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JUNE 2016


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Cooper Secures Landmark Contract


Vortex Spouts Installed to Control Material Dusting


The Rising Tide of Super Seaweed

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Less degradation

Cost effective

Move your dry granular materials gently, reliably and with significant reductions in product degradation and/or system wear.

Our high material-to-air ratios reduce energy and compressed air requirements. Our low conveying velocities provide significant process savings in both operation and maintenance. Initial cost is surprisingly affordable too, thanks to our modular design concept and ease of installation.

Proven capability Dynamic Air dense phase pneumatic conveying systems have been proven in over 15,000 installations worldwide. They handle a wide range of materials and bulk densities at rates from less than a hundred kilograms per hour to 400 tonnes per hour, over distances exceeding 1500 metres.

Sixteen concepts Each Dynamic Air system is custom designed from one of our sixteen different conveying concepts. So you get a conveying solution that fits your process perfectly, without compromises.

BellaTM Twin Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer

GYRO EXTM Bin Activating Feeder

Write or call us today with your questions, or for detailed information on our system applications. Dynamic Air Ltd. Milton Keynes United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 1908 622344 E-mail: sales@dynamicair.co.uk


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fter weeks of extensive testing by experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) and intensive jury consultations, Jungheinrich has been selected as a winner in two categories of the IFOY 2016 Awards competition – for the world’s best Warehouse Truck highlifter and the world’s best Special Vehicle. The company was the only finalist to receive an award in two categories. Nominees in the IFOY 2016 competition included solutions from Crown, BYD, Jungheinrich, SSI Schaefer, STILL and Toyota. EKX 516 AWARDED AS BEST “WAREHOUSE TRUCK HIGHLIFTER” Jungheinrich received an IFOY Award in the category of “Warehouse Truck highlifter” for its new EKX 516 Very Narrow Aisle High Rack Stacker / Order Picker. This man-up vehicle is able to lift loads of up to 1,600 kg and reach heights of up to 18 metres. The high level of innovative features was cited as the main reason for the judges’ decision. “By introducing the new EKX 5 series Jungheinrich has set a new benchmark in the high rack stacker segment,” said the jury in its statement. Unique features are the modular platform concept, lightweight design, passive vibration damping system and synchronous motor technology, giving 93% efficiency. This new technology saves energy and, thanks to Floor Pro, the narrow-aisle forklift can also be used efficiently on uneven warehouse floors. The EKX achieves maximum efficiency when combined with the Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation assistance system, which drives the very narrow aisle truck to the next storage position semi-automatically. The Fraunhofer IML Institute emphasized: “All in all, the customer benefits can be rated as very high because the functions for performance fulfilment on the one hand and energy efficiency on the other, not to mention the safety features, are all very well implemented in this industrial truck.” Dr Oliver Lücke, Jungheinrich Board of Management member in charge of Engineering, was delighted to accept the award along with the development team and several staff members: “I am particularly pleased that we have won this award with our flagship product – the EKX Series 5. We have implemented a host of innovations in this truck and have set a new benchmark. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the dedicated team effort that went into developing this highly innovative product, confirming our status as a comprehensive solutions supplier.“ EJQ 325 AWARDED AS BEST “SPECIAL VEHICLE” The EJQ 325 was the winner in the “Special Vehicle” category, which was included in the competition for the first time in 2016. This custom product from the Jungheinrich special-build vehicle line was specially developed for Deutsche Bahn to accommodate ICE train railcar wheelsets and the wheelset changer. The solution is based on standard Jungheinrich components. Experts on the jury emphasized the precision in particular: “A combination like this exhibits the use of extremely sophisticated technology and has never before been realized for industrial trucks in this way. What’s really special is the option of being able to operate the truck from two opposite positions.” Once again, the experts from the Fraunhofer IML Institute rated the customer benefits of the Jungheinrich solution as very high in the innovations check because the vehicle is specifically tailored to individual complex requirements and operating conditions. The allwheel drive enables outstanding vehicle manoeuvrability so that the operator can safely transport the 2.5-tonne ICE train wheelsets even in confined spaces. The mast used to raise and lower the load offers


Bulk Solids Today

forward reach, tilting, side shift with a large range and tine adjustment to enable the precise positioning required for assembly and disassembly purposes. “In special vehicle construction, Jungheinrich has been successful in producing a truck which accommodates customer requirements for absolute precision and does its work with millimetre accuracy. What makes this truck so special is the use of tried-and-trusted standard components in such a way that the whole is more than the sum of the parts,” concluded the panel of experts. The Jungheinrich team was thrilled to win the award. In the words of Dr Lücke: “We are proud to have won the award for this special-build truck – a batch size of 1 for a very specific customer application. The Luneburg plant has more than 25 years of experience in the development of such product solutions. This award is a confirmation of Jungheinrich’s outstanding solutions competence on the market.” BACKGROUND INFORMATION The International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award has proven itself an indicator of economic efficiency and innovation since 2013. Thanks to its technical expertise, it is considered the leading intralogistics innovations award. The winners are selected every year by an independent jury of leading trade journalists. The decision is based on an objective test and a scientific innovations check. The two test series compare the competing products submitted by finalists. The IFOY Award is sponsored by the Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), under the auspices of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. ABOUT JUNGHEINRICH UK LTD: Jungheinrich UK Ltd is one of the top three leading Intralogistic providers in the UK, generating a turnover of over £175 million annually. With a team of nearly 800 dedicated and highly experienced employees, operating from seven locations across the UK, we offer the industry’s widest range of high energy efficiency Pallet Trucks, Stackers, Counterbalance Trucks, Reach Trucks, Order Pickers, Very Narrow Aisle Trucks and Stacker Cranes in more than 600 truck variants. In addition, Jungheinrich provides an extensive, 500 employee-strong, Customer Service Support Network. The company has evolved from a manufacturer of Forklift Trucks to a full Intralogistics Solution provider, excelling in Automation, Racking Systems and Warehouse Planning, as well as in Long and Short Term Rental and Financial Services. The company is a division of the Jungheinrich AG Group, which generates a turnover in excess of 2.7 billion Euros annually and has manufacturing facilities worldwide. www.jungheinrich.co.uk




sing equipment from Siltbuster Process Solutions, Euro Quality Lambs, (EQL) is boosting its wastewater treatment capacity at its abattoir in Craven Arms, Shropshire, to cope with the company’s growth. EQL, is a lamb & sheep abattoir, with a capacity to process 15,000 carcasses a week and with onsite boning & further processing facilities. It produces a large variety of lamb products in terms of different weights, fat covers and breeds. Its ability to meet many demand specifications throughout Europe has given the company a strong export business, with customers in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. Improvements and additions to the abattoir’s operations meant that the company had scope to further increase its throughput, leading to the requirement to upgrade its wastewater treatment to meet this increasing demand. As part of its processing operation, wastewater is produced by

EQL each operating day. Before it is discharged from the site the wastewater has to meet local water authority consent levels. To treat it EQL uses a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit which it purchased from Siltbuster Process Solutions (SPS) in 2013. With this unit performing well - removing 94% of suspended solids, 79% of settled COD and 96% of total phosphate - EQL asked SPS to advise on the best way to boost this wastewater treatment capacity in anticipation of its expanding business. Siltbuster recommended a DAF D50 which will be installed and commissioned early June, replacing the existing unit. The new DAF has a footprint of just 2.3m x 3.8m and yet this model can treat up to 50m3/hour of wastewater, therefore offering more treatment capacity for EQL. www.siltbuster.com




EGAPULS 64, the world’s first radar level sensor for liquids, operating at a frequencay of 80 GHz, has instigated a radical new era in radar level measurement technology. Eighteen months ago a new sensor for the continuous measurement of bulk solids, VEGAPULS 69, was introduced with great success. This sensor also operates with a transmission frequency 3 times higher than the widely used 26 GHz frequency. “The market has shown that this technology is the thing of the future – since the market launch, over 10,000 VEGAPULS 69 level sensors have already been installed,” says Jürgen Skowaisa, product manager of radar instrumentation at VEGA Grieshaber KG, describing the success story of these increased frequency sensors. These instruments have proven their worth, especially on media with poor reflective properties, in production shafts up to 120 m deep, or in silos with numerous internal installations that generate strong false echoes. VEGAPULS 64 for liquid applications will follow this leap, also setting a milestone in measurement technology with its high dynamics and superior focusing. “Media with poor reflective properties, i.e. low dielectric constant, can now be measured significantly better than with previous radar sensors,” continues Skowaisa. Thanks to the vastly better focusing, the beam simply passes by internal tank installations or buildup. Interfering signals, which previously had to be filtered out with false signal suppression, now play hardly any role in the measurement process. “Moreover, it is now possible to use a much smaller antenna. Today we have process fittings with an antenna diameter of only ¾” – equivalent to the size of a £1 coin.” The new technology also allows precise measurement of the level very close to the tank bottom. This opens up new perspectives in determining the level in small containers used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as determining the amount of fuel left at the bottom of large fuel tanks. Measurement accuracy is +/-2 mm, even with a working range up to 30 m. The great success of bulk solids radar sensor VEGAPULS 69 and the current market launch of VEGAPULS 64 for liquids are setting the agenda for the future technological development of radar level measurement. “Today, there is no way to surpass the performance of radar measurement based on an operating frequency of 80 GHz,” says Skowaisa with conviction. www.vega.com/radar


Bulk Solids Today


he Materials Handling Engineers Association has announced another key speaker for BULKEX16, the event aimed at professionals, organisations and academics from across the bulk materials handling industry. Philippe Frenay will join BULKEX16 from Aggregate Industries where he is Managing Director, UK and Overseas. His presentation will be a highlight of the twoday event, which takes place at Harrogate International Centre on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 October. Aggregate Industries’ Philippe Frenay is the latest key speaker to be announced. He joins Martin Downey, Bulk Terminal and Operational Engineering Director at The Bristol Port Company, with other industry speakers set to be announced. Philippe joined Aggregate Industries in 2011 and has specific responsibility for the Aggregates Divisions in the UK and Overseas. Part of Aggregate Industries is Glensanda Quarry, a super quarry situated on the banks of Loch Linnhe on the West Coast of Scotland. Glensanda produces high quality crushed granite to markets all across Northern Europe, from washed sand through to off-shore armour material. It stocks over £3million of equipment and has three active workshops to ensure the smooth running and efficiency of the quarry. Philippe has extensive experience within the construction materials industry, having worked for Aggregate Industries’ parent company Holcim since 1990. Prior to that, he has held various similar positions in Ready-Mix, Cement and Aggregates in Belgium, Netherlands and the North of France. MHEA Chairman Michael Kaye said: “We are delighted that Philippe has agreed to give a presentation at BULKEX16, which is shaping up to be a great event. We are looking forward to learning from Philippe’s considerable experience and wealth of knowledge and we greatly appreciate the time he is taking out of his busy schedule to share his thoughts and ideas.” This year a new Speaker’s Corner will bring the programme of leading industry speakers into the exhibition hall, where more than 50 exhibitors will be showcasing their products and services.” www.mhea.co.uk/bulkex-2016




an Starnes and Denzil Davies of Eastbourne based Goplasticpallets.com, the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets and containers, will embark on the biggest physical challenge of their lives when they cycle an endurance testing 910km through stages 8 to 12 of the Tour de France as part of the Tour de Force five stage challenge, with the aim of raising over £2,400 for the William Wates Memorial Trust. “I have been driven on to train hard and complete the challenge in the knowledge that every penny I raise will help disadvantaged young people fulfil their potential,” said Denzil Davies. This Tour de Force challenge will be a first for both team members, as neither has cycled such a spectacular or testing journey before. 47 year old Denzil has already experienced the very hilly Pyrenees on his trusty motorbike; however, for Dan, this will be his first encounter with the French mountains. Both cyclists have been clocking up the miles in the last 10 months; their training From left – Dan Starnes and Denzil routes have taken them all over the Davies of Goplasticpallets.com are geared up to take on the Tour de South Downs, from Rye to Tenterden, Force challenge in aid of the William through Crowborough and Lewes to Wates Memorial Trust. Newhaven and Eastbourne. From July 2-7, the brave and enthusiastic cyclists will explore the roads into the Pyrenees, tackling mountain climbs on Andorra’s highest road pass, before enjoying a steady decent onto the Garonne plain and then crossing the Langeudoc-Roussillon and Bouches-du-Rhone regions, taking in the stunning sights of Carcassonne and Montpellier, and finishing off with an epic ascent on the iconic Mont Ventoux. “It’s going to be a tough and enduring ride, but I’m determined to complete this adventurous challenge and raise as much as I possibly can to support the great work that the trust does,” said Dan Starnes. Needless to say, everyone at Goplasticpallets.com fully supports Dan and Denzil and wishes them all the very best and no tyre punctures along the way. If you would like to help the charitable cyclists exceed their target of £2,400, please sponsor them via their www.virginmoneygiving.com fundraising pages by entering their names in the Make a Donation area. GOPLASTICPALLETS.COM Goplasticpallets.com stocks in excess of 155 different pallets and pallet boxes, offering a wide choice of product features and colour options. Pallet styles include nestable pallets, hygienic pallets, pool pallets, full perimeter and non-perimeter pallets, pallets suitable for export, display pallets and two-colour pallets, a new concept the company introduced to aid pallet identification. Goplasticboxes.com offers a further 115 plastic containers, crates and trays and a variety of accessories, including dollies, lids and flooring. Goplasticboxes.com has six distinct ranges – attached lid, automotive, euro, folding, agricultural and food ranges. For further information visit www.goplasticpallets.com and www.goplasticboxes.com

NUMBER ONE FOR PIPEWORK SYSTEMS Modular pipework systems Stainless Steel, Galvanised or Powder Coated (inside and out) 60 - 800 mm diameter sections as standard 1 - 3 mm thickness Easy to fit Quick Connect nnect nect Jacob (UK) Ltd T: +44 (0) 1694 722841 E: sales@jacob-uk.com W: Jacob-uk.com

ROTECH FOR RELIABILITY! ROTECH motion sensors can be used whenever information on shaft speed, position, completed revolutions, etc, is required, for indication, control, interlocking, alarm initiation, etc.

