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features 8 multicultural weddings a big undertaking

12 barefoot bride trashing the dress

14 affordable options getting married in a tropical locale

16 local destinations from beathtaking to whimsical

18 writing your own vows personal expressions of love

21 creative ceremonies a bit unique and unconventional

think outside the box

55 tipping vendors a nice touch

56 gift your groomsmen for under $50

58 grooming tips choosing the right wardrobe for the groom

60 cheap weddings getting married for less than $1,000

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23 budget saving money on wedding components Special thanks to Level 6 Images, Darren McDonald/Redbark, Randal Kurt Photography, Greg Swales, Heather Colpitts, and Photopro for supplying photos for Valleybride.

24 eco-conscious both green and beautiful

26 toasting tips for best men and maids of honour

29 civil ceremonies what to expect

valleybride 2013  Photopro Photo

darren Mcdonald/redbark Photo

Rochelle Baker


hen Ash and Christine Kosmadia decided to marry, they opted for a multicultural wedding as the best means to reflect who they were as a couple - and individuals. Though it meant a greater amount of planning, the end result was worth the effort. “For sure, it was a lot of extra work,” said Ash. “But in the end, it was a complete representation of what we’re like.” 8 valleybride 2013

multicu weddings

The pair chose to have two ceremonies: a traditional Hindu ceremony followed by a civil service the next day. The first event reflected Ash’s family and South Asian roots while the second ceremony catered to the secular wishes of the couple and included aspects of Christine’s Filipino heritage. As in most traditional Hindu, or Vedic ceremonies, Ash and Christine took part in a number of family focused events held separately in the days preceding the wedding. One ritual


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darren Mcdonald/redbark Photo

a big undertaking Christine particularly enjoyed was the mehndi celebration, where the bride and other female members of the family have beautiful, intricate henna designs painted on their hands and feet. The following day, both sides of Ash’s family came together for a Raas-Garba, a celebration featuring an exchange of gifts and traditional Gujarati group folk dances. On the third day, the two families formally came together for the wedding ceremony.

Christine’s parents continued the multicultural theme and wore embroidered Filipino tunics.

Both Ash and Christine wore traditional dress imported from India featuring the customary colours red, white and gold.

The couple also adopted a dance from Filipino weddings where guests compete to pay for a dance with the bride or groom.

A Hindu ceremony is long and sombre affair that reflects the seriousness of the union, and the loss of a daughter for the bride’s family. The couple’s wedding started with the reception of the groom at the hall’s entrance by the priest and Christine’s parents. Ash was then escorted to a canopied alter to await his bride who was initially hidden from view by a drape, as in the past when marriages were arranged, couples were forbidden to see one another until they married. Rituals followed near a sacred fire, which the couple later circled to formalize their marriage. A large reception came next, but in adherence to Hindu tradition, there was no meat, alcohol or dancing. The formalness of the first ceremony was a complete contrast to the couple’s celebration the next day. Ash wore the traditional tux and Christine wore a white gown, but there was nothing conservative about their civil ceremony, which lasted a mere 20 minutes. They knew they’d hit the mark when wedding guests were already dancing when the couple arrived at the reception. Their party featured flash mobs to the couple’s signature song, videographers, tango performances, and two open bars paired with lots of food, music and dancing.

0 valleybride 2013

Ash and Christine found the fusion of their heritage and personalities blended wonderfully in the end. They mixed tradition, belief and a long term commitment with their secular approach to life where fun, humour and living in the moment are key. “We wanted our wedding to reflect how we live our lives,” said Ash. Christine agreed, noting it was a big undertaking but she’d do it again. “Absolutely. I embraced every moment and learning his family’s traditions was great.” n darren Mcdonald/redbark Photo

seal it


with a

valleybride 2013  darren Mcdonald/redbark Photo




destination weddings plus: trashing the dress Jean Konda-Witte


imberly McDonald of Abbotsford always wanted to get married on a tropical beach in her bare feet. And she did just that when saying ‘I do’ to Mark on the sun-kissed beach of Playa del Carmen in Mexico three years ago. Kim and Mark’s destination wedding was the perfect choice for the young career couple, both registered nurses at Abbotsford Regional Hospital. “We wanted something lower stress and something different,” said Kim, who did her research before the big event. She and a friend travelled to Mexico a year before the wedding to check things out, and discovered a resort, The Royal, which

12  valleybride 2013

had a wedding coordinator who took care of everything. “It was a package deal and less stress,” she said. “It’s good for someone not concerned about small details. You just go with . . . whatever. You’ve got the beautiful background, so there’s not that much decorating.” Her friends and family, 46 of them in all, got a great group rate at the resort, and the best part of the destination wedding was having everyone there for the whole week, not just one day, said Kim. “It was a memorable event, spending time with everyone. It’s a vacation and a wedding.” Some suggestions she has for other brides planning a destination wedding: • Go down a few days before the guests arrive to finish planning

Photos by Greg Swales

• • • • •

Don’t try to be a host to everyone before the wedding; just relax and enjoy it Book private time with just your husband after the wedding, or have the ceremony at the end of the week; then whisk off for a honeymoon Definitely have a wedding coordinator to take care of all the details Check out wedding destination forums online for people’s comments Check special wedding travel agents online, which may save you a trip to the location in advance

Then she changed into that dress for fun and photos in the surf. “We were playing and having fun, doing crazy stuff in a big, fancy dress,” she said. “When would you even get the chance to do that again?” n

One of the fun things Kim and Mark did to mark the end of their destination wedding day was ‘Trash the Dress,’ a fun thing many young couples are doing at tropical resorts, like you see in a magazine, said Kim. She had altered her mother’s old wedding gown (with permission of course) and made it to look similar to her gown.

valleybride 2013 


affordable option a more

Photopro Photo

in a tropical locale


o two couples are the same, and as a result, no two weddings are ever the same. Weddings can run the gamut when it comes to style, from ultra-formal, black-tie affairs to laid-back ceremonies on the beach. One increasingly popular style is the destination wedding. When a couple decides to have a destination wedding, a walk down the aisle often takes place in a tropical locale. There are a host of factors that determine whether or not a destination wedding will go off without a hitch.

will know the local vendors and procedures for getting married. Sometimes, this help is even part of a resort’s services. Couples who choose a resort destination for their wedding might want to consider only those resorts with on-staff wedding coordinators. If couples find a resort they love that doesn’t provide a wedding coordinator, look for a coordinator who’s readily available online. This will save money on costly international or long-distance telephone calls.

budget. Though destination weddings are often more af- laws. Marriage laws vary depending on location, and coufordable than traditional weddings, couples should still establish a budget. Destination weddings are typically more intimate affairs with far fewer guests. Fewer guests means fewer mouths to feed and less money needed to feed them. However, destination weddings can also come with some hidden costs. If the wedding is taking place out of the country, that can significantly increase the cost of the wedding.

ples should research the marriage laws of any destination they’re considering before setting any plans in stone. Overseas marriage licenses aren’t necessarily as easy to obtain for nonresidents and might take a long time to be issued. Know the hurdles before deciding on a destination and setting the plans in motion. n

attendance. Though a couple should get married in whatever location they prefer, most couples would prefer their most intimate friends and family members attend the services. Therefore, a successful destination wedding ensures those people closest to the couple can afford to attend. This means couples will need to provide significant advance notice to friends and families. help. Couples should know planning a destination wed-

ding will go much more smoothly with the help of a wedding coordinator from the chosen destination. Such a coordinator

 valleybride 2013

Photopro Photo

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weddiing You Y Your our wedding ng iiss an an expression ex expression pressiion on of your of your love lo lovvee ffor or one one another another Create an event that is as unique as you are Cont Co ntac nt actt ou ac ourr we wedd ddin dd ingg sp in spec ecia ec ialililist ia stss to han st andl dlee al dl alll th thee de deta taililils. ta s.

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landscaped grounds with a stone bridge for pictures. Elegant Covered Entrance. Outdoor ceremony site available.

21550 - 44 Avenue, Langley (Corner of 216th St. and 44th Ave.)

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local destination weddings

randal Kurt Photography

Cornelia Naylor


rom rugged scenery of the Chilliwack River Valley to the vintage industrial interior of Mission’s Stave Falls Powerhouse, the Fraser Valley offers a surprising range of quirky wedding destinations for couples opting to stay local. For both festivities and photos, the valley is full of unique venues ranging from the breathtaking to the whimsical for every budget. Valleybride checked in with four communities in the valley and found a pick in the 1. Luxury 2. Mid-range and 3. Budget-conscious price ranges for each.


