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Now in its 5th fabulous year, Trans Pride 2017 is set to be the biggest and best festival yet. The Marlborough Pub & Theatre are incredibly honoured to be supporting the event once again. This curated programme features artists of national and international acclaim, including the Brighton debut of renowned performance maker Cassils and a third visit to the Marly for the phenomenal Alok VaidMenon, this time presenting their solo show. It also features a wealth of incredible local talent, which we are thrilled to be supporting. happy trans Pride, from all of us at the Marly! X 2

B e coM I n G a n I M aG e


FRi 16 th June 8 pm the Spire £5

Becoming an Image is a performance designed for the camera. Taking place in a blacked out room, the only elements in the space are the audience, a photographer, the performer and a block of clay weighing 2000 pounds. In the darkness, Cassils’ uses their skills as a boxer and MMA fighter to unleash an assault where they beat the clay, molding the form. Originally commissioned by the ONE Archives (the oldest active LGBTQ organization in the United States.) Becoming an Image addressed LGBTQ archives and the “Ts” and “Qs” often

missing from historical records, which exist outside of the lens. Cassils is originally from Montreal and now lives and works in Los Angeles. An internationally renowned multidisciplinary artist, Cassils is also founding member of the Los Angeles based performance group the Toxic Titties. Supported by Canada Council of the Arts. NB. This performance takes place in a blacked out room. For any access questions please contact info@

Wo r k S H o P

LED BY eMMa FRankl anD Sat 17th June 3 pm -5 pm the Spire Free but ticketed Join Emma Frankland for a workshop using the clay molded by Cassils in Becoming an Image the night before. This informal workshop will reflect on the themes of the performance and will question the stories our bodies carry and the assumptions placed upon them. We’ll get our hands in the clay, talk and create. Trans and non-binary participants are very welcome.

Emma is a live performance and theatre artist. Recently her work through the None of Us is Yet a Robot project has centered around trans bodies and the politics surrounding them, partly in response to her own transition. Her work often exists in the form of live performances and in holding spaces for activism, discussion and healing. She is also an amateur ceramicist and has been exploring clay in her work for a while. She likes how it feels in her hands.

caSSILS In conVerSatIon

Ft . Becoming An Image Performance Still No. 3 (National Theater Studio, SPILL Festival, London), 2013. Photo: Cassils with Manuel Vason. Images courtesy of the artist and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts.

Manuel vaSOn & DOMinic JOhnSOn hOStED BY PROF. Gavin Butt Sat 17th June 7.30 pm Marlborough theatre Free A conversation between Cassils, Dr. Dominic Johnson and Manuel Vason, hosted by Gavin Butt from the University of Sussex.



Sponsored by Drama, Theatre & Performance at the University of Sussex.


Watc H I n G Yo u / Watc H M e alOk vaiD-MenOn

WeD 28 th June 7.30 pm Marlborough theatre ÂŁ6/ÂŁ5

Capturing Hate, a recent investigative report, analyzed eyewitness videos of anti-trans violence filmed as entertainment. The 329 videos they review have been viewed 89,233,760 times - they are so popular, in fact, that companies sponsor branded content on them to sell products. From the cinema to the street, do transfeminine 4

people matter beyond our entertainment value? In this solo-performance situated at the place where the URL and IRL converge Alok explores the sinister sides of visibility and our abusive relationship with the internet: How many Facebook likes does it take to love yourself ? How many followers does it take to feel less

alone? What would it mean to understand the internet - and the violence it inflicts - as real? Why do we call cis people looking at trans people progress? Join for an evening of poetry and experimental performance confronting heartbreak, digital alienation, and the meaning of intimacy in a digital world.

Charlie Craggs tackles transphobia fabulously, through education and empowerment. After dedicating the last 3 years of campaigning educating cisgender people, Charlie Craggs decided she wanted to focus more of her efforts on the people directly affected by transphobia. She will present Nailing It - a series of free sessions to support and guide trans women and nonbinary femmes through transition with free manicures and self-love.

c H a r LI e c r aG G S

nailinG it

tueS 20 th June WeD 28 th June tueS 11 th July thuRS 20 th July frOM 6 pm Marlborough Pub Free

Join her in the bar in the lead up to Trans Pride for free beautification and conversation.

MY S e X

PhOeniX thOMaS

Sat 1 St July 7.30 pm Marlborough theatre £5/£4

In a world governed by binaries and checkboxes, this brief but intimate encounter presents a candid insight into one queer’s experience of living and loving in the spaces in-between. From foreplay to fetishism, Phoenix invites you to join them for a whirlwind tour in slipping the bondage of our cultural conventions to reclaim the pleasures and potential of this most personal gift: SEX. 5

P u n k B a n d Pr oj e c t

Rachael Clerke & Maeve Devine

Sat 15 th July 10am -5 pm 7.30 pm Gig featuring Twink 182 Marlborough Theatre Free but ticketed For trans, non-binary and gender-fluid 13-17 yr olds. It took performance maker Rachael 25 years of really wanting to be in a punk band before it occurred to her that she could just start one. So she did. She realised that life’s a lot more fun if you stop worrying so much. Maeve was 4 when she saw her first punks. They looked like they were 6

from space. Right then and there she knew that she was one of them. Maeve has been playing in Punk and Rock and Roll bands since she was a teenager and is absolutely convinced that music has saved her life. Taking the form of a day long punk-bandforming, song-writing, screaminginto-amicrophone workshop, Punk Band Project is a space to do

something real, very fast. To embrace noise, chaos, angst and joy. There will be time for stumbling, falling over and shyness, but there will be more time for dressing up, shouting and hitting things. Followed by a gig featuring the new bands made during the day and headlined by Twink 182, the only all-trans pop punk covers band, in Brighton, possibly the world!

tranS PrIde HIStorY c Lu B S Pe c I a L

QueeR in BRiGhtOn

Sun 16 th July 3 pm -5 pm Marlborough theatre Free but ticketed


WeD 19 th July tueS-Sun 10 am-5 pm



The Museum of Transology is the largest, boldest and bravest collection of trans artefacts and photographic portraiture in the world… And it all began in a small glass

Ft .

