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Inside Action


2010 Vol. 1, No. 2

Playing the Name Game at ABCD “Inside Action” takes the prize! Cheers to Tabitha Gaston, ABCD Director of Housing & Homelessness Prevention, winner of the Name that Newsletter contest and proud recipient of two Loew’s Movie Theater tickets. We want to know what movie you saw Tabitha so we can live vicariously through you! Who can afford those seats these days? Maybe you can write a review for the next Inside Action issue! There were some great runners-up for the newsletter naming game with votes gathered at the July 22 Newsletter Rep meeting. Martha McCown of Head Start came in second with “ABCD exCHANGE.” Ellen Basius of Finance was right behind her with “ABCD Connections” and then – can’t keep those Head Start people down – the fourth contender was Veronica Fernandez with “All About Us!” It has a ring to it….

DID YOU KNOW? ABCD has a You Tube channel which posts videos of our events. Check it out at: user/abcdboston1

ABCD has over 1,000 employees across all of Boston’s neighborhoods. The 36th Annual ABCD Community Awards Dinner will be at a new venue this year. The Seaport Hotel World Trade Center. Ask your supervisor about tickets!

Message from the President/CEO I loved our first ABCD Inhouse Newsletter. Now it has a name – “Inside Action!” Thank you Tabitha Gaston, ABCD Housing Director, the creative person behind that name. And thank you to all the Newsletter Reps and everyone who contributed. It was great to read about so many things – big and little – that go on here at ABCD and in all of our work and lives. This summer – in consistently steamy weather – we ran the largest, longest SummerWorks program in many years. It was a great success and I thank all of those involved. Now we’re gearing up for Fuel Assistance – you may have already noticed the many people coming in to apply for that all-important program. It truly means survival for many of the low-income families we serve. We’re also getting ready for the annual ABCD Community Awards Dinner which will take place on October 29 at the Seaport World Trade Center. We will honor 19 community volunteers, 3 special guests, and 5 outstanding ABCD employees! It’s a grand night – if you want to come please ask your supervisor about tickets. Thank you for all that you do and please enjoy this issue of Inside Action!

John J. Drew President/CEO

“Commentary” on Inside Action’s first edition

Several people took the time to let us know how they liked the very first ABCD Inhouse Newsletter. Here are some of their comments. If you sent your feedback and don’t see it here – please send it again and we will include it in the next issue. Thank you for weighing in and giving us your thoughts, ideas and direction for the future! I have a suggestion for a title for the newsletter… which is VERY nice by the way! Purpose, Action, & Progress ABCD employee’s are not here for the money. We come to work each day with a purpose. ABCD gives us the opportunity and platform to be actively involved with that purpose in mind, and at heart. Collectively, we push forward promoting progress for families, staff, and the community. This first issue prompted me to reflect upon the many different ways that ABCD impacts the world in which we live. Many small and differently focused accomplishments and efforts, all combine together to leave a rather impressive mark. I think that the title “Purpose, Action, & Progress” embodies the mission of ABCD Inc., the topics covered in the text itself, and the hopes of ABCD employees. I’ve enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next. Emily Worthley, RD Program Nutritionist ABCD Head Start and Children’s Services I enjoyed looking at and reading the newsletter. It is interesting and exciting in layout. You made us look good (reps). I keep going back to it. I did print it out because I still like to hold in my hands 90% of my reading material.

At the risk of sounding politically biased, I suggest “Yes We Can..” I think that when there are populations in the community of Boston that are identified as needing assistance, ABCD often steps up to address those needs. It’s not a “no we can’t “ attitude but rather a “what do we have to do to make this happen” attitude that seems to resonate throughout most of the organization. Mary Ellen Happel ESOL Coordinator NE/WE Neighborhood Service Center This is REALLY nice. Very informative, I learned a lot that I would never have known without this type of communication in one place; it is so nicely formatted! I really enjoyed reading the entire newsletter and it was not onerous. I think everyone did an excellent job. Thanks to all involved. I will ponder a title too. Martha McCown ABCD Head Start and Children’s Services Coordinator of Outcomes and Systems Management

Daun Anderson North End/West End NSC How about calling the newsletter The Vanguard? As defined in the dictionary “Vanguard - n- 1. The foremost position in an army or fleet. 2a. The foremost or leading position in a trend or movement. 2b. Those occupying such a position. As ABCD has been the leader in advocating for the poor, disenfranchised and “the forgotten” and as everyone who works in the ABCD organization believes in the mission of the organization, I think the name reflects who we are as an organization and as employees. That’s my submission. Thank you Pat Landry Director, Native American Head Start Wonderful!! I love it!!! Karen Rodriguez Communications Specialist Department of Housing and Homelessness Prevention I enjoyed the newsletter. My suggestion for a name is “LET’S HEAR IT”. Take care, Paul Mauillari Property Services

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Human Resources

~From The Suggestion Box~ by Chan La and Shauna Bramble

Thinking GREEN...

