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OUR PASSION THEIR FUTURE English / Cantonese / Putonghua • PN - K3

Tai Koo • Whampoa Trilingual Learning Happy Learning

Stress-Free Approach

Group Members

Students assessed and placed within 7 levels in Eng /Chi / Maths

A warm welcome from School Supervisor 校監的話

I Believe To watch our children grow up happily is what we as parents most want to see. However, in the current local education climate, surrounded by a sea of

comparisons and competition from different learning establishments, parents can become lost and confused. It is all too easy for parents to overlook

their original intentions for their child – good parenthood and a happy and effective education. In many cases, the intimate bond between parents and their children is sadly beginning to disappear due to overly demanding

expectations and pressure on both parents and children alike. As a mother of

three, I have always aspired to rise to the challenge of maintaining a positive parenting attitude throughout my professional career.

ABC’s mission focuses on maintaining the bond between parents and their children within an educational environment. We believe that “happy” and

Mrs. Bally Wong 黄林趣玲 女士

School Supervisor

• Founder & Chairman of ABC Pathways Group

“effective” learning should and can co-exist and we hope that our parents

feel how much of our heart and devotion goes into achieving this. As parents,

let us give our Little Ones the best childhood possible. I wholeheartedly hope that with our support, “happiness”, “school work” and “parental bonding” can

• EMBA, NLP Coach and Trainer

all co-exist perfectly in your family.

• 香港幼稚園協會第 22 屆名譽會長

Both ABC and I personally wish your child the happiest of childhoods!

• 香港潮州商會第 52 屆會董兼各部委副主任 • 香港毒品調查科 禁毒領袖學院常務會董

信念 做父母的,最想是看見孩子開心快樂地成長。但現今社會的教育文化和風氣, 往往令父母迷失方向;充滿競爭和比較的學習氛圍,容易令父母於不知不覺中 忘記了育兒的初衷 ─ 做稱職的爸媽和給孩子快樂而有效的教育。父母跟孩子 同時面對著不同期望和壓力,就連兩者間最重要的親暱關係也不見了。作為三 個孩子的母親,我很希望能透過我的教育事業去延續正面的育兒態度。 這是我們 ABC 辦學的心,希望你能感受得到。而「開心快樂」和「有成效的學 習」,其實是可以並存的。爸媽們應該讓珍愛的下一代,擁有一個開心快樂的 童年。有著我們的支持,衷心希望你家庭中的「快樂」、「學業」和「親子」 可以達到三贏的局面。 我跟 ABC 祝你們的孩子能擁有童年最快樂的一切﹗

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten

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Mission and Philosophy 使命和理念 Based on the UK National Curriculum, our mission is as follows:

我們遵循英國教育體制,以下是我們的理念: 致力推動「快樂」、「學習」及「親子」三贏

To advocate the co-existence of Happiness, School-life and Parental Bonding

Adhering to a Stress-free Teaching Approach and creating a “Happy Learning” environment

All English programmes are fully supported and overseen

創立「零壓力教學法」,讓每位學童在最愉快及輕鬆的環 境下學習 英語課程均由 ABC Group 資深首席導師及課程發展教學總 監專業編制

by experienced Head Teachers, Director of Studies and Director of Course Development from ABC Group

What makes ABC International Kindergarten unique? 獨特之處 ABC Pathways International Kindergarten is powered by ABC Group & ABC Pathways School

ABC Pathways 國際幼稚園由 ABC Group 及 ABC Pathways School 全力支持

ABC Pathways School’s proudest achievement is our

集團於 2014 年獲劍橋大學英語考試局委任為「官方考試中心」,

appointment as an Authorised Centre by the world-renowned Cambridge English Language Assessment department of

能夠為香港學生舉行國際認可的劍橋英語考試,奠定在本港教 授劍橋英語的權威地位。

Cambridge University in 2014.

學生編班按能力(而非按年齡)作基礎 Students are assigned to levels based on ability over age The only school to have 7+ levels of English programmes (Pre-

Starters - Flyers) and 5 levels of Chinese programmes, we regularly track student progress using Cambridge YLE Exams

and promotion to higher levels is provided when students are ready.

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ABC Pathways International Kindergarten

本港唯一國際學校,制定出 7 級英語 (Pre-Starters - Flyers) 及 5 級中文編班,學校定期以劍橋英語考試來評估學生英語能力, 超越進度的學生可獲「提早升級」。

課程以英國國家課程(EYFS)為藍本 本 校 課 程 參 照 英 國 國 家 課 程 的《 幼 年 基 礎 階 段 》(UK Early Years Foundation Stage)編寫,因應幼兒於學前班至幼稚園階 段之學習、發展、照顧各方面訂下準則。 重點學習之範疇包括: 個人、團體發展、情緒管理 溝通及語言發展 體能發展

U.K. National Curriculum (EYFS) Based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework as used in the British National Curriculum, our kindergarten programme sets standards for the learning,

development and overall childcare from Pre-Nursery to K3 students, in a safe and caring environment.

