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Energy Management

to businesses by the National Grid for helping to balance demand. Although, perhaps the most important benefit that more specialist energy storage solutions can provide is full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities. UPS is a reliable and responsive form of backup and is quickly becoming an important requirement for many companies across the UK due to the fact that the security of supply is decreasing as latest statistics have revealed that 986 blackouts or brownouts occurred throughout 2016, a 46% increase on the 2015 rates. UPS functionality in systems such as Powerstar’s energy storage solution VIRTUE, affords facility managers the confidence that operations won’t be affected by a loss of power by knowing that when the support is triggered, the batteries will respond automatically within a three-millisecond timeframe, providing electricity to the sensitive load during a period of up to two hours. This not only offers security of supply, it also eliminates costly shutdown periods, potentially wasted stock and valuable human resource to get the systems back online. In the case of Powerstar, both the mentioned technologies can be combined to deliver a tailored complete energy saving solution to facility managers that offers power resilience, process optimisation, harmonic reduction, power quality improvements and an additional source of revenue. In order to maximise the benefits of any energy efficiency solution, it is vital that the supplier understands the bespoke requirements of a facility. Any party deliberating installing a system should always ensure the supplier can deliver a concept to completion service, with full energy analysis and monitoring of a site’s electrical supply to ensure the delivery of a fit for purpose solution designed, developed and commissioned with the customers’ needs in mind. Powerstar is a market leader in the industry, delivering a range of bespoke solutions that are designed and manufactured in the UK. For more information visit the Powerstar website at

New real-time energy optimisation technology delivers savings beyond controllable load A Sheffieldbased energy solutions company has launched its real-time energy optimisation technology


ISTA offers ‘new ways of seeing’ for energy professionals. In fact, it takes energy savings and carbon reduction to a new level by adding an additional layer of intelligence to a building management system (BMS). The result is a step-change improvement in energy visibility, optimised building control – and guaranteed energy savings, whilst improving comfort levels in the building.

World-leading expertise Developed by BG Energy Solutions’ (BGES) carbon reduction specialists, VISTA is much more than a ‘box within a BMS’ or a data analytics tool. Available in two versions – VISTA Pro and VISTA Lite – it integrates seamlessly into an existing BMS, HVAC plant, lighting control and other smart interfaces, in order to save energy by operating both intelligently and efficiently. This is achieved by taking on-board live weather forecasts, energy tariff data and building operation trends. Building and energy management professionals can take advantage of its user-friendly front end and real-time information – thereby saving building operators time and helping to identify issues quickly.

Powered by EcoPilot® VISTA Pro uses the power of world-renowned EcoPilot®

technology to deliver a complete picture of energy use. Using the thermal mass signature of a building, EcoPilot® improves a building’s comfort conditions, while automatically optimising energy usage from HVAC systems. What’s more, it achieves maximum estate-wide efficiency and balance by enabling various systems to work in harmony – rather than against – each other. Because VISTA goes beyond controllable load, the result is significantly reduced energy bills. Alongside this, carbon reduction targets can be more easily achieved.

Impressive ROI & energy savings Commenting on the launch, BGES Managing Director Gareth Barber said: “This is a very exciting and significant launch for us. VISTA is the formal productisation of our already-successful and multi-awardwinning energy optimisation solution. We have refined our offering even further and have placed end users firmly in mind during this process. “The result is a powerful energy management tool. Energy savings are typically 20% and ROI is expected in under 2 years. We cannot wait to take VISTA to an even wider audience.” To find out more, explore the VISTA ebook. http://www. vista-brochure/#p=1 Energy Management


BFM October 2017  
BFM October 2017