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New traction energy system stays cool under pressure


Eaton expands AxisPro proportional valve portfolio


Trantec in cutting edge carbon capture research

The Smart Way to Unload, Convey, Weigh & Mix ®
























Less degradation

Cost effective

Move your dry granular materials gently, reliably and with significant reductions in product degradation and/or system wear.

Our high material-to-air ratios reduce energy and compressed air requirements. Our low conveying velocities provide significant process savings in both operation and maintenance. Initial cost is surprisingly affordable too, thanks to our modular design concept and ease of installation.

Proven capability Dynamic Air dense phase pneumatic conveying systems have been proven in over 15,000 installations worldwide. They handle a wide range of materials and bulk densities at rates from less than a hundred kilograms per hour to 400 tonnes per hour, over distances exceeding 1500 metres.

Sixteen concepts Each Dynamic Air system is custom designed from one of our sixteen different conveying concepts. So you get a conveying solution that fits your process perfectly, without compromises.

BellaTM Twin Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer

GYRO EXTM Bin Activating Feeder

Dynamic Air Ltd. Milton Keynes United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 1908 622344 E-mail: sales@dynamicair.co.uk


Dense Phase Transporter, J-Series

BulkBusterTM Bulk Bag Unloader

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he GYRO EX bin activating feeder and discharger produces a controlled gyratory motion to positively withdraw granular materials from bins, storage silos and hoppers at any desired feed rate for a more consistent and reliable discharge. At the heart of the GYRO EX bin activating feeder and discharger is the drive that produces a radial force creating a uniform circular motion on both the upper activation cone and the lower discharge cone. It is this annular radial vibratory motion which imparts the force to the material, assuring a more reliable and predictable material discharge. A unique feature of the GYRO EX bin activating feeder and discharger is that the stored material load is completely supported by the upper bin activation cone which has a lower cone angle than the discharge cone, assuring an uninterrupted and positive discharge of the stored material. The GYRO EX bin activating feeder and discharger can also 4

Bulk Solids Today

be started and stopped as desired because material is not allowed to accumulate or stagnate in the lower discharge cone which might create packing or plugging problems. Irrespective of the particle size, the GYRO EX bin activating feeder and discharger is well suited for almost any size material and the rate can easily be increased or decreased by adjusting the gap between the inlet opening and the upper activation cone. FEATURES: A. Low headroom reduces height. B. Material stops due to angle of repose. C. Gap is adjustable to increase or decrease feed rate. D. Circular distance of activation cone creates a wide feed zone.

E. Vibrating lower cone is self-cleaning. F. Exterior mounted vibrating motor. G. High strength reinforced flexible connector. http://www.krausvibratory. com/products/gyroex.html Tel: 44 1908 622344 Email: sales@dynamicair.co.uk www.dynamicair.com


LUCAS INDUSTRIAL GOES LIVE Battery Website Makes Ordering Simple!


ollowing the introduction of the Lucas motive power range of industrial batteries, ECOBAT Battery Technologies (EBTIndustrial) has launched a user-friendly website to provide logistics managers the easiest possible route to find and order the correct replacement battery for forklifts serving the materials handling and logistics industries. “The logic behind the Lucas introduction is to provide those responsible for the energy management of their fleets with a premium quality like-for-like replacement battery, available off-the-shelf with the minimum of fuss,” said Strategic Director, Derek Anderson. “The final ingredient was to provide open

access to a straightforward means of identifying and ordering the correct replacement – hence the development of the website www. lucasindustrial.co.uk, which now makes the package complete. “Whether the customer knows precisely what they require or need to be led through a few steps to ensure the correct battery is located, the journey is easy to navigate.” Once the selection has been made and the size/capacity confirmed, the battery can be adding to the cart, which then prompts the selection of the appropriate plug and harness, as well as whether a trade in of the old battery is required. Users are then able to complete the transaction. “Putting customers first has always been our philosophy,”

Filling and weighing (2016) Ad (134x178)_Layout 1 19/08/2016 09:45 Page 1

Anderson continued, “so being able to offer, not only the most appropriate solution when we are asked to work alongside a business to assess its needs, but a simple means of identification for those that just need a direct replacement with the minimum of interaction, fits that ideology completely.” For further details, please contact ECOBAT Battery Technologies Industrial on: 01376 550825 or visit: www.ecobat.tech

Experience the

difference… …in hygienic filling and weighing systems Our accurate, weight controlled filling and weighing systems maintain the highest standards of hygiene, dust control and product integrity.

• • • • •

Accurate, stable repeatable weight readings of +/- 0.10g Hazardous area compliant Designed for filling containers of various sizes Can be integrated into laminar and downflow booths & isolators Interchangeable/fast change packing heads

Tel: +44 (0) 1928 755100 • E.mail: info@hmluk.hosokawa.com • www.hosokawa.co.uk

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HOPPECKE’S NEW TRACTION ENERGY SYSTEM STAYS COOL UNDER PRESSURE Energy management specialist Hoppecke Industrial Batteries has unveiled a new, lowmaintenance lead-acid traction energy system that offers key performance benefits across a variety of heavy duty applications.


new battery concept for use in applications where currents are high in relation to battery capacity, trak | systemizer dynamics is ideally suited to heavy duty materials handling, forestry, port logistics, airports, metals/heavy industry, agriculture/ horticulture and construction. Compliant with the requirements of the forthcoming Energy Efficiency of Industrial Trucks classification, the new system enjoys impressive power density and high cycle stability. Its high voltage level enabled by low internal resistance and protection of the active mass by the absorbed glass mat (AGM) - guarantees superior efficiency. Such features are particularly important in vehicles with consistently high performance requirements, where acceleration and braking occurs during general loading, for example. The system also delivers considerably improved running times when compared with PzS batteries of the same base capacity. Jason Howlett, Hoppecke’s Regional Managing Director Northern Europe, says: “For a low investment our new trak | systemizer dynamics offers an impressive, practically maintenance-free solution for demanding operations where the discharge rate is ≥ 0.8 x C. “Rising temperatures are the enemy of heavy duty applications but our new system benefits from inherently low heat generation, coupled with intelligent dissipation and convection cooling. Since there’s no downtime due to cooling 6

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phases, businesses can expect to see a welcome uplift in productivity.” With an integrated onboard charger trak | systemizer dynamics offers the flexibility to conduct opportunity charging to increase range. Thanks to the system’s excellent power reception, even short charging periods result in significant improvements in capacity. Since the battery cells can be deployed in any configuration, the system is easily installed in complex spaces. By comparison with conventional PzS batteries, Hoppecke’s trak | systemizer dynamics produces less heat and what it does generate is expelled efficiently, leading to important efficiencies. Due to its minimal electrical resistance, the energy system minimises the temperature that develops from the flowing current. This waste heat, arising from the electrochemical processes, is independent of the battery and occurs proportionally to the active mass conversion. A further advantage is cooling via convection, made possible by the battery system’s open construction, which counteracts heat build-up. As a sealed unit maintenance is considerably lower than that required by PzS batteries and any potential for environmental damage

or impact on the application is eliminated. Throughout the battery’s lifespan there is no need to refill water or service the electrochemical system by topping up fluids or removing gases, and since the trak | systemizer dynamics contains no free electrolyte, it is leak-proof. Only straightforward functional checks are necessary and can be carried out during a truck’s scheduled service intervals. trak | systemizer dynamics is the latest addition to Hoppecke’s systemizer range, which also incorporates turnkey charging and changing stations, a mobile charging station for indoor and outdoor use and solutions for rail vehicles. www.hoppecke.co.uk

