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and welcome to the first issue of Revive magazine! Everyone has been working very hard so we can bring you the most interesting news and features covering health, fitness, food and life. We understand that trying to stay healthy during a hectic working week is hardlet’s face it, we haven’t always got the energy to go to the gym and we’d rather eat a custard cream than a rice cracker! Luckily, this issue is packed full of ideas, tips and tricks that will help you make the right choices for a healthy mind and body. If you’re a chocoholic like me then skip to page 26 for a delicious low fat chocolate brownie recipe (I can’t get enough of them), and if it’s been a particularly bad day then don’t miss our stress busting feature on pg 40

With summer fast approaching it’s perhaps time to think about being more active- throw away those baggy jumpers you have been hiding away in all winter and drag out those running shoes from under the bed. This month is cancer research’s race for life and no better excuse to get out in the open and start running with friends for a good cause. Rebecca tells you how to prepare on pg 14 Are you guilty of neglecting your skin? Then pick up some fantastic tips on how to look radiant on pg and re-vamp your beauty cabinet with some fun skincare products you can make at home on pg 45 After all that I’m sure you’ll be exhausted and it will be time to sit down with a delicious cup of tea on pg 27 and read our tips for a restful nights sleep on pg 38. We’d love to know what you think about the magazine so do let us know by finding us on facebook and following me on twitter @revive_editor. See you next month for our exclusive interview with celeb foodie Gwyneth Paltrow.

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revive A healthy new you

Revive Te Best Be sts auty Buys

How to look and feel Get that bikini body &work out at home


Minute healthy meals

Natural beauty tips & tricks

How much does going organic really cost? March 2011 £3.50


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Top Health News Stories We’re always being bombarded by health news Nicola Caldwell finds the pic of the hottest news that affects you..

Sugar Rush


K and US researchers have found that consuming more than 335ml a day of sugar filled drinks such as coke can run the risk of high blood pressure. They found that non-sugar filled drinks, such as orange and apple juice did not have the same effect. Findings showed that individuals consuming more than one serving per day of sugar beverages had more calories than those who didn’t- this equalled 397 extra calories a day.

The British Heart Foundation stated that more research was now needed for people to understand the relationship between sugar and the blood pressure. A spokesperson for the British Heart Foundation stated ‘It is best to avoid too many sugary drinks because they add extra calories to our diets that can lead

Rashional Advice Ibuprofen Helps


ealth experts have warned that cutting down on the amount of red meat that you eat could cut the risk of bowel cancer. According to studies, consuming 100-150g of red meat a day will increase the chance of bowel cancer by 30%. Bowel Cancer is the third most common in the UK and kills around 16,500 every year.

However some experts say that people should distinguish between red meat, such as bacon and steak and processed meat, such as ham which is thought to carry a high cancer risk. The World Cancer Research Fund has advised avoiding processed meat altogether.

to obesity.’

ExerciseCuts Cancer Risk


eading an active and healthy lifestyle can cut your risk of being diagnosed with bowel cancer. Findings published in the British Journal of Cancer show that people who take regular exercise are 16% less likely to develop the cancer and 30% less likely to develop advanced cancer. A spokesman stated ‘ Exercise reduces insulin levels and improves the body’s response, it also enhances the immune system.’


tudies of more than 140,00 men and women show that those who take ibuprofen on a regular basis, have a lesser chance of developing Parkinsons disease.

Experts say that more research is needed in order to find out whether the benefits of taking the drug more often would cut any health issues completly. Scientists have for some time that antiinflammatory drugs might help buffer against the disease but it was unclear which ones in the family of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs conferred a benefit.

Warning of Salty Meals


cientists have tested the blood flow after eating a single salty meal. Research shows that it takes between 30 minutes to an hour after the food has been consumed. Before and after each meal, they recorded the amount of blood flow in the upper arm-, which is usually used to check blood pressure.

Health Warning


omatoes can cut the risk of cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disesase. Experts have found that eating tomatoes without cooking them can reduce the risk of any of the above health issues. However they also found that cooking them can lead to health problems rather than prevent them.

They tested how quickly salt had an effect on the body by asking 16 healthy adults to consume a high salt meal containing, 4g and then a low salt meal, containing just 0.3g. Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the results showed blood flow was significantly less within 30 minutes of eating a salty meal. British Experts warned that many families typically eat a high salty meal containing 4g or more each nights.

Reseacrhers based in the US found that Tomatoes are the biggest source of antioxident and has a greater potency when cooked.

A strong link has already been established between the wonder veg and a lower risk of certain diseases such as prostate cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.

MARCH 2011

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SHAPE overview of your fitness and training programmes.” Knowing how many steps you actually take will allow you to use every opportunity to take a few more here and there, therefore increasing your overall fitness. Another, less conventional way of working out at work is to buy something like the Ultrafit Mini Bike (£40.84 It’s basically an exercise bike, but without the handlebars or the saddle, and it’s half the size; perfect for placing under your desk and pedaling while you type, if that’s not too distracting. The Ultrafit also features an LCD display which shows distance, time and calories burnt, so it’s especially useful to those trying to keep track of their weight loss.

Making fitness nice 'n' easy

After a hard day’s work, sometimes you don’t feel like exercising, no matter how easy your technology and gadgets might make it. What you need is something that makes exercise fun, or makes you exercise


hen you live a busy life, finding the time for fitness can be extremely tricky. This isn’t made any easier when you think traditional exercise is as dull as dishwater. However, there are things you can buy to make improving your fitness easier and less time consuming. These gadgets exist to help you in every aspect of your life.

If you want a more intense workout then the Domyos Fitness Cube (£99.99 is perfect. It offers 30 different anaerobic weight training exercises that can utilize almost every

6 |

The compact size and low weight are teamed with a stylish design that can be personalised, making the Fitness Cube easy to move, and won’t look out of

'i'd say diet is responsible for at least 60% of your results'

place in any modern home.

Sitting at desk for eight hours a day isn’t healthy, but there are ways to get fit at work. The first is very simple, buy a pedometer. “I believe pedometers are a great tool for people who are just getting started in the world of fitness. They give beginners a good way to track their

activity levels, monitor their progress and gently increase the amount of activity they do,” said Tom Parker who runs freefi tnessti The Silva EX10 (from £19.99 is a perfect way to count the number of steps you make every day, and by monitoring it you can increase that number gradually. The Silva EX30 (from £34.99) is more advanced, with an extra accurate sensor, a seven day memory and the ability to connect to the internet giving you a “complete

Photograph by Silva

A yoga mat can be awkward, difficult to transport and sometimes it doesn’t provide the levels of grip you really need. This is where the Yoga-Paws Mini Mats (£29.99 - come in. The fingerless gloves and toeless socks are easily transportable and provide grip on any surface, and they even have an absorbent toweling inside to stop sweaty palms.

muscle in your body, and the adjustable resistance settings mean that it’s suitable for everyone. Another benefit of the resistance settings is that it doesn’t have any weights inside, so it only weighs 15kg and measures just 50x50cm when folded away.

Silva EX30

Photographs by Sony, Nintendo and Nike.

Finding time for health and fitness when you live a busy life can be tricky, Tom Gregory explores how technology can make it easier for you.

without realising. It started with the Wii (£129.99, then the extremely exercise oriented Wii Fit (£63.20 direct. add-on, and now they’ve been joined by the Playstation 3 and Move (£29.99, and the Xbox and Kinect (£99

These types of games make use of the player who must physically move about with the controller in their hand, or use their whole body as the controller. There are games involving dancing, sports, fighting and plenty more, so you can have fun playing without even noticing that you’re exercising

Of course, it’s all very well being active and exercising but you need to supplement this with a healthy diet, because it can too easy to pick up a burger or a take-away on the way home from work, and a healthy diet is very important as Tom explains, “Food is the fuel that powers your workout; I’d say diet is responsible for at least 60% of your results.”

Healthy living tips Tom Parker’s health tips for busy people:

✳ “If you feel you don’t have time, try evaluating your day. Could you get up an hour earlier or cut down on TV to do more exercise?” ✳

“During the first few days and weeks this can be challenging, however once you get used to it you’ll find your days are much more productive. Not only do you create extra time for exercise but you’re also much more alert during the day.”

There are numerous apps for pretty much all phones and devices including the BBC Good Food Healthy Recipes (from £1.79 iTunes, and the Easy Chef series of apps (from 59p iTunes,, which provide healthy recipes that are easy and quick to make.

“Start eating more natural foods and cut unnatural, processed foods out of your diet.”

There are also websites you can access for free that also provide plenty of healthy and easy recipes including Channel 4‘s 4Food (channel4. com/4food/recipes/healthy) and Good To Know’s Healthy Eating (goodtoknow.

There are so many gadgets out there now that make a healthy lifestyle easy. Even fitting exercise into a busy schedule can be much easier than you might think.

You can also buy games like My Cooking Coach (£2.46 for the Nintendo DS which gives you healthy recipes with video and audio guides to help, as well as nutritional information and the ability to enter the ingredients you have in your fridge, which it uses to come up with a recipe.

✳ “If you eat a chocolate bar every day, swap it for a piece of fruit. If you eat chips with your evening meal swap them for some fresh vegetables instead. If you do this you’ll start to feel much more alert and healthy.”

You may already have a workout regime, but making it more effective can save you time and make you fitter. The range of Nike+ gadgets and apps (from £22 is a fun training aid that helps you to “dial in your running experience with music, workout information and immediate feedback”. You can listen to your favourite music while tracking your run and it provides information on distance, time and calories burnt, which you can then upload onto the Nike+ website. There you can keep track of all your previous workout sessions, as well as comparing them to other runners in the Nike+ community, for an extra bit of incentive to push that little bit harder next time. Top: Playstation Move, Above: Nintendo Wii Fit, Right: Nike+

MARCH 2011

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Yoga- Free

(the Arawella Corporation) PROS : This is a handy app for those interested in learning a variety of yoga poses without going to classes.

Can your phone really make you healthier?

The app provides you with a free beginners ‘Sun Salutation for Wellness’ routine.

The pose list demonstrates a variety of different moves, which muscles they benefit and shows you how to do them, offering pictures and some videos to guide you.

You can then use these poses to tailor make your own routines and store them on the app.

We know an apple a day keeps the doctor a way but how about an apple i-phone? Can this nifty little gadget with its thousands of apps help you towards a healthier lifestyle? Abigail Dance decides to test it out...


hen I brought an i-phone I spent the first few days filling it up with apps. Everything from fruit ninja and angry birds to Photoshop and NY Times. Genius.

Then one day I stumbled upon some curious health and fitness apps that claimed they could teach me yoga, help me work out, eat healthier, and cure my back ache- I frantically downloaded a selection excited by the prospect that my phone could perform health miracles- why not when it could do everything else? Unfortunately downloading them was as far as I ever got to

Nike Training- Free PROS:

Wow what an app- I have never pushed myself so hard during a work-out and felt the rewards so much the next day!

This app has lots of workout routines to choose from which focus on your specific health and fitness aims such as ‘get lean’, ‘get toned’, ‘get strong’ and ‘get focused’. Within these sections you can choose workouts suited to your ability and then further specify the intensity and length of your workout, e.g. From ‘sweat and shape’ to ‘heatwave’.

testing them out. I boasted to all my friends- ‘I’ve got this amazing yoga app’ but had never found the time to use it. These silly little apps felt like a badges of honour- good intentions sadly never fulfilled. With the summer fast approaching and swimwear taunting me in shop windows I decided it was time to make an extra effort and put my health apps to the test. Could they really ‘tone and shape’, ‘help me loose half a stone’, ‘cure my back ache’, I had my fingers tightly crossed...

my thighs had turned to jelly by the end of it!

Nike Training was fun and easy to use and the variety of moves and workouts is impressive, especially since it’s free.

CONS: Stopping to learn the exercises was a bit

frustrating to begin with but once you had learnt the move you didn’t have to pause again.

VERDICT: bbbbb

Each workout introduces a variety of different moves and exercises and has videos to demonstrate how to do them correctly.

The app is definitely worth downloading if you have a genuine interest in going to yoga classes or incorporating the moves into your fitness routine.

My Fitness Pal- Free PROS: If you’ve got a target weight you’d like to reach in a certain timescale then this app is a great way of helping you shift those lbs.

You start by imputing some basic health data such as your age, height and current weight and then you tell it how much weight you would like to loose and in what time frame.

The app helps by giving you a limit for the number of calories you can consume in a day- you then input what you are eating into a food diary and the app counts up how many calories your taking in and burning off with exercise.

I was surprised by the variety of

Back Care- Free PROS: Back care is a charity solely aimed at reducing the impact of back pain on society and their app provides a huge amount of information and exercises to help you ease back pain and stop it from occurring. Sat at a desk all day can be very strenuous on your back. Not only can it affect your posture, but also your concentration and sleep- I have suffered from back pain for many years so was thrilled to find I could get expert advice and tips easily on my phone.

The features of the app include a list of exercises which have detailed instructions and videos, a diary to log your back pain and a practitioner search so you can find back care specialists, as well as experts in acupuncture to electro-therapy.

Whilst you’re doing the workout a friendly male or female instructor (your preference) will talk you through the different movements and count you down/ into the next exercise.

It also includes fact sheets on problems such as ‘cycling and back pain’, ‘driving and back pain’, and ‘exercises for office workers’ as well as many more.

You can also have music from your i-pod playing in the background for extra motivation.

I found the ‘setting up your workstation’ tips particularly

I started with a 30 minute ‘get lean’-‘sweat and shape’ and

8 |

Photos: Getty- Ben Bloom/ Creative Crop/ Tooga/ Nicholas Eveleigh

The difficulty of the poses varies from beginner to intermediate, advanced and guru.

CONS: It would be nice to have a bigger selection of routines to start with, however I am sure this is something that comes with the paid version of the app.

Although the poses are separated into standing, sitting, lying on back etc... It would be more helpful from a fitness point of view if they were separated by the areas of the body they benefit most. I would have enjoyed the routines more if they had calming music to compliment them and it would be helpful to have someone talking you through the routine in the same way as the Nike app. It is hard to perform a work out at the start when you don’t know the moves and you are having to keep referring to your phone- this doesn’t help towards a sense of relaxation.

VERDICT: bbboo products the app had listed on its food pages, from pancakes to Boots meal deals. It certainly made me think about what I was eating and helped me to plan balanced meals. The app includes an online support community/ social network where people can seek encouragement from other dieters and follow their friend or family’s progress. This adds a competitive edge to dieting which encourages you to try that bit harder!

The graphs and data it proves you is really interesting, showing you how much you are below RDA on vitamin C and in my case in excess by 30% in saturated fat- as soon as I saw that I put down my kit-kat and reached for the celery sticks!

Con’s: It takes a bit of time adding to the app what you have been eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, shacks and even the number of cups of water you drink, but it is really interesting seeing how much you are consuming and burning off over the course of a day. VERDICT: bbbbo

helpful and have seen huge improvements in my back health.

I have been to various doctors and physiotherapist who have given me different exercises to practice in order to cure my back pain- but none of them have been as effective as the exercises on this app.

Con’s: Although there

are an extensive list of exercises to choose from on the app, they are not separated by where on your back the pain occurs.

This means you have to do a bit of trial and error in finding the ones that best suit your needs.

VERDICT: bbbbb MARCH 2011

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After work workout Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in a trip to the gym. So why not try exercising at home? Amy Greening finds out the best ways to workout after work. . .

It’s so easy to become a member of your local gym, and make plans to go a few times a week. In reality, you end up getting home from work and dreading it; so you put it off, telling yourself you’ll go the next day, but you don’t. Just think of all the new shoes you could buy with the money saved by not having a membership you don’t use.

So working out at home is a great alternative. It doesn’t have to cost a thing (see our handy tip box) and you don’t have to worry about other people watching you, which is one of the main reasons women don’t like going to the gym.

Personal trainer, Teri Smith, told us why exercise is so important: ‘Not only does regular exercise improve your mood and sleep, it also lowers your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood

pressure, gallstones and colon cancer.’

