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Greensted, 16 The Orpines, Wateringbury, Maidstone, ME18 5BP

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01622 813106

Care Quality Commission The Society is registered with the Care Quality Commission, who regulate the services we provide. They are an appointed government body that inspect the Society on a regular basis to ensure the service we provide is appropriate according to ‘Essential Standards of Quality & Safety’, which covers individual needs, a fully professional and safe service. Care Quality Commission Citygate Gallowgate Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4WH Telephone: 03000 616161 Email:

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What is The Abbeyfield Kent Society?


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Mission Statement The Society is passionate about providing affordable caring solutions for older people through a range of high quality services. Based on our Christian values and ethos, our strength lies in catering for the needs, wants and aspirations of older people in a friendly, family environment regardless of faith or the absence of it.

Our Values Central to everything we do are our core values. These describe the way we work together and how we behave with our residents, members of staff, volunteers, Trustees and other stakeholders.

Our Core Values are: Compassion – Behaving in a manner that treats people with respect and dignity Integrity – Acting at all times in a honest way with all those with whom we come into contact People focused – Reflecting the ethos inherent in the Society’s mission Openness – Offering high quality services that are adaptable, flexible and that meet the changing needs of residents in a manner that offers genuine choice


Our Commitment to You To work closely with you, your family or chosen representative and other professionals to ensure your needs are met and provided by fully trained and qualified carers To deliver a service that is tailored to your needs and choices To assist and support you to achieve your goals and aspirations A care team available 24 hours a day, every day to assist with any care needs you have To deliver and maintain a service that is in accordance with the Care Quality Commission’s ‘Essential Standards of Quality & Safety’ To respect the choices and decisions you have made


What is The Abbeyfield Kent Society? The Abbeyfield Kent Society is one of the largest providers of housing with care to older people in Kent, caring for over 500 residents within 16 services throughout the county. We also provide a domiciliary care service, called Caring Companions, to older people in their own homes. The Abbeyfield Kent Society is a not-for-profit registered charity and housing association, which has been providing care for older people since 1967. During this time the Society has grown significantly and has a skilled work force of fully trained, committed and dedicated carers, together with an extensive network of over 200 volunteers.

Our highly trained and dedicated staff provide specialist care for: Older people who are frail Older people and younger people with dementia Older people with Parkinson’s disease Older people who can live independently in their own home, but need some care and/or support


The Eden Alternative The Society has adopted an approach to care called the Eden Alternative, becoming the first care provider in Kent to introduce the principles into its services.

Originally developed by an American doctor called Bill Thomas, the concept is focused on eliminating: Loneliness Helplessness Boredom

Thomas realised that despite being surrounded by lots of people you can still be at risk of feeling lonely and bored. He injected creativity and novelty into services through contact with pets, plants, family and friends. The Society has embraced and evolved these principles; we promote individualism and choice. Residents at Greensted have an individual care plan and make their own decisions around their daily lives. Staff no longer wear uniforms, but instead display a clear name badge with their first name. This initiative is designed to empower residents and staff and help break down boundaries which can exist in a care environment. The philosophy at Greensted is to treat all people with respect and as individuals. We will try to ensure that you have the best quality life; offering choice, promoting independence and treating all equally. Residents are encouraged to take an active part in the daily running of the home and, of course, in the care that they need. The atmosphere at Greensted is warm and lively, with residents maintaining an active social life. Hobbies, interests and integration within the community are strongly encouraged.


Respite Care At The Abbeyfield Kent Society, we go out of our way to ensure we meet individual needs, which is why some of our homes across Kent offer respite care. Whether you are caring for a loved one or you have someone who cares for you, it is appropriate that, occasionally, you both get a break. Carers can relax with peace of mind knowing that their relative or patient is in a safe and homely environment with 24-hour care available. Respite stays also build a relationship between the individual and the staff and home, which can be beneficial should a more permanent stay at the home become necessary in the future. People’s personal preferences are incorporated into care packages to ensure the highest standard of continued care. Our short stay breaks offer all-inclusive care, which means you can expect accommodation, comfortable and homely living and dining areas and home cooked meals. If you are considering respite care and want to find out any more information, the home manager will be happy to talk through the process in more detail.