Global sieving & filtration specialists The Russell Compact SieveÂŽ

Improves product quality

Fits into smaller spaces

Compact & mobile design

Eliminates dust & fumes

What makes us specialists..? Customized solutions - Applying innovation to meet your requirements Comprehensive customer service - Technical support & global stocking Specialized testing facilities - Trial your products for total peace of mind Call us on: +44 (0) 20 8818 2000

Email: sales@russellfinex.com




he investment in new production technology at their North of England, Centre of Excellence led a leading manufacturer of innovative pharmaceutical products to seek supplier support in the provision of a containment system capable of delivering operator protection from hazardous airborne particles generated during manual product transfer. The requirement was for a dispensary downflow booth designed to support dispensing and weighing out of active/ excipient pharmaceutical powders with the ability to meet low OEL levels during drum tip, invert, dock, mill and IBC transfer, (all fully interlocked with client MES). In line with a comprehensive user requirement specification, the pharmaceutical manufacturer 8

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requested Hosokawa Micron Ltd to develop a bespoke, GMP design, multi-functional, dispensary weigh booth. Hosokawa engineers designed a bespoke, 5m wide, recirculation, dispensing downflow booth suitable for the handling of OEB3 compounds with a time-weighted average less for process operator level (OEL) less than 0.100mg/m3 (<10µg/m3) with the addition of a high containment barrier screen. The booth consistently meets these target OELs over an 8hr period to deliver a high level of operator protection. Full on-site OEL testing was undertaken by Hosokawa Micron’s industrial chemist in accordance with ISPE Guidelines and SAT tests validates these figures. The downflow booth is designed with an increased safe working zone of 2m. Customer requirements

for all operations to be on one level and with space and height constraints due to location of structural beams and room layout. The downflow booth is fitted with a temperature cooling package and attention to handling equipment noise levels helps to provide a more comfortable working environment for operators. The individual units are designed for quiet operation (less than 70dba). The two drum inverters will be used for dispensing larger excipients: Each drum inverted equipped with a funnel, butterfly valve and valve outlet chute. The 5d screen is used during the opening of raw material drums to limit operator exposure. Raw materials for dispensing into IBCs are presented in a range of multiple drum sizes to be

COMPANY NEWS discharged into an IBC using a drum tipper and post hoist inverter. Space restrictions determined that drums be lifted and inverted using either the drum tipper or post hoist to allow for the 120° or 180° rotation required to invert for discharge. If the raw material requires milling the material enters the IBC via the mill which is part of the dispensing train but which only has the impellor and screen fitted when required. A vacuum lifter is used to lift a raw material drum off the pallet and place the drum on the inverter where it is clamped into position and fitted with drum discharge cones for easy, dust free discharge of drum contents. Drums are then lifted and lowered onto the mill and docked and locked into position for discharge. The drum tipper and inverter provide the ultimate method for safe lifting for reasons of safety, accuracy, repeatability and low maintenance. A downward inflating packing head located below the mill outlet inflates against the IBC inlet to ensure closed transfer of materials from mill to IBC. A mill frame with combined IBC guide rails ensures the IBC is perfectly docked for filling prevented product egress which may present a health and safety hazard. The customer commented, ‘We have worked with Hosokawa on similar installations and always find them easy to work with, taking time and effort to work closely with our in-house team and other suppliers to ensure an optimum, holistic solution. The input from Hosokawa’s experience engineers is invaluable, not least in the early design stages with physical and visual mock ups that reassure all members of our team including our H & S and maintenance managers, that we have the best design possible for the task. Carl Emsley, Hosokawa Micron comments, ‘A complete wooden mock-up of the installation was built in our workshops to enable the internal layout of equipment to be ergonomically assessed for optimum positioning. We also undertook a Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation to show air flow distribution/movement to ensure positioning of both equipment and personnel did not compromise efficiency of the booth. The use of CFD technology allows layout changes to be made at early design stage – not only speeding up the design and build processing but also eliminating costly design errors. This was particularly beneficial when working with several 3rd party equipment suppliers on this challenging project.’ Tel: +44 (0) 1928 755100 Email: info@ hmluk.hosokawa.com www.hosokawa.co.uk

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Tuf-Lok ring grip pipe and tube couplings are rugged, heavy duty, self-aligning and self-grounded couplings with a high end pull. They can be used for almost any application where pipe or tube ends need to be connected. The Tuf-Lok self-aligning couplings install quickly and easily with little effort. Features • Self-aligning • Self-grounding • High pressure rated • Full vacuum rated • Stainless or mild steel • Usable on thin or thick wall pipe or tube • Low cost • Reusable • Absorbs vibration • Externally leakproof

Tuf-Lok (UK) Tel: +44 (0) 1706 822512 Email: sales@tuflok.co.uk • www.tuflok.com Bulk Solids Today



ORIFICE GATE VS. ROLLER GATE: DIFFERENCES & BENEFITS PRODUCT FEATURES: Inlet & Outlet Shape Standard Gate Sizes Conveyance Type Stack-Up Height Materials Handled Blade Type End Seal Design Seals Type Wear-Compensating Seals

ORIFICE GATE ROLLER GATE Round Square 50 mm – 400 mm 100 mm – 750 mm Gravity & Pneumatic Conveying Gravity Only 51 – 63.5 mm 76 – 102 mm Non-abrasive – moderately abrasive powders, pellets & granules Rectangular sliding blade with a Full rectangular sliding blade machined hole Temporarily displace materials (no true Solid end seal with material deflector. end seal). Two seal plates compressed against the Complex arrangement of robust seals, rollers & sliding blade retainers along the perimeter of the sliding blade. Both seal plates are wear-compensating Wear-compensating bonnet and side seals.

Ability to Self-Clean its Yes; on the opening stroke Yes; with bonnet seals Seals? Maintenance-Friendly Patented shimming system to restore Replaceable bonnet seal & CAM-adjustable rollers Features dust-tight seal while the valve is in to restore dust-tight seal while the valve is in service. service. Safety features No pinch points or exposed moving parts. No sources of ignition.


ince their conception decades ago, the Orifice Gate and the Roller Gate have been two of Vortex’s most popular solutions for handling dry bulk solid materials. By their simplest definitions, both the Orifice Gate and the Roller Gate are slide gates. However, the application benefits for each gate can be quite different. INLET & OUTLET SHAPE

team to discuss modifications that may/may not be made to accommodate your installation requirements. CONVEYANCE TYPE The Roller Gate should only be used in gravity flow applications. If a system has pneumatic processes or differential air pressures within the system at any point, often times, a Roller Gate should not be considered as an option. Depending on gate size, the Orifice Gate is designed to seal against pressures up to 1 barg. It can be used in both positive pressure and vacuum systems (dilute or lean phase). STACK-UP HEIGHT

GATE SIZE Alterations can be made to both the Orifice Gate and Roller Gate to build custom gate sizes. This can impact the blade’s travel distance, stack-up height, and many other variables of gate construction. Consult Vortex’s application 10

Bulk Solids Today

VALVES While both gates are benefitted by their narrow profiles, the Orifice Gate can be a better option in applications where head space is limited. Both gates can be altered to match up with any shape of ductwork by fitting the inlet and/or outlet with square-to-round or round-to-square transition pieces or tube stubs. While this customisation does add to a gate’s overall height, it allows the gate to be easily integrated within most new and pre-existing footprints. MATERIALS HANDLED Both gates are capable of handling non-abrasive to moderately abrasive powders, pellets and granules. Because material characteristics can vary by application, it is best to consult with industry experts to determine which gate is most suitable for use in your specific application prior to making a final decision. Vortex’s technical application team has over 300 years of combined experience in dry bulk material handling to assist you. BLADE TYPE The Orifice Gate features a rectangular sliding blade with a machined hole that “shears” through the material flow stream. The Roller Gate has a full rectangular sliding blade that glides in and out of the material flow stream.

