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Modul’Up T.E. – The adhesive free damp subfloor solution from Forbo

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On the cover: Modul’Up T.E. – The adhesive free damp subfloor solution from Forbo See page 17 for more details.

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Building & Facilities Management – May 2019



Choosing your ideal London handyman What To Look Out For When Selecting The Right Professional If you need some jobs completing around the home, or have an emergency callout situation on your hands, make sure you have the number of a great handyman!


hether you have a portfolio of rental properties that need regular maintenance, or just require a professional to visit your own home to carry out a string of minor repairs you’ve been putting off, Londoners will always need the details of an experienced handyman in their phone. But how can you distinguish the cowboys from the professionals? Those that will overcharge and do a shoddy job, in comparison to those that provide quality, long-lasting results? The answer is to find a reputable company who prides themselves on excellent response times, and top-class workmanship. Such a company will prioritise the following points to ensure their customers are more than satisfied.

Transparency Of Rates A reputable company will charge a fixed set of rates rather than changing their prices depending on the job and the client. Their fees should be clearly visible from your initial contact with them, and aside from having to add VAT, you shouldn’t have to pay for their parking or congestion charges on top unless they’ve been factored in to your initial quote. It would be acceptable to pay for a one-hour minimum charge, and then be charged in increments if your job runs over the first hour. Many companies will then charge you in 30 minute increments, so if you find a handyman in London 4


who charges per 15 minutes, then this is a much fairer arrangement.

Turning Up On Time Life in London is hectic and many of us have to arrange time off work when we want to hire a handyman to carry out jobs around the home. Which is why it’s so infuriating when you arrange for someone to come out and they’re either late or don’t turn up at all. Ensure that you hire a handyman who prioritises response times – by attending emergencies rapidly as well as keeping to schedule for more regular appointments.

Customer Reviews Word of mouth is an essential tool that customers can use to select the best handyman in the area. People are always happy to recommend when they’ve had a great experience from a job, and the opposite is also the case. Professional firms understand the importance of keeping their customers on side, which is why the best companies offer customer loyalty rewards with various incentives. This arrangement benefits everyone – not only does the handyman firm benefit from repeat business, but the customer can be assured of a quality job each time they arrange a call out.

Range Of Services Of course, there will be times when you need to hire a professional who offers more than one specialty. So instead of looking just for a plumber, you may also require an electrician or carpenter to attend your home too. By using a London handyman company who can offer a range of services, you won’t need to spend your valuable time and money shopping around for multiple different professionals to carry out your work. Furthermore, by using one company, you’ll either receive a visit from a single contractor with the necessary skills to carry out all of your jobs; or else multiple contractors may be sent to you, but all coordinated back at the office for maximum convenience to the customer. Many of us have made hiring mistakes in the past with our choice of contractor and have learned from experience that if someone wants to be paid cash with no contract, then this is a recipe for disaster. For a truly professional service, do your research and use an established company with transparent rates and excellent reviews to guarantee quality. services/handyman Building & Facilities Management – May 2019

Recycling designed with Facility Managers in mind Optimise your waste + recycling with Method


Method – A Complete Recycling System for your Facility Method have redesigned recycling for the modern facility. Their effective recycling and waste management system benefits all those involved in a facility’s waste.


he success of the system can be seen as Method have now sold their awardwinning bins around the world. They’re helping influential facilities to recycle more, and waste less without intervention. Opening an office in the UK was a natural progression for Method as the focus on waste reduction is growing quickly.

Flexible for Your Facility Method’s signature 60L Office Recycling Bins are designed to be placed together to form flexible recycling stations. They’re available in a range of streams so that you can introduce the streams you need, with colour-coded lids and clear graphics to aid users to accurately separate their waste. Further, stand-alone bins can be placed where recyclables are produced to make it convenient for users. Such as, an organics bin in the kitchen to capture food waste which can represent a significant diversion from general waste.

Change Recycling Behaviours with Open Plan Recycling Method pioneered the philosophy of Open Plan Recycling. By bringing recycling stations out into the open plan of modern spaces the Method system changes the way 6


individuals interact with waste and recycling in the workplace. A key factor in this behaviour change is the accountability that is created through visibility. With visible bins, individuals are more aware, even subconsciously, that others can see what they’re doing. That sounds a little unusual, but

with the rising social concern around recycling often people are motivated by the social pressure to conform or ‘do your part.’ While we aren’t encouraging anyone to police their co-workers, often this subconscious awareness can be motivation enough to encourage them to consider where they’re placing their waste. Building & Facilities Management – May 2019


Save Resources Communal recycling stations are out in the open, replacing traditional waste options such as desk bins. This means that fewer bins and liners need to be purchased and serviced. This saves an organisation a significant amount of time and money, as well as using significantly fewer liners. As well as these savings, when you begin to recycle more and waste less you’re facilitating the circular economy, keeping recyclable materials in use for longer, and reducing the cost of waste disposal.

A Turnkey Solution The Method system becomes a turnkey solution that you can roll out across different floors, buildings and businesses. We worked with design giant Canva to help them to implement an effective recycling system as they work towards the goal of carbon neutrality. “Method’s beautiful bins allow the sometimes daunting task of having four waste and recycling options to be manageable and scalable across our ever-expanding offices.”

Accessories to Complete the System Method have designed accessories to complete the system. Precyclers are temporary desktop waste storage

that encourages users to separate waste at the desk before transferring it to a communal station. They are a useful tool in the transition away from desk bins. The HD Connectors are engineered to seamlessly lock the bins in place, side-to-side, to a wall, or back-to-back. They are particularly useful in high traffic areas to stop bins from being moved, saving your cleaners time moving them back into place.

