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Annual Report



Associated Black Charities is a public foundation that facilitates the creation of measurably healthier and wealthier communities throughout the state of Maryland through responsible leadership and philanthropic investment.

About ABC S

ince its founding in 1985, ABC has been dedicated to creating strong, healthy, and economically viable communities in order to create a better life, especially for African American children and families. Associated Black Charities is the region’s only African American philanthropic organization providing coordinated leadership on issues impacting Maryland’s communities of color.


ssociated Black Charities was widely recognized as a catalyst for community development that provided funding, technical assistance and service coordination to non-profit organizations, serving the needs of Maryland’s African American communities. Initially, Associated Black Charities opened its doors with donated offices, a United Way sponsored planning grant of $100,000, and 45 leadership volunteers. Today, Associated Black Charities has a respected 13 member fiduciary Board of Directors, 25 full-time staff persons, over 11,000 contributing donors, and an operational budget of over $22 million. Associated Black Charities’ geographical area includes Baltimore City/County, Prince George’s County and the Eastern Shore.


n recent years, ABC has also understood the value of investing in the growth and capacity of community and faith based organizations to make a sustainable difference. Today, Associated Black Charities is strategically addressing a new urgency dictated by the economic and social climate, and is leading a new charge to close the health and wealth gaps that put so many African American families at a disadvantage in achieving the American dream. ABC’s goals are focused on: Strategic Initiatives

Table of Contents 2 / Our Mission 3 / About ABC 4 / Letter from our Leadership 5 / The Challenge 6 / More in the Middle

Grantmaking Advocacy and Public Policy Partnerships Strategic Philanthropy


hrough these goals the organization has strengthened its role as convener, advocate, partner and grantmaker. ABC seeks to eliminate the health and wealth gaps that impair the economic health of households in Maryland.

9 / Place Matters 11 / Catalysts for Change 12 / Investors in Change 19 / 2009 Financial Position and Review of Activities



It Is Time to



Our work at Associated Black Charities is intended to make a difference in people’s lives. Just two years ago we contextualized the issues of economic disadvantage and health inequity into two initiatives: More in the Middle and Place Matters. We were confident that 2009 would be the year that our work would be well positioned for maximum impact and result. We were right.

Associated Black Charities

Annual Report 2009



Diane Bell McKoy

Dr. Walter Amprey

President & CEO


he economic downturn in 2009 slowed everyone down. Like most of our peers and colleagues across the state, we were fearful and nervous. In spite of our concerns, we knew that there was no better opportunity to bring attention to the wealth and health disparities and solutions on issues that were priorities for the nation. Posed to respond, we turned worry into thoughtful deliberation, and stress into strategy. As a result, we emerged with vigor and determination to press on and fulfill our mission.


he ABC Board of Directors is clear about the value we add to the communities we serve. We are clear on our obligation to create opportunity, particularly for those most marginalized in Maryland. Fortunately, the Board had a great deal of support from a diligent and talented staff, dedicated partners and committed contributors which allowed ABC to establish a strong platform for this work including early stage results. Through our grantmaking, more than 70 organizations were awarded grants ranging from workforce training to financial literacy, foreclosure assistance to cancer prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention to direct human services and capacity building. As a result, 92 low income persons were trained and employed, more than 2,600 people sought foreclosure

prevention assistance, 236 minorities were screened for cancer, and 30 organizations received technical assistance.


ssociated Black Charities took a more assertive role to influence policies that directly impact the health, welfare and economic condition of African Americans and other people of color. We collaborated with the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies on Place Matters as well as for More in the Middle. We also directly addressed the Congressional Black Caucus and the Maryland State Legislative Black Caucus to bring attention to policies that would reduce and eliminate the inequalities that weaken the economic fabric of communities throughout the State.


inally, we spent an enormous amount of time this year building partnerships and strategic alliances. The state of the economy made it a necessity, and one of our strategic goals for 2009 was expansion of our collaborative partnerships and relationships with organizations that had similar visions to achieve changes in the State to benefit a greater number of citizens. Indeed, we have been fortunate to develop and grow strong relationships with other intermediaries, funders, private organizations and public agencies who are also seeking to make a difference by closing the health and wealth gaps.


e hope that you are pleased with our work and our progress as you read this report. Even though our strategies align with the needs of African Americans and other people of color, our goal is to benefit ALL people, creating advantages in communities throughout the state of Maryland. We want our work to bring everyone to the center where there is strength and support. Together, we can achieve the change that we all seek.



Challenge T

he forecast for 2009 was evident before the year started. Financial markets across the globe were dismantling and major economic indexes revealed the next chapter of what was to come. The 2009 statistics for Maryland gave us the hard facts: • In 2009 Prince George’s County led first quarter foreclosure filings, accounting for 33% of all foreclosure activity statewide. The second highest occurred in Montgomery County followed by Baltimore City, collectively representing 27% of foreclosure activity statewide1 • Unemployment in Maryland rivaled and exceeded the national average of 9.3%. Baltimore City’s unemployment rate for 2009 averaged at 10.2% followed by Western Maryland at 9.1% and the Eastern Shore at 8.0%2 • Saving for retirement continued to compete with household financial burdens, therefore declining significantly in 2009. Currently, less than half of African Americans have access to an employerbased retirement savings plan3