END SEAL DESIGN The Roller Gate is similar to traditional slide gate designs in that it closes directly against the gate’s body, into an end seal. A deflector at the end seal prevents materials from packing into it. Oppositely, the Orifice Gate’s sliding blade actuates into a recessed area.

cycles over time, the rubber load seals continuously force the seal plates against the sliding blade. In doing so, the gate is able to self-maintain its dust-tight seal without frequent maintenance intervention. The Roller Gate’s seals, rollers and retainers are constructed from hard polymer and durable metals. Designed to yield the same benefits as the Orifice Gate’s seal plates, the Roller Gate’s bonnet seal and side seals are also constructed from hard polymer and reinforced by compressed rubber backing. SELF-CLEANING SEALS On the closing stroke, the Orifice Gate’s machined orifice is actuated beyond the inlet and into a recessed area. In that area, trace amounts of material are “trapped” between the machined orifice and that gate’s seal plates. On each opening stroke, those materials are pulled back out of the recessed area to fall away into the process line below. This design prevents material bridging or packing inside the gate’s body. Each time the Roller Gate closes, any residual materials remaining in the gate’s side seals are cleared by the blade and forced to fall away into the process line below. On each opening stroke, the Roller Gate’s bonnet seal acts as a squeegee to resist materials and dusts from migrating into the bonnet area. This forces any materials remaining on the blade to fall away into the process line below.


MAINTENANCE-FRIENDLY FEATURES To prolong the service life of a piece of equipment, all Vortex products are designed for ease of maintenance and are built with several replaceable mechanisms. For Vortex slide gates, replaceable parts include: • Air cylinder actuator • Magnetic reed switches • Clevis • Internal seals & shim • Blade If a slide gate is maintained and operated as recommended, these mechanisms should be the only wear parts. In many cases, this maintenance-friendly design has allowed Vortex slide gates to remain in service for many years – and sometimes, even decades. At the front of the valve, the Orifice gate features three weep holes: Continued on page 12

WEAR-COMPENSATING SEALS Both the Orifice Gate and Roller Gate were designed with unique wear-compensating features to maintain a positive seal over time. The Orifice Gate’s seal plates are constructed from hard polymer and are “live-loaded” with compressed rubber backing. This ensures that as the polymer experiences frictional wear from many Bulk Solids Today





If material dusts begin to escape through the weep holes, it indicates the seal plates have partially worn and the compression load has lessened, causing the seal plates to no longer be forced against the sliding blade as they should be. In this instance, maintenance must be performed to restore the gate’s dust-tight seal. To do so, maintenance technicians can utilise the Orifice Gate’s shimming system. Unlike traditional slide gates, which require additional replacement parts be kept on-hand for maintenance, the Orifice Gate calls for removal of shim to perform seal maintenance. By simply loosening the nuts along the lateral aspects of the gate, shim(s) can be removed and the nuts retightened to restore the compression load between the blade and seal plates. This process can be performed while the gate remains in-line, and can be repeated many times until most of the shim is removed and the seal plates have worn significantly, at which point the seal plates and shim must be replaced. The Roller Gate features a perforated bonnet cover at the back of the valve to indicate dusting and seal wear. If material dusts become present in the gate’s bonnet, this is an indication that the gate’s bonnet seal has lost its compression load and must be replaced. Along the lateral aspect of the gate are two bonnet seal access doors that are removable using only simple tools. Once the doors are removed, new upper and lower bonnet seals can be driven into the port while the worn seals are simultaneously ejected out the other side. After many actuations over time, frictional wear between the Roller Gate’s sliding blade and the gate’s hard polymer side seals may also lessen its sealing effectiveness across the blade. Rather than removing the gate from service to replace its side seals each time, the Roller Gate features CAM-adjustable rollers. Using only simple tools, the rollers can be rotated upward to “lift” the blade back into position and restore the compression between the blade and side seals. Like the Orifice Gate, these maintenance processes can be performed while the Roller Gate remains in-line.

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SAFETY FEATURES The Orifice Gate and Roller Gate confine materials within the process line to prevent material leakage and dusting to atmosphere. Especially for explosive or otherwise hazardous dry materials, this design benefits occupational safety and health initiatives by ensuring a safe and clean working environment. By preventing material leakage to atmosphere, manufacturing facilities can also be assured they are not a hazard to nearby schools, neighbourhoods, waterways and ecosystems. Both gates are designed with no pinch points or exposed moving parts, allowing for safe employee operations. Both the Orifice Gate and Roller Gate can be rated to ATEX Zone 0/20 internal and Zone 1/21 external, making them suitable for use in almost any explosive or potentially hazardous environment. WHICH GATE SHOULD I USE? While the Orifice Gate and Roller Gate are both excellent options for handling most powdered, pelletized or granular dry materials, it is critical to first consult with your valve manufacturer prior to making a decision. With so many variables to consider – and countless more left unmentioned – it is of utmost importance to seek advice and gather knowledge from industry experts to ensure your selection is truly the best solution for its application. With more than 300 years of combined experience in the dry bulk solids industry, clients can be assured Vortex application engineers will listen to your needs and rely on in-depth knowledge of dry solids to develop the right solution for even the most demanding applications. For more information on the Orifice Gate or Roller Gate, or to discuss your material handling needs, please contact Vortex. www.vortexglobal.com Email: vortex.eu@vortexglobal.com Tel: 01325 728577.


VICTAULIC LAUNCHES WORLD’S FIRST GROOVED MECHANICAL PIPING SYSTEM FOR SATURATED STEAM • World leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining systems launches world’s first grooved piping system for saturated steam • Launch includes coupling & fittings suitable for temperatures up to 198°C and pressures up to 1379 kPa • Grooved steam system removes need for welding, making installation easier, safer and up to five times faster, and makes system maintenance and expansion simple


ictaulic, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining systems, has developed the world’s first grooved piping system for saturated steam. Designed for use on commercial and industrial steam applications, the system features the Style 870 rigid coupling, a full line of fittings, a gate valve and a grooving tool to process the Victaulic proprietary OGS-200 groove profile. The Victaulic grooved steam system eliminates the need to weld steam piping, and can work for applications with pressures up to 1379 kPa and temperatures up to 198°C. Thanks to their innovative grooved system, Victaulic steam couplings and fittings make installation and maintenance easier, shorten construction schedules, reduce downtime and maintain safer, more productive worksites. Joining steam piping with grooved couplings enables faster, easier installation than welding, threading and flanging. During installation, pipe is simply joined by positioning the coupling seal and housing segments on the pipe ends and tightening the bolts and nuts to the specified torque requirement. Installation is completed up to five times faster than other joining methods.


