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Air Conditioner Repair, Service and Installation in Dubai, UAE

Homegenie: “Your one-stop Home Maintenance services partner�

What is HomeGenie AC Services? • HomeGenie‘s partners have emergency teams and skilled technicians who always put your priority first and provide reliable repair, installation and maintenance solutions. • These services are available throughout the week to ensure that an emergency request is taken care of in case of a total shutdown.

What are the different AC Services we are offering? AC Leakage AC Tripping or Not Starting AC Cooling issue AC Duct Cleaning Digital AC Controller AC too Noisy AC service

AC duct cleaning • AC ducts are prone to contaminants, because the coil becomes moist with condensation, and dust particles or construction remainders stick to the fins, causing a blockage in the air passageways. • HomeGenie’s service partners provide thorough cleaning of the air ducts including, dismantling and disinfecting the whole system which is the evaporator coils, drainage trays, pipes and the ducts.

AC Tripping or Not Starting • A few common reasons for AC tripping or not starting are dirty unit or air filter, issues with the circuit breaker or compressor or shorting of the motor. It can be quite risky if this problem goes unnoticed and unattended for a long time as it might cause a fire. • Highly experienced HomeGenie’s technicians can help you solve the AC tripping problem in a timely and effective manner.

AC too Noisy • AC noise can be classified differently for indoor and outdoor ACs. The key reason could potentially be a foreign object stuck in the AC, bent fan blades, vibration on an incorrectly mounted window frame, loose front grill or insufficient lubrication. • HomeGenie offers the expertise of technicians that are highly skilled in full-fledged AC maintenance and repair services. At HomeGenie, we provide expert professionals for air conditioning service and AC repair services in Dubai.

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Air Conditioner Repair, Service and Installation in Dubai, UAE  

Find the technician 24x7 for your air conditioner repair, service, installation, maintenance for the best prices at your doorstep in Dubai,...

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