1 Maryland Hope 2009 first quarter report 2 United States Department of Labor and Maryland Department of Labor 3 Center for American Progress: State of the Minorities in the Economy 2010


o further damage vulnerable communities already weakened by the economy, state health data in 2009 gave discouraging evidence that made communities of color literally sick: • 9 of the 15 top causes of death in Maryland had a mortality disparity between African Americans and whites, including HIV and AIDS of which African Americans are 23 times more likely to die of than whites4 • Incident rates of cancer was highest among African Americans, particularly cancer from tobacco use as cigarette smoking is the single most preventable cause of diseases and death in the United States5 • In 2009 Maryland ranked 36th highest in the percentage of obese and overweight children in the U.S. Poor diets and lack of physical activity have increased the number of new type-2 diabetes cases as w e l l a s h i g h b l o o d p re s s u re, h i g h cholesterol and sleep apnea6

4 Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 2009 African American Health Data PDF 5 Center for Disease Control - Office of Minority Health Disparities at 6 Trust for America’s Health - July 2009 Report

It Is Time for Change


he truth is that communities of color were already experiencing an economic crisis well before the 2009 recession. While true that African Americans and other minorities had more income and assets than the last two generations before them, they still lag significantly behind the majority with alarming new forecasts that show that the current generation may fall further behind for the first time in decades. Significant health disparities also persisted and worsened as access to preventative treatment and affordable healthcare was fur ther out of reach in communities of color.


ore in the Middle and the incubation of Place Matters were the banners under which we charged into 2009. As the organization’s two core initiatives in 2009, both were well positioned to fulfill the goals and objectives of our mission to create healthier and wealthier communities throughout the state of Maryland. Here is what we did in our role as convener, advocate and partner.


CONVENER-ADVOCATE-PARTNER-GRANTMAKER: 2009 Accomplishments, Results and Outcomes of More in the Middle and Place Matters

Associated Black Charities

Annual Report 2009

In partnership with local organizations, corporations and public agencies, we hosted Baltimore’s first College Access, Retention and Completion Summit for African American students. More than 200 organizations and 10 partners participated.


More in the Middle More in the Middle is a wealth building initiative designed to retain, grow and attract a greater African American middle class in Maryland. Through 5 strategic interventions: Homeownership and Foreclosure Prevention › Workforce Development and Career Advancement › Higher Education Readiness, Access and Completion › Business and Economic Development › Asset Building and Financial Literacy, More in the Middle aims to close the wealth gap in Maryland and to strengthen the competitiveness of the region and state.


ur work with More in the Middle is designed to strengthen the economic condition of African

Americans in an effort to positively shape economic conditions for everyone. In the geographic areas where we work, African Americans are a critical population with a strong impact on local economies. In 2009 we spent a great deal of time organizing information, data, and a base in support of this agenda. We initiated strategies, led initiatives, and convened community leaders as the groundwork for each of the 5 intervention areas. Additionally, we focused on building partnerships and collaborations with nonprofit groups, private corporations and government in support of our advocacy role as we worked to ensure that each focus area would make its way to the broader public and to local and statewide decision makers.

OUR WORK IN 2009: Convenings, Advocacy, Partnerships and Grantmaking


Homeownership and Foreclosure Prevention

Workforce Development and Career Advancement

Facilitated awareness campaign on foreclosure prevention in partnership with community based organizations. Reached 29,000 households which lead to 2,600 individual homeowners getting assistance to evade foreclosure

Initiated the Baltimore-Washington Racial Diversity Collaborative designed to recruit, retain and support existing leadership in the nonprofit sector Hosted first African American and Latino Hispanic Board Pipeline trainings in partnership with Healthy Neighborhoods, Baltimore Volunteers Unlimited and Maryland Nonprofits

Higher Education Readiness, Access, and Completion

Business and Economic Development

Asset Building and Financial Literacy

Incubated workgroup to address the college access, retention and completion of African American college students in the state of Maryland

Initiated a work group of African American business leaders and corporate leaders to discuss the issue of supplier diversity with a goal to establish protocol for Baltimore to support the growth of African American businesses

Co-sponsored Faith and Financial Literacy workshops with 3 churches targeting more than 40 congregation members and local neighborhood residents

Issued African American Students Barrier and Opportunities Assessment with Johns Hopkins University Institute for Policy Studies

Invited to the White House for President Obama’s announcement of a $15 million loan fund to stimulate small businesses

Hosted workforce meeting with key Eastern Shore stakeholders including educators, business owners & policy makers Facilitated focus group of emerging leaders new to Baltimore area to assess their needs, share social network connections, and to discuss options for long-term retention in the region


Presented at the Annapolis Black Legislative Caucus weekend highlighting the foreclosure crisis and impact on African American households

Coordination with Job Opportunities Task Force on Workforce Strategies Report for Baltimore area residents

Published a resource guide for African American parents and college bound students Partner in Action

Snapshot of More in the Middle Grants Awarded by ABC

Led advocacy, awareness and outreach campaign on foreclosure prevention in target neighborhoods with Fannie Mae

Initiated Wage Record Analysis with Empower Baltimore Management Corporation to examine wage increases of customized and occupational training recipients

Co-hosted 2009 African American College Completion Summit with partnership support from Citi and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Coppin Heights Community Development Corporation

Business Interface

Morgan State University

Druid Heights Community Development Corporation Prince George’s Homeownership Preservation Coalition

Humanim IT Works Learning Center Sojourner-Douglass College

Alliance with the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Policy Summit on African American business position paper and workgroup facilitation of MBE, WBE and majority owned corporations Baltimore CASH Campaign Habitat for Humanity Junior Achievement Maryland CASH Campaign

Tri-Churches Housing Upton Planning Council


Associated Black Charities

Annual Report 2009



Our organization convened a diverse base of 11 business owners and regional corporate leaders to discuss strategies to strengthen supplier diversity to enhance business development activity for minority owned businesses.

n addition to the specific intervention areas, Associated Black Charities has expanded its communication strategy to reach state and national audiences that influence economic policy directly impacting African Americans. This year, we delivered presentations at the annual conference of Annapolis Black Legislative Caucus, participated in a joint presentation with the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies at the 2009 Congressional Black Caucus, and presented with Congressman Elijah Cummings at a wealth creation summit hosted by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.


trategies inherent to More in the Middle’s success must be measurable in order for real impact and change to occur. In 2009 we collaborated with CARTA to create a logic model that frames broad long-term outcomes and will lead to formal performance metrics created by the Sage Policy Group for each intervention area. The performance metrics will also support specific policy connections that are being produced in partnership with the Maryland Budget and Tax Policy Institute.

