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Contents Who We Are .................................... What our aim is ............................... What’s in it for You? .......................... How We Work .................................. TimeBank ........................................ Where Do We Meet ........................... Safety and Security .......................... What if Something goes Wrong ........... Some Useful Advice ..........................

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Consideration: ................................. Personal Boundaries: ........................ Time Keeping ................................... Health & Safety ................................ Problem Solving ............................... Confidentiality.................................. Money ........................................... Equal Opportunities .........................

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Running a Group ......................... Procedure When YOU NEED Some Help Procedure When YOU are ASKED to Help another Member ........................ Sign-up Sheet .................................. Sign-in Sheet ...................................

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Bringing people together through the exchange of their time, skills and knowledge Contents

Who We Are Community TIME Camden (CTC) is a community time and skills exchange for people living in or otherwise connected to, London Borough of Camden. It is loosely based on the Timebank model, which is a market place with time as the principal currency. CTC provides an opportunity for people to use their Time, their Skills and their Knowledge to help each other, to meet new friends and neighbours, to give and receive practical help & support, and to teach and learn something new. We were set up in 2012 at the Abbey Community Centre, with funding from the Big Lottery Silver Dreams Fund, to pilot this new way of working together in the Kilburn area and with a view to providing a borough-wide network. Contents


What Our Aim is Not so long ago we knew our neighbours, our friends and family lived nearby, and we helped each other out as a matter of course. When we needed a favour we knew who we could ask, and we would willingly do them a favour in exchange. Over the years society has changed, and families and communities have become more isolated. People still need each other but now often feel they have no one local to turn to if they need assistance, companionship, or a chance to keep up their skills and interests. CTC provides the engine to bring our community closer together, and reward people for the help they provide to others in their neighbourhood.


What’s in it for You? There is no money involved at any stage. The only cost is your time, and for this you will get the opportunity, among other things, to: 

Meet new people and make new friends

Try something new

Use and develop your knowledge, skills and experiences

Get help when you need it

Contribute when it is convenient – it’s flexible participation to fit in with your lifestyle, however busy you are

Feel that you are part of your local community.



How We Work When you join as a Member of Community TIME Camden, you provide us with details of the skills, hobbies, and experiences that you would be prepared to share with others, and we keep a record of them. You also tell us what skills and experiences you could benefit from that others can provide. From time to time, we may call you to ask if you have the time to help someone else or a group in need of your skills and experience. Equally, if you need some help, just contact us with your request; it’s our job to find someone to help you. The CTC Coordinator at the Abbey Community Centre is the central point of contact for 6

everyone. We keep track of who does what and make sure that everyone’s account in the TimeBank is kept up to date. This method of sharing skills is flexible; you can help when you have the time. You decide when you are available; no specific dates or times are arranged without your agreement. You can do as much or as little as you wish. Finally, if you find that you are not able to use up all your time credits, you may donate them to another Member or to a partner organisation. The more Members we have, the larger our pool of skills and experience, and the more that people will be able to share. We believe that everyone has something to offer, and it is one of our CTC Coordinator’s most important jobs to spend time talking with interested parties, and to find out what skills, experience and knowledge they have.



TimeBank The currency for the system is an hour of time, either contributed by doing something or by receiving it. We record it in the TimeBank for each Member, as a credit if you help someone, or as a debit if someone helps you. Each exchange of help is called an “assignment”. To illustrate, if you teach someone how to use their computer you get credited for each hour of work. The person receiving your help gets debited for the same amount of time. There is a special arrangement for all social events, where the person running the event gets credited for the time, but the attendees are debited for the same time, but they get credited as well for the time, as their attendance is regarded as contributing to the event, so there is no “cost” to them. Example: Bill is retired and lives in a flat, but enjoys gardening. Bill helps Susan in her garden for two hours, since Susan cannot manage her garden by herself now due to poor health. Bill earns two CTC Time Credits, which he spends on asking Ian to teach him how to send e-mails and photos to his family in Australia. 8