Bulk Solids Today

With a union at every joint, the Victaulic steam system enables quick, simple maintenance, reducing downtime. The couplings simplify access to system components and ease pipe replacement and system expansion. Unlike flanged joints, Victaulic Style 870 couplings last the life of the system without regular maintenance. The couplings can also be used as a maintenance solution for existing steam piping, enabling leaks to be fixed quickly and inexpensively. Because assembling grooved couplings does not require heat or flame, as well as not producing fumes, the Victaulic steam system is much safer, eliminating hazards to employees and property during installation and maintenance. In addition, no hot work permits, fire watches, confined space welding procedures or X-ray inspection of joints are required. Furthermore, the joining process mitigates environmental factors, such as inclement weather conditions, that complicate welding. Kurt Gobreski, Victaulic Director of Valves and Large Diameter Systems, said, “Engineers have long relied on the superior performance and design flexibility of Victaulic systems, while contractors depend on the total installed cost and time savings. We’re pleased to bring these benefits to steam systems for the first time. This tremendous technological advance allows those who design, install and maintain steam systems to experience the absolute confidence that comes with specifying Victaulic.” Victaulic steam system components are designed in accordance with ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3 and ASME B31.9 codes. The Victaulic Style 870 coupling, the Series 871 gate valve, and the fittings – including elbows, tees, reducers, flange adapter nipples, a flexible loop and caps – are available in DN50 to DN200 sizes (2- to 8-inch). The RG1200 grooving tool processes the OGS200 groove into Schedules 40 and 80 carbon steel pipe. OGS-200 roll sets for Victaulic VE268, VE270, VE272, VE416 and VE460 roll grooving tools are also available. For more information about the Victaulic system for saturated steam, visit http://www.victaulicsteam.com.




hen it comes to homogenization technology, SPX FLOW has an impressive range of experience with its APV® brand Rannie® and ® Gaulin models. These innovative designs enhance energy efficiency with homogenizing valves that are engineered to reduce the time it takes to reach desired particle distribution size. To help customers understand how the technology works and what options are available, SPX FLOW has released a new online video which explores the inner workings of its homogenizers and explains why its Rannie and Gaulin machines perform so well. Through its APV brand, SPX FLOW has more than 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing homogenizers that create intense mixing in order to deliver desired characteristics of a wide range of fluids. Its experience in valve functionality and seal durability support its ability to offer a variety of homogenizer valve selections to match challenging application needs. Its patented MicroGap® valve assembly, for example, reduces the operating pressure required to achieve a desired fluid particle size, with

potential energy savings of up to 25 percent. Gaulin and Rannie homogenizers operate up to 600 bar (8,700 psi) and 1500 bar (21,750 psi) respectively and are ideal for achieving fluid stability, water binding, desired viscosity, gloss, cell rupture and many more processing goals. To find out more about how SPX FLOW homogenizers can benefit your process, please visit spxflow.com/apv or watch the video at: https://youtu.be/eTKfX7lMWLk.

Other Valves Fight Friction, We Designed it Out Unlike other valves that seal with friction, Posi-flate’s unique butterfly valve uses an inflatable seat to seal with air pressure. Thus it requires less torque and a smaller actuator, resulting in lower cost. Plus, the seat automatically compensates for wear, providing longer life. Some users have reported over six million cycles and the valves are still going strong. • • • • • •

Less friction Low torque Low maintenance Lower actuator costs Longer valve life More reliable Tel: +44 (0) 1908 622366


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aton’s AxisPro valves are now available in two-stage D05 (NG10) and D07 (NG16) designs. The valves provide the same high performance and closed-loop control capability of Eaton’s single-stage AxisPro valves, but in a higher flow package. The new sizes round out the AxisPro valve portfolio, which features single-stage and two-stage valves that accommodate flow rates of up to 375 LPM. “The new two-stage valves help fill the gap in flow capacity between our existing single-


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Power management company Eaton announced the advancement of its AxisPro® industrial valve platform, including new two-stage valve offerings and release of its all new Pro-FX® Configure software. The latest capabilities are designed to offer ease of configuration, enriched user flexibility, enhanced reliability and improved diagnostics to a wider range of industrial machinery.


stage D05 and two-stage D08 offerings,” said Susan Harris, global product manager for industrial valves, Hydraulics, Eaton. “The AxisPro valves bring the easy configurability, precision, repeatability and reliability to mid-range applications, helping OEMs improve machine performance and productivity.” Eaton has also updated Pro-FX Configure, the programming software for AxisPro valves. Featuring parameter-based tuning and a complete wizardbased setup, the all new Pro-FX Configure 2.0 enables users to configure and tune AxisPro valves by following a streamlined, step-by-step graphical workflow. The new version significantly improves ease-of-use resulting in easier valve setup that will greatly reduce setup time and costs. “Pro-FX Configure 2.0 is valve configuration software the way it should be: smarter, faster and easier,” Harris said. “The program simplifies everything from setup to tuning to commissioning, helping OEMs get machines to their customers faster.” AxisPro valves enable smarter, more productive industrial machines. Featuring onboard motion control, sensors, diagnostics and communication, the valves are available in three performance levels to suit a variety of applications. To learn more about Eaton’s AxisPro valves and solutions, visit www.eaton.com/axispro. Eaton is a power management company with 2017 sales of $20.4 billion. We provide energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more

efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. Eaton has approximately 96,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit Eaton.com.

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ver the past 30 years, Showcard Print has grown to become one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of point-of-sale printed material, supplying the UK’s biggest retailers and readily recognised brands. From their state-of-the-art production facilities in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, the business offers a comprehensive range of large print formats across litho, digital and screen solutions, together with sophisticated 2D and 3D finishes. A speciality of the company is cardboard engineering and the fabrication of three-dimensional product displays. Serving the needs of the big high street brands demands exacting standards on production quality, fulfilment accuracy and the ability to meet short deadlines. Within the production and fulfilment environment, that means having materials handling equipment that is highly reliable, manoeuvrable and efficient. Downtime or failure to perform can impact both production and


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fulfilment, with implications for customer service and the ability to hit deadlines for special promotions or product launches across customer stores. Having the right partners to support the forklift truck fleet was considered of critical importance to the business. Showcard Print has enjoyed a successful, long-standing 17-year relationship with Rushlift, a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Industrial Vehicles with a nationwide service network. So when it came to reviewing the contract on its forklift truck fleet the business had every confidence in Rushlift’s ability to support the operation and in the Doosan products’ power to perform. “The main thing for us is reliability,” says Gary Woods, Operations Director at Showcard Print. “Downtime is time we just can’t afford to lose, so we need a good, strong, reliable product. Our forklifts get a lot of use, but over the years we’ve had very few problems with the Doosan trucks – we can ask no more than that.” Rushlift worked with Showcard Print to upgrade