1. Minter Gardens and the Secret Garden

Two romantic ceremony sites, with marquis tents, offer elegance and charm in a garden setting. Minter’s renowned 32-acre garden and two Victorian style conservatories are a popular choice.

sales and event specialist Joldie Hayes. “Different things are going to appeal to different people, but that’s the beauty of Chilliwack; we can appeal to different people with different venue options, so I think it makes for a good choice.”


1. The Sweet Dreams Luxury Inn

On King Road, this award-winning five-star boutique hotel offers privacy and opulence amidst the natural splendor of the 17-acre estate.

2. The Secret Garden

A hidden little oasis at Echo Nurseries and Woodbridge Ponds near the border of Chilliwack with twinkling lights in

JJ Nails Spa

2. The Riverfront Sanctuary

A private riverfront bed & breakfast lodge located on two acres right by the rugged Chilliwack River and connected to miles of scenic crown-land wilderness.

3. Gwynne Vaughan Park

Reasonably priced access to a number of seasonally changing and beautifully planted settings, whether it’s flower borders, heritage trees and shrubs, a forest grove or the Rotary Pavilion. “Everbody’s different,” says Tourism Chilliwack marketing,  valleybride 2013


Ask about our


Appointments & walk-ins welcome

Mon - Tuesday Wednesday - Friday Saturday Sun & Holidays

9am-6pm 9am-7pm 10am-6pm 11am-5pm

604.746.2588 Find us on facebook

104-2596 McMillan Rd Abbotsford X

from breathtaking to whimsical lush tropical trees, floating candles in multiple ponds, flagstones and the fragrance of ginger lilies.

3. Trethewey House

This heritage house in Mill Lake Park offers indoor and outdoor spaces for wedding ceremonies, receptions and photos at reasonable cost.

tographic backdrops and locally produced wines that complement locally grown fare, Langley is a perfect example why couples should plan their wedding close to home,” says Tourism Langley executive director Deborah Kulchiski. n randal Kurt Photography

“It’s the central location and the cost that makes Abbotsford unique,” says Tourism Abbotsford sales and marketing director Yvonne Hayden. “Couples can explore this whole area here, yet they have urban amenities and some really nice restaurants.”


1. Mountain Falls Retreat

A sprawling oasis off Stave Lake Road surrounded by lakes and forest, this resort is staffed with seasoned professionals to handle all the little details, with consultants, flowers, cakes, invitations and music on site.

2. The Stave Falls Powerhouse and Hayward Lake Recreation Site

This historical 1911 power station is a popular choice with couples attracted to the photo potential of its unique vintage industrial interior.

3. Fraser River Heritage Park

Located on a bench overlooking the Fraser Valley, this park offers spectacular views and features sprawling fields, beautiful gardens and trails. “Mission is great for pictures and the outdoor experience. A lot of pictures are done outdoors here,” says Mission tourism co-ordinator Allison Jack.


1. Redwoods Golf Course

Lavishly designed flower gardens surround this venue’s Ceremony Garden, while the Marquis Event Tent offers plenty of reception potential for dining and dancing the night away with up to 200 guests under the twinkle of mini lights.

2. Fort Langley Community Hall

This heritage site features an elegant circular driveway and charming gardens. Inside the tasteful, cream-colored ballroom makes for a wonderful reception space, complete with a stage, kitchen and horsehair-sprung wooden ballroom floor.

3. Sendall Gardens

A four-acre park featuring winding paths, unique trees, shrubs, waterfowl and flowers in various varieties. “From unique venues, picturesque landscapes, stunning pho-

valleybride 2013

writing your own

Vows A

wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many couples, so brides and grooms wish for the event to be momentous and memorable. As such, couples are increasingly integrating personal nuances into their ceremonies and receptions to tailor weddings to their unique visions. The desire to include personalized wedding vows continues to be a popular trend. If you are considering personalized wedding vows, first realize that it may not be a simple task. That’s because you want the message conveyed to be dear to your heart, and that can be challenging when faced with the pressures and planning of the rest of the wedding. That isn’t to say that writing your own vows is impossible. Here are some guidelines for personalizing your ceremony with your own sentiments. • Schedule time for writing. Amid the bustle of dress

8 valleybride 2013

Photopro Photo

fittings and interviews with photographers, it can be easy to put off the important task of writing vows for another day. But as any great writer can attest, it takes writing—and rewriting—to achieve a finished product you can be proud of. Give the task of writing your vows your undivided attention. Mark it in on your calendar or set a reminder on your computer just as you would any other appointment. • Be aware of ceremony guidelines. It is best to check with your officiant and confirm that personalized wedding vows are allowed. During civil ceremonies it’s often acceptable to customize vows as you see fit. However, during religious ceremonies there may be lines of scripture that need to be read or certain passages required. Before you spend hours working on the task, be sure that it is allowed and that your spouse and you are on the same page. • Jot down your feelings. Answer some questions about what marriage means to you and how you feel about your spouse. Try to avoid trite sayings and think from your heart and personal experiences. Think about what is the most important thing you want to promise to

a way to include personal expressions of love your future partner. These notes can serve as the starting points for the actual vows. • Read inspirational writings. Perhaps there is an author or a poet who inspires you? You can quote certain writers in your vows or let the tone of their works help shape the words of your vows. There also are suggested wedding readings and other quotes about marriage readily available at the library or with a quick search online. • Decide on a tone. Although the day is based on love and affection, you may not feel comfortable spouting words of adoration in front of friends and family. Feel free to tap into your unique personality. Humour can be used if it aligns with the way you normally express your affections. Be sure to weave this tone into more

traditional passages to create a cohesive expression of your feelings. • Establish an outline. Put together all of the words and phrases you’ve jotted down into an outline to help you organize the flow of the vows, using these words as a blueprint for the vows and building upon them. Make sure the vows will be concise. Aim for your entire speech to be around 1 minute in length to keep everyone engaged and the ceremony moving along. • Put everything together. Draft your vows and then practice them by reading out loud. You want to avoid long sentences or anything that trips you up. Although large words may sound impressive, they could make the vows seem too academic and not necessarily heartfelt. Enlist the help of a friend or two to act as your audience to see if the vows sound good and are easily understandable. Writing your own vows can be a way to include personal expressions of love into a couple’s wedding day. Public speaking is seldom easy, nor is finding the perfect words to convey feelings about a future spouse. However, with some practice and inspiration, anyone can draft personalized vows. n

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r e v E y l i p p a s H t r a t S r e t f A with a Smile. DR. S. MASOUD SAIDI

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Un it 201, 6351 197t h St re et , L a n g le y, BC V2Y 1X8 | DO C TOR SA I DI .COM

0 valleybride 2013

creative ceremonies Level 6 Images Photo

a bit unique and unconventional


any weddings adhere to tradition, with a big church wedding, a white gown and a bustling reception. Still, there are some couples who prefer to do something a bit unique and unconventional. They may choose to get married underwater or while skydiving. If a “creative” wedding is for you, here are some ideas to think about.

Klingon, while Star Wars fans may want to do so with Storm Troopers attending the festivities.

mountain climbing: Couples can reach new heights while scaling a mountainside and saying their “I dos.”

prison wedding: A visit

life in the fast lane: Couples who are NASCAR fans can recite their vows and then take a spin at 200 mph around a neighborhood track.

skydiving: The concept of taking the plunge takes on an

amused festivities: Some couples might prefer to get hitched while enjoying the ups and downs of their favorite roller coaster or other amusement park rides.

wedding of the “Stars”: Trekkies may want to re-

scuba diving: Some couples prefer to recite their vows with a few bubbles in between and marine life as their witnesses. n

to an abandoned prison or haunted location may appeal to the couple with a taste for the macabre.

entirely new meaning when jumping out of a plane at several thousand feet while reciting vows.

cite vows while dressed in costume and speaking native

Are you looking for something different? How about our 1920’s heritage home?