Less? Why Accept Anything

Speed monitoring Safety interlocking Rotation control

Polypropylene Body Stainless Steel Body

Rotation/Vibration monitoring solutions for your equipment  using our wide range of sensors. • Self Contained, Easy to Fit Aluminium Body

• Maintenance Free for Life • Pulse rates from 1 to 1000

Vibration Sensor

Speed Relay

• Range of AC/DC signal outputs • All Industrial Applications •

Tel: +44 (0)151 356 2322


Website: www.rotechsystems.co.uk

Monitoring the world since 1983

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osca Direct Limited, the UK subsidiary of strapping specialist Mosca GmbH, has appointed a new Systems Engineer to service its customers in Scotland. The arrival of Stuart Alexander increases the number of UK-based engineers in Mosca’s engineering service team to nine, in line with the company’s continuing success and expansion. The past two years have seen substantial growth for Mosca, with a significant increase in the number of machines sold to customers across Scotland. It was therefore essential for the business to establish a Scotland-based engineer to help it maintain its reputation for fast response times and maintenance deadlines. The appointment also means improved service levels for customers south of the border, as engineers now spend less time travelling and have more time available for hands-on work. “We are very pleased that Stuart has joined our team of System Engineers, allowing us to offer enhanced coverage across the whole of the UK and Ireland,” says Julie Walton, Engineering Operations Director at Mosca. “I am sure that he will become a valued member of our business team.” Ayrshire-based Stuart is qualified and experienced in electrical maintenance, and also has considerable knowledge of working with heavy automated machinery, acquired during four years with Kardex Remstar Ltd, a German manufacturer of automated storage machines. Prior to this, he completed an apprenticeship scheme with electrical contractors J.R Livingstone, which included working with complex electrical drawings, site safety and dealing with asbestos. Stuart is currently undertaking a comprehensive training programme, which will include a two week course at Mosca’s international headquarters in Waldbrunn, Germany. “I’m really looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity to develop my skills at Mosca,” comments Stuart. “It’s great for the company too: having an engineer permanently based in Scotland means routine and emergency call-outs can be responded to much faster, which is good news for customers.” http://en-uk.mosca.com



SG’s new CEO, Paul Cossell, has announced his first key appointment as Damian Farr is promoted to the newly created role of managing director for the company’s Engineering Services business across Europe. Damian heads up a specialist team that has delivered over £1 billion, or over three million sq ft, of data centre projects across continental Europe in the past five years. ISG is currently delivering a number of complex and highly-engineered construction projects in Belgium, Finland and the Netherlands, giving Damian the perfect springboard to focus on growing market share in the technology, science and health sectors. Damian brings over 20 years’ experience working across highlyengineered facilities for customers in the energy, technology, science and healthcare sectors. Prior to his new appointment, Damian led the delivery of one of ISG’s largest data centre projects in the Nordics, which at its peak saw over 1,200 operatives working simultaneously on site. Paul Cossell, ISG’s CEO, comments: “Our expertise in successfully delivering technically advanced and complex built environments gives ISG a highly compelling international offer, and Damian’s appointment emphasises our focus and ambition in the European arena. With the global data centre market predicted to grow at over 19 per cent per year to 2020, this is a core market for our business and one where we are already acknowledged as a world-leading specialist.” Damian Farr adds: “We have a hugely talented and wide-ranging team of industry professionals that constantly strive to challenge what is possible, both from a technical and delivery perspective. Innovation and creativity really find a home within the complex engineering services space, and we have a fantastic interdisciplinary team in our continental Europe business, that consistently pushes the boundaries to create an unbeatable experience for our customers.” For further information about ISG please visit the website www.isgplc.com



PE Global are delighted to announce the appointment of David Cooper as Chief Executive Officer. David joins FPE Global from his role as Managing Director of Matcon, where he led numerous strategic initiatives resulting in significant and sustained growth in revenue and profitability over almost 15 years of service. David was instrumental in helping to drive the international growth of the company across Europe, the USA, South East Asia, India and China. On his appointment at FPE Global, David Cooper said: “It is a privilege to be joining FPE Global, where we have an opportunity to build a World leading materials handling platform that delivers significant and unique value to our customers and shareholders. “We’ve seen increased demand for innovation and excellence in materials handling on a global scale, which presents a huge opportunity for the business. I am very excited to be leading the company through this next phase of growth.”


Bulk Solids Today

Peter Williamson, chairman at FPE Global, added: “We’re really pleased to welcome David to the team. He was instrumental in the transformation of Matcon and his expertise of servicing the food and pharmaceutical sectors will add tremendous value to FPE as we work towards crystallising the firms value proposition and delivering sustainable growth.” To support plans for expected growth and increase our operations capacity, we recently relocated our headquarters to Cheadle in the North of the UK. We plan to implement a new Innovation & Test facility enabling us to continually deliver excellence in materials handling and pneumatic conveying. www.fpeglobal.com









Showcase your products and services to key decision makers across the bulk materials handling industry.

Be a part of this high profile industry event:

New for 2016 is Speaker’s Corner, bringing the programme of high profile speakers and presentations into the heart of the exhibition hall. Those wishing to make an extra impact can take advantage of a range of sponsorship opportunities to suit all budgets.

• Company logo and profile in BULKEX16 exhibition brochure • Promotion on a dedicated website • Extensive media reach via online and offline marketing • Targeted promotional campaign

To exhibit at the event or to find out more about sponsorship, contact the BULKEX events team on 01787 226995 or visit www.mhea.co.uk/bulkex-16/


ENGINEERING COMPANY EXCELS WITH ITS INTELLIGENT APPROACH Amidst the challenging oil and gas landscape, the North East’s leading engineering powerhouse has achieved sustainable growth which it firmly believes is down to its intelligent engineering approach to saving clients time and money.


anaging Director at Hexham based Red Marine, Joe Orrell, has adopted – and very much promoted – a high impact, engineering led culture within the business since it was founded in 2008. This has seen the business secure contracts to deliver its innovative engineering solutions to major global players including the likes of Subsea 7, FMC Technologies, Technip and GE Oil and Gas. Joe believes that as oil companies continue to reduce their operating and capital spend, clients in the oil and gas industry can benefit by developing closer relationships with suppliers to gain more in-depth access to invaluable knowledge. Red Marine is passionate about working closely with its clients to fully understand their individual requirements at the very outset of a project, and to use its first hand operational experience and streamlined engineering processes to efficiently deliver effective solutions that meet their individual business needs. Joe said: “In the current climate, changes in processes to enable cost cutting are inevitable. However, Red Marine’s intelligent engineering mantra means the drive to save our clients time and money forms the DNA on which this business was founded. As such, we have always – and will continue to – apply our engineering expertise to rapidly deliver innovative engineering solutions that will save our clients time and money offshore.” Employing some of the industry’s leading talent, another key ingredient of the intelligent engineering approach has been to decentralize the decision making process. This eliminates the need

for decisions to be passed between departments which often leads to escalating costs and delaying implementation. Joe added: “Our engineers are allowed to make their own decisions – this makes Red Marine very responsive to our client’s challenging and often evolving requirements.” “We have a recipe that works – intelligent engineering can and clearly does reduce project risk and final costs. Operating in an environment that is fiercely driving efficiencies with a focus on reducing the cost of energy production, Red Marine’s offering is incredibly appealing.” Having carved a reputation in the Oil and Gas sector, Red Marine has diversified into new energy sectors including offshore renewables and the nuclear industry. The company comprises a team of 24 personnel with extensive knowledge of offshore operations, product handling and remote intervention. From engineering consultancy, through the rapid design and build of bespoke equipment, to the development and delivery of testing services, the company has an 8-year track record of successfully delivering intelligent engineering solutions to complex offshore challenges. http://www.redmarine.com/



ocal industrial dust and air filtration system manufacturer Dustcheck Limited has been shortlisted for another prestigious business award. The 38 year old business who has already won the ‘Company of the Year’ category at the Solids Handling Industry Awards, held in April, has now been announced as a finalist in the ‘Small Business of the Year’ category (Sponsored by the University of Wolverhampton) at the Staffordshire Chambers Business Awards 2016. The awards saw hundreds of applications across 11 categories and with the Small Business of the Year Category alone attracting over 50 nominations Dustcheck are extremely proud to have made it into the final four. “Dustcheck has a reputation for quality, innovation and customer service. We’ve seen a marked growth over the last four years and this has led to the expansion of our manufacturing facility and an investment in staff – all of which underpinned our awards application,” said Nigel Hubbard, Managing Director of Dustcheck.


Bulk Solids Today

The awards ceremony organised by Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce is taking place at Staffordshire County Showground on Thursday 14th July 2016. Dustcheck are the UK’s leading manufacturer of quality industrial dust collectors and industrial air filtration systems. Operating from purpose built premises combining modern office and manufacturing facilities Dustcheck have delivered dust control systems, industrial air filtration and dust extraction systems to the world’s largest manufacturing companies for over 38 years. Tel: +44 (0) 1782 599454 www.dustcheck.com


SANDVIK CONSTRUCTION NAMED AER LINGUS EXPORTER OF THE YEAR Ballygawley based Sandvik Construction Mobile Crushers and Screens has been awarded the Aer Lingus Viscount 2016 exporter of the year.


he awards, held in conjunction with Ulster Business, celebrate the very best in the private business sector in Northern Ireland. The award is recognition of the excellent work by the company in increasing export sales, thereby contributing to the economy of Northern Ireland. Judged by a panel of esteemed business figures, the Aer Lingus Viscount Awards have grown to become the premier business awards in Northern Ireland. Entries are received from some of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the country. Previous Viscount Award winners have come from a variety of sectors, with the awards recognizing the excellence of their performance, whatever their business. On the 24th May an awards luncheon was held at the Institute of Directors offices in Pall Mall, London. Here Sandvik Mobile Crushers and Screens was named as the recipient of the 2016 Aer Lingus Viscount Award for Exporter of the Year. Terry Allison, Managing Director, Sandvik Construction Mobile Crushers and Screens, commented: “We would like to thank everyone for their continued efforts. Their contribution to the business has helped

us (Sandvik Construction) achieve this award. It is testimony to the people within the organization all playing a key part in enabling our success in making our operation truly global.” The Exporter of the Year Award is presented to the company that best demonstrates how, in the last 12 months, it has increased export sales, with a clear commitment to expanding its business outside of Northern Ireland. The award is thus seen as a fantastic achievement, and recognizes Sandvik Construction’s contribution to Northern Ireland, and the Mobile Crushers and Screens contribution to Sandvik. http://www.miningandconstruction.sandvik.com/uk

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ccording to Doosan Bobcat EMEA, the Bauma 2016 exhibition in Munich in Germany was a great success for the company, with over 150 machines sold on the stand during the show and a huge number of sales leads generated for follow-up after the event. Focussing on construction/building materials and construction and mining machines and equipment, Bauma 2016 is the world’s largest trade fair and this year the show attracted approximately.580,000 visitors from 200 countries, a rise of more than nine percent on the previous show in 2013.  A total of 3423 exhibitors – 1263 from Germany and 2160 from abroad – from 58 countries, presented their products, developments and innovations on a record 605,000 m2 of exhibition space. Over 100 Bobcat compact loaders, compact excavators and telehandlers were sold on the stand during Bauma with the greatest interest shown in the E17, E19 and E20 1-2 tonne compact excavators as well as the prototype of the new E10 electrically powered 1 tonne micro-excavator presented for the first time at the exhibition. The demonstration of the E10 Electric excavator proved to be a big draw on the stand which also included the first showing of the new Bobcat Stage IV engine for the company’s rigid frame telehandlers and the new sand cleaner, one of a wide array of Bobcat attachments on the stand. 


Bulk Solids Today

The list of new products was even more extensive in the display of Doosan Heavy machines, which included five new wheeled excavators, two new crawler excavators and two new wheel loaders. The 40 Doosan machine sales from the stand covered all sizes of equipment and included both tracked and wheeled excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks.  There was also a significant number of sales and enquiries for compressors, generators and lighting systems in the Doosan Portable Power range, which included the first showing of the new Doosan G400-IIIA and G500-IIIA Stage IIIA compliant generators at Bauma.     There was a lot of interest from the international trade press in the Doosan Bobcat stand with over 120 face-to-face interviews conducted on the stand.  One leading German publication judged the Doosan Bobcat stand in the top 3 ‘must-sees’ at the exhibition.  Ideally situated in the outside area and close to the East and North entrances of the show, the Doosan Bobcat stand proved to be a magnet for visitors also attracted by the spectacular demo show held several times a day. For more information about Doosan construction equipment, visit www.doosanequipment.eu. For more information about Bobcat equipment, visit www.bobcat.eu. For more information about Doosan Portable Power, visit www.doosanportablepower.com




oosan Group announced on May 20 that it has opened Doota Duty Free Store at Doosan Tower, the heart of the nation’s major shopping district in Seoul, opening the era of duty free in the up-and-coming area Dongdaemun area The Doota Duty Free Store now occupies seven levels of the 36-story Doosan Tower Building, with the store totaling about 16,825 square meters and offering over 500 brands. Using the initial of “D,� its floor levels are labeled as D1 to D9. The D1 floor has four global leading cosmetic and perfume brands, including Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, as well as well known other premium brands such as Louis Vuitton, Moet, Hennessy and LG Household & Health Care. Luxury watch and jewelry brands will open their stores on the D2 floor in July. The second floor, to open in July, will have luxury jewelry and watch brands such as Chopard, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Zenith and Baume & Mercier. Accessory brands that sell sunglasses and jewelry, such as Swarovski, Pandora and J.Estina, are on the sixth floor while domestic brands and character shops, including Bruno Magli, Cath Kidston, Daks and Kakao Friends, are on the seventh. The Doota Duty Free Store is located in Dongdaemun, one of the popular tourist attractions. It plans to make the best use of its locational advantages and actively promote the regional coexistence.



edhead International, part of DB Schenker Logistics, has invested in four new DAF trucks with a value of ÂŁ250,000. The trucks, which will be the first to be delivered with newly developed ‘Redhead International DB Schenker’ branded livery, will become the latest addition to the company’s fleet of over 300 vehicles. The investment further demonstrates the commitment parent company DB Schenker – who merged in a reverse integration with Redhead International earlier this year – to support the company, as it continues to develop business opportunities throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Tony Suggitt, Managing Director at Redhead International, said, “The investment in new vehicles highlights the intentions of DB Schenker to continue building on the strength of the Redhead International brand. The latest trucks will allow the company to further develop business with new and existing customers whilst increasing awareness of the new Redhead International brand as part of the DB Schenker Group.â€? www.daf.co.uk

It is also planning to carry out various marketing programs, including the “365 Fashion Show� and a joint Dongdaemun marketing campaign, to help promote “win-win growth� in the region in the future. Visit Doosan at the IMHX Exhibition, 13 – 16 September at the Birmingham NEC. For more information please call 01604 825 600 or email salesadmin@doosan.com

High Efficiency Drying or Cooling of Bulk Solids The Bella dryer/cooler offers thermal efficiencies to 80 percent or better because air flows around material while it is suspended in the weightless zone. The result is a more consistent material.



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CSB ENJOYS SUCCESSFUL IFFA 2016 CSB group of companies is pleased with the outcome of the world’s leading trade fair for meat processing


he leading international meat exhibition IFFA 2016 exceeded all expectations for food IT specialist, the CSB group of companies, according to Sarah Vanessa Kröner a member of the company’s executive board: “We welcomed more than 600 leads, potential customer and partners from a total of 69 countries to our stand. This result confirms that investments made in digitisation and automation at a global level are becoming ever-more important in increasing productivity, reliability, transparency and flexibility in the value-added process.” Thematically, the CSB group of companies focused on the digital transformation towards the Smart MEAT Factory. CSB presented innovative software, automation and image processing solutions that play a key role in the context of Industry 4.0. The main attraction was picking with the “Google Glass” smart glasses. This method, termed “pick by vision”, is one of the most innovative picking techniques, which ensures fast and reliable processes as well as high picking quality. During a live demonstration at CSB’s stand, trade visitors were able to see for themselves the benefits of pick by vision. Another top issue at IFFA was the ever-increasing degree of automation in intralogistics, which is gaining importance as consumers have high expectations in terms of product quality and product availability. CSB’s automation solutions, such as the CSB-Hang & Move load carrier system, ensure short cycle and delivery times, low costs and a high level of readiness for delivery. The system developed by CSB-Automation optimises handling and transport of open pre-packed trays. The filled trays are not placed in plastic containers but inserted in and ejected from a newly developed load carrier called a gondola. Depending on the requirements, this can be realised semiautomatically or fully automatically. The loading and unloading technology of the gondolas offers enormous efficiency gains and high speed, reduces manual tasks and improves hygiene conditions for the handling of open pre-packed trays. In addition, the CSB group showcased its CSB-Vision product line for new trend-setting image processing solutions. CSB-Vision is used for optimising the use of raw materials which is critical to success particularly in the meat industry as here the costs for input material are much higher than in most other sectors. Examples for new possibilities in computer-aided image processing are the visual and perfectly hygienic grading of pig carcasses with a completely automated classification process, and the fully automatic identification, sorting and routing of items by means of image analysis, for instance at cutting exit or production entry. CSB-VISION RECEIVED FLEISCHEREI TECHNIK AWARD At IFFA, CSB-Vision received the renowned “Fleischerei Technik Award” in the Automation category for its high innovation content. A jury consisting of scientists, specialist editors and executive managers of the publishing house nominated the best innovations in a total


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of eleven categories taking into account aspects of quality assurance, cost reductions, sustainability and efficient process design. “We are very pleased to receive this special honour. Our trend-setting image processing technologies are a key module on the way towards the fully automatic meat factory,” said Technical Product Manager Peter Häberling. “Our product line CSB-Vision enables meat processing companies to analyse the quality and optimal use of raw materials and products and to reduce error rates and costs through consistent measurements. All of this is done fully automatic and without human intervention.” This year’s IFFA enjoyed outstanding exhibitor and visitor numbers. In particular, the level of internationality increased by about 66 percent, a new record. More than 63,000 visitors from 143 countries came over the six days of the show, where 1,027 companies from 51 countries presented their product innovations for the entire meat processing chain. www.csb.com