The Human Resources department values the suggestions from ABCD employees to improve our services. One of the frequent submissions to the online Suggestion Box raises the issues of harming the environment and wasting money. Many environmentally friendly employees are concerned about the amount of paper that the HR department is using to distribute weekly memos and recruitment bulletins, and suggested switching to electronic distribution either by posting the notices online or by email. Going green is an excellent suggestion, and one that has been brought to our attention numerous times in the past. We have researched on how efficient electronic distribution would be, but discovered a great challenge. We discovered that one-third of all ABCD employees do not readily have access to computers and/or do not have email and internet services at work or at home. For example, some sites do not have enough computers for all their employees to use. These findings confirm that paper distribution is still necessary at the present time. The Human Resources department first initiated steps to reduce unnecessary paper distribution years ago. As a result, HR memos and recruitment bulletins have been accessible online for some time, enabling us to reduce the number of hard copies distributed. We can print even fewer copies if employees who currently have internet access start to use the online option instead to view the notices. Human Resources notices are available on the ABCD staff webpage, and recruitment bulletins are accessible on

Planting SEEDS...

In addition, the ABCD Technology Task Force, led by Theodore Stocker and Orland Campbell, is working to develop a more effective and environmentally friendly online solution to distribute HR notices to all ABCD employees. Because many employees have limited internet and email access, or lack the knowledge to use such services, distributing the notices exclusively online at the moment will not be an effective solution to ensure that all employees receive them. Until then, the weekly paper distribution of HR memos and recruitment bulletins to ABCD employees ensures that ALL employees receive the latest information on important agency updates and policies. The HR department must distribute the notices with payroll distribution every Friday in order to meet this requirement. Wasting paper is a major concern for us too, and one that ABCD as a whole intends to reduce further from its daily activities in the near future. For the time being, we will continue to make every attempt to reduce waste. Thank you for submitting this and other important suggestions to the Suggestion Box and allowing us to address this concern. We welcome more suggestions! Please offer your suggestions to the Human Resources department by visiting the online Suggestion Box at or by calling us at 617-348-6695. Learn more about the activities of the Technology Task Force on

Finance Department by Ellen Basius CONGRATULATIONS MARGARET! Margaret Roberts, Accounts Payable Supervisor, ABCD Finance Department, recently received a Certificate in Administration and Finance in Non-profit Management from Suffolk University. Her class began in September 2009 with a rigorous work load and was completed in May 2010. When asked how she felt about the experience, Margaret said: “Having the opportunity to take part in the certificate program at Suffolk was informative and challenging. The range of information spanned everything from the history of non-profits to financial management and even evaluation analysis. Being a part of this program stimulated me to want to engage in learning more about the non-profit sector and the work ABCD and other nonprofit agencies do. I found it to be extremely challenging to balance work, family life, and school while keeping myself sane. But in the end it was valuable to me as a person. I was fortunate to participate in this certificate program and I encourage anyone who is given the opportunity to participate in this or another educational program to do so. You won’t regret it!�

Citywide Boston Hispanic Center by Jenny Cintron and Jennefer Sagastume

Attention: The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration is issuing new birth certificates starting July 1, 2010 through September 30, 2010. The purpose is to combat fraud and protect the identity and credit of all people born on the Island. The new birth certificate will be issued through the Puerto Rico Health Department’s Vital Statistics Office. For those living outside Puerto Rico who need to send for the new birth certificate, the Citywide Boston Hispanic Center has applications available. The CBHC has been distributing these applications and helping Puertorican community members to fill them out and request new birth certificates. If you have clients who might need this service, please contact Maria Flores at 617-348-6565. Festival Godmothers! Jenny Cintron and Yvette Rodriguez, ABCD Head Start Director, were “Godmothers” (Madrinas) at the Puertorican Festival held on August 25 at Franklin Park in Dorchester. On behalf of the CBHC staff and the Latino Community, we would like to take this opportunity to thank ABCD for their support and sponsorship of the Puertorican festival. Remarks from Angelica Lugo of Dorchester, BHC SummerWorks enrollee: I’m 15-years-old, and this is my very first work experience. I was so excited when I got my very own first pay check. I’m putting it all together to buy my school clothes. At the BHC I have been learning a variety of tasks, and started to work on my resume, WOW!!! My very first resume!!! My supervisor gave me a project to look up colleges in Boston, so when I’m ready to graduate from high school, I’ll be already informed and oriented about different college opportunities and financial aid. I love this project because looking at different college options encouraged me to really think about my future. Now more than ever, I really want to go to college. I went to a community family resource fair, which I enjoyed so much, met lots of new kids and learned about different programs that help families in needs. I LOVE MY JOB HERE AT BHC!!!!