A Long Lasting Solution for Influential Facilities Method are the long term sustainability partner of influential facilities around the world such as world-renowned British architecture firm Foster + Partners, the Sydney Cricket Ground, Qantas, the Design Council (UK) and many more. All of these facilities have unique requirements for waste and recycling, however the Method system has helped them all to reduce their waste. As part of the furniture, the Method bins have become a visible statement

of their commitment to sustainability. Are you ready to revolutionise your facility’s waste and recycling system? Get in touch with Method News



Serunion signs up to Cloudfm’s pioneering FM service


ecognising the potential for unlocking additional value from their facilities management budget through the provider’s innovative approach, one of Spain’s leading contract caterers, Serunion, has signed a five-year deal worth €15m with FM industry trailblazer Cloudfm. The FM company’s cutting-edge technology platform, commitment to transparency and true partnership approach represents a step-change in service provision, and is considered the most advanced FM solution available worldwide – plus it has been proven to control costs while improving quality, as evidenced by Cloudfm’s work with global brands including TUI, Wolseley and KFC. Cloudfm will manage all planned and reactive activity at Serunion’s multi-site estate of more than 2000 buildings using a unique data-driven model, which features

controlled processes for maximum efficiency. Thanks to the real-time availability of dependable data, along with an emphasis on doing the right thing for mutual benefit, this radically different solution does more than just supply maintenance services, it supports wider business objectives and enables client organisations to extract significantly greater efficiency from their FM spend. “We’re excited to be working with a company at the vanguard of facilities management innovation, and we look forward to discovering what the data can tell us about achieving better value for money,” said Oscar Tesouro at Serunion. “We’re also delighted to be able to find an FM partner that can offer an unparalleled level of visibility and control and who shares our values so precisely: recognition for the worker, loyalty, innovation, operational

excellence and responsibility. The synergy between our two organisations certainly bodes well for a long and fruitful partnership.” “We’ve proven the success of our market-leading approach in the UK, and we are delighted with the international momentum that our radically different service provision has gained in recent months,” added Jeff Dewing, CEO at Cloudfm. “Our partnership with Serunion represents an exciting new chapter in Cloudfm’s history, as we push further into Europe with our revolutionary FM solution, and bring the dual benefits of improved cost control and improved quality to an even greater number of savvy organisations.” To find out more about Cloudfm visit

Further senior appointments at Butler & Willow


ast Midlands commercial fit-out and refurbishment specialist Butler & Willow has expanded its team of professionals once again with the addition of a further install manager, Andrew Hanson. Andrew joins the award-winning team at its working showroom in Long Eaton, where he will be based when he is not on-site coordinating and managing projects for the firm, which is currently celebrating more than 25 years of business. He is the latest addition to Butler & Willow’s team of skilled designers, project managers and interiors professionals, whose combined expertise allows the company to offer the highest-quality commercial fit-out and refurbishment solutions from full design concept through to complete installation and project aftercare. Bringing with him more than 8


32 years of experience, Andrew will be responsible for ensuring the high-quality and safe delivery of many of the current and upcoming projects for clients such as Loughborough University. Andrew said: “I’m thrilled to be joining Butler & Willow. The values and culture of the company align with my own personality and work ethic, so I knew that the role was perfect for me. “The team at Butler & Willow take a collaborate approach to their work and always aim to exceed expectations. I have already been active on a number of sites and have seen firsthand the energy and enthusiasm that goes into each project. “I’ve been welcomed by the whole team and I look forward to working with them and the amazing client base Butler & Willow has built up for

well over two decades.” James Willow, managing director of Butler & Willow, said: “Due to the recent closure Andrew Hanson of Paragon, Andrew found himself able to offer his expertise to a company with likeminded, passionate people and with his positive attitude and self-motivation, I knew he would be a great fit here. He will enjoy being a big part of the company’s success going forward and we hope to welcome even more new talent to the Butler & Willow team very soon as we are continuing to actively recruit great people.” Building & Facilities Management – May 2019


Artic fleet goes greener!


arbon emissions are still extremely high across the globe, and with environment and climate change leading the news agenda, anything that we can do as an SME to reduce the environmental impact, makes a world of difference. There are lots of areas within our business where we have acted to become more environmentally friendly. Recently, we updated our company vehicles, in total there are 32 vans we own that are out on the road, all of which now comply with the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards. The ULEZ replaced the T-Charge on 8 April 2019. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, within the same area as the Congestion Charge zone. It has been introduced as one of the many ways to help reduce the most harmful emissions generated by road transport in central London and across the Capital. At Artic, our main aim was to try

and keep emissions to a minimum. We assessed our current vehicle fleet, we looked at fuel consumption and the average MPG (miles per gallon) of each vehicle. In order to make our fleet greener, we bought vehicles with lower CO2 emissions with higher MPG. Several of the vans were exchanged for Peugeot Partners, these have lower CO2 emissions and they fall into a rating of A. We were also able to remove the worst performing vehicles altogether. We are proud to keep the green initiative at the forefront of all our employee’s minds, we encourage efficient route planning, maintaining correct tyre pressure and the removal of excess weight from the vehicles – these have reduced the

amount of fuel used and all help to reduce emissions. The benefits of cleaner, greener vehicles in the form of reduced emissions will help reduce exhaust NOx and PM emissions, helping to improve air quality and making central London a safer and more pleasant place to live, work and visit. In the future we look to purchase Electric Vans (EVs). We hope to contribute to improving air quality, reduce climate change, and reduce overall CO2 emissions in the World.

BigChange Provides a Fire-Proof Digital Solution for Target Maintenance


arget Maintenance has rolled out a new generation mobile workforce system using tablets linked in real time to a central management software as part of a 5 in 1 cloud-based solution from BigChange. Target Maintenance is a fast-expanding UK company that specialises in ensuring buildings are fire safe with retrospective building modifications involving fire compartmentation. BigChange has provided Target Maintenance with a completely paperless system that integrates the field operations with their central office IT system, which is all part of JobWatch, the cloud-based solution from BigChange. The system handles everything, from call logging to job scheduling, job management and invoicing, with live vehicle tracking to give Target Maintenance complete visibility of all jobs in

progress and once completed. Target Maintenance switched to BigChange from another service management system and a separate tracking system. “We wanted to modernise our IT and invest in a solution for the future – something that could assist in what is proving rapid growth in the business,” says Dean Rochester, Managing Director of Target. “BigChange was particularly appealing as it is a true end-to-end solution and we knew that would make things much easier; a single system with the seamless flow of data from start to finish, which will also aid our clients.” Target Maintenance also replaces or repairs fire doors, alarms, smoke vent systems and emergency lighting with both fast, reactive maintenance services as well as longer term contract services. As well as the FIRAS accredited

fire safety work, Target provides facilities and maintenance services to the property sector including commercial, retail and leisure, social housing, insurance and lettings. The system is helping improve customer service as well by improving communication. Customers now get instant auto-alert emails when job requests are received, and work is scheduled. In addition, the electronic job sheets and progress photographs from site allow customers to be kept fully informed on work progress. Email:, Tel: +44 (0)113 457 1000, News



