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The Marketing Magazine is the first comprehensive, yet specialized marketing

magazine in Egypt.

Generally, Marketing and advertising companies don’t advertise for themselves. In this magazine, they can advertise and get very high exposure to their target clients. This is a gap in the market; there is no solid reference organizations can refer to in order to get a marketing and advertising company. We are aiming to create a community for the marketers in Egypt and the Middle east where they can exchange their experience and knowledge through various ways (Magazine, Social media, Website) in addition to build a new medium or link between the marketers and the advertising agencies in Egypt. The Marketing Magazine is aimed at providing all marketing for all the marketing

and advertising related services

professionals in marketing agencies and organizations through:

* Connecting organizations with Marketing and Advertising Agencies to help them make an informed decision on which whom to work with in order to reach their targets and effectively


reach their

* Connecting advertising agencies with potential customers and increasing their clients’ database by showing their portfolio and latest work which help them increase their exposure to companies in each and every industry sector. The 6th issue has been successfully released.

9000 copies; 6000 print and 3000 digital copies are distributed by hand to selected clients in more than 35 industry sectors such as: Banking, Au-

tomotive, Food and beverage, FMCGs, Restaurant and Fast food chains, Media and TV, Clothing, Retail, Electronics, Universities, International schools, Real estate, Cement and construction, Communications, Tourism, Electronics, Aviation airlines, Hotels, Cafes, Commercial chambers, Pharmaceutical, IT & Software, Oil & Gas, Furniture houses, Insurance companies to name a few.

Social media distribution guarantees more exposure to different clusters. We provide you with the opportunity to show your work and any piece of information you want to share for 3 months locally and internationally. We deliver the right type of customer to the right type of business. Reach your customers! Advertise in The

Marketing Magazine!

Show your portfolio Multiply your exposure Boost your potential Generate new clients Maximize your value Increase your awareness Don’t be left behind while others are moving forward.

9000 copies; 6000 print and 3000 digital copies are distributed by hand to marketing professionals and decision makers to selected clients in more than 35 industry sectors such as: Real Estate

Media & TV

Food and Beverage



Home and Furniture




Fast food chains


Insurance companies








Hyper Markets

IT & Software

Medical Labs


Gyms & Health care

Commercial chambers


Oil & Gas


News Paper & Magazine



Sports & Fitness



Contractors and Construction

Watches and Sunglasses



Inside front cover- Back cover – Inside back cover

12000 L.E.

1 Full page

6000 L.E.

3 Full pages in 3 different issues (or in the same issue)

15,000 L.E.

Any number of pages above 3

4000 L.E.

Integrate with social media (Facebook and twitter)

1000 L.E.

1 Full page Editorial

6000 L.E.

Terms of payment: 50% of the deal in advance, the remaining 50% on installments divided by the number of issues. Prices don’t include 10% sales tax. Advertisement design is available at a discounted price.




300 L.E.

Semi Annually

500 L.E.


800 L.E.

Email: Website: Phone: 01001161218 Social Media:

Facebook: Linkedin: Linkedin group: The Marketing Magazine Twitter: #TheMarMag

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