Jak SOROka

Working with artist Jak Soroka we are going to be looking at how we build the representations of trans and non-binary lives in archives and

museums. We will be thinking about creative ways to document trans and non-binary lives and how to mark places of significance in our city.

tr a n S o Lo G Y Brighton Museum £5.20

case in the corner of the friendliest trans space in Brighton - the Marlborough Pub & Theatre - with donations from the vibrant and increasingly confident local trans community.

the annual BRiGhtOn

tr anS & non-BInarY co n F e r e n c e

thuRS 20 th July 9am -5 pm Grand Parade campus university of Brighton PriceS/ticketS:

This year’s Annual Brighton Trans Conference seeks to bring trans and non-binary people, researchers and allies (as well as those who seek to work better with trans and non-binary people) together in order to work towards making a more trans and non-binary inclusive society. Confirmed keynote speakers: Jack Monroe, Meg-John Barker, EJ Scott, Juno Roche. 7

tr a n S Pr I d e a r t n I G Ht

thuRS 20 th July 7.30 pm Marlborough Pub & theatre £6/£5

the Marlborough Pub and theatre are delighted to host trans Pride Art Night for the third year running. Join us for a showcase of incredible trans & non binary talent. 1 ticket, 3 ShOWS

tRaviS al aBanZa Travis Alabanza is a Black, genderfucking, non-binary performance artist, currently 2016/17 Artist in Residence at the Tate. Their work combines live performance, poetry, soundscapes and projection to scream about their survival. 8

Recently starring in Scottee’s 5* production Putting Words in Your Mouth, their work has been featured in I-D, Beyond the Binary and performed across the UK. recently supported Mykki Blanco in Brighton.

Jak SakORa ‘We Will ReMeMBeR’ This performance ritual is an exploration of the Marlborough’s queer history, a call to remember in the face of historic and current erasure of trans and queer histories. We exist. We are not new, we are not a trend. We have always been here.

A walk into ways of remembering, space to mourn, respect and salute what has come before us - to feel backwards into the past. This is an on-going project to create sitesensitive performance actions that physically engage with moments of trans and queer resistance in Brighton.

ShORt y Shorty is a deconstructed dragchild, who frays at the edges and plays at the edges. This solo show looks at the position of the non-binary child, and the relationship with the mind when the body is under attack.

It champions the not-quite, the slight and the awkward. Shorty was the Chisenhale Dance Space and Marlborough Theatre 2016 Small Spaces commission.

Photo: Rosie Powell 9

tr a n S Pr I d e e V e nt S

F I L M e V e nt


My GenDeRatiOn & eyeS WiDe OPen FRi 21 St July 6 pm -9 pm duke of York’s Picture House £6/£5

A selection of trans films, opening speeches, merchandise and musical entertainment in the stunning Duke of York ’s, the oldest cinema in continuous use in Britain. 10

Pa r k e V e nt

Sat 22 ND July 1 pm -6 pm Brunswick Square Free

Join us at the Marlborough Pub at midday to join the march to Brunswick Park. The party in the park features music, spoken word, poetry as well as community stalls. Sorry no dogs allowed in the park unless assistance dogs.

Photo: Sharon Killgannon

tH e tHe Part Y! PIcnIc


Sat 22 ND July 9.30 pm -3 am north Laine Brewhouse £5 cONceSSiONS £7 AdV. /£8 Otd Traumfrau is delighted to be hosting the official party for the Trans Pride 2017 weekender. Expect a night of music, DJs, art, crafts and performance! Putting the T first. Taking over the whole North Laine brewhouse for a long night of fun.

SunDay 23 RD July 1 pm -5 pm Marlborough Pub Free Pop down to the Marlborough Pub for a Sunday picnic to say goodbye to new friends, reminisce about the weekend and start dreaming about next year. Come early for free vegan food!


Sat 22 ND July 7.30 pm -11 pm West Hill Hall £5 Trans Pride Brighton presents a night of DIY at the West Hill Hall. Come help us rock the night with great bands and help raise funds for Trans Pride Brighton 2017. 11


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Chi ches ter T Mar erra ine Mad ce Par eira ade Driv e

W W W. M a rLB o ro u G HtHe atre .o rG .u k @marlboroughbtn @themarlborough @marlboroughbrighton SUPPORTED BY ARTS COUNCIL ENGL AND AND B RIG H TON & HOV E CIT Y COUNCIL

Free, face-to-face psychotherapeutic counselling with a transidentified counsellor for people who identify as trans, non-binary or are questioning their gender. Based at our accessible offices in Ladbroke Grove, West London. Telephone counselling also available. To book an assessment, please email @spectrumtransuk

Trans Pride Summer Season