Making Memories

“Your Ultimate Wedding Resource Centre”


❦ decor rentals ❦ unique gifts ❦ decorating ❦ supplies

❦ services ❦ consulting Visit our showrooms at 5511 - 208th Street Langley, BC V3A 2K4


smaller weddings in the house up to 25 people

Our unique and intimate setting is also ideal for wedding portraits

larger outdoor weddings up to 200 people indoor gallery space up to 100 people 2313 Ware St. Abbotsford 604.853.0313 •

MSA Museum

valleybride 2013 


Level 6 Images Photo


Planning a wedding Beautiful Banquet space with seating for up to 200 Exceptional Menu selections Professional Catering and Event staff • DISTINCTIVE • IDEAL • UNEXPECTED

flavour savings taste the


entertain your guests for next to nothing

2-2015 Abbotsford Way • 604.854.5353

22  valleybride 2013


ext. 315 email:

Beauty on a



here’s no getting around the fact that weddings can  be expensive. For many couples, they’re the fi rst  of the largest expenses they will make together. It’s  quite easy for individuals to go over budget on their wedding day if they do not carefully keep track of what has  been  spent  on  all  the  elements  of  the  big  day.  Use  this  budget  planner  to  keep  all  of  the  costs  associated  with  the wedding in one easy-to-manage place. n

Wedding Items .............................$_____ Budgeted Amount ........................$_____ Amount Spent ..............................$_____

Beautiful, Elegant, Perfect…

Like You!

La Belle Fleur Floral Boutique Ltd. Recipient of the Surrey Business Excellence Award

UNIT 148 6350 120 ST. SURREY, B.C.


randal Kurt Photography

Venue and rentals .........................$_____ Food and service ..........................$_____ Beverages .....................................$_____ Cake .............................................$_____ Miscellaneous fees .......................$_____ Gown and alterations ...................$_____ Headpiece and veil .......................$_____ Accessories ..................................$_____ Makeup and hair ..........................$_____ Groom’s tux or suit ......................$_____ Groom’s accessories.....................$_____ Floral arrangements .....................$_____ Bouquets ......................................$_____ Ring pillow...................................$_____ Boutonnieres ................................$_____ Corsages .......................................$_____ Reception decorations ..................$_____ Lighting ........................................$_____ Ceremony musicians ....................$_____ Reception musicians ....................$_____ Photography .................................$_____ Videography .................................$_____ Transportation ..............................$_____ Favours.........................................$_____ Ceremony fees .............................$_____ Invitations ....................................$_____ Stationery .....................................$_____ Wedding rings ..............................$_____ Honeymoon ..................................$_____ valleybride 2013

for the

eco-conscious W

hen planning a wedding, there are certain things on the minds of brides and grooms. But an ecoconscious ceremony might not be among those concerns. However, there are easy ways to include “green� practices in your wedding without compromising on style or statement.

condense. Think about how much time and gas are used driving around to different wedding vendors to coordinate flowers, linens, music, etc. That can contribute to one large carbon footprint simply for your wedding. If a catering hall Level 6 images Photo

Level 6 images Photo

offers packages that include other elements of the wedding, it may be more affordable and convenient to just go with them.

Level 6 images Photo

move outside. It can take a lot of energy to cool (or

heat) a large, indoor reception site. Moving the ceremony and party outside can alleviate some environmental impact due to energy usage.

give monetary gifts. Wedding guests often fret over

what to give the happy couple as a wedding gift. If you purchase something they may not like, it was a wasted trip to the store and the couple will have to return the item or it may end up in the trash. One of the safest and greenest gifts is money. Not sure what denomination to give? Think about at least covering the cost of the wedding dinner. A guest couple can offer between $100 and $200 for a gift.

embrace history. If your mother has offered her wed-

ding gown to wear, seriously consider it. Think about how much money you will save and the energy that will be conserved by not having to construct an entirely new gown. Furthermore, a gown from Mom is a sentimental gesture she will no doubt appreciate.

carpool. Chances are many brides and grooms already employ this tradition on their wedding days. Renting a limousine or party bus saves fuel.  valleybride 2013

both green and beautiful seasonal flowers. Instead of paying top dollar to have

exotic blooms in bouquets and centerpieces, choose flowers that are in season and regional. You can also choose to use fruit in centerpieces, which is cheaper than flowers.

use recycled paper. Insist that invitations be printed on recycled paper and skip all of the extra inserts inside of the invite, such as directions, registry cards, etc. Direct guests to your wedding website for the information they need. elope. One of the more affordable and environmentally

friendly ways to get married is to skip all of the “to-do� and simply elope or have a small ceremony. There’s no rule that says you have to invite 300 of your not-so-close friends to your wedding.

go green on the honeymoon. There are a number

of eco-conscious hotels and resorts for newlyweds to choose from. Or honeymoon close to home to cut down on the hassle of flying elsewhere. Couples interested in having an eco-conscious wedding can go green in a number of ways and still make the day unique and special. Furthermore, couples won’t have to compromise their ideals or tastes to achieve a wedding that is both green and beautiful. n

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toasting Photopro Photo



for best men & maids of honour

edding days are typically steeped in tradition. Whether it’s the hours before the wedding or the bride’s attire or the first dance, it seems no aspect of a couple’s big day isn’t accompanied by some ages-old tradition. One of the more enjoyable wedding day traditions is the toast. Once the reception has begun, the maid of honour and the best man are trusted to toast the new bride and groom. Such toasts are typically heartfelt and humorous, but there are also a few guidelines to follow to ensure the toast is memorable for all the right reasons.

stand up! Stand up when delivering a wedding toast. Sitting down won’t command the guests’ attention, and your voice likely won’t carry as well if you’re sitting down.

don’t go too long. A good wedding toast shouldn’t

keep the toast appropriate. Many adults who

have been to a wedding or two in their day have a story about a wedding toast gone awry. While these stories are humorous, no best man or maid of honour wants to have similar stories told about his or her toasts. Make the toast appropriate, keeping in mind there might be some younger guests in attendance. In addition, avoid references to past relationships. Such references are awkward and uncomfortable.

don’t make it an “inside” joke. Maids of hon-

our or best men are typically close friends or siblings of the bride and groom. Such a close relationship makes it easy to tell an inside joke only a few guests will understand. Avoid such inside jokes, as one of the goals of the toast should be to illustrate your love and appreciation of the bride or groom in a way all guests can understand.

stretch beyond five minutes. Long-winded toasts could come off as rambling and incoherent, and the guests will likely tune out if the toast goes longer than five minutes.

introduce yourself. Just because you’re a maid of honour or a best man doesn’t mean all of the guests know your relationship with the bride or groom. Make it brief, but provide an explanation of your relationship.

 valleybride 2013

darren Mcdonald/redbark Photo

heartfelt and humorous Ever After Bridal make it personal. A personal anecdote is a nice touch. Such anecdotes can be about anything, whether it’s the first time you met your friend’s now-spouse or, if you’re not related to the bride or groom, how you met.

From wardrobe to wedding day, we are here to help make your dream become a reality.

steer clear of the bar before the toast. Many a well-intentioned wedding toast has gone horribly wrong thanks to alcohol. Maids of honour and best men should abstain from alcohol before their toasts to avoid embarrassing themselves and the bride and groom. If you’re especially nervous, maybe a drink can help calm your nerves. But if you’re going to drink before the toast, be sure to drink only in moderation. practise beforehand.

Very few people can survive “winging” a wedding toast. Practise the toast beforehand so you’re comfortable with what you’re going to say before the moment arrives.

don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Weddings are typically laid back and fun affairs, so don’t stress about giving the perfect toast. If the toast comes off as genuine and stays appropriate, it’s a good toast. n

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inks Bridal Registry At Winks we love to make it beautiful for our brides, their families and friends. We have found that most of our brides enjoy setting an appointment with us after hours. This way we can give the bride the kind of attention she deserves to make decisions for her gift registry. Often the brides bring friends, family members, and sometimes the groom to choose gifts that will make their home beautiful. Helping you create a beautiful home one room at a time. Our charming shop is filled with beautiful home décor, table linens, jewellery and furniture. Our extensive collection of Sophie Conran for Portmeirion includes over 150 pieces making it the largest in the Lower Mainland. If you are looking for something more unique, be sure to look at our lovely collection of wall tiles by Mel V, and stunning designer jewellery.

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For all your special occasion dresses and accessories

5755 - 176TH STREET CLOVERDALE I 604.574.6402 M O N . - S A T. 1 0 A M - 5 P M Onsite alterations are included with purchase Fraser Valley Wedding Solutions PRODUCED LOCALLY BY FRASER VALLEY WEDDING SOLUTIONS: Abbotsford | Mission | Chilliwack | Langley

Helping with ALL your wedding needs We are a group of wedding businessess recommended by brides and wedding businessess. We provide the very best service, products and value for your upcoming special event.

