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energy Auditing replaced with new digital AMR meters. STC arranged and managed the installation of the meters that have the ability to automatically send readings and 30 minute profile data to be used for tenant billing. This ensures that all tenants are charged accurately and only pay for what they use. Having this data available online enables Millennium Point’s tenants to view their consumption and engage in energy efficiency monitoring and behavioural changes, making the building a more sustainable property.

Tenant Billing

Electricity Market Price as £ per MWh January 2015 to August 2016—Average Price and not adjusted the unit rates to reflect the removal of the green premium. STC raised a query with the supplier and this resulted in a credit of £46k for the period March 2015 to May 2016. Energy Procurement Millennium Point’s electricity contract was due to end in September 2016. As energy prices had just reached their lowest point for 10 years, STC recommended placing a new contract in May 2016 ready to start on 1st October 2016. As part of Inspired Energy Group PLC, STC Energy utilised their procurement expertise to place a new fixed price electricity contract. This contract was secured in May 2015 when the cost per MWh was £36.80. This contract compared to their current one represented an annual saving of £95k and £285k over the three years of the contract.

Capacity Reduction An additional part of the audit was to examine the site’s available electricity capacity. The current available supply capacity of 3,000 kVA was underutilised. STC analysed two years of profile data and established that the highest maximum demand was 1,357 kWh. STC recommended and arranged a reduction in the available supply capacity to 2,000 kVA from the start of the new contract which provided a further saving of £14,100 per annum.

Meter Installation Millennium Point has over 50 sub meters to monitor electricity consumption for its tenants and communal areas. All of these meters were over 15 years old and needed to be manually read. STC recommended that these should be

STC are now able to use the AMR meter readings to produce the monthly tenant charges. Using this data ensures that the tenant’s charges are both accurate and transparent and Millennium Point recoup the correct amount of tenant charges.

Summary of Savings Overall Millennium Point have saved a total of £155,100 in one year: • • •

Historic Billing Errors: £46,000 Procurement Savings: £95,000 Capacity Reduction: £14,100

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“STC have proven themselves to me on two occasions now. The difference between them and other firms out there is that they tailor your contract to your business. They really get to know you as a business, and then use that knowledge to get you the best deal possible. In a competitive market like the one we’re in every penny counts, so being able to save £155K on utilities is really important. I’d recommend STC to anyone looking to procure their utilities; they’ve proven time and time again their quality and most importantly their transparency.” Ian Leslie - Finance Director Energy Manager Magazine • January/february 2017


Energy Manager Magazine Jan/Feb 2017