Leading global bank choose Artic! Artic have recently concluded the contract to replace a key chiller at the UK Head Quarters of the world’s largest banking group in the heart of the City of London.


rtic are already the Contracted Hard FM Partner to ICBC Standard Bank, providing Planned Preventative Maintenance and Reactive Works programmes to the entire operation covering mechanical & electrical assets, fire systems, access systems, drainage and building fabric Maintenance. Artic are also the main supplier for all Air Conditioning Project works at the UK HQ building and their two remote disaster recovery sites. As one of London’s largest Banks working all the major financial markets across the world, the offices are truly a 24/7 operation where support from the buildings service assets is key to maintaining their business continuity efficiently and without interruption. The bank has a suite of chillers providing cooling to the building’s areas including the main computer rooms, UPS rooms, HV Transformer and switch rooms. These areas are, of course subject to a 24/7 need for cooling which is alternately split between the main “house” chillers and a backup chiller for night time low occupation conditions and to provide additional resilience in the event of a building cooling failure. When our residential maintenance teams began to identify trends indicating increasing problems with the existing chiller which was coming to the end of its CIBSE guidance expected life span, they made representation to the bank suggesting replacing the chiller with new. The Artic Projects team were brought in and discussion commenced with the bank’s representatives as to how this could be achieved and what factors and features were of most importance to them. As a result of these discussions, the bank set Artic very challenging targets to improve



overall energy efficiency, “futureproof” the solution, and to minimise the down time to the bank’s operation to just one weekend period. ISO requirements with relevant industry guidelines and standards constantly striving to have minimum impact on our environment meant that finding this balance was imperative to the successful replacement. After consideration of several options with the bank, a Turbocor chiller rated at 371kW cooling option, whilst the most expensive on capital cost, it was selected as the most efficient and cost-saving option when considered in the medium to long term. It would be expected to pay back the extra money in energy savings easily over its lifecycle (10-15 years judging from previous experience and with CIBSE guidelines in mind). The energy savings per annum when compared to more traditional chiller technologies, are immense and the pay back on our installation price differential is estimated at 1-2 years. After this initial payback period, the renowned exceptional energy efficiency of Turbocor chillers will significantly reduce the bank’s energy use and decrease energy bills whilst maintaining the bank’s central core services in excellent operational environments. The chosen chiller utilises R134a refrigerant but with Turbocor compressors already available with HFO refrigerant, the opportunity to modify existing chillers to keep abreast of gas legislation is expected in the future. With the bank’s instructions in hand, the Artic Project team set about the complex task of planning road closures, arranging permits and cranage and pre-scheduling every detailed process required to

de-commission the existing chiller with is associated pumps and pressurisation unit in order to fully complete the replacement installation from start to finish over just one weekend. Enabling works were required to remove two spine beams that spanned above the existing chiller on the roof of the building and a specialist BMS company was appointed to re-configure the controls scenarios in order to continue to cover the affected areas over the weekend via the main house chillers. Full decommissioning of the existing took place on a Saturday and as day broke on the Sunday, the road outside the HQ building was closed off for the specialist cranage company to set up, lift the equipment off the roof and lift the new into position. Artic engineers worked into the night to connect the new chiller mechanically and electrically and associated parts into the cooling infrastructure. The unit was tested and commissioned immediately, ensuring that the new chiller was up and running by the Monday morning for a smooth and fast turnaround with no disruption to the bank’s operations or occupants. To maximise the efficiency of the new system and ensure minimum disruption to the daily operation, rescheduling the BMS control of the 24-hour cooling to the MER and UPS rooms was the key final component.

Building & Facilities Management – May 2019

** BOOK BEFORE MAY 31st TO GET EARLY BIRD RATE & BENEFITS** The first in a series of regional Public Sector FM Events will kick off at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on the 22 October 2019. We have chosen this venue because of its central location, ease of access and experience in hosting everything from smaller roadshows to international trade events. If your company is involved in the following areas, this event presents a fantastic opportunity to reach a captive audience of Facilities Managers from the Public Sector - Building & Refurbishment, CAFM, Catering & Vending, Cleaning & Hygiene, Energy Management, Fire & Hazard Protection, Health & Safety, HVAC, Intelligent Buildings/BMS, Lighting, Security & Access Control, Sustainability, Waste Management & Recycling. WHY EXHIBIT • The best way to meet top quality Facilities Managers from within Government, Local Authorities, NHS, Schools & Universities, MOD and Housing Associations in a relaxed and intimate environment • Highly targeted & cost-effective – cheaper than many journals will charge for a full page of advertising • Free lunch, tea and coffee

• Full delegate list, including no-shows (in accord with GDPR regulations) • Full page advertisement/advertorial in our event guide given to all visitors • Full page advertisement within Building & Facilities Management magazine (only available for early bird bookings) • Your details on our website page for this event

VISITOR INFORMATION We are expecting 150-250 FM professionals from all areas of the Public Sector, most of whom will be responsible for multiple sites. STAND DETAILS • • • •

All stands are 3m wide x 2m deep. Floor space only - no shell scheme. If larger stand required please check. Exhibitors to supply own stands (roller banners/pop up stands etc). Table and two chairs supplied. Electric supply limited - check for details

STAND COSTS 3m x 2m Stand - Space only --- £750.00 + VAT - EARLY BIRD RATE

For more information or to register your interest, please contact James Scrivens

SPONSORSHIP Sponsorship opportunities are available including Headline Sponsorship of the event. Please enquire for details.

