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2012 Event Sponsor

Event Sponsorship Recap Phoenix Cooks Event • The Event • News Channel 3 TV Segment • KAH Booth • Retail Tie-In

On Premise Activation • “Beverages with Benefits” Program

Social Media and Website Marketing • “Beverages with Benefits” Program Marketing • Event Marketing • Ticket Giveaway Contest • Website Promotion

Program Highlights

The Event Phoenix Cooks is a colorful landscape of ingredients, products, talents and passions designed to intrigue the palette and zest for culinary experiences while benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

4 Stages Hosted by Local Clear Channel Radio Talent

36 Unique Spirit and Wine Booths

Over 50 Restaurant Booths

The Event

3,500+ People Attended the Event

Over $35,000 was Raised for Phoenix Children’s Hospital

News Channel 3 TV Segment Gary Spadafore, Director of Education at Alliance Beverage, represented the spirit and wine brands in an interview with journalist Brittney Shipp of Channel 3.

KAH Booth Featured KAH Blanco and Reposado Tequila as well as “KAH Paloma” and “KAH Tequila Sunrise”

IRC’s were handed out to event attendees.

KAH Blanco and Reposado Tequila branded cards were available for takeaway.

Retail Tie-In was the retail sponsor of the event and their Wine Stewards hosted a booth where attendees could place special orders for KAH Tequila.

Special Order Forms were included in the Event Bags given to attendees at check-in.

“Beverages with Benefits” Program

Select Phoenix Cooks accounts agreed to feature event spirits and wines during the months of July and August. SOL Cocina featured a “KAH Raspberry Serrano Margarita” and promoted the feature with Large Format Posters and Check Stuffers. 5 cases of KAH Blanco Tequila were sold.

“Beverages with Benefits” Program Marketing

As added value to the accounts participating in “Beverages with Benefits”, posts and tweets were made to promote the program.

Posts and tweets were also made to promote the “KAH Raspberry Serrano Margarita” feature at SOL Cocina. Total Reach of Facebook Marketing – 7,000+ Total Reach of Twitter Marketing – 5,800+

Phoenix Cooks posted a link on their Facebook Page to the “Beverages with Benefits” website. The link was then shared on SIPS’ Facebook Page .

Phoenix Cooks tweet promoting “Beverages with Benefits.” Re-tweeted by Alliance Beverage and Tram Mai (of Channel 12 News Phoenix).

Tweets by Phoenix Cooks and Alliance Beverage promoting the features at SOL Cocina.

Posts on SOL Cocina and Phoenix Cooks’ Facebook Pages

“Beverages with Benefits” Program Marketing Local blog featured a story on the “Beverages with Benefits” program in an email blast and on their website.

Posts and tweets promoted the email blast, driving consumers to the participating “Beverages with Benefits” accounts.

Total Reach of Facebook Marketing – 4,900+ Total Reach of Twitter Marketing – 5,800+

EaterAZ email blast and website

SIPS and Phoenix Cooks shared links to the EaterAZ website on Facebook to help promote the program.

Phoenix Cooks tweeted the article. SIPS re-tweeted to help spread the message to more Twitter Followers.

Event Marketing

A listing was created on SIPS’ Facebook Event Calendar with general information about Phoenix Cooks. Posts and tweets were made to promote the event. After the event, SIPS posted a photo album on Facebook. Total Reach of Facebook Marketing – 2,200+ Total Reach of Twitter Marketing – 5,800+

Phoenix Cooks Listing on SIPS’ Event Calendar.

Posts made on SIPS’ and Phoenix Cooks’ Facebook Pages promoting the event.

Phoenix Cooks tweet promoting the event. Re-tweeted by Alliance Beverage.

SIPS photo album post.

Phoenix Cooks reposted the photo album to their page.

Ticket Giveaway Contest

SIPS/Alliance Beverage ran a Facebook Contest giving away event tickets through Phoenix Cooks’ Page. Consumers were asked to “like” the SIPS Facebook Page in order to enter the contest. Posts and tweets were made to promote the contest. Total Reach of Facebook Marketing– 2,200+ Total Reach of Twitter Marketing – 5,800+

Posts on Phoenix Cooks’ Facebook Page.

Tweet on Alliance Beverage’s Twitter Page. Re-tweeted by The Westin Kierland.

Consumers would land on a page that showed the details for the contest; all they had to do was “like” the SIPS’ Facebook Page to be entered to win.

Website Promotion

Phoenix Cooks’ website hosted a “Libations” page featuring all of the brands participating in the event. The website also hosted a “Beverages with Benefits” page featuring the participating accounts. Clear Channel station, Mix 96.9, ran advertisements on their website promoting the event as well as the “Beverages with Benefits” Program. Phoenix Cooks Website Impressions – 2,495,000+

Phoenix Cooks website homepage with link to “Libations” Page

“Libations” Page on Phoenix Cooks website

“Beverages with Benefits” Page on Phoenix Cooks website

Mix 96.9 advertising on their website

Program Highlights • Brand Exposure to 3,500+ Event Attendees

• 2 Month Feature of “KAH Raspberry Serrano Margarita” • 5 Cases of KAH Blanco Tequila Sold • Social Media Reach: 10,900+ • Website Impressions: 2,495,000+ Total reach of website promotion – 2,495,622 impressions

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2012 Sponsorship Recap

KAH_Phoenix Cooks Recap  

Phoenix Cooks Program Recap August - September of 2012

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