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Lindsay Richardson Director

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Emma Whitbread Children’s Services Co-ordinator

Esther Charlambous Creche Worker

Sandra Burnett Caretaker

Paul Fordham

Kilburn Neighbours Scheme Co-ordinators

Joanna Goga

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Caroline Moyes Matheou Chair, Board of trustees

The Abbey Community Centre has had another excellent year in terms of the services it provides. Our pre-school drop-ins and crèches are very popular and for the most part over-subscribed. Four family trips took place during the summer and everyone enjoyed themselves very much. Kilburn Good Neighbours remains one of the most successful of such schemes in London, and in addition to its every day work of linking volunteers to users, they held a Winter Warmer event, a cream tea and ran trips to Cambridge and St Albans. The IT classes continue to attract a lot of support and classes have been developed to teach participants skills specific to their needs or desires. We also held classes in exercise, healthy and IT as part of our Older Men’s Project. One project which took place over 12 weeks was the Community Cohesion workshop – you can see the mosaic in the entrance lobby, and I can personally attest that this project was a lot of fun, and I’ll gladly show you which bits of the mosaic were my responsibility! There were also one-off days such as the digital switchover event. On average nearly 700 people use the centre each week and they range in age from new-borns to 90+. However, the flipside of this year has been that many of our discussions in Trustee Board meetings have centred on actual and proposed cuts in our funding from the Borough of Camden, changes to government policies regarding community centres and the Abbey Regeneration Scheme. We held our annual training day for the board, where it sometimes felt as if a crystal ball would have helped as we tried to divine the response to our next potential challenge. Often we had no concrete answers and had to think up several solutions to what may or may not be thrown at us. This has been frustrating to say the least, but we were prepared and have come through it, with me thinking that ‘well that didn’t kill us, so we must be stronger’. We were successful in our bid for core funding from Camden Council, although the amount received was much less than we need. Yet, with many community organisations closing, the Abbey Community Centre has once more reported a surplus. This is totally thanks to Lindsay and her team, who have been fantastic in quickly identifying potential shortfalls, and applying for funds. Applications are not always successful, but the management team is tenacious and committed. The Board of Trustees continues to support the regeneration scheme and look forward to receiving our fantastic new centre in due course. I stepped down as chair at the Annual General Meeting in December 2011. I have family commitments which meant that I was unable to continue, although I remain on the Board. I am delighted that John Foley is the new chair, and know that he will do an excellent job. I enjoyed my years as chair very much and would like to thank the rest of the board, but particularly Lindsay, Jane, Emma, Paul and Joanne who have helped, advised, listened and made me laugh a lot during my tenure.

Aims, objectives and principal activities The Abbey Community Centre (ACC) is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee managed by a voluntary board of trustees. Established in 1976, it is a successful, vibrant community facility and resource providing a safe and welcoming meeting place. The centre exists to improve the quality of life for local people by offering excellent services which provide a range of educational, recreational, cultural and social opportunities. In addition it provides informal advice to users on a wide range of matters and signposts them to the appropriate point for further advice. It is a place people from a wide range of backgrounds come to socialise, learn and enjoy. We work in consultation and partnership with the local community and statutory and voluntary agencies in developing our programme and responding to emerging need and new initiatives. Purpose and Aims of ACC  Improve the quality of life for the local community.  Provide an accessible, welcoming venue and focal point for the community. A place for people to meet and socialise and a space for local organisations.  Provide a range of low or no cost educational, recreational, social and cultural activities that are accessible to local people in response to local need.  Provide a local facility and resource which promotes and encourages learning, development and a stronger community.  Promote and advocate the needs of groups based in the centre and provide opportunities for more integration and inclusion between users. Act as an informal information point on activities and services. To maintain strategic relevance with partnerships, local authority and funding bodies. The local community is largely defined as the Kilburn ward of the London borough of Camden, although the centre’s services are open to all London borough of Camden residents. The Kilburn ward is multi-cultural and multi-racial and the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010 illustrates the substantial social deprivation. The London borough of Camden is ranked 74th in England for overall deprivation, 49th for income deprivation and 58th for employment deprivation (out of 326, 1 being the most deprived) and substantial parts of Kilburn fall into the 20% most deprived areas of Camden. The Index of Child Poverty in Camden shows Kilburn as among the 10% of the most severely deprived wards in England with 52% of children under 16 living in families reliant on means tested benefits. Public Benefit We have referred to the guidance contained in the Charity Commissions general guidance on public benefit when reviewing our aims and objectives and in planning our future services. In particular the board of trustees consider how our planned

