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WATER TIME TO SWITCH Charley Maher, managing director of water2business, explains how businesses across England will soon be able to choose their water and sewerage retailer.


witching energy suppliers and shopping around for the best deal is a given these days for businesses seeking to drive down costs and become more efficient in the way they operate.

you opt for one that truly understands your business.

And now there’s about to be choice when it comes to water, with businesses of any size being able to choose their water and sewerage retailer. It’s all part of Open Water, which has been introduced by the government and Ofwat. So what does this mean? Well from 1 April 2017 any large or small business, council, hospital, school or even charity can choose their water and sewerage retailer. While the water supplied will still be provided by your local water company and still travel to your premises along the same pipes, most of your interaction will be with your retailer. While a number of water retailers will be offering this service, it’s really important

April 2017

All will be aiming to attract new customers and while price will play a part it is unlikely to be the deciding factor for many businesses switching. That’s because the margins set by the industry regulator Ofwat are slim - an average of 2.5% net margin or 6% gross for retailers. Therefore it’s likely to be the quality of the customer service, investment in innovation, and the value added services offered to your business which will set the retailers apart from each other. At water2business we offer leading customer service and tailored water and wastewater management that will help to improve efficiency and deliver savings. Unlike others, we’re not a newcomer to the market, instead we’re a company with extensive industry knowledge that has a proven track record and already provides business services.

So whether you’re looking for help on reducing water consumption – which in turn could reduce energy costs too – or flexible, consolidated billing for multiple sites, we can help. You can find out more about our other added value services by calling us today on 0345 850 0714 or visiting

Switch your water and wastewater services to water2business.



Every day we’re helping businesses like yours save money and improve efficiency. There’s no catch or hidden charges – it’s simply all part of the service provided by water2business.

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