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David Ma

An Industrial Design student in Taiwan. Over 4 years of experience in getting to know more with Design. I have experienced in different fields, including Product, transportation, furniture, graphics and UI/UX design etc. I often participate in different design work camps, get to know the talents of different professions, and like to listen to lectures outside the school and to visit a variety of exhibitions. In addition to maintaining the attendance rate of more than 97% during college, I also set up a 3D printing studio to help more than 145 students, outside students, and outsiders. Solve problems with 3D model modeling and 3D printing and RP production.

EDUCATION 2015 - Present Dayeh University Department of Industrial Design

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2012 - 2015 Taipei Municipal Nanhu Senior High School


Y.S Design Award 育秀盃- Rematch (Potted Ferrofluid Speaker)


Red Dot Award: Design Concept - Finalist (ROLL) WAY Design Young Talent Challange - Rematch (Assassin) KYMCO Certificate of Award 光陽盃- 璞玉獎 (Assassin)


Uneec Applied Design Award 晟銘盃 - Rematch (Light Hose) ND SUPER STAR DESIGN AWARD - Merit Award (ROLL)

EXPERIENCE 2018 -2019 山城四驅車業TOP4x4 International - Intern


Dayeh Multidisciplinary Creative Workshop Dayeh User-Centered Design Workshop


5th The Power of Asian Design-Product Design Workshop International Design Workshop -B-Reuse design International Design Workshop - The Drive + The Future


Photoshop / Illustrator


Rhinoceros / Solidworks / Pro-E / Keyshot / MAYA / Z-Brush


Adobe XD / InVision / After Effect / Premiere

3D Print FDM熱容積成型 / LCD光固化 / Meshmixer / Simplify 3D / Crua ... Factory

雷射切割 / 車床 / 真空成型 / 帶鋸機 / 修邊機 / 角磨機 / 刨刀...


噴漆技術 / 補土技術 / 翻模技術 / 打磨技術

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Certificate 獎狀證明 設計競賽

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Da-Wei, Ma Portfolio

Design Project

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ROLL New Cafe Racer Style



Teamwork With Xi-Rong Huang / Tai-Wei Peng

Personal Task Styling Design / 3D / Render / Prototype

Award 2017 ND SUPER STAR Design Award - Merit Award

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Background A café racer is a lightweight, lightly powered motorcycle optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort – and for quick rides over short distances. With bodywork and control layout recalling early-1960s Grand Prix road racing motorcycles, café racers are noted for their visual minimalism, featuring low-mounted handlebars, prominent seat cowling and elongated fuel tank – and frequently knee-grips indented in the fuel tank.

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Target Market The word - Rockers is a subculture of rebellious rock and roll. These young people usually want a sports car with style, uniqueness and performance.This car is going to be your love whether you're a British gentleman or an American muscle man.

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Design Concept

We want to carry on the classic design of "cafe racer�. We use the minimalism style on the body work, and we want to build a bike easy to ride, and also can have some mud. We hope tis bike is build for the people who can say go on a trip at any time.

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Technical Package

ROLL combines the CaféRacer-specific racing, and control-oriented style, because of the use of a low handle, so sit posture slightly backward move. After the suspension of the use of a multi-linkage mechanism, can be less shock absorber of the journey to allow the locomotive to adapt to the road better, not only as a soft shock absorber can be comfortable to absorb the small bumps, but also at the same time do not sacrifice the performance of Mountain Road.

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There are two modes to switch, Eco-Power saving mode and Sport mode. When you need high horsepower or strong output, switch to sport mode for gasoline power.

Sport Mod

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Rear suspension for cushion type hydraulic hanging bottle suspension, according to the user's road to adjust the height of the shock.

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ROLL is equipped with wireless charging, enter the charging area automatic charging.

ROLL used a single seat, a low handle and a foot-shift to make body more comfortable.

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Prototype ROLL’s locomotive parts are all 3D printed. 1:4 model

Final Presentation After two months of factory life, ROLL finally exhibited success.

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As a child, whether you dream of a retro cafe racer, yuppie style, streamline modeling, human machine coordination, we always believe that cafe racer social more than speed, we hope to hook up a lot of big boys dream, Roll will be your dream beginning.

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Dayeh Bus Efficient Reinforce



Personal Task Requirement Analysis / GUI / UI Design

Teamwork With Tai-Wei Peng

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Background Shuttle Bus is one of the characteristics of Dayeh University. The school is located on the hillside to consider the convenience of the students in class. Therefore, thay provide school buses in the service of students.

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Problem Our school shuttle bus according to the schedule departure, the timetable has always set on the hour to let only one to two bus out. But each student’s course time is not consistent, cause some time too many people waiting the bus, and there is no way for the shuttle bus to carry so many people. Can’t solve the crowd problem effectively and quickly! Some student can’t get on the bus, indirectly they can’t get to class on time . Timetable lacks elastic strain, affect student attendance.

Concept So we design DBER app that combines student course information and shuttle bus schedules. After Log in DBER, you can view your today’s course content. Choose your next course and locate your current location, the system will give you the most suitable and the most immediate shuttle bus timetable, help you get to the class on time. And also have reminder function, you don’t have to still stay at the bus stop waiting along.

