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Issue 1 January 2011

How Big is Nano Meter


Why the Nano Scale is special?

Nano: It is 100000 (1 lakhs) times smaller than the ball of a ball pen Let’s start with the basics: Nano comes from the Greek word for dwarf. The prefix nano means a factor of one billionth (10-9) or a factor of hundred croreth and can be applied to time (nanosecond), volume (nanoliter), weight (nanogram) or length (nanometer or nm). But in general nano refers to length, and the nanoscale usually refers to a length from the atomic level of around 0.1 nm up to 100 nm, the area where size-dependant quantum effects come to bear. Nanostructures or nanomaterials are forms of matter at the nanoscale.

How big is nano meter?

Issue 1 January 2011

Hey friends, My mamma tells me that I am 1 meter tall, but you know that I am 100 crore nano meter tall.

Do you know how much nano meter is the 10 centi meter ruler shown above? The length of a 10 centi meter ruler is 10 crore nanometer (100000000 nano meter). For clarification,1 meter is 100 crore (1 billion) nano meter long. You can divide one meter into hundred equal part to get 1 centimeter, and you can divide one meter into thousand equal part to get 1 milli meter as shown in the ruler above. All right, we can try to divide this 1 milli meter into 10 lakh equal parts, have you tried it, then one part of it is 1 nano meter . That is one meter is divided into 100 crore equal parts to get a nano meter (that can be represented as 10-9 m in scientific notation) WOW, that is very very small! .nano materials are too small to see with your naked eyes and light microspoes because both uses light to see, but The wave length of the visible light is about 500-800 nanometers. To see anything smaller than 800 nm, we need more powerful tools to see the nano scale materials (coming issues of Nano Ulagam will discuss these matters).

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She says that the sand grains are 1mm wide but in my little world I am playing with 1 million nanometer size sand grains

This paper is about 0.1milli meter thick, that is 1,00000 nano meter (1 lakh nano meter). Human hair is about 0.2 milli meter thick, that is 2,00000 nano meter (2 lakh). Size of the talcum powder is about 40,000 nano meter. Size of human red blood cell is in between 4,000 nano meter and 6,000 nano meter. Size of the E-coli bacteria is about 1000 nano meter. The diameter of DNA sprial is 2 nm. Diamter of Bucky ball is about 0.7 nm (a structure of 60 carbon atoms). Diameter of benzene ring is 0.28 nm.

size of an atom is 0.1 nm. Arrangement of 10 hydrogen atoms in a line measure about 1nm. Issue 1 January 2011

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Do You Know


This NVIDIA graphics card is made in a 55 nm process using 7540000000 transistors

your fingernails grow about one nanometer per second and a man's beard will have grown one nanometer in the meantime he picks a razor and raise it to his face.

Another way to imagine the nanoscale is to think in terms of relative sizes. Consider yourself as 1 meter tall and you have a chain that has 1 centi meter size beads. You have 1mm size sand grains in your index finger. When you are the size of the grain of the sand, you can use red blood cells as beads to your chain and you can see bacteria in your index finger. When you are the size of bacteria, you can use proteins and large molecules as beads for your chain and you can see 1 nm small molecules and atoms.

Why the nanoscale is “special.� Nanosized particles exhibit different properties than larger particles of the same substance. Studying phenomena at this scale can improve and possibly change our understanding of matter and lead to new questions and answers in many areas. Human hair fragment and a network of single-walled carbon nanotubes

See the difference in the color of Gold (Au) when it is in nano size. Color is just one property (optical) that is different at the nanoscale. Other properties, such a flexibility/strength (mechanical) and conductivity (electrical) are often very different at the nanoscale as well What about the science at nanoscale (nano science)? What makes the science at the nanoscale special is that at such a small scale, while all physical laws affect the behavior of matter, different laws dominate over those that we experience in our everyday lives.

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Issue 1 January 2011

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