Citywide Boston Hispanic Center Boston Tenant Coalition Training (9/29/10) Beth Israel deconess Latino Mental Health service, hispanic Heritage celebration (10/1/10) Villa Victoria (IBA) Hispanic Heritage Celebration (10/2/10) The Elderly Commission of Mayor’s Office Annual Hispanic Heritage celebration at Reggie Lewis (10/7/10) 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Guest Spot on BNN TV

If anyone would like to showcase/promote programs/ events on the BNN TV show in Spanish or English, please feel free to contact: Jenny Cintron at x6566

El Mundo Newspaper, Hispanic Heritage celebration (10/14/10) !Vive tu Vida! Get up! Get Moving! the premier nation-wide family physical activity health lifestyle event (10/23/10) 12:00pm to 4:00pm) funded by The National Alliance of Hispanic Health (NAHH) 4th Annual Latino Community Expo (10/23/10) YMCA of greater Springfield Community Advocacy Program of CCHERS, a breakfast celebraton of survival (10/27/10) Massachusetts dept. of correction commissioner’s diversity advisory council and the MA DOC office of diversity, unity day celebration (10/28/10)

Community Coordination


Congratulations to Reggie Aloudior of Community Coordination on his acceptance to The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Graduate Fellowship Program at Northeastern University. The MLK Fellowship, which is administered by the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute, is a highly competitive scholarship awarded to just nine students each year. It provides full tuition and general fees for the student’s graduate program. Reggie, 22, is a graduate of the class of 2010 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Accounting. In addition to working three days per week at ABCD Elder Services’ S.H.I.N.E. Program, Reggie devotes his remaining two days to the classroom. He is on pace to complete the MS Accounting program in December. The ABCD family wishes him the very best in his graduate pursuits!

East Boston APAC by Amy Lima

The EBAPAC along with ABCD Summer Works sponsored an ice cream outreach event at the O’Donnell Schoolyard program. The ice cream was for the kids and the outreach was for the parents! Our goal was to bring new folks through our doors and provide then with access to our services. The O’Donnell school yard is a free drop in program for youth between the ages of 5-13. This worksite is staffed solely by our summer works enrollees. Our youth act as counselors they organize sports, arts and crafts, and even karaoke as well as water balloons games to help ease the summer heat. (Pictures to follow by 8-5) (Did we get any?) The APAC is currently recruiting participants for a support group for Spanish-speaking families to help them learn more about aging and memory lose and to learn effective tools to better manage the care of a loved one. The groups will be conducted by Boston University School of Social Work who are funded by the Alzheimer Association. Participation also provides important information to Latino families who are impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia by attempting to improve quality of life for caregivers and their loved ones A ”Welcome to East Boston” Head Start event is scheduled for September. It is designed to celebrate new students coming into East Boston Head Start and to help parents get familiar with East Boston Head Start and East Boston APAC and the resources we can offer. Other neighborhoods agencies are invited to this event as well. Also, we are gearing up to begin the Fuel Assistance season!!!!!

ABCD Elder Services by Elder Services Staff

ABCD Elder Services is pleased to announce that we have received funding for the StayStrong Initiative through the Tufts Health Plan Foundation. Over the course of the grant year we will expand healthy aging programming from the North End/West End locations to seven new ABCD locations across Boston – Charlestown, Mattapan, Parker Hill Fenway, Elm Hill, Dorchester (at the Geneva Ave HUD 202), South End (partnering with United South End Settlements), and our new HUD 202 on Rockland Street in Roxbury. We hope to provide two to three hours of programming per site per week including fall prevention, healthy eating, food security, exercise, tai chi, yoga and dance. For more information, contact Emily Stone at 617-348-6338. The ABCD Foster Grandparents Program is proud to welcome over 30 new Foster Grandparents into the program over the course of calendar year 2009-2010. We are gearing up for the Fall 2010 school season and looking forward to placing new Grandparents in some of our Dorchester, Roxbury, Chinatown, and Jamaica Plain areas. Thank you to all who have and continue to support the ABCD Foster Grandparents Program. We appreciate you! Grandmothers with the ABCD GRANDS Program (Grandparents Raising Grandchildren) recently went on a Duck Tour where they enjoyed seeing a great view of the city. The GRANDS program will be offering a Health & Wellness workshop series for the fall. GRANDS is actively recruiting grandparents for the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program and volunteers for our Wisdom Works Team! For more information, contact Arielle Mather at 617-348-6788. The ABCD Benefits Program has updated their contact information for new referrals. The Benefits program can be reached at 617-348-6646 or Please join ABCD Elder Services in welcoming our newest staff members Arielle Mather and Teresa Boughner. Arielle has experience working with our GRANDS program and we are very glad that she is now coordinating the program. Teresa is an exercise specialist supporting the StayStrong Initiative leading evidence based programs for Healthy Aging. Teresa has extensive experience in health programming and we are excited to have her leading healthy aging classes. We would also like to welcome Reggie Alouidor and Janice Collymore. Reggie is with the Benefits program three days a week and Janice is facilitating the Wisdom Works team. Welcome!