If you want to feel and see the benefits, you need to put in the time. ‘Try and accumulate about 30 minutes per day of exercise; it can even be in small bouts of 10 minutes,’ said Teri. Bearing this in mind, working out doesn’t seem so daunting, does it?

‘Try and accumulate about 30 minutes per day of exercise; it can even be in small bouts of 10 minutes’ There are lots of easy exercises you can do at home, including sit-ups, pressups and push-ups. If you remember to warm up and warm down with stretches, it’s unlikely that you’ll pull any muscles.

Adding in equipment will help too, think weights, resistance bands and exercise balls. Mixing it up will stop exercise feeling like a chore, and you’ll

be much more motivated to do it.

Why not put your favourite music on as you workout? You’ll find time flies by and listening to it enhances endorphin production, which relieves stress. ‘During all exercises remember to bring your tummy in so that you’re working your central core muscles. This will help support your back in the future, and on those days when you really can’t find the time to exercise,’ advised Teri.

Sat at a desk at work all day, hours can go by without you moving once, so try out some simple moves. They will ease stress, decrease migraine headaches and keep your muscles from clenching up. You might feel embarrassed, but chances are, if you involve your workmates with it, they’ll join in too. The moves can also be practiced at home when you’re watching television. Eating the right foods and making exercise part of your daily routine is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and it’s easier to do than you first thought, isn’t it?

Top Tips

Forward lunge: hold position (15s) with one leg then swap

10 |

✳ Use cans of soup for weighs, or if you want to be in control of how much they weigh, fill empty bottles with sand or pebbles ✳ Use the stairs, chairs and other household items to aid your workout ✳ During the ad breaks on TV, run up and down the stairs, or a few steps over and over ✳ Take your dog for a power walk or jog, lasting 10 minutes. If you don’t have one, borrow a neighbours ✳ ALWAYS warm up and warm down with stretches, like the lunges (see left & right)

Weightlifting: holding your elbows to your sides, lift the weights up and down. You can repeat this as many times as you want (at least 15 times).Over time you can increase the size of the weights as you build up your stamina. Also try raising your arms out to the side, with the weights in your hands, and hold the position for as long as possible.

Side lunge: hold for 15 secs then swap legs. Repeat twice

Photography by Ruth Jenkinson, Glowimages and Imagesource for Getty Images


fter a long day at work you could be forgiven for wanting to sit down and relax for the night, but spending an hour, or even half an hour getting your heart rate pumping can make a lot of difference.

At your desk/on your sofa: ✳Sitting tall in your chair, stretch both arms over your head and reach for the sky. After 10 seconds, extend the right hand higher, then the left ✳Let your head loll over so that your right ear nearly touches your right shoulder. Using your hand, gently press your head a little lower, Hold for 10 seconds, Relax, and then repeat on the other side ✳Sit facing forward, then turn your head to the left and your torso to the right, and hold for a few seconds. Repeat 15 times, alternating sides ✳Sitting up straight, try to touch your shoulder blades together. Hold, and then relax

The bridge (a lower back exercise): Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Keeping your torso straight, press your feet to the floor and squeeze your buttocks as you lift your hips up. Hold for 5 seconds and as you exhale bring your buttocks back down to the floor. Maintain a neutral spine as you come back down. Repeat 5 times. 60 second aerobics: ✳Do a football-like drill of running in place for 60 seconds. Get those knees up! (Beginners, march in place) ✳Simulate jumping rope for a minute: hop on alternate feet, or on both feet at once. An easier version is to simulate the arm motion of turning a rope, while alternately tapping the toes of each leg in front ✳While seated, pump both arms over your head for 30 seconds, then rapidly tap your feet on the floor, football-drill style, for 30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times 30 mins of aerobic activity at least 5 days per week decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Exercise ball and resistance band: available to buy for under £10 they can be used to aid workouts, such as with

press-ups (above) and the band (right) can be used when your stretching your legs

MARCH 2011

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N g in

team against Italy, where they won 68-5 showed their agility and fitness. They were always ready and focused. This is what we aim for and in our recent win

th e m

o S y

‘As a trained Ballroom and Latin dance teacher, playing rugby was the last sport I thought I would play’


(51-5) we proved that as a team we could do it.

We do it wearing lipgloss Woman’s rugby has many stereotypes deterring people from joining in a fantastic game. Revive’s Rachel Heron shares how we do it just as good as the boys except we do it wearing lip gloss and nail varnish.


hen I tell people I play rugby many reply ‘you must play touch rugby.’ Well they would be wrong. Being 5’4” and a size 10 is not what most people would consider rugby material but the truth is there is no stereotype. As a trained Ballroom and Latin dance teacher, playing rugby was the last sport I thought I would play but after two years, i have grown to love it more and I am not alone. This year my university rugby team grew from 11 to 26. We recruited a variety of girls, from dancers to people

who never played sport, let alone a full on contact sport.

The game that is rugby Rugby is a game of skill, stamina and on occasion aggression. Playing the game is a great way to keep fit. Most people fear that playing rugby will hurt them, but once you have learned to fall properly and tackle it gives you the confidence to play a game. Training sessions are around two hours long but it doesn’t feel it. The session begins with the warm up,

where we jog around the pitch twice, often followed by running around in a small area where you pass the ball between one another, it’s an exercise which allows you to practice ball skills, communication and build stamina as a rugby games lasts 80 minutes. Stretching afterwards is important to make sure no injuries occur.

By this point you can already feel out of breath. So the next step is to split into groups and do some passing exercises, which helps with stamina and communication between you and your team-mates. Then it gets to the fun bit. Whilst learning ball skills and doing cardio you can also get rid of all your stress and aggression by running at some tackle bags (trust me, it works). Taking out a couple of tackle bags whilst thinking it’s that person who has really annoyed you.

We then go on to playing a game that allows you to tackle real people and have a laugh with your team. Rugby is great for your legs as it involves a lot of running back and forth chasing the ball. It mainly works out cardio so be prepared to get a little sweaty and keep rehydrated. Watching England woman’s rugby

12 |

It gets a little serious on the pitch sometimes because naturally everyone wants to win but off pitch its time to let our hair down and just have fun with friends.

Off the pitch

My Top tips

After all that hard work it is time to play and socialising is a big part of rugby. Being apart of a team is a great experience and as well as being fit you have a new group of people with whom you already have one thing in common.

afraid the other team will know but if you act tough then they will hesitate before tackling you.

Whether we win or lose the night after the match makes everything seem better. We enjoy playing drinking games and having a laugh. Being a part of a team means you don’t have to just sit and talk to the same person all night or worry about feeling left out. Everyone gets along so you never have to worry about awkward moments.

Social nights consist of sometimes dressing up, which can always be a little messy especially when you have to be painted green. Some nights it will be casual and we wear our social tops, which means you don’t have to worry about dressing up, it’s all about having a girly night out. Yet the best nights out are when we dress up in our finest and show that even though we get ‘down and dirty’ on the pitch, we too can be as glamorous as any other girly girl.

✳Don’t be afraid. If you are


is key. Your team mates need you to tell them where you are and to be there for support during the game.


important to tackle incase to avoid injury.

It’s right

✳Stay focused. It pays to be

aware during the game so you don’t miss any chances to score.


aggresive. If you have agression on your side it will be easier to tackle someone.

✳Trust your instincts. If you

think you can make a tackle, pass or even score a try then go for it. Your team mates will always be there for support.


confident. If you are confident it helps your team to be confident and for you to make those crucial plays.

✳Enjoy it! Its a great chance to be a part of a team and play alongside your friends.

MARCH 2011

| 13



The feel good path to a healthy lifestyle

ht), 22, Sales

tocks (rig Michaela Mat


Rhianne Aitk

in (left), 19, S

“I ran with my two sisters in memory of m died of breast y mum who cancer in 2005 . I wanted to ra prevent peop ise money to le going throug h what my fam through. If yo ily and I went u’re thinking of doing it you de finitely should !”

uld yself that I co to prove to m rt you feel um. I wanted m pa y g m kin th ta wi d n “I ra ey an ed out a raising the mon effort and help do it. In both ve made the u’ year.” yo is e th n us ai ca great be nt to run ag I definitely wa great charity.

Chinese at the weekend, having fast food too often will be detrimental to the hard work you are putting in at other times. However, treating yourself to your favourite takeaway once a fortnight, or once every three weeks will make you feel less like it’s a ‘banned’ food, and therefore you’ll be less likely to crave it. Complement your diet with drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Drinking the recommended 2 litres a day will replenish the fluid you lose from sweating during your workouts and keep your body on form. A final word on what to eat: don’t over analyse everything! It’s impossible to eat healthy all the time, and if you’re looking for balance, that small chocolate bar you can’t stop thinking about won’t undo all your other efforts, so it’s best not to place a ban on all treats.

Thousands of women take part in the annual Race for Life - Rebecca Rogers reports on how taking part can boost your fitness routine

Taking place at a number of locations across the country, Race for Life is the perfect opportunity to encourage you to stick to your fitness routine whilst raising money for a worthy charity. Whether taking part with friends, family, or alone, there’s the option to take part in either a five or 10k mini-marathon this coming summer.

14 |

If you haven’t taken part in a minimarathon before, thinking about doing one might seem like a daunting task at first, but a proper training routine can help you reach your goal. It’s important to take it one day at a time, rushing ahead by thinking about how you will complete your 5 or 10k run, before you have even

‘Race for Life is set up to be a fun and pressure free event, so this is how you should feel facing it’ started, will only lead to frustration and a decline in motivation.

Make sure you eat well It’s probably not new to hear that in order to achieve a desirable fitness level you

have to strike a balance between both exercise, and healthy eating. Your eating habits are one of the first things you should address before you get started with any training. Eating a balanced diet will help you get the energy you need to keep you going for longer, which in turn will keep you motivated. Whilst it isn’t a secret that a balanced diet should be part of everyday life, it might surprise you to hear that one of the food groups that you can be more lenient with is carbohydrates. Often this is the type of food you are told to cut back on, but when preparing for a marathon (or in this case, a mini-marathon) your body may benefit from a higher carb intake, so don’t fret about having that extra helping of pasta – it will give you the extra energy boost to keep you going for longer. The obvious no-no is takeaway food. Whilst we all enjoy that cheeky

Don’t overdo training Photography by Getty Images


ike many other women you are probably suffering from the same post-Christmas/New Year slump in your exercise routine and want something fresh to kick start your enthusiasm again. Every year Cancer Research sets up a series of fundraising events across the UK. Race for Life is a charity run which encourages women of all ages and fitness to get involved. This year’s registration has just opened in preparation for the events in the summer, so why don’t you get involved?

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking you need a strict exercise routine that sees you at the gym five or six days a week, but we all know this is difficult to maintain. High goals become hard to stick to and this can often signal the end of any routine. Taking part in Race for Life gives you four or five months worth of training, so there’s plenty of time to plan, and you can take things slowly to begin with. One of the easiest ways to make sure you stick to your routine is to be realistic. If you only have time to go to the gym three times a week, then that’s fine. Complement this by finding other ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routines. Maybe you could cycle or walk to work instead of driving, and if you take a bus you could get off one or two stops


before your actual stop to get yourself moving for longer.

It’s incredibly important to vary your routine. Whilst a mini-marathon might call for your body to learn to run for long periods of time, spending all your time on the treadmill will get boring very quickly. See what exercise classes are available in your area and try something new – these are also held in places such as village halls, so look further than your local gym. Swimming is also great exercise, and it’s something you can do without feeling like you’re pushing yourself further than your body can cope.

On the day After all the preparation you’ve done

you’ll feel more confident about the race day. Race for Life is set up to be a fun and pressure free event, so this is how you should feel facing it. There are no rules for how quick you should finish, or how fast you should run, so you should feel confident that you’re able to complete it at your own pace. Your motivation should be the satisfaction you’ll feel once you’ve finished, not only on a personal level, but also knowing that you’re helping a charity. It may seem daunting at first, but we guarantee this is a run that anyone, and everyone can never know, you may even enjoy it, and find yourself signing up for another - good luck! For further information on where you can take part visit

Q u i c k t i p s t o r e m e m b e r. . . *You will need a good pair of running shoes - Nike have a range of trainers specifically for running *Build up your running time slowly - you don’t have to pay for this at a gym, find a scenic park in your area *Each week, or fortnight, go for a lengthy run and build on this until you reach the length of run you’ll be doing on the day *Sticking to a balanced diet will keep your energy levels stable *Do exercise other than running - yoga can help to relieve stress and give you that mental preperation to keep yourself feeling strong *Drink no more than one energy drink during exercise - water will keep you hydrated for longer MARCH 2011

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SHAPE Acupuncture

Photos from

No Pain No Gain? That old adage is a dangerous one to live by as even small pulls or strains can be aggravated and become much more serious over a period of time. Dan Dugay looks at the healthiest ways to avoid a long term spell on the recovery bed.

Easy steps such as stretching and gradually warming up the muscles rather than rushing straight in to full blown activity are vital and can help avoid injury and the long periods of time that accompany recovery. This is quite simply the easiest, least time consuming and cheapest way to avoid an injury. Below are some basic stretching exercises so there really is no excuse for not warming up properly!

Vitamins and Amino Acids

Vitamins are important in healing injuries, particularly Vitamin C, as they produce collagen which holds together the skin, bones, tissues and organs.

Amino acids work in a similar way, forming collagen, as well as producing antibodies, hormones and enzymes which help to build muscle. There are various types of amino acids, which, when combined, contribute to recovery from injury by encouraging muscle growth and repair and by providing vital energy and glucose to the muscles.

Acupuncture is not backed up by scientific evidence, instead it’s all about making sure your ying and yang are in order and that your life force or Qi (pronounced chee) is flowing freely.

Acupuncture is a relaxing experience that can help with neck and back injuries in particular by causing the body to release natural endorphins which relieve pain. Not so scary after all then.



Taking action to prevent injuries from occurring is key to any form of exercise but is often ignored by those who are either in a hurry or simply can’t be bothered.

Sticking a load of needles into your body probably sounds about appealing as lying on a bed of nails but proponents of this ancient alternative medicine claim it can treat and prevent disease, promote general good health as well as healing pain in specific places.

Arnica Cream

Arnica cream is useful in prevention as well as recovery from injury. It stimulates white blood cells in the body which help to move congested blood from around contusions so is particularly effective at healing sprains and bruises. Applying it before a run or exercise class can help avoid muscles feeling sore the next day. Where can I find it? Boots or any high street chemist will stock it. How much does it cost? £ 5.94 (Boots price)

Like acupuncture osteopathy is not backed up by scientific evidence, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t work. Osteopathy is based on the idea that the structure and function of your body are linked; so any problems externally could affect you internally. There are no needles involved in this though as osteopath’s use their hands in a technique almost like massage to ease out stress and strains.

Aloe Vera

Lotions made from the juice of the Aloe Vera plant have been shown to be effective in healing swelling, joint pain, and muscle soreness. Where can i find it? Boots or any high street chemist will stock it How much does it cost? £.8.16 (Boots price)

Where are acupuncture and osteopathy available? Visit to find your nearest acupuncturist. Visit to find your nearest osteopath. In some areas it is also available on the NHS. How much do they cost? Acupuncture can cost between £30 and £80.

And for something a bit different...

Where can i find them? Boots, GNC, Holland Barrett How much do they cost? Vitamins - £2.14 - £8.16 depending on which Vitamin (Boots price) Amino Acids - £2.19 (Holland & Barrett


Magnet Therapy

he use of magnets to aid recovery may sound more than a little odd but there has been evidence to suggest that it does work.


A two week study in Florida where patients were subjected to 8 treatments of magnetic field therapy to alleviate pain in their knees resulted in 46%per cent of the group claiming it had worked and that their movement was easier. There is similar evidence to suggest that magnetic field therapy can also help with wrist pain. However, it is still very much in the experimental stages of development and if we ever do see a mag-

netic ward at the hospital it will be some time from now.

