September 2023

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September 2023

ABC Keystone Leadership

2023 Executive Committee:


Steve Conway

Pyramid Construction Services, Inc. A Quandel Company


John Lehmann

Poole Anderson Construction, LLC

1st VICE CHAIR Guy Kingree, IMC Construction


Steven Kearns, James Craft & Son, Inc.

SECRETARY Ed Engle, Smucker Company


Timothy A. Kershner, CPA, Walz Group

2022 CHAIR Keith Eldredge, CPA, RKL

2023 Board of Directors:

Eli Ace, Nexen Construction, LLC

Robb Beiler, Quality Buildings, LLC

Jeff Bright, Saxton & Stump Lawyers and Consultants

Roger S. Brubaker, MVE Group

Scott Duke, The Witmer Group

Joe Finkey, Martin’s Flooring

Michael L. Fiore, Leonard S. Fiore, Inc.

Brian Floyd, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Ken Funk, Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc.

John H. Hykes II, B&B Integrations

Anthony Leer, Leer Electric, Inc.

David H. Oblender, EHD

Matt Shehan, Benchmark Construction Company, Inc.

Jan L. Wagner, Wagman Construction, Inc.

Scott Wengrenovich, Murray

Jeff Witmer, Pathway Business Advisors

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September is Suicide Prevention month. It’s a topic that we all generally avoid due to the uncomfortable nature of the matter. But suicide is a real threat to our industry and therefore deserves its time in the spotlight.

According to statistics released by the CDC, construction ranks amongst the top for all industries as it relates to suicide. It’s a staggering number that is 4 times higher than the suicide rate of the general population; 45 suicides per 100,000 workers annually; 15 suicides per day. The annual number of construction industry suicides exceeds the work-related deaths fivefold. This is truly a crisis in our industry that we need to STAND UP and address.

In response to the CDC study, CFMA (Construction Financial Management Association) established the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention to raise awareness about suicide prevention and provide resources and tools to support the construction community. ABC National has since partnered with the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) to help raise awareness to ensure that our workers arrive safely at work the next morning.

So why is the suicide rate so high in construction? The answer to this is multifaceted.

The construction industry is a commonly chosen career path for veterans, which have a higher risk of suicide than the general population.

With the general nature of the business, workers move from jobsite to jobsite leaving them less connected to family and the workplace community.

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Working long, irregular work shifts, affects sleep patterns and sometimes causes sleep deprivation, which in turn leads to poor mental health.

Seasonal layoffs, translating into loss of income and sometimes benefits, adds stress that can feel overwhelming.

The physical demands of the work can take a toll on the body and in some cases causing chronic pain that leads to self-medication through overuse of drugs or alcohol.



We can all start by acknowledging that mental health awareness and suicide prevention are just as important as jobsite safety issues. Ensure that your company provides a safe culture, a place where your employees enjoy their job and experience a sense of purpose and belonging.

Provide training to identify and help your employees that are at risk. Raise awareness amongst your employees and peers of the crisis that is upon our industry. And lastly, normalize the conversations around the importance of mental health and suicide. Too often we are reluctant to discuss the topic of mental health, fearful to discuss or viewing it as a weakness.

There are endless resources at our fingertips, and I encourage you all to take some time to educate yourself on this topic. Start by going to the CIASP website. Download "Toolbox Talks," or scan QR code and make this your topic for discussion in the month of September. Discuss this topic at your next staff meeting and make ABC’s Total Human Health part of your safety culture. Together we can all make a difference by taking the Pledge to Stand Up for Suicide Prevention.

Steve Conway | Pyramid Construction Services, LLC
A Quandel Company


Chairman Steve Conway has done a great job of framing “Suicide Prevention Month”. While I typically choose a different topic than the Chairman, I believe suicide prevention can be extremely important and personal. Therefore, this month I will share an individual’s personal dealing with suicide.

As a young teenager this individual was aware that his father was dealing with some depression. During that time, it was not a subject that was discussed, and heaven forbid anyone outside the family knew. The family doctor would prescribe some anti-depressants and life would go on.

Fast forward a few years.

