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Legislation Senate Bill 148

Senate Bill 186

House Bill 265

By: Senator Sharon Hewitt

By: Senator J.P. Morrell

By: Representative Phillip Devillier

Senate Bill 148 eliminates the Louisiana “seatbelt gag order� by allowing the admissibility of evidence of failure to wear a safety belt to establish both comparative negligence and damages. SB148 was heard in the Senate Judiciary A Committee however a quorum was (conveniently) lost prior to a vote in the Senate Judiciary A Committee. ABC-LA was supporting SB148.

Senate Bill 186 creates an additional mandate for Louisiana employers by enacting the Louisiana Family and Medical Leave Benefits Act above and beyond the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act. SB186 was voluntarily deferred in the Senate Committee on Finance. ABC-LA was opposed to SB186.


Senate Bill 198 By:Senator Barrow Peacock House Bill 265 and Senate Bill 198 authorized the payment of refunds for the overpayment of taxes as a result of an unconstitutional law, invalid rule, or misinterpretation of a law, rule, or regulation. Passage of this legislation took a herculean effort by the bill authors, the business community, legislators and the business lobby. SB198 was signed by the Governor and became Act 367 of the 2019 Legislative Session. ABC-LA was supporting HB265 & SB198.

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ABC of Louisiana 2019 Legislative Report  

ABC of Louisiana 2019 Legislative Report