services will contribute to the aims and objectives they have set. Principal activities undertaken to achieve our aims for the public benefit The centre’s principal activities included a crèche, drop-ins, parenting advice and information, family summer trips, Café 60, Kilburn Good Neighbours Scheme, IT and exercise classes, E.S.O.L classes with crèche and advice sessions, weekly debt and legal advice sessions, monthly councillors surgery, self help groups including AA and NA and several social and recreational activities including yoga, tai chi, tae kwondo, cooking classes, piano classes for children and bingo. The Henna Asian Women’s group and the South Sudan Women’s Skills Development are based at the centre. Both these organisations provide many services specific to their users in addition to the centre’s own programme. Achievements and Performance The year 2011-2012 has been extremely challenging and busy. The largest public spending cuts since the Second World War meant that Camden Council had to make savings of £83 million for the period 2011-2014. This inevitably led to huge or complete cuts in council funding for most voluntary organisations. Abbey Community Centre was one of the 17 (out of 33) successful community centres to receive 3 year council core funding from January 2012 – December 2014, albeit at a reduced level. Despite large council funding cuts the centre implemented a successful fundraising strategy and continued its full programme, providing over 57 activities and services for over 700 people per week. The centre also held several events during the year including Community Cohesion workshops, Digital Switchover event, NHS health checks, Henna Mela, South Sudan Women’s Skills International Women’s Day and Black History Celebration, our annual centre and volunteers Christmas parties, Kilburn Good Neighbour’s cream tea and winter warmer and trips including Paradise Park, Southend, Willow Farm, Hastings, Windsor, Cambridge and St Albans. Key achievements during the year include a successful fundraising strategy in times of severe cuts which enabled us to provide our full programme of services and our participation in the Abbey Road Regeneration project which will involve several hundred new homes, new small business units and a new 50% bigger community centre in Abbey Road in January 2014. The centre director is a key member of the Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS) lease sub group negotiating a new Camden council lease specifically for the VCS. We held our annual board review day culminating in the successful completion of our objectives for 2011-12 and an updated business plan for 2012-2015. Key objectives achieved included the fundraising strategy, increasing the profile of the centre especially through social media, a regular consultation program to identify current need, expansion of the I.T. classes and future development of the centre. The plan sets out the centres aims and objectives for the next few years and how we intend to meet them, so that we might best benefit and meet the needs of the local community and make best use of the resource that is the Abbey community centre. We look forward to regularly reviewing the plan in the coming year and the platform it will provide for the future life of the centre. Performance Monitoring The centre utilises external and internal performance management and quality control systems. External systems include annual Ofsted registration and inspection

and Camden Children’s Centre Services monitoring and evaluation for our child care services. The London Borough of Camden also monitors and evaluates all our services on a quarterly basis. Performance and evaluation reports also have to be provided for all the charitable trusts which fund us. Staff and volunteers working with children and vulnerable people are required to have CRB checks. Internal quality control systems include review days, registers, user feedback questionnaires and focus groups and the detailed annual evaluation and monitoring questionnaire which provides in depth information regarding the quality and benefits of our services. The centre also has up to date policies and procedures in place to ensure high quality performance management and services. Local Partnership and Project Work The centre is involved in a great deal of collaborative and partnership working and develops further opportunities by being actively involved in new initiatives both locally, Camden wide and nationally. Partnership working benefits our users as it identifies need and gaps in provision, prevents duplication of services and enables accurate referral and information regarding partnership organisations. It also enables and promotes cost effective joint provision of services and the exchange of good practice, policies and information. As mentioned the centre has been heavily involved in local regeneration projects and Camden council VCS lease negotiations. The centre also works in partnership with Camden council to provide services for children under five and the frail, isolated elderly. and is represented at stakeholder groups. The centre director is a member of Camden community centres forum which meet monthly to raise the profile of the centres, discuss and tackle common problems, share and exchange information and strategic planning. This forum is involved in consultation with the capacity and funding management team regarding key issues such as funding arrangements, leases and community involvement. Our Kilburn Good Neighbours scheme is a member of the Camden Good Neighbour Scheme consortium, working together to provide a comprehensive Camden wide service and future sustainability. The centre is a member and partner in Real Resources which is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. The main aim of Real Resources is to develop and provide resource services and capacity building to local member community sector organisations. The centre also works in partnership with other local organisations to provide services which include Kingsway Westminster College for E.S.O.L. and community learning classes, NHS Camden for health checks, City Lit college for parenting classes, Kingsgate and Sidings community centres, South Sudan Women’s Skills Development, Henna Asian Women’s Association and Kilburn Action forum to name but a few. Future developments and key aims for 2011-12  To continue to fundraise for and provide quality services that reflects the diversity and meets the needs of the community for the public benefit.  To retain our high profile and relevance to local needs through effective partnerships and networking and to ensure a local political presence within our governance structure.

