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And  The  Princess  Dressed  Well  Happily  Ever  After      

Form not  so  pauper  to  princess,  Kate  Middleton  is  currently  the  nations  newest   sweetheart.  The  country  is  captivated  by  her  every  movement;  with  special  attention   aimed  at  her  nods  towards  fashion.       This  sort  of  intense  fascination  with  people  is  nothing  new.  Last  year  all  we  wanted   to  know  about  was  Cheryl  Cole;  what  was  she  doing,  what  colour  was  she  dying  her   hair,  what  trend  is  she  supporting  today,  and  so  on.  And  it’s  the  same  with  Kate.       Ever  since  Kate  appeared  on  the  scene  as  Prince  William’s  girlfriend  at  St  Andrews   University,  interest  in  her  has  been  feverish.  Even  more  so  since  she  has  begun  to   prove  that  her  name  should  be  in  the  fashion  column  inches.     Kate’s  influential  fashion  choices  became  clear  as  far  back  as  2007  when  a  dress  she   wore  for  her  25th  birthday  (a  £40  Topshop  tunic)  sold  out  within  24  hours.   Extraordinary  before  that  Kate  had  been  criticised  as  being  frumpy,  fashion  critics   had  even  gone  as  far  to  say  that  her  clothing  choices  epitomized  the  faux  par  of   ‘lamb-­‐dressed-­‐as-­‐mutton’     Things  began  to  change  after  the  news  of  Kate’s  engagement,  not  only  has  her   wedding  ring  reignited  the  trend  that  Dianna  previously  started  but  her  fashion   choices  have  been  applauded  by  the  fashion  conscious  world  opposed  to  them   feeling  appalled.       Did  she  think  she  had  to  start  proving  herself  as  something  more  than  just  Prince   William’s  fiancé?  Should  she  even  feel  like  she  had  to  prove  something,  as  after  all   that  is  all  she  is.       Regardless  of  her  that,  she  has  begun  to  prove  something.  Long  gone  are  the   mundane  and  clumpy  suede  knee  high  boots,  navy  pashminas,  long  sleeved   1    

cashmere cardies  and  teacher  like  knee-­‐length  skirts  and  dresses  that  were  once  her   much  loved  and  devoted  wardrobe  staples.  Those  coat  hangers  are  newly  adorned   with  elegant,  fitted  jackets,  figure  enhancing  dresses,  and  timeless  accessories  that   encompassed  the  elegance  and  regalitiy  that  the  public  still  want  to  associate  with   her.   Kate’s  stamp  on  the  fashion  world  is  so  intense  that  what  she  wears  has  the  power   to  spark  a  fashion  stampeded,  resulting  in  sell  out  lines  and  numerous  high  street   alternatives  being  sketched,  sewed  and  then  sold  weeks  after.  She  may  not   necessarily  pick  up  on  key  trends,  or  debut  the  boldest  of  colour  palates  but  she   knows  how  to  work  timeless  pieces  and  nails  the  art  of  giving  them  a  modern,  yet   classy  edge.     Being  a  prestigious  lady,  who  potentially  has  access  to  an  enviously  disposable  fund   it  would  be  almost  sinful  for  her  outfit  choices  not  to  stem  from  some  high  end   items,  so  it  comes  of  no  surprise  that  she  is  regularly  snapped  in  British  designers   such  as  Temperley,  Mulberry  and  Burberry,  thus  her  choices  have  been  a  good  blend   of  patriotic  and  classic.     But  Kate  isn’t  a  lady  whose  fashion  eye  is  blinkered  to  the  high-­‐end  possibilities;  she   sports  a  fondness  for  the  popular  High  Street  stores  such  as  Topshop,  Zara,  Reiss  and   Jigsaw.     She  is  fast  becoming  the  most  famous  woman  in  the  world,  with  a  figure  that  looks   great  in  clothes,  so  it’s  no  wonder  that  designers  are  desperate  for  a  little  sprinkling   of  the  dazzling  Middleton  magic.       One  of  the  most  note  worthy  examples  of  how  her  choices  affected  sales  was  the   Burberry  trench  she  was  spotted  in  during  a  visit  to  Belfast.  24  hours  after  the  photo   hit  the  fashion  websites,  blogs  and  forums  the  classic  beige  trench  with  double-­‐ breasted  pockets  and  a  frilled,  flared  hem  had  sold  out  online.       The  Middleton  magic  didn’t  stop  there  though,  mums  favourite  supermarket,  Asda  


had their  own  version  too,  at  a  far  more  purse  friendly  version  at  a  mere  £22,  a  huge   price  crunch  alternative  compared  to  the  heavy  price  tag  that  was  stapled  to   Burberrys  original  which  would  set  you  back  £650     Kate’s  wardrobe  has  had  similar  successes  with  pieces  like;  a  Libelula  coat,  which   now  has  a  waiting  list  of  over  300,  an  Issa  dress,  which  too  sold  out  within  24  hours.       When  the  official  engagement  photographs  by  Mario  Testino  were  released,  the   fashion  world  was  waiting  in  awe  and  trepidation.  Will  it  be  high  street,  or  high  end?   Will  it  be  fashion  conscious  of  frumpy  chic?  Not  one  to  disappoint  her  new  legion  of   fashion  fans,  Kate  decided  on  a  cream  silk  dress  by  Reiss.  The  dress  was  from  the   autumn  collection  of  2010  and  had  sold  out  online  before  the  nation  had  even  seen   the  released  photos.       The  unbelievable  response  to  Kate’s  dress  resulted  in  Reiss  relaunched  the  Nanette   dress,  and  has  been  selling  and  selling  ever  since.     The  question  isn’t  whether  she  can  maintain  this  adoration  that  as  society  we  are  so   quick  to  infuse  into  someone;  its  whether  she  should  she  even  feel  entitled  to  carry   on  working  as  a  clotheshorse.  After  all  once  you  take  all  heirs  and  graces  away  from   her  she  is  just  a  middle  class  lady  who  has  had  got  a  promising  future  ahead  of  her.       -­‐ENDS-­‐  


And the Princess Dressed Well and Lived Happily Ever After  

A look at how The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is currently the nations newest sweetheart. The country is captivated by her every mo...