CAPLAW Community Action Leaders Tackle the Issues During 2010 CAPLAW National Training Conference

by Cara Loffredo

While Community Action Agencies are working to fight poverty and improve the lives of low-income individuals and families; they also face an ever-growing array of challenges and obstacles; from legal obligations, to financial strain, to governance challenges. Through an expert-lead faculty of attorneys, accountants, government officials and non-profit managers, nearly 650 Community Action leaders came together to tackle these issues during the 2010 CAPLAW National Training Conference from June 16-18 in Savannah, Georgia. Participants were welcomed to Savannah during the conference opening session by an inspiring array of panelists, including Winston Ross, CAPLAW President, Yolanda Butler, Director of the federal Office of Community Services Administration of Children and Families and Ann Linehan, Director of the Quality Assurance Division at the federal Office of Head Start. This year’s opening session was particularly special as CAPLAW concluded with a special tribute video in honor of the late Robert M. Coard; CAPLAW’s founding president and board member and president of Boston’s community action agency, Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. In honor of Mr. Coard, CAPLAW’s board members established the Robert M. Coard Conference Scholarship. The scholarship was awarded to Jamie Swartz of Blue Valley Community Action Partnership and Ruby R. Bryant of Johnston-LeeHarnett Community Action, Inc. who were recognized during the opening session.

Many attendees also enjoyed true southern hospitality during the conference networking reception aboard the riverboat the Savannah River Queen or during the pre-conference tour, hosted by Savannah’s own CAA, the Economic Opportunity Authority for Savannah-Chatham County, Inc. The tour included a visit to the new Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum and the Haitian Monument memorializing the role of Haitian volunteers during the Revolutionary War and concluded with a taste of southern cuisine catered by Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons. CAPLAW’s board and staff appreciate your support of the organization’s most well-attended conference to date, and hope to see you next year at the 2011 National Training Conference from June 15-17 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ABOUT CAPLAW CAPLAW is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to providing the legal resources necessary to sustain and strengthen the national Community Action network. Through its in-house legal staff and a network of private attorneys, CAPLAW provides legal consultation, training, and publications on a wide variety of legal and management topics. This assistance enables CAAs to operate legally sound organizations, thereby enhancing CAAs’ ability to provide the nation’s poor with opportunities to improve their quality of life and achieve their full potential.

Legal News You Can Use

Throughout the conference, attendees participated in a variety of special tracks and workshops critical to nonprofit managers on topics such as human resources, fiscal and governance issues, Head Start, IT and social networking, contracts and more.

Health Care Reform News & Updates

“I want to compliment you [presenters],” wrote one governance workshop participant. “I felt you…were so versed in the subject and communicated the knowledge to us so well, and in such a sincere way that it gave me, and probably other participants, 100% confidence in what you said.”

Health Reform Quick Links:

One of the many highlights of the conference occurred during a moving speech by keynote speaker Bryan Stevenson, Executive Director of The Equal Justice Initiative. Listeners were brought to tears as he spoke about the struggles he faced as a child growing up in a small Delaware town and the bias he confronts while representing the poor and people of color in the criminal justice system.

Navigate through the ever-changing Health Care Reform with ease on CAPLAW’s new Health Reform Information webpage! We’ve compiled easily accessible resources, updates and legal alerts relevant to both consumers and employers.

•Read the CAPLAW article, Learn What Health Care Reform Means for Community Action Agencies •View the CAPLAW Health Care Reform timeline •View recent health reform legal alerts •View information for employers •View information for consumers

Head Start & Children’s Services

HEAD START: Where Health & Education Go Hand in Hand!

fillings, and follow-up treatment. Currently, Mobile Dental Services provide exams and treatment for more than 1100 Head Start children every year.

by Racquel Mailloux-Morin, Karine Martirosyan, Sonia Carter and Paul Szetela This very hot summer is almost over and Head Start teachers are returning to work for Program Year 2010-2011. The first 45 days are extremely important as all Head Start children must be screened in several areas of development. Children receive special services that include vision screening, oral health interventions and nutrition. Staff participate in educational programs and programs host visitors from overseas! Read on! •Vision problems affect approximately 1 in 5 children between the ages of 1-17 years old in the United States, with the highest rates in children from poor urban areas. During the school year 2009-10 our staff screened 2267 children for vision and 2279 children for hearing. Over 700 children in our programs fail vision screenings every year and need comprehensive vision exams. To ensure that each child receives treatment in a timely manner, Head Start started a new collaboration with the New England Eye Institute and the Prevent Blindness America. As part of this program eye doctors from the New England College of Optometry visit programs and provide onsite comprehensive vision services to our children. Through this program we will also provide free eyeglasses to children who will need them. •Good oral health is an essential part of child development. Through partnerships with the Boston University Dental School and Commonwealth Mobile Oral Health Services, each child receives a comprehensive dental exam including diagnostic X-ray, cleaning, fluoride application, sealants,