+ Schedule Timetable

Bus Schedule


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On the other hand,DBER system will going through several weeks of investigation each semester, to create appropriate school shuttle bus schedule. For example, when the peak time comes, let more bus outset;when the off-peak advent, cutting some bus timetable to make the bus driver take a rest. As a result, every student can go to class smoothly.

Flow Bus stop information Bus

Bus route Bus Info


School timetable

Course Info


Edit profile User profile

Card Info Student card Trading record


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Complain / Opinion


Search Bus


School Timetable


Bus Route

Bus Route Map

Bus Stop Info

Student ProďŹ le


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Login student ID

Bus stop information

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School timetable

Recommended bus

The course information

Bus Route

Map / Bus stop information

Student information

Reminder time

Arrival notice

Student Card

Trading record

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Watch the Music

Personal Task Styling Design / 3D / Render / Prototype

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A smart sound designed with a home accessory. Using ferrofluid The characteristics of the medium show the image of the and the appearance of the boutique. To enable consumers to listen to music, not only to enjoy the auditory, Visually, there

mersion experience. It can also be used as an integrated control platform for smart home appliances to simplify the divers plex home appliance interface to create the most convenient and comfortable for consumers Home living space.

WI-FI is connected in series, and when there are multiple audios, it can be controlled together.

Combined with the design of home accessories, it naturally blends into the home and is decorated as a decoration of the space.

AI Smart, become your life assistant, and can be used as an interface integration platform for manufacturing appliances.

Voice control makes it more user friendly.



3 4 1 2 3 4

As the sound wave changes, the magnetic fluid will move. Magnetic fluids and metal tubes present the image of a plant, just like a potted plant, as a decoration in the home. Capacitive sensing volume control button. Aluminum audio cover.


Different amounts of configuration and placement can be made according to the needs of the home space. 6 The three-legged base reduces contact area and avoids unnecessary vibration transmission. 5

Your entry


334-264514 02. HAIER DESIGN PRIZE by iF

Potted Ferrofluid Speaker

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potted decoration is also a deeper im-

sity of homes. Com-

Student / s



Da-Yeh University, Taiwan Changhua County Department of Industrial Design

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Your entry


334-264514 02. HAIER DESIGN PRIZE by iF

Potted Ferrofluid Speaker

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Fe ferrite


interactive liquid sculpture

DECORATION•LIFESTYLE•HOME• BOUTIQUE•ARTWORK•LIFESTYLE•LIGHT• CRAFTSMANSHIP•FERROFLUID•POTTED PLANT• Through the permutations of LED to not only provide light, and also improve insomnia through metamerism technique, Further to achieve better sleep quality. It is also a device that can use not only Wi-fi but Li-fi to provide quality internet around the device.

Light can affect the biological clock of humanity, and the artificial light source changes human`s physiological clock. Human factor lighting is healthy lighting that uses multi-color LEDs to form the same color temperature but different light wavelength, that promotes secretion melatonin to achieve high-quality sleep experience.

Visible Light Communications (VLC), commonly known as lighting Internet technology, also known as Li-Fi, is an emerging wireless optical communication technology derived from LEDs. Using LEDs to convert light and light faster than conventional light sources, information is loaded and transmitted to specific receivers at high speed.

Student / s



Da-Yeh University, Taiwan Changhua County Department of Industrial Design

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Clay Model Cool tec to learn

Personal Task Styling Design / 3D / Render / Prototype

3th grade final work In progress

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Bus Convert

Live wherever driven

Personal Task Styling Design / 3D / Render / Prototype

4th grade final work In progress

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Product Positioning This is an industry-university cooperation case where 8 people can live on one RV at the same time. And be able to use self-sufficiency with green energy

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Concept Campfire is the most important part of camping life. It is not just about feeding the stomach, it is also the place where the whole life is the most concentrated. In addition to eating at each meal, it is like a small gathering before going to bed, holding a bottle of wine or a drink with each other, sitting around the warm fire and chatting with each other, so that the leisurely and quiet atmosphere. In the camping life, 60% of the time is dealing with the problem of eating, and we are similar to the campfire, but more efficient and energy-saving way to carry out cooking activities, fast rocket oven. The rocket furnace is a jetting principle derived from the rocket. The principle of heat insulation and chimney effect is applied to improve the design of the traditional stove. The main structure is the center L-shaped vent pipe, which is surrounded by insulating material. When the fuel burns, the heat that cannot be dissipated will concentrate on the bottom of the pot to form a high temperature, and accelerate the heating of the pot to complete combustion, reducing the generation of smoke. In addition, since the complete combustion creates a vacuum in the snorkel, the fresh air is also continuously inhaled from the furnace mouth (chimney effect), and no additional fan wind is ignited, and the fire can remain strong. The efficiency of cooking foods greatly reduces cooking time and fuel consumption. At present, we are setting the stove for the car to be able to cook, to supply the energy of bathing hot water, to supply heating in the cold climate, to dry clothes, and to gather the target, which is the core of the car.

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3D Oil Barel Kitchen

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Da-Wei, Ma Portfolio

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