Managing Feelings of Guilt or Anxiety Many people who care for someone feel worried or guilty about taking a break and leaving the person they are supporting, even for a short period. It is important to remember: If a carer stretches themselves too far and becomes ill or depressed, life may become more difficult both for them and for the person they are caring for. Carers are entitled to time to themselves, to do what they want to do. 8

About Greensted Greensted provides a safe, comfortable and homely environment for its residents, giving each person the level of support they require to maintain their lifestyle. This includes ensuring that all care requirements are met. Assistance with personal care, dietary requirements, social interests, religious beliefs and cultural needs are all taken into consideration, as well as helping to maintain contact with friends, relatives and the community. The philosophy at Greensted is to treat all people with respect and as individuals. The home ensures that residents have the best quality life; offering choice, promoting independence and treating all equally. Residents are encouraged to take an active part in the daily running of the home and the care they need. This is done by involving each resident in the planning of their care and regular meetings. The atmosphere at Greensted is warm and lively, with residents maintaining an active social life. Existing hobbies and interests within the home and the community is strongly encouraged. It is important to promote activities and provide mental stimulation for all of the home’s residents in accordance with their wishes. Greensted considers it very important to listen not only to our residents but also to relatives, friends, family and staff.

History of the Home Greensted is a residential home built in 1975 by Kent County Council. It transferred to The Abbeyfield Kent Society in the year 2000.

Location Greensted is located in rural Wateringbury, approximately six miles from the county town of Maidstone in Kent. The home is within walking distance of the centre of Wateringbury, which benefits from a Post Office, petrol station with shop, GP surgery, hairdressers, public house, Chinese restaurant and two general stores. There is also a boatyard and marina, along with the Riverside Restaurant, which serves cream teas, light lunches, snacks and ice creams. The nearest railway station in Wateringbury, under a mile from the home, and regular bus routes serve the village, with stops for some routes directly outside the home. 9

Accommodation Greensted is a two-storey building with 38 rooms providing care for older people who are frail, suffering from Parkinson’s Disease or living with dementia. The home has six comfortable lounges, four with televisions and two quiet lounges, as well as a visitor lounge which enables residents to receive guests in private. There are two fully equipped bathrooms on each floor, as well as two additional shower rooms on the ground floor. The home has a large garden with views across the valley of the River Medway. A patio area furnished with wooden benches, tables and chairs enable residents to enjoy the outdoors in summer months. Greensted residents benefit from a small shop, which stocks a variety of items from sweets and soft drinks to birthday cards, stationery and occasion cards. The home has a good relationship with the local Parkinson’s Disease Society, and has set up the Green Lamp Therapy Suite to offer respite and permanent care for people with Parkinson’s Disease.


Activities Greensted activity schedule is updated on a weekly basis. Examples of resident activities vary from Church services, weekly and fortnightly exercise groups to afternoon bingo and board games. There are also the regular residents/relative meetings.

Meals An early morning hot drink is available to residents in their room between 6.30am and 7.00am. Breakfast – 8.30am onwards Lunch – 12.30pm onwards Dinner – 5.00pm onwards Snacks are available throughout the day and at night time if required. Hot & cold drinks are available at residents’ requests. Jugs of fresh water are put in all bedrooms daily and there is a fresh water dispenser in the main entrance if anyone wishes to use it. Staff are always happy to meet residents food and beverage needs, with the residents being able to choose when they want to get up and when they want to go to bed.

Medical (including external services details) If a resident’s own GP is prepared to visit Greensted, then it is advised to continue seeing the doctor and nurse that has previously been allocated. If the usual GP is unable to visit Greensted due to location, then the home can help to find another GP of the resident’s choice who is able to visit. A Chiropodist and Optician visit regularly, which is free to those on certain reduced incomes. Residents are welcome to look after their own medication if it is possible. If help is needed with medication then the senior carer on duty will assist with any medication that has been prescribed by a GP. Greensted can care for people through short term illnesses. However, where a person’s needs change significantly and full nursing care is determined as being necessary, then other options will need to be discussed with the resident and their family. 11

Admission Criteria All residents need to be assessed before moving in to Greensted. If they are not able to come to Greensted, then the assessment can be arranged to be carried out at home. Greensted is unable to accept people who require nursing care or those with specialised mental health needs, but do provide care for elderly people with dementia. We can also accept people with visual and hearing impairments.

Policies Visitor Policy Residents are free to come and go as they wish, as long as the senior carer is notified due to fire safety. Visitors are welcome at any time, and for a small charge, may join you for a meal.