SERVICE WE PROVIDE • Accomodations • Bartending Services • Bridal Gowns & Accessories • Bridal Registries • Cakes • Catering • Chaplins • Decor & Chair Covers • Entertainment • Flowers • Hair & Makeup • Insurance • Invitations • Jewellery • Limousine Services • Music • Publicity • Tuxedos • Venues • Wedding Planners • Wedding Fairs & Bridal Events • Wine Making and more!

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civil ceremonies what to expect

Randal Kurt Phoography


any people dream of a wedding in a church or synagogue before dozens of family members and friends, while there are others who prefer to forgo the fanfare of a large wedding ceremony and are content with a civil wedding instead.

officiant. Depending on where a couple lives, mayors or even notary publics can solemnize a marriage. Pilots and ship captains also may be able to preside over the ceremony. Some provinces will allow anyone to solemnize a wedding, provided they have filed for a special permit for the day.

Civil ceremonies are often a choice for couples who may have different religious beliefs or do not belong to a particular religious persuasion. In lieu of being presided over by a pastor, priest or rabbi, civil ceremonies are conducted by an authorized official, such as a judge or justice of the peace. The marriage also can be performed by a licensed wedding

In terms of location, the most basic of civil ceremonies take place at the county courthouse, where paperwork is immediately filed. Ceremonies also occur at city hall. Couples can choose to hire an officiant to go to another location to oversee the marriage ceremony. The latter is the more expensive option and will be based on the officiant’s schedule.

Annette Simpson Wedding Cakes


The structure of a civil marriage is much more lax than those that follow the more traditional course. Rather than being required to wear a certain wardrobe or meet with the requirements of a particular church or other house of worship, couples often find flexibility with the civil route. Although some brides and grooms prefer to wear a tuxedo or suit and a wedding gown, it is not necessary to do so. There are many couples who have tied the knot in more casual clothing or even costumes. In order to participate in a civil ceremony, couples must secure a marriage license. This is usually obtained by a county registrar or another officer of records where the couple lives.

valleybride 2013 


civil route gives more flexibility

Level 6 images Photos

Regulations will vary as to the time period in which the ceremony can be done after the mariage license is received. Some licenses may be voided if the couple does not tie the knot within a few days of securing the license.

find an officiant who meets with their approval and will keep with the tone that is expected of the ceremony.

When the ceremony will take place is generally up to the couple and, if a member of the judiciary will be overseeing the wedding, the courthouse. Some courts require an appointment for the wedding, while others may have a walk-in policy. Determine these policies well in advance of the wedding day.

• Know how many people can attend the ceremony in advance. Couples should recognize that space could be limited and restricted to only a few people if the wedding is taking place at the courthouse.

There is often a fee collected for the wedding ceremony in addition to what was paid for the marriage license. For those hiring a private officiant, the fee will be much higher than what a clerk of the court will cost. The couple will need to bring the marriage license and photo identification. Two witnesses also will need to be present with their own photographic identification. These witnesses will be needed to sign the marriage certificate.

• For those adding personal vows, keep them brief and tailored to the occasion.

• Arrange the venue for a party afterward. Couples may choose to record a video of the ceremony for playback at a reception to enable those who were not in attendance to be part of the special moment where the rings and vows were exchanged. n

Because there is no firm tradition with civil ceremonies, couples may need to be more hands-on when it comes to executing the wedding. Here are some tips to consider: • An officiant may not organize the wedding, meaning it will be up to the couple to choose vows, arrange where people will stand, request any clerical blessings, or include any other special elements. • Some officiants enjoy presiding over weddings, while others see it as just a part of public duty. Couples can try to

She’ll say “YES!” ... if she can say anything at all.

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Wedding Packages Available • Award winning hotel • Group rates offered • Newly renovated including 42” HDTVs • Banquet room available for gift opening • Ask about romance packages • Complimentary Hot Breakfast Buffet


19225 Highway 10 Surrey

Langley • Surrey

Old World Opulence Meets New World Convenience

Pretty Estates Resort-home to Rowena’s Inn on the River, Sandpiper Golf Course and River’s Edge Restaurant Waterfront. Breathtaking scenery. 2 Unique Reception Areas. • West coast cuisine, locally sourced ingredients • Accommodate small and large parties • On-Site Wedding Planner Luxury Cabins and River View Rooms at the Inn 14282 Morris Valley Road, Harrison Mills, BC or 1.877.796.1001 •

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The Princess and the Pea A true story

nce upon a time, there was a prince who lived in a wealthy kingdom. When he had reached the proper age, his mother, the queen, decided the time was right for her son to find a bride. The prince, however, was determined not to marry just any girl, but that his future wife should be a “real” princess. So he traveled the world and searched in all the kingdoms and met with all the princesses, but he still wasn’t satisfied. One evening, there brewed a terrible storm, with thunder, lightning, and rain. It was really frightful! In the midst of it all came a knock at the town gate. The old king went to open it. Who should be standing outside but a young lass, and what a sight she was in all that rain and wind. Water streamed from her hair down her clothes into her shoes, and ran out at the heels. Yet she claimed to be a real Princess. Although no one believed her, she was invited in to stay for the night. The queen decided to test the young girl’s claim of nobility—without saying a word, the queen went to the bedroom, stripped back the bedclothes, and put a single pea in the bottom of the bed. The queen then took 20 mattresses and stacked them on top of the pea, and took 20 eiderdown feather beds and piled them on the mattresses. Up on top of all these the princess was to spend the night. The next morning when the girl woke up, the queen asked how she slept.“Oh, very poorly!” she said. “I scarcely closed my eyes all night. Heaven only knows what was in the bed, but I was lying on something hard, and now I am black and blue all over my body. It’s horrible!” There was no question about it. They could see she was a real princess, since she had felt one pea all the way through 20 mattresses and 20 more feather beds. Nobody but a princess could be so delicate. So the prince made haste to marry her, because he knew he had found a real princess. As for the pea, it was placed in a museum where it still can be seen.

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V3A 3M8

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, 2013

December 4

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Everything You Need for Designing, Baking and Decorating the Perfect Wedding Cake Extensive, one-of-a-kind selection:

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“I couldn’t forget my little girl!” Especially on her wedding day!

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Wedding FA C I L I T Y

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16 foot ceilings • Chandeliers • Wedding Chapel Weddings up to 400 guests 3 Ballrooms to choose from • Mountain • Fraser • Heritage Special rates for group reservations and bridal suites Executive Chef: Chris Shufelt ®

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Toll Free: 1-888-552-5542 • email: 32281 Lougheed Hwy, Mission, B.C. V2V IA3 Canada

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your love...


326-32555 London Ave Mission BC • ‘Th

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Serving the Lower M

8jhi db


Wedding bands Engagement rings

sion BC • ‘The Junction’ shopping centre


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low us for special offers


e Lower Mainland for Over 30 Years

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yesterday’s touch for

today’s bride

everything old is new again Heather Colpitts


ummer may be the height of wedding season but winter is just as busy for Canadian brides. A new study released by U.S. based David’s Bridal polled 1,262 Canadian brides and found that one in four (or 28 per cent) became engaged in the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. And most gals, as soon as they say yes (and be honest, many before then) have ideas about their perfect day. So the months leading up to summer are busy with planning and purchasing. And face it, this ain’t your momma’s wedding. The modern wedding is as individual as the couple getting married.

38  valleybride 2013

“I think the Canadian bride is savvy,” said Victoria Rucks, the district manager for David’s Bridal Canada, which just opened its first B.C. store in Langley, on the Langley Bypass. “They know what’s out there and what they’re looking for.” A key factor in that is technology. Rucks said social media is a big part of modern nuptials. To help customers, David’s Bridal has introduced social media elements in its My Event feature on its website ( Ironically, what modern brides are often looking for is what’s old – using vintage and heirloom elements as part of their wedding wardrobe, theme or decor. “What’s old is new again,” Rucks said. “They’re taking


Heather Colpitts Photo

those things from mom and grandma, and making them contemporary.” Another key trend in modern weddings is the venue – couple’s are much freer to choose non-traditional settings. That includes going abroad.

