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Thursday, December 7, 2006 Newly formed Abbott Household 6:38 PM Katie: Scott, you want to send out a Holiday Letter this year? Scott: Sure. You write it.

6:39 PM (Scott writing letter) Scott: What should we write about? Katie: What kinds of things do you like reading in a Holiday Letter? (crickets chirp)…(clock hands move forward)

7:02 PM (still thinking…head scratching)…(clock thing again) 7:43 PM (Katie and Scott wake up; wipe drool from chins) Katie: Maybe we shouldn't write a Holiday Letter after all. Scott: Or maybe we should write the greatest Holiday Letter this world has ever seen…we'll call it the Non-Holiday Letter Holiday Letter. Katie: (hyperbolic eye rolling) Whatever…just don't sign my name to any of your monkey business.

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN.....(Tongues making drum roll sound)...

2006 Holiday Letter -- Part 1