Energy Management

“This is your captain speaking” – can you hear me?


ocated at the end of the Stansted Airport runway is a new College which opened in September 2018. A link was developed with Manchester Airport Group over a period of 5 years to secure the acre of land and get their buy-in for the proposed college. Money was raised through a joint venture to build the college; two £3.5million grants from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) Local Growth Fund and Essex County Council, as well as a £300,000 grant by Uttlesford District Council and a £50,000 support from the Savoy Trust. Stansted Airport College is the first on-site education facility of its kind at any major UK airport, designed by Pascall+Watson and



constructed by Willmott Dixon. Courses are available for students, who are pursuing a career in the aviation and related industries. Acoustic consultant Cole Jarman Associates was employed to make recommendations, to create a quiet and amenable learning environment. Selectaglaze was approached to help provide a resolution with secondary glazing. Acoustic tests have shown that Selectaglaze secondary glazing can provide a 45dB reduction if set 200mm from a single glazed primary window with 6mm glass. Based on this, if used in combination with high-performance primary windows, then the dB rating requirements would be met. Selectaglaze installed 32 units with their Series 10 2 and 3 pane

horizontal sliders and a Series 41 casement door. All were installed with a cavity of 200mm and tightly sealed. Not only have the staff and students already seen the massive acoustic benefit of the secondary glazing, but they should also gain from thermal insulation it provides and the added security. Established in 1966 and Royal Warrant Holder since 2004, Selectaglaze has a plethora of experience working on most building types, from new build to Grade I Listed buildings. For further information, please contact Selectaglaze on 01727 837271 Email: or visit:

Building & Facilities Management – May 2019

Energy Management

Onsite wind offers profitable carbon emission reduction – EWT


elf-consumption projects can help businesses reduce carbon emissions and manage energy costs in the face of twin trends towards higher energy bills and increasing pressure to decarbonise EWT Direct Wind, the world’s leading turbine supplier for local energy generation, has highlighted how on-site wind turbines can help businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors reduce costs and carbon emissions. With many such businesses facing pressures to cut their carbon footprint, a new report shows how self-generation projects can reduce carbon emissions and make money. According to EWT, on-site wind energy generation and selfconsumption provides a way for companies to stay competitive on both emissions and energy costs.

Projects pay for themselves in five to ten years, depending on wind conditions and percent of energy used locally. After this period, projects will continue to generate profits for many years to come. In Onsite Generation: Cutting Costs and Cutting Carbon, EWT highlights how self-consumption projects can suit many types of businesses. Medium scale turbines for on-site use have easier planning procedures in Germany and the UK. In Germany for instance, such turbines can be built outside of designated wind zones if over 51% of energy is consumed on-site.


The report offers insight into the logistics of on-site generation, from planning, development, and financing to operation, and shows how projects have been successfully developed for carbon and costconscious businesses in the UK and Germany. The report guides users through a checklist of considerations to identify their suitability for an onsite generation self-consumption wind energy project prior to engaging a professional feasibility study. To access the report please visit https://ewtdirectwind. com/media/buyers-guide/


We’ve got your energy in control. Savings - guaranteed!




EnergyMgr is specifically designed to monitor and control industrial and commercial heating and lighting systems.

Make savings of up to 40%

Full site management system

Wireless cloud communication and maintenance



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Energy Management

Success for Fronius Solar Energy at Intersolar 2019


ronius Solar Energy has just returned from three successful days at Intersolar, the world’s leading trade fair for the solar industry. The solar energy specialist exhibited its broad product portfolio on a stand covering 552 square metres. The highlights on the stand included the new Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter, the Fronius Tauro commercial inverter and the award-winning hydrogen refuelling system, the SOLH2UB. “Intersolar was once again a huge success for us,” Martin Hackl, Global Director Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH, is pleased to announce. “We received a large number of interested visitors to our stand and had many exciting discussions with them about our solutions.” As part of its vision of 24 hours of sun – a future in which 100% of the world’s energy needs are covered by renewable sources – Fronius exhibited its solutions for energy sector integration, the basis of the energy revolution.

GEN24 Plus – the uniquely versatile hybrid inverter The GEN24 Plus hybrid inverters complete the Fronius product range. “It has always been our goal to make things as easy as possible for installers. Whether it is used in photovoltaics, a storage system, emergency power, heating or e-mobility, the Fronius GEN24 Plus offers a unique range of solutions and is therefore playing a pioneering role in the home energy revolution,” Martin Hackl proudly announces. The devices are available in single-phase and three-phase versions and are suitable for global use1. They provide all the benefits of the SnapINverter and boast additional features, such as being incredibly quick to commission using an app and offering the fastest service plan on the market. The PV Point provides a basic emergency 1.


The single-phase Primo GEN24 Plus is available in power categories ranging from 3kW to 6kW


power supply, even without an energy storage system. This, for example enables users to charge their phone or laptop, ensuring that they remain contactable and upto-date with the latest information, even during longer power outages. If the inverter is combined with a battery, it can provide a full back-up system that can supply the whole household with electricity. The Primo GEN24 Plus was awarded the Plus X Award 2019 for High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ecology.

Tauro – smart design for maximum profit Another highlight of the trade fair stand was the Fronius Tauro. Available in 50 and 100 kW power categories, the Tauro provides flexible system planning, a reduction of the BOS costs2 to a minimum and a robust design that ensures the highest possible yields are achieved, even under extreme environmental conditions such as hot, cold or dusty environments. “The Tauro provides users with a robust commercial inverter for outdoor use that combines maximum flexibility in system design with a cost-efficient overall system,” says Martin Hackl. Fronius designed the robust inverter for use in unsheltered outdoor areas. It is and the three-phase Symo GEN24 is available in power categories ranging from 6kW to 10kW.

designed in such a way that it is ideal for large-scale roof-mounted and field installations starting from 50 kilowatts. The Tauro makes centralised and decentralised topographies possible, it enables both overdimensioning and AC Daisy Chaining, and it is easy to install and maintain.

Hydrogen as the energy source of the future At the trade fair, visitors were also able to discover the huge potential of green hydrogen for supplying businesses and local authorities with energy. Fronius showcased its hydrogen refuelling system, the SOLH2UB, which has been awarded the Austrian National Environmental & Energy Technology Prize. Electrolysis is used to generate green hydrogen from solar energy and water, which Fronius then uses to fuel its hydrogen fleet. If needed the hydrogen is converted back to electricity and heat using fuel cells. The SOLH2UB acts as a decentralised hub for solar energy and enables the innovative integration of the electricity, mobility and heating sectors. “Hydrogen can provide an alternative to fossil fuels for mobility,” explains Hackl. “It is also an ideal long-term storage medium for renewable energy.” 2.