the fleet with Doosan’s latest counterbalance models from across its electric and diesel powered ranges. In all, four counterbalance trucks were specified, three electric and one diesel, along with a Doosan LEDH22 powered pallet truck. The new Doosan D25S-7 2.5 tonne diesel counterbalance truck was selected to replace a gaspowered model, owing to its high performance and low-emissions. And three electric models – a B18X-7 1.8 tonne four-wheeler, a B20T-7 2 tonne threewheeler, and a B20X-7 2 tonne four-wheeler – were provided along with extra batteries, auto-fill and a Fronius charging system, for efficient operation and power availability over a long three-shift operation. “We run a three shift pattern so we’re pretty much operational 24hrs a day, six days a week – sometimes even Sundays. But the great thing is, it takes just five minutes to change batteries, it’s a very simple operation,” says Gary Woods. The trucks are used constantly for unloading deliveries of card and materials, loading machines and carrying finished product between locations, ready for despatch. He adds, “Their reliable performance is vital to keeping us running.” Of critical importance is the ability of the vehicles to handle product and materials carefully, so as to avoid scuffs and damage to the finished display cards. The soft, smooth controls on the Doosan trucks facilitate gentle handling. Precision with manoeuvring within the print facilities is also imperative as the sophisticated print machines are worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Here, the tight turning-circle and clear all round visibility of the Doosan product gives drivers the confidence to perform their duties efficiently. Health & Safety was another important consideration for Showcard Print. All vehicles were supplied with blue light projected pedestrian warning lamps, flashing lights and speed limiters. Other extra features added to the trucks were auto tilt levelling, sideshifting fork positioners and rear LED spotlights. Summing up Gary Wood says, “Basically, we were just looking for good, reliable trucks that were robust,

easy to use, compact and that offered excellent driver control – and that’s exactly what we got with Doosan.” Doosan’s UK head office is based in Northampton and is supported by a nationwide network of approved dealers. It offers the lowest total ownership cost (TCO) of any lift truck brand (www.doosanforklifts.co.uk). Doosan Industrial Vehicle is part of the $21-billion global Doosan Group (www.doosan.com), a South Korean conglomerate established in 1896, over 120 years ago, with products and services ranging from consumer goods to power plants, engines and construction equipment, including the global-leading brand Bobcat.

High Efficiency Drying or Cooling of Bulk Solids The Bella dryer/cooler offers thermal efficiencies to 80 percent or better because air flows around material while it is suspended in the weightless zone. The result is a more consistent material.

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stainless steel balls, normally used for shot peening, to a height of approximately 2 meters, in a highly controlled manor. To determine the optimum configuration, we requested samples of the material for testing. THE REQUIREMENTS MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Stainless Steel Shot Particle Size: 1.2-1.7mm indiameter Bulk Density (Kg/Lt): 4.8-5.0 Moisture Content: Nil Oil/Fat Content: Nil Operational 20 degrees C Temperature: Corrosive/Reactive: No Hazardous/Explosive: No MACHINERY SPECIFICATIONS: Throughput: Minimum 360kg/h Angle of Repose: 45 degrees (estimated) Storage Capacity: N/A IP Rating: 55 Contact Materials: 304 or 316 stainless steel, UHMWPE, GFPTFE Non-Contact Parts: 304 stainless steel Weld Finish: Inside product contact: Welds as laid Outside: Welds as laid Electricity Supply: 1Ph & neutral, clean interference free Control: Variable speed inverter input 240v AC single phase, turndown 6:1 in enclosure with speed adjustment knob and/ or with isolated connection for external speed setting, matched to rating and voltage requirements of drive motor. At Trantec, we have the facility to carry out tests for dosing, metering and conveying the most problematic materials. We put together a Flexible Screw Conveyor, identical to the model we had in mind for PMW Research


stablished for over 20 years, Trantec Solids Handling Limited is a leading supplier of Powder Dosing and Metering equipment to the worldwide Solids Handling industry. With considerable knowledge and expertise in the design and manufacture of Metering Feeders, Flexible Screw Conveyors, FIBC Dischargers, Powder Samplers and Replacement Parts, Trantec were selected by PMW Research to assist with their carbon capture project in conjunction with the University of Chester. PMW research, based in West Yorkshire, has recently been awarded a PhD studentship by the University of Chesterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Eco-Innovation project. The scope of the doctoral project includes experimental work on a novel process that uses a moving bed of stainless steel pellets. The aim is to use the process to separate pure carbon dioxide from exhaust gases for use in other processes such as plastics manufacture. A key part of the process is to transport the dense bed material from ground level to the top of the equipment, automatically. Paul Willson of PMW Research needed a supplier with the skills and knowledge to offer a conveyor suitable for the application. Speaking to Gareth Harrison at Trantec, Paul realised this company had the experience, technology and can-do attitude needed for the unusual application and it was suggested that a Flexible Screw Conveyor would be the most effective way of transporting the material. Flexible Screw Conveyors offer efficient, low-cost transport of powders and dry bulk solids, conveying materials such as very fine powders, granules, flakes, pills and large pellets for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics and environmental industries. Whether the material is free-flowing or poor-flowing, Trantec produce Flexible Screw Conveyors for the most demanding applications, offering standard and tailor-made units, which can be seamlessly integrated into your existing process. With the choice of stationery and mobile units, in stainless steel or mild steel, we offer customized, interchangeable components including Spiral, UHMWPE Tube, Motors, Hoppers, Controllers, Sensors and more. Before work could start, Gareth at Trantec needed to know more about the material properties and the equipment specifications. It is important to work with our customers to establish all requirements, to enable us to produce a cost-effective solution that works. Trantecâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Flexible Screw Conveyor would need to transport 1.5mm




N and began the trials. The estimated throughput required was 360kg per hour, we began with a low speed to establish how the material would convey through the tube. We timed a series of runs at various speeds and we soon learned that the material was very free-flowing and successfully achieved the throughput and accuracy required. We could now produce our Flexible Screw Conveyor, using our standard T4 Round Spiral and Tube. Four weeks later the conveyor is being assembled into the rig structure at the University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park. Paul Wilson of PMW Research said, “We’re delighted with Trantec’s support and looking forward to getting our experimental work under way, confident that the conveyor will do all we ask of it.” www.trantec.info



olids handling equipment maker, Ajax Equipment, has supplied leading food sector packaging specialist, the Alexir Partnership, with a portable, Model 300 lump breaker including a feed hopper, outlet chute and control panel, mounted on a mobile frame. Ajax lump breakers are an efficient means of size reduction for lumps, caked and bag set materials to a consistent size for ease of processing and handling. Operators will empty a box into the hopper, close the lid and run the breaker with a receiving container in position underneath. Combining ease of use and operator safety, the feed hopper features a hinged, counterbalanced lid with trip switch to prevent operation of the lump breaker while the lid is open. The Ajax lump breaker is fabricated in 316L stainless steel with a 2B Mill finish throughout. All welds are crack and crevice free, together with FDA compliant lump breaker shaft seals. www.ajax.co.uk

orth East fork lift truck specialist Permatt has been awarded a record-breaking contract to supply a fleet of new machines to JDR Cable Systems (JDR), the leading supplier of subsea umbilicals and power cables owned by the TFKable Group. The deal, estimated to be worth six figures, is the largest single contract win in the history of the 37-year-old North Tyneside company, which is the regional dealer for CAT Lift Trucks. This contract pushes Permatt’s hire fleet up to 500 trucks, and sales of the new CAT Lift Trucks to more than 50 since December 2017. www.permatt.com

Not all metering screw feeders are the same… Innovation matters •

Rigid Auger


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We understand one screw feeder cannot always meet all customer’s demands. Trantec’s Metering Screw Feeders can be quickly configured to meet the demands of almost any application. With over 20 years experience supplying equipment for the Bulk Power Handling industry, Trantec have become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of metering, dosing and filling equipment, producing custom-made solutions to industries world-wide. Although our metering feeders are available as standard, cost effective base models, we offer quick and easy add-on components, offering a variety of additional features and upgrades such as quick-release, easy-clean features, integrated weighing base and PLC Controls, independently driven product agitator and auger screw, a selection of stainless polishes and finishes and more. Please call us for further information, or email sales@trantec.info.