The, now 19-year-old was home for winter break. Having had breakfast with his father and seeing him off to work the young man went about his daily routine. About mid-morning the young man answered the phone only to hear his father’s boss ask, "is your father not coming to work today?" His answer was that his father had left a couple of hours ago. Thoughts of confusion and concern quickly overcame this young man. Was he in an accident? Where was he?

Knowing his father’s past with depression, the young man went in search of his father’s medication, only to find a completely empty pill bottle. Where was he and what had he done? A call was made to the State Police describing what had been found. While not a lot to go on, the police did circulate information on the father and his car. Several hours passed when the anxiously awaited phone call came. The State

Police had found the father unconscious on State game lands where the father had hunted as a young man.

Most stories like this end tragically for the family. Fortunately, the father was found in time to save his life. After a week in intensive care and several months of inpatient treatment, the father was cleared to go home. He was diagnosed as bipolar and put on properly monitored medication as well as continuing outpatient therapy. As a result, his last 40 years were some of his happiest and most productive years.

While this story ended well, too often they end in family devastation. We need to be more cognizant of those around us as well as our own mental health. As humans we tend to want to hide our emotions and feelings. The resources Steve lists in his article are a great place to start. Let’s all make a conscious effort to make mental health a part of our total health commitment.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

ABC Keystone’s craft training is officially back in session! We are excited to welcome 130 new apprentices to ABC’s program.

At ABC Keystone, we train the next generation of craft professionals utilizing a combination of classroom and hands-on training in our 31,000 sq. ft. education center. We are the “Voice of Construction” for today’s merit shop construction industry.

Our commitment to workforce development enables ABC Keystone contractors to employ a highly skilled workforce trained by the best to be the best. They receive comprehensive training over the course of their study—offering the most effective way for a contractor to ensure a highly trained and successful workforce.

In the fall of 2023, the Chapter will offer roofing apprenticeship classes for the first time. The roofing apprenticeship program is geared toward aspiring construction professionals seeking to learn essential roofing skills in a specialized program. During their first year, apprentices will attend classes at the ABC Keystone facility in Manheim, PA. At the conclusion of the roofing apprenticeship program, apprentices will receive their journeyman credentials from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.

Over the year, students will focus on OSHA 10, aerial lift, and rough terrain certification. Apprentices will also be trained in the following modules:

• Intro to Roofing

• Roofing Safety

• Drawings in Roofing

• Intro to Steep-Slope Roofing

• Intro to Low-Slope Roofing

• Substrates, Decks, and Roof Insulation

• Sheet Metal in Roofing

For more information please contact, Cindy DeWire at


ABC Keystone apprenticeship instructors have been busy preparing the shop for the start of the new school year. What's New? An additional 1000 square feet has been added, giving our apprentices and instructors more room during their training. A new mezzanine engineered by Providence Engineering and installed by Richard L. Sensenig Co. has been added, allowing new equipment for the HVAC program, and doubling the project space for our Electrical apprentices.

Over the course of the 2023-2024 school year, we will be highlighting the progression of the shop, and our apprentices as they complete their training at ABC Keystone. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

ABC Keystone instructors are continually increasing partnerships with industry suppliers and professionals. We would like to thank the following organizations for their continued support of our apprenticeship program!

• Chicago Faucets

• James Craft & Son, Inc. • JLG

• Lezzer Lumber • Milwaukee Tools • Mitsubishi
• Southwire • Vernon Bitzer Associates, Inc. • Watts

2023 Verified STEP Recipients

11400 Inc.

Allan Myers

Allied Mechanical & Electrical

Ames Construction, Inc.

Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc.

B&B Integrations

Benchmark Construction Co., Inc.

Bertolet Construction, LLC

C Mechanical Services

C.M. High, Inc.

CB Construction Services, Inc.

CCS Building Group

Cedar Run Construction, LLC

CH+N Site Construction Inc.


Commonwealth Fire Protection Co.

Conewago Enterprises, Inc.

Conewago Manufacturing, LLC

Conexus, Inc.

DenTech Industrial

Detwiler Roofing

Dolan Construction Inc.

Double D Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.