To continue effective, professional oversight, management and governance of the organisation. In addition to it’s substantial current program of services, partnership work and capital improvements the centre will continue to work on developing the centre’s services and infrastructure. Key developments for 2012-13 include achieving the aims and objectives set out above and in our business plan, in particular a new time banking project for people aged fifty and above, a new I.T. community café and training facility and the continued development and strengthening of our board. The lease negotiations are still ongoing and will have particular significance when we move to our new building in 2015. We will continue to adapt to on going changes in financial and evaluation and monitoring criteria and ensure that we meet our commitments to public benefit in the most cost effective and efficient way. Financial Review The centre had a healthy financial year with an income of £181,952 despite large cuts in council funded services due to council savings of £83 million for the period 2011-2014. The core grant Income from Camden council environment and culture was reduced from £67,313 to £60,000 and Camden children’s centre services funding for services for children under 5 was reduced from £31,959 to £11,200. The service level agreement for Kilburn Neighbour’s, our good neighbour scheme, remained standstill at £31,960, although the funding for this is being cut from July 2012. A substantial part of the centre’s income was replaced by fund-raising from charitable trusts and other funding sources. In particular, John Lyon’s Charity, £20,000 towards the post of our Children’s Services Co-ordinator, The Dispossessed Fund, £6,000, towards Kilburn Good Neighbours Scheme and Santander £6,762 towards our IT programme. The centre also raised £19,116 in rental income. The centre’s annual expenditure was £176,386. The main cost being salaries and Employers N.I. at £145,056, audit and insurance £5,728, cleaning, £5,159, Legal and professional fees, £2,776 and direct project costs for Kilburn Good Neighbours £4,041 and Family Days Out, £4,360. It is pleasing to report that we have managed to end the year with a surplus of £5,566 and a total cumulative balance of £255,158, of which £59,950 is restricted revenue. £27,686 is restricted for under fives project costs and £32,264 is restricted for Kilburn Good Neighbour’s scheme, £70,208 is general unrestricted funds, £70,000 is designated to the employees costs fund which enables the employers to fulfil their contractual obligations, for example, pension, sick, maternity, redundancy pay and salary increases and £55,000 is designated for maintenance, rent and rates for the centre building and development of resources. Reserves Policy Unrestricted Funds are needed to: 1. Meet all legal, financial and health and safety requirements and obligations of the organisation. 2. Implement quickly any changes in the above requirements. 3. Enable the centre to react swiftly to needs and demand and designate funding to projects at short notice. 4. To cover annual inflationary costs, salary increments, pension, maternity, sick

and redundancy pay. 5. To cover core administration and support costs without which the centre could not function. Abbey Community Centre requires an adequate level of reserves to; 1. Meet the Charities Commission recommended good practice of having a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 3 years running costs as financial reserves. The centre’s unrestricted and undesignated reserves of £70,208 represents approximately 5 months running costs. The centre’s unrestricted reserves (including designated funds) of £195,208 represents approximately 12 months running costs. 2. Meet its likely outstanding commitments if circumstances arise where the trustees are obliged to wind down the company, this approximates to a minimum of 3 months running costs. The Centre has faced substantial cuts from Camden council for its core funding and children’s services from April 2011 due to the economic climate and the restricted income and designated employee’s fund of £70,000 includes costs for this. 3. Meet the requirements of The Pensions Act 2007 where by 2012 employers will have to contribute a minimum of 1%, rising to 3% in 2014 of a contributing employee’s salary. The designated employee fund of £70,000 includes the costs for this. 4. Safeguard the centre’s service commitment in the event of delays and or withdrawal in receipt of grants and funding. This approximates to 15% of total grant income. (£23,131) 5. Provide for contingencies and or risks which would not be able to be met out of income if and when they arise. For example the introduction of market rent leases by Camden Council. This approximates to 20% of total income. (£36,391) and the loss of Discretionary Rates Relief (DRR) in 2012. 6. To provide a fund of £5 - £10,000 to designate to special projects to quickly meet an identified need. 7. To meet any short term statutory, legal or employment obligations such as staff sickness, maternity cover, IT renewal, building maintenance, or any cash-flow difficulties. The centre will aim to maintain its current level of reserves through on going fundraising and income generation, and looking into appropriate investment accounts. The Treasurer or Centre Director will include a report on the level of reserves at year end and steps will be taken to address any issues which may arise. The policy will be reviewed annually taking into account any changes in circumstances.