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PNEUMATIC SCREENING AND CONVEYING OF PHARMACEUTICAL POWDERS Howorth Air Technology integrates vacuum conveying screener with DownFlow Booth and Containment Isolator to deliver contained screening of APIs


or over 150 years, the Howorth name has been synonymous with innovation in creating safe, clean working environments. Known today as Howorth Air Technology, the company engineers a range of powder containment solutions, aseptic systems and ultra-clean air filtration ventilation systems for medical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Based in the U.K with offices in the U.S.A. and representation in Europe and Asia, Howorth delivers high-quality equipment to clients throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company is customer focused, providing bespoke products and turnkey systems to meet the requirements of clean rooms, operating theatres or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. When a leading global pharmaceutical company sought multiple customized solutions as part of a new production facility, Howorth combined its expertise with Russell Finex – a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical screening and filtration equipment. The customer previously held concerns about operator exposure during the processing of APIs, as traditional powder screening machines often do not provide the levels of containment required to ensure operator safety. Two systems for pneumatic screening and conveying of pharma powders were required to guarantee containment during sieving in two key production areas. Paul Stanway, Business Development Manager at Howorth Air Technology, said, “Firstly, the customer required a DownFlow Containment Booth, incorporating various process operations such as blending, weighing and sieving. Secondly, a containment isolator, also known as a glove box, was required to sieve and weigh APIs in a fully-contained environment.” 22

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Howorth’s WORKSAFE™ containment booths provide high levels of operator protection, ergonomically and hygienically designed to allow multiple process operations to be carried out. For this specific process, pharmaceutical powders would be pre-weighed, transferred into a hopper then vacuum-conveyed into an IBC via a sieving system ensuring the product is screened to guarantee a consistent particle size and remove oversize and foreign contamination. Howorth has a wealth of experience in combining containment technology with other specialist equipment. On this occasion, a Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™ was recommended as the integrated powder screening system of choice. This vacuum conveying sieve combines industry-proven Russell Compact Sieve® technology with vacuum conveying lines, ensuring powders can be check-screened in one dust-tight operation. The sieving unit is also quick and easy to dismantle, reducing downtime between processes. As well as DownFlow Booths, Howorth engineers high containment isolators to provide fully-contained environments for API handling. Howorth isolator systems combine containment to nanogram levels with integrated equipment to provide maximum production, ergonomic and maintenance efficiency. For the containment isolator process, APIs would be loaded into the isolator utilizing a drum-loading chamber with the

product vacuum-conveyed and sieved, then deposited into the same IBC as described previously. On this occasion, a hybrid sieving system was engineered, combining a Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™ with the Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™ clamping system. This custom-built containment powder screener provides all the benefits of vacuum-conveying sieve technology with the patented TLI (twist, lock and inflate) airlock clamping system - designed to provide effortless operation, ideal for pharmaceutical sieving in a glove box. An additional inlet was also incorporated to allow for manual scoop-feeding of powders on a smaller scale. To further improve usability, Howorth’s glove boxes have an integrated clean-in-place system with hygienic spray balls and a wash hose to allow easy wash-down of equipment after use. The user-friendly Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™ TLI (twist, lock and inflate) clamping system provides effortless operation whilst maximizing screening performance. The system is easy to use, and requires significantly less space than alternative clamping methods. Simply place the component parts into the base and locate them by twisting and locking the lid. An inflatable seal then locks the components in place. This reduces the dust and improves operators’ health and safety, providing OEL 5 containment (less than 1µg/m3). The system also means these units are quick and easy to dismantle in areas of limited space, such as containment isolators. Mr Stanway continued, “We chose to work with Russell Finex on this project because of the wide range of compact pharmaceutical screening equipment available, including the Russell Compact Airlock Sieve which provides a significant ergonomic advantage when operated and maintained within the constraints of a Containment Isolator. Support provided by Russell Finex during the design and mock-up phase was also invaluable. When providing premium custom-built solutions such as this, it is imperative the equipment we integrate is of a high quality, operator-friendly and versatile to meet specific functions and environments.” With a range of sizes and configurations available, this range of pneumatic pharmaceutical sieving equipment ideally suited to integration inside areas of limited room such as pharmaceutical downflow containment booths and containment isolators. These compact screeners provide accurate, high-capacity powder screening at less than half the size of traditional sieving units. Included in this range is the Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™. This vacuum conveying sieve improves production capacity – by up to four times compared to standard vacuum conveying sieves. Dusttight operation reduces the risk of product inhalation, and its easy-clean and strip down design ensures production downtime is kept to a minimum. www.russellfinex.com Bulk Solids Today



ECLIPSE MAGNETICS EXHIBITING MAGNETIC SEPARATION & DETECTION SYSTEMS AT BIGGEST EVER PPMA SHOW Eclipse Magnetics will be attending the Process and Packaging Machinery Association Show 2018 from 25th – 27th September at the NEC in Birmingham. On display will be a selection of products from their comprehensive range of high performance magnetic separation and detection systems at stand E54.


et to be the biggest PPMA Show yet, the exhibition is the perfect platform in which to showcase Eclipse Magnetics’ range of contamination detection and removal systems, suitable for use at all HACCP stages of powder, granule, liquid, and paste production. As a company at the very forefront of magnet design and innovation, the range also includes separation systems for extracting primary tramp metals such as nuts, bolts, screws and secondary ferrous contamination such as fine particles from equipment wear in process. Martyn Cotterill, General Sales Manager for Eclipse Magnetics said: “One of the greatest challenges to processing industries is ensuring the maximum integrity of the finished product. Contamination risks exist at most stages of production, therefore, failure to ensure that this does not occur can be catastrophic to a brand, as well as a risk of causing personal harm. Robust HACCP systems and high performance foreign body removal equipment are vital to prevent this. Our high performance separation systems have a worldwide proven reputation in the food industry, enabling you to protect your brand and your customer.”