We emphasise these prime areas of learning: Personal, social and emotional development Communication and language Physical Development

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach

With this approach, students are provided with the opportunity

to use their new language skills now, rather than learning them now for use later, nurturing confidence and opening doors on language in a broader range of young learners.

採用內容及語言整合學習 Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) 透過內容及語言整合學習,學生得到機會去運用另一種語言技 巧,活學活用,大大提升了學生對語言學習的自信心,事半功 倍。 其他學習之範圍包括: 主動學習 最高互動性 批判思考及創作 遊戲及探索 鼓勵家長多參與孩子的成長發展,並為家長提供在家 支援和建議 協助家長盡早認知孩子有否額外的學習需要 定期為家長報告孩子的學習進度

Other key areas of the curriculum include: Active learning Maximisation of interaction Creating and thinking critically Play and exploration Encouraging parents to become involved in their

child’s development and to work together to support this development at home

Identification as early as possible of any additional needs a child may have

Regular reporting with parents a summary of their child’s progress

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten

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Child Development 學生成長 ABC believes good teachers are the guardian angels of

children. Teachers with enthusiasm and strong motivation will provide the best education for children. ABC is proud of our

我們相信老師是照亮每位孩子的「天使」,最好的教育源於老 師的那顆「心」。ABC 的專業教學團隊一直令我們引以為傲, 班上的中英文班主任老師,就像家庭中的爸爸媽媽一樣,以「愛

professional teaching team. Nurturing every child with “love”


are like the parents of the family.


and “patience”, the Chinese and English teachers in every class

Strong Devotion to Teaching

We believe students learn best from everyday life. Originating

all over the world, teachers share their personal stories with children. According to the teaching themes, teachers bring

to school their family photos, toys and storybooks they used when they were small to share with the children.

Teaching Based on Children’s Ability

Students are assigned to levels based on ability and we adopt small group teaching. Small group teaching allows

every child to be well taken care of by teachers. Every child

starts their educational journey in a level where they are most

comfortable, which match our school philosophy of pressurefree and happy learning.

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ABC Pathways International Kindergarten

老師相信從生活中學習最能讓孩子吸收知識。來自世界各地的 老師,不時會與孩子分享生活點滴,也會因應教學主題,把自 己的家庭照、小時候的玩具、家中的寵物等帶回校與孩子分享, 讓孩子走進老師的生活中。

因材施教 學校按能力編班,以小組教學,讓幼兒得到適切關顧之外,也 從適合自己能力的程度展開學習旅程,貫切學校宗旨:零壓力、 愉快學習。

Encouragement and Appreciation

The learning journey is a lifelong process. ABC hopes every

child falls in love with learning. Teachers use praise and positive

motivation to help children develop a positive learning attitude. This way, they will enjoy the learning process, feel a regular sense of achievement, and finally become a winner in life.

Moral Education

Beyond academic performance, ABC stresses moral education as well. Emulating the teachers, and through teaching and

learning with teachers and peers, children will pick up some

鼓勵與讚美 學習是終身的,ABC 希望孩子享受學習的同時也愛上學習,老 師會透過讚賞和鼓勵引導幼兒保持正面的學習態度,讓他們享 受學習過程及成果,逐步打好基礎,引領他們成為自己人生的 「優勝者」。

品德栽培 除了學業成績外,ABC 同樣著重幼兒品德教育。透過老師的身 教及引導,與同儕的每日相處,幼兒能模倣及吸收,一點一滴 的累積,從中學習終身受用。

important moral factors and be able to use them for a lifetime.

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten

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The only international school to have 7+ levels of English programmes (Pre-Starters - Flyers) 本港唯一國際學校,制定 7 級英語課程 (Pre-Starters - Flyers) ABC Cambridge: Language and Communication Component

ABC 劍橋英語:語言及溝通之要素

ABC Pathways has enjoyed a long and valuable relationship


with Cambridge University Press (CUP), providing learners with self-motivation and a love of learning. ABC encourages fun

learning to reach a Band One English standard by the time

及滿足感,輕鬆達至小學 Band One 英語水平。 《ABC 劍橋英語》之主要課程特色:

learners reach primary level without under pressure.


Key features of this area of the curriculum are:


Focus on oral and listening skills Developing personal, emotional and social

推行「Becoming Smart」教學法,全面發展思考能力、記憶 力、集中力及創意思維



"Becoming Smart" approach develops thinking skills,


memory, concentration and creativity

Building self-confidence in language communication and developing a broad vocabulary range

Cross curricular topics encourage children to think about the world around them

Regular assessment to ensure learners are at the correct level

Provide targeted practice for Cambridge YLE Exams

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ABC Pathways 與「劍橋大學出版社」保持著長久和重要的伙伴

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten

定期評估以確保學生編在合適的級別 針對強化「劍橋英語基礎考試」備考知識和技巧

ABC Read4fun

ABC Pathways has designed the successful Read4fun

phonics programme specifically for young children. Students completing the programme should expect to have achieved a

reading standard comparable to that of a P2-P3 student in a Band One school.

