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About Associated Black Charities (ABC)

Our Mission Associated Black Charities is a public foundation that facilitates the creation of measurably healthier and wealthier communities throughout the state of Maryland through responsible leadership and philanthropic investment.

Since its founding in 1985, ABC has been dedicated to creating strong, healthy, and economically viable communities in order to create a better life, especially for African American children and families. ABC is the region’s only African American philanthropic organization providing coordinated leadership on issues impacting Maryland’s communities of color. For the first 20 years, Associated Black Charities was widely recognized as a catalyst for community development that provided funding, technical assistance and service coordination to non-profit organizations, serving the needs of Maryland’s African American communities. Initially, Associated Black Charities opened its doors with donated offices, a United Way sponsored planning grant of $100,000, and 45 leadership volunteers. Today, Associated Black Charities has a respected 13 member fiduciary Board of Directors, 25 full-time staff persons, over 11,000 contributing donors, and an operational budget of almost $21 million. Associated Black Charities’ geographical area includes several parts of the state, including Baltimore City/County, Prince George’s County and the Eastern Shore. In recent years, ABC has also understood the value of investing in the growth and capacity of community and faith based organizations to make a sustainable difference. Today, Associated Black Charities is strategically addressing a new urgency dictated by the economic and social climate, and is leading a new charge to close the health and wealth gaps that put so many African American families at a disadvantage in achieving the American dream. This same disadvantage places all Marylanders at risk economically regardless of race. ABC seeks to achieve its mission through: • Organizational Infrastructure • Strategic Initiatives


2 / Our Mission

• Grantmaking

2 / About ABC

• Educate/Inform Public Policy

3 / Catalysts for Change

• Partnerships

4 / Investors in Change

• Strategic Philanthropy

10 / 2010 Financial Position and Review of Activities 11 / Examples of ABC’s Strategic Intervention Areas

Using these tools, ABC seeks to eliminate the health and wealth gaps that impair the economic health of households in Maryland.

ABC’S INVESTMENT AT WORK: Grants Awarded, Donor Contributions and Financial Statements

Catalysts for

Change: 2010 Grant Awards

In support of our mission and in service to our community ABC awarded grants to the following organizations/ institutions in 2010:

Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation Baltimore Cash Campaign Baltimore Urban League Biotech Institute Black Professional Men Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy Business Interface, LLC Center For Urban Families Collective Empowerment Group, Inc. (Prince George’s County)

Coppin State University Daily Record Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Downtown Partnership of Baltimore DREF Florence Crittention Services Fraternal Order of X-Offenders Humanim Independent College Fund of Maryland itWorks Learning Center

Ryan White Providers 2010:

AIDS Action Baltimore AIDS Interfaith Residential Services Anne Arundel County Health Department Baltimore City Health Department Baltimore County Health Department Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems Bon Secours Baltimore Health System Carroll County Health Department Chase Brexton Health Services Family Health Centers of Baltimore Health Care for the Homeless Independent Living Foundation Johns Hopkins University

Latinos for Progress Maryland Association of Nonprofits MBCF Midtown Community Benefits MSU Foundation, Inc. NAACP – Baltimore Native American LifeLines, Inc. New Visions House of Hope Partners In Progress Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce Roberta’s House Rotary Club of Woodlawn-Westview Sharp Leadenhall Planning Committee, Inc. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes The Links Foundation The Scott Lee Foundation, Inc. The Wendell G. Wright Foundations, Inc. UMBF, Inc. Western High School Workforce @ Sojourner-Douglass College Joseph Richey Hospice Legal Aid Bureau, Inc. Light Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services Movable Feast New Vision House of Hope Park West Medical Center Project PLASE Queen Anne’s County Health Department Sisters Together and Reaching Total Health Care University of Maryland Women Accepting Responsibility


Associated Black Charities Annual Review 2010


Investors in Gifts and Contributions from Corporate, Foundation and Individual Donors CORPORATE/ NONPROFIT CONTRIBUTORS AARP ABC Toastmasters A.C. and Penny Hubbard Foundation Advance Bank Afro Charities Annie E. Casey Foundation Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore Baltimore Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Baltimore Community Foundation Ben & Zelda G. Cohen Charitable Fund Black Professional Men

Coppin State University

People’s Church of Baltimore Baptist

Sojourner-Douglass College

Zion Baptist Church

Maryland Nonprofits

Sue Ann’s Office Supply, Inc.