BIBBY DISTRIBUTION PUMPED TO WIN TANKER OPERATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD Bibby Distribution has been named Tanker Operator of the Year at the Tip-Ex/Tank-Ex Awards 2016.


he 3PL’s tanker division impressed the judging panel, who described Bibby Distribution as a “forward-thinking operator” with a safety-conscious attitude and a high level of customer service. Vaughan Pendergest, Head of Tankers, Bibby Distribution, says: “Our approach to tanker operations is driven by the same core values that guide all members of the 200-year-old, family-owned Bibby Line Group – we work together, we always strive to be better, we commit to innovation, we do the right thing, and we trust our people. We are proud that our operations have impressed the industry, and set the standard for others to follow.” The 3PL’s future-focused approach has led to substantial investment in its fleet. In addition to a major redesign of milk collection tankers to substantially cut fuel usage, Bibby Distribution has invested £1.2m in the latest tankers to transport products for confectionary manufacturing. Each of the 18 new tankers carries enough liquid chocolate to make more than 500,000 standard-sized bars. Bibby Distribution’s dedication to outstanding customer service is reflected in the action of its milk collection fleet, which transports one in 12 pints of Britain’s milk. In December

2015, Bibby Distribution’s drivers completed 99.5 per cent of scheduled operations despite intense flooding during the second-heaviest ever recorded rainfall in northern England. This commitment to outstanding performance, even in adverse conditions, resulted in a highly successful year for the division, which achieved a 99.6 per cent on time in full delivery rate in 2015. Bibby Distribution has also enjoyed 100 per cent retention of its contracts over the past three years. www.bibbydist.co.uk



ank Storage Asia 2016, the leading event for the Asian tank storage industry, returns to The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, on 27 & 28 September, with an expanded show floor, improved conference programme and more international suppliers than ever before. The show brings together the best and brightest from the Asian bulk liquid storage industry, providing the perfect opportunity for leading manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their innovative products and services to a captive audience of international buyers and decision-makers. The major names, who have signed up for 2016 include Emco Wheaton, Emerson Process Management, Arflu, Verwater Group, Siemens, Fabricom, Hitachi, OPW, Kanon Loading Equipment, CTS Netherlands, Endress+Hauser and Concrete Canvas. Many will use Tank Storage Asia as the stage from which to launch new technologies or make major announcements to an international audience. The hugely popular Tank Storage Asia conference programme returns, providing visitors with an insight into the industry’s critical issues on a local and global scale. 20 industry experts have been confirmed to speak, including Clive Gibson, Vice President, Asia Energy & Chemicals, Nexant; Moe Merican, Lead Consultant, Tri- Zen; Jeroen Overbeek, Ports and Marine Leader – Asia, Aurecon and Matthew Goitia, CEO, Peaker Energy to name just a few. www.tankstorageasia.com Bulk Solids Today



COOPER SECURES LANDMARK CONTRACT WITH BELFAST HARBOUR Cooper Specialised Handling, the UK’s only independent and dedicated provider of specialised heavy lifting equipment, has secured the contract for what is understood to be the largest crane of its type in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Mantsinen 160M hydraulic crane is scheduled for delivery to Belfast Harbour, in the late summer of this year.


elfast Harbour is a premier gateway to Ireland. Each year it handles liquid, dry and break bulk, as well as containers with tonnages approaching 25million, equating to around 70% of Northern Ireland’s maritime trade and 20% of that for the entire island of Ireland. Mantsinen’s 160M machine is a wheeled hydraulic crane specified to service vessels visiting Belfast. These range from 4,000-15,000dwt and handle a variety of products, but chiefly coal, scrap, grain and refuse-derived fuel. Consequently, the crane will be supplied with the Mantsinen MC620 quick change coupling device so that attachments can be interchanged in a matter of minutes. The crane is equipped with a 17.5 metre curved boom and 15 metre stick offering 31 metre horizontal outreach and a capacity of in excess of 10 tonnes at 27 metre extension. It also benefits from the Mantsinen patented cab riser, which can extend 9 metres horizontally from the slew-ring centre to provide optimum visibility into the vessel hold. In an unprecedented move, the machine has been specified with a 5-axle (20-wheel) undercarriage – more typically seen on the larger

Mantsinen 200 crane – to meet Belfast Harbour’s requirement to reduce the individual wheel loadings. With an overall weight of 234 tonnes, this machine is believed to be the largest hydraulic crane or material handler supplied anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Commenting on the deal, a spokesperson from Belfast Harbour’s Operations Engineering Department said: “The overall engineering content of the Mantsinen crane and the solutions Cooper provided to meet our specific needs were the most important factors in the decision-making process. We look forward to the crane complementing our quayside capabilities.” Cooper Specialised Handling Director David Cooper added: “We are delighted to have secured this important new business, which sees a high profile end user opting for the capability to load more while using less energy. “The synergies between Cooper and Mantsinen, and our commitment to working in partnership to deliver cost-effective solutions to challenging handling issues, really came to the fore with this project.” www.cooperhandling.com



he cast aluminium line of Smart Elbow® deflection elbows from HammerTek® is now offered in tube and pipe sizes from 3.8 cm up to 30.5 cm in diameter. Suitable for dilute-phase and densephase pneumatic conveying systems, the deflection elbows are said to eliminate problems associated with material impacting conventional elbows at high speed including: abrasive wear, breakage of friable materials, plugging of heat-sensitive materials and generation of fines, plastic streamers, snake skins and angel hair. The elbows feature a spherical chamber that protrudes partially beyond the desired 90º or 45º pathway, which causes a ball of material suspended in air to rotate, gently deflecting incoming product around the bend without impacting the elbow wall or generating heat. Other deflection elbows, offered in varying size ranges up to 45.7 cm, are available in cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and specialised alloys, which additionally prevent elbow wear when conveying sharp, hard or highly abrasive materials. According to the manufacturer, conventional sweep elbows and “plugged tee” elbows are typically replaced with deflection elbows to eliminate the cost of elbow replacements, ensure product quality, allow directional changes in restricted spaces and prevent unscheduled system shutdowns due to elbow maintenance or repair.


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For information contact HammerTek Corp., Tel: +1-610-814-2273, Email: sales@hammertek.com, www.hammertek.com




ement manufacturers that require an easy-to-use quality control solution that delivers rapid analyses of a wide range of materials can now rely on a new online elemental analyzer designed to provide real-time, accurate results. The Thermo Scientific CB Omni Fusion analyzer is designed to meet the demands and challenges of cement plant operators and quality control personnel seeking efficient analytical methods to produce and control the quality of cement products. With this unique system, users can choose either an electrically-driven neutron generator or an isotope, Californium (252Cf), as the analyzer’s excitation source. This enables them to continuously measure the elemental composition of the entire raw material stream carried on a conveyor belt. The analyzer features Omni View, a new software interface suite. It is flexible and highly configurable, allowing users to set up the analyzer to best match their process requirements. The advanced software can run on an unlimited number of workstations. Providing greater precision and repeatability than previous generations of the instrument, the CB Omni Fusion analyzer is easy to install, use and maintain. This makes it accessible to all plant personnel who require high sensitivity and real-time analysis. “Cement manufacturers are under increased pressure to maximize resources and reduce costs,” said Kevin Gordon, global marketing manager for prompt gamma neutron activation analysis for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We’ve developed the CB Omni Fusion with flexibility in mind. Quality control managers and operators can gather immediate results from raw material analysis to save time, money and energy, and they can customize the instrument to work best for them.” Additional benefits of the Thermo Scientific CB Omni Fusion analyzer include: • AutoDiagnostics software to track system health and operational conditions; • Modular design for ease of installation on existing conveyor trusses; and • One to four large volume detectors and variable tunnel heights to accommodate process conditions. The Thermo Scientific CB Omni Fusion analyzer, which can also be used for elemental analysis in the sinter ore, scrap steel and mineral production processes, builds upon the family of Thermo Scientific CB Omni analyzers, including the CB Omni and CB Omni Flex. More information on the CB Omni Fusion analyzer can be found at www.thermofisher.com/cbomnifusion. ABOUT THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with revenues of $17 billion and more than 50,000 employees in 50 countries. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity. Through our premier brands – Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services – we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support. For more information, please visit www.thermofisher.com.

Other Valves Fight Friction, We Designed it Out Unlike other valves that seal with friction, Posi-flate’s unique butterfly valve uses an inflatable seat to seal with air pressure. Thus it requires less torque and a smaller actuator, resulting in lower cost. Plus, the seat automatically compensates for wear, providing longer life. Some users have reported over six million cycles and the valves are still going strong. s s s s s s



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entor Training are encouraging those involved in sourcing training and qualifications for the quarrying and extractives industries to visit them at Hillhead 2016 this June for the latest updates in best practice guidance and training courses. Mentor, the UK’s leading provider of nationwide operator training on mobile plant, materials handling and access equipment, have recently acquired training, assessment, and apprenticeships provider SERAC UK, enabling them to provide the extractives and mineral processing industry with the complete end-to-end training, qualification and assessment service. Those visiting the international quarrying and recycling show can find out about the latest products and services on offer to the industry and see plant equipment in action in live demonstrations.

The Mentor team will be on hand to discuss new courses recently introduced under the MPQC Operator Competency Scheme, alongside safety management courses IOSH Managing Safely Forklift Operations and Safely Working with Lift Trucks. Serac also have exciting additions to their portfolio with a new Weighbridge Qualification and additional resource for completing level 2 qualifications. Visit Mentor on pavilion stand PA16/PB17 at Hillhead Quarry, Buxton from 28th to 30th June 2016, or call 01246 555222 today to find out how you can maximise your training budgets whilst still receiving quality, accredited training. www.mentortraining.co.uk



n show at Hillhead on the RDS Technology stand N13, will be the LOADMASTER a50, LOADEX 100, LOADMASTER a100, iSOSYNC and WEIGHLOG a10. LOADMASTER a50, the enhanced colour touchscreen replacement for the LOADMASTER 8kiX is an on-board weighing system for larger loaders which will be making its world début at Hillhead 2016. The LOADMASTER a50 is designed to help increase loading efficiency, cut vehicle movements on site and ensure lorries are correctly loaded first time. LOADEX 100 is a retrofittable scale installed on both tracked and wheeled 360 degree excavators and material handling machines to weigh the amount of material in the bucket, grab or clamshell. LOADMASTER a100 is an on-board weighing scale for wheeled loaders. A CAN based system combining cutting edge sensor technology and signal processing techniques, the LOADMASTER a100 is designed to provide precise and consistent bucket weight information and to emphasise the gains in productivity


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and profitability that can be achieved with such technology. LOADMASTER a100 is designed to operate within the fastest loading environments and toughest of conditions, to reduce cycle times and maximise tons per hour performance. iSOSYNC enables control of the loadout operation and inventory, productivity & traceability management. The software can be used with either LOADMASTER a100 or LOADEX 100 and allows the rapid transfer of job information from a central computer to the loader or excavator and the resultant load information is sent back to the PC upon completion. For smaller loaders and skid-steers, RDS offers the WEIGHLOG a10, which also benefits from a colour touch screen display. This instrument is designed to be a user friendly on-board weighing system which provides accurate and consistent bucket and total load results, meaning stock management and check-weighing operations can be controlled more effectively. www.rdstec.com/

Dust and buildup on the antenna? No problem! The future is 80 GHz: a new generation of radar level sensors

VEGAPULS 69 is designed specifically for level measurement of bulk solids. Even in dusty conditions, it always provides precise readings. Dust in the silo or buildup on the antenna have no effect. This radar sensor also features unrivalled focusing at a frequency of 80 GHz. Simply world-class! www.vega.com/radar


LEVEL SENSOR INNOVATIONS FOR THE AGGREGATES INDUSTRY VEGA manufacture a range of level (contact and non-contact) and pressure sensors and switches for aggregates processing.


iscover why VEGA non-contact radar is revolutionising level measurement in the aggregates sector. It’s reducing costs and increasing reliability – with simpler set up, higher measurement certainty – handles high dust levels during filling or emptying and even works with transducer build up. See and handle VEGAPULS 69 yourself: One device for all bulk solids level applications; short to long range, fine powder to large rocks and stones, fast response for conveyor positioning or profiling

and works in narrow or wide vessels. Come to the stand and discuss your application and ‘no fix no pay’ trial on your process. Also on the stand: Non-contact conveyor mass flow solutions, bitumen level systems and control panels and flush abrasion-proof pressure sensors for silo and pipeline pressure. Come visit Stand PB6 in the Main Pavilion at Hillhead. E-Mail: info.uk@vega.com Web: www.vega.com/uk




ith a focus on the entire drive train and beyond, Siemens will be showing why its integrated drive systems, weighing, level and flow solutions bring significant benefits to the industry, from energy savings through more efficient motors and drives to improved data on system performance and optimising availability, reliability and throughput using digitised condition monitoring. There will also be a focus on maximising safety and security – functions more essential than ever to bulk materials handling operators. By helping improve the productivity, efficiency and reliability of industrial production, time to market can be considerably reduced along with time to profit. Siemens industry knowledge is second to none in this important sector and the company is continuously developing its expertise to provide future-proof, customised solutions, backed up by global and local service support. As an experienced partner to many operators in the industry, Siemens experts will be on the stand at Hillhead to demonstrate and discuss the world’s most comprehensive and consistent product range and system solutions in the field of drive technology and process systems. In drive technologies, Siemens will be displaying its Simogear and SIP gear units, and in Large Drives, showing how converterfed motors can help leverage energy cost savings of up to 70 per cent. In process instrumentation a series of weighing, flow and level demonstrations will show the latest Siemens systems available. The benefits of integrated drive and automation technology, including recent examples of how Siemens has helped leading operators like Hanson save energy, reduce carbon footprint, and achieve payback within two years will also be demonstrated. Lifecycle management reports will be shown on the stand to show how to get the best out of equipment and systems. See more about the range of Siemens solutions for industry at www.siemens.co.uk