Balance of system

Building & Facilities Management – May 2019

Energy Management

Boutique hotel signals its commitment to renewable electricity with SSE Green contract


tonehouse Court Hotel, an independent boutique hotel and part of the Bespoke group, has taken another step in its renewable journey by switching to SSE Business Energy’s flagship green energy contract. This is part of a committed sustainability drive for the awardwinning Gloucestershire-based hotel, which has, with support from Green Tourism, already implemented sustainable practices across all areas of its business. These include waste minimisation schemes, energy saving measures such as using 95% LED lighting throughout the site, ethical purchasing as well as a dedicated on-site bottling system to meet the hotel’s water needs. These efforts have seen it pick up a prestigious Green Tourism Bronze Award. Stonehouse Court’s move to

sustainability follows research by the International Tourism Partnership (ITP), a consortium of leading hotels, which has estimated that hotels need to lower their emissions by 66% by 2030, and 90% by 2050 if the industry is to meet the targets set by the Paris Agreement on climate change. SSE Green, the electricity contract the hotel has opted for, is sourced solely from wind and hydro assets and fully backed by Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origins (REGOs), which proves the electricity comes from a renewable source. This

will help the hotel towards its goal of reducing its carbon footprint and allow it to report zero emissions. To find out more about Stonehouse Court’s journey to energy efficiency, visit https://www.stonehousecourt. https://www.ssebusinessenergy.

Sigma Tenant Billing Smarter data. Greater efficiency. Our Tenant Billing software makes it easier for you to accurately and efficiently apportion utility costs between tenants, cost centres or departments. The flexible and reliable solution seamlessly integrates with your energy management ecosystem, delivering effective measurement and sophisticated bill calculation. Fully scalable, Sigma Tenant Billing supports an extensive range of commodities across all industries. So how can it help you? For more information or to book a FREE demo, contact us today on;

01908 888 766 or visit

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23/04/2019 09:39:41


Energy Management

TEAM Energy paves the way for accurate and transparent tenant billing with latest product launch Energy management specialist TEAM has strengthened its software portfolio with the launch of its next generation Sigma Tenant Billing solution. The application enables organisations to accurately and efficiently apportion utility costs between tenants, cost centres or departments delivering transparent accountable billing.


he flexible and reliable solution seamlessly integrates with existing energy management systems, delivering effective measurement and sophisticated bill calculation. Users have the added advantage of integrating the data into their accounting system through the Accounts Link interface, speeding-up the billing process. To ensure the software suits the specific needs of its users to deliver on their efficiency targets and economise the tenant billing process, TEAM worked in partnership with its customers on the design and functionality. Tom Anderton, Product and Service Development Manager, TEAM said: ”Tenant billing is the natural next step on the journey to ensuring we can meet the evolving needs of organisations across a



wide range of industries. By working closely with our customers, we understand the unique challenges that can come with tenant billing. “This collaboration has led to the inclusion of enhanced functionality to address these issues, such as flexible charging methodologies, allowing users to define their own utility tariffs and use data from a variety of sources. As well as the ability to charge against multiple commodities and calorific value conversion, which ensures greater transparency when billing volumetric consumption.” Developed as part of its flagship energy management software, Sigma, users can manage, monitor and gain insights into their tenant’s energy consumption through one system. By tackling two energy management needs in one, the application offers more functionality than proprietary systems. The approach aligns with the organisation’s first-class ethos, to deliver solutions and services that exceed in addressing the challenges of modern energy management. In adopting Sigma Tenant Billing, customers will receive a dedicated

deployment designed to meet their specific requirements, along with continued on-going support. Simon Miles, Chief Executive Officer, TEAM added: “At a time when organisations are feeling the pressures of economic and political uncertainty, we want to help businesses in using technology to support sustainable and efficient operations. “With Sigma Tenant Billing, businesses will see operational benefits and cash savings from day one, and with the built-in option to scale-up as the business grows, customers can expect to achieve added return on their investment.” The launch of Sigma Tenant Billing marks another milestone achievement in TEAM’s product and service roadmap, demonstrating its commitment to delivering innovative and robust solutions that meet the evolving needs of the energy industry. If you have any questions relating to Sigma Tenant Billing visit www., get in touch on 01908 889 865 or email us at

Building & Facilities Management – May 2019

Modul’up T.E. photography courtesy of Monique Kooijmans


Modul’Up T.E. – The adhesive free damp subfloor solution from Forbo


he problem of damp subfloors is a general issue in the market, yet the current flooring solutions available result in a long, complex and costly installation process. However, Forbo Flooring Systems has launched a new easy, economic and hassle-free solution which can be installed directly onto damp subfloors: Modul’Up T.E. Forbo launched its adhesive-free sheet vinyl collection Modul’up in 2018, but has since been continuing to develop a version suitable for installation over damp subfloors with up to 97% RH. The result is Modul’Up T.E., which delivers all the benefits of the Modul’up Compact range, but with the advantage of Forbo’s Aqua Block embossed layer, which allows a direct loose lay installation

on damp subfloors. The Aqua Block layer enables the subfloor to breathe and directs the moisture to the periphery of the room, rather than up through the floor covering itself, which can cause damage. Garry Bateman, Head of Technical Sales at Forbo Flooring Systems, commented: “To ensure that moisture is dissipated correctly in a room we have also designed an easy to fit breathable skirting for use with the new range. “As there are no adhesives required to install Modul’Up T.E., downtime is reduced significantly and the floor is ready for use as soon as it has been installed, meaning jobs can be signed off quicker by clients. “In fact, the total time required for a 100m2 installation, including the waiting time before furniture can be

placed back on the floor, is one day for Modul’Up T.E., compared to other existing solutions available on the market which can take several days.” In addition to its installation benefits, the range is also available in a choice of six contemporary designs, with either a wood or mineral embossed finish, to satisfy all interior design requirements. For more information please visit Flooring News



Don’t be floored by ventilation requirements Inclusion of effective underfloor air distribution (UFAD) has been simplified as a result of innovations at Gilberts Blackpool.


istorically, differences in floor system design has meant time and effort has been higher for the specification process, to ensure an accurate fit between floor pedestal and ventilation grille. Gilberts developed an innovative frame (Type 6) as the standard for its Series GF floor grilles, that delivers an accurate fit for the majority of floor structures using 600mm2 tiles as the core construction, which is the industry standard. “The frame was designed to fit almost all common floor systems, even those with wider pedestals and stringers. It’s much more a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which saves time and effort in the specification and installation processes,” explained Gilberts Technical Director Roy Jones.