Emergency Care Policy In the event of a family crisis or emergency people can be admitted without an assessment. As many details as possible about them would be required in order to meet their care needs. A full assessment would be carried out in the home within the first 72 hours. If, after the assessment, we found we were unable to meet all the persons care needs, we would hold a review to look at an alternative place to meet their needs. If the home is able to meet their care needs and we have a vacancy, then we are happy to accommodate them on an agreed date.

Smoking Policy Greensted has a smoking policy in order to guarantee non-smokers the right to live or work in air free of tobacco smoke, whilst also taking account of the needs of those who smoke. Staff, residents and visitors are not permitted to smoke in the building, if they wish to do so they should use the garden area.

Equality and Diversity Policy The Abbeyfield Kent Society are firmly committed to ensuring that our services, facilities and resources are available and useful to all individuals and groups (in accordance with the relevant legislation) and we will work to ensure the elimination of any unfair and unjustifiable treatment. 12

We will not unfairly discriminate or treat any person less favourably on the grounds of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, marital status, nationality, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation. We will give positive support and assistance to all victims of discrimination and other forms of harassment.

Pets and Personal Possessions Greensted work to make residents feel at home, so they are encouraged to bring in their own personal possessions, such as furniture, for their bedroom. Many of the homes have pets and, in some cases, residents may be able to bring their pets along with them.

Are You Entitled to Any Financial Support? It’s always worth finding out if you’re entitled to financial assistance. Even if you won’t be getting help from your local authority, there may be benefits available to you during your stay in a care home. You should still continue to get many of your state benefits when you move into a care home. If you are looking for financial help from your local authority when moving into a care home, it’s important for you to claim all the benefits you are entitled to. The local authority may assume you are getting all the benefits you deserve when they assess your financial situation.

Paying For Your Care Part of the process to decide whether our homes are suitable for you includes a financial assessment. If your circumstances dictate that you must finance your own care we would strongly urge you to seek advice on this as soon as you can. Our experience has shown that once people are settled in our homes, fees may have to be met for a number of years. By taking appropriate action at the outset many of the financial worries long-term care can bring with it can be alleviated. For example, if your money runs out you may have to move to a different room or to ask your family to top-up fees over and above what the local authority might pay. Thinking about how you can deal with the potential impact of these situations in advance can help to reduce any worries that you may have about them becoming an issue in the future. It is for these reasons that The Abbeyfield Kent Society strongly recommends that you seek specialist advice from an independent financial advisor or IFA registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) on the funding of your fees. 13

The FSA have stipulated that anyone providing financial advice in connection with funding long-term care must have the proven knowledge and ability to do so. This ensures that they understand how the complexities of the long-term care rules, regulations and state benefits fit in with general financial advice. Financial advisors who provide advice on care funding should have passed the CF8 qualification (Certificate in Financial Planning and Long Term Care Insurance). Solutions for funding long-term care can include equity release, care plans and investments. Care fee plans can guarantee fee income, guard against bad debt and avoid the dilemma of eviction. Whilst we cannot recommend a specific advisor the following is a brief list of different financial advisors that specialise in long-term care advice and plans who may be able to help you: Care Fees Investment Limited Email: Telephone: 0845 077 5655 Eldercare Solutions Ltd Email: Telephone: 01707 368 945 NHFA Email: Telephone: 0800 998 833 Symponia Email: Telephone: 01789 774 595


Important Points Prices can vary dramatically between insurance companies. A specialist IFA will compare from a variety of insurers. Choose an advisor who is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The FSA ensures that advisors have been vetted and deemed professional. Ensure that the advisor is CF8 qualified.

Fees Costs for living at Greensted vary depending on the level of care you need, location of the home and the type of room required. Each care package is completely unique to each individual, which is put together following an assessment. For more information on the weekly charges at Greensted, the home manager or care manager will be happy to explain in detail the financial aspects of moving in permanently. Respite care costs will be determined by the type of care an individual needs and a price will be set at the assessment stage. The charge for accommodation and care is inclusive of heating, cleaning, food and laundry. You may, if you wish pay to install your own telephone in your room and of course the charge of any calls you make would be invoiced directly to you. Charges for the hairdresser and private chiropodist are extra.


The Abbeyfield Kent Society

If you would like this hand book in an alternative format, please contact the team on 01634 723007. A member of the National Abbeyfield Society under the Royal Patronage of HRH The Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB. The Abbeyfield Kent Society is registered charity 254140, Housing Association H2362, Company 908333.

Greensted Service User Guide  

Greensted Service User Guide

Greensted Service User Guide  

Greensted Service User Guide