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amson Materials Handling design and manufacture a range of mobile equipment for effective conveying of materials for diverse mining and quarrying operations. From pit face to onward processing and export Samson provide equipment that minimises touchpoints and maximises efficiency. Samson specialises in tailoring equipment to the precise needs of the individual customer. Samson will be showcasing solutions and expertise gleamed in almost 50 years of experience. The Samson Material Feeder eliminates the need for fixed civil works and truck ramps. It is the ideal mobile solution to receive materials such as coal and aggregates where fixed plant is not a viable option. Stockpiling is made simple with minimal movement of equipment. The Stormajor® range can be tailored to specific stockpiling requirements in terms of material characteristics and space for stockpile. Barge, ship or rail car loading is facilitated with an outloading boom and controlled discharge rates. The Stormajor is compatible with wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks and road tipping trucks. Best of all the Stormajor range is highly manoeuvrable and can be removed from the area when not in operation and the boom can be folded in for transport. For larger shipping requirements the Samson Shiploader can quickly convert a multi-purpose berth. It can be used for loading bulk carriers to post Panamax size and when combined with twin Samson Material Feeders peak loading rates of over 2,000 tons per hour are possible with through the ship rates in excess of 1,500 tons per hour. The Samson Eco Hopper is a dust controlled grab unloading hopper which provides an economically and ecologically sensitive solution designed to suit the characteristics and flow properties of virtually any bulk material such as limestone, iron ore, bauxite, coal, clinker etc. Rates of up to 5,000 tons per hour can be achieved depending on the grab crane’s performance. www.samson-mh.com




erex Finlay set to unveil THREE exciting new products at Hillhead 2016 in our largest ever presence at the show. At the show Terex Finlay will officially launch the NEW C-1540 direct drive cone crusher and 674 3-deck inclined screen. We will also preview the new I-140RS impact crusher in advance of its launch in Q3, 2016. “We are looking forward with excitement to the upcoming Hillhead, 2016. We return to the showcase event for our industry with even more exciting new product introductions and a fantastic story to tell our customers. In total we will have 12 machines on display in what will be our largest ever presence at Hillhead. Literally every machine on display at the show is a new product introduction, been recently launched or a preview of another new model” commented Nigel Irvine, Sales and Marketing Director. “One of the highlights from the Terex Finlay crusher portfolio will be the official launch of the NEW C-1540 direct drive cone crusher. This machine has been developed to satisfy the requirements of the medium sized owner operator and contract crushers. The machine has been well received at a number of customer preview events and we are pleased with the initial order levels being placed on the factory. We will also be exhibiting our C-1545 cone crusher at the booth. We introduced this machine in late 2015 and have been delighted with the uptake and acceptance from the international market. “From our extensive range of impactors we will be displaying our new I-140 impact crusher. This next-generation impactor was premiered at the 2016 Bauma exhibition and was one of the stand out machine launches at the show. We will also be previewing the latest development with the preview of our I-140RS impact crusher. “From our comprehensive range of jaw crushers we will be exhibiting the ever popular J-1170 and J-960 jaw crushers. Both these machines are well respected and key models for the important UK and European markets. “The Terex Finlay screener line up is equally impressive and we will be launching our NEW 674 inclined screen at Hillhead. This small to mid-size inclined screen has been specifically developed to appeal to the contract crusher and small scale owner-operator looking to produce four specification products from the one platform. “The 674 inclined screen has been developed to enter new space in the mobile screening market. We’re excited by the buzz and interest that has been expressed in this new model and expect it to be a real star of the show. “From our 8-Series range of we will be showcasing our biggest volume machine, the 883+ heavy duty screener and our recently introduced 873 Spaleck recycling screener.“ ‘CRUSHER ALLEY’ DEMONSTRATION Terex Finlay are ‘unleashing the beasts’ in the main working area in the form of the J-1480 jaw crusher and recently launched C-1554 cone crusher. These two heavyweights are sure to be show stoppers during the live working demonstrations with the tonnage of material that they will put on the ground. These large capacity workhorses have consistently been producing up to 800 tph and will be demonstrated showing the production capacity during the show. Terex Finlay will also be previewing the new I-140RS impact crusher in the main working area in advance of its launch in

Q3, 2016. This exciting new machine features an onboard detachable sizing screen and recirculation conveyor for producing a spec’d product. For applications not requiring utilization of the recirculation system the conveyor can be slewed into position and used as a stockpile conveyor. Used in this configuration the machine can produce three products from one platform. RECYCLING AREAS DEMONSTRATION In the recycling working areas Terex Finlay will be exhibiting the J-1170AS jaw crusher and new 873 Spaleck heavy duty recycling screener. We previewed the J-1170AS at Hillhead 2014 and put the machine went into serial production in early 2015. This highly adaptable machine has been well received by contact crushers and owner operators as it provides the flexibility of a crushing and screening plant on one platform for use in mining and recycling applications. The detachable on-board sizing screen can be quickly removed allowing the operator to use the machine as a standard unit depending on the application. The 873 Spaleck recycling screen is the latest model to be developed in partnership with Spaleck GmbH. Launched in late 2015 this machine has gained positive traction in the global market, particularly in those markets where machine movement from site to site is complicated. The machine still provides impressive material processing capabilities in aggregates, sand and gravel, construction demolition and recycling applications but from a more compact transport envelope to the existent 883+ model. The top deck 3D screening segments and bottom deck flip-flow technology put this machine into a class of its own, even in wet, difficult and sticky applications where are machines would struggle to operate with minimal downtime. T-LINK DEMONSTRATION Terex Finlay will also be demonstrating their T-Link telematics remote monitoring and fleet management system on in their booth. Trained personnel will be on hand through the duration of the show to demonstrate to visitors how the T-LINK system can help them stay connected with and keep track of their equipment, monitor work progress, manage logistics, access critical machine information, analyse and optimise machine performance and perform remote operator support. These demonstrations will take place in the Terex Finlay hospitality booth and will focus on the machines that are actually working at the show. www.terex.com

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he UK’s premier processing and packaging machinery and packaging materials exhibition, The PPMA Total Show 2016, returns to the Birmingham NEC this September for the first time in its history, moving from its usual summer slot. The PPMA Total Show incorporates three major exhibition brands – PPMA, Pakex and Interphex – highlighting the latest innovations in materials, containers and packaging design, as well as the very latest processing and packaging machinery, industrial automation and vision innovations. The PPMA Total Show 2016, which runs over three days from 27-29 September 2016, will be the first under the sole ownership of the PPMA for over a decade. It will see the return of popular exhibitors including Festo Ltd, supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology, Reiser, supplier of processing, portioning and packaging equipment and solutions for a wide range of food processing industries and Schubert, the automated packaging system specialist. Speaking about returning to the show in September, Mark Jocelyn, Sales Director for Schubert UK Ltd, commented, “Schubert feel that the PPMA Total Show is the perfect stage to not only exhibit our latest technologies but also to launch our exciting new corporate image – Dear future, welcome to the present.” With more than 300 exhibitors already confirmed to join Schubert in Hall Five at the NEC, organisers are confident that the 2016 show will be bigger and better than ever. Speaking about its return, Grant Jamieson, Chairman, PPMA Group of Associations, said: “The PPMA Total Show brings together buyers and sellers at one of the most visually dynamic exhibitions of the latest processing and packaging machinery, materials, industrial automation and vision innovations. What’s more as a trade association we have been able to keep stand space pricing as competitive as possible, offering the very best value to members and non-members alike. Attended by thousands of quality buyers and industry experts, this event is not to be missed.” The PPMA Total Show 2016 follows the most successful PPMA exhibition in recent history. Over 1,000 leading packaging and processing machinery manufacturers were represented at the 2015 show, which provided a platform for the industry to showcase the latest technological innovations and discuss key business opportunities with more than 7,500 visitors. Expanding on the success achieved at the PPMA Show 2015, the Total 2016 exhibition will open its doors to a wide range of materials, containers and packaging design companies as well as playing host to companies specialising in pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and engineering solutions. Incorporating Pakex and Interphex, the show aims to provide businesses across the packaging design and pharmaceutical sectors with an unrivalled opportunity to reach the right decision makers and showcase precisely how their solutions can address a number of particular processing and packaging challenges.


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Along with examples of ground-breaking packaging designs and the very latest machinery, industrial automation and vision innovations, attendees are encouraged to visit the seminar theatre to hear more about the latest trends and hottest issues impacting professionals in the industry. Headline speakers will be revealed in the lead up to the show, but with last year’s line-up including former Sainsbury’s CEO and leading figure in the FMCG and Grocery retailing sector, Justin King CBE alongside Mike Crosby, Finance Director for Burts Potato Chips, Sam Kelly, Electrical Engineering Apprentice for PepsiCo and Hannah Whall, Graduate Project Engineer for Nestlé, the 2016 line-up will no doubt provide an equally diverse array of high calibre speakers. New PPMA Group CEO, Andrew Mint, who joined the association on the 1st February 2016, said: “I am delighted to join the PPMA Group ahead of The PPMA Total Show 2016. The show is a great opportunity for businesses to get their brand, products and equipment in front of a high profile audience and celebrate the innovation that the industry has to offer.” For more information on the 2016 PPMA Total Show, or for details on exhibiting please visit www.ppmatotalshow.co.uk, call 020 8773 8111 or email totalshow@ppma.co.uk.


OMRON ACQUIRES ADEPT’S CLASSY ROBOTS FOR FAST-MOVING AUTOMATION At the PPMA Total Show 2016 on Stand B34, Omron will formally announce its acquisition of Adept Technologies, an established US-based manufacturer and global supplier of industrial robots. The takeover has added 49 best-in-class robots to Omron’s portfolio and enables the company to offer all three primary classes of robots together with an established global service infrastructure.


ritically, the deal has broadened Omron’s portfolio with the addition of six axis articulated robots. The new brand, named Omron Adept Technologies, can now offer a larger range of robots across all three primary classes – SCARA, delta and six axis. This fits perfectly into Omron’s automation strategy, and means that the firm is well positioned to support manufacturers of high technology fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). The robots are fully integrated into Omron’s Sysmac automation platform and programming environment. Both new and existing product lines will benefit from utilising the established Adept global service infrastructure. Omron has seamlessly integrated all 49 robots into the machine control environment managed by Omron’s Sysmac automation platform and programming system. Amongst the brightest new stars in the Omron Adept Technologies range is the Quattro s650H Delta (or ‘parallel’) robot. Claimed to be the world’s fastest industrial


Bulk Solids Today

robot, it is specifically designed for high-speed applications in packaging, manufacturing, assembly and material handling. It is the only parallel robot in the world that features a patented four-arm design (rather than the usual three), advanced control algorithms, and large working envelope. This makes it an ideal, overheadmounted robot for smooth motion, high-throughput applications. Omron’s existing two lines of SCARA and delta robots will continue to be offered alongside the new range. “Despite the Adept range being the larger of the two, the ranges are also complementary – for example, by providing a mini-Delta robotic solution to complement the models in the Adept range. Also, while Omron’s existing SCARA robots can carry higher payloads, albeit at slower speeds, the more compact Adept solutions provide expanded flexibility with regard to application compatibility,” says Omron’s Marketing Manager Dan Rossek. Email: uk@eu.omron.com www.industrial.omron.co.uk




ith product personalisation continuing to flex its marketing muscle in the packaging arena, Rotech is unveiling a new development in its range at PPMA TOTAL Show 2016 – a new pouch feeding and coding system that can personalise codes at TWICE the speed of its current offering. Pouch attributes, such as size, ease of opening, increased use of sustainable material and the ability to customise packs is driving more companies, including smaller enterprises, to switch from rigid packaging. In 2014, almost 90 billion stand-up pouches were used globally. Market research firm MarketsandMarkets* predicts that the stand-up pouches packaging market is projected to reach $33.4bn by 2020, achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.1% between 2015 to 2020. Coding pouches offline in their flat form is the simplest way to comply with the increasingly stringent labelling legislation, ensuring a consistently clear, perfectly positioned code. By doubling the speed of its coder with its new high speed offline stack-to-stack pouch coding system, Rotech is giving manufacturers the tools to enter or increase output in this lucrative pouch personalisation market. Rotech director Chris Baker explains: “Demand for pouches is being driven by a range of factors including machinery speed improvements and the ability to incorporate re-sealable features, such as zippers and sliders. Due to EU labelling regulations, manufacturers need to quickly print large amounts of variable information onto packs. Among them, product descriptions, nutritional data, ingredient lists, foreign languages as well as bar codes, date codes or batch codes. Being able to react quickly is vital, which requires flexible and reliable coding equipment.” The new system is a standalone vacuum feed overprinting system that enables pouches to be coded at speeds of over 80 a minute off-line, with a print area of up to 200mm wide, before they are filled with product. By coding offline in flat form manufacturers can overcome issues like coding awkward

hard to reach pack corners or when it’s difficult to present the pack squarely and consistently to the coding device. As a responsive British manufacturer of packaging coding equipment, Rotech is committed to its “right code, right place, right cost” ethos. Chris emphasises “Rotech offers a wide range of solutions enabling us to meet customer needs as opposed to a one products satisfies all approach. At PPMA TOTAL 2016 we are showcasing how our coding machines can assist the food, pharmaceutical, medical or DIY markets maintaining high quality coding at high speed, while future proofing their investment as pouch and packaging trends continue to evolve.” Discover more and view the new double speed system on Stand F12. Tel: +44 01707 393 700 Email: sales@rotechmachines.com www.rotechmachines.com

* http://www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/stand-up-pouches-market-197698472.html



t the PPMA Total Exhibition, on the FANUC stand C50, FANUC is taking robotic safety a further leap into the future. A collaborative robot, or cobot, designed for working safely with human colleagues, will be challenged to work alongside a caged cell containing a conventional robot. Over the last couple of years, the first generation of collaborative robot has been revolutionising the way in which robots and humans work together. In contrast to traditional robots, which cannot operate in an operator-occupied workspace without safety fencing, these cage-free robots can work side by side with humans on shared or separate tasks. In the conventional cell, which is completely open on two sides, FANUC’s Dual Check Safety (DCS) technology is combined with a safety scanner and safety camera. The robot will slow down to a safe speed as humans approach the cell, but will only stop when a hand moves into the cell itself. This allows them to maximise productivity and not spend unnecessary time ramping back up to

full production speed. Now, just as when a human intruder penetrates the safety system, the robot in the cell will likewise react if the collaborative robot gets too close. The game-changing human safe CR-35iA robot has an impressive 35kg payload – higher than any other collaborative robot on the market, opening up applications that have previously been off-limits for both traditional industrial robots and lighter duty collaborative robots. Key target areas include automation assembly lines, metalworking and packaging. Email: sales@fanuc.co.uk www.fanuc.eu

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CASE PACKING EXPERTS DOUBLE UP TO ANNOUNCE NEW CASE LOADING SOLUTION AT PPMA TOTAL SHOW 2016 Combining the expertise of two automation powerhouses, Pacepacker Services will announce its latest collaboration at PPMA TOTAL Show 2016 – a fully-automated case loading line branded E-Pac.


rawing upon the engineering expertise of fellow PPMA ‘Most Innovative Processing & Packaging Machine’ award winner Endoline, Pacepacker has developed the new E-Pac all-in-one case loading line to address the challenges of rising labour costs. “Food and FMCG manufacturers are being hit hard by the new national minimum wage and changes to pension arrangements, and these challenges combined with retail price squeezes are prompting businesses of all sizes to explore the cost and efficiency benefits of automating case packing,” says Pacepacker’s Managing Director Dennis Allison. “For several years, both companies have experienced huge growth within these sectors and the PPMA TOTAL Show provides the perfect platform to launch E-Pac.” With a variable throughput speed depending on the application E-Pac is a fully integrated turnkey system and seamlessly covers each step in the packaging process – case erector, loading, sealing and palletising. Elements of the system can be integrated into a full or partially automated production line and can be customised to suit each application. Each E-Pac system is manufactured and managed at Pacepacker’s factory with full design and engineering input from Endoline. A dedicated, highly-skilled E-Pac team has been created with both companies putting forward their best case loading specialists, giving customers double the expertise yet the ease of liaising with a single vendor. “For the end user, dealing with one supplier simplifies and speeds up the entire automation project from specification to commissioning” explains Dennis, “E-Pac customers get much more than they would from a system bolted together using components bought in from multiple vendors by a third party as they have greater access to technical choices without any compatibility issue. We are de-risking their investment.” Benefiting manufacturers of food, household goods, personal care and pharmaceuticals, each E-Pac system is crafted to suit the application, product weight, budget and speed requirements. Endoline’s portfolio comprises over 40 case erecting and case sealing systems, while Pacepacker has 50+ high speed pick-and-place options, including FANUC articulated robot arms and Festo Cartesian systems, giving customers the widest choice of technology through one source.