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“Probably 50 per cent of the brides are planning destination weddings,” she explained. That’s why shops such as David’s have evolved to become one-stop-shopping venues, helping people pull together all the details of their weddings or special occasions instead of having to chase after each component. Rusk said to help with that, David’s sets up a network of wedding-related businesses in the communities in which it operates. When the bridal business that started about 60 years ago in the United States decided to expand to B.C., it opted to open its store of almost 8,000 square feet in the centre of the Fraser Valley to accommodate brides from throughout the Lower Mainland. n



THOMAS Designer 604-858-8002


7425 Vedder Rd, Chilliwack Look for the row of palm trees

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trends go


Level 6 images Photo

0 valleybride 2013

when considering a vintage or hand-me-down gown, ask questions


rides-to-be devote plenty of time to thinking about their wedding gowns, and some women spend months scouring stores for their ideal designs. But what if the perfect gown is already tucked away in a family member’s closet? Some brides view a hand-me-down gown with a degree of skepticism. After all, people may poke fun at dresses passed on by well-meaning friends and family that feature styling that is out-of-date (think 1980s shoulder pads). However, in most cases, dresses can be altered and turned into something that fits the new bride’s style and physique.

to it, there’s a chance that a talented tailor can turn it into something that will enhance your frame and body type. If the gown is of a style that you never would have considered, such as a mermaid cut or princess style, then it may be much more difficult and costly to transform it into something workable.

are you settling? Every bride wants to feel romantic in her wedding gown, which is why shopping for a gown is often akin to searching for lost treasure. If the hand-me-

According to, the average machine-sewn wedding gown made of synthetic fabrics will cost $500 and up. High-end fabrics and special orders can increase the cost of a gown to $2,000 or more. Designer gowns custom cut and sewn according to a bride’s measurements may cost as much as $6,000. Some brides simply do not want to pay that much for a gown they will only wear once. In this instance, a passed-down gown makes a viable alternative. When considering a vintage or hand-me-down gown, there are certain questions brides-to-be should ask before agreeing to wear the dress.

what is the size? It’s much easier to take fabric away

from a gown than to match it and add fabric to the gown. Therefore, try on the gown and see if alterations will be possible. Do not plan on crash dieting to fit in the gown. You may not reach your goal, and then you may be stuck with an ill-fitting dress. How well a gown fits goes a long way toward the bride’s appearance.

what is the condition? Many dry cleaners offer wedding gown preservation packages, and brides have been taking advantage of this service. The gown is cleaned and boxed so it will not discolour. If you are receiving a gown that has undergone this treatment, there is a greater liklihood it will look much like it did when it was first worn. However, some former brides do not store their gowns properly, and they may be stained, torn or discoloured. While it is possible to do some cleaning, you may not end up with a gown that meets your approval. is the shape flattering? If a gown has good “bones” valleybride 2013

and now from the

pin-up gallery 42  valleybride 2013

the past holds its appeal down gown doesn’t give you goosebumps when you put it on and you’re settling simply because of the price, then it may put a damper on your entire wedding.

what’s your budget? Even though hand-me-down

wedding dresses may be no cost initially, you may accumulate a sum depending on the extent of the alterations needed. Get an estimate from a seamstress and find out if it will be financially smart to go with the used gown or purchase something new.

Wearing a hand-me-down gown is something many brides consider, especially if the dress has sentimental meaning or is a family heirloom. Certain questions should be answered before finalizing the decision to go with something vintage. n

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Dogwood Bakery Ltd 33219 N. Railway Ave. Mission (604) cupcake (287-2253) Darren McDonald/Redbark Photo

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-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Remember him on your special day.

INCLUDING FREE CONSULTATION For more information, information,please pleas contact us.

Essential gifts for the groom!

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LANGLEY British Columbia

Free SuperStart® breakfast with fresh waffles Free highspeed wireless internet Indoor pool with 80 foot waterslide Hot tub & fitness facilities 100% non smoking guestrooms Coffee maker, hair dryer & iron/board in all rooms Free local calls and free cable TV Children under 17 stay free with adult Book 10 rooms Guest laundry & one is complimentary Large vehicle parking for the Bride & Groom Free local newspaper

Langley Super 8 26574 Gloucester Way, Langley  valleybride 2013

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shoes S

make or break the woman

ome say shoes make the woman, but if they’re uncomfortable, shoes very well may break the woman — especially at a wedding. From the bride to the guests, choosing the wrong shoes could sideline you from dancing or cause pain through the night. A smarter step is to put just as much thought into the shoes you will wear as you will into other parts of your wardrobe. Unless you don’t to go anywhere without high heels, your feet may be unaccustomed to them for long durations of time. At a wedding, where it’s all about mingling and dancing, comfort should be considered just as much as style. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo an attractive shoe just for something comfortable. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds. Here are some considerations.

wedge heels: Unlike other types of heels that put the brunt of the pressure on the ball of the foot, wedge heels distribute body weight evenly throughout the foot. Therefore, you might find these are some of the most comfortable types of heels around. Designers make them in all styles, including more formal versions perfect for weddings and other special events.

ballet pumps: Ballet pumps, once made famous by style icon Audrey Hepburn, can be worn with skirts or slacks. Their low profile helps keep feet comfortable, and they may come as flats or with a tiny heel. Embellished with bows, flowers or ribbons, these shoes will dress up any outfit. sandals: Particularly for warm-weather events, sandals can be quite comfortable and fashionable. Giving a peek of toe and ankle can be just as sexy as stilettos, without the pain. flip-flops: Many brides choose to don flip-flops under

their gowns simply because they can be so comfortable. Flip-flops needn’t be the run-of-the-mill rubber kind found in the discount bin. They can be dressed up to match your gown or purchased with gemstones and other decor already attached. For those who prefer heels for photo ops and looking fabulous, consider bringing along a change of shoes just in case foot pain flares up later in the evening. n

valleybride 2013

baby bump

Level 6 images Photos

things to consider when a bridesmaid is pregnant


rides-to-be thinking of asking a pregnant friend or family member to be in the bridal party should know such a request is common. Recent findings indicate that around half of all weddings now have at least one member of the bridal party showing off a baby bump—sometimes it’s even the bride herself. Barring a medical condition, there is no reason a pregnant woman can’t be in the wedding and fulfill her obligations, so feel free to invite that special someone to be in the wedding. There are just a few things to consider to help make it easier on everyone involved. Think over these things.

gowns: One of the things brides and bridesmaids often fret about is the gown they will be wearing. While nonpregnant members of the bridal party won’t fluctuate much in weight from the day of their first fittings to the wedding day,  valleybride 2013

a pregnant woman is growing with new life within her from the moment of conception. This will have to be taken into consideration. Some maternity designers create bridesmaid dresses for pregnant women, but they may not exactly match the other gowns in mind. Ask the bridal store if alterations can be made to a standard gown, including ordering a much larger size, adding elastic panels or another way to ensure

share the spotlight the gown will stretch over a growing belly. Also, be considerate and choose a gown in an empire waist style so that it is flattering for the pregnant bridesmaid.

shoes: While pregnant, some women’s feet swell. Having strict restrictions on footwear can make a pregnant woman uncomfortable. Low heels or ballerina slippers can be comfortable and fashionable. The other members of the bridal party may also thank you for choosing a sensible shoe. breaks: Many activities during the wedding are bound to be tiring. But someone who is pregnant may feel it more than others. Ensure your mama-to-be has ample time to sit and rest. Also, try to have planning meetings near a restroom where she will be comfortable. non-alocoholic drinks: From bachelorette parties to the wedding itself, be sure there are plenty of nonalcoholic and decaffeinated drinks she can enjoy. Pregnant women need to have a lot of water to meet the physical demand of pregnancy as well. travel: In the latter months of the pregnancy, many doctors advise against air travel. Spending long hours in a car may be uncomfortable as well. If you were thinking about having the wedding far away, these are things that must be taken into consideration. You may want to revise your plans if your heart is set on having this woman in the bridal party.

Dare to Dream...

ceremony: It can be tiring for a pregnant woman, espe-

cially one in the last trimester, to stand for a long period of time. If you are having a long, religious ceremony, see if a seat can be arranged so your bridesmaid can sit down when she needs a rest.

declined invitation: Some pregnant women will jump

at the chance to be in the wedding, while others may realize their limitations and prefer to attend only as a guest. Have a another person in mind in case your bridesmaid invitation is declined, and do not hold it against the person if she feels she won’t be able to commit during her pregnancy.

patience: Although all eyes are generally on the bride on

her special day, having a pregnant bridesmaid may garner a share of “oohs and aahs” and attention for her as well. It’s a humble bride who can share her spotlight for a while. And remember, the “something new”at your wedding may be that new baby who is on the way! n

silk & white satin 604.792.7775

Your wedding gown specialists valleybride 2013

organization tips for planning a wedding Couples planning a wedding quickly realize just how challenging a task that can be. From paring down the guest list to arranging the music to choosing a menu for the reception, couples must make several decisions when planning their big days. Staying organized when planning a wedding is no small task, as the planning can be spread out over several months or even more than a year, making it difficult to keep track of what has and hasn’t been done. The following are a few organization tips that should help couples keep on track when planning a wedding.

