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To the Rescue Abbi Skagerlind Visual Communications

Introduction Nicole Dufresne has always been kind an charitable. When she saw how someone’s appearance affected how they acted, she knew she had to help. She decided to create Root Rescue, a nonprofit charity that collects hair care products for people in need. Donations consist of anything from brushes and hair straighteners to shampoos and conditioners. Root Rescue will take any hair products that are new and gently used. Nicole has been featured in the Telegram and Gazette multiple times because of her leadership in the charity. In addition to running her charity, Nicole also interns at a hair salon.

Sort it Out

There’s So Much Shampoo

What is This?

Sorting All the Products

Box it Up

Organizing Takes a While

Reaching to Help

Look at all the Donations

Heavy Lifting

Putting it All Into the Car

Root rescue skagerlind  
Root rescue skagerlind