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Dennis comments: “Each E-Pac system is mainly based around a standard product set that’s design is tailored to suit each application to accommodate virtually any budget and speed requirement, as well as a variety of primary packaging and multiple case formats.” While Endoline and Pacepacker have worked together on many joint projects over the years previous, the launch of E-Pac is set to strengthen their allegiance. With the more recent E-Pac system being installed within one of the UK’s leading suppliers of flour and bakery mixes, both Pacepacker and Endoline are working on subsequent requests from customers who have realised the benefits that the combined alliance expertise will deliver. To discuss your case loading needs with the E-Pac experts, visit the Pacepacker Stand C50 at PPMA TOTAL. Tel: + 44 (0) 1371 811544 www.pacepacker-services.co.uk


CASE STUDY: FOOD MANUFACTURER IN MINNESOTA Vortex Spouts Installed to Control Material Dusting


louds of debris and dust can form when dry materials such as grain, coal, cement, and rock are loaded in bulk. The airborne fugitive dust can cause employee health issues including chronic lung disease, eye sight problems and skin allergies. Employees are also prone to slips and falls when the fugitive dust accumulates on top of the vessels, elevated walkways, floors and ladder rungs. Many companies seek to control dusting to protect their employees and their company. A food manufacturer needed to control material dusting that was created from a by-product while loading into open top trucks. The customer’s first step was to design and build a covered loading area to isolate the dusting, and additionally accommodate different sized trucks with varying heights and lengths. To further control dust emissions, Vortex retractable loading spouts were purchased. A flexible outer sleeve encompasses the internal stacking cones to capture the fugitive dust. The captured dust is transported via a vacuum within the spout to a remote dust collector. A blower and integral filter can send the fugitive dust to draft back through the sleeve of the loading spout, trapping material dust temporarily in the filter cartridges. An automatic onboard pulse system dislodges the dust and fine particles, reintroducing them back into the product feed. It continuously purges the filters to keep the equipment working optimally and free of dust build-up. This prolongs the life of the filter cartridges significantly. A drag conveyor feeds the row of loading spouts. Depending on the length of the truck, material can be discharged from one to as many as five loading spouts into the trucks. The operator can also lower or raise the spout depending on the height of the truck. This system means the trucks do not need to be moved during the loading process. Since open trucks are being loaded, the spout is equipped with a neoprene

rubber skirt that encompasses the discharge material and further controls dust emissions. The equipment supplier for this project commented, “The Vortex retractable spout is very environmental friendly. The customer liked the many features including the 10-year warranty on the lifting cables.” Vortex uses four steel cable guides rather than the industry standard’s two or three plastic cable guides and offers a 10-year warranty on the cables. Cable failure is nearly eliminated and so is costly downtime for repairs. The warranty covers any Vortex loading spout cable that breaks due to friction from the pulley. The 3-piece CNC machined pulley features chamfered edges and precision cable grooves to

significantly reduce cable wear and back lashing as the loading spout extends and retracts. Because the cables do not fray, cable failure is nearly eliminated and so is costly downtime for repairs. The spout’s outer sleeve is rivet free and the cable harness has less parts to eliminate the possibility of misaligned cones, drill shavings, and broken hardware, which decreases the likelihood of contamination. Vortex can custom engineer loading spout systems to meet any loadout application requirements, including corrosive or hazardous materials, long distances, and extreme temperatures. Tel: +44 (0) 1325.728.577 Email: vortex.eu@vortexglobal.com www.vortexglobal.com/loading-solutions/

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pgrading an automated bagging line has led to leading UK horse feed manufacturer FH Nash achieving a 30% increase in output. Bagging up to 144 tonnes a day, Pacepacker has used its new ROI calculator to show how the innovative new FastPac sack placer, also recently installed, can achieve a 12 month ROI by significantly improving efficiency and by handling a range of different sack types. At their Essex based factory FH Nash operates three production lines that weigh, bag and palletise over 50,000 tonnes of horse feed per year. For almost 30 years Pacepacker has supplied the majority of the company’s equipment, supplementing and upgrading their systems to optimise productivity and incorporate new packing technology. Increased demand means that FH Nash now produces 20 different ranges of horse feed, making them one of the UK’s largest suppliers to racehorse trainers, merchants and distributors. With heightened demand for more flexible plastic sacks featuring enhanced graphics and durability, FH Nash decided to tackle one productivity bottleneck – their non-Pacepacker sack placer: “Plastic sacks can be tricky to handle as they are either too slippery or contain static. Previously, this often resulted in more than one bag being picked up at the same time, so our operatives frequently needed to intervene. Having one worker permanently manning the line, manually lifting the bags when they became stuck was causing significant machine downtime and consequently impacting our productivity,” explains director Joe Venner. Coincidentally, at the same time Pacepacker was experiencing growing demand from the bulk sector for faster, more-versatile bagging equipment, and had launched an upgraded sack placer under its new FastPac range of bagging systems. Capable of running at 17 bags per minute, the new FastPac sack placer is up to 20% faster than previous models. Although the speed increase appealed to Joe, it was also the system’s ability to handle an unprecedented range of sacks. Benefiting from the integration of mechanical grippers along with the conventional suction grippers seen on most sack placers, Pacepacker’s FastPac sack


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For bags that have a tendency to stick together, such as plastic, the FastPac sack placer picks them up by the bottom, peeling them off the stack.

placer works by picking bags up by the bottom and peeling them off the stack, rather than picking up the top of the bag. This counteracts the issue of bags sticking together. When the bag is picked from the pile by the sack placer it is immediately held in place on a sack clamp for filling. FH Nash’s new FastPac sack placer was installed along with Pacepacker’s Total Bag Control System (TBC). Once the sack is placed onto the clamp by the sack placer the TBC takes over. Using motorised grip arms, the TBC transports each filled 20 kilo sack of horse feed to be heat sealed. The sacks are then stacked onto pallets using a robotic palletiser. With the reduction in manual workers needed to manage the line and a new shift output of 3,600 bags, compared to 2,800 bags, FH Nash is well on the way to achieving a 12 month ROI since the installation of the FastPac sack placer in September 2015.

With the new FastPac sack placer FH Nash has seen an increase in output by 20% and expects the ROI to be less than 12 months

“Since installation we haven’t looked back.” Joe comments, “We no longer need to intervene which allows our workers to focus on other areas of the business. Pacepacker has been instrumental in keeping us abreast of new technology and upgrading our systems over the years which in turn allows us to continue meeting our customer’s needs.” This isn’t the first time that Pacepacker’s technical prowess has assisted FH Nash. Several years ago, Pacepacker created a bespoke sack placer and TBC on sliding rails, which toggled the other two production lines. By using sliding rails, Pacepacker’s solution was interlocked into the weighing system on each production line and worked in unison, giving FH Nash the ability to pack two separate products – one sticky and one dry – without additional outlay. www.pacepacker-services.co.uk

Intelligent Drivesystems, Worldwide Services



A complete range of geared motors rated at 0.12...200kW provides the optimum solution for all drive requirements. For convenient control combine with our decentralised inverter range to 22kW.

NORD Gear Limited

11 Barton Lane, Abingdon, OX14 3NB Tel. No.: +44 (0) 1235 534404 Email: GB-Sales@nord.com

Member of the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group





t IFAT, from 30 May – 3 June 2016 in Munich, Hyster® showcased its wide range of products and specially engineered solutions suited to the tough and intensive operating conditions encountered in the recycling and waste management industry. With a comprehensive range of durable and well-engineered lift trucks the Hyster® product offering encompasses many options and solutions including both IC (internal combustion engine) and battery powered forklifts able to meet the specific needs and challenges of materials handling in waste and recycling applications, where dirt, dust, ramps and variable floor conditions, alongside a frequent need for attachment usage, can present particular challenges. To help operators in tough recycling and waste applications maintain efficiency, Hyster ® offers the ‘Cool Truck’, a tough forklift with capacities from 4-5.5 tonnes, specifically designed to prevent the common problem of engines overheating due to dust, dirt and debris. “When operating standard forklift trucks in the waste and recycling industry, the radiators can easily get clogged up, causing unnecessary downtime,” says David Reeve, Industry Manager, Counterbalance Solutions for Hyster Company. “This is not only frustrating, it also costs businesses money through reduced productivity and can lead to other problems.” The Cool Truck Package encompasses a number of truck modifications and special features to help deal with the difficult environments commonly found across recycling and refuse processing operations. Enhancements for these applications include options such as a fully enclosed frame and vented hoods, side panels and radiator covers to reduce the vacuuming of dirt and debris from the floor into the engine. The rugged front end of the truck has also been designed for use with a wide range of attachments to ensure it can be tailored to suit any application within the recycling or waste industries. “A number of features are responsible for many waste and recycling companies making the move to electrics”, says Karen Calver, Product Strategy Manager for Hyster. Four-wheel electric counterbalance trucks in the Hyster® J2.2-3.5XN (with 2.23.5 tonne lift capacity) and the three-wheel


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Hyster® J1.5-2.0XNT ranges have a stable chassis, rugged mast, and particularly durable and reliable components. A number of different weather protection options are also available, including all steel cabs, to provide operator comfort even in environments with a high level of dirt and debris. These options also include solutions which facilitate regular cleaning of electric trucks for instance using power-washing equipment, which is a frequent requirement in these conditions. Tough Hyster® electric trucks can also require less upkeep, with longer maintenance intervals and reduced wear on tyres. “In recycling and waste operations, ground conditions with debris and dust can contribute to tyre wear,” explains Karen. “However the gentler acceleration of electric trucks eliminates wheel-spin, thereby reducing tyre maintenance needs, keeping the cost of ownership low while improving uptime and productivity.” For those using the durable Trelleborg Pit Stop Line tyre range on their trucks, Hyster® dealers can also exclusively offer the Trelleborg I-Rent tyre rental calculator and contract tool. This feature analyses application factors and historical data to predict the wear rate of tyres, helping even the most demanding applications to plan when tyres will need to be replaced and manage maintenance needs more effectively. “A combination of features make Hyster® electric trucks suitable for intense waste and recycling applications, both indoors and out,” says Karen Calver. “This enables companies to be much more flexible in terms of the way they deploy their fleet which can really help to improve efficiency while maintaining a low cost of ownership.” Even on some of the largest container handling trucks in the range, Hyster has developed special solutions which

are of particular interest in large scale waste and recycling operations. For large yards where waste and materials are being transported in freight containers, Hyster® ReachStackers can be fitted with a custom container pivot attachment, to provide an efficient way to empty containers of recyclable or waste material, such as paper, wood chips, plastics or general refuse. The solution, which was recently added to a Hyster® RS45-31 CH ReachStacker, allows 20ft containers to be lifted and tipped up to 60-degrees, creating the correct flow of material from the container in one simple, well-controlled movement. This provides an easy, efficient and cost effective way to handle and transport bulk loads. Most trucks in the Hyster® range can also be fitted with the Hyster Tracker™ wireless monitoring devices which can help site managers and dealer service staff to monitor truck usage, detect damage and support truck operators, to optimize fleet utilization, manage service requirements, enhance productivity and help control costs. For more information about the extensive range of Hyster trucks visit www.hyster.eu.




CHADE Lagertechnik GmbH, one of the world’s leading engineering and manufacturing companies of stacking and reclaiming equipment for bulk materials stockyards and blending beds, and a member of the AUMUND Group, has received its first order from the power industry in one of the CIS countries. SCHADE will supply a large full-portal reclaimer for the coal stockyard of the GRES-1 power plant in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan. The capacity of the machine will be 2,800 t/h, the rail span 53.5 m and the delivery date mid-2017. It is designed to work in an environment where the temperatures can go down to minus 30 degrees Celsius. As well as the fullportal reclaimer SCHADE will for the first time supply a tandem wagon tipper, which will unload up to 42 wagons per hour. With its two power plants near to the town, Ekibastuz Power Station is one of the largest coal fired electricity production facilities in the world. The first plant, GRES-1, consists of eight units, each producing 500 MW, and has two 330 m high chimneys. The second plant, GRES-2, situated to its north-west has a capacity of 1,000 MW. Standing at 419.7 m, this was the first part of the plant to be erected in 1987. The Ekibastuz coal-fired power station is the starting point of the three phase transmission line Ekibastuz-Kokshetau which, with its 1,150 kV, is the line with the highest operating transmission voltage in the world. The extension of this transmission line to Elektrostal in Russia is also designed for 1,150 kV.

ABOUT THE AUMUND GROUP The AUMUND Group is active worldwide. The conveying and storage specialists have special expertise at their disposal when dealing with bulk materials. With their high degree of individuality, both its technically sophisticated as well as innovative products have contributed to the AUMUND Group today being a market leader in many areas of conveying and storage technology. The manufacturing companies AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH (Rheinberg, Germany), SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH (Gelsenkirchen, Germany), SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd. (Ely, England), as well as AUMUND Logistic GmbH (Rheinberg, Germany) are consolidated under the umbrella of the AUMUND Group. www.schade-lagertechnik.com www.aumund.com

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owestoft-based Nexen Lift Trucks – a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment – has launched the FBXT and FBX, the company’s latest electric additions to its premium, UK-built X-Range series. Commenting for Nexen Lift Trucks, sales director Pamela Oakes says: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the FBXT and FBX to our X-Range. These eagerly awaited models have undergone exhaustive pre-launch application tests and have exceeded design expectations for stability, reliability, driver comfort, performance and energy efficiency.” She goes on to say that as part of the continuing expansion plans for its UK-based manufacturing facility, the research, design, development and production of the new electric counterbalanced forklifts was undertaken at Nexen’s European headquarters in Lowestoft, rather than those the company owns in Taiwan. This allows Nexen, which has over 40-years’ experience in the materials handling sector, to place the design and production in the hands of some of Britain’s top designers and engineers. A strong emphasis during the design process ensures these machines provide class-leading performance, with the 3-wheel FBXT and 4-wheel FBX counterbalanced electric forklifts offering lifting capacities from 1,600 to 2,000kg. Both are available in long- and short-wheel-base formats, providing a productive and energyefficient solution for numerous indoor/outdoor lifting applications. All models offer the latest technological advancements associated with the material handling industry, including highcapacity, DIN-STD batteries for multiple-shift operations. Both models are built to the highest exacting standards using premium quality components which, combined with Nexen’s signature X-Range fully-floating cabin design, provides exceptional operator comfort and superior ergonomics that dramatically reduces driver fatigue. Nexen’s FBXT and FBX electric forklifts feature regenerative braking to enhance battery life and improve energy efficiency. An automatic parking brake ensures no adjustments are required, which further reduces equipment maintenance requirements. Numerous options are also available for Nexen’s X-Range, including operator presence, fingertip controllers, load weighing systems, etc. Like all Nexen forklift trucks, the electric-powered X-Range series has been designed with an emphasis on ease of maintenance and features class-leading accessibility to all serviceable parts, including the complete control panel, which can be completely removed in less than two minutes. Nexen will offer a unique service exchange programme to ensure downtime is kept to the absolute minimum. To further enhance accessibility, an optional fully-tilting cabin feature is also available; all models feature rapid and stress-free side entry battery removal. The FBXT and FBX are the latest in Nexen’s line-up of counterbalanced forklift trucks and add to an ever-increasing


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portfolio of X-Range models that already incorporates diesel and L.P.G. machines up to 5,000kg. X-Range trucks have been designed with the versatility of logistics and warehousing sectors in mind; and Nexen is expecting these latest additions to be a global success, with the company’s strong international dealer network having already placed strong pre-launch orders. Summarising, Pam Oakes says that the need for many operators to review their environmental impact and carbon footprint is leading to many traditional internal combustion(IC) applications being forced to change to electric power. However, the high-duty cycles associated with traditional IC applications means electric vehicles have to provide similar levels of performance and productivity, because they were designed from the ground up, Nexen’s FBXT and FBX models have technology that’s built in to provide an unprecedented combination of performance, productivity and cost-effectiveness, without having to compromise on operator comfort and safety. For further information on the new FBXT and FBX models, call Nexen Lift Trucks on +44 (0)1502 532211, email info@nexenlifttrucks.com or visit www.nexenlifttrucks.com.