•Nutrition: The nutrition program at Head Start and Early Head Start promotes child and family wellness by providing services that supplement and complement what families are doing at home. Some nutrition concerns are identified through a height and weight screening and a Nutrition and Physical Activity form. When height and weight data is collected, a BMI percentile chart is generated. The percentile chart helps us to asses the size and growth pattern of an individual child. BMI percentages are only a screening tool, and it is only one indicator to help identify potential health risks. In addition to these screenings, families complete a Nutrition and Physical Activity form. This information provides us with a snap shot of the nutrient intake of children. This assessment allows families to receive individualized nutrition information as well as on going support to ensure health development •Pre-service Training: Education staff will take part in a comprehensive pre-service training series. Staff will then conduct home visits in order to complete the Ages and Stages Developmental Screening. A home visit is essential to gather a complete picture of a child’s social/emotional, motor, language, and literacy development. By administering the screenings so early, children who may need additional services can be identified. During the school year 2009-10, staff members were able to identify and arrange special education services for over 12 percent of Head Start children. In most instances, services received during the pre-school years, greatly minimizes the need for special education services when the child transitions. •East Boston Early Head Start hosts overseas students: For several weeks throughout the summer East Boston Early Head Start accommodated over 60 Singapore students and 15 students from Taiwan who attend the Wheelock College exchange program. These are students that are studying Early Childhood and visited EBEHS for five weeks in small groups. They observed classrooms and their main objective was to observe children in an inclusive setting.

Health Services by Christina Lombardo

Young Women’s Leadership Academy The Young Women’s Leadership Academy (YWHLA) was in full swing this summer! YWHLA of ABCD Health Services began its second class of fellows in July 2010. YWHLA engages urban youth and young adult females, ages 16-21, recruited through ABCD’s SummerWorks Career Explorations Program, in an intensive year-long program of study, career exploration and project development in women’s health. YWHLA assists young women to discover their personal strengths and work through life challenges by providing a safe space for young women to gain a sense of belonging, access to services, new leadership skills, unconditional support, and a positive sense of self and future. We know that in order for us as women to fulfill our destiny, we need to discover our strengths, dream our possibilities and design our plan. The program is staffed by Sheleice Goodman who comes with a long history of working with young people and the Teen Networking Teens program that is part of the Roxbury Multiservices Center; Christine Sinclair, who is a Masters candidate at the Masters of Women’s Health Program at Suffolk University and Irvienne Goldson of Health Services. Entre Nosotras/Between Us The Entre Nosotras/Between Us Program was recently awarded a certificate by the funding source, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, for efforts in education and training on substance abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention and commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles. Saludos a Maria Mercedes, Prevention Specialist and Laura Donastorg, Program Coordinator for the work they do each day to educate and empower community folks from all the neighborhoods. They're even in Chelsea!

Mark your calendars for ABCD’s 36th Annual Community Awards Dinner on Friday, October 29th, 2010. This year, the dinner will be held on Boston’s beautiful waterfront at the Seaport World Trade Center located at 200 Seaport Boulevard, Boston. We are very excited to honor our outstanding community residents, from all of Boston’s neighborhoods, whose voluntary contributions of time; energy and talent help improve the quality of life for all of us in the city.

ABCD Health Services Re-entry Program Applauded at State House Event At a recent State House event sponsored by the Caucus of Women Legislators, our re-entry program that meets women behind the walls and when they are released into the community was one of seven programs selected as a promising model. The report, authored by Dr. Erika Kates, Wellesely Centers for Women, Promising Gender-Responsive, Community-Based Programs for Women Offenders in Massachusetts: A Resource for Policymakers, is the result of a yearlong process of the Women in Prison Coalition of which ABCD is a member. Andrea Cabral, Sheriff of Suffolk County, was the opening speaker and said how she loved ABCD. Keep up the fine work you do on behalf of these women Cheryle Weeks, Re-entry Case Manager and Cassandra Summers, Prevention Specialist. ABCD’s Boston Family Planning Program Excels in Federal Review The Boston Family Planning (BFP) program had a federal program review in early April. The response from the federal reviewers highlighted the many strengths of the BFP program; “ABCD has developed many strong systems to pull together a diverse system of care. The team believed that both the training program (including the way it is implemented to build a system of certification for staff and assure ongoing training) and the well-designed and carefully documented quality assurance system were particularly noteworthy.” Great job to the BFP team and to the Clinical Manager, Deborah Dill!