16 |

MARCH 2011

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SHAPE I’ve recently taken to playing badminton with my partner. It’s remarkable how the gentle swooshing of a racket can work up a sweat (especially when my competitive streak makes an appearance- you’ll be surprised how much harder you play when pride and dish-duty are at stake.)

Of course, the clichéd walks through meandering parks are still effective. Spend an afternoon getting lost in the woods, and feel refreshed and healthier afterwards (assuming you’ve resisted a Yogi Bear style picnic.)

Having a partner there is also a great way to keep motivated. I’ve lost count of the number of failed fitness regimes I’ve notched up. Add someone else into the equation, and a set time and place, and suddenly fitness has stopped being a chore, and has become some much needed ‘us time’, a welcome sanctuary from the toils of everyday life.

Image: Getty (Paul Bradbury)

It’s a great stress release, too. You can sweat those nine-to-fives away, safe in the knowledge you (hopefully) aren’t about to castrate him for soiled pants and ignoring coasters. By the time you get home, tired but happy, it’ll be that much easier to have a quiet night on the sofa. You could even treat each other to a massage. So, if you find yourself staring blankly at your man’s moobs later, you know the time is right. You can fall in love with sport, keep healthy, and find yourself forming an even closer bond with your beloved, all at the same time. What more could you ask for?

If your man’s getting a little soft around the edges- tell him so, and reap the benefits, says Angus Marriott


he room fell silent. With tension building, I had to very carefully consider my response. Was I angry? Upset? I didn’t know. All I knew was that my Nan had just said I looked nice and comfortable. The fact she felt the need to euphemize my weight gain is tragic enough already, but worse still was the sad truth that this was news to me. How had I not noticed the increasing strain being placed upon my tiny, skin-tight t-shirts? Perhaps I was in denial. I’d gone from a gym-buff to a cheese-puff in no time at all. Maybe I was still seeing my former self in the mirror? If I’m honest, I think I still do.

18 |


Weight gain is an inevitable part of being in a relationship. You get comfortable, and relax that little bit too much, and sadly no amount of sex is going to burn the resultant pounds off.

‘I’d gone from a gym buff to a cheese-puff in no time at all...’ But that’s where we need greater communication in couples. If you have body issues, you can be pretty sure your man does, too. Be it the little potbelly that’s ‘crept up’ on him, or maybe his prematurely graying hair, there’s

probably something on his mind.

It’s only by being frank that we can get to the bottom of this little problem. Don’t be scared to refer to his physique as ‘doughy’. Perhaps refrain from tugging at his love handles, but a gentle nudge in the direction of a gym is no bad thing. You can get involved, too. Kill two birds with one stone. If you succeed in getting Romeo off the sofa, go with him. There are few greater pleasures than having a good work out together. You won’t have to worry about the creepy iron-pumpers checking you out on the cross trainer, you can relax, and enjoy a pressure-free exercise.

about the little, sweet fruits. I doubt largely having to peel a banana will ever have to same appeal as the rustling of a bag of popcorn.

‘If it’s not trying to hide the fact he’s picking his nose, it’s the subtle adjustment of his nether-regions...’ Leftovers. Or, as I call them, seconds. The bane of so many good health kicks, a week’s worth of good behaviour is easily undone by the extra portion or three of lasagne that seems to vanish every time he looks at the centre of the dinner table. Try keeping any extra food in the kitchen, firmly out of sight. This is also a great way to save time preparing your packed lunch.


Now, the hardest part. When we get the odd day off, it’s all too tempting to become some manic cleaning fiend. Waking up even earlier than normal, we subject ourselves (and our partners) to hovering, dusting, and general hustle and bustle.

This needs to stop. Sleep deprivation and weight gain are closely linked- a lack of sleep increases appetite, so snacking becomes more frequent. If we take our time on a weekend morning, have a nice cosy Did you know... lay-in as average woman gains a couple,

You don’t have to stop there, either. Perhaps this is the ideal time to The wean yourselves off 10lbs during the first three the obligatory bar of years of a new relationship chocolate that finds its way into movie night. I’m all for routine, and having a night alone with a DVD is great. But that could be a few squares of chocolate too many each week. Maybe turn up the romance a little. Trade in chocolate for strawberries and grapes (of course meet him halfway at first- coat them in chocolate). After all, it’s the picking that’ such a lure. If it’s not trying to hide the fact he’s picking his nose, it’s the subtle adjustment of his nether-regions. It’s the same with the food, it just occupies his hands a little. What could be more tempting to those hands than having to wrestle a grape off the vine? Try not to go too far, though. It’s all

perhaps we can start to fight the threats of sleeplessness.

Obviously, this isn’t advised for a weekday. No-one wants to be the wethaired slacker bumbling into work an hour late. But on days neither of you have to be up- don’t be up. Take it slowly, there are plenty of hours in the day to suit your cleaning needs. Besides, if a lay-in leads to a passionate weekend rendezvous, then he might even be a little more cooperative. So, there you have it. Keeping healthy as a couple isn’t the challenge it may seem. In fact it can be even more rewarding, and a great way to keep things interesting between you.

Three Top Swaps Hers ‘n’ his

Ever noticed how he always tries to enlarge your portion? Go with it, but top it up using his share, and see if he notices!

Chicken out

Every now and again, change up the chicken in your stir-fry with a lower fat option, such as Quorn. See if he notices- I doubt he will!

Milk it

Swap your whole milk for semi-skimmed in your tea. Every little helps.

Image: Getty (John Lund)

Fitness for two


MARCH 2011

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e m o

g n i th

S y r


w e N

Yoga: body & mind

Yoga has rapidly become one of the most popular types of meditation. Praised for its different health benefits, Yasmin Brown investigates whether yoga really can affect both body and mind.


’ve always wanted to try yoga but have never really had the guts to go to a class. Having listened to advice on how to beat stress, with none of it working, I thought it was time to try something completely new. So I plucked up the courage to try yoga with a few of my friends, to see if it really would help me relax. Yoga originated in India and involves traditional mental and physical disciplines, associated with meditative practices in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Research shows that yoga has many benefits for the body, inside and out. These include the lowering of blood pressure, as consistent yoga decreases blood pressure through better circulation. Also, different poses can change the body’s metabolism, helping to control hunger and maintain a healthy weight.

It has anti-ageing benefits too; yoga stimulates the detoxification process within the body and it’s this process that helps delay ageing. One of the main attractions to yoga is the way it can help with mood and stress levels. It combines a strong mind-body connection with focusing inwards, to help the process of mood improvement.

‘Experts say that regular practice boosts energy and will leave you feeling rejuvenated after a session, rather than tired, and another attraction is the way it relieves pain in the body.’ Experts say that regular practice boosts energy and will leave you feeling rejuvenated after a session, rather than tired, and another attraction is the way it relieves pain in the body. Many people who experience back pain look to yoga for help as it helps with pain tolerance. It has also been reported that it can help with neck pain. With all of these benefits on offer, it’s no wonder that yoga has become so popular. After a particularly stressful

day I went to my first class, full of expectations. I’d been told to look forward to loud chanting, extreme poses and, of course, the much talked about mishap of letting off gas in the middle of poses. Nevertheless, as soon as I walked into the class I immediately felt calm. The instructor made us feel welcome straight away, and when the lights turned off to create a peaceful environment and the heaters came on to relax the body, I felt like I was somewhere completely different. Some of the poses, like the lotus, were quite hard for beginners but it became clear that after a lot of practice it would be possible for anyone to do. The lotus involves sitting up straight with your legs crossed over one another. Other poses, such as the cobra, in which you lay on your front and stretch bending your back, really helped with the back muscles and posture. There was a lot of attention to breathing, which relaxed both my mind and body.

Once the class was finished I become extremely tired and couldn’t move to begin with. For the first time in ages my whole body felt de-stressed and I will definitely be introducing yoga into my lifestyle, so why not try it too? Photography by Reggie Casagrand & Getty Images

When it comes to stress, the concentration that is required during

this type of meditation tends to focus attention to what is happening right there and then. This distracts the mind from other stresses that take place in normal day to day life.

20 |


Healthy Meals in 10 minutes Words Jemma Gilpin. Pictures Jemma Gilpin.

Head Lee is award f Chef o West g n i n nt win stuara e r x e s Sus & es Bar ‘ Whit n’ Kitche

Jamie Oliver might be able to do 30 minute meals, but here at Revive we can do better. Our resident chef, Lee Cowan, makes us meals in 10 minutes, and they are super healthy too.


e love food at Revive, but we know sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to produce a culinary masterpiece for dinner. We know that we should be eating our vegetables and keeping carbs to a minimum after 6 o’clock but to be honest after a hard day at work we don’t want to think about it, we just want tasty food quickly. So we’ve got our resident chef Lee Cowan to whip up a healthy meal packed full of vegetables that takes less than 10 minutes to make and tastes amazing.

Garlic and ginger King prawns with Chinese style vegetable stir-fry and sweet chilli sauce Ingredients Half a deseeded chilli 1 clove garlic A dash of soy sauce

A dash of olive oil/spray oil A thumb sized piece of ginger A small tin of water chestnuts A small tin of bamboo shoots 1 red pepper 2 spring onions 1 head of bok choi ¼ chinese cabbage 100g raw peeled king prawns 150 g ready to wok noodles 100ml sweet chilli sauce

Method ⁕Drain the water chestnuts and bamboo shoots ⁕Chop the red pepper* ⁕Roughly shred the cabbage and bok choi ⁕Quickly chop the chilli, garlic and ginger ⁕Heat a wok with a dash of olive oil ⁕Add the chilli garlic and ginger and fry for 30 seconds ⁕Add the king prawns and the soy sauce ⁕When the prawns are just about cooked (it won’t take more than two minutes) Add the all the remaining vegetables

⁕Cook for about a minute and a half, until they are cooked but still crunchy ⁕Add the noodles following the instructions on packet (most take about two minutes to cook) ⁕Whilst the noodles are cooking add the chilli sauce ⁕Remove from the wok and garnish with some extra spring onion or chilli sauce if you have any left. *don’t worry about cutting things perfectly, just quickly chop things up, different sizes won’t make any difference to the recipe

The Facts

*This meal serves two *It contains less than 500 calories per portion * it costs less then £2.50 a portion

MARCH 2011

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EAT WELL encouraged people to turn their private gardens into vegetable patches and around 140,000,000 did it. After the war people were glad to escape the rationing and enjoyed the imported products that seemed to taste better when they didn’t have to work to get them. This has stuck ever since as life became faster, busier

‘They look so much healthier, they’re sexy looking carrots.’

It’s time to crop up to the rest The UK has been nominated “Lazy Man of Europe” for organics. Kirsty Wilson finds out what ever happened to growing and cooking food like grandma used to make?


ast week you promised to do something good for the world and buy organic, only this week you still walked past that aisle. The Soil Association has our guilt pinned as we come last in a study on organic consumption and farming. Our European neighbours in Denmark steal one of the top spots again for this healthy lifestyle we haven’t quite adapted to- maybe this is the reason they’re named the happiest country in the world?

Buying food from local producers, growing your own and avoiding fast food, is a recycled trend that we’ve all heard about before. ‘Organic’ isn’t just a buzzword for most countries in Europe, so why hasn’t it crept into our own cupboards yet? Clio Turton from the Organic charity The Soil Association thinks that ‘people want to improve their connection with food for morals and principles and there is a loyal customer base who buy organic for these reasons. Organic eating and drinking is a lifestyle choice and once the choice is made people rarely go back to usual products.’

22 |

Teraza Wakeman is wary of howmuch she spends on food when she relies on only her husband’s wage packet to feed a family of four, ‘since buying organic fruit and vegetables I’ve only noticed a couple of pounds difference in the total and I notice prices decreasing in the shops.They taste like a good old carrot. They remind me of what my granddad used to grow on his allotment. They look so much healthier- they’re sexy looking carrots. I should probably think about the other organics rather than just the fresh options.’ The Danes came second in the league and are admired for their healthy eating habits. For us though, the days of caveman-style foraging for food were interrupted by invasions and wars. This includes those Danes back in the ninth century when the Vikings plundered England and brought their eating habits with them. More recently, it was only 50 years ago that the British public took pride in their own vegetable patches as a food source- during WW2 the government used ‘Dig for Victory’ propaganda that

Why go organic? Environment

By shopping organic and especially from local organic producers, you will be helping to reduce the food miles our imports add to the world’s carbon footprint. The way farmers rear their animals and grow the fresh products also reduces the amount of CO2 released.

Health Benefits are inconcclusive but we think that less pesticides and no GM crops is better for us.

Animal Rights Animals are fed organic food, they’re not caged but left to roam and they live a lot longer.

Photography by Camilla Plum/ Getty: creative crop and Roelef Bos/ Pdina Marca

and since the recession, money became tighter.

‘From 1993 we noticed a double-digit growth in organic sales for an entire decade. We’re not enjoying that now because of the recession, seen in our organic market value dropping by over 13% compared to Denmark’s increase in sales,’ said Clio. ‘It doesn’t have to be expensive- people can use this as a chance to be more creative with their shopping instead of shopping for convenience. Cut back on other things like meat and you can afford it. Food used to be a higher priority and a higher budget went on food. Now people expect more from a lower budget.’

James Whinpenny is a spokesperson for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and spoke to us about the effect the recession has had on supermarkets selling organics: ‘During the recession they reduced the amount of space and therefore exposure to them. Consumers buying organics is beginning to level out and supermarkets are noting this and dedicating more shelf space to organics.’ Supermarkets are noticing a trend that people do want to keep hold of their principles (or develop them) without the price tag and with accessibility. Asda proved this in January by cutting the price of organic milk from £1.73 to £1.55 and saw the volume in sales rise reflectively. Coincidently, it’s also Asda that has just taken over the Danish food chain Netto in the UK. In Denmark, this chain stocks the most organic products than any other supermarket- they understand the concept of more products on show equals more exposure which equals more sales. It’s harder to walk past more products and not feel guilty for avoiding them. Our minds are telling us to pick up organic at the store but our purses stop the hand reaching out. It’s time to break the mould and go back to enjoying food for what it’s supposed to be- good tasting, healthy and it’s fun to bake. It’s about a lifestyle choice rather than the few pounds lighter your purse will be. Think of it as your good deed for that day.

Camilla Plum


fter achieving her architecture degree Star of five cooking series on Danish television, runs her own organic farm ad produces cook books. She’s now recording her latest program on spices.

“My organic nursery is the only one in Denmark. We still have high levels of obesity like the UK and when the parent sare still feeding their children crap it’s no wonder they grow up fat, dumb and ugly. Times are changing though and the population that does care is growing. Only these people are middle class because the lower classes can’t afford it and the rich are too lazy- it’s a political problem.

‘It’s no wonder they grow up fat, dumb and ugly.’ New familes want to eat organic because they don’t want to pollute their babies. Others need to be educated so organic can really take off.

Everybody knows it’s good for you and that gardening is a good way to be in contact with nature. They need to be taugh that a pea doesn’t have to be big, floury and nasty. They’re supposed

to be succulent, sweet and small. They need to see that 100 vegetables can be cooked 100 ways compared to meat that only has one taste.”

Paul Cunningham


he Essex boy living in Copenhagen- he opened his own Michelin star restaurant there in 2002. Booking a table at The Paul, in one of Copenhagen’s tourist attractions, Tivoli, has to be done months in advance. “Organic tastes better so why not spend a bit more and just buy it? Slowly we’re going away from the designer and oraganic is taking its place. People need to start cooking dishes that look and taste like they’re supposed to. We’ve all made the mistake of masking the flavour of things but we should go back to appreciating the real taste.

‘Slowly we’re going away from the designer and oraganic is taking its place.’

I remember Grandad in his allotment and the old boy would plough away with all his war tattoo’s showing- the only financial gain was choosing what veg he wanted and taking them home for

nan to cook. Dinners used to be three or four kinds of potatoes and atleast seven or eight types of vegetablespeople are beginning to go back to this way of life. Everyone wants to live this idyllic lifestyle and Denmark is a very good start for how it’s done. The UK is trying to catch up though and I can see it when I visit.”