EG Stoltzfus Construction, LLC

ESCO Security

Galbraith/Pre-Design, Inc.

Garrety Glass, Inc.

Goodco Mechanical, Inc.

H&S Industrial, A Viocity Company

Hayden Power Group

Hayden Power Group

High Construction Company

Hursh Painting Co., Inc.

Ira G. Steffy & Son Inc.

J. Vinton Schafer, A Quandel Company

James Craft & Son, Inc.

John E. Fullerton, Inc.

Johnston Construction Company

5 7


Kessel Construction, Inc.

Keystruct Construction, A Viocity Company

Leer Electric, Inc.

Legacy Electrical Services, Inc.

LEW Site Construction LLC

M. Potteiger, Inc.

Martin's Flooring, Inc.

MVE Group

Nittany Building Specialties, Inc.

Paramount Contracting, Inc.

Paul Risk Construction

Pincus Elevator Company, Inc.

Poole Anderson Construction, LLC

Quality Buildings, LLC

Quandel Enterprises, LLC

RSR Electric, A Viocity Company

S&S Structures, Inc.

Silvertip, Inc.

Smucker Company

Speedwell Construction, Inc.

Stuebner, Inc.

Susquehanna Valley Construction Corp.

The Farfield Company

The Tri-M Group, LLC

The Tuckey Companies

Vision Mechanical, Inc.

Wagman Construction, Inc.

Warfel Construction Company

Wenrich Painting, Inc.

White Rose Interiors, LLC

Wickersham Construction and Engineering, Inc.

Wohlsen Construction Company

Zartman Construction, Inc.

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It may be hard to believe, but we are in fall right now. Summer vacations are ending as we get ready for backto-school nights and football season. This will be true for our chapter too as our classrooms begin to fill up with apprentices again soon. In a way, fall resets a clock for the coming year.

This also usually brings a returning state legislature to Harrisburg to pick up where they left off after passing a state budget. But like with most things in 2023, there isn’t really a norm to see here. After an oddity in how the state budget was partially adopted following over a month impasse in early August, questions remain on aspects of the budget yet to be negotiated between the House-Senate-Governor and now we have a tied 101-101 democrat-republican balance in the House after the resignation of Rep. Sara Innamorato (D-Allegheny) it’s hard to predict what will happen next. For those keeping score that last part means that the slim majority previously held by democrats is temporarily broken for an even tie.

We will have a special election for the Innamorato seat shortly after the House officially comes back later this month, but Rep. John Galloway (D-Bucks) may become a judge in this fall’s municipal election. So again, without a special election the majority balance is tenuous. This fall will bring the unofficial start for 2024 election campaigning both at the state and national level, so be prepared for lots of ads and mailers soon.

It is difficult to predict what will happen or exactly what to prepare for this fall as a prelude to the coming election year. The only thing that can be certain is a reminder of how fragile the political climate really is in Harrisburg (and D.C. really). With that being said, the best course of action is to continue to engage with all public officials to inform them of the work you’re doing and what keeps you up at night. Be clear about what they can do to help those concerns and be clear in how you want to help them through creating jobs and building quality projects. Be mindful that many of the negative issues we are concerned about are election campaign issues for 2024 just as much, if not more than a policy proposal now. With narrow majorities and clear political divides everywhere sharing that important line of communication will be a key factor in pushing back on any of the negative policies that may be voted on or have debates in the capitol.

6 10

TOPIC: “A New Attitude”

OSHA’s Enhanced Enforcement Program and Its Impact on the Construction Industry.

PRESENTER: Michael Metz-Topodas Partner in the Construction Group, Saul Ewing LLP and ABC Keystone Membership Committee Chair

• Discussion will break down OSHA’s 2023 policy changes and assess their impact on construction project operations.

• OSHA’s revised policies have enhanced its enforcement capabilities and disproportionately affect construction work.

• Contractors should attend this talk to prepare for increased OSHA investigations, inspections, citations, and fines.

Connecting You with Colleagues in Your Area!