More in the Middle will carry a great deal of momentum into 2010. Our upcoming plans span all five intervention areas and build off the work from our 2009 efforts.

2010 AT A GLANCE… Homeownership and Foreclosure Prevention

Continue support for Prince George’s Homeownership Preservation Coalition and foreclosure awareness outreach activities in the county

Workforce Development and Career Advancement

Higher Education Readiness, Access, and Completion

Business and Economic Development

Increase grantmaking activities targeted at customized and occupational career training.

Continue with policy focus and plans for a second college summit that will follow the 2010 release of a study that examines the attitudes and barriers of parents, students and school administrators

Begin pilot project Funded by Citi to launch a consultative mentoring project that will serve the business and growth interest of 8-10 African American owned businesses

Continue to cultivate and expand the Baltimore Washington Collaborative.

Asset Building and Financial Literacy

Second year activities with faith based organization to provide financial literacy services to members and neighborhood residents

Through our grantmaking, 236 minorities were screened for cancer, 30 organizations received technical assistance, and hundreds of people received prevention education or treatment for HIV/AIDS.

Place Matters Place Matters is a collaborative that has also helped to re-frame the health disparities work for Associated Black Charities . Associated Black

collaborative includes local and national partners that seek to address inequitable health policies and practices that are currently failing communities of color.

Charities took on the role to incubate Place Matters, to test the theory that public health concerns are directly connected to social, economic and environmental conditions in low-income minority communities. National and global studies have discovered a direct link between one’s environmental conditions and one’s health. The poor and those in economically vulnerable positions are more likely to have shorter life spans and higher mortality. The


istorically, our approach to address health disparities developed momentum with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Minority Outreach and Technical Assistance program; expanded into a partnership for the Baltimore City Ryan White Care Act grant fund; and resulted in the introductory work we co-led on childhood obesity and with the Place Matters collaborative. In 2009 we adopted the core theory from Place Matters that the


Annual Report 2009 Associated Black Charities


Our organization has been an active sponsor of campaigns that raise awareness on health issues such as minority tobacco use; HIV/AIDS education and childhood obesity prevention.

root cause of health disparities is based on social determinants of health. Social determinants of health are defined as the socio-economic conditions that dictate the health of individuals and communities based on factors that include the physical environment, income, social networks, culture, education and life skills. We explored this work as it has a direct link to the economic circumstances of African Americans and other people of color. In addition, health access and poor provision of health services widen the disparities gap further, increasing the cost of prevention and treatment.


n 2010 we will use focused lens on further development of our health disparities strategy, linking it to the economic framework of More in the Middle. We will continue to incubate grassroots health access and health policy work with partners; we will strengthen our advocacy role by developing public policies that connect health and economic outcomes together. Finally, our work in 2010 with the Minority Outreach and Technical Assistance initiative will expand beyond tobacco prevention and cancer awareness to address the array of health inequalities that devastate communities of color.

OUR WORK IN 2009: Convenings, Advocacy, Partnerships and Grantmaking


Place Matters Collaborative

Minority Outreach and Technical Assistance

Co-hosted national design lab conference site visit to Baltimore with collaborative partners

Facilitated 6 technical assistance sessions and 11 capacity building trainings for Baltimore MOTA grantees

Ryan White Care Act Grant Funding

On the Eastern Shore provided technical assistance to more than 50 different community based organizations Advocate

Partner in Action

Snapshot of Health Disparities Grants Awarded by ABC

Outreach to mayor, council and legislative representatives of Maryland’s Eastern Shore to address community needs, including business and workforce development Co-led pilot of the Baltimore Place Matters site with collaborative partners including the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Partnered with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to identify sub-grantees to provide tobacco and cancer awareness to communities of color Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation Latinos For Progress Native American Lifelines Foundation New Vision House of Hope

Awarded more than 40 grants to various HIV/ AIDS prevention and education programs throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan Region and the Eastern Shore

ABC’S INVESTMENT AT WORK: Grants Awarded, Donor Contributions and Financial Statements

Catalysts for

Change: 2009 Grant Awards

In support of its mission and in service to our community, ABC awarded the following grants in 2009: AIDS Action Baltimore


Harford County Health Department

AIDS Interfaith Residential Services


Health Freedom

Anne Arundel County Health Department Baltimore Cash Campaign

$239,059 $15,000

Baltimore City Health Department – Dental Clinic


Baltimore City Health Department – STD Clinic


Baltimore City Health Department – STD Prevention


Baltimore County Department of Health


Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems, Inc.


Baltimoreans United In Leadership Development


Bon Secours Baltimore Health Systems, Inc. $582,401 Business Interface, LLC


Cambridge Church of Christ


Carroll County Health Department


Chase Brexton Health Service


Collective Banking Group, Inc.