MARCH 2011

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How much does organic really cost? Revive tests regular supermarket products against an organic vegetable box- they didn’t quite make the cut


veryone kept telling me how inexpensive organic actually is so after a couple of clicks on the mouse and trip to the supermarket I can deliver my results.

Back at home and with my shopping


Using Riverford was first of all a lot less hassle. I didn’t have to go to the shop and the deliveryman was very friendly. The vegetables were presented nicely in a box and it looked like a lot more food than I expected. Taste seemed to be something people raved about when I spoke to them about organic. Carrots and potatoes boiling away, I prepared a

Red potatoes 2kg Carrots 700g Onions 600g 1 bunch swiss chard Parsnips 900g 1 punnet vine tomatoes 1 celery 1 punnet portobello mushrooms Calabrese broccoli 600g Leeks 700g Beetroot 600g 2 aubergines

meal with both sets of vegetables to see if anyone, including myself would taste difference. To my surprise three friends and I all preferred the organic. The taste really I a lot stronger- I never knew until now, how tasty a parsnip could actually be. It all sounds like a cliché I know, but it’s true what they say- when you go organic you don’t go back. I certainly won’t be.

Try yourself at


24 |

Rye Bread minus the cals

At only 60 calories a slice you can treat yourself after baking

Ingredients Preferment

500 g wholewheat or wholemeal spelt 4 dl water 2 tbsp backfermentstarter


500 g white flour 3 dl water 1 large tbsp coarse salt

Only -£3.10


msiruot negahnepoC /mraf rofreviR /remorF llij ytteG yb yhpargotohP

I based my shopping basket on what I would be getting in the large box delivered to my door from Riverford organic farm in Devon later that day (as seen on the shopping list below). Some of the things, like Chad, the supermarket didn’t sell so I replaced it with an extra green beans instead.

bag and box in front of me I stared at my receipts. There was actually only a few pounds difference. So what were the benefits of organic?


Preferment ⁕Mix the preferment all together ⁕Cover it with a tea towel and leave for 24 hours Dough ⁕Mix the backferment with water and then add the rest of the ingredients. Don’t knead, just mix until it’s smooth. ⁕Let it rest for half an hour.

⁕Combine the two mixtures Hint: The dough should be very soft, but not gooey. See if the dough can take a bit more water without going very sticky. ⁕Leave the dough to rest for a few hours. Pull the sides of the dough and fold them over once every hour. ⁕After three-four stretches, leave the dough to ferment. ⁕Gently turn it upside-down on a floured surface. ⁕Cut the dough with a sharp knife, either into square buns, two long loaves or six to eight baguettes. ⁕Transfer onto parchment paper. ⁕Cut the dough with a sharp knife, either into square buns, two long loaves or six to eight baguettes. ⁕Transfer onto parchment paper. ⁕Leave the loaves to rise until at least doubled in size. ⁕Bake at 250 C for the first 15 minuttes, then at 200 C until they’re 30 minutes or until brown.

Eat like a Dane Danes eat rye bread as a smørrebrød- open sandwich. On piece of bread and lots of topping- no bread on top covering up the yummy filling. Why not try one of these on your home baked bread: ⁕Lashings of prawns. sliced boiled egg and salad. ⁕Put some smoked salmon on top and enjoy the Danish experiencedelicious. ⁕Not a fan of fish? Avocado with water cress- add a sprinkling of pepper ⁕Roast beef, beetroot and mustard.

MARCH 2011

| 25

Words Jemma Gilpin. Pictures Jemma Gilpin and Chris Cole, Dave King, James Balgrie, Miranda Lehman all from Getty Images


26 |

Healthy Chocolate Brownies

Who said that chocolate brownies were bad for you? With just a couple of recipe tweaks, we’ve made yummy chocolate brownies that aren’t bad for you so now you can indulge without feeling feeling guilty the next day Ingredients 1 cup flour 1/2 cup cocoa powder 3/4 cup icing sugar 1 tsp baking soda* 1/2 tsp salt 5 Tbsp plain yogurt or nonfat sour cream or Greek yogurt (any of these would be okay or even a similar product) 1 cup of skimmed milk 1 Tbsp of vinegar or lemon juice 1 Tbsp coffee 2 Tbsp pistachos (you can use any other nuts or dried fruit or even low fat chocolate chips) Method ⁕Preheat the oven to 180c degrees ⁕Mix the cup of milk and TBL of vinegar or lemon juice in a small bowl and set aside (this will make fat free buttermilk). ⁕Sieve the flour and cocoa powder ⁕Add the icing sugar, baking soda, coffee and salt ⁕Mix all of the dry ingredients in a large

mixing bowl. ⁕Mix the yoghurt into the buttermilk add the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients ⁕Mix until all the ingredients are combined. ⁕Prepare a baking tray (8x 8 is a good size) either using baking parchement or a little cooking spray ⁕Pour the mixture into the baking tray ⁕Bake in the oven for 10-20 minutes When the middle is set remove from the oven. ⁕Check if it is cooked by piercing with a knife, if it comes out clean then they are ready ⁕Let cool and cut into 16 pieces. Dust with icing sugar Measurements Tsp is teaspoon. Tbsp is table spoon. 1 cup is the same as 240 ml

*For more gooey brownies use 1/2 tsp of baking powder, this will change the texture to a more of a fudge like texture rather than a cake style texture



Fancy a cuppa?







There are so many different types of tea available, which can make finding the right one for you a bit confusing. Yasmin Brown looks into the health benefits of five of the most popular Green Tea

Green tea is known by many as a miracle tea. Its health benefits range from lowering cholesterol levels to combating headaches, and even depression.

Rich in antioxidants called catechin polyphenols and epigaliocatechin gallate (EGCG), which are powerful in speeding up the healing process. Research has also shown that drinking green tea can help prevent and treat cancer, as it starves the cancer cells by restricting blood vessel growth.

Most people’s first reaction to the taste is that it’s ‘grassy’, so they tend to add a lot of sugar, which actually reduces the amount of anti-oxidants in the drink. To prevent this, try the different variations that are now available, such as green tea with pomegranate. This fruit is packed with the same antioxidants as the tea, so you get the taste without losing the health benefits. Try Twinings Green tea with pomegranate, 20 tea bags for £1.00

Jasmine Tea

Previous studies have shown that Jasmine tea has a calming, sedative-like effect on people. Often used as a herbal remedy, a cup of it can offer natural advantages over traditional anti-anxiety medications.



Cranberry fruit is now being referred to as a superfood because of its potent healing properties which help fight urinary infections and kidney disorders.

Try Asda’s Cranberry and orange tea, 20 tea bags for £0.62

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has long been known for its soothing medicinal properties and great minty taste. It contains vitamin b, potassium and calcium, and its leaves can help with mild illnesses.

Peppermint has volatile oil which is a therapeutic ingredient and helps improve digestion. This can also help relieve stomach aches and cramps, as well as ease diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Many people tend to drink this tea after dinner to calm the stomach.

Try Twinings Peppermint tea, 20 tea bags for £0.97

If you want something fruitier, why not try Twinings strawberry and melon tea? Its refreshing taste is perfect for spring and summer. 20 tea bags for £0.97

It contains antioxidants which can fight viruses and bacteria, helping to tackle colds. They can also help to slow the ageing process and lower the risk of developing cancer, as well as prevent heart attacks. Jasmine tea is refreshingly sweet and has a distinct fresh fragrance and taste. It has a strong flowery aroma. Try Asda’s Jasmine tea, 20 tea bags for £1.26

Photography by Thorsten Kraska for Getty images

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a member of the sunflower family, and the tea has been around for hundreds of years. Its main health benefit is as a sleep aid as it helps to relax the body and has soothing properties. It’s often taken before bed to promote restful sleep.

It also has antifungal and anti–irritant properties, so it can help heal wounds faster and treat rashes, sunburn and scrapes.

It’s also believed that chamomile tea can help menstrual cramps, as it helps soothe the muscles spasms.

The taste is quite mild and very flowery. Many people tend to add a small amount of sugar or honey to make it sweeter. This tea is best to drink just before bed as it has a soothing effect on the body. Try Asda’s Chamomile tea, 20 tea bags for £1.28

Cranberry Tea

Cranberry tea has a refreshing and tangy taste and it’s recognized for its anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.

MARCH 2011

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EAT WELL Jack Gorman, eats more fruit and vegetables for a week to put a real healthy kick into his daily diet How hard can it be? Will he feel different?


t’s always been in the back of my head that I should eat five portions of fruit and veg a day. I presume the sheer guilt keeps it on my mind because, through unrestrained laziness, I haven’t had my five a day in years. Being a freelance journalist means it’s common to spend hours at a desk on a hideous diet of black coffee, snacks and Twitter. However, it means you’re not tied to strict timetables and lunchtime can be whenever you desire. With that in mind, I assumed this “challenge” would be as easy as getting wet after falling into a swimming pool. I’ve started feeling increasingly incompetent and irresponsible with my own health. A glance on the NHS website (after a fantastic lunch: large sausage roll, chicken and bacon slice washed down with a can of coke) showed it is easy to add fruit to your routine diet. The point of this task is to show just how easy it is to add fruit and veg into the daily diet, see how I feel physically and mentally as the days go on.

Day One: Monday

Make it fruity...

Does your man know more about the England squad from 1998 World Cup than peeling a banana? Tired of your working man eating like a pig? It is possible for them to get their five-a-day, with a little encouragement and planning, you’ll soon see a difference. Here is the man’s weekly and fruity diary...


Waking up, after little sleep, I skip breakfast but prepare some fruit snacks to take in to work. I use a yogurt pot to transport some red grapes, as well as oranges, an apple and a banana. I am rather proud of myself for attempting this challenge and stupidly line up my snacks on my desk in the same way students organise pens for important exams. It’s an easy way to get a light snack into work, so why not give it ago? Lunch consists of a small pizza, black coffee, a little chocolate and another orange. I feel this is a sensible lunch, although I have eaten a fair amount I don’t feel particularly full. So I have a few more grapes and get back to work feeling refreshed. I feel pretty smug with myself as I make a dinner, which consists of delicious omelette filled with pepper, onion, mushrooms and little bits sausage and ham. After a few grapes with a yogurt, I work on another feature for a few hours then fall asleep feeling non-the wiser.

Day Two: Tuesday

I am assigned to an interview in London’s Soho in the evening so have a light breakfast of toast and a few grapes. I waste time drinking cups of coffee and researching my interviewee but after such a small breakfast I am inclined to eat the majority of the day’s fruit around the mid-morning mark. This consists of more grapes, a couple of oranges, a banana and an apple. At midday I’m battling a hunger problem again and decide to make a chicken pasta salad. This seems wise, as I probably won’t be eating till late that evening. Furthermore, it is filling and a good way of using up leftover pieces of chicken as well as adding a little meat to, what may say, is a boring snack. After lunch I speed to London and find myself in a quaint pub in Soho interviewing two independent filmmakers about strange tales of their childhood. At 6.30pm and knowing there is a train back home just after 7, I pace the laps of the Underground and soon board the train rather than stopping for any food. The train then sits in the station for reasons unknown and I find myself sat in the aisles waiting for a seat to arise as the minutes in which I could have found dinner drift by. Despite this, the day has been good and I feel inclined to celebrate by hitting a nightclub. I reach my flat looking for some quick food, which I don’t have. However, I do have some cold chicken and some crisps as well as a couple of beers. This isn’t the best way to eat and stay healthy, I admit this is an irregular occurrence. While working your mind and body hard, you are always reminded that you need a healthy intake to keep you going. So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out what happens next. Fast-forward an hour or two and I can be found throwing some shapes to Steps and Five before finishing the celebration with a meaty pizza. No vegetables as extra toppings.

Day Three: Wednesday

I wake up early and feeling rather fresh despite smelling like a brewery that hasn’t been cleaned for a number of decades. I have the day off for visiting parents, which involves buying shop sandwiches and sitting around digesting polite conversation. I manage a few grapes again in the morning before gulping down a can of coke. You may now begin to see, the weakest part of my diet is breakfast and, like many workers, I usually skip it because I wake up late or don’t feel hungry. This is something that has to be changed as by waking up a little earlier there is always time for breakfast.

After yesterday’s food fail I have some fruit including more grapes, three oranges and a banana. The increased amount of fruit and vegetables is making me feel as stressed or as bloated. Dinner consists of a lighter than usual cheese sauce with broccoli, peppers and onions over spinach pasta. It’s a time consuming process to make the sauce but it is worth it for the delicious but light taste. It is at this point that I reminded that the meals that take time to make are usually the best and healthiest.

Day Four: Thursday

Sleeping for over 10 hours and waking up to a blend of grapes and Friends, I have a spring in my step. I want to treat myself so I buy triple “40% less fat” sandwich from a supermarket and head to a meeting. Near to midday I am struggling to hold back my urges of hunger. At the same time the meeting begins, 1pm, I devour the sandwiches like a man who hasn’t seen food for a month. I then munch through a small amount of chocolate, an orange, an apple and a trusty banana. By 2.30pm, I feel hungry again which forces me too lose my temper somewhat and come up with an insulting alternative to nicotine patches to discourage smokers. I reason my anger is directed upon the smoking members of the community because, like a smoker fag-less for a week, I am craving a big juicy burger with a mountain of chips. After a few days of feeling less stressed and better about myself, I feel actually feel worse. I don’t want to do this anymore, somehow I have lost my motivation and I don’t feel as inspired to keep to my new diet. After the meeting, I have an interview scheduled with a local record label owner. It goes very well discussing

MARCH 2011

| 29


matters relevant to us and I then retreat to dinner. After discussing more everyday stresses with my girlfriend, I head to the kitchen hoping that boiling potatoes for mash will magically turn into a wonderful waterfall of chips and the fish in bag I place in the oven will morph in to the meatiest pizza ever. This doesn’t happen, and the meal is served with boiled carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I have a treat chocolate pudding and head out to present an evening radio show, with an ugly urge to pop into a fast food chain and give in to temptation. Instead I buy a pint from the bar below the station and insist that is my new diet that is making me listen to more Radiohead than usual. A joke it may be, but I feel like I want to go back to my lazier and, maybe, easier ways. Yes, without motivation, it does become annoying to cut, peel and slice vegitables and make sure there is always a supply of fruit around. But for the results of feeling healthier and eating better, this effort and easily compensated.

Day Five: Friday

After the previous evening, I crave for some fast food to balance things out. I resist temptation as well as breakfast and indulge in a baked potato salad for lunch, with some cheese, tomato, lettuce and cucumber. I am expecting a phone call to interview a major label representative, so prepare myself for the wait by sending out emails to future interviewees. After 10 minutes my Internet dies and I am forced to find something else to do. I decide to eat fruit that ups the count my daily intake but, yet again, doesn’t make me feel full. So I have some more until I feel the hunger has passed. With it being Friday night and a


EAT WELL planned evening ahead, I plan to cook something a little special for my girlfriend. Chicken in a creamy mushroom and tarragon sauce with small boiled potatoes and mash is delicious and by far the best meal of the week.

roast that leaves the feeling that the weekend is over and it is pack to the grindstone tomorrow morning, only with more fruit in the lunchbox and better understanding of how my diet affects my daily routine.

Day Six: Saturday

Trying to get more healthy foods into your daily diet isn’t too hard. I swapped crisps and chocolate for healthy alternatives in the day but didn’t need to accommodate more vegetables in my main meal as I have plenty. Despite the vast amount I was eating I wasn’t feeling satisfied which in work terms meant I was struggling to concentrate, unless I ate more fruit or low salt chips. One way around this would be to eat a good hearty breakfast, which many people avoid. Don’t be fooled with two slices of toast, have a bowl of ceral high in fibre but low in sugar and salt such as Weatabix. This is also a great oppoutunity to up your daily fruit count by adding a banana or strawberries. It can be argued in modern times, we expect food quickly and preparing, peeling and slicing vegetables becomes an unforeseen annoyance. At times during the week I was desperate to come home and eat something quick and easy like oven chips and pie, but with a little effort I made delicious meals that weren’t too stressful or difficult to make. Which, as a result, became a pleasant surprise and is something anyone can do. Early in the week I felt less stressed and clear minded about my daily routine. Even after a night out, I woke up the next day feeling great. However, towards the end of the week I started to feeling angry, thinking of meals with plenty of veg in or snack on some fruit when I was desperate to give in. Because I had a busy working week, working hard in the day then working for a few hours after dinner, I became stressed about succeeding in this challenge as well as the other work commitments and by the end of the week I was back to eating a few bits of fruit. Regardless of the negatives and positives of this experiment, remember that a change in diet that must last longer than a week to feel the full effects. I have carried on including more fruit into my diet, thinking about sensible lunches and having a high in fibre breakfast. After eating a hearty breakfast, snacking on fruit during the day will leave me feeling full. Next time you’re planning your shopping list, add more fruit and veg to the list? You may be pleasantly surprised by the fantastic flavours they offer and how better you will feel.

