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Location: Oklahoma, USA Date: 2012-2014 Industry: Transportation

Technologies: PCB Design Electronic Design Digital Electronics Embedded C In-House TCP/IP Stack Development GSM Interface Sensors Interface Ethernet

N32 HW/SW System The N32 system based on the ATMEL 32 bit microcontroller: the all famous AVR32. It’s a big step forward in our electronic design capabilities. While most of the complexity in previous projects was focused on the software design, this time, we focused on the hardware. Our system boasts a rich set of peripherals from RS232, USB, JTAG Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, SD connections and a Graphic Touch OLED screen. The system supports Real Time Operating Systems, TCP/IP stacks, USB stacks, Fast DMA and 72 Dhrystone MIPS of processing power. It is an ideal platform for automotive, building automation, home appliances, industrial automation, smart metering and PC peripherals.

Specifications: • 128KB of Flash Memory. • Ethernet port 10/100 Mbps. • Sensors: Light, Temperature, Potentiometer. • Joystick, push buttons and led lights. • LCD color graphics OLED Display. • Connectors for JTAG, 2 USART (1 COM port + 1 USB Nexus device), USB 2.0 (Host and Device), TWI, SPI. • SD and MMC Card Reader.

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