Communities Organized to Improve Life


Healthcare for the Homeless

$324,247 $500 $374,946

HIV/AIDS Volunteer Enrichment Network




Johns Hopkins University – Adult Moore Clinic



Workforce @ Sojourner-Douglass College


Johns Hopkins University – Program for Alcohol and Other Drug Dependencies

St. Agnes Hospital – Red Dress Sunday $12,123

St. Frances Academy Community Center

Johns Hopkins University – Pediatrics


Johns Hopkins University – Psychiatry


Total Health Care

Joseph Richey Hospice


Total Health Care

Junior Achievement Latinos for Progress Legal Aid Bureau

University of Maryland – Dental Plus


University of Maryland – Diversity Initiative


Light Health and Wellness Comprehensive Services


Maryland CASH Campaign


Moveable Feast

St. Luke United Methodist Church



Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake



Morgan State University Foundation, Inc.

itWorks Learning Center, Inc.

Queen Anne’s County Health Department


Johns Hopkins University – OB/GYN



Project Plase, Inc.



Dayspring Programs


Prince Georges Chamber of Commerce

Sisters Together and Reaching


Greater Harvest Family Life Center



Midtown Community Benefits District

Forgotten Dependents


People’s Community Health Center

Johns Hopkins University – Comprehensive Care




Park West Medical Center

Sandi’s Learning Center

Coppin Heights Community Development Corporation

Family Health Centers of Baltimore

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship


$10,000 $500 $13,600 $489,260 $5,000 $457,248 $2,500

University of Maryland – Evelyn Jordan Center


University of Maryland – Laboratory


University of Maryland – Psychiatry-EJC


University of Maryland – Institute of Human Virology


University of Maryland – Maryland General Hospital


MUSE 360


University of Maryland – Pediatrics


NAACP Baltimore


University of Maryland – StarTrack



Native American Lifelines


Virginia Union University


New Vision House of Hope


Women Accepting Responsibility

$3,000 $169,409



Investors in Gifts and Contributions from Corporate, Foundation and Individual Donors CORPORATE CONTRIBUTORS 1st Step Diabetes Wellness Center

Johns Hopkins Hospital

MD Public Employees

ACLU of Maryland

Empower Baltimore Management Corporation

Johns Hopkins University

Advance Bank

Education Resources Group

Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies

Allstate Floors & Construction, Inc.

Elite Management Services, Inc.

Jones & Associates, PC


Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.

Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

JPB Enterprises, Inc.

Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Heath

Extended Family Adult Daycare

Annapolis Specialty House

Fieldstone Alliance, Inc.


Financial Management Strategies

Baltimore City Public Schools Annual Report 2009

Cutler & Lipsetts, LLC

Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

American Minority Contractors and Business Association

Konica Minolta-Danka Imaging Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos Legal Aid Bureau Leggett & Associates, LLC

BCP Digital

Forest City Science + Technology Group

Leitess Leitess Friedberg & Fedder PC

Biddle Street Station, Inc.

Forum Caterers

Living Classrooms

SB & Company, LLC Sinai Hospital Society of St. Joseph

MECU Municipal Employees Credit Union

Sojourner-Douglass College

MedStar Health

Saint Agnes Healthcare


Mid-Towne Medical Group, Inc. Milestone Associates, Inc. Monarch Wealth & Business Management, LLC

Stevenson University Studio A The Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers The Harbor Bank of Maryland The Kimkeli Group T’Keyah Keymáh, Inc. Total Health Care

Morgan Stanley


Multi-Therapeutic Services, Inc.

UnitedHealth Group University of Maryland Medical System

Uniting for Life

Bithgroup Technologies, Inc.

Freeman Consulting Group

M & T Bank

Black Mental Health Alliance

Fund for Educational Excellence


National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women’s Club Nehemiah Corporations

Healthcare Resolution Services

Madison Square Bank

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Mahogany, Inc.

Northrop Grumman

Urban Leadership Institute

Manekin, LLC

Nursing & Health Services Training

Urban Policy Development, LLC

Otis Warren & Company

Venable, LLP

P&J Contracting Co., Inc.

Wachovia Corporation

ParkerMuldrow & Associates

Warnken, LLC Attorney at Law

PHH Vehicle Management Services

We Care Private Duty Services

Bon Secours Health System Brophy & Reilly, LLC Business Interface, Inc.

Associated Black Charities

John Hopkins Health Systems

East Baltimore Development, Inc.

Abrams, Foster, Nole & Williams


Coppin State University

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Henson Development Company

Manifest Holdings, LLC

Honeywell Hometown Solutions

Marcorp, Inc.

HR Anew, Inc.

Martin’s, Inc.


Ideal Consultants

McCormick and Company, Inc.



Constellation Energy Group

IBM, Inc.

itWorks Learning Center, Inc.

Channel Magazine Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity

McInnis & Assoc. Consulting Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations

PNC Bank Rob’s Barbershop

Wells Fargo Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


National Semiconductor Network for Good

Abbott Laboratories Employee Giving Campaign

Open Society Institute

AEGON Transamerica Foundation

SunTrust Foundation

Aetna Giving Campaign Allstate Giving Campaign America’s Charities Annie E. Casey Foundation Association of Maryland Pilots

Pikes Peak United Way

Surdna Foundation, Inc. The Abell Foundation The Woodside Foundation Truist Credit United Way of the National Capital Area

Baltimore Community Foundation

United Way of the Capital Region

Bank of America United Way Campaign

United Way of Charles County

Bunting Family Foundation Fund

United Way of Central Maryland

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

United Way of Delaware

Citi Foundation Chesapeake Bay Area Combined Federal Campaign

United Way of Metro Atlanta, Inc. United Way of New York City

Gates Foundation

United Way of Southeastern PA

Give With Liberty Campaign

United Way of the Piedmont, Inc.

IBM Employee Services Center

United Way of York County, Inc.