If you are a new Member, you do not have to earn time credits (by doing something for another Member) before you can spend time credits. You can ask for help from day 1, even if you don’t yet have any credits. If you have needs but feel that you’ve got nothing to offer back, have a chat with the CTC Coordinator – we guarantee we’ll find something that you can offer! Examples of groups we currently run: cooking, crochet, card-making, creative writing, Saturday club. Examples of 1-1 exchanges currently taking place: window cleaning, escorting to doctor’s appointments, IT support, language exchange, piano lessons.



Where Do We Meet? Many of our exchanges and groups take place at the Abbey Community Centre. Equally, many of our exchanges take place in peoples’ homes and in other venues around Kilburn and beyond.



Safety and Security Our project is aimed to help anyone living, volunteering or working in the Borough of Camden. This means that we have a wide range of Members. Some of these are very active and independent, but others are much more isolated and may be vulnerable. Members’ safety and security is of the utmost importance to us, and we do all we can to ensure this, by the following actions: ·

All would-be Members will fill in the Quick sign up form and have a chat with CTC Coordinator before 1-1 exchanges are arranged


DBS checks will be carried out when applicable


All participants will be issued with an ID card which they must take to every assignment


The CTC Coordinator will personally arrange new exchanges, both from their knowledge and the needs of the Members concerned

However, we also have to emphasise that these are not fail-safe security measures, and there is a certain amount of trust involved in the process. If you feel unhappy about any aspects of your security or safety within an assignment or in the project, please speak to the CTC Coordinator who can discuss your concerns with you and hopefully put your mind at rest. Contents 11

What if Something goes Wrong? This rarely happens! If you are not happy with the exchange that is being done for you, please contact the CTC Coordinator as soon as possible. They will see what can be done to sort it out. However, it is important to remember that our Member contributors are just good neighbours and may not be professionally trained. For bigger and more complex jobs, it may be appropriate to sign a Mutual Agreement Form before commencing the assignment. So long as the work to be carried out has been agreed in advance with the CTC Coordinator, it will be covered by our insurance policy. If you have not contacted us we may not be able to help. If anything happens that you are not comfortable with, do contact the CTC Coordinator immediately. It could just be that the you are not comfortable working with the other person in the assignment or have problems within a group, – that’s OK, we will help as much as we can. But please bear in mind your personal safety at all times. Copies of our policies and procedures are available at the office or can be sent out to you if requested. Contents


Some Useful Advice Consideration: Please accept other Members’ viewpoints, and do not pressure another Member to accept your religious beliefs or political views. Please do not smoke, drink alcohol, or use recreational drugs at a Member’s home or at a meeting venue. Contents

Personal Boundaries: Please respect all Members’ personal space DO: 

Be aware of your own personal boundaries

 Avoid getting into situations that could be misinterpreted 

Think before you say, “Yes”.


DON’T  Get emotionally over-involved with other CTC Members  Give, borrow from or lend money to other CTC Members. If you are ever in doubt about a boundary issue, please speak to the CTC Coordinator about it. Contents

Time Keeping CTC is a time exchange and every one’s time is valuable. Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your arranged assignment. This is especially important if you are leading a group or taking part in 1:1 exchanges.

If you should need to cancel, always call the Centre office on 020 7624 8378. Please leave your name and the nature and date/time of the activity that you are not able to attend. Contents


Health & Safety Ple ase t ake all reasonable practicable steps to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all Members in the group. Bear in mind your responsibility for your own health & safety, & do not carry out tasks that might present a risk to you.

Problem Solving


CTC and Abbey Community Centre have a policy to deal with grievances that volunteers may have. The policy states that volunteers have the right at any time to discuss, with their named contact, any concerns that they may have. Contents

Confidentiality Respect other Members’ privacy and confidentiality by not sharing any information obtained about other Members. Please do not give out any telephone numbers or addresses of CTC Members without their permission.