– Tony Forlizzi Sheet Metal Specialists, LLC


• Network with ABC members in your area and grow your business

• Valuable information on topics that affect your business

• No-cost opportunity to engage with ABC Keystone and members

• Invite a colleague to join you!


• OCT 11

• OCT 18

• OCT 25

• NOV 1

am -

Nittany Valley Region Location: ABC Nittany Valley Office, Howard, PA

Southwest Region Location: OSS Health, York, PA

Northeast Region Location: RKL, Wyomissing, PA

Capital Region Location: Penn Harris Hotel

Camp Hill, PA

• NOV 8

Carpentry Technology

For More Information Contact: Mike Bachman Director of Membership

Thaddeus Steven College of Technology Construction Management Bowling Green State University Mechanical Engineering Liberty University

Register Today for this NO-COST Event!
your business network and get pertinent info on topics that affect your livelihood. Network and exchange ideas and views with your peers from the region.
Lancaster Region ABC Headquarters Manheim, PA 7:30 am | MEETING TIME: 7:30 am - 9 am
“I thoroughly enjoy the premise of the “Wake-up Call” meetings. They are early in the morning so as not to break up or interrupt the day. The topics I have seen have all been relevant and worthwhile, the venues have been convenient to my location, and the times have been condensed to where I obtain great information but can still make it into my office by 9 a.m.”

The Excellence in Construction award ceremony is the industry’s leading competition, developed to honor innovative and high-quality Merit Shop construction projects. The award honors all construction team members, including the contractor, owner, architect, and engineer. Join fellow ABC Members, award-winning contractors, design teams, and project owners, and make this your team’s celebration party!

November 9, 2023 | 5:00 pm

Hilton Harrisburg • One North 2nd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

Become a Sponsor Today! Tickets Available

What better way to promote your company than in front of 400 ABC Members? Sponsorships are now available for the 2023 EIC Awards, or place an ad in the highly anticipated Excellence in Awards Program!

Contact Emily Winslow at

Tickets are now available at or by scanning the QR Code.

Thank you to our presenting sponsor:

Presented by: ABC Insurance Trust


Calling 811 Keeps You Safe.

Underground power lines, communication cables, gas lines, water lines, or other utilities may lie below the surface of your property or areas of planned excavation. To keep you safe and prevent damage to utilities, it is critical to call 8-1-1 before starting any digging or excavating. Be sure to allow time for utility companies to visit the area to mark the location of their underground facilities.

ABC Keystone is here to help! Fax or email your invoice to the Chapter office, and you won’t be obligated to pay the PA One Call System invoice!


(717) 653-8106

(717) 653-6431


ABC Pay Your Invoice!
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(717) 515-2521

Tell us about your company?

McConkey Insurance and Benefits has been around since 1890 and is proud to be one of the Mid-Atlantic's largest and most respected insurance brokerage firms. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and stability for our clients while advocating and educating them.

Our company culture sets us apart because McConkey is locally and independently owned. Our sales team uses a profit-sharing approach and is not commissionbased, allowing us to put all focus into doing what is in the best interest of our clients.

Our clients know they can trust our expertise and be the independent consultants they need to help resolve challenges all business owners

How long have you worked for McConkey?

I've been with McConkey for two years.

What is the best part about the work you do?

Collaborating with my Clients, being their trusted advisor, and solving a variety new challenges that we face every day.

How did you get involved in the industry?

Before joining the business insurance team at McConkey, I spent four years as a property and casualty writer with a local insurance carrier specializing in general / specialty construction and manufacturing. Now I’m looking forward to working alongside emerging leaders in the construction space and brining energy to the Young Professional Committee with ABC.

Did you know???

For over 25 years, McConkey has been offering captive insurance products to our clients in the MidAtlantic region both in the property and casualty space along with group employee benefit plans. Currently, we service nearly 200 captive clients and have strong relationships with over 20 different member-owned group captives.

Most days after work, you'll find me...

Enjoying the outdoors by cycling, camping, or hiking with my golden retriever, Benson.

What is the best business advice you've ever received?

Stay hungry, but humble.

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Garrety Glass, Inc.