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The frame is available across the Series GF range- light grade and heavy duty. Gilberts’ Series GF is one of the most advanced floor grille ranges available to achieve efficient underfloor air distribution that maintains an optimum temperature in the room above without stratification particularly around sensitive equipment such as computer servers. Each delivers air volumes up to 500l/sec. Innovatively, Gilberts designed screwdriver-operated slot dampers as an option for Series GF. This reduces the grille depth compared to traditional opposed blade dampers, facilitating simpler integration into the floor system. Importantly, it gives precise control over the airflow, to eliminate risk of hot or cold spots: engineered to close tolerance for silent operation, the dampers are position lockable and completely enclosed with the grille body. Conventional aluminium opposed blade dampers are also still available if preferred. The grilles comprise 6mm aluminiumbars set straight and fully supported at the sides on a close

13mm pitch purpose-designed to prevent snagging and heel penetration. They can withstand point loading up to 4.5KN, and even loading of up to 11Kn, (to meet EN13264:2001) in most raised floor types. Series GF grilles can be easily removed as required to provide access for cabling and utility services RMI below. Gilberts, through its ability to manufacture all components in-house, can still offer other frame types to accommodate older types of floor system. Founded 55 years ago, Gilberts has become Britain’s leading independent air movement specialist. Unusually, it develops all its products in-house, from design through tooling to production in its95,000 sq ft Blackpool manufacturing facility. It is unique in its sector in having, in-house, advanced test facilities complimented by full CFD software modelling to provide unrivalled validation of in situ ventilation strategies. Tel: 01253 766911 E:

Building & Facilities Management – May 2019

Forbo sparks a new lease of energy into office environment A creative combination of colourways from Forbo Flooring Systems’ Tessera Layout and Outline carpet tile ranges have been installed throughout the newly refurbished ENGIE offices in Rotherham, turning the two-storey space into a bright and re-energised workplace.


nergy, services and regeneration specialist, ENGIE, enlisted the help of Julie Poulter Interior Design (JPID) to transform its offices into a contemporary and collaborative working environment, which needed to reflect the company’s brand and colour palette, while adhering to its brand values. The creativity of the ENGIE flooring scheme has led to the project being awarded Commended in the Fly Forbo 2018/2019 competition. Julie Poulter of JPID said: “The brief was to create a design that incorporated an open plan working environment, while promoting employee wellbeing. Due to the nature of ENGIE’s business, which involves providing sustainable energy, it was important for them that the new office design was environmentally sound. For this reason, I knew that Forbo was the ideal manufacturer to liaise with, as they are committed to creating better environments via the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Renew and Recycle) and their products use recycled content in the manufacturing process. “In terms of colour, the design needed to replicate the brand’s colour palette. The ENGIE logo is blue with a multicoloured flux that sits underneath, which comprises a

spectrum of blues, greens, yellows, pinks and reds. Therefore, I decided to incorporate an array of the brighter colours in the furniture but for the flooring, I chose to use Forbo’s versatile Tessera Layout and Outline in both the carpet tile and plank formats, using mainly greys with pops of blue throughout the whole building.” In the reception area, Forbo’s Coral Welcome in Blue Lagoon was used in the entrance for its contemporary black and blue linear design and rich, deep pile which offers the aesthetics of a luxury carpet. The entrance matting flows effortlessly with the Tessera Layout carpet tiles in Ice Pop, Calcium and Alloy that were installed in the reception area in a triangular abstract pattern and acted as the perfect backdrop for the bespoke designed oxygen-producing desk in the centre of the space. Renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance, the dynamic colour palette of the Layout carpet tiles is ideal for even the most demanding of traffic environments – not least busy reception areas. Furthermore, a mixture of the Tessera Layout and Outline Planks in plain and striped colourways were chosen for all of the open plan office spaces and meeting rooms, which spanned across both the ground and first floor.


Installed in a chevron pattern for a contemporary and inspiring effect to encourage employee productivity, the versatile 100x25cm planks create even more possibilities for stunning floor designs and contain 63% recycled content by weight. Julie continued: “Having worked with Forbo for over 10 years, I have used a wide array of its products for many projects before, therefore I was familiar with the quality, properties and design freedom that the ranges offer. With my work, I like to create bespoke designs to meet my client’s needs and Forbo’s portfolio can help to meet every possible design brief. In this instance, the use of the Tessera Layout and Outline ranges has enabled me to significantly enhance the regeneration of the ENGIE office.” Debra Kellett, Office Manager at ENGIE, concluded: “The design of the work space has injected a new lease of life into the ENGIE offices, thanks to Julie’s creativity. She listened to our needs and successfully designed solutions that incorporate our branding. “Overall, the new design has enabled us to present a revamped office to our staff and clients knowing that we have been proactive and conscious of impact to their wellbeing and environmental effects.” Flooring News


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Data Centre – Load Bank Testing Challenge: To deliver a 2 x 2.2MVA load test for a data centre to ensure business continuity and resilience in the event of a load increase.

Solution: P & I provided a full turnkey solution covering the load bank, cables, temporary generator set to power the load bank and engineers to set up and perform the test. P & I provided a risk assessment covering logistics, site safety and security. The advanced Sigma software enabled detailed data logging of the results which were provided to the customer as proof of the performance of their equipment.

Result: P & I provided the customer with a complete solution that safely tested the client’s critical power system whilst maintaining full operation of the data centre. The data captured confirmed to the customer that their critical power system was still

performing to expected standards. “With P & I, we felt confident during the whole process that our critical supply would be maintained whilst being tested.

Having pushed the load to the limit, we feel secure that our business continuity needs will be met in the event of an increase in load.” – Data Centre Manager

NHS Hospital – Generator Upgrade Challenge:


To upgrade the hospital’s existing 1000 kVA generator due to an increase in demand and to allow for future increases.

P & I provided the customer with a full end-to-end service from initial planning, project management, installation and commissioning,

all whilst allowing the hospital to continue to operate. P & I’s solution has provided the customer with equipment that will not only fulfil their current demand but will also allow for further increases in demand.