East Baltimore Development, Inc.


SunTrust Bank

MedStar Health

The Baltimore Alpha Wives

Meritocrats, Inc.

The Boyd-Britton Group

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.

The Cryor Group, LLC

Baltimore County Office of Fair Practice

The Hatcher Group

Committee for Kamenetz

The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation

Maryland Department of Housing

Forest City Forum Caterers Franciscan Center of Baltimore Habitat for Humanity Harbor Bank Heart & Soul Enterprises, LLC Howard Community College Educational Fund Humanim iDeal Consultants

ItWorks Learning Center, Inc.

Bright Light Media Group, Inc.

Johns Hopkins Hospital

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Society of Saint Joseph/ A Nonprofit Support Group

Early Morning Software

Bravo Health

Capital One

Martin’s West Caterers Maryland Health Citizens Health Initiative Education Fund

Integrity Title & Escrow Company, LLC

Business Interface

Marcorp Ltd.

DFC Pharmacy Services

Bon Secours Baltimore Health System

Bunting Family Foundation


Constellation Energy Group Foundation

Johns Hopkins University Leggett & Associates, LLC Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland Foundation

Carter Design

Living Classrooms Foundation

Catholic Charities

M&T Bank

Citi Foundation

M&T Charitable Foundation

Codetta Technology, Inc.

Mahogany, Inc.


Management Consultant Services, LLC

MidTowne Medical Group, Inc. Milestone Associates, Inc.

Stevenson University

GOVERNMENT/PUBLIC Baltimore City Health Department Baltimore City Public Schools

Total Health Care TransitionGuides, Inc.


TRW Price Construction

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Abney

United Way of Central MD

Shirlbee M. Ackwood

National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women’s Club

Uniting For Life, Inc.

Dr. Clara Adams

University of Maryland Medical Center

Jerry J. Adams

Nonprofit Roundtable

VA Associates, LLC

Otis Warren & Company

Venable, LLP

Demaris Alexander

Pacific Rehab of MD, Inc.


Fitzhugh Alford

Pfizer, Inc.

Wachovia Social Responsibility Group

Leslie A. Al-Hakim

Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation

Pearl N. Allen

Monumental Life Monsanto Fund Morgan State University Foundation

PNC R.A.J. Enterprises Roeder Travel Ltd. Saul Ewing, LLP SB & Company, LLC Sheridan Patterson Center for Holistic Family Services Sinai Hospital

RELIGIOUS Central Baptist Church Faith Baptist Church Grace Presbyterian Church Morning Star Baptist Church

Betty H. Addison Adrienne Celeste Alberts

Jacqueline M. Allen Ronald Allen Tenia M. Allen William Allen, Jr. Deborah L. Alston Fannie C. Alston Dr. & Mrs. Walter Amprey

ABC’S INVESTMENT AT WORK: Grants Awarded, Donor Contributions and Financial Statements

Sania Amr

Dr. Phyllis E. Becoat

Bonnie D. Boyd

Jodi S. Buckson

Debra Chaplin

Andrea S. Anderson

C. Bell

Brandon C. Boyd

Melvin Bulkley

Granger C. Chapman

Bernadette D. Anderson

Merlyn M. Bell

Darric Boyd

Marcia Bullard

Treshonda M. Chatmon

Frances M. Anderson

Judge Robert M. Bell

Cheryl T. Boyer

Darice W. Bunch

Jerome A. Chennault

Phyllis T. Anderson

Stephen M. Bell, MD

Frederick D. Boyer

Jean M. Bunche

Tracey L. Chunn

Twana R. Anderson

Tonya T. Bell

Gail Boyette

Aisha J. Bunting

Anne West Clark

Gina M. Anthony

Barbara R. Bellamy

Franklin Bracy

Paulette Burgess

Victor Clark, Jr.

Beverly R. Archable

Barbara N. Bennett

Milton R. Branson, Jr.

Alice E. Burley

Patricia A. Clark

William F. Ariano, Jr.

Thomas L. Bennett

Wilhelmena Braswell

Mary E. Burley

Ronald Clifton, Jr.

Colonel G. Armstrong

Bedford T. Bentley, Jr.

Shomare L. Braxton

Diana D. Burrell

Opie F. Clunie

Belinda Arrington

Bernard Berkowitz

Barbara G. Bray

Anthony Butler

Frank B. Coakley

Richard Arthur

Patricia A. Berry

James M. Breeden

Kenneth Butler

Alexis & Flavia Coates

Sherman F. Ashby

Billy W. Best, Jr.