I have a part-time job at the local football club working at the coffee stand on match days. I awake feeling a little under the weather, with a runny nose, sore throat and general bad mood. I have caught up on some more sleep and have a quick breakfast of some toast, oranges and a banana. I head towards work to start my shift just after midday. The club gives us a bottle of water and a Mars bar to feed us until we finish. My shift is less than eventful and I spend the majority of it making coffee for myself. I pop into a local shop and pick up a jar of bolognaise sauce for dinner and a reduced-price chocolate and vanilla cheesecake as a treat for my girlfriend. As always we add more to the bolognaise, such as more mushrooms, onion and peppers and cap it off with the chocolate cheesecake. Today has been a problematic day to eat in a more healthy way, sure I had some fruit in the morning and extra veg at night but I was resticted to what and when I could during most of the day. Ideally, I could have made more of an effort with breakfast like having a fruit salad, which is something I will try next time.

Day Seven: Sunday

Although nearing the end of the challenge and knowing I can return to life where a packet of caramel digestives is lunch, I struggle to have any fruit at all. Sunday morning is home to the toasted bacon butty and today is no exception, especially as I haven’t had one in weeks. I rub the sleep from my eyes and get on with a little work and tidying up. I have to go out to work on a magazine article, so have a quick lunch. The afternoon becomes unusually stressful, fuelled on coffee and a small Kit-Kat. I return to start on the traditional Sunday roast. I prepare the chicken only to find no kitchen foil, I sulk off to the corner shop to stare at an empty shelf where the product should be and then sulk some more to another shop. Feeling angered by the unnecessary trip outside I accidently cut my self under my fingernail whilst peeling a carrot. I throw everything in the oven and sulk until the chicken is done. Served with a stack of vegetables and a little gravy, it is a perfect Sunday

Summary of the week:

The how to guide... How Jack managed to increase his fruit and veg intake. All you’ll need is a little will power and an empty yogurt pot...


lthough it takes planning, introducing fruits and vegetables into your diet isn’t hard. You can squeeze vegetables you like into your favourite meals.

have boiled potatoes or mash served with veg that can include carrots, broccoli, cauliflower or runner beans. Very simple.

Wednesday’s Veggie pasta shares similarities with the Monday omelette expect you have to make a cheese and onion sauce. The advantage is you are in control with the sauce as you choose how much cheese goes in. Use strong mature cheddar as you can add less but get a cheesy taste.

Friday’s Chicken in a creamy mushroom and tarragon sauce is a simple dish but given a little effort tastes delicious. Prepare all key ingredients such as the chicken breast and vegetables. Chop the mushrooms, the bigger the better as they will shrink, and fry lightly in a pan with some butter. After 5 minutes add some double cream and then bring to the boil stirring occasionally so to not burn to the ban. After a further few minutes add a good amount of tarragon to your sauce. Now you can begin lightly grilling the chicken breast in a saucepan, cook till look white all over. Again adding more tarragon and a little salt and pepper to the sauce keep stirring.

Thursday’s dish was easily adapted to include more vegetables, it begins with the simple process of placing the fish in the oven. As a side you could

Always eat lunch at work? Fill a lunch with fruit. Utilise those empty yogurt pots, they can carry grapes or pre-cut apples or pineapple.

Monday’s meat and veg omelette is particularly easy to do but, depending how many eggs you normally use, you may need to use one more. Before throwing it in the pan, slice an onion, a handful of peppers and mushrooms then add to the eggs. If you’re looking for a healthy dinner then you can make it out without meat.

Once you have made the sauce add your vegetables and cook them to add extra flavour. You can include ham, sausage or bacon too. At this time boil your pasta and when done, drain the water and pour the pasta into the sauce and serve immediately.

Once the chicken is ready for the sauce sprinkle more tarragon on to the chicken and then pour the sauce over and raise the heat to reduce the runniness. With the new potatoes boiled to perfection add some dry herbs to the butter to give those spuds extra flavour.

A real health kick

personalised greetings card is a neat little touch. The four snacks are easily taken out the main packaging meaning they can be kept in the smallest of bags that many choose to take to work. They look good too. The transparent wrapping acts as a “what you see is what you get” prompt that is very apt for fresh produce. Of the box that we test there are only two snacks that can contribute to your portion of fruit or veg a day. The first instalment Born In The USA in is a blend of almonds, pecans and dried cranberries. Despite this writer not being too keen on nuts, the blend of almonds and cranberries is delightful in the palette and the two tastes work well together. So far, so good. “Beach Bum” is contains dried varieties of coconut, banana and mango and although not agreeing to this writer’s taste buds is definitely a fun way of getting vitmins as part of your 5-a-day into your diet if you are a busy worker.


hese boxes from Graze provide a healthy alternative problems in eating healthy at a busy work place. At £2.99, it certainly isn’t too expensive as a healthy alternative to many shop bought lunches. Being sent in a recyclable cardboard box gets a big thumbs up and the

The other snacks are healthy alternatives to common snacks. They are also quirky, The Korean Chilli Rice Crackers are explosively spicy but an interesting alternative to the usual, high in salt and preservatives, packet of ready salted. he final pack, Jaffa Cake, shares nothing with the cakes of the same name but rather take the ingredients and serve, which an interesting way of eating one of the nation’s favourite snack. Although this particular sample didn’t agree to our taste buds, it is important to remember that you choose what snacks you want for the box and, on the basis of this example, sure to be an interesting way to getting you eating healthy in a busy office setting. BBBBO

MARCH 2011

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EAT WELL of the disease rates. What a surprise we got. As levels decreased cancers of the liver, colon, lung, breast, brain, stomach and throat decreased.’ Doctors agree with Campbell that as intakes of meat, milk, eggs, fish, fat and animal protein go up, so does cholesterol levels. But the shocking discovery of The China Study was as intakes of plant based foods , carrots potatoes, coloured vegetables cereals beans go up, cholesterol levels are reduced.

When Lynda Jones found out her cholesterol was a whopping 9.5 she was shocked. She wasn’t overweight and was careful with her diet. After being put on statins (drugs that reduce cholesterol) for months, progress was slow.

Lynda’s story proves that whether your cholesterol level is influenced by your diet or your genes, you can lower it simply by adjusting your diet. But how radical do you have to be?

‘Since we both went on a vegan diet, one of the most frequent questions we are asked is “what CAN you eat?” but I love what Steve cooks and I don’t miss the food I used to eat,’ Lynda says. Steve shows me one of his recipes. ‘This pizza is without cheese, has a home made whole wheat base, home made BBQ sauce with loads of veg. It’s normally served with what I call “healthy chips”, which are baked spiced sliced sweet potatoes.’

Steve also shows me his vegetable curry with baked sweet potato and home made flat bread. “The flatbread is really easy to make. The dough is just flour water and seeds. Then you roll it out and put it in a hot fying pan with no oil. 5 minutes later, it’s cooked.”

One of the easiest ways to cut your fat intake is to switch to skimmed dairy products. This can dramatically reduce your fat intake in the long run. What’s more, you probably won’t notice any difference in taste.

So what are you waiting for? Start taking cholesterol levels seriously today, your body will thank you in years to come.

Lynda was told by her GP that her high cholesterol was caused by her genes rather than her own lifestyle. At the same time of this happening, Lynda’s husband Steve started a vegan diet after becoming convinced of the arguments in The China Study.

Three is the magic number

Two weeks after joining her husband on his radical diet, which cuts out all animal products, Lynda had another cholesterol test. It had fallen to 4.9. Such a drastic drop in a short period of time is unusual. The doctors were so surprised that Steve was asked to go to his local hospital and talk to top dieticians about what the couple had been eating.

Steve and Lynda Jones

Sam Hailes explains what cholesterol is, why you should be taking it seriously, and most you can lower it.


ou don’t have to be a health freak to know one of the buzz words in today’s culture is ‘cholesterol’.

It’s everywhere, and so are the adverts on every billboard offering the latest yoghurts, margarine and fish which can help you lower it.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the blood. It plays an essential role in making sure your body stays healthy, but too much of it can increase your risk of heart problems.

Most women don’t think to get their cholesterol checked until their late 40s, but by then the damage is probably already done. Cutting cholesterol is as simple as reducing your fat intake. But be warned; just because you aren’t overweight, it doesn’t mean you have low cholesterol.

32 |

Cholesterol is carried around the body by proteins. Cholesterol and proteins together are called lipoproteins. There are two types. LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is the harmful type of

‘No one would have predicted that there would be a relationship between cholesterol and any of the disease rates. What a surprise we got.’ cholesterol and can cause arteries to become blocked. HDL (high-density lipoprotein) is a protective type of cholesterol.

It’s easy to find out what your cholesterol level is. Lloyds pharmacy or your doctor will give you a free blood test, and your results will be processed within 24 hours.

After this, you will be given a number. Basically, the lower the better. If there is over five milliletres of LDL per litre of blood you’re in trouble and will have to have a chat to the doctor about how to lower it. According to the latest research, three is the magic number you should be aiming for. Colin Campbell’s (PhD) book ‘The China Study’ dubs itself the ‘The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted’ and says: ‘At the outset of the China Study no one would have predicted that there would be a relationship between cholesterol and any

MARCH 2011

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Intolerance or an allergy? Researchers are claiming that food intolerances are on the rise and can be to blame for many of our health problems. Sophie Yorke investigates


n a world of fad diets we often put our bodies under constant strain but what if you maintain a healthy diet all year round and yet you still suffer from poor skin, stomach problems and fatigue? Read on...

Q: Could your recurring health problem actually be a food allergy or intolerance?

According to statistics published by Allergy UK, food allergies affect over one million people in the UK. They’re fairly uncommon compared with food intolerances, which are becoming increasingly common in Europe and the US.

Food allergies tend to cause an instant response such as wheezing, breathing problems and stomach problems, whereas food intolerances can take hours, or even days to make an appearance. Although the body reacts differently, both food allergies and food intolerances have the ability to cause health problems in later life. Allergy UK is a leading national medical charity providing advice, information and support to people with food allergies. Executive Director, Lindsey McManus said, “I believe that food allergies are becoming better recognised, and because people now have access to things like the internet, they’re becoming more knowledgeable.” Q: Why do we get food allergies and intolerances?

One theory is that our bodies haven’t developed quickly enough. Over thousands of years we’ve feasted on nature’s whole foods – think fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds! But over the last seventy years our sensitive digestive systems have been overexposed to processed foods, additives

34 |

and chemicals which have upset our entire body chemistry, resulting in food allergies and food intolerances.

Another theory is that we humans aren’t being exposed enough to the natural bacteria that exist in our environment, as well as over-reliance on vaccines as a form of protection. McManus says “It’s poorly understood why we’ve seen an increase in food allergies; a popular theory is that of the hygiene hypothesis. Food Intolerance can be a result of many things: poor diet, eating on the run, a lack of specific enzymes to break foods down, such is the case with lactose intolerance, or sometimes because we’ve been on a course of antibiotics.

All of these can compromise the

working of the gut, leading to the symptoms we recognise with food intolerance, such as migraines, bloating and lethargy.” How food allergies work

The immune system treats the food product as an ‘invader’ and in an effort to protect itself against what it believes to be a virus, the body mounts an attack. When the body basis the immune system becomes weakened, and then we get ill. Not enough research has been done to fully understand the effects of a long-term food intolerance on the body. it does take a conscious effort to avoid the foods you shouldn’t have on a daily basis but it isn’t impossible and soon becomes a way of life.

LIFE INTOLERANCES Acne, asthma, depression, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, eczema, osteoporsis, skin problems, migraine, parkinsons, ME, some cancers, fatigue amd mind block and many more health complaints have been linked to food intolerances and can be just as having an allergy long-term. harmful as a food allergy but these can all be helped.

Alex Pirks, 22 from Edinburgh has a peanut allergy: “I was eating a chocolate bar with peanuts when I had my first reaction. I got it confirmed by an allergy specialist. When I eat peanuts my face swells and i get a tingling sensation in my mouth. Recently it’s gotten worse though. I

have avoided nuts ever since, but this has become easier since I’ve been in control of buying my own food. I read food labels whenever I buy any sort of food and I’ve got into a habit of asking the staff at restaurants about what’s in the food I’m ordering. ”


WHEAT ...and gluten allergies are on the rise in the West

Photography by Sophie Yorke and


EGGS In all processed foods SPOT THE SYMPTOMS:

A runny nose, sore eyes, hives

A common reaction is skin inflammation like eczema, hives



Wheat, barley, rye and gluten on food their labels.

Anything with ‘egg’ or ‘egg protein’.

MILK Common amongst children

SEAFOOD All kinds of fish

SPOT THE SYMPTOMS: Swelling, itching, abdominal pain, cramps and diarrhoea.

AVOID: Milk, butter, cheese, chocolate, yoghurt and ice cream

SPOT THE SYMPTOMS: Nausea, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, wheezing, and rashes

PEANUTS Most common nut allergy

SPOT THE SYMPTOMS: Breathing problems and swelling of the tongue

AVOID: All nuts for safe measure.

SOY Found in many food products SPOT THE SYMPTOMS: Acne, eczema, low blood



Cod, salmon, clams, mussels, oysters, prawns and crab

Soy or tempah

MARCH 2011

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Safe house

The pressure to be thin these days is everywhere. At Revive we want to curb this trend. Andrew King investigates living with eating disorders.


n order to draw attention to this, we spoke to Julie Martell, Occupational Therapist and Manager of Althea Park House, which is one of several houses built into the community of Stroud, Gloucestershire, designed to offer alternative recovery systems for people with eating disorders. Surprisingly, Althea House is the only Adolescent Eating Disorders House for Young Girls, with chronic, severe, and enduring complex eating disorders. It sounds very specific, but a disorder like Anorexia will start early in life, and the quicker it’s dealt with, the easier it is to help. “For about 60% of people who have a hospital admission it works well, but about 40% only have a 1 in 3 chance of a successful outcome,” Julie explains.

Many people with these disorders often go through a cycle of admission and re-admission to various hospitals, losing contact with friends, leaving the education system, and spending most of their time only speaking to the professionals that care for them or others that share their problems.

‘40% only have a 1 in 3 chance of a successful outcome’ Most of the patients there say that anorexia is now their life. Althea house brings back some forms of normality to their lives such as going back to education, or shopping, just normal things that they have probably missed out on for many years. It can be very shocking for staff to come to terms with a girl that’s so ill that she’s close to death and has spent much of her life shielded from the outside world. It’s also a scary experience for the girls themselves.

‘Our research shows that 50-60% will recover using our methods, which for the client group that we’ve got is three

36 |

times the usual success rate you might get.’ Explains Julie.

Catching something like Anorexia early is the best way to deal with it, but what are the warning signs? What should somebody be on the lookout for?

‘It’s quite normal to talk about fashion, body shape, and body size. It’s everywhere they look, they’re bombarded by it. But for one girl, there will be other things going on in her life, maybe in her history, that are making her think differently about her life.’ ‘If women notice that someone is withdrawing, or losing weight, then something may be going on. Someone with an eating disorder will be good at hiding it, but it could start with someone being ill and losing a bit of weight during a stressful time, and that makes them feel better about themselves.’

