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Finalist: Kristal Barrett “My city is Abbotsford for many reasons. I moved to Toronto back in 2004-2006 and at that time I was itching to get out of Abbotsford and as far away as possible. When I returned, I had such a new found appreciation for Abbotsford. I had really missed the mountains, the wonderful sense of community and even the good ol’ smell of the farms! When asked where I would want to shoot my first Music Video... I said.. why not right here in Abbotsford?!? We are surrounded by so much beauty and the best scenery out there! I have also been asked why I wouldn’t want to move to Nashville to pursue my music further and to be honest, I love the people of Abbotsford and I love performing at places like Agrifair and the Berry Festival and it has been so exciting watching Abbotsford bloom into what it is today. My city is Abbotsford because home is where the heart is.”

Interview with Kristal Barrett Kristal Barrett is best known as Abbotsford’s very own country diva. Since she was a toddler, Kristal’s musical abilities were evident. Just blast a Judd classic or MTV favourite, and Kristal would start singing and dancing away in her playpen, but Kristal’s heart doesn’t just sit with music—home, is where her heart is.

The News: Kristal, it’s a pleasure to talk to you. I was surprised by your submission to the ‘My city’ contest. Curious, but why did you enter?

Kristal: I have lived here for 16 years, and with my job I am always mingling with members of the community. Plus, being an entertainer really put me on center stage. I moved to Toronto in 2004, and I really missed the mountains, the wonderful sense of community and even the good ol’ smell of the farms. I moved back only two years later. When asked where I wanted to shoot my first music video, I chose Abbotsford. We are surrounded by so much beauty. I’ve even been asked why I wouldn’t want to move to Nashville to pursue my music career. To be honest, I love the people of Abbotsford and performing at places likes Agrifair and Berry Festival.

The News: It’s so nice to hear you appreciate the gifts that our little ‘city in the country’ has to offer. I can’t say that I wouldn’t be on the first flight to Nashville if I had your musical talent. (Laughing) So, aside from entertaining how do you spend your spare time? I know, who has spare time anymore. Kristal: (Laughing) I know, life is so busy, but I do my best to make time. My family and friends are really important to me and they all live here too—another reason I love Abbotsford. My mom is my very best friend, and I am recently engaged.

The News: Awww, congratulations! Kristal: Thank you! Yeah, he’s pretty amazing. We just bought a place together and I have taken to hosting dinner parties. Love food and wine. I have a great circle of friend. Otherwise, I just do what everyone does. Oh, I did start to work out a few months ago. The News: I agree with you on both counts! A glass of wine and a quick run keep the doctor away. Having a winery in the family doesn’t help, but I definitely appreciate my daily glass, and I run to de-stress. It gives me alone time, so that I can rejuvenate before I start my second shift... the one with my family. (Laughing)

Kristal: Oh, for sure. I don’t have kids yet, but I plan to one day.

The News: Kristal, if you win the contest what do you plan to do with the Grand Prize?

Kristal: Well, I am getting married and I would like to release my second album soon. I need money to make both happen. I knew if I put out my desires to the Universe, they would manifest and here we are talking.

The News: Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Kristal: I started a program called ‘Mentorshare’. I have such a healthy relationship with my mother, and I know that many girls don’t have that. Together with a friend, we decided to pursue our vision of being positive role models for young girls. You can learn more at

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