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Katie: You going to do one of those un-Christmas letter things again this year? Scott: Non-Holiday Letter Holiday Letter….respect its greatness. Katie: Whatever…lets just take a family picture and send it off. Scott: I don’t think you understand the cultural phenomenon that is the Non-Holiday Letter Holiday Letter. Katie: The only phenomenon here is that you have a wife that puts up with your garbage. Scott: I’ll make sure to give you appropriate credit for that in this year’s letter (insert credit here for wife “putting up with my garbage”) Katie: Can’t you just leave me out of it entirely? Scott: I’m sorry…I can’t do that…otherwise I would be talking to myself in this part of the letter. Katie: What part? Scott: You’ll see. Scott: Katie…drumroll, please? (bleeped out content) Scott: Okay; I’ll do my own drum roll (drum roll…hold for 13 seconds)

Ladies and Gentlemen….

The 2nd Annual Non-Holiday Letter Holiday Letter Best Movie You Saw in 2007: Katie: Harry Potter (all of them) Scott: The Miracle of Birth Isaac: Porky’s II Best Book You Read in 2007: Katie: Harry Potter (all of them) Scott: What are these books that you speak of? Isaac: The Fountain Head (only finished the first half) Favorite TV Show of 2007: Katie: 30 Rock Scott: Hannah Montana Isaac: Hannah Montana View on Global Warming: Katie: Global warming…puleez…someone tell that to the ice on my windshield in the morning Scott: I’m cool with anything that allows me to wear shorts My other Issac: Thanks for messing up the Earth for me, guys! Dealing with High Gas Prices by: Katie: Walking to the grocery store Scott: Not mowing the lawn Isaac: My other stroller is a hybrid

stroller is a hybrid

Voting for: Katie: Al Sharpton Scott: Amy Poehler’s impersonation of Dennis Kucinich on Saturday Night Live Isaac: I’m still working on a proposal for Children's Suffrage Favorite Sporting Moment of 2007: Katie: Napa High School Section Football Champions Scott: UCLA's 2nd Straight Final Four Appearance Isaac: Personal best…7.3 seconds of flatulence Exercise Resolutions for 2008: Katie: Get back in shape to run races again competitively Scott: Is it possible to improve on perfection? Isaac: Continue to tighten and tone

Favorite Thing About New Home: Katie: Family-Friendly Neighborhood Scott: Room for second fridge exclusively for Dr. Pepper Isaac: The foxy 4 month-old that lives two doors down Favorite Vacation of 2007: Katie: Italy with Alemany students Scott: Boulder, CO for Mike’s 30th birthday Isaac: Vegas, baby!



Top Christmas Wish list Item: Katie: My own room Scott: New computer Isaac: New computer for my Dad (how was that, Dad?…Now where’s the ten bucks you promised me?) Most Uttered Phrase of 2007: Katie: Scott, are you kidding me? Scott: Sorry, Katie Isaac: Holy hand grenades! Dad, you put my diaper on backwards again!

2007 Holiday Letter  

Ladies and Gentlemen…. My other stroller is a hybrid Favorite TV Show of 2007: Katie: 30 Rock Scott: Hannah Montana Isaac: Hannah Montana Ex...

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