‘It’s often thought that an eating disorder is all about the food, but it’s worth knowing that it’s more about feelings and how a person deals with those feelings. If you were to notice that a work colleague, friend, or family member doesn’t appear to be coping well with a situation, then talk to them and offer your support. It’s about being open and honest, and being brave about it and about talking to another person.’ ‘Be brave, talk about it, name it, and challenge the views of what people are seeing in the papers. Talk about them, and what they see in the paper.’

If we’re honest, most of us know the warning signs behind an eating disorder. What is important to learn is the communication aspect. If a friend or family member is having a problem, don’t shy away from it, talk to them and get them help. Resources like are out there to help those in this situation. Whilst a place like Althea House is rare to find, it’s comforting to know this place exists and has a high success rate. Remember, it isn’t about food, it’s about feelings.

MARCH 2011

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Tr ys om eth ing

LIFE Top 10 Sleep Apps

1. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

ne w

2. aSleep 3 3. pzizz sleep 4. Long DeepBreathing 5. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock 6. eSleep 7. Proactive Sleep 8. Relax & Rest Guided Meditations 9. Alarm Tune 10. snacks such as whole grain crackers before bedtime may help to promote sleep.

5 steps to a better nights sleep

Finally, try

rich foods. Magnesium is a natural sedative. Foods rich in magnesium are legumes and seeds, dark leafy green vegetables, wheat bran, almonds, cashews, and whole grains.



Relaxation Techniques

These techniques are one of the most effective ways to fall asleep faster and increase sleep time, fall asleep faster, and wake up feeling more rested. They require a minimum of 20 minutes before going to bed.

You can try visualization, which involves imagining a relaxing scene. You can try it in bed before falling asleep. Involve all your senses. If you’re imagining yourself on a tropical island, think of the way the warm breeze feels

38 |

Yoga can be an active way to relax

your body for sleep as it combines deep breathing, meditation, and stretching. A Harvard study found that daily yoga for eight weeks improved total sleep time. And finally, there’s aromatherapy. The scent of English lavender has long been used as a folk remedy to help people fall asleep. Other aromatherapy oils believed to help with sleep are chamomile and ylang ylang.



It may be obvious, but start by cutting out caffeine.

Caffeine can have a pronounced effect on sleep, causing insomnia and restlessness. In addition to coffee, tea, and soft drinks, look for hidden sources of caffeine such as chocolate, cough and cold medicine and other over-thecounter medicine. Also try to avoid sweets. Although sugar can give a burst of energy, it’s short-lived and can cause uneven blood sugar levels. This can disrupt sleep in the middle of the night as blood sugar levels fall. Try not to eat within the 3 hours before you go to bed, but if you do get peckish

eat foods that help you sleep. For example, carbohydrate

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against your skin. Imagine the sweet scent of the flowers, look at the water and listen the waves. The more vivid the visualization and the more senses you involve, the more effective it will be - try to avoid watching sheep jump over fences!


Gentle, slow music is another remedy that can help to improve sleep without medication. Music has been found to improve sleep quality, decrease nightly awakenings, lengthen sleep time, and increase satisfaction with sleep. Try and keep it quiet and

How much does your lifestyle disturb or aid your sleep? Rachel Stanikk investigates different ways to help you have a good nights sleep. y sleeping properly, the body is kept stronger and fresher, the complexion is benefited greatly, wrinkles do not appear so early, the skin does not take on that muddy, yellow hue as it would otherwise, and cheeks stay pink and rosy. Many things can affect sleep, but the main problems are stress and an un-healthy lifestyle. But what are the best ways to help with sleep?

eating magnesium-


Light jazz and orchestral

are the best things to listen to. When listening to orchestral music, try to stay away from anything brass heavy. Stick to wind and string instruments.

Acoustic sounds are much

more relaxing then electric sounds. The best instruments to listen to are: ⁕ Acoustic guitar ⁕ Piano ⁕ Flute ⁕ Viola ⁕ Harp



Lack of exercise can contribute to poor sleep. Sitting around the house may seem relaxing, but if no energy is used up during the day then you'll still feel wide awake when you want to go to bed.

Muscle tension and stress build in the body. Exercise can relieve this and therefore promote deep sleep at night. However, exercise produces stimulants, so avoid strenuous activity just before bedtime. 20 or 30 minutes of aerobic exercise - four hours before bedtime - is the best exercise plan as it takes your body four to five hours to cool down after exercise.

'Exercise produces stimulants, so avoid strenuous activity JUST before bedtime' This lower body temperature is what helps you sleep. The point when your body has very nearly reached its lowest temperature is the best time to go to sleep. It’s the change of temperature that makes you tired.


Relaxing Ambience

have the soles of your feet directly facing the doorway.

This is because the dead are said to be carried out the door feet first and sleeping looks a lot like being dead. You wouldn’t want someone to make that mistake. Your bed should be positioned so that, you have full view of anyone coming in the door. If you can't do this directly, hang a mirror to reflect the doorway. This is to relieve the fear of someone entering without your knowledge.

For more Feng Shui information go to: http://www.fengshuisociety.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system, which instructs on how to arrange rooms and furniture to maximize favorable energy flow throughout living spaces. Here are some recommendations that may help promote relaxing sleep:

Try not to have the bed in a corner of the room. The corners are where energy tends to be stagnant.

Avoid putting your bed next to a window. Energy can be drained

this way.

When lying in bed

you shouldn't

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Combat stress. . . in under an hour the mind and the spirit - hence where the name derived from “Yoke” to bring together. Results: There are various styles of yoga, ranging from aerobic workouts to spiritual poses. But ultimately yoga leaves the body feeling relaxed and energised. The results are very rewarding, it not only reduces stress, anxiety and muscle tension but it brings relief to allergy and asthma symptoms, induces sleep and slows down ageing. 5-10mins


Your working day ahead doesn’t have to be stressful, by listening to your favourite songs on the go you can relax and focus. Studies have shown that music is a great way to reduce stress, putting us in a good mood. Figures have shown that 74% of commuters listen to their favourite songs whilst commuting, and another 52% were left energised and prepared for the day ahead. Research has shown that through music, it has the ability to lower extreme levels of stress, especially in people undergoing surgery, critically ill and even pregnant women.

Stress and health are very closely linked. As humans it’s an everyday function which motivates us to get things done and the boost to do all sorts of things. But with most things that are good for you, stress can also become a problem, causing distress when there is too much; or even too little. Too much stress can often trigger health problems such as anxiety, anger, and headaches and even destroy relationships in the home and at work. But there are so many techniques and products on the market on how to relieve stress but the problem is which ones actually work?


It is easy to relax in front of the TV when you’re stressed out, but getting active is a great way to make stress productive. Exercise can be in any form, it doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym.

40 |

Why not step out of the office and get which increase mental wellbeing and some fresh air and go for a lower anxiety. 10-minute walk. Most 10mins people find that going YOGA for long walks or Yoga is a great runs often help alternative to taking them de-stress pills or herbs to and clear their reduce stress. mind. In the Although Yoga Debt meantime requires time taking up a and commitment, Interviews sport helps too; it uses simple *Meeting find out what b r e a t h i n g activities are e x e r c i s e s , Presentation being held in your meditation, physical local area. Kid/ Marriage movement, mental

Top 5 Stressful situations * *

* *

imagery and stretching. Working at a desk for long periods of time could leave tension in your body. Refrain from the desk and gradually inhale whilst you stretch your arms in front of you, then exhale. This is just one of many breathing exercises. This form of stress management brings together the body,


Results: Exercise not only helps reduce your mood and stress levels but its also a great way to help induce sleep. Being stressed out puts amounts of pressure on the body. Through exercise, the body releases mood-boost chemicals such as Endorphins and Anadamine

Photographs provided by Getty Images

Stress doesn’t have to be stressful. Nicole Harry proves how you can relax in under an hour, during and after work.

Results: Music releases a feel-good chemical in the brain called Dopamine. Researchers found that the Dopamine increased by 9% when volunteers listened to music. Music has an incredible link to mental wellbeing. Instead of raking the shelves for ‘relaxing’ genres of music, it is best to stick with your own personal taste. This decision allows you to choose whatever type of music suits you best and your mood. A song or type of music that makes you feel good can help reduce anxiety and be incredibly soothing. 5-10 mins

bath, arrange candles around the room, add water to the oil and use as a room spray or even better use it to sprits the skin with. These oils have multi-purpose use, leaving you relaxed and at ease. 20mins


Often overlooked cuddles are a great way to reduce stress. Research findings have shown that a good cuddle raises levels of Oxytocin also known as the ‘love hormone’ and lowering levels of the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’ leaving us much more relaxed and in a better frame of mind. Results: Human affection costs nothing – owning a pet has proven a link to lowering stress levels, a bonus if you would like to take it easy after work. 1mins


After a long day, why not arouse your senses and detox some of that negative energy by turning your home into a relaxing sanctuary. With the use of scented candles and relaxing essential oils such as Camomile, Lavender, Neroli, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang are just a few that help to relax you. Results: Add a couple of drops to your


Besides being one known as the world’s guiltiest pleasures, chocolate is a great alternative to staying calm. High in

magnesium chocolate helps to relax the body and also contains Anandamine, which allows the body to mellow down with a feeling of peace. Results: The high levels of Phenylethylamine, chocolate raises endorphin levels which gives you all more reason to top up on your chocolate. So why not put your feet up and catch up on that novel you’ve been dying to read with your favourite bar of chocolate. 5-10mins NUTRITION A healthy diet helps to keep stress at bay, so why not start with dinner. Certain foods can trigger stress within the body, boosting our energy but at the same time leave our body deprived of essential nutrients. This can leave us irritable, tired and stressed than you were before. Caffeine and nicotine should be avoided when coping with stress as this will only add to the problem. Results: Eating a lot of nuts and seeds has a great impact on our moods, blood sugars and energy levels. To help the body relax why not try eating almonds these are particularly high in calcium since it is an alkaline mineral. Turkey is also packed with tryptophan, which boosts a calm-inducing brain chemical called Serotonin. Lean red meat, poultry, fish, eggs and cheese are good sources of tryptophan. By eating more of these foods it releases serotonin, a feelgood chemical in the brain making us feel calmer. 30-35mins

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All images coursey of Getty. Shopping picture by Helena & Frank Cultura. Hoovering picture by Zomi, roast picture by Luca Trovato.

Living for the weekend

There’s a reason diets always start on Mondays. It’s called the weekend. Charlie Bond brings you her top tips on how to resist those Saturday sins and feel fresh as a daisy come Monday.


o a social workout. Try a gym class with friends such as Zumba. The high impact dance workout is a popular way to get fit and fight the flab, whilst having loads of fun. By gathering the friends you’d normally go for lunch with, you’re still getting your weekly catch up but avoiding the calories!


ake a roast with a twist. If it’s the meal you crave all week, don’t deny yourself. Instead of roasting your potatoes in loads of oil, keep them in their skins and brush with a little olive oil to crisp.Or try substituting traditional potatoes with sweet ones, which are high in vitamins and taste great cooked in a little oil with salt and pepper to taste. When it comes to the meat, less is more. Remove all fat or rind before roasting and cook the meat on a lower temperature adding a tray of water to the bottom of the oven to lock in moisture.


k so it’s not as exciting as the news that a wine a day keeps you healthy, but still- it turns out housework is good for you. If you’ve been putting off doing a spring clean, the weekend could be the time to get the dusters out. It might be boring, but an hour of hoovering burns 193 calories and an hour of gardening burns a whopping 287 calories. Don’t fear though, while you’re playing domestic goddess, your man can get a health kick too, by burning 234 calories washing the car.


f you’re a bit of a shopaholic and love to splurge at the weekends, don’t feel too guilty. Clothes shopping burns 150 calories per hour. If you’re looking to save the pennies, go for a day of trying on. Pick out things you’d never normally wear and see how you look in new styles, or set yourself a challenge of going to all of the shops first before making just one purchase of the day. Walking to lots of shops = lots of calories burned!

42 |


lcohol can be a risk at the weekends, as overindulging dehydrates you and fills you with empty calories. Rather than going tee total on a night out, drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink to ward off hangovers and keep your body hydrated. When it comes to picking a drink, vodka lime and soda has only 50 calories. If wine’s your drink of choice, why not turn it into a spritzer by adding soda water? The drink will last longer and you’re halving the calories.


uring a busy week, the chances are you won’t have time or will be too tired to prepare lunches for work. With time to spare at the weekend, why not prepare some home made soups for the week ahead? Most are easy to make, healthy, and above all will save you time and money.

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e v i v Re S T TES


Our favourite beauty buys you’ll love...

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream £23.49 ‘This skin protectant can be used to cure eczema, chapped lips, sunburn, blemishes or simply as a great moisturiser. The mild grease consistency means you only need a little so it lasts a long time and is great value for money. The tin makes it very handy’ - Yasmin Brown

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara £15.83 ‘If you want instantly longer, thicker eyelashes in one swoop, this is the mascara for you. It’s perfect for women on the go who’d prefer that extra five minutes in bed instead of aimlessly trying to get the look promised by another mascara. Not as cheap as other brands available, but definitely worth it.’ - Amy Greening

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter £5.80 ‘I love lush because it uses natural ingredients. This stuff smells great and really does smooth cuticles and rough patches of skin. It goes on easily but can be a bit greasy when too much is applied. Some may find the lemon smell a bit strong. But I love it! Pamper those toes.’ -Charlie Bond

44 |

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Spray for Face £7.99

Rimmel Lasting Finish Fruities Nail Polish £2.99

Boots Botantics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser £4.59

‘This spray tan gives you a wonderful natural glow. For best results spray in circles about 30cms from your face and apply before bedthat way it sinks in well overnight and you wake up with a healthy glow! The only downside is the fake tan smell.’ -Abby Dance

‘Rimmel’s range of long lasting scented nail polishes include, strawberry, cranberry, apricot and lemon (my favourite). For a longer lasting smell apply more than one coat. It’s great value for money and smells delicious.’ - Jo Premph

‘This tinted moisturiser is great because it’s light on your skin and very natural looking. It makes your skin look radiant without being too heavy it smells lovely. A great alternative if you don’t like wearing foundation’ - Sophia Prisco

Vichy Aquila Antiox Anti Fatigue Effect stick £14.30

Benefit Dr. Feelgood £21.50

Boots No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil £7.75

‘So many eye creams on the market don’t work, but this one’s different. It instantly refreshes the eye area and sits well under makeup. For an extra cooling effect, leave in the fridge for a few minutes before using. Goodbye to dark circles!’ -Charlie Bond

‘This all over body balm is expensive but well worth the extra pennies. It feels so light making it easy to apply- handy if your in a hurry. Rub it on to bare skin or wear it over make up to create a matte finish. With vitamins C and E, consider this your pretty prescription.’ - Rachel Heron

‘You can search high and low for the perfect eyeliner/ eyebrow pencil over the years, but most can be quite expensive. This 2in1 kohl is smooth and glides on effortlessly, staying put for at least eight hours it never needs redoing, but still manages to come off easily at night. A well-worth-the-money handbag must.’ - Sophie Yorke

Boots Botantics Purifying Face Scrub £4.07

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick £7.19

‘Unlike most exfoliators which can be harsh, this is gentle and leaves your face smooth and refreshed. With its creamy texture it won’t irritate or dry out your skin, and there’s no overpowering smell to worry about.’ - Rebecca Rogers

‘Almost like a lip balm in texture, this lipstick doesn’t dry out your lips like most others, and it comes in a range of colours. This rose pearl shade is a very subtle pink, which makes it suitable for both day and night.’ - Jemma Gilpin

Bio–oil 200ml for £20.37 ‘This is a great product for those wanting to reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes and stretch marks. Unlike other treatments on the market it does exactly what promises. The texture of the oil is smooth- not tacky, making it easy to apply. ’ - Nicole Harry

Time to go au naturale In the current economic climate, it is becoming more expensive to stick to our old beauty habits, and money doesn’t seem to stretch as far as it used to. Joanna Prempeh looks for cost effective ways, to stay beautiful for less.


hether you have oily skin or dry skin, we have found the perfect treatments for you. These beauty products are all full of natural ingredients which are great for the body, and help to reduce our ever-growing daily intake of chemicals. In an average lifetime, a woman is likely to ingest seven pounds of lipsticks, and considering the vast number of chemicals, maybe we should consider some alternative options.