Notes Incoming Resources

Unrestricted Funds

Restricted Funds

Total 2012

Total 2011





Voluntary income






Investment income






Other incoming resources










Total Incoming Resources Resources Expended

Charitable activities






Governance costs
















Total Resources Expended Net incoming resources for the year/net income for the year


Reconciliation of Funds

Total funds brought forward





Total funds carried forward





The Statement of Financial Activities includes all gains and losses in the year and therefore a statement of total recognised gains and losses has not been prepared. All of the above amounts relate to continuing activities.

Note £ Fixed Assets Tangible assets Current Assets Debtors Cash at bank and in hand

Creditors: Amounts falling due within one year




2012 £



2011 £ -


554 261,941





Net Current Assets



Total Assets Less Current Liabilities



Net Assets






16 16

125,000 70,208 255,158

125,000 64,642 249,592

Funds Restricted income funds Unrestricted income funds Designated Undesignated TOTAL FUNDS

The crèche is open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 1pm-3pm during term time. Over the past year it has been funded by John Lyons Charity, this has been a benefit to the local families as it means we can keep costs to a minimum. The crèche was facilitated by 3 permanent members of staff until July 2011, when a staff member left. Since then the crèche has been running with 2 members of staff and a team of volunteers who provide a safe stimulating environment for the children to grow and develop. Each term we focus on a topic and incorporate this in to the children’s learning. Over the past year we have looked at transport, ourselves, our families and our community and celebrations of different cultures, for example Chinese New Year and Christmas.

The ESOL Crèche is open 4 mornings a week. The children attend the crèche whilst their parents attend the ESOL class. The crèche has 2 members of staff who are all NVQ 2 or 3 qualified. In the (ESOL) crèche children have the opportunity to explore and investigate the environment giving meaning to their experiences and building on their interests. Within the routine children develop independence skills and embrace interaction with peers and adults. The children have a safe and secure large outside area which helps the children to thrive and challenge themselves. This Spring (ESOL) students and children went to the Zoo everyone took delight in seeing the animals the children were so excited by the lions and the big fishes.

A qualified member of staff and a team of volunteers facilitate the baby and toddler gym, which is held on Wednesday and Friday mornings in the main hall, from 10am till 11.30am during term time. The gym is a very successful drop-in, as the children have room to move and feel free from restrictions. Most of our children live in small accommodation, which is why this is such a benefit to them. Over the past year we have added different area activities, such as a reading corner and activity mat, more baby areas and a story and song time session. The families have appreciated these new features and have used them to their full potential. From April 2012 we will be running four soft play drop in’s with the addition of an arts and crafts activity within each session. We will also be recruiting a new worker to enable us to build on the relationships with the families and focus on adult led activities.

Talk & Play Together is a fun course, where parents and children, over the age of two years old, can enjoy activities together. Parents learn how to enhance their child’s learning and development whilst their child is cared for in the crèche. The course is most suitable for people who would like to improve their communication skills.

This summer we held 4 family days out to Paradise Park in Broxbourne, Southend on Sea, Willow Farm and Hastings. We have had some fantastic feedback from the families who were glad of the opportunity to leave London for the day. They have been able to experience many new things. This included playing on a beach, visiting the piers and other seaside attractions and seeing the many different animals at Paradise Park. The children could feed the animals, including reindeer, zebras, sheep, rabbits and llamas. The children also enjoyed playing in the fun factory and participating in crazy golf and go -karting.

,, ,,

Attending the crèche at Abbey Community Centre has enormously helped and contributed to my children’s development. In such a well organised and positive setting, they have learnt so many skills and met new friends. Also, whilst my children were at the crèche I was able to organise my time and according duties, knowing that my children were safe and happy. Having children in the crèche is a win win situation for both parents and children.


My son’s behaviour has improved since being at the crèche, at home also. His speaking has got a lot better and my daughter has learnt to feel secure with not having me around. She interacts with the adults and other children. They both seem very at ease and comfortable in the environment and with the people around them.