Kaiser Permanente Foundation

United Way Southeastern PA

Kentfields Foundation

United Way - Thomas Jefferson Area

Klein Foundation, Inc. M & T Charitable Foundation

Venable Foundation, Inc. Verizon Foundation

Marguerite Casey Foundation

Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation

Maryland Charity Campaign

William L. & Victorine Adams Foundation

Morgan State University Foundation

The Lois & Philip Macht Family Philanthropic Fund

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Annual Report 2009 Associated Black Charities


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Nickie J. Ferguson Shawn L. Ferguson Patricia Fisher Dannie H. Fletcher, Sr. Roland G. Fletcher Sherie D. Flood Darlene P. Flowers Roderic and Tamathia Flowers James Floyd Jermiah Floyd Linwood A. Floyd Corinthia F. Ford Paul J. Ford Theresa D. Ford Joseph A. Foster George F. Fowler Michael A. Fowler Wendell M. France Peter Franchot Jerrelle F. Francois Mildred E. Franklin Patrice Frasier Bowyer Freeman Melvin N. Freeman Vera B. Fry Anthony S. Fugett Trittye C. Fugett David R. Fulgham Marsha Baker Fuller William and Marsha Fuller Yerley Fuller Theodore D. Gaillard George R. Gaitha, Sr. Billy S. Gambrill Michael N. Gambrill Michael and Carol Gambrill Thomas O. Gamper Sharon V. Garland Renee D. Garnes Avon H. Garrett Ertha E. Sterling Garrett Reginald B. Garrett Stacy D. Garrett-Ray

Ryan Garrison Carolyn A. Sullivan Gates Jerry L. Gaylord Doris L. Ghee Dale Gibb Angela C. Gibson Lloyd C. Giles, Jr. Elaine S. Gill Roberta L. Gill Walter Gill Irene M. Gillis Alverta Glenn Deirdre S. Gold Mark Ira Goodman Alice R. Goodman-Tolson Harold Gordon Judy L. Gordon Millicent E. Gordon Shaconna Gorham James Gosnell Jean E. Gover Jeffrey Grant Kenneth Grant Melanie Ashmore Graw Robert and Melanie G. Graw Grafton K. Gray Sherryl D. Gray Alan G. Green Desney S. Green Edwina L. Green Jennifer A. Green Joyce E. Green Montreal Green Donna L. Greene Elaine Greene Eustache S. Greene John Greene Zelma Greene Wendell H. Grier Carolyn G. Griffin Charles E. Griffin, Sr. Naomi R. Griffin Delia L. Grissom

Samuel G. Groom Amanda C. Gross Clarence F. Gross Carl L. Haggins Franklin L. Hairston Tim Hale Angela R. Hall Celester A. Hall, Jr. Cornelius L. Hall, Jr. Garry L. Hall Jerome Hall Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Hall Theona M. Hall Renada C. Hamer Bentley Hamilton John Hamilton Patrice S. Hamilton Sheryl D. Hamlett William and Cornelia L. Hankins Edward R. K. Hargadon Tangie M. Hargrave Sandra L. Harley Doreen Harmon Margaret Harmon Ambus H. Harper, Jr. Dorothy V. Harris Irvin M. Harris James and Marlene Harris Latara T. Harris Myra A. Harris Patricia A. Harris Sabrina Harris Cheryl K. Harrison Daryl S. Harrison DeCarlo D. Harrison Robert C. Harrison Christina M. Harvin Christina M. Harvin Yasmine F. Haughton Margaret S. Hawkes Christine L. Hawkins Shelley L. Hawkins Barbara D. Hayes

Thomas L. Hayes Charlotte V. Haynes Lettie T. Haynes Reginald Haysbert Wanda K. Heard George W. Hemingway, Jr. Patricia L. Henderson Robert M. Henderson, III Lee M. Hendler Joel D. Hendricks John Wayman Henry, Jr. Bernice Henson Daniel P. Henson Ida B. Henson Joseph C. Hester Carroll P. Hicks, Jr. Cynthia M. Hill Ivy M. Hill Joyce Hill Lionel G. Hill Shirley S. Hill Royal V. Hines Warren L. Hobbs Gregory E. Hodge David J. Hodnett Eugene J. Hoffman Marcella A. Holland Michael D. Hollis Michaelle H. Holmes John J. Holt Helen Holton Lisa D. Horne Talib A. Horne Victorio L. Hoskins Loulinda S. House Brenda E. Howard Donn Howard, Sr. Ellen D. Howard Melvin L. Howard Rosalind D. Howard William L. Howard Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III Jacqueline Hrabowski

Dolan Hubbard Richard A. Huberfeld Helen F. Hudson Hermetta O. Hudson Glendora C. Hughes Stephanie Y. Hull Bernice S. Hunley Martha W. Hunt Patricia L. Hunt Gayle Hunter Perry C. Hunter Michael A. Hurt Errol Hurtt Dr. Carlessia Hussein Marvin L. Ingram Anthony Jackson Gail P. Jackson Joann Jackson Kai S. Jackson Karen C. Jackson Ronald and Myrus James Tryphina R. James Linda C. Janey Deidre Y. Jenkins Freddie Y. Jenkins Hazel E. Jenkins Luwanda W. Jenkins Mary L. Jenkins Patricia A. Jennings Patricia C. Jessamy Deloris Jeter James L. Jews William Jews Yolanda E. Jiggetts Irene E. Joell Ellen C. Johns Addie Johnson Beverly A. Johnson Carlethea Johnson Dawn H. Johnson Dawn C. Johnson Derrick A. Johnson Eva L. Johnson