Charles L. Brice

Lorna Rice Byers

Jacqueline V. Coates

Cynthia G. Ashe

Deidra N. Bishop

Flaxie D. Brice

Angela D. Byrd

Renada S. Coates

Joe Astan

Valerie Bivens

Reginald G. Brinkley

Samuel Caldwell, Jr.

Kenneth Cobb

Ferdinand C. Atikpoh

Maxine P. Blackman

Jacqueline B. Brogdon-Wright

Cynthia J. Callum

Suzanne F. Cohen

Douglass F. Austin

Elsie S. Blackshear

Carolyn E. Brooks

Sheldon K. Caplis

Shirlene B. Colbert

Belinda J. Ayers-Rouzer

Glenn A. Blackwell

Dunbar Brooks

Jacqueline A. Campbell

Clifton E. Cole

A. Adar Ayira

Sharon Y. Blake

Lowry M. Brooks, Sr.

Carol P. Camper

Deverne Coleman

Brian Neil Bailey

Myra Blanchard

Nelson B. Brooks

Shoshana S. Cardin

Lynn C. Coleman

LaShawn R. Bailey

Jacqueline Blanton

Renard E. Brooks

Shirley Carpenter

Norma F. Collins

Michael P. Bailey

Edith G. Blount

Sharon Brooks

James Carr

Dr. Ernest J. Colvin

Janynee D. Bailey-Covington

Yvette P. Bogan

Daphne Broome

Adrienne D. Carrington

Dr. Yvonne V. Cook

F. Genear Baker

Ronald Bolling

Alfred Brown

Douglas C. Carrington

Barbara A. Cooper

Glascoe A. Baker, Jr.

Betty Bonas

Arnetta C. Brown

Charles E. Carrouthers

Beverly A. Cooper

James M. Baker

Gertrude E. Bond

Carmella E. Brown

Beverly Carter

Gary D. Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. James O. Baldwin, Sr.

Saundra Joanne Bond

Etta Brown

Clara Giles Carter

Patricia Cooper

Naomi Corbin Booker

Garry A. Brown

Frederic Carter

Karen Cooper-Coleman

Brenda M. Boone

Joyce Brooks Brown

Mr. & Mrs. John Carter

Keziah Colon

Gail R. Boone

Lizzie P. Brown

Keith R. Carter

Llewellyn Cornelius

Wanda Booth

Warren A Brown

Michael Carter

Dana K. Cottman-White

Jason Botei

Cheryl A. Brown-Whitfield

Stanford G. Carter

Angela Cotton

Faye C. Bounds

Harry Bruce

Todd A. Carter

Elrod Covington

Lynn M. Bowens

Pauline P. Bruce

Sheila L. Cason

Kimberly L. Covington

W Franklin Bowles

James T. Brunson

Maureen Caughran

Catherine Cox

Thomas L. Bowling

Helen E. Bryan

Angela Celestin

Darlene Crapper

John W. Borders

Nancy P. Bryant

John W. Chambers, Jr.

Leroy Creek

Louis J. Boston

Tracey Bryant

Fern Z. Chambers-Rice

Marilyn J. Creek

Jason Botel

Janice D. Bryant-Weathers

Thelma D. Chance

Emil E. Cromwell

Michael B. Bandy Antoine A Banks Karenthia Barber Kenneth M. Bartee Linwood W. Barrett Nancy D. Barrick Marion C. Bascom Morton Baum Bernice Beaird Maria Beckett Denise M. Becketts


Associated Black Charities Annual Review 2010

Barbara Crosby Charrisse K. Crosby-Thomas Andria S. Cross Eugene Crump Karin Crutchfield William E. Crutchfield Lorine Cummings Jeanette Cunningham Maxine Cunningham Francine R Curtis Sinora Dabney Adrian Dobs Deborah Dade Sophie Dagenais Dr. Gislin Dagnelie Monica P. Dailey Helen L. Dale Owen Daly, II Michael L. Dannenberg Joyce A. Dantzler Deborah Date Tammy M. Daughton Sheilah A. Davenport Beverly A. Davis Chineta Davis Patricia A. Davis Rodney T. Davis Walter Davis Wilma H. Davis Camille Dawson Joann V. Day Samuel Deal Donald E. Debnam Joyce M. Debnam Janice C. Deconge’ Windy L. Deese Anna Delaine Mary J. Demory Robert A. Dennis, Sr. Bernadette D. Deshields Glendora Deshields