Solution: To replace the original 1000 kVA generator with a 1650 kVA (KD1650 with acoustic equipment). P & I’s projects team took care of every aspect of the project from initial site visit, creating a detailed programme of works, organising a crane to remove the old generator and set the new one in place, factory and site acceptance tests and the installation and commissioning of the equipment. With continuous power a must for NHS sites, P & I also supplied hire sets to ensure the hospital was protected during the installation and commission phase of the project. 20

Special Feature

Building & Facilities Management – May 2019

Special Feature

Residential & Commercial Estate – UPS Installation Challenge: To ensure that the Estate’s new underground car park had sufficient back-up power for their ventilation system, in the event of a power outage.

Solution: Following an initial consultation with the customer to discuss their requirements, P & I undertook a site survey of the underground car park. Having taken into account the

About Us P & I are a friendly, family run business who specialise in critical power solutions. Founded in 1999, the company has grown to become a leading independent supplier of generators, UPS and control systems. P & I ensure that even in the toughest of environments, you can trust that your power is protected. Depending on your needs, P & I offer

customers’ load requirements and the size of the space available for the equipment, P & I recommended a 100 kVA UPS system to support the underground car park’s extractor fans. The installation and commissioning of the UPS was completed with minimal disruption to the customer.

P & I provided the customer with a fully functioning back-up system to ensure that, in the event of a power outage, they can guarantee that their

ventilation system is still operational as per the requirement of the Building Regulations. To ensure reliable operation throughout the equipment’s lifecycle, P & I provide the ongoing service and maintenance for the UPS.

the full end to end service including design, project management, installation, commissioning and dedicated service support. In June, P & I will be exhibiting at the Facilities Show (stand FM5435), where the team will be on hand to discuss how they can help you with your critical power requirements. With years of experience working with facilities management professionals,

in both the public and private sector, be sure to pop by for a chat. More case studies available. Email: Web: Tel: 023 9278 3450


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New lighting solution innovates the healthcare sector Whitecroft Lighting, leading manufacturers of healthcare lighting in the UK, unveils Florence+ - a single piece low profile bedhead luminaire, innovating lighting solutions in healthcare environments.


lorence+ adds to the family of lighting solutions provided by Whitecroft Lighting in healthcare and builds on the Florence product range which has been at the forefront of ward lighting for almost two decades. The balance between patient rest and recuperation, hospital staff well-being and patient care performance is paramount in the ward environment. The newly designed luminaire comes off the back of years of experience in the healthcare sector with Whitecroft Lighting leading the development of modern aesthetics and improved user experiences. Florence+ is an elegant lowprofile design bedhead luminaire - an innovative lighting solution for wall mounting in healthcare environments. The new design comprises a single piece – the outer casing ensures that

Florence+ is easy to clean and will not harbour dust or germs helping reduce exposure to infections. The light sources in Florence+ are independently dimmable to comply with the requirements of the SLL LG2 allowing the variable light levels that need to be achieved in a bedded area are suitable for the relevant task or activity – and importantly patient and staff comfort. Encompassing all lighting starts from a single lighting point, Florence+ delivers up to six pre-programmed lighting scenes at the bedside from three distinct optics. The powerful combination of upward, forward and downward light can deliver the full examination level of 1000 lux on the bed reducing the need for supplementary examination lighting. Simple bedside controls also allow the patient to choose between pre-programmed scenes for daytime, night time and reading, promoting wellbeing and encouraging healing. These controls can be easily overridden by nursing staff to provide the correct levels of illumination for general nursing care, examination and patient observation. Karen Bramman; Healthcare Director at Whitecroft Lighting said of the launch: “Our R&D teams have been looking at every necessary lighting level and have developed luminaire in a low-profile elegant design which softens a typically sterile environment, delivers compliance to

SLL LG2 and improves the patient and staff experience. We have combined design with the latest innovations including the option of tunable white providing the patient with seamless graduation between cool and warm light enabling the lighting to match natural body rhythms, and a choice of warm white 3000k or cool white 4000k reading scenes further promoting both comfort and healing.” She added: “The ward environment is one of the most challenging areas to design, and lighting must accommodate a diverse range of clinical duties including the provision of task specific illuminance values whilst still providing the greatest possible patient comfort – our new lighting solution does just that.” For more information on the bedhead luminaire watch https:// or visit https://www.whitecroftlighting. com/products/florence/ Whitecroft Lighting works with NHS Trusts, Private Health Centres and Community Facilities to deliver leading lighting solutions that combine design and functionality. From initial design to packaged product, the entire sales, design and manufacturing process are undertaken in the purpose build head-quarters in the north west of England. Whitecroft Lighting is a member of the Fagerhult Group, a global network of lighting manufacturers with over 3,300 employees in 25 countries worldwide.




FUTURE Designs unveil MECAN a new family of innovative downlight track as spot lights


UTURE Designs, the international designer and manufacturer of luminaires and bespoke lighting solutions, has launched its latest collection of downlight, track and spotlight systems – MECAN. MECAN has been designed specifically for hospitality, retail and high-end residential sector as well as commercial interiors. Its ingenious and versatile design helps to create luxurious, comfortable and healthy spaces. Developed and based on three sizes of LED engine, MECAN has a myriad of interchangeable shapes and depths of reflectors and optic lenses. The technical aspects of the system are exemplary with a Unified Glare Rating (UGR)‹19 and

a RA› 90, meaning that glare is minimal, and MECAN will render colours accurately and allow textures to stand out giving finishes depth and luster. A selection of filter discs create different effects: a matt filter disc will soften the lighting to achieve the effect of gradual formation, a rhomboid filter disc changes the path of light refraction to achieve a square effect, stripe filter discs achieves an oval effect whilst the honeycomb net filter disc creates a spotlight effect. A selection of reflectors can be used to achieve different results: a

black light reflector reduces glare effectively, bright gold reflectors creates delicate luxury, a sand silver reflector produces a fine and smooth texture whilst a white reflector fuses with the ceiling effortlessly. The versatile design allows for MECAN to be adjusted creating accurate light efficiency with an orientated rotation.