Randal Kurt Photography

48  valleybride 2013

keep on track with wedding plans write things down. Whether you write things down take a digital camera the old-fashioned way in a notebook or jot down notes in a tablet, write down your plans as you go. Write down important phone numbers, vendor information and all the other details you’ll want instant access to. It’s important that such notes are taken in something that’s portable, allowing you to jot down notes immediately as opposed to forcing you to remember until you arrive home.

create a to-do list. A to-do list is another great way to stay organized when planning your wedding. As you make certain decisions, simply strike those tasks from the list. This way you will know which tasks you’ve polished off and which ones you still need to work on. create a wedding calendar. Keep a calendar devoted specifically to the wedding. Include appointments with vendors and information regarding payment schedules and other deadlines on this calendar. If you set any deadlines for yourself, such as when you prefer to choose a band for the reception, jot these deadlines down on the wedding calendar as well.

along when shopping for your wedding. Many couples want to explore their options before making any decisions with regard to attire, floral bouquets and other aspects of the wedding. But it can be difficult to remember all of the things you might have seen throughout the process. Bring a digital camera along when shopping so you won’t have to rely strictly on memory when making your final decisions. As you take pictures, upload them to your computer so when the time comes to make a decision, those photos are easily accessible.

delegate certain tasks. Even couples that consider themselves taskmasters can benefit from delegating some tasks when planning a wedding. This can save you some time and make it easier to keep track of everything. When delegating, ask friends or family to handle those tasks that don’t require a personal touch. For example, ask a best man or maid of honor to arrange for guest transportation to and from the airport. It’s not too much responsibility, but it’s one less thing for busy couples to worry about. n

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Sandman Signature Hotel & Suites Langley

Sandman makes wedding planning easy by offering exceptional accommodation rates to all your guests. With four centrally-located hotels in the Fraser Valley, you can choose from a wide range of benefits for your convenience. From booking function space for wedding gatherings to providing a group contact number so wedding guests can confirm their own reservations, we will tailor our services to exceed your every expectation.

Sandman Hotel Langley

So Many Reasons to Stay: Suites & kitchenettes available | Complimentary high-speed Internet | On-site dining with room service | Meeting & banquet facilities | Indoor pool & whirlpool *Amenities vary at each location

Sandman Hotel & Suites Abbotsford

Sandman Hotel & Suites Abbotsford Sandman Hotel Langley Sandman Suites Surrey - Guildford Sandman Signature Hotel & Suites Langley

32720 Simon Avenue, Abbotsford, BC V2T OB8 8855 202nd St., Langley, BC V1M 2N9 10608 151A St., Surrey, BC V3R 1J8 8828 201 St., Langley, BC V2Y 0C8

Tel: 604.556.7263 Tel: 604.888.7263 Tel: 604.582.7263 Tel: 604.455.7263 1 800 SANDMAN (726 3626) valleybride 2013 


think outside the box when



today’s newlyweds

ew, if any, days are as memorable as a couple’s wedding day. Months and sometimes years of anticipation finally culminate with a walk down the aisle, and wedding guests often look for ways to make the day even more memorable with a gift befitting their favorite newlyweds. Just like many aspects of weddings have changed over the years, so has gifting the bride and groom. In years past, guests simply chose a gift from the couple’s registry and that was that. However, today’s couples often have little use for traditional registries, a byproduct of more and more couples living together before they get married. “We’re in our thirties and both had complete households when we moved in together,” said newlyweds Mindee and Graham, who chose to forgo a traditional registry. While it’s understandable for today’s couples to forgo traditional registries, that doesn’t make it any easier for wedding guests to gift the bride and groom. In an effort to remedy that very problem, couples and frustrated gift givers alike have increasingly been turning to, a free online honeymoon registry catering to couples who could use some help planning and paying for their perfect honeymoon, and guests who want to give something more meaningful than an envelope full of cash. “We didn’t need any more ‘stuff,’” said Mindee. “We needed an amazing honeymoon. Especially since we paid for the

Bouquets ~ Centerpieces ~ Custom Wedding Designs

Flower Shoppe 4-45555 Market Way, Garrison Village Chilliwack BC

52  valleybride 2013


wedding ourselves, the added financial help made a big difference.” Wedding guests can conveniently choose from a host of activities listed by the newlyweds themselves, including dinners, local tourist attractions and even airline and train tickets. In so doing, guests can ensure newlyweds have the honeymoon of their dreams, all the while not worrying about finances or bills when they return home. Newlyweds Sarah and Patrick enjoyed a dream honeymoon in Costa Rica, one made more memorable thanks to their guests’ thoughtful contributions to the couple’s honeyfund. “Many of our guests couldn’t wait to talk to us about what they had bought off our registry,” said Sarah. “We are making photo postcards of our trip to use as thank-you notes since everyone at the wedding was requesting a picture of us enjoying their gift.” The online honeymoon registry also helps guests forgo the troubles of shipping gifts. To learn more about Honeyfund, visit www.Honeyfund. com. n

Hand-Carved First Nations Wedding Rings (Specialize in custom orders)

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gift giving

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our wedding should reflect who you are—and if that doesn’t include collecting a full set of formal dinnerware, you’re in luck.


Bridal or wedding registries have come a long way, and today’s couples are increasingly ditching convention and registering for gifts that match their lifestyle. And that includes couples who would rather give than receive on their wedding day. Whether it’s arts and culture, the environment, a local animal shelter or Third World hunger, more and more couples are choosing to forego gifts for a chance to help their favourite cause. A myriad websites, like, www. and, is making that easier than ever by allowing couples to set up personalized micro-websites where guests can simply click on a charity or non-profit to donate to in the couple’s name and pay via credit card. Most sites even come with personalized electronic greeting cards guests can send to notify the couple of their gift. But couples who want to get the most out of their guests’ generosity should research their charity registry carefully before signing up. Some sites are scams, and even between legitimate sites, fees

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some couples would rather give than receive on their wedding day

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deducted from donations vary significantly. IDoFoundation, for example, deducts eight per cent from every donation to cover the cost of processing credit card transactions, according to the organization’s website, while FirstGiving deducts 7.5 per cent (2.5 per cent for credit card processing and five per cent for “investment in product and development”) and also charges non-profits a $500 annual fee for signing up for their service. CanadaHelps, meanwhile, takes only 3.9 per cent of donations and charges no fee to the charities it helps. also only lists charities that are registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency. It might take a little work, but once couples have found the right charity registry, the good news is helping their favourite cause is as easy a few quick clicks. n

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tipping vendors a nice touch


here’s no better way to say “job well done� to a wedding vendor than by offering a tip. Although tips are not mandatory, they can show a DJ, caterer or another hired helper just how much his or her exemplary service was appreciated. Some vendors include tips in their regular schedule of charges, primarily catering facilities that will be hiring wait and bar staff for the event. Others do not include a gratuity into their charges. Fifteen to 20 percent is usually customary according to wedding etiquette experts and may be adjusted depending on the size of the wedding and the quality of the job done. Businesses owned and operated by a single person, such as a florist or photographer, often pocket all of the proceeds charged for wedding services. Therefore, a gratuity for such vendors is typically unnecessary. Businesses that hire out staff, such as a large music and entertainment company or a limousine service, will pay employees a salary. Couples can show those employees they appreciate the job done for the wedding with an additional tip. A catering hall typically has a staff working behind the scenes to keep guests happy. These staff members include coat-check personnel, a catering manager, kitchen staff, and parking attendants. It can be CROWN WEDDING PACKAGE Let us make your day the very best it can be! Call Jocelyn at 604.853.3111

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customary to tip these individuals. One dollar per guest is typically sufficient. Or you can choose to individually tip those who went above and beyond. Even though weddings can cost several thousands dollars, and the idea of parting with another dollar can seem monumental, it is important for couples to factor tipping into their overall wedding budgets. It may be necessary to keep about $1,000 to $1,500 available for gratuities alone. It is considered poor etiquette to tip a ceremony officiant. Instead, a donation to the church or a charity can be made. Tipping is entirely up to the couple getting married, but it can be a nice show of appreciation to hard working wedding vendors. Thank-you notes or recommendations are other ways to show appreciation for the services provided and don’t cost a penny. n

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gift your groomsmen W

hen it comes to planning a wedding, grooms often take a backseat to their blushing brides. While men no longer serve a strictly spectator role when it comes to planning a wedding, much of the ins and outs of the wedding remain the bride’s domain. One area where men maintain complete control is gifting the groomsmen. A tradition that dates back decades if not centuries, gifting the groomsmen is the groom’s way of showing his appreciation to those frequently overlooked but trusted friends who stand by his side on his wedding day. “Groomsmen are often overlooked in a wedding party even though they play important roles,” says Mark Walerstein, founder of GroomsOnline (, an informational Web site offering tips, pointers and a host of unique gifts tailored to grooms with budgets big and small. Understandably, many of today’s grooms are working with budgets smaller than they might have been in years past. Fortunately, boasts a bevy of gift ideas under $50, all of which will ensure lasting memories for years to come.