Jerome C. Deshields Felicia Dewatson Pedrina D. Dicks Margaret L. Diggs Patricia Dixon Willie Dixon, Jr. Sandra F. Dobson Danise Dorsey Earl D. Dorsey Ashyrra C. Dotson Kevin W. Douglas Evelyn P. Downs Carserlo Doyle Jerrel Duffy, Jr. Beverly D. Dukes Belinda Duncan Larry Dunham Ernestine J. Dunston Doris J. Duren Cynthia Dutton Elizabeth P. Dyett Angela M. Eaddy Edvin T. Eastman Carl M. Echols Gladys M. Edmonds Joseph Edmonds Anthony Edwards Dennis Edwards Yvonne A. Edwards Yvonne J. Edwards Dr. Julia C. Elam Stacey A. Elder Asia T. Eley Lois S. Elkin Sarah Elias Jesse H. Engram, Jr. Dessie C. Epps Sheila L. Epps Mary L. Ervin Juliet A. Eurich Frances T. Evans

Gregory Evans Karen B. Evans Donnella P. Ezekiel Amanda M. Fair Rosa M. Fair Casandra E. Fallin Mona L. Farmer-Qadir Olukayode H. Fatodu Deborah Y. Faulk Chevelle Faust-Bash Alberta E. Fennoy Carolyn A. Ferguson Savonne L. Ferguson Virginia Fisher Roland G. Fletcher Darlene Flowers Tamathia M. Flowers Roderic Flowers Elease Fogle Smith Phillip T. Ford Theresa D. Ford Thelma E. Foster J Kirby Fowler, Jr. Wendell M. France Jerrelle F. Francois Rev. Dr. Bowyer Freeman Dr. Jean S. Fugett, Sr. Jean S. Fuller, Sr. Marsha Baker Fuller Yerley Fuller Daralina L. Gadson Theodore D. Gaillard Nickole C. Gambrill Vanessa I. Gantt Sidney N. Gardner Sharon V. Garland April Y. Garrett Avon H. Garrett Gladys B. Gaskins Julie Gaskins Maurice Gaskins

Rosalind B. Gaskins Jerry L. Gaylord Angela C. Gibson Marilyn M. Gibson Ella B. Giles Roberta L. Gill Roland L. Gilmer Christopher Goggin Anthony Golden Barbara P. Golden Mereida Darcelle Goodman Harold G. Gordon Millicent E. Gordon Diane W. Gordy James N. Gosnell Jean E. Gover Briscoe M. Graham, Jr. Kenneth Grant Grafton K. Gray Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Gary Paul T. Graziano Desney S. Green Kennisa C. Green George A. Green Sandra J. Green Elaine Greene Eustache S. Greene John R. Greene, Jr. Donnova J. Greer Wendell H. Grier Carolyn G. Griffin Charles E. Griffin, Sr. Mary M. Griffin Rosalind Griffin Clarence Gross Marvin J. Guthrie Howard M. Gwaltney David Hagans Celester A. Hall, Jr. Garry L. Hall Jerome Hall

Darlene V. Ham Sheryl D. Hamlett Jeffery A. Hale, Sr. Kevin M. Hall Rachel J. Hall Bentley Hamilton John Hamilton Katrina A. Hans Ivan C. Hardy Tangie M. Hargrave Peggy Hargrove Margaret F. Harmon Patricia A. Harrell Dorothy V. Harris Dr. Jessie J. Harris Kelvin L. Harris Daryl Harrison Miles G. Harrison, Jr., M.D. Juanita J. Harvin Bert J. Hash, Jr. Larry W. Hash Brian D. Hatcher John E. Hawkins Shelley L. Hawkins Derrick G. Hayes Ronald H. Hayes Charlotte V. Haynes Lettie T. Haynes Inez L. Haynie Dodson Reginald Haysbert George Hemingway Florence G. Henderson Lenneal J. Henderson Patricia L. Henderson Charles E. Henry John Wayman Henry, Jr. Sherrel L. Hicks Carroll P. Hicks, Jr. Edna M. Hightower Cynthia Hill Ivy M. Hill

ABC’S INVESTMENT AT WORK: Grants Awarded, Donor Contributions and Financial Statements