FLEXIBLE SCREW CONVEYOR FOR FRONT END LOADER A new extreme-duty Flexicon® flexible screw conveyor with purpose-built hopper transfers bulk material received from front end loaders.


he conveyor consists of a heavy-gauge stainless steel screw that rotates within a 200 mm stainless steel tube. The simple design Since the conveyor is driven at its top end by a 15 kW is said to deliver efficient variable speed electric motor and gear reducer, material performance and high exits the discharge housing prior to contacting any seals or reliability while reducing bearings. The tube interior and removable screw are smooth maintenance and cost. and crevice-free, allowing rapid, thorough cleaning. The system is also available Rugged enough to withstand incidental contact with constructed of carbon steel with front end loaders, the heavy-gauge stainless steel hopper durable industrial coatings. holds up to 7 tonnes, or 5.7 m3, providing an ample supply Other equipment of material for the high capacity conveyor to run continually manufactured by the as a front end loader replenishes the material. company includes Self-contained on an all-stainless skid equipped with forklifting tubular cable conveyors, tubes, the system can be deployed in multiple indoor or outdoor pneumatic conveying locations with a single power connection, conveying a broad range systems, bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag conditioners, of free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials from fine powders to bulk bag fillers, bag dump stations, drum/box/container large aggregates including abrasives, corrosives and materials with tippers, weigh batching systems and engineered plantbulk densities up to 2400 kg/m3. wide bulk handling systems with automated controls. Material is conveyed at a 40 degree incline before discharging For information contact Flexicon Europe Ltd, +44 (0)1227 374710, Toll downstream Processing (2016) Ad (134x178)_Layout 1 21/04/2016 into processing equipment or storage vessels. 16:32 Page 1Email: sales@flexicon.co.uk, www.flexicon.com.co.uk

Experience the

difference… …in toll processing services from product development to full scale up production As experts in size reduction, classification and multi-processing techniques we offer a swift route to market of even difficult to handle products. Customers gain real advantages from our powder processing experience.

• Comprehensive, in-house analytical and test facility support • Separate chemical and food processing suites • High volume or small batch production • We work with you to determine accurate product specifications • Product/process risk assessments completed • Optimum design of production processes to meet product requirements Single stage processing, systematic multi-stage processing or multi-stage processing using a single, specialist machine, our engineers are there to work with you for the optimum solution.

Tel: +44 (0) 1928 755100 • E.mail: info@hmluk.hosokawa.com • www.hosokawa.co.uk Bulk Solids Today



RISKS INCREASED BY UNACCREDITED ‘IN-HOUSE’ FORKLIFT TRAINING, WARNS RTITB Many employers are choosing to purchase or deliver in-house forklift training unaware that, unlike accredited training, this may not comply with the required legal or best practice standards. Opting for in-house training could unnecessarily increase the risk of a workplace incident, explains RTITB.


ompanies offering inhouse training are taking a big risk and may be compromising safety and compliance,” warns Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB, the UK’s leading workplace transport training regulatory body. “Unfortunately, it can often seem like everything is ok until there is an incident. Only then, when the details are being looked at in much more detail, do the issues and failings of in-house training become apparent.” Accredited training is externally verified and confirmed as meeting the requirement in PUWER Regulation 9* of ‘adequate training’. “Even if the in-house forklift training programme includes delivery of a course by an RTITB registered instructor, this does not by default provide training at the level compliant with PUWER,” explains Laura. Likewise, companies using accredited training organisations to deliver an ‘in-house only’ certificate are also not providing training at an independently verified standard.” “RTITB accreditation of a company enables the business to deliver training that is compliant with relevant legislation and Codes of Practice,” says Laura, explaining that in the event of an incident, RTITB accreditation also means businesses and their employees can prove high quality training has been provided and that appropriate safety measures have been taken. And in turn reduce costs and improve efficiencies in their business.” Accredited training offers a clear record of what was covered in the training and the duration of the training, as well as information to confirm that testing took place under the proper conditions. Conversely, in-house courses may not cover all of the required topics for skilled operation and safety and in addition, the testing process cannot be guaranteed to have been administered correctly and *


fairly. In the event of an accident, in-house training may not have the protection of a clear audit trail demonstrating that they have done what is required by law. “Some companies may be delivering what, on the surface, appears to be a good level of in-house training, but without independent accreditation, how can you be absolutely sure that your instructor is still competent and delivering training as he/she was trained to?” says Laura. “A benefit of accredited training is that training providers are annually audited – this helps prevent the bad habits and shortcuts that may otherwise creep in over time, and reassures companies of the quality of the training delivered.” Annual audits carried out by RTITB on all accredited training providers help to monitor compliance and identify any areas for improvement. To further promote safety and efficient operation, accredited training is usually delivered over a longer period of time than standard in-house training. All the approved RTITB course material ensures in-depth theory and practical lessons which increase driver confidence and responsibility. “As well as supporting legal compliance and helping to decrease the number of workplace incidents, accredited workplace transport training has been shown to increase both operator accuracy and productivity,” says Laura, explaining that

PUWER – Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

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accredited training has also been found to contribute to a reduction in operator and truck downtime, as well as helping to reduce stock damage. Maintenance requirements are also minimised thanks to correct equipment usage. “We want companies to know both the potential risks of in-house training as well as the benefits of accredited training so that they can choose the training that provides the safest workplace transport operation possible,” concludes Laura. For more information, or to find out about becoming accredited to deliver materials handling equipment training, visit www.rtitb.co.uk.




Pictured : Left to Right Andy Tibbs : Managing Director Boddingtons Plastics Limited Karl Miller : Managing Director Motan Colortronic Limited Paul Bowles : Operations Director Boddingtons Plastics Limited

p i h s r e d a e L y r t s Indu ur DNA is in o

With over 45 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Rotary Airlocks and Diverter Valves, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has earned the reputation as being a leader in the bulk solids handling industry.

Featured Technology: MZC Rotary Valve

Eas Detachable Rotor for quick Easy in inspection and cleaning

Don’t make valve maintenance harder than it has to be! The MZC rail valve allows operators to access the valve internals within a few minutes. Our unique valve design has proven to be very successful in decreasing downtime during production runs and increasing operator safety.

Built to last!

Food & Dairy Pet Food




T-Bolt EExtraction Mechanism preven prevents rotor damage and ensur ensures tight clearances

Highly Engineered Rail Support System cast into housing for accurate alignment

DMN UK Ltd. T +44 1249 818 400 E dmn@dmnuk.com

Power & Biomass


eading moulder Boddingtons Plastics Limited has recently selected Motan Colortronic Limited to supply and install a complete material handling system as part of their extensive investment of a new manufacturing facility. For more than 60 years, Boddingtons Plastics Limited have provided high quality, cost effective, injection moulded parts for the medical and technical sections. “The six figure investment with Motan Colortronic Limited includes an advanced fully automatic material handling system, complete with energy saving Luxor drying and Reglochill cooling systems” states Andy Tibbs, Managing Director of Boddingtons Plastics Limited. “We chose Motan Colortronic Limited after extensive market evaluation for its class leading products, system solutions and extensive backup and support”. “We are very pleased to have been chosen by Boddingtons Plastics Limited as the supplier of material handling equipment and look forward to a successful long term working relationship” states Karl Miller, Managing Director of Motan Colortronic Limited. For more information contact: Tel: +44 (0)1246 260222 Email: sales@motan-colortronic.co.uk www.motan-colortronic.co.uk

www.dmnwestinghouse.uk Bulk Solids Today





ulloch Developments Ltd, the largest civil and marine engineering contractor in Shetland in Scotland, has purchased a new Doosan DL450-5 wheel loader from Inverurie-based Balgownie Ltd, the local Authorised Doosan and Bobcat dealer. A family company, Lerwick-based Tulloch Developments is using the new Doosan DL450-5 wheel loader at the Staney Hill quarry, which the company has owned since 2012. The new DL450-5 has replaced a Doosan DL400 wheel loader and is used to load and stockpile the wide range of materials produced by the quarry’s crushing & screening equipment such as MOT Type 1, Class 6F2, drainage aggregates, concrete aggregates, hardcore and sand. The DL450-5 wheel loader is also kept busy filling the material bins used to supply the ready mix concrete system at the quarry. Tulloch Developments provides an established ready mix concrete service, available to Shetland businesses and the public, using the company’s fleet of specialised trucks. George Smith, a Director at Tulloch Developments, commented on the purchase of the new Doosan DL450-5 wheel loader: “The new machine is a lynchpin for us as it works for extensive periods in both our aggregates production area and in the ready mix concrete plant. The DL400 was a good performer but I have great confidence in the benefits that the DL450-5 Stage IV machine will bring in productivity and the fuel efficiency and reliability of the new Scania engine backed by the excellent support we’ve always had from Balgownie.” The DL450-5 is powered by the Scania DC13 6-cylinder engine producing 257 kW (354 HP) of power at 1800 rpm. Providing generous torque at low rpm, up to a 10% reduction in fuel consumption and excellent response, the Scania DC13 engine meets Stage IV emission regulations without the need of a diesel particulate filter, through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalyst reduction after-treatment technologies. ADDITIONAL FUEL SAVINGS When activated, the engine Auto Idle system saves further on fuel costs by lowering the idle level from 950 to 750 rpm – when the operator does not give any input to the steering wheel, arm and


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bucket for more than 10 seconds (ideal for applications where there is a lot of waiting time such as truck loading). As in all Doosan Stage IV loaders, the Engine Auto Shut Off shuts down the machine after it has been idling for a specified amount of time (3-60 minutes, configurable by the operator via the control panel). This feature saves on fuel and reduces operating costs. The new DL450-5 model is part of Doosan’s new ‘DL-5’ generation of Stage IV compliant wheel loaders. Replacing the successful DL450-3 Stage IIIB model, this high performance wheel loader take productivity, fuel efficiency and operator comfort to the next level. With a bucket capacity of 4.5 m3, the new Doosan DL450-5 wheel loader is intended to meet a wide range of material-handling needs from loading and transporting aggregate material to industrial, mining and quarrying applications. In addition to the Scania DC13 Stage IV engine, the DL450-5 features a new external styling that is common to all of the new DL-5 Stage IV wheel loader range, a new high comfort cab, smooth and responsive hydraulics, a ZF powertrain, axle cooling and auxiliary hydraulic connections. Tulloch Developments Ltd has a history spanning three generations and more than 40 years. Formed by Peter Tulloch, the company had its roots in the building industry, completing many private homes and housing schemes for the local council.

The company grew by undertaking major building projects in Shetland such as the Whalsay Leisure Centre, Brae Swimming Pool, and Mid Yell Care Centre. Today, Tulloch Developments focuses more on the civil engineering sector and major contracts have included Cullivoe Quay, Uyeasound Quay, Petrofac SGP, Greenhead Berth 8 and the Mairs Yard Development. As well as the full range of Doosan wheel loader models, Balgownie is responsible for sales and servicing of the Doosan crawler and wheeled excavator and articulated dump truck ranges in Aberdeenshire, Morayshire, Angus and for much of the Highlands and parts of Perthshire and Kinrossshire. The company is also the Authorised Bobcat dealer for the same area. Balgownie Ltd started trading as an engineering company in 1907 in sheet metal work and tank manufacturing, supplying to shipyards, farmers and the food industry before diversifying into the manufacture and supply of dairy equipment. Today, Balgownie is one of the leading specialists in Construction, Tractor, Trailer, Agriculture and Groundcare Machinery sales in Scotland. For more information about Doosan construction equipment, visit www.doosanequipment.eu For more information about Bobcat and Bobcat products, visit the website www.bobcat.eu


THE RISING TIDE OF SUPER SEAWEED Tipped as one of the superfood trends of 2016, seaweed is packed with minerals, vitamins, fibre, omega 3 and protein, often being added to food as a nutrient boost. Claims that it can prevent colon cancer, control blood glucose level and aid digestion make it of significant dietary and health interest whilst sustainable farming and harvesting methods have led to seaweed’s recognition as a ‘futurefood’ as well as a superfood.


he fibrous, wet and often sandy or gritty, seaweed is however difficult to process with costly and time consuming drying times. To reduce the drying process seaweed is often chopped to facilitate more rapid, less nutrient destructive drying processes. For many years processing experts Hosokawa Micron Ltd have offered processing solutions to alginate producers across the world. To meet the demands for milled, freshly harvested seaweed Hosokawa Micron Ltd has developed a two stage system

comprising of a Prebreaker and Vertical Disintegrator. This low energy system offers uniform particle size reduction of wet or moist seaweeds for further processing, which offers higher levels of availability compared to conventional hammer mills. Once the friable materials have passed through the initial size reduction (Prebreaker) stage, they are transferred directly to the Hosokawa Micron Vertical Disintegrator to be further reduced to a uniform particle size. Designed for the reduction of fine to coarse, wet, moist or dry materials, the Hosokawa Micron Vertical Disintegrator provides automatic and continuous separation of disintegration resistant materials with redirection through the system from the exclusive secondary discharge. Uniform particle size is achieved as materials are subjected to repeated impact and attritional force from the high speed rotating hammers, and carried by centrifugal force through a perforated sizing screen. The vertical screen frees itself of product instantaneously during processing, which is ideal for products with a high moisture content. Barry Walmsley, Product Manager, Hosokawa Micron Ltd says, “The sturdy system, can operate at 12- 20 t/h. It is low noise and delivers product in a narrow particle size distribution, resulting in higher yields and less effluent. The Disintegrator is designed to withstand corrosion caused by the low pH often involved in the process and erosion caused by the natural inclusions which determines a predominant use of higher abrasion resistant materials of manufacture.” www.hosokawa.co.uk

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he first exhibition appearance of the BYD electric forklift ECB18C at CeMAT, where it was awarded the IFOY Award by a selected international jury from economic, science and technical media, caused a sensation. Directly after its nomination, the forklift was introduced with the following assessment: “The BYD electric forklift does not need to fear comparison with its European competitors. On the contrary, BYD electric forklifts offer a real added value for the operators with their economic and sustainable battery technology,” said a member of the jury. Visitors to the BYD booth at CeMAT were thrilled by the IFOY test winner and the other BYD exhibition innovations such as low and high platform trucks and tractors. “We are very pleased with our victory and the IFOY AWARD for our BYD electric forklift ECB18C in the category of counterbalance forklifts up to a loading capacity of 3.5tons. This award is also a confirmation of the outstanding advantages of this forklift series,” says Javier Contijoch, Director BYD Forklift Europe. According to the current IFOY innovation report, the advantages of the Iron-Phosphate technology as a real innovation are of particular importance. The “use of Iron-Phosphate as the cathode material offers significant advantages. The battery has a higher output density, which has positive effects in particular for forklifts”. A “longer lifetime and improved operating safety” is confirmed. Longer working times in refrigerated warehouses are possible “due to a low temperature resistance down to minus 40°C.” Working at temperatures up to 60°C is also no problem. The environmental compatibility and cheap disposal of the battery are achieved by “not using cobalt” as well as a “lower lithium demand.” In fact: the original BYD Iron-Phosphate battery has unique features which offer unparalleled operating cost savings. For all BYD products, machines and technology units, the original BYD Iron-Phosphate battery plays an indispensable key role. The management of companies operating BYD forklift trucks can act now to reduce investment, always a top-level issue. Operating cost savings of up to 40% due to the latest maintenance-free Iron-Phosphate battery in combination with the user-friendly high-speed charging


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technology of BYD make the decision much easier. As fantastic as the savings effect sounds, they have been fully proven. No other applied technology in the materials handling/logistics processes has such a comparable enormous savings potential. The difference between conventional, traditional lead-acid batteries and the original BYD Iron-Phosphate batteries is simply too great, and the advantages are clear to see. The exciting features of the original BYD Iron-Phosphate battery are its ultra-long lifetime and an exceptional warranty of 8 years or 10,000 operating hours. The forklift may continue to be used for many years after the warranty time has expired, since at least 65% of the battery capacity is still available. The charging system means there are no battery gases to escape and this saves costs for expensive special charging rooms. The innovations that BYD has presented under the slogan “Save money – Save battery – Safe future” at the world’s leading exhibition for intra-logistics, CeMAT in Hanover at the beginning of June 2016, shows the passionate commitment of the engineers and designers to advance the innovations in the electric forklifts segment and as a full-line provider for storage technology. The BYD electric forklifts of all loading capacity classes offer full power right from the start. The ECB 18C with a loading capacity of 1.8tons and three wheels is intended for transport and lifting purposes in many areas. The latest energy source and energy transfer technology consisting of a permanently installed, maintenancefree, original BYD Iron-Phosphate battery and a portable BYD high-speed charging unit with 80V sets new efficiency standards. The 1.8ton vehicle receives its energy from an 80V, 230Ah BYD Iron-Phosphate battery. BYD offers a powerful network of local dealers for intra-logistics equipment in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, U.K. and Portugal. A dealer network is in the process of being established in France, Spain, Austria and other European countries. Many decision makers have

already recognized that the usage of the original BYD battery future technology offers their companies a significant advantage. If companies want to benefit from the efficiency potentials of the economically working BYD electric forklifts and storage technology devices, they must make the right decisions on the top level of management. Drive and energy source systems in intra-logistics, which are harmful to the environment and only used out of habit, should be replaced by efficient longtime functional BYD battery technology. An enormous operating cost saving of up to 40% by using the BYD Iron-Phosphate battery technology can have a positive effect on the competitiveness of companies all over the world. In the meantime, BYD pushes forward the development of efficient, environment-friendly concepts for material handling, people transport and energy management. As well as the IFOY Award winner, BYD also launched at CeMAT 2016 the low platform truck PTP20H with a loading capacity of 2 tons and the high platform truck EPS14 with a loading capacity of 1400kg. Another BYD innovation for production areas where forklifts cannot be used is the electric tractor T50 with a trailer payload of 5tons and powerful, maintenance-free 48V AC three-phase current drive is used for tugger and logistics trains. www.byd.com




recise metering with high repeatability of the accuracy is not a big exercise with products like corn semolina, plastic pellets or dried vegetable. More challenging is the weighing and feeding of flushing, bridging, cohesive or compacting bulk material, like icing sugar, calcium hydroxide, fibres or flakes. The mechanical design and shape of a feeder influences mainly the capability and reliability to handle difficult products. Gericke has collected a large knowledge base by conducting field and testlab trials and converted the findings into the design of its entire feeder product range. This includes aspects which orient on the physical behaviour of powders. To mitigate the phenomenon of bridging, feeders from the GAC and GDU series offer an over dimensioned entry section. Various types of agitators or homogenisers or even vibrated hoppers or ultrasonic induced energy are used for homogenising the bulk material in the feeder hopper and to introduce the particles into the feeding auger or helix in a constant way. These are some of the basic conditions for an accurate and repeatable volumetric feeding. It is logic, that a precise volumetric metering makes a gravimetric one even better. The profile of the helixes and spirals play a significant role as well. This very important part of each feeder has to be adapted to the respective process and product characteristics. It influences the filling degree, the compression and mechanical stress on the product, should avoid the flushing or the pulsation at the outlet.