Annual Report 2009 Associated Black Charities


Joyce E. Johnson Lucille Johnson Marian V. Johnson Muriel D. Johnson Nahketah B. Johnson Regina L. Johnson Robert Mitchell Johnson Roderick Johnson Saddie E. Johnson Simone C. Johnson Tammy Johnson William E. Johnson, Jr. Emelda Johnson-Kennerly Sonja Johnson-McMillan Virginia B. Johnson-Taylor Barbara S. Jones Betty L. Jones Chanel Jones Colonel L. Jones Darryl A. Jones Deborah Jones Derrick E. Jones Irma Jones Jill A. Jones Jordan Jones Karen S. Jones Latisha E. Jones LeRoy Jones, Jr. Margie V. Jones Martha E. Jones Morgan W. Jones Rhonda J. Jones Richard Jones Ronald H. Jones Sally J. Jones Saundra V. Jones Sultana C. Jones Vanessa A. Jones Willie S. Jones Wylie Jones Danise Jones-Dorsey Sharon Jones-Eversley Carrie Jordan

Nancy Jordan-Howard Avolon H. Joseph Wilhelm Joseph Carolyn B. Joyner Larry A. Joyner-El Quanita Kareem-Madden Rukyyah J. Karreem Tedja L. Kearney Avery Kelley Senator Delores G. Kelley Joan Kennedy Dr. Melvin Kennerly Henry C. Kenney, Jr. Mary L. Daniels Kenney Delores P. Kerr Rosetta Kerr Wilson Pierce R. Keyser, Jr. Darcel Kimble Caleb J. King Marlene B. King John F. Kinsella Pearl A. Kirby Angela P. Kirk Dawn Kirstaetter Elaine Kirstaetter Joslyn V. Knight-Cherry Brenda S. Koonce Troy Ladson Sonya M. Lane Ellsworth R. Langhorne Yvette Larkin Renee Larkins Derrick Lawrence Harold Lawson Sherri Lawson Barbara S. Leak Lakisha C. Ledford Beatrice G. Lee Donald R. Lee Donna Lee Edward J. Lee Franklin M. Lee Michael Lee

Fred T. Leftrict, Jr. Michael A. Leggs Kim Lehrer Steven N. Leitess Jodi F. Levitan Reva G. Lewie Allen R. Lewis Demetrius G. Lewis Francine R. Lewis Romona Lewis Sheila A. Lewis William H. Lewis Kevin Liles Flora Lipscomb Ellen Jo Litsinger William and Ellen Jo Litsinger Helen Liu Yvonne M. Logan Phyllis Everett Lopez Ruth M. Louie Cassandra E. Lucas Russell B. Lyles Otelia Lynch-Davis Dean Radcliffe Lynes June C. Mabrey Leewood Macer, Jr. Amy Macht Crystal D. Mackall Latarsa MacKenney Laverne P. Madden Letitia S. Maddox Maria Madison Maynda Hawes Madzel Ruby M. Mahead Irvina A. Mallory Rich Manigault Robert A. Manson Iris F. Mapp Sharein D. Marcelle Annette R. March-Grier George J. Marcin Charles Martin Frank L. Martin

Lorrin D. Martin Joseph A. Mason Monique M. Mason Gary B. Masseaux Deborah Massey Paula M. Matthews Noreasa L. Mayfield Helene E. McBride Iantha McCallum Erika McClammy Jack P. McClinton James Paul McComb Gloria D. McCoy W. L. McCoy Gregory McCrimmon David E. McDaniels Marilyn D. McDonald Marilyn McDonald Yvette L. McEachern Glenda D. McKee Kyna McKenzie Erla M. McKinnon Tiara L. McKinnon Diane Bell McKoy Anthony T. McLamore Edna McLean Dolores B. McLean-Waddy Gerald S. McLeod Lisha C. McMillan Patricia McMillan Samuel McMillan, Jr. Latrenda S. McNair William H. McNeal, Jr. Jervene Mellerson Jonathan Melnick Marco K. Merrick Glenard Middleton Candis Milbourne Otho Milbourne Patrice Miles Annette D. Miller Elaine Marie Miller Kathryn A. Miller

Rohan Miller Artanya D. Mills Bessie L. Mills Claude W. Misher, Jr. Angela L. Mitchell Connie O. Mitchell Franklin R. Mitchell J. T. Mitchell Michael R. Mitchell Nichelle Mitchell Julia A. Mitcher Anne Modarressi Mary L. Moody Felicia C. Mooney Evette D. Moore Gwendolyn L. Moore Joy Moore Peulah M. Moore Vinnell E. Moore Jason L. Morgan Marvin P. Morrison Frieda Morton Grady D. Morton Elizabeth K. Moser Lawrence J. Moses Adrian M. Mosley Gail Mosley Jamal Mubdi-Bey Cheryl D. Murphy James L. Murphy Lynnette T. Murphy Robyn P. Murphy Fred Douglas Murray, Jr. Janese F. Murray John S. Murray Peter K. Mwangi Nadir R. Najeeullah Alfred Nance Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam William Neal Betsy S. Nelson Carla A. Nelson Gloria E. Nelson

Beulah M. Newby Patricia A. Newby Annette Newsome James N. Newton L. Yvonne Nicholson Mark Nicholson Mary R. Nicholsonne Gerald A. Nixon Selena G. Noble Laurence C. Nolan Walter E. Nolley K. Anthony Norris Dante Norte Delores M. Oden Regenia F. Oden Joseph C. Okechukwu Anthony B. Olmert, Sr. Wanda K. Oneferu-Bey Richard E. Opher Ray A. Osgood Joshua P. Osiruphu-El Emmanuel C. Osuji Bernadette E. Owens Eulonda Owens Lois A. Owens Ronald C. Owens Veronica F. Owens Jacqueline V. Owings Michelle L. Pack Willie B. Paden Enrique C. Pajardo, Jr. Bridgette I. Palmer Yvonne D. Paraway Joseph P. Parham, Sr. Anna L. Parker JeNelle R. Parker Joyce E. Parker Alvin M. Parks, Sr. Roxanne G. Parson Crystal M. Patterson William V. Paul Cecil W. Payton Harry X. Peaker