Jocelyn Hill Lionel G. Hill June P. Hines Steven M. Hinnant, Sr. Jeanne D. Hitchcock Warren L. Hobbs Eugene J. Hoffman Dennis W. Holman Derek L. Holmes, Sr. Carol C. Holt John J. Holt C. Yvonne Holt-Stone Hazel Hopewell Wiliam J. Hopson Talib A. Hornes Victoria L. Hoskins Loulinda S. House Andrew A. Howard Brenda Howard Donn Howard, Sr. Ellen Howard Tawanda C. Howe Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III Jacqueline C. Hrabowski Dolan Hubban A.C. Hubbard, Jr. Cheryl Hudgins Williams Helen F. Hudson Hermetta O. Hudson Glendora C. Hughes James L. Hughes Martha Hunt Roland Hunt Perry C. Hunter Stephanie D. Hunter Tandra M. Hunter-Payne Carlessia Hussein Timothy Hutchen Carl Hyman Michelle L. Isaac Anita Maddox Jackson

Christal M. Jackson Gail P. Jackson Myrus Y. James Tryphina R. James Linda C. Janey Bruce E. Jarrell Xavia Jason Freddie Y. Jenkins Mary Jenkins Patricia Jessamy Delores P. Jessup Deloris N. Jeter James L. Jews Laide Jinadu Abraham Johnson, Jr. Addie Johnson Darryl A. Johnson Gerard I. Johnson Gloria G. Johnson Khalilah Johnson Lucille Johnson Marian Johnson Paulette V. Johnson Reginald C. Johnson Simone C. Johnson Stormi A. Johnson William E. Johnson, Jr. Venus C. Johnson Barbara S. Jones Chanel Jones Corey N. Jones Deborah L. Jones Jill A. Jones Karen S. Jones Kerrmitt D. Jones Joseph T. Jones Marion B. Jones Martha E. Jones Theodore R. Jones, Jr. Willie S. Jones Carrie Jordan

Nancy Jordan-Howard Avolon Joseph Wilhelm Joseph Cholet Josue Carolyn B. Joyner Larry A. Joyner-EL Mavis R. Judd Paul-Jacques J. Keene Adriane Keepler Sen. Delores Kelley Frank U. Kelly L. Kenderdine Henry C. Kenney, Jr. Charles E. Keyes Darcel Kimble Conchita King Caleb J. King Barbara A. Kittrell Maya G. Kirby Pearl Kirby Dawn Kirstaetter Elaine Kirstaetter Angela R. Knight Roland W. Knighton, Sr. Brenda S. Koonce Faith M. Koonce David Kornblatt Beverly O. Lbryant Leonard Lambert Sonya M. Lane Yvette S. Larkin Renee Larkins Harold R. Lawson Barbara S. Leak Douglas Lederman Beatrice G. Lee Dr. Candis D. Grace Lee Donald Lee Edward J. Lee James R. Lee Michael Lee

Fred Leftrict Michael A. Leggs Reva G. Lewie Allen R. Lewis Brenda Lewis Craig Lewis Deborah V. Lewis Demetrius G. Lewis Keith Wesley Lewis Michelle Lewis Robert E. Lewis, Jr. Sheila A. Lewis William Lewis Allison Lightner Kevin Liles Frank D. Little Ellen Jo Litsinger Jonathan Loney Ruth M. Louie Paulette A. Lundy Russell Lyles, Jr. Darnell and Tillie Lynn Prezel M. Mabry Leewood Macer, Jr. Amy Macht Theodore Mack Crystal D. Mackall Harold Macklin Robert M. Macklin Laverne P. Madden Joseph A. Madison Maria Madison Yaseen A. Mahmud Jean Tucker Mann Allison V. Manswell George J. Marcin Salima Siler Marriott Anita N. Martin Charles P. Martin Dr. Lorrin David Martin Monique M. Mason

Joseph A. Mason Gary B. Masseaux Deborah M. Massey Kia-Michelle Massey Mary Massey Tiffany R. Mathis Rodney W. Matthews James L. McAllister, Jr. Ronald J. McCallum Alexis McCamey Deloris A. McClain Erica McClammy Doris A. McCleod Ginger W. McCoy Gloria D. McCoy William McCoy Vanessa McCray Gregoy McCrimmon Robert O. McCullough Yvette L. McEachern Bernadette D. McFadden Harold McFarland Mary McGee Henry McKinnon, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard McKoy Anthony Thomas McLamore Benjmain McLarin Latrenda S. McNair Douglas Meade Jervene Mellerson Jacqueline G. Miles Annette D. Miller Benjamin Miller, Jr. Bettye M. Miller Elaine Marie Miller Shelley Minter Travis C. Minott Angela L. Mitchell Maria E. Mitchell Renee Y. Mobley Anne Modarressi


