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Two inch nails Micro waist With a pale white feline face Inclination eyebrows to there Enid: I already told you I'm not going to college. Enid's Dad: [spreading jam on a muffin] Well, I think it's a good idea to keep all your options open. You could even enrol in the winter quarter. You could actually live here and go to the city college part time and still get a job if you want. Enid: [reading the back of cereal packet] Look at me, I'm not even listening to a word you're saying.

“Eliza sitting naked on a pink towel. So beautiful I could die. Concentrating, all focused in on her sketchbook, but aw, god ...her tail. Her cute little tail moving slowly back and forth, making a fan shape in the dirt. She's the one. She really is. I know that now.�

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