Public Information

BACK TO THE VILLAGE: ABCD Public Information Colleagues Rediscover Childhood Link

by Victor Kakulu

A remarkable discovery was made just a few weeks ago on the ninth floor at 178 Tremont Street when ABCD Public Information Graphic Designer Nikia Manifold called her mother to confirm a key childhood memory. “So I asked my mom, Pamela Manifold, if she remembered the name of the mother of the two African boys she used to babysit when I was a kid,” Nikia said, beaming. Upon learning the woman’s name was Pauline, Nikia was convinced that one of the boys whom her mom used to look after was none other than her colleague, Public Information Manager Victor Kakulu. The friendship between the Manifold and Kakulu families was conceived at their mutual residence building of the Hayne’s House, at 735 Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury’s Madison Park Village. Pauline was in nursing school at the time while her husband Andy worked. Pamela, a close friend of the family would babysit their two boys Cyril and Victor, who were also Head Start children via Infants & Other People on Whittier Street.

and Victor both report. "To think that Victor and Nikia played together as small children and then went their separate ways to be reunited at ABCD pursuing their talent and creativity in our Public Information Department. Both of them are innovative, resourceful communications people. It's a major reunion!" As for me, I’ve been thinking quite a bit since Nikia’s discovery. My Nigerian name is Okoduwa, meaning ‘born at the ancestral place (home).’ My mother went into labor on the hallway floor of our apartment building. Her screams sent neighbors rushing out of their doors and into the hallway to aid in the delivery. When I was 15, my family relocated from Madison Park to our own house in Mattapan. Even then, residents along the Madison Park end of Shawmut Avenue would stop and proudly recount the story of my birth to me. When I started at ABCD a year ago, I was humbled. To be born at home—the ancestral place of the people is a great thing. It brings validity to the idea of ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ It is also significant for my first full-time job out of college to be at ABCD. It’s a like a homecoming of sorts—a return to the village. My mother was the family’s brightest star. With her picture planted at my desk, I often imagine what she might say if she were here to see me. Words stressing the importance of enduring the storm perhaps, in reference to my many failed attempts to secure full-time work in the two years she battled cancer. Perhaps. However, I can’t help but to wonder whether Nikia Manifold’s revelation was influenced by a certain special someone. When asked what prompted her recollection, Nikia Manifold smiled and said, “Victor looks exactly the same as he did as a little boy.” “When he started working here at ABCD, I knew I recognized him from somewhere,” she said. “His eyes. He has his mother’s eyes.”

“She told me I was the only one she trusted with her boys,” recalled Pamela Manifold. Sadly, Pauline Kakulu passed away on July 2, 2009 after a twoyear battle with pancreatic cancer—just three months before Victor came aboard ABCD. While saddened by the news of her passing, Pamela was happy to learn of her daughter’s discovery. “Pauline was my friend. My very good friend,” she recalled. The revelation has brought many smiles to the department staff on the ninth floor of 178 Tremont Street. "This is such an amazing coincidence!" said Susan Kooperstein, ABCD Public Affairs Director, to whom Nikia Pamela Manifold in 1982

R E N R O ART C Nikia Manifold and Darren Szeto of Public Information taught an Intro to Graphic Design class at ABCD SummerWorks/University High.

Darius Davis

Over the course of 5 weeks, students were taught the basic tools of designer programs. For the final project, the students were asked to create a graphic piece that represented one or more aspects of themselves. Here is the gallery of their work:

Eric Trager

Elvis Valaco



Erik Torres

Omar Gonzalez

Maria Cedrone

Government & Industrial Relations

15 Great Hikes outdoors/galleries/great_local_hiking_spots 25 Free things to do on the weekend around Boston ~ massachusetts/towns/boston/galleries/25freeth ingstodoinBoston Events in Boston There are always great events taking place in our beautiful city. Check out what’s going in Boston in October! Fall is upon us~ now is great time to go apple and pumpkin picking!! After Hours at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum ~ Experience an intimate connection to art with one of nation’s finest museums! Join the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum every third Thursday for a new kind of night out, all year long! After Hours is live music, art, conversation, cocktails and more in an inviting atmosphere. Linger around the courtyard bar and listen to live music or sample the tasty menu in the Gardner Café. Experience something different each month and spend time in the galleries exploring what the Gardner is all about. Members and Isabella get in free. Adults: $12, Seniors: $10, College Students: $5 with current I.D., Farmers Markets Check out your local farmers market for some local produce! Click on the link below to find a market near you! www.massfarmersmarkets. org/FMFM_Main.aspx