Carrot Scrub Carrots are full of Vitamin A which is perfect for obtaining clean and clear skin. It encourages cell and tissue growth and can also improve the appearance of acne. You will need:

✳ ½ cup of pure carrot juice ✳ 3 heaped tbsps of sea salt (oily skin) or Brown Sugar

(normal to dry skin)

✳ Honey

Mix the ingredients until it forms a smooth mixture. You can add more salt or sugar depending on the condition of your skin. Apply to the face using a cotton pad, while being sure to avoid the sensitive eyes area. Leave for 5 minutes, then rinse. This should leave you with wonderful, refreshed skin.

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BEAUTY Cleansing Pore Strips

Tomato Scrub

Cleansing pore strips can be quite pricey, so we found a way for you to remove all the dirt and grease from your pores, without burning a hole in your purse. Gather together:

The tomato scrub has numerous benefits. Not only does it act as a natural form of sunscreen, but it is also known to be

✳ 1tbsp of milk ✳ 1tbsp of powdered gelatine

✳ 1 large tomato ✳ A few tablespoons of granulated sugar

Stir ingredients together in a microwaveable pot. Once the mixture becomes a chunky paste, place in the microwave for 10 seconds. Wait for the mixture to become warm, and then apply to your nose using a make-up brush. When dry, remove the strip.

Slice the tomato into half. Place sugar on a plate or clean worktop area. Rub one half of the tomato in the granualted sugar until til completely coats the surface. Now use the tomato to scrub the face, avoiding the sensitive eye area. When you have finished, rinse your face and moisturise.

full of antioxidants and helps reduce rapid aging of the skin.

Make your own lip gloss Making your own lip gloss is so convenient, especially when you struggle to find the right shade for you. You may even have found the perfect lip gloss, but do you really want to part with the £20 note in your purse? Don’t worry because now you don’t have to. All you need is:

Do you often find that all the lip gloss tends to stick to those areas of the pot, which you can’t reach? A quick and easy solution to the problem is to rest your lip gloss in a mug of warm water. You should find that the lip gloss melts out of those hard to reach areas. So now you won’t have to throw them out so soon.

But, don’t get rid of the egg yolk just yet, as it can be used as a natural moisturiser. Apply a small dap to the skin and the this should keep your skin soft to the touch. Do this once a week to see steady improvements.

If you tend to suffer from dry skin, which is a common issue when the weather decides to become temperamental, then this facial is a quick remedy. It helps to keep your skin moisturised for longer. But be sure to use once a week for the best results.

Wipe your brushes in a mixture of olive oil and anti-bacterial washing up liquid, using a circular motion, to remove all traces of make-up from brushes. Rinse and dry the brushes using a paper towel. Don’t worry, this is an ancient trick used by oil painters, and it keeps you from splashing out on make-up remover.

This facial is not only simple and easy, but it is also the perfect for the early morning when you’re stuck for time and want your breakfast too. The mask acts as a pore minimiser

Separate the egg whites from the egg yolk and place in two different bowls. Beat the egg whites until light and frothy. Apply the face avoiding the sensitive eye area.

Dry Skin Facial Scrub

unwanted break outs.

✳ Make your lip gloss last longer

✳ 1 large egg

By blending the two ingredients together you can manage to make a cost-effective lip gloss that can last for ages. Even better, you know exactly how to fix up another batch!

✳ Always clean your brushes to avoid any

Egg Mask Facial

and works quickly to tighten skin and reduce puffyness.

✳ A small container of lip care Vaseline ✳ An eye shadow of your choice

Extra Top Tips

✳ Eat more strawberries It has become a well known fact that strawberries contain active ingredients which help to reduce staining on teeth, and produce a whiter, brighter smile. We’re not sure, however, if strawberries and cream still does the trick!

Blend the ingredients together (starting with the olive oil) until it forms a scrub. Place in a container for easy use whenever you need it. Be sure to store in a cool, dry place, as the product can be kept for up to a month.

Deep Hair Conditioner

Noticed you’re beginning to run low on conditioner? All you have to do is raid your fridge for some easy ingredients. You can fix together your own, simple hair conditioner for soft, silky hair without all the extra added chemicals.

✳ ½ cup of mayonnaise ✳ 2 tbsps of olive oil ✳ 2 eggs

(The ingredients can be altered depending on hair length.) Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and apply to your hair. Once on, leave for 30 minutes to achieve the best results, then rinse well. You should be left with soft and silky hair.

46 |

Photography by Getty Images

✳ 3tbsps extra virgin olive oil ✳ 2tbsps honey ✳ ½ cup of granulated sugar (do not use sugar alternatives)

✳ Run out of make-up remover? A quick and easy way to remove all makeup is to use extra virgin olive oil. It not only removes make-up but conditions the skin, keeping it soft and smooth. However, if you are prone to oily skin, it would be best not to use this method. Simply apply a small drop of the olive oil to a cotton pad, and use in the same fashion as you would a cleansing wipe.

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Top 10 natural beauty products

Origins Spot Remover AntiBlemish Treatment Gel £10.21 aaaao

Botanics Sensitive Skin Soothing Cleansing Lotion £4.07 aaaaa

Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Make-up Remover £4.27 aaooo

Botanics Face sensitive Cleansing Wipes £3.49 aaaao

Natural Collection Lash Care Mascara £1.99 aaaaa

Origins Multi-Grain Makeup Fortified with Oats & Vitamins £20.43 sssso

While this product may be expensive, it is worth it. A new spot-removing cosmetic is always going to be a best seller on the market. This gel does exactly it says. The product is very easy to use, just apply a thin layer to the affected area and it will work a miracle by clearing up spots within a couple of hours. Unlike some spot removing cosmetics this gel doesn’t remove spots by drying them out. It smells great and as you only need a tiny amount each time the small bottle goes a long way.

There are so many natural cosmetics on the market you can often be left standing at the beauty counter feeling a little overwhelmed. Sofia Prisco tested some of the markets natural and organic cosmetics to see what they are really made of... 48 |

Images from Getty Images, Une, Boots, Burt’s Bees, & Origins

These wipes are fantastic because not only are they organic and free from fragrance but they are also very soft to the touch. They successfully remove all make up and dirt from your skin without feeling too harsh on your skin. Unlike some make up wipes on the market they don’t dry the skin out. They are also great for removing all eye make up including mascara and eyeliner and as their organic they don’t irritate your eyes.

Une Absolute Blacks Kohl Pencils £5.29 aoooo

This product is more expensive than most and unnecessarily so. While it is soft, creamy and easy to apply to the eye it wears off after 2-3 hours which is inconvenient for anyone who has a long day. It also smudges easily and is greasy on the skin. An expensive product which doesn’t live up to expectations.

This product is great for those with sensitive skin that is prone to flaring up because of harsh perfumed products. It soothes irritable skin instantly, gently removing the remains of the day, such as make up and general dirt. It leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed. The bottle is quite large so is most certainly worth the money. One negative is the pump on the bottle can be a bit of a nightmare so be careful when dispensing the lotion onto the cotton pad.

A fantastic natural clear mascara that is a must for the make up bag. The mascara sweeps across your lashes and makes them a lot longer while still maintaining a natural look. The product does tend to wear off after 5 or 6 hours so does need to be reapplied. It doesn’t create clumps of mascara on the eyelashes which is fantastic. The mascara also boasts to protect the eyelashes as well as extending them.

Burt’s Bees Hand Salve 85g £9.18 aoooo

This product is packaged well but that is where the value for this expensive hand cream ends. The cream is extremely greasy to the point of being unable to pick anything up or do anything for a short while after. While it smells quite pleasant it can be a little overpowering. It is very expensive for a greasy hand cream that it not practical to use during the day.

While this eye make up remover is gentle and refreshing it falls down at a crucial point. It is great for removing eye shadow but fails to remove mascara and eyeliner. For the price you are paying you expect the product to remove all trace of make up from the eye area. Instead you must use another cosmetic to do this. It does however smelt great and only a small amount is needed to wipe away eyeshadow. The product is a very expensive considering other products are needed to get rid of eyeliner and mascara.

A wonderful product that would benefit the make up bag of any beauty conscious lady. The product, while expensive it gives a good coverage over the face and is easy to apply. It gives the skin a nice healthy glow without looking un natural and still maintaining a light feeling. Its expensive but if you want a healthy looking glow without looking fake definitely worth paying the price.

Une Breezy Cheeks Blush £8.99 aaaoo

While this natural blusher may be on the expensive side it is also fantastic and faultless. The colour is not over the top. Instead it provides a natural looking glow to the face. It blends well into the skin and works well with foundation. A must have for any woman who is conscious of the chemicals found in most make up.

MARCH 2011

| 49



Is your hectic lifestyle leaving your skin looking dull, pale and tired? Abigail Dance talks to Revive beauty therapist Chantelle Duke on how save her skin...

Chantelle Duke has been a beauty therapist at Enzo beauty r in Brighton fo s. ar ye e fiv

For an extra boost after a stressful day at work, use an eye mask such as Guinot’s Masque Yeux 30ml RRP £26.75 for an at home spa feeling.

Invest in a luxurious skin wash such as Dermalogica’s special cleansing gel 50ml RRP £11; it’s a soap-free, fragrance-free cleanser, which washes away impurities and debris leaving a super-clean surface, with no stripping or drying. A good morning cleanse will leave you feel refreshed in mind and body. To finish your morning routine you should always protect your skin with a moisturiser containing SPF to prevent the photo ageing process.

50 10 |

Q: I suffer from dark circles. What can I do to a) prevent them b) make them look less puffy?

Dark circles are the appearance of blood vessels under the skin. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body and lack of sleep can make your skin look paler, causing the blood vessels to be more apparent. You should make sure you’re getting eight hours sleep a night to help reduce the appearance of fatigue. Puffiness is caused by fluid retention and can be reduced by keeping the eye area well hydrated, so the skin does not feel the need to hold fluid. Using an eye cream morning and night will help reduce puffiness.

Look for creams containing ‘Mica’ as this will help to reflect light and create an iridescent effect. Horse Chestnut will also help by strengthening capillaries, helping to regulate blood circulation to the under-eye area. When applying an eye cream remember that only a small quantity is

The second is ‘photo-ageing’ which is caused by the sun and is almost 100% preventable. The most important way to help slow down the aging process is by using an SPF. Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 30 for 50ml RRP £58 is the ultimate in not only protecting the skin, but also fighting the bio chemical reactions with peptides, glucosamine and white tea.

Photos: Main Image- Getty

The skin ages in two different ways, one of which is called ‘chronological ageing’ -this is down to genetics and can only be controlled to a small extend through healthy habits and lifestyle.

But how can you fit a good skincare routine into your busy working week? And what products should I really invest in to ensure my skin is being protected?

A great way to save time in the morning and get optimum results for your skin is to make the most of your shower. Rather than just splashing your face with cold water, relax in the warmth as the steam opens up your pores- for a deeper clean.

There are a few simple steps that can help to control sebaceous activity. A lot of people believe that they should not moisturise this area as it already seems oily. However, by not moisturising you are encouraging the glands to continue to overreact.

Q: I’m worried about my skin aging, what can I do to slow the process down?


Q: How should I be looking after my skin in the morning?

Normally enlarged pores are caused by over-active sebaceous glands. These are mainly found in the t-zone area- the forehead, nose and chin.

needed, about the size of a rice grain.

fter a long hard week at work my skin always looks unhealthy and neglected. Puffy eyes, dull skin and blocked pores is not how I want to start my weekend!

Luckily Revive beauty therapist Chantelle Duke finally has some answers. Long gone are the days of me burying my face into a cold flannel in the morning! And I’ve said a final good-bye to cheap make-up wipes. It’s time to look after my skin and start reaping the benefits.

Q: I have big pores- what can I do to treat this?

Bio chemical reactions are those which break down the collagen and elasticity of our skin, causing it to age.

When shopping for moisturisers you should be looking for products which include: Glucosamine- this helps stimulate collagen production and fights the bio-chemical reactions within our skin. Retinol - this has been proven to reverse the signs of photo damage. White tea (Camellia sinensis) - this is packed full of antioxidants which help to fight the free radicals that attack our healthy skin cells. Q: My skin looks dull- how I can I make it look more radiant?

Exfoliation is the key here. Our skin sheds about one million skin cells every 40 minutes, however, when our superficial skin cells do not shed efficiently enough the skin becomes congested and appears dull.

As we age our skin cell turnover slows down; exfoliation encourages a quicker turn over giving a smoother texture and brighter appearance.

Giving the skin the moisture it craves will eventually slow down oil production. By getting into the habit of properly cleaning and moisturising you will keep those big pores at bay. Q: How should I be caring for my skin at night time?

In the evening you should try to spend a bit more time pampering your skin. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours over the bathroom sink to achieve perfect skin. You should start by removing the build

ive v e R TS TES

Serums are concentrated to give optimum results and are a great way of treating that bit of dehydration or dullness you may be experiencing that month. They can be applied straight onto the skin or mixed with moisturiser. You should then finish with your eye moisturiser and facial moisturiser. I thoroughly recommend multivitamin power concentrates. These are capsules that you gently massage onto your skin and are formulated with vitamins A, C and E to help reverse the signs of premature ageing, while also defending against future free radical damage. Try Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Power Concentrate, (45pk) RRP £40. Q: How can I pamper myself at the end of a busy week?

Create an at home spa experience and take time out to indulge yourself. Relax in the bath with Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress mind bath and shower oil 55ml RRP £37. It contains expertly blended oils to clear your mind and focus your thoughts. For extra indulgence, massage your

Q: What nutrition advice can you offer for healthy skin?


Exfoliating is one of the most important parts of a skin care routine and should be repeated about two times a week for noticeable results.

face using nourishing facial oils. Slowly work over the contours and muscles starting from the base of the neck and finishing on the forehead.


Time to look and feel radiant

up of make-up and pollutants on your skin. In the evening a double cleanse is recommended; one to remove make up and the second to thoroughly clean the skin and prepare it for the penetration of active ingredients within your serums and moisturisers.


There are different types of exfoliatorssome which contain ‘grain’ and some without. Grain exfoliators work by gently polishing away dead surface skin cells, where as non-grain exfoliators normally contain ingredients like Salicylic acid or Hydroxy acid which loosen and dissolve dead skin cells.


From a beauty therapist’s opinion, the best advice I can give is to drink two litres of water a day- this really has a great effect on the skin’s wellbeing. Keeping a balanced and healthy diet is also key; fad diets and sudden splurges tend to make our skin unbalanced, which can lead to breakouts, dehydration and dullness.

Your radiance checklist: ⁕Invest in a good quality cleanserfragrance and soap free.

⁕Always apply an SPF moisturiser in the morning

⁕Get at least 8 hours sleep ⁕Use an eye cream day and night ⁕Look for a moisturiser containing

Glucosamine, Retinol and White tea

⁕Use an exfoliator twice a week ⁕Double cleanse skin at night ⁕Relax by massaging with facial oils ⁕Make sure to drink at least two litres of water a day

Anti- wrinkle treatments... Most for us would pay good money to stay looking youthful for longer, so we decided to put four of the most talked about anti-wrinkle creams to the test to see if they lived up to their price tags...