Double flap valves

The selection and execution of the feeder type and its options takes Gericke after careful examination of the products and the process. Rheology analysis can be done in its laboratories and feeding trials with specific accuracy measurement software in the Gericke test centres. As Gericke is capable to supply conveying systems and mixers, the interfaces between up- and downstream equipment as feeders is solved by one hand. Simulate your powder process in our testcenters under industrial scale and conditions. http://www.gericke.net/

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RDS TECHNOLOGY ON-BOARD SHIPPING CONTAINER WEIGHING In readiness for the IMO SOLAS Verified Gross Mass (VGM) requirements, which come into effect on July 1, 2016, RDS presents 2 on-board weighing products used in the containerweighing environment.


OADMASTER a100 is an advanced and cost-effective on-board weighing system for reach stackers operating in the toughest port environments. With the focus on container weighing, LOADMASTER a100 has been designed to operate within the fastest loading environments and restricted loading areas, reducing cycle times and maximising containers weighed per hour. The LOADMASTER a100 uses a 7 colour-resistive touch-screen display, providing a modern and ergonomic operator interface. The system continually measures hydraulic pressure using up to four sensors. The pressure signals are captured and filtered through a weighing arc provided by inclination sensors measuring the angle of the main boom. All signals are processed in the RDS Smart Box and the resultant weight calculation is sent to the terminal mounted in the cabin.

The SQL database capability with up to eight reference fields is designed to provide virtually unlimited inputs of containers, customers, trucks, hauliers, locations, destinations and notes. Video input for switching head unit into reversing camera mode removes the need for additional screen, releasing valuable cab space. iSOSYNC software can be used with LOADMASTER a100, designed to allow the rapid transfer of job information from a central computer to the reach stacker. The resultant load information is sent back to the PC upon completion. With the ever increasing focus on safe loading of containers, the new LIFTLOG 1000 is a cost-effective weighing instrument designed for forklifts working in a dispatch port environment. Weighing on the forklift removes the need to travel to a static floor scale, often remotely located from the stock location or loading bay. The LIFTLOG 1000 informs the operator of the load as a “calculated” weight in tonnes, kg, lbs and U.S. tons. This load can then be confirmed automatically or via the “Enter” button and added to the accumulated total.

It will also be added to the grand total. In addition, when approaching and at the point of overload, an internal (and optional external) alarm will sound to further inform the operator of load status. Approximate load is indicated via an onscreen Load bar. The LIFTLOG 1000 uses a 4.3” colour, hi-brightness-resistive touch-screen display and additional physical keys, providing a modern and ergonomic interface. A stores function saves load/ lift totals against a total of 100 named memory stores, consisting of up to 1400 lifts, which can be given an independent ID reference. Communication is provided via SD card and USB, designed to allow safe and efficient handling of stored data to-andfrom office or added external data storage. Two serial outputs support the ICP 300 printer option or communication to PC using .csv or .xml file format. For more information on how on-board weighing and data handling can be used to help improve your operations visit www.rdstec.com.

THORWORLD INDUSTRIES CELEBRATES 35 YEARS OF SUCCESS Thorworld Industries is celebrating 35 successful years of business – and the Derbyshire-based company, renowned for its quality and innovation, continues to remain at the forefront of its industry.


ounder and managing director, John Meale, attributes this success to the company’s ability to remain responsive to trends and customer requirements in an ever-changing and developing market. John is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and also a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. The company is an active member of the Association of Loading and Elevating Equipment Manufacturers (ALEM), the British Materials Handling Federation (BMHF) and the European Federation of Materials Handling (FEM), all of which have contributed to keeping Thorworld


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at the centre of loading and unloading manufacturing, innovation and knowledge. “Since Thorworld Industries sold its first loading solution in 1981, we’ve continually strived to provide an extensive portfolio of high quality products, all supported by unsurpassed customer service,” explains John. “In our experience companies continue to develop, stock is constantly changing, and health and safety regulations are continually updated, but the need for appropriate loading solutions capable of meeting these ever-evolving needs, remains constant. “These ‘needs’ range from the

requirement to load and unload without a dock, and equipment to provide easy access for pallet trucks or visitors with mobility needs; to apparatus capable of protecting both staff and stock from the elements. Our 35 years of experience has enabled us to develop a range of products to meet these requests – as well as the knowledge to create bespoke solutions for those projects where an “off the shelf” product is not suitable,” continues John. Tel: 01246 260981 Email: info@thorworld.co.uk www.thorworld.co.uk/

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owmac Waste & Recycling has invested in an extremely versatile, tailor-made recycling plant to further increase its waste processing capacity and, specifically, enhance the cleanliness and quality of the end-products created during the recycling process. Turning to equipment distributor Blue Machinery Scotland and its sister company BlueMAC Manufacturing for a suitable solution, Lowmac Waste & Recycling reports excellent results from their new materials remediation system which has been installed in the company’s North Ayrshire premises. Currently processing a wide variety of incoming waste streams at around 1000 tonnes per week at a rate of between 25 and 30 tonnes per hour, the plant is more than capable of greater volumes should future needs arise. The new BlueMAC system, designed and built to combine a series of compatible processors and conveyor arrays in a convenient and compact undercover configuration, is capable of treating a broad range of mixed waste and, consequently, can provide material remediation to a very high quality. Clean fines, secondary aggregates, biomass, animal bedding, ferrous and nonferrous metals, amongst other saleable materials, are all being produced from this specially designed, multi-tasking plant. Lowmac’s new plant is currently recycling offcuts and wood waste derived from kitchen manufacture, as well as trommel fines, C&D, C&I and ash waste. The materials remediation plant is successfully processing the wood waste by removing tramp metals and reducing the incoming stream to -10mm for animal bedding and larger woodchip which is then put through a wash plant for further processing to produce biomass. Fines generated during recycling processes can include materials such as wood, aggregates, glass, ceramics and organics and this mixture has traditionally found its way into landfill sites. However, with continually increasing landfill regulations and taxes, recycling professionals are having to ensure even more efficient and effective fines clean-up. The recently introduced Loss of Ignition (LOI) test requires recyclers to sample materials to ensure that each load has an LOI of 10% or less in order to be considered eligible for a lower rate of landfill tax. The BlueMAC plant installed at Lowmac’s state-of-the-art recycling facilities in Irvine exceeds this requirement, taking the fines LOI values well below 10%. The -75mm C&D waste stream is also subjected to metal and lights extraction through the air blower and eddy current separator in the system which, combined with the single bay picking station, results in a good clean end-product ready for washing and further processing into materials suitable for drainage stone, haul roads, Type 1 recycled aggregate etc. Depending on the material being processed, Lowmac’s new plant starts with a Powerscreen Warrior 1400 screener which ensures the incoming feed material stream is <75mm – the size for which the system has been designed. An elevated conveyor array with an overband magnet feeds through into the covered plant where a Spalec Double Deck separator combines a high technology 3D twin top deck with a flip-flow bottom screen to further separate the material through the two processes to 1075mm, discharging the high quality clean fines to a collection


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conveyor and thence to the stockpile. A further conveyor takes the residual oversize material through to a BlueMAC Typhoon ADS (Air Density Separator) to remove the “lights”, with the heavier fractions being taken via transfer and feed conveyors to a single bay picking station and onto a BlueMAC All Metal Separator unit for further ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation and extraction. The remaining cleaned hardcore at the end of the whole process is destined to become crushed recycled aggregates for a multitude of civil engineering and construction uses. Lowmac Recycling was founded in 1973, starting life trading in secondary metals. In 1981, the company moved into waste management with the introduction of skip and roll-on-off hire for household, commercial and industrial waste collection. Lowmac has a secure shredding facility in Ayr and operates two purpose-built waste treatment sites in Irvine from where the company provides a large range of environmental and recycling services. These include ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling, ELV, WEEE collection and processing, green waste processing, wood and general waste recycling, reclamation of recycled aggregates and soils and the production of animal bedding and biofuel. Lowmac also produces and supplies a wide range of building, civil engineering and landscaping recycled products, from haul-road materials to landfill cover, screened soils and sand, composting and soil improvement material. Other services provided include crane, excavator and loading shovel hire, demolition, haulage and environmental consultancy. Lowmac Recycling has been a Blue Machinery Scotland customer for over eighteen years and, with this latest addition to their modern recycling plant and equipment holding, continues this longstanding allegiance. Commenting on the new installation, Lowmac’s Managing Director Kenny Smith said “This plant is proving to be an excellent and versatile addition to our recycling and reclamation capabilities and is performing very well. As always, we have been extremely well served by Blue Machinery Scotland and have the greatest confidence in their excellent after sales product support; also we are all very impressed with the build quality and productivity of the BlueMAC equipment and their very professional and efficient installation team. Another added benefit for us is the modular nature of the BlueMAC plant which will allow us to expand and enlarge it should the need arise”. www.bluemacmanufacturing.com


WASTECH AUSTRALIA JOIN FORCES WITH UK COMPANY TO ENHANCE RANGE OF SOLUTIONS Wastech Engineering, Victoria, Australia and Impact Air Systems, Leicester, UK, announce the formation of their exclusive partnership. Wastech Engineering now includes in their range of systems Impact’s waste separation solutions, making them the market leader for air separation technology across Australia.


astech Engineering manufactures, installs and services a wide range waste sorting solutions from full material recovery facilities to equipment for single stream recycling, waste to energy, construction and demolition, municipal solid waste, e-waste, and green waste sorting systems. Wastech has a 24/7 national support network that includes branches in all capital cities and 50 mobile service vans. Impact Air Systems has developed and offers solutions to support fully automated valuable material recovery systems. Its systems use air to separate dust and dry materials such as fractions of paper and plastic, metals, trommel fines and glass that can otherwise be very costly and difficult to remove from the material streams. Wastech can now directly offer customers an increased product line including air systems solutions from one of the leading providers of this technology, Impact Air Systems. Impact Air System’s advanced Film Vac system consists of a series of specially designed material collection hoods which are usually mounted above the sorting belts and used to transport handpicked material, reducing labour costs and eliminating the need for transfer conveyors and additional storage bunkers. The Zigzag Classification Unit separates waste material based on density, size and shape into a stream of heavy and light materials, and has been implemented into many waste management operations across the UK and now in Japan. Wastech is proud to be able to offer these solutions to its customers. Scott Foulds, National Projects Manager for Wastech says, “The partnership with Impact Air Systems has enabled Wastech to expand its offerings in air separation equipment and systems and tap into the experience and knowledge of the Impact Air Systems team. Wastech is excited by the opportunity to bring this experience and knowledge to the Australian market knowing the solutions created are world standard.” Impact Air’s recycling solutions are now represented across Australia exclusively by Wastech, expanding their market, increasing their product visibility as well as sales. Dave Lansdell, Technical Sales Director of Impact Air Systems says, “Having worked with Wastech for a number of years the relationship between the two companies is very strong and successful. The business and technical approach of Wastech and Impact is very similar which makes working together so easy.

“Impact Air Systems manufactures a range of air systems, and each system is tailored to complement the overall Wastech package. We can now jointly and specifically develop solutions for each customer because of the localised sales and engineering support Wastech is able to provide. We look forward to improving and continuing our successful partnership.” www.impactairsystems.com

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s a business model, selling groceries loose isn’t a newfangled approach. It’s what market stalls have done for decades. Farm shops, food cooperatives and organic specialists in particular, continue to test the concept of providing sections, where shoppers can fill reusable containers with everything from flours, cereal, grains and nuts to olive oil, frozen fruit and even laundry detergent. In 2009, the government’s environment and food secretary Hilary Benn unveiled a new food packaging strategy. One of the key proposals the report covered aimed to encourage the larger grocers to give customers the option of refilling containers. Paul Wilkinson, Business Development Manager at Pacepacker Services reflects on what has changed in the last six years, and the role that suppliers of bulk products can play in reducing packaging and food waste. It’s very evident, highlights Paul, that the range of products people are comfortable buying loose is limited. Trust and freshness are the two key factors. Some of the pilot stores, like London’s Unpackaged have fallen by the wayside, while Germany’s Original Unverpackt seems to be thriving. The results of Asda’s laundry detergent refill trial were disappointing, although Waitrose and Sainsbury’s did enjoy some success selling milk pouches with a fridgefriendly refill jug. However, it tends to be the local independent shops, with loyal customer bases, where the refill concept is really starting to take hold. These, he says, continue to crop up all over the country. Examples include microbreweries and wine merchants that cut out the bottling costs by encouraging customers to bring their own receptacles and get their seasonal tipples on tap. Likewise, upmarket US supermarket Whole Foods offers all kinds of things in bulk, from rice, pasta, soup mixes, beans, trail mixes, nut butters, sweeteners, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, to herbs and spices. The big question is, can this refill culture make it into mainstream society and supermarkets? Independent packaging expert Neil Farmer comments: “Although refills are certainly catching on, the market is very much driven by consumers. Impulse shopping will continue to drive a lot of