It was a good trip, well organised. We enjoyed the park, the animals and play area for the kids. Had a super time. I hope such trips continue .

As a local mum I cannot credit the centre enough. It's a fabulous example of an inclusive community resource that brings parents and their children together no matter their background. The staff work hard to create a warm, safe and educational environment for all the children with an amazing range of toys, books, crafts and jungle gym. There is story time and singing at which my 1 year old daughter just loves. I have noticed that it really has developed her language and listening skills.


As a childcare professional myself I cannot rate this amazing resource highly enough and think the benefit to the families who access it goes a long way to providing preventative services within the community. Thanks from a mum and her baby!!

The children’s piano classes, held on Thursdays between 4.00 pm and 6.30 pm have been running for some years now and there have been some pupils that have gone on to study at college level. The lessons are for fifteen minutes but as they are individual lessons some children have progressed through exam levels; the latest pass being Grade five for a girl who only started four years ago at age seven. Her brother, one year older, has also passed grade five with a merit. Over the years there have been many passes for the students who are doing the required practicing. There are occasional vacancies and all fees are concessionary.

Bumps and babies is a drop in run by the National childbirth Trust. It is held in the resource room every Monday from 12.30 pm - 2.30 pm. This group is held for expecting and new parents.

This year our Christmas party was again a success due to the support of the families that attended. As this year we had no funding for a party the parents brought food or drink to share and a present for each of their children. The party was attended by 41 children who had a great time playing on the toddler gym and singing songs with the children’s service’s team and of course seeing Father Christmas.

My name is Akual Macar, I am a local resident living in West Hampstead and have been using the Abbey Community Centre since 1996. I am a member of the South Sudanese community based at the centre. I love coming here because I have made good relationships with different people from different nationalities and enjoy the yoga, sewing and computer classes. I was part of the community cohesion project which I very much enjoyed, I also attend the trips the Henna Asian Women’s group arrange and try to come to the many workshops and awareness sessions. Abbey Community Centre has a diverse group of people which I think is a nice place to be a part of.

‘Helping Kilburn’s over 60s stay happier in their own homes’

Kilburn Good Neighbours continues to provide a befriending and practical help service to some of the most isolated and vulnerable older people in Kilburn and West Hampstead. The scheme has been running for over 14 years and we regularly have at least 150 scheme users, a waiting list; and a dedicated team of up to 45 volunteers. Our scheme provides some 4000 contact hours (time spent in an older persons home) per year and some of our volunteer visits have been going on for over 13 years, leading to lasting friendships developing. Although core funding from Camden Council has been withdrawn from June 2012, Kilburn Neighbours has managed to secure enough funding from other sources to continue running for the foreseeable future. This year we have received additional funding from:    

Team London Small Grants Fund Camden Volunteer Giving and Exchange Fund The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund The Camden People’s Fund (transition fund)

Our regular newsletter continues be a valuable source of information and help for many of our scheme users and many users are referred on to other services for additional help and support throughout the year. In addition to contact hours in peoples’ homes, we have also provided regular opportunities for our scheme users to get out of their homes and enjoy the company of others. This year we organised:    

A trip to the Cotswolds A day trip to Cambridge A Spring Cream Tea A Winter Warmer Tea

Our team of volunteers has expanded and this year and we have welcomed 10 new volunteers to our team. All of our volunteers are reference and CRB checked and receive training from the coordinators. In recognition of the importance of our volunteers, we have arranged various get-togethers for them including coffee mornings and a Christmas dinner. Many of our volunteers have been with us for over 10 years and others have used volunteering with Kilburn Neighbours as a stepping stone into employment or further education (three of our volunteers have become social workers while continuing to visit their clients). We find that our visits work as a two way system with volunteers getting as much out of the visits as scheme users.


Comments from scheme users include:


Kilburn Neighbours helps me with the things I cannot manage so I do not have to go into a home.



If I need advice or help with anything I know I can just ring the office and that I do not feel so alone.


I have nothing but praise for Kilburn Neighbours, my ‘ volunteer visitor is a most delightful person, I constantly enjoy her visits, we have become good friends.

In 2012, Kilburn Neighbours was delighted to have been awarded a grant from the Big Lottery Silver Dreams Fund to pilot an exciting new project. This will be a time and skills exchange for over 50’s in Camden. Watch this space for further news...