King Richards Faire! Entertainment, exciting rides and skilled games abound on the King Richard’s Faire’s enchanted 80-acre site. Every weekend through October 24th. 10:30am – 6:00pm Carver, MA HalloweenFest Saturday, Oct 23 10:00a to 4:00pm Sunday, October 24 11:00am-4:00pm HalloweenFest - Boston’s best Halloween event for families with young kids. Kids will enjoy face painting, pumpkin decorating, and costumed characters all weekend. At the Prudential Center, Boston, MA. Pru Boo trick-or-treating from 11AM-1PM on Sunday only, pp.asp?c=flLVJhP8H&b=6224627


North End/West End NSC by Daun Anderson Lia Tota, North End/West End NSC Director, and staff members have been working on a fund-raising plan to combat state funding cuts and keep the West End Senior Center of Boston open after September 30. On fundraising, she has collaborated with various North End restaurant owners who generously provide free of charge, several sumptuous Italian style luncheons. Ten guests are invited each time from one profession such as Realtors, Construction Companies, Lawyers, Doctors, and others. She gives a presentation to the audience about the opening of the West End Senior office 3 years ago and its successful impact upon the West End and Beacon Hill low income senior citizens. Their Food Pantry is used more than ever now and it couldn’t be kept full without the volunteers who run it, the West End Library that houses it, and the donations from the private and the public sectors. The North End, West End and Beacon Hill still need a large affordable supermarket. After 11 long years, of continuous work, Lia sees renewed response from the MBTA; whose site the development of the slated supermarket is to take place. A West End non profit business that provides job skills training for people with varying disabilities, Community Works Services, has co-created with us to provide hot meals and a social space for our seniors.

and other insurance companies. August 20th we will give a luncheon that recognizes our Commonwealth Corps Volunteers for their work. We are including all of our volunteers who help with all our programs. One extraordinary volunteer is Josephine Masucci who for 13 years has visited almost daily, North End senior residents who are hospitalized at MGH. She chats about the neighborhood and provides them with a copy of the Patients Rights Advocacy Policies. Lia and a committee of volunteers from the North End community began the Hospital Advocacy Corps program with training from MGH. Josephine ensures that the elderly are not discharged prematurely or without a proper plan due to a language barrier. I would be remiss not to mention the arrival of Lia’s first grandson, Massimo, born July 4th. Her first granddaughter, Livia arrives September 16 in Italy! It’s been wonderful to share her radiant joy and photographs of the baby. Lia and her long time staff have been through many changes in our state budget policies. She has shown us how to carry on by creatively and persistently finding ways to provide our services. Truly, she inspires us, staff and volunteers, to keep trying to reach people, to ask for help, to maintain community, and to share the best of living, with all.

The numerous services that ABCD NE/WE NSC offers are used and appreciated by the West End and Beacon Hill communities. Lia has worked 28 years with dogged persistence and resiliency to protect and oversee the well being of our low income residents. Our neighborhoods happen to have an unusually high number of elderly people. One of our SummerWorks participants, Chris, has applied to the Community Works Services’ Hospitality Job Training Program. Rayshawn, another participant, successfully taught an English class to 10 Chinese seniors at our Community Table program. Jeanne Belmonte, our new West End Senior Center Case Manager, is a certified SHINE counselor. She has freely lectured at the Massachusetts General Hospital and individually counsels anyone needing assistance with their changing insurance plans. She is passionate about informing our senior citizens about available cost saving choices. She even has those of us who aren’t 62 years old yet, saving and reading the details on every piece of our mail from Central Medicare Services (CMS)

Sharinng the spotlight at the launch of the new collaborative ABCD/ Community Work Services luncheon/activitie programs for low-income seniors are: (L-R) State Representative Aaron Michlewitz; Jane Forrestall, Community Works Services and ABCD North End/ West End Neighborhood Service Center Advisory Board Member; Representative Marty Walz; Serena Powell, President and CEO of Community Work Services; Eliza Greenberg, Commissioner of Boston Elder Affairs; John Drew, President and CEO of ABCD; Lia Tota, Director ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center; Megan Page, Community Works Services Board of Directors.

CCCB@105 Chauncy Voucher Management, Provider- Parent-and Support Services, Training Department, Information and Referral, and More, Oh My! The list of services provided by Child Care Choices of Boston (CCCB) located at 105 Chauncy Street is endless. It was indeed a hot summer in Boston and the service delivery at 105 Chauncy Street was sizzling with programmatic service delivery upgrades, camp registrations and waitlist releases. Approximately 3300 ‘Available Funding Letters’ were mailed to families and more than 500 new vouchers were issued! Parents and children alike took comfort from the outdoor heat in our well air conditioned offices. CCCB staffers welcome the fall and all that comes with a change in the seasons. Please NO SNOW!

The Faces of CCCB –Meet 3 Members Each Month! Ana Velasquez works both in Provider Services and Voucher Management. Ana enjoys cake decorating and frosts a lovely cupcake and never met a cup cake holder that she did not like.