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Magnetic separation systems are used in almost every processing industry to remove ferrous and para-magnetic contamination from process lines, preventing product contamination and damage to machinery. Eclipse produce high-quality, highpower magnetic separators for most applications, including bulk, grain, dry powders, damp powders, liquids and syrups and a comprehensive range of metal detectors and vibratory sieves. To assist customers in complying with customer and independent audits, Eclipse Magnetics also has a dedicated site inspection service to provide documentation for external audits, and vast experience in industries such as food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing. To find out more, visit stand E54 at the Process and Packaging Machinery Association Show 2018 from 25th – 27th September at the NEC in Birmingham. www.eclipsemagnetics.com




ason has introduced a quick-clean CENTRI-SIFTERâ&#x201E;˘ centrifugal sifter with a cantilevered shaft that offers greater screening area and higher capacity than any single chamber model previously offered by the company, it was announced by Henry Alamzad, president. Designated model XO-B, the sifter can scalp in excess of 90 tonnes per hour of dry or moist powders or granular material, and de-lump materials that tend to ball or agglomerate. It can also dewater solids-laden slurries at rates exceeding 1900 litres per minute depending on application. As bulk solid material enters the inlet, a feed screw redirects it into the cylindrical sifting chamber where rotating helical paddles accelerate the material, continuously propelling it against and through apertures in the cylindrical screen. Oversized particles are discharged through the end of the screen cylinder into a discharge outlet. The cantilevered shaft is supported by two bearings at its infeed end. With no bearing at the discharge end, the screen and internal components can slide freely from the shaft through a hinged end cover with no tools, allowing rapid cleaning, screen changes and inspection. The sifter offers a time-delay function for operator safety, along with safety interlocks on the end cover, side access door and removable feed screw cover. It is available in carbon steel or 304/316 stainless steel with industrial or sanitary finish, and with electrical

systems rated to explosion-proof standards including full ATEX Compliance in Zone 20 environments. The sifter can be configured for gravity operation or in line with positive or negative pressure pneumatic conveying systems. According to Mr. Alamzad, Kason offers the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s widest range of cantilevered centrifugal sifters, from its flagship XO-B model to its compact CO-SS mini sifter. Kason also manufactures round vibratory screeners, static sieves, size reduction equipment, mixing and blending equipment and circular fluid bed dryers, coolers and moisturizers. For information contact Kason Europe Ltd, +44 (0) 1625 665 999, sales@kasoneurope.com, www.kasoneurope.com

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WHAT WASTE SECTOR CUSTOMERS WANT David Banks, Sales Manager – Waste and Recycling Sector at JCB, listens to what customers want from materials handling equipment.


aste and recycling management demands constant change as the sector seeks to divert as much waste from landfill and into recycling and renewable energy as possible. There are new outlets to consider, new products, new processes and systems. As Mick Clifton, Operations Manager at Stanton Recycling, says: “Waste is an industry that will never go away and we are getting busier year-on-year with more business from our existing contracts. We have to look after them and provide the service they want.” As volumes passing through sites in the sector continue to increase, having the right equipment is fundamental for a progressive waste and recycling site to meet these challenges in 2018 and beyond. It’s incumbent on suppliers to listen to, and understand, what the sector wants from materials handling equipment, to ensure that we can deliver the most effective solutions. Many customers want specialist machines, which have been designed to cope with the conditions in the waste sector. “Recycling is very much a harsh environment for machinery,” says Craig Curtis, Managing Director of CS Recycling. General waste-spec features will include maintenance-free solid tyres, safety reversing cameras, immobilisers and a ground clearance that allows the machines to drive over waste easily. Paul Lock, Operations Director at Hadley Recycling and Waste Management, says: “In this industry it’s important to have equipment which is safe, strong and suited to the environment,” Hadley’s Wastemaster-spec JCB Hydradig has a reversing fan on its radiator, despite its compact size, which gives a big productivity and reliability advantage in a waste transfer environment, according to Lock. “Our site can get very dusty and with our previous machine we had to ‘blow out’ the radiator several times a day, which made it very hot.” COMPACTNESS With more work within covered areas, many operators want machines that combine performance with compact dimensions for tasks in tight spaces. Clifton found the JCB 560-80 Loadall to be a good fit on the Stanton site. He says: “We don’t have a lot of room inside our buildings for large waste moving machines. We’ve tried loading shovels but they don’t offer the same manoeuvrability as the Loadalls, which also have a comparable capacity.” Ken Chrystal, 26

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Site Manager at Hamilton Waste says that its 560-80 is “manoeuvrable round the yard and into the bays with its four wheel steering and narrow tyres, which allows it to access places that bigger machines can’t reach as easily.” SAFETY Safety is paramount at all times and the many design features dedicated to reducing the risk of accidents on site are at the forefront of customer specifications. It is important to have clear visibility from the cab, which should also provide a very comfortable environment in which drivers can work long shifts. Clifton points out: “That’s particularly important because they don’t get fatigued while working six to seven hours a day.” A big advance was made in minimising risk on sites during 2017 with the introduction of an exciting new advance in the form of the JCB Proximity Braking System (PBS) for wheeled loaders. Developed in collaboration with FCC Environment (UK), PBS reduces the risk of on-site collisions between man and machine and we look forward to seeing it contributing to safe work environments on more sites in 2018. PRODUCTIVITY While site safety is the priority, the waste sector also needs machines that will deliver productivity to keep the increasing throughput flowing. For example, a pair of six tonne capacity 560-80 Loadalls supports the processing and recycling of approximately 500 tonnes of wood per week at busy wood recycling operation Hamilton Waste & Recycling. Company Director David Hamilton says: “They can load a 140-150 cubic metre walking floor trailer in 10-15 minutes – depending upon the operator.” VERSATILITY Throughout 2017 we have seen busy sites increase their productivity by opting for versatile materials handling machines. On-site multitasking is helped by the ability to quickly switch between a range of universal


attachments such as buckets, pallet forks or tools such as a yard brush. Mick Clifton says: “One minute it can be a forklift, the next it can be a loader, says adding that all of Stanton’s JCBs multitask. They can all do each others’ jobs with their universal attachments. This means that if one of our machines needs servicing, we can swap over to another in a matter of minutes so production never stops.” Multitasking machines can also reduce the need for larger fleets on site. RELIABILITY Reliability is vital contributor to improved productivity. Mick Clifton says: “Having machinery running all of the time is the best thing we can wish for. There’s no machine that won’t break down eventually, so it’s all about how quickly it can be fixed.” In the event of a breakdown, few sites can wait 2-3 weeks for parts, they will want it fixed within 24-48 hours – good service support will continue to be vital. McKinstry Skip Hire keeps its fleet operating at optimum productivity by not racking up the hours on its hard working machines. Manager Mark McKinstry explains: “We have a programme to replenish our JCB machines because we don’t want to put a high number of hours on them – some of our machines can have up to 7,000 hours on them. We now want to replace them after 2500 hours, which is the secret to running efficient machines.” A golden uptime rule is to prevent machine failure in the first place. This is why we expect to see more vehicles fitted with telematics, such as JCB’s LiveLink. This allows sites to be proactive in maximising uptime through preventative maintenance and better asset utilisation management, resulting in continued smooth operation of a facility.

BIG DATA Telematics also feeds site management with the ‘big data’ that can help to optimise operations. Of the system used at Stanton, Mick Clifton says: “A Loadall may be loading lorries and moving waste around. “We can see clearly what work it’s doing and what work it has actually done. We can monitor which machines are doing the most hours and working the hardest and we can rotate the machines on to an easier job and let the new machines get the harder work. LiveLink also tells us when a machine is due for maintenance and will flag up any issues a machine may have.” While safety and productiveness can be designed into machines, the driver remains a key contributor to these vital objectives. With that in mind, JCB has been firmly engaged with key waste management operators in driving better levels of operator training in the sector, in a bid to improve operator performance levels, in line with construction and agriculture, via the use of training aids and various other initiatives. JCB will build on its on-going commitment to the sector in 2018, listening closer than ever to our customers. The 37 strong Wastemaster range already includes many models that are popular with customers such as the 5CX Wastemaster, JS160W, JS370, JS20MH, 437 Wheel Loader, the 560-80 Wastemaster Telescopic Handler and the versatile and productive Teletruk. Introduced last year as a digging, lifting, loading and tool-carrying machine for waste, recycling and municipal operations, we believe that the JCB Hydradig is set to shake up the 10 tonne market in 2018. JCB’s Wastemaster range will continue to expand with innovative alternatives to the norm, which will meet the demands of this ever changing and industry. www.jcb.com Bulk Solids Today



