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ABOUT THIOS is a high-quality herbal sports performance supplement that helps athletes train harder, get stronger and recover faster. THIOS ideal customer is someone who values their health, physical fitness, and their ability to perform at high levels. THIOS comes in capsule form and is taken daily. Users experience increased endurance, muscle gain, fat loss, recovery time, and overall improvement in physical performance and health. Many high-level athletes and gym owners are taking THIOS and getting incredible results. THIOS is also being used by an olympic level athlete which makes for one of the many great opportunities for THIOS to establish itself as a high-quality and highly effective supplement company. Hadley Hodges is the owner of THIOS and a life-long high performance athlete. His first company, Hadley Hodges Carpentry, is a successful carpentry, remodeling and new construction business. This business gave Hodges the knowledge and skills required to begin a new business venture with a product that he has developed and used personally over the past 10+ years. Hodges has numerous influential and veteran professional and personal connections in the sports performance world, who support, use and continually ask for the supplement, but takes pride in creating and selling supplements that he would use himself. THIOS is simple, safe and effective. Formulated from four adaptogenic herbs that work synergistically to promote increased muscle mass, decrease fat, improved cognitive function, and increased endurance. Adaptogens are plants that increase the body’s ability to adapt to and endure life’s stressors. Physical exercise is a major stressor and increases in strength and endurance are created by the body being able to properly adapt and recover, rebuilding with stronger tissues as well as a host of other adaptations on the physiological level. THIOS helps to ensure that even though a high level of performance is being asked from the body, the body will be able to not only endure, but thrive and grow stronger and healthier. A customer who is committed and consistent with THIOS will have the best results. We recommend taking 4-6 capsules daily for 2-3 months while engaging in physical exercise.

SIMPLE DYNAMIC EFFECTIVE MOODBOARD THIOS brand is strong and modern, and it all starts with the ingredients: sustainably-harvested, organic, high-quality ingredients with no additives. THIOS is on a mission to provide athletes with supplements that are 100% safe and effective. Using subtle earth tones and modern elements will communicate an organic yet effective brand built on hardwork and trustworthiness. The branding should communicate a product that can keep up with the highintensity workouts of the athlete’s using it. Inspired by the strength of the athletes our supplement and a modern take on nature, THIOS infuses a dynamic and effective persona within its brand.

PRIMARY LOGO THIOS primary logo is a simple word mark. The main lettering style is clean and dynamic. The overall style feels modern with a geometric flair. The secondary lettering style is more subdued, offering a more minimalistic approach to a herbal sports performance supplement. The brand mark communicates to users that THIOS is a consistent, yet effective modern technology in sports performance supplements. This is the main logo that will be used across primary brand applications. This trademark helps audiences easily identify the website, social media presence, ads, and other materials, and enhances the professionalism of the brand. It is essential to the success fo the brand that the logo always be applied with care and respect in every application according to these guidelines.

PHOTO BACKGROUND There are a couple ways the logo can be used on photographic backgrounds, but each option should be exercised with care, making sure the logo and type are not obstructed by the image. In most cases, you can use either a solid white or solid black logo on top of the background image. TIPS: 1. Photos with shallow depths-of-field work best. 2. Avoid busy images with too much detail. 3. Applying a darker transparent overlay on a image helps make the text more readable.

. R R T E S E T R T S . E A R F G E . R G R E N E V O D O R R C T A E S H R T . N E I R A G E . R G R T N . E O R D R E R T T S S T FA E ER R. G E D R A O C

TONAL WORDS Tonal words describe what the brand is all about, what it means, what it stands for, and how it can be communicated differently. Words to describe THIOS are strength, grit, safe, effective, simple, sustainable, organic, and athletic . The THIOS brand should use language to create a consistent message. The message should highlight the high-quality, organic ingredients that make our sports supplement safe and effective. It should tell a story that connects people to the brand. An athlete requires dedication and hard work. so the brand tone should ensure consumers THIOS works just as hard as they do. The brand is sincere, yet strong, so it should use a trustworthy and confident tone to deliver the brand messaging.

Brown C O L O R PA L E T T E Color is an integral part of brand identity. Consistent use of the color palette will not only reinforce the cohesiveness of he brand, but color also serves a psychological purpose by communicating a certain feeling to your audience. The earthy and cool color scheme compliments the brand tone, providing a natural, yet modern color palette. The color scheme also enhances the strength of the brand through its sound colors. Color psychology suggests blue communicates stability and trust and gray stimulates neutrality and balance. Brown connects people to nature and conveys comfort and security. Altogether, the palette visual communicates a naturally safe and effective brand athletes can trust. Our primary colors are brown, navy, and white. Our accent colors are the turquoise and gray. The accent colors can be used when broader color schemes are needed.

CMYK: 63, 66, 62, 55 RGB: 66, 53, 53 Hex: 3f3535

Turquoise CMYK: 54, 4, 19, 0 RGB: 111, 194, 205 Hex: 6fc2cd

Gray CMYK: 15, 11, 12, 0 RGB: 214, 215, 214 Hex: d6d7d6

The primary colors should be given priority over other accent colors when using them for projects.

Navy CMYK: 91, 70, 44, 35 RGB: 32, 63, 86 Hex: 203f56


T YPOGRAPHY Typography is a powerful brand tool when used consistently. This set of typefaces best represent the effective and modern feel of the brand and should be used across all print and web applications.

Acumin Pro Bold

THIOS main heading typeface is Acumin Pro Bold.


Acumin Pro Semibold and Acumin Pro Medium is used for body copy.


Type may be discreetly set in all uppercase to create a hierarchy of information, as in sub-heads, section headings, and product descriptions.

Acumin Pro Semibold

Unless in a book format such as this or an annual report, text should be above 11 pt for easy accessibility to all.


Large body type is recommended to be in black for easy readability.




Acumin Pro Medium BODY TEXT

abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz


A. Don’t rotate the logo.

A few rules are necessary for maintaing the integrity of the brand. Don’t compromise the overall look of the logo by rotating, skewing, or distorting in any way - that includes adding unnecessary and unattractive text decorations like drop shadows and outlines. Here are a few examples of some ways you should NEVER consider using the logo.

B. Don’t squash or stretch. C. Don’t place elements in the logo clear space.

D. Don’t resize any part. E. Don’t rearrange parts or create compositions that are not already provided.

F. Don’t add unofficial elements to the logo. G. Don’t use off-brand colors. Reference the Color Usage section. H. Don’t use drop shadows or other text styles.

I. Don’t contain the logo in a box when used on a background.











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FINAL COMMENTS If ever in doubt, just refer back to this guide or feel free to contact me ( These guidelines are fairly flexible and should allow for enough creative freedom to use the branding as you see fit while still ensuring the brand is looking its best across all applications.