Aichi’s Toyota Stadium is Japan’s first to install Signify’s LED pitch lighting using robotics


ignify has installed its connected lighting system Interact Sports at the Toyota Stadium inAichi, Japan. It’s the first outdoor stadium in Japan to install connected LED pitch lighting in combination with high performance Philips ArenaVision LEDs.Unique in the project was the use of robotic measurement while installing the connected lighting system. The robotic measurement is part of Signify’s innovative commissioning method. It helps to reduce installation time and significantly improves accuracy compared to traditional measurement methods. Aiming of floodlights, horizontal illuminance, color temperature and rendering are just a few of the components put to the test. The total service package installed in Japan’s first LED outdoor stadium includes software-based lighting design, 3D visualization and video aiming. Already in operation in numerous stadiums around the world, Signify’s innovative LED lighting system brings 24


an immersive bowl lighting experience by seamlessly integrating color changing floodlights alongside entertainment lighting moving color spots. The new lighting meets the stringent broadcast standards for flicker-free Ultra-HD 4K television and super slow-motion action replays, people at home can clearly see every detail and emotion on the pitch. Stadiums that already use Interact Sports include Atlético Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano and Juventus’ Allianz Stadium.

Toyota Stadium upgraded its pitch floodlights with 554 energyefficient LED lighting fixtures across its 45,000-seat stadium. It uses Interact Sports Lighting management software to control and manage Philips ArenaVision LED Field of Play (pitch) lighting. It combines seven different light distribution characteristics which make it possible to design lighting best suited for each player’s action. Building & Facilities Management – May 2019


UK distributor illuminates three sites with Goodlight LED lighting Goodlight, a leading LED lighting brand has announced that FWB, an established supply chain partner has replaced the outdated fluorescent lights across its three strategic sites in Stoke-on-Trent, Wrexham and Truro with Linear LED High Bays, LED Battens and Eco LED Ceiling Panels.


total of 8,200 sq m of warehousing, trade counters and offices are now illuminated with long life, energy efficient Goodlight LED lighting. FWB chose Goodlight for the quality and value of the products as a distributor and made the switch to save costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve the workplace environment. Established since 1963, FWB provides a diverse range of products including pipeline and fittings, fasteners, tools and workwear to the industrial, infrastructure, construction and public sector markets. FWB were looking to replace all of the inefficient lighting in its three trade counters and offices to save on energy and maintenance overheads. FWB selected Goodlight Eco LED Ceiling Panels which have been designed to slot into existing ceiling grids with ease, making them the thinnest most light weight panel on the market. The Eco is a modular LED Ceiling Panel that delivers up to 95 Lm/W, providing reliable, colour consistency that transmits over 95% light efficiency. The Eco is compliant

with LG7, providing a good luminaire balance between task areas, walls and ceilings. Lighting for the warehouses included G5 Battens and GX2 Linear LED High Bays, both of which deliver very high levels of light output offering 110 Lm/W and 130 Lm/W respectively. The G5s and GX2s are rated to IP65 (waterproof) and provide further protection from dust, ice, heat and corrosion ingress. Both LED fixtures are completely glassfree and shatterproof, making them suitable for busy, working warehouse environments. All Goodlight products are guaranteed for five years and rated at 50,000 hours. Sarah Lee, Marketing Manager at FWB commented, “As a business with multiple branches, our energy costs were significant. After seeing the successful installation of Goodlight LED lighting at a number of our customers’ premises we made the decision to replace the old lighting in all our sites. The installation was straightforward and completed within two months. The service from Goodlight has been

first class from start to finish.” She continued, “We decided to upgrade to LED lighting not only for the substantial reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions, but also for the improved light quality, and the added health and safety benefits. The high ceilings in our warehouses are difficult to access and we were changing light bulbs constantly. These long life LED lamps will reduce maintenance drastically. We now have consistent light levels and can see everything easily. The results are outstanding and everyone is happy.” Tel: 01276 691230 Email: Lighting



Hilclare’s bespoke lighting solutions maximise energy savings As companies look to improve the efficiency of their lighting by upgrading to energy saving LEDs, many are turning to Hilclare – one of the UK’s leading commercial lighting specialists – for a bespoke retrofit solution.


rom its manufacturing facility in Manchester, Hilclare has the engineering capability to supply bespoke and fully integrated luminaire and lighting solutions. The bespoke service begins when its in-house product design team takes a sample of a company’s existing light fittings in order to design an LED gear tray that fits perfectly into the same fittings. Hilclare is then able to design and manufacture LED fittings that exactly match these requirements, and fully ensures that the calculation and execution of the project is accurate, energy efficient, and within budget. Hilclare is also able to create lighting design schemes too. Chris Pearson, Managing Director at Hilclare comments: “Switching to the latest LED lighting in retail, offices, industrial and public sectors and especially retrofitting more efficient lamps into existing luminaires not only makes substantial energy savings - in some cases up to 60% - the lighting lasts significantly longer too; thereby reducing waste. However, for many companies an off-the-shelf solution is not sufficient. They need a costeffective retrofit solution that will minimise the costs of conversion from older technologies as well as maximise energy savings, and that’s where Hilclare steps in. 26


“At Hilclare, we are experts in the planning and design of retrofit solutions for upgrading existing lighting to energy saving LED’s. Our experienced designers are able to help find the best solution for upgrading to LEDs whilst maintaining or improving light levels, and with minimal disruption to the aesthetics,” adds Chris. He concludes: “For those companies that are under the misapprehension that the capital outlay required for a bespoke lighting system is beyond their reach, there are schemes available like ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) for energy saving technologies. By replacing fluorescent lighting with the very latest in LED technology, businesses can enjoy superior quality lighting that boasts efficiency above the regulatory requirements and that is around 50% more efficient

than fluorescent tube equivalents. We are proud to offer a bespoke service that enables companies to maximise energy savings.” For further information contact Carolyn Holland, Marketing Manager 0161 886 7190. Building & Facilities Management – May 2019

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LET IT RAIN! Johnstone’s Smooth Masonry, for Quick Rain Resistance. Unpredictable weather conditions making it difficult to schedule exterior projects and keep them on track? Now you can confidently schedule your exterior projects in all seasons thanks to the new Johnstone’s Smooth Masonry with Quick Rain Resistance technology. Johnstone’s improved Smooth Masonry is now rain resistant after 20 minutes and can be applied in temperatures from 2°C and rising. With 15 years BBA approval, Johnstone’s Smooth Masonry provides a cost effective solution that extends the maintenance proposition therefore, reducing the total maintenance cost over the age of the building. Visit to find out more.

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