.

Literal meaning of Sihr (Black Magic) According to Al-Layth Sihr is an act which brings one closer to, and with the help, of Satan. According to Al-Azhari The basic meaning of sihr is to make something appear in a form other than its real one. According to Ibn Mandhur When a sahir makes something false appear to be real, or makes something appear to people appear differently from its true form, it means that he has given an object a status other than its real one. Shamir reported on the authority of Ibn 'A'isha Arabs have given it the name sihr because, it can transform good health into illness. According to Ibn Faris Some say that sihr is to make what is false appear to be true. According to Muhit al-Muhit Sihr is the presentation of an object in its best form, to the extent of tempting the viewer.

Technical meaning of Sihr (according to Muslim tradition) According to Al-Fakhr Ar-Razi According to Muslim tradition, sihr is anything the cause of which is hidden, and which appears in a form other than its real one, with the intention to distort the reality of things and deceive. According to Ibn Qudama AI-Maqdisi Sihr is a set of 'uqad (knots), ruqa (incantations), and words uttered or written, or carried out in such a way as to affect the body of the subject (al-mashur), his heart or mind, without even coming into