Pascha R. Peay Sonney J. Pelham Alison S. Penny Fannie W. Perry Jerry E. Perry Nathan E. Perry Delores R. Pertee Walid Petiri Stephanie J. Pettaway Belinda M. Phillips Elaine T. Phillips Thomas Phillips, Jr. Barbara A. Pickett Tyese G. Pierce Nonetta M. Pierre Sandra Pinkney Adrienne W. Pittman Brenda J. Pittman Barry Poindexter Joyce C. Pollard Michael L. Pollard Prentice Pollard Alice Poole-Davis Stuart Pope, Sr. Vergie Pope Virginia L. Pope Lynne B. Porter Debbie M. Powell Joan M. Pratt Donna B. Price Joann Price Lillie M. Price Roberta T. Price Tondaleon L. Price Anne P. Prince Gregory Prioleau Thurman O. Pugh Tyrone Qualls Donna Queen Eleanor A. Queen Karen Queen Dean Radcliffe-Lynes Michael A. Ragland

Cortez R. Rainey Judy F. Rainey Sandra Ranceo Craig S. Randall Tony Randall, Sr. William A. Randall, Sr. Fabienne M. Randall Avis Ransom Dorothea A. Rawlings Kimberleigh P. Rawlings Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Teresa T. Ray William L. Rayfield Henry James Raymond Dr. E. Albert Reece Selma W. Reed Vondalea D. Reed Denise A. Reeder Alfred D. Reid Vernon Reid Michael Renbaum Patricia A. Rhodes Dorothy O. Rice Loretta M. Richardson Elwood Riche Andrea Lynae Roberts Charmaine E. Roberts David C. Roberts Pat Roberts Troy L. Roberts Valerie L. Roberts Alma Robinson Brian Robinson Cassandra M. Robinson Danielle D. Robinson Jacquetta L. Robinson Jeanne L. Robinson Marcus Robinson Tracy N. Robinson Turhan E. Robinson Melvina B. Robinson-Horn George A. Roche Nicole Rock

Lawrence F. Rodowsky Patricia A. Miller Rogers Marilyn L. Roles Melanie P. Roles Bettie Y. Rose Alice Roseborough Samuel I. Rosenberg Everett J. Ross Arnold L. Ross Edgar E. Roulhac Tyrone Royster James E. Ruffin Karreem J. Rukyyah Deborah Jackson Rushing Abner M. Sampson Barbara Samuels Dolores A. Sands Brenda L. Saunders Cheryl T. Saunders Dr. Elijah Saunders James D. Saunders Nathan D. Saunders Vernon T. Savage Terry P. Scates Bruce and Marsha Schachtel Kurt and Patricia Schmoke Beverly S. Schulterbrandt Vivian D. Scipio Adam Scott Brenda M. Scott Frances M. Scott John Scott, Jr. Joseph Scott, Jr. Reginald U. Scriber James Keith Scroggins Danella M. Scruggs Reginald M. Sealey Phillip J. Seaman Lee Session Ernest and Brenda Sewell Daaim Ahmad Shabazz Phyllis Sharps James and Barbara Shea

Roberta B. Shearin Betty M. Shelton Paul D. Shelton, Esq. Levonna J. Sheppard Philip W. Sherrill, Jr. Benny F. Short Minnie W. Shorter Ann C. Simmons Robert T. Simmons Clarence W. Simms Stuart O. Simms Bruce Simon David Simon David M. Simpkins Thomas L. Sims, Jr. Debra Sisco-Watts Raymond A. Skinner Sherry C. Skinner Bavan D. Smith Catherine M. Smith Christian A. Smith Danard Smith Doris S. Smith Elizabeth B. Smith Fran V. Smith Frances E. Smith Gloria E. Smith Graylin E. Smith Joseph Smith Kim M. Smith Leonard M. Smith Merle E. Smith Robernette J. Smith Roslyn Smith Shelia M. Smith Theresa G. Smith William H. Smith Montier V. Smothers Judy G. Smylie Carl Snowden Clarence J. Snuggs Derrick P. Southard David A. Southern


Annual Report 2009 Associated Black Charities


Geneva G. Sparks Dwayne Speaks Dr. and Mrs. John Spearman Rathar Speight Ebonee D. Spence Herbert E. Spencer, Jr. James R. Spencer, Jr. Robert and Latoya Spencer Isazetta A. Spikes Andrea C. Spriggs Samuel J. Spriggs Verna L. Squirrel Deborah Stallings Victoria J. Stanley Willie B. Stanley April L. Stansbury Veronica S. Stanton Elizabeth M. Stemley Cecilia D. Stephens Kimberly B. Stephens Paula C. Stephens Yvonne E. Stepney James A. Stevens Patricia Stevens Ethel Mae Stevenson Emma M. Stewart Mary T. Stith Norma Y. Stockton Carlton Stokes Mable A. Stokes Melvin L. Stokes Josephine Y. Storrs Walter Sturdivant Michael Suell Robert E. Suggs Evester and Constance Sullivan Nicole E. Sullivan Lavonne Sumler Esperance Sutton Essie U. Sutton Michelle R. Sutton Brenda J. Swell Helen A. Szablya

