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n stand E36 at this year’s PPMA Total Show, Linx will showcase some of the latest models across its printing technologies, underlining the company’s versatility in offering coding and marking solutions tailored to customers’ precise requirements and applications. Alongside just-launched additions to the company’s pioneering Linx 8900 series CIJ (Continuous Ink Jet) printer, Linx will also demonstrate its innovative entry-level Linx SL1 laser coder and the Linx IJ375 high definition large character outer case coder. The new Linx 8920 and 8940 incorporate a number of further enhancements to the successful Linx 8900 that deliver even faster line speeds and easier set-up, together with a further extension of service intervals from 13,000 hours or 18 months to 18,000 hours or 24 months. A unique feature is the first-in-class Advanced System Monitoring which provides a continual check of the printer’s operation in terms of ink system running parameters and environmental conditions. This enables it to identify simple actions that users can

take to prevent unscheduled stoppages. Both models have a top speed of 6.25m/s for a single line code, and the capability to print up to five lines. The Linx 8940 also offers an IP65 rating that prevents dust ingress as well as providing wash down protection, ideal for operating in more challenging environments. The Linx SL1 laser coder is an entry level solution that enables more companies to adopt laser technology. One of the most compact and lightweight one-box laser solutions on the market, it fits easily into tight production spaces, as well as coding in any orientation. The Linx SL1 delivers class-leading speeds and offers 20 per cent more power than other products in its class, but at the same time uses much less laser energy in the coding process. It is also capable of greater coding versatility than comparable models, with the ability to produce multiple lines of texts and logos in one message, as well as machine readable codes such as QR and Data Matrix. The Linx IJ375 has been designed to cut production costs while maximising line uptime and print quality for the coding

of secondary packaging. Its innovative ReFRESH® ink system, robust design and printhead protection technology mean significantly reduced downtime and savings on consumables. The patented ReFRESH® system maintains premium print quality and avoids wasted ink during printhead cleaning. Ink and dust that collect on the nozzles are removed with an ink purge and air knife, then ink from this procedure is collected, passed through a high performance filter to remove impurities, and delivered back ready for printing. In addition, the tough stainless steel nozzle guard protects the printhead from potential damage from impact with boxes on the line, while allowing the printhead close enough to the pack to ensure superior print quality is maintained. For more information on Linx’s products and services, visit



ave you ever received something in the post and it is in a box which is much too big and has masses of paper or bubble wrap inside to stop the goods rattling around? You are not alone. A major packaging company recently ordered 119 items on-line and then assessed the packaging. Key findings included: • 10% arrived damaged • 41% contained too much packaging resulting in disposal issues • 47% of packaging was not recyclable • 30% were sent in packaging that was too large Enter the BUBL Bag – it is a unique innovation in protective packaging The plastic bag has an inflatable inner core which envelopes the goods to be protected and holds them securely and safely in place. The user simply inflates the bag using the tube supplied (or using compressed air for more regular use) and a one-way valve traps the air. To deflate the bag the user simply inserts the tube again to break the seal.

BUBL Bags are designed to replace cardboard boxes, padded envelopes and bubble wrap by providing better protection at a lower cost. The bags are also easy to store as they take up very little space and can be reused a number of times. Ross Woodburn, director of BUBL Bags, said: “Bubl Bags offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditionally forms of packaging as they are only a fraction of the weight, are 100% recyclable and they can be reused multiple times.” He added: “If you need to send anything that is fragile or easily damaged BUBL Bags offer the ultimate solution in protective packaging. The unique inflatable core means that the goods are held firmly in place during transit. It also means that a number of small items can be placed in the small bag and they will not touch each other. “The bags will accommodate any shape of object from a shoe to a piece of jewellery as the inflatable core forms around the

item. The number of sectors which could use the BUBL Bag are almost limitless from ecommerce and manufacturing to mobile phones and antiques. BUBL Bags are available to order online and come in a variety of sizes from 10cm x 20cm up to 50cm x 50cm. Email:

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