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Kissing Fish By Abbie So

Nowadays, what is the trend of

“In a Relationship” ? Free love - Free to choose lover - Free to reject/ break up when you don’t like - No need to be settled in only one form/style - Popular culture

How we descript “In a Relationship” nowadays?


– swimming in the ocean to find the right one.

In a relationship

– jump out from the ocean.

What represent the couples are in a relationship?

For the one who believe and support “Free Love”

Kissing Fish Glasses

Can the glasses KISS as fishes do ?

How Kissing Fish works?

Use Magnet

Material use ‌




Fabric with pattern


Beaded fabric

Other materials

Final illustration

Final Illustration

Final Illustration

Final Illustration

Kissing fish  

for eyewear desgin

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