Key features of this area of the curriculum are: Gaining advanced ability in reading comprehension Excellent performance in the areas of reading and writing

Developing a love for reading Exploring a range of interesting fiction and non-fiction texts

Regular assessment to ensure learners are at the correct level

ABC Read4fun 拼音讀寫課程 Read4fun 是由 ABC Pathways 經過多年教授拼音經驗研發而獨家 創立的皇牌課程。這個拼音讀寫課程成效高;完成課程的學生, 可以媲美於 Band One 學校 P2-P3 學生的英語寫作水平。 《ABC Read4fun》之主要課程特色: 增強閱讀理解能力 發揮出色的讀寫能力 令學生愛上閱讀 閱讀大量短篇故事 定期評估以確保學生編在合適的級別

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten

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5+ levels of Chinese programmes 制定 5 級中文課程

Our proprietary Chinese programme is designed based on

the Hong Kong Band One kindergarten and primary school curriculum. Advised by an experienced kindergarten principal

課程參照本港 Band One 幼稚園及小學之中文程度而設計,由本 港資深幼稚園校長擔任課程顧問,全面鞏固學生中文根基,透 過有趣故事及精心結構的遊戲活動,讓幼兒由未能自行閱讀及

with numerous years of Chinese teaching experience, the


studing Chinese. Through fun and structured activities, children

Band One 校本課程研發

Chinese programme aims to strengthen foundation of children start to pick up Chinese gradually, taking them from zero to being able to read and write simple Chinese characters, then words, sentences and finally passages.

本課程藍本是參照本港 Band One 幼稚園及小學之中文程度而設 計,定期按校本課程要求去更新教學內容。


Band One School Curriculum

Our programme takes reference from the Hong Kong Band One Kindergarten and Primary School curriculums and revised

由專業及富教學經驗的老師任教,定期為學生評估,並全程觀 察及跟進每位學生的進度。

regularly based on our school-based approach.

Students are assigned to levels based on ability

Our curriculum is delivered by experienced teachers, and students are assessed regularly to keep on the right track.

2 Unique Ways of Teaching Chinese 2 大獨突中文教學法 Understanding Chinese Character Structure

「拆字」技巧 ─ 掌握字型結構

Compound Characters through shapes and

• 學習獨體字及合體字,按字的形象進行 配對遊戲

• Understanding Independent Characters and matching

• Learning to combine different Compound

• 具體明白合體字的組成並作應用

Characters to form words

Understanding the “4Ws” of Sentence Structure

• Understanding “4Ws”: When, Where, Who and What

• 學習「四素句」的元素:時間、地點、 人物、事情

enhances children’s proficiency in Chinese

• 透過「時、地、人、事」認識句子的結構, 對日後寫作建立良好根基

• Understanding “4Ws” Sentence Structure writing in the future

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「四素句」訓練 ─ 認識句子結構

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten

Awards 獎項 Under the happy learning atmosphere and whole-hearted

teaching approach, our students have had great achievements in public examinations and competitions:

GAPSK Kindergarten Putonghua Speech Competition Hong Kong School Speech Festival Guocui Putonghua Speech Competition LCM (Hong Kong) Speech Festival Hong Kong International English Speech Competition Cambridge English: Young Learners Exams (YLE) 在 ABC 老師用心教學及愉快的學習氛圍下,造就了我們的幼兒 獲得非凡學習成果,更於劍橋英語考試以及不同的校外比賽中囊 括多個冠、亞、季軍及滿盾成績,當中包括:

GAPSK 普通話朗誦比賽 香港學校朗誦節 國粹盃 LCM (Hong Kong) Speech Festival Hong Kong International English Speech Competition Cambridge English: Young Learners Exams (YLE) HONG KONG 香港 Tai Koo Campus 太古校舍 Ground Floor of Blocks 8&9, Kornhill Garden, Quarry Bay 鰂魚涌康山花園第 8 及 9 座地下

2110 1211 9825 7163

Whampoa Campus 黃埔校舍 Shop No.25, G/F, Site 11, Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom 紅磡黃埔花園 11 期地下 25 號

2110 9993 7075 2110

OVERSEAS 海外 Sukhumvit Campus, Phrom Pong Bangkok 曼谷校舍 House No. 92/32 Soi Taweesuk (Sukhumvit 31), Sukhumvit Rd., Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Bilingual and Trilingualism

02-260 6888

Chinese and English Class with Mandarin language classes website


兩文三語課程 廣東話、英語、普通話