Associated Black Charities Annual Review 2010

Douglas E. Moffatt Jose A. Monzon Mary L. Moody Eloise W. Mooney Anthony L. Moore Dominique S. Moore, Esq. Evette Moore Joy Moore Kenneth E. Moore Melvin Moore, Jr. Nathan Moore, Jr. Peulah M. Moore Robert Moore Vinnell E. Moore Lisa L. Moreland Dennis S. Morgan Cynthia E. Morgan-McIver William W. Morris Freida Morton Laura Morton Myra Morton Elizabeth K. Moser Adrian M. Mosley Lois Yvette Moseley Lawrence J. Moses Cheryl D. Murphy James L. Murphy Robert A. Murphy William H. Murphy, III Fred Murray, Jr. Janese Murray John S. Murray Mabel L. Murray April M. Myers Lawrence J. Myers Nadir R. Najeeullah Helen E. Nance Joanne Nathans Ella Charlene Ndi Shani Neal Betsy Nelson Carla Y. Nelson


Gloria E. Nelson Beulah M. Newby Eugene H. Newman James N. Newton Gerald A. Nixon Ronald J. Noble Ronald Noel Laurence Nolan K. Anthony Norris Carolyn O’Connor Antoinette O’Dell Glen O’Gilvie Marilyn O’Mansky Delores M. Oden Regina Oden Wanda K. Oneferu-Bey Emmanuel C. Osuji Beatrice Oteroemos Clarence E. Overby Rhonda Overby Bernadette Owens Carolyn V. Owens Michelle L. Pack Willie B. Paden Bridgette I. Palmer Enrique Pajardo, Jr. Delores Parham Joseph P. Parham, Sr. Audrey D. Parham-Stewart Anna L. Parker Constance Y. Parker JeNelle Parker Joyce E. Parker Alvin M. Parks, Sr. Gwendolyn Parrish Steven E. Parrish Bettye L. Parrott-Chambers Roxanne G. Parson Crystal M. Patterson Tamara B. Patterson Cynthia Paxton Harry Peaker

Tenyo Pearl Mr. & Mrs. Sam Penn Alison S. Penny David N. Perkins, Jr. Charlotte M. Perry Minessia Z. Person Walid Petiri Stephanie J. Pettaway Brenda L. Pettigrew Barbara M. Pettit Carrie G. Phillip T. Elaine Phillips Thomas J. Phillips, Jr Kimberly A. Pickens Camille J. Pierre Nonetta Pierre Lewis E. Pindell Reginald A. Pinder, Sr. Audrey B. Pinkney Shantel Pinnock Brenda J. Pittman Vergie Pope Virginia Pope Lynne B. Porter Carole Portis Debbie M. Powell George Pratt, III Donna B. Price Emmanuel Price Maurice L. Price Lillie Pricee Gregory Prioleau Paula Protani Yolonda S. Pullen Tonya C. Queen Carol Quirk Michael A. Ragland Judy L. Rainey Craig S. Randall Jeanette J. Randall Louis A. Randall Michael Ray

William Rayfield Carol Reckling Edward A. Reece, M.D. Ronald Reid Sina M. Reid Michael Renbaum Cassandra A. Rhyne Michael E. Rice William O. Rice Loretta M. Richardson Elwood Riche Stanley W. Rigby Alice Loving Roberts Allen Roberts David C. Roberts Patrica Roberts Tony M. Roberts Troy L. Roberts Crystal N. Robertson Karen Robertson Adrienne D. Robinson Charles E. Robinson Jeanne L. Robinson George A. Roche Stacy L. Rodgers Lawrence F. Rodowsky Marilyn L. Roles Alice Rosenborough Edgar E. Roulhac Walter Royal, III Tyrone Royster James E. Ruffin Derrick T. Russell Joyce Mitchell Russell Susan Russell Dolores A. Sands Brenda L. Saunders Nalungo Z. Sayyed Marsha R. B. Schachtel Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Schmoke Beverly S. Schulterbrandt Neishall Schuyler

