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Zaranda by Fernando Pérez Arellano


Castell Son Claret · Carretera Es Capdellà – Galilea, km 1.7, Es Capdellà Tel +34 971 138 627 ·


aranda originally opened in the traditional San Bernardino neighbourhood of Madrid in 2005, gaining a Michelin star just a year later. When the seasonal five-star country house hotel Castell Son Claret opened near Es Capdellà, Chef Fernando Pérez Arellano moved his restaurant to Mallorca. Zaranda had a new home. It gained its second Michelin star for 2016. Zaranda has a sophisticated interior and attractive terrace for alfresco dining, and offers four tasting menus of extraordinary creations. Descriptions highlight ingredients rather than culinary processes so each dish surprises on presentation. Arellano’s cuisine is all about produce from the hotel’s extensive grounds, Mallorca, and the Balearic Sea; his appreciation of local artisan crafts is revealed in the specially commissioned tableware on which his food is presented. Our dinner at the two-star Zaranda was a combination of ten savoury and three sweet dishes from the three tasting menus ‘... to Discover’, ‘... to Taste’, and ‘... to Enjoy’. We began dinner with ‘La Ruta de las Especias’, presented with a small card naming its five bitesized components, each with accompanying sauce. ‘S’Amfora’ also made us smile: it came with a card explaining that ancient amphorae lost after shipwrecks often became the seabed home of octopus. The ‘Lamb’s Berber dinner’ is also in parts: a bite-sized coca-like pastry topped with tiny slices of pink lamb; harira (a traditional Moroccan lamb soup which we found a little too strongly flavoured for our tastes); Moroccan sweet green tea with mint, topped with a salt-preserved-lemon foam; mini tagines of lamb kebabs on vegetables and couscous, and a small piece of lamb wrapped in a goat-milk skin. The meticulous detail, precision, and creative thought that goes into each dish is remarkable. A dinner at Zaranda does more than satisfy your appetite: it surprises, makes you smile and wonder how Arellano comes up with his innovative ideas. He shows respect for Balearic produce (from land and sea), artisan workers, and his diners. No wonder those Michelin inspectors were impressed. Chef Fernando Pérez Arellano also oversees the Olivera, the second restaurant at the hotel Castell Son Claret. •

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