Vichy LiftActiv – Derm Source Technology £27.00

bbbbo ‘Not released until April this brand new day cream is supposed to trick skin cells into producing more collagen, leading to plumper skin and less wrinkles. The cream is thick but absorbs easily, isn’t greasy and leaves skin softer and brighter.’ - Jemma Gilpin

L’Oreal Derma Genesis Cellular Youth Nurturing Eye Contour Cream £16.94

Vichy Aqualia Antiox ‘New Skin’ Result Deoxidising Fresh Treatment £24.50

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Booster Serum£24.99

‘This anti-wrinkle creamwhich is also meant to hide and reduce dark circles- is light, non-greasy and sinks into the skin easily. The slightly pearlescent colour works well to hide dark circles and leaves your skin looking healthier. A worthwhile investment and not too pricey.’ -Charlie Bond

‘A so called ‘fresh cosmetic’, you have to mix the separate ingredients in order to activate the product. Once mixed it needs to be refrigerated, lasting 21 days. The smell is slightly off-putting but I noticed results after one use’ -Jemma Gilpin

‘This serum comes with an interesting pipet application stick, a lot like one you’d find in a medicine bottle. When applied it feels light on the face and blends well leaving the skin taut and smooth. However, it does make your hands a bit sticky after rubbing it in which is off-putting.’ -Charlie Bond




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bet you‘ve never looked at your fish tank and wondered what it would feel like to stick your feet in there did you? No, neither did I until this weekend, when in the name of research I found myself signing up for the newest health craze- The Fish Pedicure.


together whilst having the treatment. Often these places will have the tanks in the windows, so passers by can gawp at the fish- and the people having their feet nibbled. Luckily for me, EA is nothing like them. Their individual pedicure tanks are discreetly tucked away from public view so their clients can enjoy a restful and personal experience without interruptions.

The controversial treatment has been banned in some American states, yet the craze is sweeping across the world, and has begun to cause a splash in the UK.

As the fish continue to snack on my toes, I try to direct them to the balls and sides of my feet, where a winter of being boot-clad has left them a bit worse for wear. Sadly, they don’t seem overly interested and go back to my toes, heels and the tops of my feet. I ask Emma why this is, and she explains that the fish don’t take away hard skin, only dry skin, but your feet will feel softer after.

The fish, called Garra Rufa originate from Turkey. They have no teeth, and instead suck away the dry skin on your feet. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? It’s not all bad though- these little fish have been known to cure psoriasis and eczema, and celebrities swear by the treatment to keep their feet soft.

My treatment is taking place at Eastern Arts nail and beauty salon in Southampton (EA). As the first salon in the city to get the fish, they’ve had experienced great success since opening their tanks to the public back in December.

'These little fish have been known to cure psoriasis and eczema, and celebrities swear by the treatment to keep their feet soft' When I arrive, I’m greeted by the friendly staff, including Emma. Stupidly I’ve worn tapered trousers that barely roll above the ankle. Bye bye circulation. I sit up on the chair by the tank, and relax back as my feet are cleaned to ensure the fish won’t be eating any moisturiser.

52 |

Gone are the days of the traditional pedicure. Now it’s all about letting a fish nibble your feet. Yes, really. Charlie Bond takes a dip to see what all the fuss is about.

Slightly scared I ask Emma what it’ll feel like, 'Just like bubbles,' she reassures me. 'Don’t look down and you won’t realise they’re fish.'

I close my eyes and immerse my feet into the water. Within seconds the tickly sensation surrounds my feet, but Emma is right, it doesn’t feel any different to putting your feet on a bubble jet in a jacuzzi.

At first, it’s strange looking down and seeing fish swimming between my toes, but within a few minutes I’m used to the feeling and am quite enjoying being pampered. It’s not uncommon for salons to have shared tanks, where customers sit

Once the treatement is over and I’ve made sure I haven’t got any fish in my trousers, I remove my feet and dry them. The result? Soft, flake free feet. I almost don’t want to walk home for the fear of ruining the good work, but by the evening they’re still just as soft.

There’s nothing fishy about whether this works, it’s a great way to give your battered soles a spruce up before they’re forced into this season’s sandals.

Fancy it?

ea Southampton 43-44 Bedford Place Southampton Tel 023 8033 9090


The smells that men like ...

Rev ive TES TS

Look behind any perfume counter and the variety on offer is almost never ending. So when it comes to choosing a new perfume, where do you start? Who do you ask for help? Is it the perfume lady, your friends, your mum…your man?! Here at Revive we think that men can sometimes be overlooked, so Jemma Gilpin found out what perfumes they really like! Meet our Men - They all work in the catering industry and are used to making things that smell good.

Howard - 25 Matt - 31

Tommie - 25 Marc Jacobs – Lola (50ml £45.96) ‘It’s strong and you would definitely get noticed wearing it. I don’t know if it would be for the right reasons though’ Matt

Calvin Klein – Euphoria (30ml £30.64) ‘it’s unique, im undecided on this one’ Howard

Vera Wang – Princess (50ml £43.92) It’s sweet and sickly it reminds me of being at highschool’ Howard











Tommie bbboo

Nina Ricci - L ‘Elixir (30ml £30.64) ‘This is my favourite. It’s memorable and sexy, but subtle’ Tommie

Armani Code ( 30ml £37.75) ‘It’s strong but not overpowering. I like it.’ Tommie

Howard bbooo















Tommie bbbBo Marc Jacobs – Daisy (50ml £43.92) ‘I like it my girlfriend wears it and it reminds me of her’ Howard

Thierry Mugler – Alien (30ml £38) ‘It doesn’t really stand out. It’s not that bad, but it’s not that great either…cool bottle though’ Matt

Howard bbbbb

Howard bbooo




Tommie bbbOo


Tommie boooo

Givenchy – Very irresistible (30ml £34.21) ‘It’s nice ... girly but grown up’ Tommie





Tommie bbbbo

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bet you‘ve never looked at your fish tank and wondered what it would feel like to stick your feet in there did you? No, neither did I until this weekend, when in the name of research I found myself signing up for the newest health craze- The Fish Pedicure.


together whilst having the treatment. Often these places will have the tanks in the windows, so passers by can gawp at the fish- and the people having their feet nibbled. Luckily for me, EA is nothing like them. Their individual pedicure tanks are discreetly tucked away from public view so their clients can enjoy a restful and personal experience without interruptions.

The controversial treatment has been banned in some American states, yet the craze is sweeping across the world, and has begun to cause a splash in the UK.

As the fish continue to snack on my toes, I try to direct them to the balls and sides of my feet, where a winter of being boot-clad has left them a bit worse for wear. Sadly, they don’t seem overly interested and go back to my toes, heels and the tops of my feet. I ask Emma why this is, and she explains that the fish don’t take away hard skin, only dry skin, but your feet will feel softer after.

The fish, called Garra Rufa originate from Turkey. They have no teeth, and instead suck away the dry skin on your feet. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? It’s not all bad though- these little fish have been known to cure psoriasis and eczema, and celebrities swear by the treatment to keep their feet soft.

My treatment is taking place at Eastern Arts nail and beauty salon in Southampton (EA). As the first salon in the city to get the fish, they’ve had experienced great success since opening their tanks to the public back in December.

'These little fish have been known to cure psoriasis and eczema, and celebrities swear by the treatment to keep their feet soft' When I arrive, I’m greeted by the friendly staff, including Emma. Stupidly I’ve worn tapered trousers that barely roll above the ankle. Bye bye circulation. I sit up on the chair by the tank, and relax back as my feet are cleaned to ensure the fish won’t be eating any moisturiser.

52 |

Gone are the days of the traditional pedicure. Now it’s all about letting a fish nibble your feet. Yes, really. Charlie Bond takes a dip to see what all the fuss is about.

Slightly scared I ask Emma what it’ll feel like, 'Just like bubbles,' she reassures me. 'Don’t look down and you won’t realise they’re fish.'

I close my eyes and immerse my feet into the water. Within seconds the tickly sensation surrounds my feet, but Emma is right, it doesn’t feel any different to putting your feet on a bubble jet in a jacuzzi.

At first, it’s strange looking down and seeing fish swimming between my toes, but within a few minutes I’m used to the feeling and am quite enjoying being pampered. It’s not uncommon for salons to have shared tanks, where customers sit

Once the treatement is over and I’ve made sure I haven’t got any fish in my trousers, I remove my feet and dry them. The result? Soft, flake free feet. I almost don’t want to walk home for the fear of ruining the good work, but by the evening they’re still just as soft.

There’s nothing fishy about whether this works, it’s a great way to give your battered soles a spruce up before they’re forced into this season’s sandals.

Fancy it?

ea Southampton 43-44 Bedford Place Southampton Tel 023 8033 9090


The smells that men like ...

Rev ive TES TS

Look behind any perfume counter and the variety on offer is almost never ending. So when it comes to choosing a new perfume, where do you start? Who do you ask for help? Is it the perfume lady, your friends, your mum…your man?! Here at Revive we think that men can sometimes be overlooked, so Jemma Gilpin found out what perfumes they really like! Meet our Men - They all work in the catering industry and are used to making things that smell good.

Howard - 25 Matt - 31

Tommie - 25 Marc Jacobs – Lola (50ml £45.96) ‘It’s strong and you would definitely get noticed wearing it. I don’t know if it would be for the right reasons though’ Matt

Calvin Klein – Euphoria (30ml £30.64) ‘it’s unique, im undecided on this one’ Howard

Vera Wang – Princess (50ml £43.92) It’s sweet and sickly it reminds me of being at highschool’ Howard











Tommie bbboo

Nina Ricci - L ‘Elixir (30ml £30.64) ‘This is my favourite. It’s memorable and sexy, but subtle’ Tommie

Armani Code ( 30ml £37.75) ‘It’s strong but not overpowering. I like it.’ Tommie

Howard bbooo















Tommie bbbBo Marc Jacobs – Daisy (50ml £43.92) ‘I like it my girlfriend wears it and it reminds me of her’ Howard

Thierry Mugler – Alien (30ml £38) ‘It doesn’t really stand out. It’s not that bad, but it’s not that great either…cool bottle though’ Matt

Howard bbbbb

Howard bbooo




Tommie bbbOo


Tommie boooo

Givenchy – Very irresistible (30ml £34.21) ‘It’s nice ... girly but grown up’ Tommie





Tommie bbbbo

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BEAUTY “men steal around £200 a year of their partners’ toiletries, compared to women with £100 a year”

Men’s skin is completely different to women’s and as skin is considered the largest organ in the human body, it would be silly not to take good care of it.

Not only is men’s skin thicker than women’s (24-32% thicker), men have smaller Sebaceous (oil) glands in their skin. These glands absorb the active ingredients in skin care products- this consideration is not taken into account in women’s moisturisers and therefore men should stick to their own. Men’s skin is more oily than women’s due to high levels of Testosterone- the hormone responsible for generating oil secretion in the face. This increased oil secretion makes their skin more susceptible to acne and common blemishes. Most men’s skin care products cater for this difference whereas women’s creams do not, therefore acne can be increased by using women’s products. Also, the PH level of men’s skin is more acidic than women’s so

Tired of your man stealing your beauty products? Harrison Sharp investigates the differences in skin between genders and why men should stick to their own toiletries...


The survey of 400 men provided some astonishing results, having found that 78% of men admitted to stealing their girlfriend’s beauty products- and these are your everyday men, not just the Russell Brand’s and Johnny Depp’s of this world. Topping the list of most stolen products was shampoo at 38%, followed by razors (10%) and most worryingly,

54 |

The 5 products stolen most by partners 1. Facial cream 2. Shampoo 3. Nail file 4. Lip balm 5. Razor

Men’s skin is also more fragile than women’s- don’t laugh- male’s are less caring and protective of their face with most men choosing not to moisturise daily. Daily shaving also contributes to delicate skin as it destroys Hydrolipidic film which enables lubrication and protection of the face.

Dr Marilyn Syrett is an Anaesthesiologist who has written many health journals about differences in skin: “Men generally shave every day. And regular use of razor makes their skin hard and coarse”. “Because of this, men need a simple and more unique approach to skin care and specialized skin care products as well because women’s skin care products would not be effective”. “If you have sensitive skin that is prone to bumps and ingrown hairs, then consider using an emollient-based shaving cream in place of a regular one. Emollient based shaving creams soften the hair and follicle thus ensuring a smoother and irritation-free shave” “Men are more prone to clogged skin pores and the subsequent development of blackheads. This makes it important

Four of the best VO5 Extreme Style Rework

Hands off!

f we’re all honest, from time to time we’ve all borrowed some of our partners’ shaving foam or deodorant when we’ve run out, it’s hardly a crime. However, you may be surprised to hear that men are just as bad as women, according to a new survey by internetbased toiletry company, menareuseless. com.

your face wash may not be suitable for your thieving man as the product was not intended for them.

toothbrushes (7%)- and these are just figures from the men who actually admit taking our beauty products! A similar study conducted of 2000 American men also found evidence supporting women with over a third of men admitting to using their partners’ brush or nail file. Frighteningly; hair straighteners, tanning lotion, eyeliner, mascara and nail polish also appeared in the top ten. The study concluded that on average men steal around £200 a year of their partners’ toiletries, compared to women with £100 a year. With these astounding results in mind, there must be greater effects for men using women’s cosmetics than just an infuriated other half, and there are.

£3.27 BBBBB It’s a best seller, it’s an award winner and it really does do exactly what it says on the tin. It lasts all day, holds your hair firmly without being sticky but can be reworked at a moments notice should you have a hair emergency.

Sainsbury’s Dry Skin Lotion £1.98 BBBB

When a hands-on job takes its toll on your skin, this product is reliable and good value for money. You don’t need to use a lot of it, so the bottle will last for a long time. Keep it in a drawer for safe-keeping.

for them to exfoliate regularly. Regular exfoliation scrapes off the dead skin layer on the surface and also removes the accumulated debris from within the skin pores. This unclogs the skin pores and the skin becomes smooth and fresh”.

“If you have sensitive skin that is prone to bumps and ingrown hairs, then consider using an emollientbased shaving cream in place of a regular one” We wouldn’t put , or as your manlier other-half might say ‘you wouldn’t put petrol in a diesel-engine car’ so why should they carry on using products that are not only yours, but something that could irritate them, and we wouldn’t want that would we?

Shopping for toiletries has never been easier now thanks to menareuseless. com- a new website delivering a box of everyday essentials straight to your door. Now your man has no excuse for borrowing your face cream! Visit www. for information.

Happy Hippy Hair & Shower Gel by Lush £5.80 BBBB

This revitalising pink Grapefruit scented hair and shower gel is the perfect way to wake up every morning with a smile on your face. This fantasticly fruity bottle of goodness goes a long way so using sparingly.

R.S.V.P. Cologne by Kenneth Cole £21 BBBBB

If you’re looking for a unique aftershave for your man at an affordable price, look no further than here. The Jon Bon Jovi sponsored fragrance isn’t a top seller, but that’s why it’s special. Track it down and enjoy the experience. MARCH 2011

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The pedi pistol from House of Bath -

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Band on the run...

Looking for the ultimate playlist for your trek into work? The contributors towards this issue of Revive, give you their top 5 tunes for commuting to work. Have we got it wrong? Tell us what yours are at

Abigail Dance “Miss Editor/ The Boss”

Darwin Deez- Up In Clouds Basement Jaxx- Romeo The Go! Team- But Nothing Day Chase and Status- End Credits Ben Howard- Old Pine

Rachel Heron “Miss Rugby” Contributor Limp Bizkit-Living it up The Smiths-Ask The Cure-Inbetween Days Motion City Soundtrack-Everything is Alright Paramore-Looking Up

Jack Gorman “Mr 5 a day” Contributor Pixies-Debaser Nine Black Alps-Salt Water Manic Street Preachers-Faster Idlewild-I Want To Be A Writer Sonic Youth-Kool Thing 58 |

Kirsty-Anne Wilson “Miss Organic” Contributor

Kashmir-Lampshade The National-London The Streets-Most of their new album Ellie Goulding- This is a song Jamie T- If you got the money

Charlie Bond “Miss Weekend Fish Pedicure Contributor

Air Traffic- Shooting Star Ellie Goulding-Starry Eyed Jimmy Eat World-Sweetness The Temper Trap-Sweet Disposition You Me At Six-Stay With Me

Sam Hailes “Mr low cholesterol” Contributor Thousand Foot Krutch-Fire it Up Them Crooked Vultures-Elephants 30 Seconds to Mars-This is War Gary Go-Wonderful Bon Jovi-Fear

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