Money Please do not ask for or accept any money, gifts or tips from other CTC Members. All CTC classes and 1:1 exchanges are run on a time credit basis and there are no monetary charges.


Equal Opportunities CTC is run in accordance with the Abbey Community Centre’s Equal Opportunities policy, a copy of which can be found in the centre office. For any question on the rules above, please contact the CTC team.



Running a Group When running a group, please ensure the following: ·

All attendees are Members of CTC. If they have not yet joined, please ensure that they complete a quick Sign-up sheet - this can be found in the office.


All attendees complete the Sign-in sheet – this can be found in the office.


If you have been using one of the Centre’s rooms, please let the office know when you have finished.


Please leave the room as you found it, and ready for the next class.


Please lock the room after you have finished with it- where applicable.


Please do not leave the room unattended and open if there are laptops or other pieces of equipment in there.


If any issues or concerns arise during your session, please contact the office.


If you have any questions on the rules above please contact the CTC team.



Procedure When YOU NEED Some Help Please use the following simple procedure when you need someone to HELP YOU: Contact the CTC Coordinator by phone, e-mail or in person. 1.

Give details of what kind of help you need


Estimate the number of hours’ help you require (where you can)


Give the dates and times when you will be available (please try to be flexible as this will provide more opportunities for other Members to help you)


If any costs are likely (for example, material), you need to reimburse the person helping you.


The CTC Coordinator will get back to you when they have contacted someone who can help you.


The CTC Coordinator will arrange and attend a first meeting with you and the Member, if possible.


If this is not possible, you will be given the name and contact details of your helper, and told when and where to meet them. 18


Similarly, the helper will be given your contact details and any other relevant information.Should you wish to amend the arrangements for the assignment, please contact your helper direct, (but also inform the CTC Coordinator of any changes).


Sometimes the CTC Coordinator will ask your helper to contact you directly to arrange the date and time of the assignment, where it is quicker and easier to do so. You will be in formed when this is appropriate.

10. HOME VISITS. On joining CTC each Member receives an identity card. You should always ask to see this before you invite someone into your home for an assignment. If you have any doubts, please ask the person to wait outside while you call the office. CTC Coordinator might contact you after the exchange for your feedback.



Procedure When YOU are ASKED to Help another Member 1.

Make sure that you are confident in being able to do what you have been asked carry out.


COSTS. Will there be any costs for travel of materials? The CTC Coordinator will help you find out how you will be reimbursed, before you start the assignment.


Please do not ask for, or accept, any payment for the work (other than your expenses).


You are responsible for your own health and safety, so do not take on any task where you might be at risk.


Take your identity card with you on all assignments.


Please keep confidential any information about or from another Member.


It is best not to carry our any additional tasks that have not been previously agreed.


The CTC Coordinator might contact you after the exchange for your feedback.



Thank you for becoming an active Member of Community TIME Camden. We believe that this project will make a real difference to our local community and will bring lots of benefits to all involved! GOOD LUCK






QUICK SIGN UP FORM Today’s Date Title (e.g. Mr/Mrs) First Name Family Name Post Code Date of Birth Do you consider yourself to have a disability or long term illness? Phone number What is your ethnic group (please tick one box): White



White and Black Caribbean


White and Black African

Other White:

White and Asian

Asian or Asian British

White and Chinese


Other Dual Heritage


Black or Black British



Other Asian Background



Other Black Any other (please write in)

It would be useful if you could complete the following information in order that we can occasionally contact you regarding other activities that may be of interest to you. Home address Email address Skills you would like to OFFER Skills you would like to RECEIVE How did you hear about CTC?



Socialise ● Energise ● Get Wise

Abbey Community Centre, 222c Belsize Road, Kilburn, London NW6 4DJ Phone: 020 3397 4583 or 07447 932 564 Email: 24

Ctc members handbook  
Ctc members handbook