Anselma Rodriguez works in Voucher Management. She also works off site in the Revere DTA office twice per week. GOT MINT? Anselma grows fresh mint in her beautiful garden and shares her plentiful bounty with her co-workers who find endless uses for the aromatic perennial plant.

Congratulations ABCD 2010 Outstanding Employees!

Congratulations to this year’s ABCD Outstanding Employees who will be honored at the ABCD Community Awards Dinner on October 29 at the Seaport World Trade Center. Amy Lima - East Boston APAC Roxanne Reddington-Wilde - Planning Department Flossie Calderon - ABCD Head Start: Roxbury St., Lenox St., Madison Park Joanne Miller MacLeod - Telecommunications Manager Tony Richards - ABCD Dudley Street - First Recipient of the Young Community Leaders award!

Anne Corbin is the Deputy Director for CCCB. Anne has provided public policy and administrative leadership to the division for 16 years. Anne celebrated a great accomplishment recently. See full story in this issue.

Don’t miss this year’s dinner with Keynote Speaker Victoria Reggie Kennedy, 19 community volunteers and 4 Special Awardees! Check with your supervisor regarding ticket availability today!

Horoscope Virgo

HappyBirthday to those of you born in September and the beginning of October! In case you want to track your zodiac connections read on...

August 24th - Sept. 22nd You still have some financial and professional tensions to work through, but things will be getting better soon. Your budget or savings account might not be what you want it to be, but you are finally seeing some progress towards your future recovery. Your romantic, social, and business partnerships are doing quite well and will be getting a boost of exciting energy this month. You also could find that a new attitude or spiritual practice is providing you with a delightful distraction from all of the drama you have been going through in recent months. It was and will again be about battles between you and a spouse, best friend, business partner, rival, competitor, or enemy. At times, finances, sexuality, trust, and greed will play a role in the opposition. Keep in mind that the real focus is on building something new, not on trying to salvage the old ways that no longer work. You cannot recapture whatever has been lost, you can only agree to rebuild something new together or you can agree to go your separate ways and you find someone new to rebuild a new partnership with. If it is a competitor or rival that you are battling instead of a beloved partner, then remember that the planets are encouraging the person who can come up with new ideas, new ways of increasing profits, new ways of building trusting relationships, new ways of marketing and networking, etc to “win� this battle.

Libra Sept. 23rd - Oct. 23rd Despite the battles still going on in your life, things are becoming more simplified and you are making progress. You are accomplishing goals, making new friends, and finding ways to continue bringing peace and harmony back into your home and private life. It was and will again be about battles between bureaucracy and productivity, between mental health and physical health, and/or between logic and intuition. It will seem like no matter how hard you try or how smartly prepared you are, that red tape, corporate policies, and other forms of bureaucracy just keep creating brick walls and road blocks that drive you nuts. It is very easy to end up feeling burned out and grumpy as a result. You need to be diligent about creating balance between these opposing forces. Keep in mind that the real focus is on building something new, not on trying to salvage the old ways that no longer work. At various times during this last battle between Uranus and Saturn, you and your partners/rivals will also be butting heads because of the times when Uranus is visiting Aries and Saturn is in Libra.

What’s Cooking GOI cuon (Shrimp with Bacon and Mint Fresh Spring Rolls) Tina Tran, CCCB Voucher Counselor

Ingredients: Wash and prepare 1 pound boiled shrimp, sliced in ½ lengthwise keep chilled till ready to use 2 lb Bacon Slab, boiled for 45-60 minutes then cooled and sliced thinly, set aside Wash and pat dry I1/2 head of lettuce leaves (Boston or romaine will work well)

To build each Goi cuon: Begin by placing on a plate or serving dish in this order 1 rice wrapper 1 lettuce leaf 3 shrimp slices 2 meat slices 2 cucumber slices 3 mint slices Gently roll/fold the ingredients to secure into roll

1 Medium cucumber, halved lengthwise and then thinly sliced on the diagonal 12 (10 inch) rice paper wrappers (banh trang) 48 mint leaves rinsed and pat dry

five layer dip

Kelly M. Graceffa, CCCB Work-Family Services Coordinator Ingredients:

1. 1 can of refried beans 2. 8 oz container of sour cream 3. 1 ½ -2 cups Mexican shredded cheese (1 pkg) 4. 1 jar of salsa 5. 1 ½ -2 cups mozzarella cheese (1 pkg) Using a 9x13 glass or other baking dish, layer the ingredients in the order they are listed. Cover with foil and bake at 350 until heated through or until cheese on top is melted and bubbling (20 minutes – ½ hour) Let cool then serve

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Fall 2010 ABCD's "Inside Action"  
Fall 2010 ABCD's "Inside Action"  

Fall 2010 ABCD's "Inside Action" Newsletter.