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How to Get Click to edit Master subtitle style Your Boss to Be More Respectable 6/20/13

As it is not easy to find a

There are many

job that suits you, your

bosses who can not be

experience and your

treated easily, they are

expectations, it is also

tough and mistreat

who is kind, respectable

whether it is when

not easy to find a boss and appreciates his .employees

their employees

they are alone or in the presence of their .colleagues


Below are few tips that will help you and will

show you how to avoid your boss’s mistreatment and how to avoid being embarrassed in front of your colleagues


:Prevent your boss -

You should not give your

boss the chance to complain about you and your

performance or work product


Be realistic: Your bossis an ordinary person who can get angry at any time because of the stress from which s\he suffers or because of the employees’ behaviors, so do not expect what you cannot get



Relax and keep quiet Do not treat : your boss in the same way and avoid being rude with him\ her through the words that you


Instead of increasing the problem and Alleviate your boss’s stress: making the matters worse, try to alleviate your boss’s angerand stress

through knowing the main reason for being angry and try to solve the .problem and help him\her


:Apologize -

If it happened that you made a mistake, then you have to apologize for what you did and try to .solve it

This will prevent the matters from being worse than they are and will prevent your boss from treating you with an unacceptabl .e way 6/20/13

Do not make a promise that you

:Keep your promise -

cannot keep. When you accept to do something or take in the responsibility of a specific task, then you have to do it within its deadline


:Respect your time -

Do not go to your work

late and try to arrive early or at least on time. This

will help you to gain the respect ofyour boss


:Be honest Do your work and

do not try to waste your time talking with your

colleagues about


Do not talk to your boss and :Do not argue discuss your problems in the presence of .other employees

Try to sit with

your boss alone and talk about your points of view and all

the problems

that you face to find how to

solve them and how to avoid 6/20/13 them from

While :Pay attention you are talking to

your boss, you have to pay attention and

concentrate on what is said and the tasks

that are required from you. Being indifferent will increase the

anger of your boss


Be patient: Because it is difficult for you to find another job that is suitable for you and have the same position at which you are now, you have to be patientand to exert effort to adapt


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How to get your boss to be more respectable  
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