Adam Scott Brenda M. Scott James E. Scott John Scott, Jr. Lynda A. Scott Michael P. Scott Norma W. Scott Wendy M. Scott Reginald U. Scriber Phillip J. Seaman John Senior Daaim Ahmad Shabazz Tyrone R. Sharpe, Jr. Phyllis Sharps Kenneth A. Shaw Denise Shell Betty M. Shelton Paul Shelton Levonna J. Sheppard Kim M. Shields Minnie W. Shorter Dean Lamont Shuron Jacqueline Sieele Clarence Simms David Simon Ann C. Simmons Herbert Simmons Kay A. Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Simms David Simpkins Christine V. Simpson Gwendolyn D. Skillern Raymond A. Skinner Beshon Smith Catherine Smith Charlene Smith Dean A. Smith Doris Smith Edwin P. Smith Frances E. Smith Geraldine Smith Graylin Smith

ABC’S INVESTMENT AT WORK: Grants Awarded, Donor Contributions and Financial Statements

Dr. Hermon W. Smith, III Leonard Smith Maurice Smith Merle E. Smith Narvel L. Smith Paul E. Smith Pauline D. Smith Sandra L. Smith Vernon I. Smith William Smith Montier Smothers Mollie Smulyan Clarence Snuggs Towanda V. Sodeman Steven D. Soifer Claire A. Somir Geneva G. Sparks Marvella B. Sparks John H. Spearman, Jr. Rathar Speight Gerral F. Spence Niya T. Spencer Herbert E. Spencer, Jr. Scot T. Spencer Isazetta Spikes Samuel J. Spriggs Deborah Stallings Benjamin Stanley Patricia Staten Jackie Star Cecilia D. Stephens Kimberly B. Stephens James A. Stevens Ethel Mae Stevenson Carol H. Stewart Emma M. Stewart Quentin Stewart Mary T. Stith Mable A. Stokes Michael M. Stokes, Sr. Josephine Storrs Laura Strayer

Gary Strong Dr. Elbert W. Strothers Yvonne E. Sudler Constance Sumpter Cassandra M. Sutton Essie Sutton Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Sutton Charles Sydnor Dwight Taylor Frances H. Taylor Julius Taylor Maurice C. Taylor Patricia Hill Taylor Pauline D. Taylor Tracey Taylor Vanita M. Taylor Louis B. Thalheimer Anita H. Thomas Bernice T. Thomas Justine M. Thomas Patricia Y. Thomas Raymond D. Thomas Wanda V. Thomas Jacqueline H. Thompson Louise Tildon Brandon L. Tilghman Cynthia Todd Andrew J. Topps, III Dr. Maria E. Trent Kevin J. Triplett Tyrone E. Triplin Lorenza Trotter Greg Truitt Carla Tucker Damaris Tucker Gail V. Tucker Gloria J. Tucker Patrice Tucker Samuel P. Tucker Stanley W. Tucker Leon A. Tunctson Patricia S. Tunstall

Betty B. Turner Marion N. Turner Russell W. Turner Wilma Tynes Jean Vaeth Barbara A. Valentine Mimi Roeder Vaughan Gilbert Wagner Charisse A. Walker Linda Walker Moses Walker Robert C. Walker Wilbert L. Walker Robert Wallace Ronald Wallace Frank C. Walton John S. Ward Tyrone V. Ward Lucia A. Ward-Alexander Leo F. Ware Althia V. Warner Catherine L. Warren Bernadette Washington Booker T. Washington Marie Washington Rodney A. Washington Ronald D. Waters Robert P. Watkins, Jr. Valerie Watkins Stephanie A. Watkins Kimberly S. Watson Paula Watson Pauline Watson Peggy J. Watson Phyllis A. Watson Kim Weaver Eleanor L. Webb Tracey E. Webster Sherry Welch Gloria G. Wells Ralign T. Wells Tracy L. Wells

Jacqueline G. West Robinette G. West White Kenneth Westary Thelma Wharton Patricia N. Wheatley Rita G. Wheeler James E. Whitaker Ernest N. Whittaker Bryan E. White Clarence A. White Eddie L. White Esther Rooks White John H. White, Jr. Lyndell White Patricia J. White Joann White Burnett Myra White-Gray James E. Whitehead Edward C. Whitfield, Sr. Margaret E. Wiggins Janice H. Wilcox William F. Wiley, Jr. Toni Wiley Larry B. Wilkerson Alethia Williams Annie Williams Antoinette P. Williams Dr. Carolane Williams David R. Williams Gordon Williams Lisa B. Williams Lisa J. Williams Larry M. Williams Nicole M. Williams Paulette Williams Sandra K. Williams Sharon C. Williams Virgie C. Williams Willie H. Williams Darryl R. Williford Melvin E. Willingham Judith D. Willner