Dr. Tyrone Taborn Leighton I. Tabron Debbie D. Taggart Thedrick T. Tapp Shawn Z. Tarrant Benita A. Taylor Dawn L. Taylor Dwight S. Taylor Frances H. Taylor Julius H. Taylor Odessa B. Taylor Patrice Hill Taylor Paul E. Taylor Pauline D. Taylor Rodney E. Taylor Ronald M. Taylor, Sr. Vanita M. Taylor Aaron Terrell Tanya Terrell Barbara A. Terry Kate Thaw James Thomas Keith A. Thomas, Sr. Mary W. Thomas Barbara A. Thompson Donald Thoms Peggy Thomy Marlon B. Tilghman Kevin B. Timmons Lisa Darnell Tisdale Frances L. Toomer Andrew J. Topps, III Audrey J. Towns Brenda Townsend-Milton Cynthia A. Tucker Damaris Tucker Gail V. Tucker Gloris J. Tucker Samuel P. Tucker Stanley W. Tucker Leon A. Tunctson Patricia S. Tunstall Betty Turner

Gethsemani C. Ugochukwu Barbara A. Valentine Venus J. Vaughn Yolanda Vickerie Rebecca M. Voorwinde Albert Walker Beverly K. Boone Walker Carolyn A. Walker Dawn C. Walker Henrietta M. Walker Kimberly E. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Moses Walker Robert C. Walker Robert Walker Shanee A. Walker Wilbert L. Walker Natalie Wallace Robert Wallace Jarrett L. Waller William F. Waller Anthony Walters Dana K. Ward John S. Ward Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ward Robert S. Ward Leo F. Ware Adrienne R. Warren Sylvia P. Warren Brenda M. Washington Delano T. Washington Patrice M. Washington Rodney A. Washington Yvette M. Washington Valerie D. Watkins Kimberly S. Watson Pauline Watson Phillis A. Watson Monica L. Watters Kay F. Watts Wanda R. Watts Eleanor L. Webb John R. Welborn Saundra Welborn

Michael B. Wells Anne West Clark Cecil Whisenton James E. Whitaker Bryan E. White Clarence L. White, Jr. David R. White Dwayne E. White Eddie L. White Esther Rooks White Patricia J. White Phillip I. White, III Myra White-Gray Stephanie Whitehurst Joan White-McCain Edward C. Whitfield, Sr. Valarie Whitfield Margaret E. Wiggins Janice H. Wilcox William F. Wiley, Jr. Tennille R. Wilhite Tauffaui Wilkes Dawn R. Wilkins Alethia T. Williams Andrea L. Williams Anthony K. Williams Barry G. Williams Charmaine L. Williams Craig E. Williams David Williams Erma J. Williams Ernest L. Williams, Sr. Gordon Williams Jo-Ann Williams John M. Williams Larry Williams Lisa Williams Mark A. Williams Paul S. Williams, Jr. Roslyn M. Williams Sandra K. Williams Sharon C. Williams Sherrie D. Williams

Tanya Williams Ted and Thomasine Williams Teresa A. Williams Toyia L. Williams Willie H. Williams Geraldine Wills Andrea Wilson Debra A. Wilson Dr. Donald Wilson Emma Wilson Erlene Wilson Winifred Y. Wilson Yvonne D. Wilson Carlyn P. Winder Shirley J. Wing-Shelton Stanley and Michele Wise John T. Wolfe Ella L. Wood James Wood, Jr. Judson B. Wood, Sr. Roddie F. Wood Sheryl Robinson Wood Octavis J. Woodard Ambrose R. Wooden Lisa A. Woods Natalie W. Woodson Diane M. Worsley Alisha C. Wright Carolyn Wright Ernestine A. Wright Howard F. Wright James S. Wright Lisa Wright Thomas L. Wright Victoria Wynn Dilynn M. Yarrell-Pickens Juliet M. Yeates-Trotman Ann V. Young Charles Young Elliott Young Geraldine T. Young Helen E. Young Richard E. Young




Position and Review of Activities Audited by Abrams, Foster, Nole and Williams, P.A. For the year ended December 31, 2009

Assets Cash


Accounts Receivables


Other Assets (Net)


Total Assets


Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities


Net Assets


Total Liabilities


COMBINED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION Revenue and Other Support Revenue and Other Support




Investment Income


Other Income


Total Revenue and Other Support


Grants and Expenses Grants and Charitable Expenditures Fundraising Operating and Other Expenses Total Grants and Expenses Change in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Net Assets at End of the Period

21,614,935 99,269 674,442 22,388,646 -104,081 1,765,220 -544,050 1,117,089


2009 Board of Directors

2009 Staff & Consultants

Walter G. Amprey, Chair Amprey & Associates

Bentley A. Hamilton Multi-Therapeutic Services, Inc.

Bowyer G. Freeman, 1st Vice Chair New St. Mark Baptist Church

Kevin Liles Warner Music Group

Karen Evans, 2nd Vice Chair The Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation

Janese F. Murray Constellation Energy Group

A. Adar Ayira Leslie Bernard Paulette Bowser Charles Brice Ashyrra Dotson

Charles P. Martin, Treasurer M&T Bank

David M. Simpkins Colorblind Marketing Group

Joyce Green Joyce Hill Deborah Jones Lamont Keaton Dawn Kirstaetter Yvette Larkin

Reginald Haysbert, Secretary The Forum Caterers

Clarence J. Snuggs Maryland Dept. of Housing & Community Department

Deborah Stallings, Historian HR Anew, Inc.

Sheryl Robinson Wood The Wood Law Firm, PLLC

Nathan Perry

LaRian L. Finney Visionary Marketing Group, Inc.

Ex-Officio Diane Bell McKoy President & CEO

Alicia Lindsey Martin Njuguna Danella Scruggs Deborah Stone Gloria Smith Pauline Bloise Taylor Tanya Terrell Jacqueline Thompson Cynthia Todd

1114 Cathedral Street Baltimore, Maryland 21201


An Affiliate of the United Way of Central Maryland Designate 8004

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