In light of growing sustainability and food waste issues the refill concept of grocery shopping is set to rise however, though sold unpackaged, goods still need some form packaging to get to the stores

our purchases, with packaging being the enticement. However, local farm shops, farmer’s markets, delicatessen’s and in some locations village stores, continue to flourish, and this is where I see the refill and buying loose market expanding at a faster rate.” Neil also notes that attitudes to sustainability are changing, but like anything in retail, it can take time for a concept to really take off. “For example, in 1981 Capri Sun attempted to introduce the first standing pouch to the UK. It was not an immediate success. Fast forward to now – the global market for standing pouches is over 30 billion units and the total pouch market is forecast to be worth $37.3 billion in 2018. Supermarkets now stock refill pouches for soaps, liquid detergents and instant coffee. The idea that we should reuse, replace and replenish is central to the circular economy and underpins the changing mindset of consumers.” GIVING HOUSEHOLDERS CONTROL OVER PORTION SIZES “Demand for buying just the quantity of food or dry goods a person needs can mirror the changes we are seeing in the population and trends in living arrangements,” claims Neil. “The number of households in the last decade in the UK has increased by 7% and

currently stands at 27 million households. During 2015, 29% of these households contained just one person*. However, many packaged supermarket goods are designed to for households of three or more people. Selling items, like flour or pulses loose means retailers can appeal to the needs of different household sizes. This can also help to cut food waste, as consumers buy what they need reducing the risk of leftovers and product going out of date.” With consumers being so mindful about sustainability and food waste, selling products loose instantly eliminates one of the most visible environmental demons – flashy packaging. Yet, the reality is, even eco-conscious shops selling from scoop bins and claiming to be packaging-free won’t be entirely. Bulk containers and dispensers still have to be filled and produce has to be shipped in by pallets. From source to plate, there will be an element of packaging involved in the process. AUTOMATION A SUSTAINABLE PATH TO PROFIT For bulk packers that supply loose product to retailers, product integrity when bagging high volumes is paramount. Constricting health and safety regulations, the ability to withstand harsh environments

* http://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/families/bulletins/familiesandhouseholds/2015-11-05#household-size


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Automation should be considered for sacks containing loose product. With weights of up to 50kg, this can cause health and safety issues if palletised manually

Automation brings efficiencies but bagging at high volume demands product integrity so it’s important that a system is capable of overcoming wastage and contamination

and the need to relieve employees of onerous, laborious tasks is the driving force behind automation in the bulk sector. However, the efficiencies gained through automation may be cancelled out if product wastage occurs. Stability of the bag is critical during the filling and sealing process of loose product. Inconsistent sealing can result in product wastage through spillage, while unaided open bags moving from the filler to the sealer can be at risk from product contamination. To overcome this, it’s important to have a secure grip on the bag at all times during the filling and sealing process, which a system incorporating motorised grip arms offer. On Pacepacker’s Total Bag Control (TBC) system, the arms move around the bag the moment it is released from the clamp holding it in its formed state and clamping it shut through the sealing process. So, at no point can

anything miscellaneous drop into the sack, thereby eliminating the contamination risk. The closing system must also be capable of handling different packaging formats. Nowadays, it’s not just about having the ability to handle heavy sacks. There is a trend towards higher performance plastic packaging in the bulk sector, as it reduces the risk of puncturing, packaging tears and breakage during distribution and storage. Special coatings can also be used to minimise slip during transit. To maintain product freshness and extend shelf life, stockists of loose product also express a preference for innovative features like zippers and pouring spouts and bags can be sealed at the bottom to manage this trend. Weight is also an important factor to consider. Although a supplier of loose product won’t be subject to the same Weights and Measures Legislation as packaged goods, an inaccurate weighing system will

hit bulk suppliers where it hurts – on the bottom line. Given that we supply equipment for sacks that weigh between 2.5kg and 50kg, overfilling every sack supplied by just a few grams will quickly eat into your profit margins. An approved weighing system or check weigher can be incorporated to verify the weight of products prior to them being palletised or made ready for distribution. If you are integrating new equipment with an existing system, do check compatibility. The overall line is speed is determined by the slowest element – if this is your exit conveyor, then your operation may experience a repeated bottleneck. To overcome another common hazard – manual lifting of heavy sacks – bulk suppliers may also consider automating the end of line palletising operation. Many loose product sacks will weigh from 5kg upwards. If it does, and is carried more than 5 metres and the person does this activity more than 5 times a month, this could imply a significant lifting activity. When loading pallets, also factor in how easy it will be for your customer to unload the stack. Supplying loose products to retailers eager to capture this market is a real business opportunity for bulk suppliers, notes Paul. Since the economic downturn, consumers have certainly started to think more about food and products that they need day to day, and how they can save money and do the right thing for the environment. If you require a specialist ingredient for a one off recipe, for example a spice or desiccated coconut, it is less wasteful to buy what you need. My view is although we can’t avoid packaging entirely, buying loose groceries and the refill market segment will continue to grow, as it does provide consumers with a more sensory shopping experience. It might not be quite the disruptive technology that environmentalists were hoping for, but these little changes when added together do start to have a positive impact as we journey towards a more sustainable future. www.pacepacker.com

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UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL OF POWDER TESTING The introduction of an instrument offering a new powder testing technique opens up fresh possibilities for optimising powder handling processes. Tim Freeman, Managing Director, Freeman Technology, considers the merits of uniaxial testing, which include low equipment costs and fast measurement, and explores the benefits it offers to the powder bulk handling industry.


raditional approaches to powder characterisation within the bulk solids handling industry range from the truly manual – a subjective visual or textural assessment – to tests such as angle of repose and Carr’s Index. In recent years, the need for greater relevance to powder processing has drawn attention to the limitations of these methods, and those at the forefront of bulk powder handling have embraced instruments such as the FT4 Powder Rheometer (Freeman Technology) and (biaxial) shear cell analysis. However, the investment costs associated with such systems – in terms of equipment, training and ongoing manpower – are significant and have sometimes been a hurdle. The launch of a new uniaxial powder tester offers the bulk powder handling community new choices for powder characterisation. Combining low upfront costs, fast measurement times and good repeatability, the Uniaxial Powder Tester (UPT, Freeman Technology) has the potential to extend routine, high value testing within the bulk solids handling industry in order to improve the effectiveness of equipment design and operation.

UNIAXIAL TESTING: A STRAIGHTFORWARD TECHNIQUE… Uniaxial testing has long been recognised for its potential to offer simple, straightforward powder characterisation. In basic terms it measures the stress required to break or fail a consolidated column of powder, thereby directly measuring the unconfined yield strength (UYS) of a powder as a function of a preconsolidation or major principle stress, Õ1. The uniaxial UYS (uUYS) is similar to the UYS, a parameter


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Figure 1: Uniaxial testing involves the construction of a uniformly consolidated powder column and its subsequent fracture through the application of a compressive force.

derived by extrapolation in biaxial shear testing, one of the most widely deployed powder characterisation methods. Due to differences in the consolidation and failure protocols applied by the two techniques, the absolute values for uUYS and UYS are not always identical, but the two parameters will rank the flowability of powders in a closely similar way. Figure 1 shows the simple procedures that underpin uniaxial measurements. The first step is to produce a stable column by loading the sample into a cylinder and applying a known consolidation stress Õv (a). Detaching the cylinder then leaves a free-standing column (b) that is subsequently fractured through the application of a steadily increasing compressive stress (c). The stress at which the column fractures equals the uUYS of the powder for the given preconsolidation stress. By enabling direct measurement, uniaxial testing eliminates errors typically associated with determining UYS via the extrapolation process involved in biaxial testing. Variability of just 10% in the

extrapolation process can magnify into changes in UYS values of greater than 100% so this is an important gain. Time savings in data analysis are also substantial.

… SUITABLE FOR A WIDE RANGE OF MATERIALS. Realising the benefits of uniaxial testing has required a major step forward in powder testing technology. In recent decades powder testing instrumentation has become progressively more precise and automated, offering an enhanced platform for the development of uniaxial

Figure 2: uUYS data for six different powder samples measured by uniaxial testing shows the range of materials for which it is suitable.


Table 1: A summary of the relative benefits and practicalities of uniaxial, shear cell and simple powder testing techniques

testing protocols. The launch of the UPT exemplifies this progress, bringing new options for routine powder testing. A key challenge with uniaxial testing, especially for more free-flowing materials, is the initial construction of a free-standing consolidated powder column. This issue has been directly addressed in the UPT, partly by implementing double-ended consolidation, which ensures better uniformity of consolidation through the powder column and extends the applicability of the instrument to a broad range of materials. The UPT has demonstrated its versatility through the measurement of six different powder samples: • CRM116 Limestone (Commission of the European Communities, 4µm, angular) • Microcrystalline Cellulose (Avicel PH101 – FMC Europe N.V., Belgium, 50µm, irregular) • Commercial Talc Powder (20µm, platelets) • Methyl Cellulose (Metolose 90H, Shin Etsu, Japan, 83.4µm, fibrous) • Lactose 1 (Lactohale LH200, DFE Pharma, Germany, 5-160µm, tomahawk) • Lactose 2-(Respitose ML006, DFE Pharma, Germany 2-45µm, tomahawk)

These materials were selected on the basis of their flowability – which ranges from cohesive (e.g. Lactose 2) to the easyflowing (e.g. Lactose 1 and talc) – and for their industrial relevance. The results show

that the uniaxial technique can characterise and differentiate samples that span a wide range of behaviour, confirming its ability to support applications across the bulk powder handling industries. COMPARING UNIAXIAL TESTING TO OTHER AVAILABLE TECHNIQUES Like a number of powder testing techniques, uniaxial testing can clearly be used for a range of materials and it quantifies powders using an established metric. This then raises the question of how the practicalities of measurement compare with the alternatives, and the potential benefits of adoption. Generally speaking, when compared with uniaxial testing: • Biaxial shear cell analysis is a slower measurement, has higher equipment cost and a higher training burden. However, biaxial shear cell data remains essential for the application of hopper design methodologies and has the advantage of allowing testing under lower consolidation stresses. This can make the resulting data more relevant to certain process environments. • Simple techniques, such as Angle of Repose, Tapped Density and Flow through an Orifice, offer comparable testing times and lower equipment costs. However, uniaxial testing delivers greater repeatability and improved process relevance, making it more effective for QA/QC and process troubleshooting. For example, unlike Flow through an Orifice methods, uniaxial testing is not prone to

generating unusual or null results for certain free-flowing or cohesive materials such as colloidal silica.

Table 1 summarises the relative merits of these three powder testing techniques which are all routinely used by the bulk powder handling industry, providing guidance for a rigorous appraisal of the alternatives. In summary, uniaxial testing meets industrial requirements for quick powder testing by relatively non-expert analysts, with the additional benefit of low equipment costs, and high process relevance.

CONCLUSION The commercial introduction of instrumentation for uniaxial testing brings a new technique for the bulk powder handling industries that is straightforward and well suited to routine application within the industrial environment. Measurement times are typically in the order of a few minutes per sample, and training requirements and equipment costs are low. The generated parameter, uUYS, is similar to that measured indirectly via biaxial shear cell analysis and measurements are highly repeatable. These advantages make uniaxial testing highly worthy of consideration when assessing the options for introducing powder testing in an industrial setting and enhancing existing techniques in order to drive up the efficiency of bulk powder handling processes. www.freemantech.co.uk

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HIRING THE RIGHT FORKLIFT TRUCK FOR THE JOB A frank and open exchange of information with the supplier is by far the most important factor for businesses needing to temporarily boost their forklift fleet to cope with a surge in demand. Materials handling specialist Briggs Equipment has therefore come up with a simple five-point checklist to help those hiring in extra machines to get the right trucks for their job.


llan Parsons, National Rental Manager at Briggs Equipment, says: “The more information you can provide when making the booking, the better. Only by knowing the full story and understanding exactly what it is you want to do, can your supplier arrange an appropriate machine at a competitive rate. “An in-depth discussion at the outset will also help businesses avoid unplanned post-hire bills.” Briggs is advising businesses that want to hire a forklift truck on a short-term contract, which can range from a single day up to 12 months, to consider the following: • Be clear about the hours of operation as well as the hire period. A week’s hire is 40 hours between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Use of the truck after 5pm or at weekends will incur additional cost. If you don’t specify the timeframe accurately, an excess hours charge could apply and there will be a call out fee if the truck breaks down. • Discuss the application, including where you plan to use the truck. Will it be working indoors or outside? Are there any restrictions on height in the work environment? Are the ground conditions likely to impact on tyre choice?


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• Do you have enough drivers? If you will be using agency drivers, it is your responsibility to make sure they are properly qualified to operate the truck(s) you are hiring. • Know your load. If, for example, the job involves handling shrink-wrapped, palletised goods clearly marked with their weight, a 2 tonne forklift will suffice. There is no benefit in paying more to hire a 3 tonne truck. • Plan ahead. Booking early will improve your chances of getting the machine you want, while a longer hire period attracts a more favourable rate. Businesses that hire trucks infrequently do not always understand what they are paying for and where their contractual obligations lie. The short-term rental team at Briggs Equipment always provides a breakdown of the hire package. Businesses pay for delivery to site and collection, a truck hire fee plus a charge for fuel/a spare battery (and battery charging bed if required). Breakdown support is included, but an extra charge

will apply if assistance is required after 5pm or at weekends, unless this has been negotiated as part of the contract. Hirers must make sure that their operators carry out daily machine checks and are also liable for maintenance/ repairs due to damage. An excess hours fee will be levied if trucks are used outside the agreed timeframe. Allan Parsons adds: “In the long run, it pays to work with a reputable supplier that can provide quality, modern forklift trucks that are certified in accordance with LOLER (the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) and have been safety checked and serviced properly before going out on hire. “The last thing hirers want is for their short-term rental forklift to break down. If a driver is standing idle and can’t get the work done, the knock on effect with potentially serious cost implications, can be highly damaging to their business.” View Briggs Equipment’s short-term hire video at:https://youtu.be/Fc5hiBCITxs www.briggsequipment.co.uk




he GYRO EX™ Series 920 Feeder/Discharger is both a loss-inweight feeder and a bin discharger, all in one unit. Using the power of rotary vibration, it generates a pure gyratory motion to feed almost any granular material, irrespective of particle size or difficult handling characteristics. Also, a variable speed controller allows the GYRO EX Feeder/Discharger to achieve up to a 100 to 1 turndown ratio for faster feed rates and lower dribble feed rates for high accuracy weighing and batching. A unique design feature of the GYRO EX Feeder/Discharger is that it eliminates the traditional packing issues sometimes associated with vibrating bin dischargers, thus improving reliability. It is available in most sizes to suit the application.

http://www.krausvibratory.com/products/gyroex.html Dynamic Air Ltd. - Milton Keynes, United Kingdom Phone: +44 1908 622344 E-mail: sales@dynamicair.co.uk www.dynamicair.com



he Gate Lock Valve Assembly by Posi-flate is a low cost and low maintenance alternative to the traditional rotary airlock feeder and provides a positive seal that can accommodate either full vacuum or pressure up to 100 PSIG. The air-operated seat inflates to provide a longlasting high integrity seal and easily handles high cycling of dry granular or fine powdered materials. The seat automatically compensates for wear when it inflates against the disc, extending valve life considerably. The Posi-flate Gate Lock Assembly is available in carbon steel and stainless steel in sizes from 2 inch (50mm) to 30 inch (750mm) diameter and in any length desired. Other materials of construction are available upon request. http://www.posiflate.com /products.html Posi-flate - Milton Keynes, United Kingdom +44-1908-622366 Email: sales@posiflate.co.uk www.posiflate.com

Tuf-Lok ring grip pipe and tube couplings are rugged, heavy duty, self-aligning and self-grounded couplings with a high end pull. They can be used for almost any application where pipe or tube ends need to be connected. The Tuf-Lok self-aligning couplings install quickly and easily with little effort. Features UÊ -iv‡>ˆ}˜ˆ˜} UÊ -iv‡}ÀœÕ˜`ˆ˜} UÊ ˆ}…Ê«ÀiÃÃÕÀiÊÀ>Ìi` UÊ ՏÊÛ>VÕՓÊÀ>Ìi` UÊ -Ì>ˆ˜iÃÃʜÀÊ mild steel UÊ 1Ã>Liʜ˜Ê̅ˆ˜Ê or thick wall pipe or tube UÊ œÜÊVœÃÌ UÊ ,iÕÃ>Li UÊ LÜÀLÃÊۈLÀ>̈œ˜ UÊ ÝÌiÀ˜>Þʏi>Ž«Àœœv

Tuf-Lok (UK) Tel: +44 (0) 1706 822512 “>ˆ\ÊÃ>iÃJÌÕyœŽ°Vœ°ÕŽÊUÊwww.tuflok.com

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