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Home Pest and Insect Control Service Providers in Dubai, UAE

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What is HomeGenie Pest Control Services? The seasonal pest infestations, especially termites and bed bugs, only professional techniques prove to be effective and have lasting results. Therefore, HomeGenie strongly recommends you to book one of the professional pest control services and control the infestation before it becomes a nightmare for your dear ones.

What are the different Pest Control Services we are offering? General Pest Control Rodent Control Termite Infestation Bed Bug fumigation Garden flies, pests, moths Ants granule treatment Other or multiple requests

General Pest Control • General pest control service is designed to take care of all pests such as cockroaches, ants, flies, spiders and others. • At HomeGenie we offer excellent pest control service in Dubai. If you have a serious issue of infestation at your home, then worry not, HomeGenie will find you a reliable pest control agent, who will provide you the best solution and make your home pest-free.

Rodent Control • Rodents can spread diseases and cause destruction in your home to items such as food, wood and clothes. With the best rodent control tools and treatments from HomeGenie’s pest control partners, all entry points are sealed off and rodents are driven off your property in an efficient manner. • Opting for this service will mean no more ransacking of food items, protection of your wooden furniture and prevention from dangerous diseases.

Bed bug Fumigation • Bed bugs are small wingless insects that usually survive and multiply in cool conditions. This service includes thorough bed bugs treatments on target areas such as beds, mattresses, sofas, linens, quilts, etc. • At HomeGenie we offer excellent pest control service and ensure that the bed bug treatment is carried out utmost professionally that will increase the life span of your things.

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Home Pest and Insect Control Service Providers in Dubai, UAE  

Book the professional pest/ insect control services, to stay safe from cockroaches, ants, flies and other insects at best rates in Dubai, UA...

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