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“My name is Abdelrahman , Iam an Architect with very good knowledge about computational design ,Generative design & Parametric design . Iam ambitious person , hard worker want to learn more every day.�

Graduation project Rehabilitation institute of substance addictors

Man defines the space he lives, while space defines human activity. This is how architecture serves man and creates space for the body and mind. The body is the center of space, where through the senses we perceive the world that surrounds us, giving the building to the human scale. But have the architects always used man as a module to design their buildings? Has he actually created space for human well-being, or just for aesthetic and practical reasons? This topic underlines the importance of the environment surrounding us in our well-being and health, and tries to show through concrete examples that space makes it possible to push the mind to produce health or illness. Through theories, bringing arguments and ideas that make us think serious about the quality of the spaces that define our lives. By studying these problems around the space, the main purpose is to gather information about the perception of the space that surrounds us from a theoretical and psychological point of view. We will explore how these theories can be “taken� to improve in order to build a quality environment for people.

parametically designed with alot of design option the skin can make another environemt for the patients and all the ocuuption through control the thermal condition

layout design came from the study of the location of the project and continue with the urban fabric .

Educational Projects memorial for Jacques Derrida Villa

Busseniss Park

Interior space

Adminstration Building - Architecture Working Drawings

Residential Villa - Advanced Working Drawing-BIM Systems

memorial for Jacques Derrida

nterior shots of memorial for Jacques Derrida, illumantion final project we decieded to design this memorial, Through the concept of deconstructivism, we want to describe human shadows, in Derrida's book «Marx's Ghosts» he discussed the power of architecture in reforming human, society, politics and everything in our lives, our proposal is architecture reflects human, we decieded to design a memorial for Derrida's philosophy and ambitious, for his revolution on modernism and history, the project introduces Derrida and a real experience of his philosophy to discover yourself and know what is exactly your «mirrors».

Diffrent Light ,Diffrent Mood ,Diffrent Feelings.

THe Video will make all this project clear

it was really big project with my team , my role was : Concept , Modeling (3ds max) , Lighting ( Corona renderer) , Material ( Corona renderer). Team members: essam elsaadany - mohamed khaled abdelrahman samy - seif eldeen hesham


Busseniss Park

Grasshopper Def for the project ( it was fully parametric design project) change one parameter , differnet deisgn option , awesome yeaH!

Interior space

recreation from refrence render from another artist ( i forgot his name ; created 2016-2017)

Adminstration Building - Architecture Working Drawings ( Autocad)

Residential Villa - Advanced Working Drawing-BIM Systems

Experimental Design

made by rhino / Gh voronoi structure

made by maya / 3ds max free form style

made by Houdini fx particles based design

thank you

abdelrahman samy

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Architecture Portfolio [2019]  

Architecture Portfolio [2019]