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High Construction Company

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MVE Group

Martin's Flooring

M. Potteiger, Inc.

Providence Engineering


RSR Electrical LLC

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Smucker Company

Trout CPA

Wickersham Construction & Engineering, Inc.


Associated Products Services, Inc.

Bertz, Hess & Co.

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Fulton Bank

Haller Enterprises

ONYX Design and Consulting, LLC

Stonebridge Financial Group

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Recent Trends in Payment Clauses and the Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act.

Hard to believe, but Pennsylvania’s Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act (“CASPA”) is nearing its 30th anniversary. Originally enacted in 1994, CASPA applies to private commercial construction projects in Pennsylvania and imposes timing requirements on payment. Generally, if CASPA is violated, it entitles the claimant to recovery of attorneys’ fees, interest at 12% per year, and penalties at 12% per year.

For many years, CASPA was an afterthought on the upfront drafting of contract clauses. It was understood that if you signed a written contract, then, those contract terms governing payment would be binding. Contract clauses frequently waived CASPA remedies. So long as payment on the project flowed per the terms of the contract, even if it technically violated CASPA, parties rarely fought about the details. CASPA was only a focal point if an actual claim was filed.

This has changed over the past decade. More contractors and subcontractors are paying attention to CASPA rights and remedies upfront in their contracting. Here are some of the biggest trends that have become increasingly common over the past 5 to 10 years:

1. No Waiver of CASPA Rights/Remedies. It was questionable for many years whether contractual waivers of CASPA statutory rights was even valid. That issue was put to bed in the 2018 amendments that included a “no waiver” clause. These days, it is only the rare, antiquated contract that attempts to waive CASPA remedies for penalties or attorneys’ fees. Any such waiver attempt would be unenforceable. Note, however, that interest is still subject to contract and can be reduced and, presumably, waived.

2. Payment Cycles. CASPA provides that subcontractors are to be paid 14 days after the higher tiered contractor has received payment. For many years, that time period was treated as a suggestion. Parties routinely contracted for longer payment cycles. Increasingly though, most contracts have moved towards a 14-day (pay-if-paid) cycle. Still, even if a contract violates the 14-day time period, so long as payment is made in conformance with the expectations set forth in the contract, it is only the rare claimant who seeks to raise an issue.

3. Disclosure of Higher Tiered Payment Cycles. CASPA provides that the higher-tiered contractor is to disclose the expected/contracted (higher) payment cycle to the lower-tiered contractor. For many years, this provision was ignored. Then the trend was for parties to include a boilerplate sentence that the lower tier is given the opportunity to request the information. These days, it has become increasingly common for the contractor to insert a sentence or two that expressly identifies the anticipated higher-tiered payment cycle. This is the best practice, because it avoids confusion and is most true to the spirit of CASPA. The reason that this trend has become increasingly popular is because CASPA indicates that a failure to disclose the higher-tiered payment cycle could result in significant adverse inferences in event of litigation that will be held against the higher-tiered contractor.

When considering upfront payment terms and whether to pursue claims for payment, guiding consideration should be to focus on business interests and business relationships. Still, knowing the specific parameters of the law, and having a sense for emerging standards is also a good consideration to ensure that business relations and payment cycles are being handled in sound, reasonable fashion.

JEFFREY C. BRIGHT is a shareholder in Saxton & Stump’s Construction Group and is active in ABC Keystone, serving on its board of directors. In his construction practice, Jeff represents contractors, subcontractors, owners, construction managers, and design professionals. In addition to handling construction litigation and project disputes, he regularly advises on the preparation, revsion, and negotiation of construction contracts for various project delivery systems. He also advises and litigates insurance coverage and indemnity disputes that can arise during a project. He can be reached at:

5 17

Career Development Education, Safety Training & Networking SEPTEMBER

ABC KEYSTONE EVENTS NITTANY VALLEY OFFICE 9/14 ABC Nittany Valley Clay Shoot This event will be held rain or shine 9/13 Project Management 9/13 ABC Human Resources Contractor Peer Group 9/13 Basic Blueprint Reading 9/20 STP 1: Leadership and Motivation Part of the Superintendent Training Program (STP) 9/20 Coaching Employees, Feedback & Appraisals Part of the Human Resources Management Academy 9/20 ABC Business Development Peer Group 9/27 Submitting Certified Payroll A No-Cost Seminar Presented by Beneco 9/28 ABC Clay Shoot This event will be held rain or shine 9/28 ABC Bluebeam® Courses: Free Launch Webinar 9/29 Competent Person for Confined Space Entry 19
NITTANY VALLEY OFFICE 10/5 Construction Estimating I — In-person or Virtual 10/11 Fall Regional Construction Wake-up Call – Nittany Valley Region - Sponsorship Available 10/12 Executive Leader Contractor Peer Group 10/24 OSHA Recordkeeping 10/3 Competent Person for Supported Scaffold Training 10/5 Construction Estimating I - Nittany Valley In-person or Virtual 10/5 Adult AED, CPR, & Basic Medic First Aid Certification 10/9 Dynamic Crew Leadership 10/10 Self-Management — Leadership Development Part of the Leadership Development Series 10/11 Fall Regional Construction Wake-up Call – Nittany Valley Region - Sponsorship Available 10/12 ABC Bluebeam® Baseline Basics — Virtual Event 10/18 Fall Regional Construction Wake-up Call – Southwest Region Sponsored by McConkey Insurance & Benefits 10/18 Conducting Investigations, Disciplining, & Terminating Employees Part of the Human Resources Management Academy 10/18 Microsoft Office Training Excel: Basics 10/19 Executive Leader Contractor Peer Group 10/19 ABC Keystone's Tailgate Party - Rain or Shine! Presented by Barley Snyder 10/23 Rough Terrain Forklift Training 10/25 Fall Regional Construction Wake-up Call – Northeast Region Sponsored by EHD 10/25 Microsoft Office Training Excel: Intermediate I 10/25 Infection Control Risk Management (ICRA) 10/25 STP 2: Communications 10/26 Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Training VISIT ABCKEYSTONE.ORG REGISTER TODAY!


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SCHAEDLER YESCO Schaedler Yesco Breaks Ground on Northeast RDC

As part of its growth strategy, Schaedler Yesco Distribution is investing in a larger inventory and warehouse space in Northeast PA. The company broke ground on an expansion to its Pittston, PA, location this August.

"The Northeast PA corridor continues to be a strong market," explained Farrah Mittel, President. "We're seeing great growth in manufacturing and warehousing, and that growth needs a reliable partner."

The Pennsylvania Governor's Action Team (GAT), an organization dedicated to attracting and expanding business in Pennsylvania, aggressively promotes the area as a premier location on the East Coast to do business, citing the strategic location, world-class workforce, and excellent mix of affordability and quality of life. A 2022 GAT report noted Northeastern Pennsylvania as one of the most sought-after locations in the U.S. for e-commerce distribution, manufacturing, and national and regional headquarters, thanks to its regional approach to economic development.

"In addition to more local inventory, this expansion will allow us to increase our Stage and Store Services and several other programs we offer in this market," shared Territory Manager, Jim Semyon. “We’ll more than double our existing space, allowing this location to serve the overall market very well as a regional distribution center.”

Schaedler Yesco has been hyper-focused on the needs of under-served PA markets, as shown by their recent investments in Western PA.

Construction is expected to be completed in early 2024.

Barley Snyder

Attorney Reilly S. Noetzel Named to PBA, Penn Manor Education Foundation Positions

Barley Snyder is pleased to announce Attorney Reilly S. Noetzel has been appointed to new roles with the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) and the Penn Manor Education Foundation (PMEF). Noetzel was elected to a three-year term with the PBA House of Delegates and has been named to the board of directors of PMEF.

The PBA is a voluntary bar association consisting of lawyers and law students in Pennsylvania, offering member benefits such as practice support, networking opportunities and continuing education. As a delegate, Noetzel will assist with setting the policy of the PBA and vote on matters affecting the substance and administration of PBA policy, as noted on its website. The House of Delegates also has the authority to judge the election and qualifications of its own members, controls all membership dues and approves increases. Noetzel is also a council member of PBA’s Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law Section.

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