Amelia Wilson Andrea Wilson Barbara E. Wilson Emma Wilson Erlene Wilson Ivan H. Wilson James B. Wilson Kelly Wilson Marcus C. Wilson Steven L. Wilson Yvonne D. Wilson Kim T. Winder Nanette P. Winder Nanette Winder Angela S. Wise Michele K. Wise Timothy Womack Ella L. Wood Sheryl Wood Rio A. Woodard Melviner M. Worrell Carolyn Wright Gwendolyn Wright Kimberly M. Wright Mary D. Wright Ophelia Wright Thomas Wright Bernard Wynder Dilynn M. Yarrell-Pickens Edmonia T. Yates Juliet M. Yeates-Trotman Kenneth Yeates-Trotman Ann V. Young Charles Young David W. Young Denise R. Young Donna M. Young Elliott Young Geraldine T. Young Richard E. Young Wilhelmina Young


Associated Black Charities Annual Review 2010



Other Assets


Total Assets


Financial Position and Review of Activities

Audited by Abrams, Foster, Nole and Williams, P.A. For the year ending December 31, 2010.



Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

4,183,721 -15,750 4,167,971

COMBINED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION Revenue and Other Support Revenue and Other Support




Other Income


Total Revenue and Other Support


Grants and Expenses Grants and Charitable Expenditures Fundraising


Operating and Other Expenses


Total Grants and Expenses

Change in Net Assets, Unrestricted Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning of Year Prior Period Adjustment, Unrestricted Fund Net Assets, Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Net Assets at End of the Period




11,760 1,117,090 -21,293 -1123307 -15,750


Examples of


Investment Area Strategies Core Investment Areas: • Higher Education • Workforce Development and Career Advancement

Engaging, educating and empowering individuals and communities to take control of their financial health and well-being.

SPEAKERS SERIES Providing young professionals with the opportunity to connect with and learn from influential leaders in the state of Maryland and surrounding regions.

• Homeownership and Foreclosure Prevention • Business and Economic Development • Asset Building and Financial Literacy

BOARD PIPELINE Promoting equity and expanding the diversity of nonprofit boards, by opening doors for an expanded use of the “time, talent, and treasure” that qualified professionals of color can bring to board service for the benefit of Baltimore and its surrounding areas and region.



2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Walter G. Amprey, Chair President Amprey & Associates

William L. Allen, Jr. Chief Executive Officer ALW Sourcing, LLC

Bowyer G. Freeman, 1st Vice Chair Pastor New St. Mark Baptist Church

Bentley A. Hamilton President & CEO Multi-Therapeutic Services, Inc.

Karen Banfield Evans, 2nd Vice Chair Executive Director The Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation

Kevin Liles Founder and CEO KWL Enterprises

Charles P. Martin, Treasurer Regional Community Reinvestment Officer M&T Bank

Janese F. Murray Executive Director – Corporate Diversity Constellation Energy Group

Reginald Haysbert, Secretary President The Forum Caterers

Mimi Roeder Vaughan President Roeder Travel

Deborah Stallings, Historian President & CEO HR Anew, Inc.

Sheryl Wood, Esq. Owner & Managing Partner The Wood Law Firm, PLLC

Leslie Bernard Paulette Bowser Charles Brice Ashyrra Dotson Joyce Green Joyce Hill

Chineta Davis Retired Vice President Northrop Grumman Corporation Derrick Lawrence Vice President – Central Operations M&T Bank Dominique Moore, Esq. Law Office of Dominique S. Moore Ex-Officio Diane Bell-McKoy President

1114 Cathedral Street Baltimore, Maryland 21201

A. Adar Ayira


Deborah Jones Lamont Keaton Dawn Kirstaetter Yvette Larkin Alicia Lindsey Martin Njuguna Nathan Perry Danella Scruggs Deborah Stone Gloria Smith Pauline Bloise Taylor Tanya Terrell Jacqueline Thompson Cynthia Todd

An Affiliate of the United Way of Central Maryland Designate 8004

Associated Black Charities 2010 Annual Report