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Photopro Photo

for under $50

hit a homerun Seemingly since the beginning of time, men have bonded over sports. Be it football, baseball, hockey, or hoops, grooms can find sports-specific gifts their groomsmen will love. At, grooms can peruse an extensive catalog of personalized sports gifts, complete with all your favorite MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and even NCAA teams. Be it a personalized locker room print, a stainless steel hip flask or a stadium fan framed print, grooms have a host of

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choices under $50 that won’t break the bank but groomsmen will be proud to display every time they turn on the big game.

stock the bar No man cave is complete without a fully stocked bar, and grooms can help their groomsmen transform their basement into a Mecca of man caves with a carefully chosen gift that’s sure to prove a proud addition to their groomsmen’s home bar. Grooms can choose a personalized pewter medallion glass mug that says Best Man, Groomsmen or Usher and personalize each mug with up to two lines. For the groomsman who already has his own beer mug, consider a personalized 5-piece decanter set that’s ideal for the man who loves to entertain. What’s more, this uniquely personalized set makes a timeless reminder of the groom’s big day whenever he visits his groomsmen to share a drink and a few laughs.

embrace everyone’s inner executive For older grooms whose groomsmen are all established businessmen, perhaps no gift will be more proudly displayed than a personalized executive silver plated card case and pen set. A gift no rising corporate baron can resist, this unique set is professionally engraved and can hold business cards and an executive pen. Executives on the rise will also love the personalized Executive money clip and pen knife set, tailor made and personally engraved for the executive who’s always on the move. n

Regency Men’s Wear Whether you’re dressing for a wedding or graduation. We’ll help you choose a tuxedo that reflects your personality.

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Choose from clear contact lenses to a wide range of shades that create a naturally beautiful look.


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Make Your Wedding

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Occasions at the Pond, your all in one ceremony and reception.


ll eyes are typically on the bride during a wedding. But that doesn’t mean the groom should be a shrinking violet. While the bridal gown may garner the “oohs” and “aahs,” what the groom wears on his wedding day is quite important as well. In many ceremonies, the groom spends several minutes standing beside the alter awaiting his bride-to-be. Before the first notes of “Here Comes the Bride” are played, all eyes will be on him as he anxiously awaits the start of the ceremony. As such, it is essential that the groom look well polished and is dressed in accordance to the tone and scope of the wedding.

Our stunning garden offers the perfect setting for your outdoor ceremony with the reception venue right at your footsteps. Occasions by Canuel Caterers also specializes in full service off site catering. Call now to book your dream wedding! 14320 57 Avenue, Surrey | | 604.503.3836

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Because most weddings are formal occasions, grooms often choose to wear a tuxedo or high-end suit. A well-fitted tuxedo combined with a formal shirt, tie and vest is the classic wedding ensemble. Generally the tuxedo jacket is singlebreasted with three buttons and satin trim. This style is universally flattering to most men’s frames. Accessorizing the tuxedo can mean different things. Some choose to wear a vest while others opt for a cummerbund. Others add suspenders. These accessories, including the tie or bow tie and the vest, can be all black like the tuxedo or can be coordinated with the colors of the wedding party. For example, if the bridesmaids are wearing butter yellow gowns, the groomsmen can wear yellow accessories. However, to set themselves apart from the groomsmen and ushers, grooms tend to go with the classic black and white and forego colors. On some occasions, grooms may choose to wear a white tuxedo. A well-groomed groom is also an important wedding day must. He should be well-shaven and have recently had a haircut. If he has facial hair, it should be trimmed and neat. 8 valleybride 2013

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ďŹ nding the right wardrobe for your groom Because he will be photographed all day long, a groom can choose to take some cues from his soon-to-be-spouse. He may indulge in a manicure to ensure nails and cuticles are neat. A dusting of translucent facial powder can tame shiny skin in photos. Some couples opt for teeth whitening prior to the wedding to ensure a sparkling smile.


Invitations Your Wedding and Special Event destination! Elegant Save the Dates, Invitations, Programs, Favour Boxes, Seating Charts, Thank You Notes and more!

When dressing the rest of the men in a wedding, they should take their cues from the groom, but not be carbon-copies of him. Fathers of the bride and groom can set themselves apart with a pocket square or a specially colored boutonniere. The exception to a tuxedo or a suit would be for a casual wedding, particularly one held at the beach or in a park. Then the groom can wear what will coordinate for the occasion, such as a dress shirt and slacks, or even sandals and shorts for the ultra-casual wedding. n

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Add our personalized planning expertise, inspired catering, and our uncompromising dedication to detail and each moment of your day will be distinctly undeniably, yours.

Traditional or unconventional, a grand affair or an intimate gathering, your wedding at The Coast Chilliwack Hotel will sweep you off your feet. From an elegant waterside wedding on our outdoor terrace to photos amongst the flowers of Salish Park to a reception in one of our many banquet rooms, we offer an impressive choice of settings for any bridal affair. 604-792-5552

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getting married

for less than $1000 a local wedding guru shares her tips Matthew Claxton


ith the bombardment of reality wedding shows, bridal magazines and wedding planning sites, it can be easy to go overboard with a wedding budget.

But what about those who simply can’t afford a big, lavish, $30,000 wedding? Or what to do if you want to spend that money on something else, whether it’s a honeymoon or a down payment on a home? Is it possible to get married for $1,000 or less and still have a nice little ceremony? Jeannine Fehr, the blogger behind, got married in 2011, and after planning her own bash, she’s been advising other local couples. With a long list of tips about do-it-yourself and budget weddings, Fehr offered some tips for those trying to do their weddings on the lowest budgets possible. “All you really need to get married is an officiant, a marriage licence, two witnesses and yourselves,” Fehr said. “A wedding can be as simple as that, and that is less than $1,000. Besides, it doesn’t matter what the budget is; a small wedding is just as special as an extravagant wedding.” For those who still want to have a ceremony with some friends and family, but keep the budget way down, Fehr has a few tips and tricks. 0 valleybride 2013

“For a wedding under $1,000, it would have to be a very small and simple wedding,” Fehr said, “and you’ll no doubt be enlisting the help of your friends and family. If you can have it at home (or any free venue), cater it yourselves or have talented, reliable friends who can photograph or decorate, you can pull it off.” The key is getting family help where possible, going the doit-yourself route everywhere else, and going for less expensive options on a variety of items. Fehr lists a few other ways to save: • For the dress, rent, buy a white bridesmaid dress, or buy off the rack – all are less expensive than ordering a brand new dress • Use an iPod and playlist instead of a DJ, something Fehr did at her own wedding • Instead of a massive layer cake, get a fake cake, and serve a regular desert or slab cake • Use simple, flat card wedding invites, but augment the information with a website for the wedding, complete with details including maps, timelines, and gift registry information. Jessica and Jordan Lyric didn’t hit $1,000, but they did have a wedding with 100 guests for about $5,000 to $6,000. “Cost was a huge consideration when it came to every aspect,” said Jessica. “I was never the kind of girl who had a dream wed-

cheap weddings ding in mind, so I was coming up with ideas as we went.” She and Jordan had a musical wedding, with a 1940s theme, a full crew of groomsmen and bridesmaids, and a $200 wedding dress bought online. Suits for the guys were rented, the bridesmaids were just given a colour and asked to buy something in a retro style. “For food, we were quite lucky that my father used to have his own restaurant and he teaches cooking to his students,” said Jessica. “He catered the entire event with a few friends that came up to help him from California.” Desserts also came from family, and the couple provided much of their own toasting material. “For alcohol, we made our own wine and had a Granville Island Brewery keg,” said Jessica. Jessica said after the memorable wedding, she has no regrets, either about the money spent, or about anything she could have bought with more money. After the officiant and marriage licence, the only really unavoidable costs, photography is considered one of the most important expenses, she said.