10 WAYS TO KEEP A HANDLE ON INLAND TERMINAL OPERATIONS Inland container terminals face many handling challenges, with increasingly diverse cargo, growing volumes, reduced turnaround times and restricted space. To support efficient intralogistics processes in ports and terminals, Hyster Europe reveals practical solutions for overcoming ten of the most common issues facing inland terminals. 1. HANDLING CONTAINERS ON THE SECOND RAIL “For inland terminals receiving and distributing containers on the rail network, picking from the second rail can be challenging when there is a high cube container on a railcar in the first rail position,” explains Mark Nailer, Industry Manager for Hyster Europe. “However, by giving direct visibility of 2nd rail containers and swap bodies we can help to reduce damage and provide greater efficiency.” Handling equipment manufacturer Hyster has recently developed a new solution involving a ‘hinged’ elevating cabin for the Hyster® RS46 ReachStacker which provides enhanced second rail visibility. This helps to boost efficiency, maintain timetables and make operations more productive with a lower cost for each container movement. 2. MOVING EMPTY CONTAINER HANDLERS IN HEIGHT RESTRICTED AREAS Bridges or low hanging areas are commonly found in inland terminals and these can restrict the movement of an Empty Container Handler where a typical mast height is more than 10m. “We know that it is necessary for inland terminals to have the flexibility to move empty container handlers through restricted height areas,” says Mark. “With a closed height of just 5.4m we have developed a new 3-stage, tilt back mast option for the Hyster® Empty Container Handler that provides this flexibility and is still capable of lifting containers up to 18.8m.” 3. HIGH NOISE LEVELS FROM CONTAINER ENGAGEMENTS While container handling truck engines are quieter than ever before, one of the loudest actions in a container yard is the spreader landing on the empty container. 28

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“With many inland terminals near to residential areas, high noise levels can result in reduced operating hours so as not to cause a disturbance,” says Mark. “With reduced hours, productivity and efficiency can be seriously impacted.” Hyster Europe has recently introduced a soft-landing system to lower the sound emissions enabling many of its customers to negotiate longer working hours. By controlling the speed of the spreader landing the sound of container engagement can be minimised, further supported by additional wear pads at container contact points. 4. POOR DOUBLE REEFER HANDLING EFFICIENCY Until now, handling reefers with the refrigeration unit on the same side has caused an offset load. This means that the Empty Container Handler operator must frequently double handle containers with the units at opposite ends or handle each reefer on its own. “To meet customer requirements, an important new Hyster® product for inland terminals has been developed to enable double handling capabilities for 40ft reefers with the refrigeration units on the same side,” explains Mark. The new Hyster® H11XMECD8 also has a capacity of up to 11-tonnes offering flexibility and productivity advantages, supporting terminals in reducing the cost per container moved. 5. DIFFICULT ACCESS FOR REPAIR, INSPECTION AND CLEANING Workshops for container inspection, maintenance and repair are commonplace in an inland terminal application. However, getting suitable access to the container in the right position to administer these tasks can be challenging. Container workshops now have the option to conduct repairs and maintenance

PORTS & TERMINALS easily and efficiently by using a heavy-duty Hyster® lift truck with a special container rotator attachment. This means that even a 40ft container can be moved into positions that make driving it into the workshop easier. By rotating the container lengthwise, it can be moved into a workshop even if there is not a wide doorway. The container rotator attachment can also simplify repairs by making containers accessible to standing repair engineers from many angles. 6. SWITCHING BETWEEN CARGO TYPES EFFICIENTLY Inland terminals don’t just handle containers, quite often stevedoring operations are also taking place. “Having handling equipment with a front-end attachment that can be easily changed makes sense to avoid doubling up on trucks that otherwise will remain idle for long periods,” says Mark, explaining that a Hyster® ReachStacker with the Multi Tool-Changer option allows operators to simply and conveniently switch from handling containers to cargo trailers, and on to metal coils with a C-hook. For other bulky loads from a river or canal quayside, operators may need to switch from handling paper reels, to timber, to metal loads and so on. “The updated Hyster® H8-16XM lift trucks are designed to give exactly this flexibility,” says Mark. “There are quick disconnect hydraulic couplings to switch between clamps, forks and other attachments, with optimal visibility for the driver to the forks and load. For bulky loads prone to damage such as paper reels, the return to set tilt feature puts the reel down flat, reducing edge damage.” 7. STUFFING OR UNLOADING CONTAINERS WITH HEAVY, AWKWARD LOADS The most convenient and efficient way to transport heavy or awkward loads out of a container is usually with a counterbalance lift truck. However, this often proves challenging in port-side intralogistics applications due to the restricted height of the container. To help overcome this, lower cabin height options are now available for Hyster® lift trucks handling loads up to 9-tonnes providing good visibility of a load and the operating area. Optional cameras and lighting can also be used further assist with quick and accurate operation inside containers or lorries. 8. TRANSFER TIME TO THE WAREHOUSE OR ON TO TRANSPORT Speed and efficiency is time critical in port-side intralogistics operations, particularly where crossdocking involves unloading and loading curtain trailers. A 3-3.5T lift truck from the reliable Hyster® Fortens® range is ideal for these inland terminal activities. Palletised goods can also be transferred more quickly by using multi pallet handler attachments. This method can save considerable time and reduce

the number of trucks and drivers needed in certain applications. For example, most beverage loads are palletised at about 1 tonne and often multi pallet handlers (handling 2, 4 or 6 pallets) can be used. 9. TIGHT CROSS-DOCKING TURNAROUND TIMES A key factor for efficiency in inland logistics operations is keeping lorries on the road. Cross-docking operations help facilitate rapid turnaround but can present challenges for drivers working against the clock. Fast, efficient operations are essential. Ideally suited to unloading a lorry at a warehouse dock, the Hyster® RP2.0-2.5N Rider Pallet Truck can also be fitted with double length forks to help reduce cycle times. Rather than using a stand-on platform truck, for comfortable, efficient operation, the operator can sit or lean at the push of a button. Likewise, a platform pallet truck, such as the Hyster® P2.0S, can optimise vehicle loading and unloading operations. A compact chassis is key for manoeuvrability in busy loading bays, while speed control, the steering system and increased turning ratio of the tiller arm support efficient pallet transportation rates over short or long distances. 10. EFFECTIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT “Inland terminals are often complex, multi-faceted operations with large fleets to manage,” says Mark. “To control costs and improve efficiency in inland terminals, fleet management and telematics systems can be used to great effect.” For example, with the Hyster Tracker system it is possible to increase driver accountability, reduce impact damage and downtime and better manage under or over utilised assets. Throughout June and July 2018, the Hyster® Rhine Tour is taking place to show the capabilities of Hyster® trucks in addressing the specific challenges of inland terminals. A selection of Hyster® equipment will be transported on a barge to different events along the River Rhine, from the Netherlands, to France, Switzerland and Germany. To learn more about the Hyster Rhine Tour, or for more information about the extensive range of inland terminal solutions from Hyster Europe to meet your specific application needs, contact a local Hyster® distribution partner. For more information visit www.hyster.eu. Bulk Solids Today


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