“After all, what’s left once the cake is cut is just memories,” said Fehr. n

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safe and smart


ways to



any brides-to-be, and even some grooms-to-be, express concern about their weight in the weeks and months leading up to their wedding. Losing weight is a goal for many engaged couples, but it’s important that couples who want to shed a few extra pounds don’t sacrifice safety for the sake of slimming down. According to a Cornell University study of 273 women with a wedding day approaching, 70 percent wanted to lose more than 20 pounds before their weddings. However, reality indicates that a weight loss of 5 to 10 pounds is more attainable—more so if the weight loss regimen is spread out over several weeks. The term “brideorexia” has

Level 6 images Photo 2013  valleybride

best ways to reach the ultimate goal entered the vernacular, and it is associated with brides who are taking extreme measures to lose weight. Taking laxatives, engaging in fluid-only diets and even using tobacco or drugs to serve as appetite suppressants are just some of the measures some brides have taken to shed weight before their wedding days. There is no magic formula to shed pounds, but there are certain ways to jump-start and maintain the process of healthy weight loss so brides can look slimmer and healthy for their big day.

eat. Although initial calorie curbing can help shed weight, eventually your body may adapt to your new eating habits or go into “survival mode,” which means conserving fat reserves. Researchers at Penn State University found that fasting signals to your body that it is being starved, triggering a lower metabolic rate. Brides-to-be should never cut out food entirely. Eating anything less than 1,200 calories a day will encourage the body to try to conserve energy by lowering its metabolism. Severe calorie restriction is not an effective way to lose weight.

step up your exercise regimen. Reducing food intake alone will not help you lose weight quickly. The goal is to burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, adding more cardiovascular activity to your routine can help burn calories more efficiently. According to a clinical study from researchers at Italy’s University of Padua published in the 2011 International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, eating a light meal before exercising helps you burn more fat and keeps your body burning fat even 24 hours after the exercise.

10 pounds, a reason many couples panic about their wedding day. A photo is a 2D image of a 3D object. Therefore, the photo reduces depth perception and flattens an image, which may make some items look like they have more bulk. A professional photographer will know how to manipulate lighting and angles of the camera to ensure a more flattering shot.

eat smaller portions.

Oftentimes, its not a matter of what you are eating but how much. Most portion sizes served in restaurants or even at home are double or triple the amount that you should be eating. When in doubt, cut everything in half.

fill up on fiber or protein. Instead of resorting to pills

to suppress an appetite, simply eat foods that will fill you up naturally. High-fiber foods will bulk up in the stomach and keep you feeling satiated longer. The same can be said for lean proteins, which take longer to digest, thus fending off hunger pangs. While losing weight for a wedding is many couples’ ultimate goal, the best way to tackle this task is in a healthy, responsible manner. n



reduce sodium intake.

Sodium doesn’t necessarily lead to weight gain, but it can make it appear so. Sodium contributes to water retention in the body, which may make you appear heavier or bloated. Cut back on foods that are high in sodium, especially as the wedding draws close, to reduce water retention.

identify sources of empty calories. Fruit juices, soda and other beverages are often the culprits with regards to unnecessary calorie consumption. Therefore, choose your beverages wisely and limit them to water, teas and unsweetened drinks. If you want to drink fruit juice, consider diluting it. In addition, most alcoholic beverages have 100 calories or more. While it may be tempting to celebrate with wine, champagne and mixed drinks during your engagement period, your waistline may ultimately pay the price for such indulgences.

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hire a good photographer. A camera allegedly adds valleybride 2013

Our artistic and talented stylists will create captivating bridal designs for your special day! (CAN ACCOMMODATE PARTIES UP TO 10)




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Tick off these boxes as you complete your to-dos, filling in extra tasks as needed Sixteen to Nine Months Before

Five to Four Months Before

One Month Before

❏ Start a wedding folder ❏ Work out the budget ❏ Build your wedding party ❏ Settle on a head count ❏ Hire a planner, if desired ❏ Book the date and venues ❏ Book the offi ciant ❏ Research photographers, bands,  fl orists, and caterers ❏ Insert vendor contact information  into a master contact list ❏ Throw engagement party ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________

❏ Book the rehearsal and rehearsaldinner venues ❏ Check on printing of wedding  invitations ❏ Order the cake ❏ Send the guest list to the bridalshower hostess ❏ Purchase shoes and start dress  fi ttings ❏ Schedule hair and makeup artists ❏ Choose songs ❏ Plan welcome baskets ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________

Eight Months Before

Three Months Before

❏ Book the photographer and the  videographer ❏ Book entertainment ❏ Register ❏ Purchase a dress ❏ Start meeting caterers ❏ Reserve block of hotel rooms for  guests ❏ Launch a wedding website ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________

❏ Finalize the menu and the fl owers ❏ Order favours, if desired ❏ Create a toast makers’ list ❏ Finalize readings ❏ Purchase the rings ❏ Finalize order of the ceremony and  reception ❏ Print menu cards and programs ❏ Purchase undergarments and visit  dressmaker for second fi tting ❏ Send schedule to vendors ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________

❏ Put RSVPs into guest-list database  and phone guests who haven’t yet  responded. ❏ Get marriage licence ❏ Mail rehearsal-dinner invitations ❏ Have fi nal dress fi tting ❏ Stock the bar ❏ Send out as many fi nal payments as  you can ❏ Confi rm times for hair and makeup  and vendors ❏ Assign seating ❏ Purchase bridesmaids’ gifts to hand  out at the rehearsal dinner ❏ Write vows, if necessary ❏ Get hair cut and coloured, if desired ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________

Seven to Six Months Before ❏ Purchase invitations and hire a  calligrapher ❏ Plan your honeymoon ❏ Shop for bridesmaids’ dresses ❏ Meet with the offi ciant ❏ Send save-the-date cards ❏ Reserve structural and electrical  necessities ❏ Book a fl orist ❏ Procure transportation ❏ Start composing a day-of timeline ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________

Two Months Before ❏ Discuss locations and shots with  photographer ❏ Review playlist with the band or  the DJ ❏ Send invitations ❏ Touch base with vendors ❏ Submit a newspaper wedding  announcement ❏ Enjoy bachelorette party ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________

Week of ❏ Reconfi rm arrival times with all  vendors ❏ Delegate small wedding-day tasks to  friends and family members ❏ Send fi nal timeline to bridal party ❏ Make arrangements for the dress to  be delivered or pick it up yourself ❏ Supply photographer with a list of  moments you want captured ❏ Set aside checques and tip envelope  for vendors ❏ Book spa treatment ❏ Send fi nal guest count to caterer and  venues ❏ Break in shoes ❏ Assemble welcome baskets and  distribute ❏ Pack for honeymoon ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________ ❏  _____________________________

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8 valleybride 2013

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Let us help you create one of the most important days of your life. Meadows Gardens Golf Club is conveniently located in Pitt Meadows, right off the Golden Ears Bridge. Choose from four different rooms accommodating a gala affair for 300 or a corporate boardroom meeting for 8. We have a 2000 square foot patio to hold wedding ceremonies or great for BBQ’s after your golf tournament. All looking out at our famous 18th hole stone bridges. Our world-class facility and beautifully landscaped grounds offer a fabulous backdrop for any event. The food and beverage team can create menus to suit every need. Weddings, Golf Tournaments, Corporate Seminars, Christmas parties... we can assist you with it all! 70  valleybride 2013

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Finding the perfect dress...

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PHOTOBOOTH + DJ PACKAGE 3 hours of Photobooth Rental Choice of Formats Custom logo Unlimited use Free Prop box Event CD of All Photos Attendant On Site Set & Pick Up

Up to 7 hours Performance Time DJ & Digital Music System BOSE Professional Sound System Wireless Microphone LED Dance Floor Lights Video Projector or Up-Lighting Option

True photobooth experience + DJs that know how to party!



Valley Bride 2013  
Valley Bride 2013