Café 60 is a low cost café run for over 60’s. The café is open every Friday and has a menu that changes every week. We serve soup, warm baguettes and jacket potatoes with various fillings, cake, fruit, tea and coffee. Those who come to the café do not need to book and can order as little or as much as they like. The project is run by volunteers who prepare the food, take the food orders and serve customers at the table. The volunteers are involved with all aspects of running the café and have contributed greatly to its success. They have helped create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The café provides a focus for over 60’s in the community to come and meet, where they feel safe and secure. It is also a source of support and recreation, as well as providing a nutritious balanced meal at an affordable price. Café 60 is a low cost café run for over 60’s. The café is open every Friday and has a menu that changes every week. We serve soup, warm baguettes and jacket potatoes with various fillings, cake, fruit, tea and coffee. The café provides a focus for over 60’s in the community to come and meet, where they feel safe and secure. It is also a source of support and recreation, as well as providing a nutritious balanced meal at an affordable price.

This is a lively fitness session for the over 60’s. It combines a circuit-style format, with seated resistance and stretch exercises. It includes small group and pair work, as well as some choreographed dance routines. The class is designed to be of mixed ability and is totally inclusive. The participants make new members most welcome.

This is a very welcoming chair-based healthy hearts exercise class promoting physical activity to people over 60. The aim of the class is to improve and maintain health and general wellbeing, focusing on working the cardiovascular system to keep our hearts and circulatory system healthy, also working to strengthen our bones and muscles to improve posture and balance. We have a section on strengthening muscles and using resistance bands ending with a cool down, relaxation and stretch.

Wan Taekwondo Black Belt Academy has now been running for 8 years and is rapidly building a reputation for being a taekwondo school of excellence, due to their methods of teaching and training.


I am very enthusiastic about my Taekwon Do training. Since I started I have become more focused not just in my training but in my education as well. Everyone at the club is very friendly at the same time encouraging and because of that training has a nice atmosphere. We also have a outstanding instructor who has a fantastic understanding of traditional and modern Taekwon do. I am looking forward to one earning my black belt and becoming a champion. Tyrees, Taekwon Do student


Every 2nd Saturday in the month, local councillors meet at the centre to try to help local people with any problems or issues that they may have.

Yoga classes have been held at the centre on a Tuesday evening since 1996. The yoga is set to music and the class begins with relaxation before building in intensity and then returning to relaxation. The movements have helped members overcome physical and psychological traumas and contribute greatly to general well being. Throughout the year the group has held several large events called YogaBeats, which have a DJ and refreshments, and has raised money for charity. The classes are well attended with 10-15 people per class.

We have free legal advice sessions kindly provided by two local solicitors, Powell Spencer and J Benson solicicitors. Each session is by appointment only and the following area’s of law are covered, crime, clinical negligence, family, personal injury, social welfare, immigration and housing.

Zumba fitness is a Latin inspired, dance fitness program that blends international music and contagious steps. The moves are easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating, all within a friendly atmosphere. There are two classes a week at the centre, one on a Monday morning and one in the evening on a Thusday.

We have the following self help groups who meet weekly to support their members, share experiences and offer hope for the future; Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.

The Dreaming Dragon School of Martial Arts meet once a week for tai chi. The slow continuous flowing movements emphasise control and focus and integrate mind, body and spirit. Tai Chi can improve concentration levels and stamina. Master Huang Ping who teaches the class was born in Yunnan Province, China and trained in Wushu from the age of nine. She has won gold and silver medals in national and international competitions and became a First Rank coach in China and for the Burmese National Team. She teaches at all levels and abilities and many forms and styles of Chinese martial arts.

Kilburn Citizen’s Advice Bureau runs a regular weekly advice session at the Abbey Community Centre on Thursday mornings. The service is well-established and in much demand by local residents. The main focus is on debt and money advice, as well as income maximisation. Wherever possible, we use an assisted self-help approach, exploring options and strategies with clients, and empowering them in their dealings with creditors and other agencies. Recently, we have seen an increase in requests for advice on bankruptcy, as well as the new Debt Relief Order. A Debt Relief Order is a type of “bankruptcy-lite” for people with unsecured debts below £15,000, and who have limited income and assets. We also check benefit entitlements to maximise our clients’ income. Kilburn CAB is grateful to the Abbey Community Centre for hosting the CAB surgery, and for the co-operation and support of the Centre’s staff. Unfortunatly due to funding cuts within the Citizen’s Advice Bureau this service ended in December 2011.

The sewing classes are held every Wednesday from 1.00 pm-3 pm. Creative activities such as dress making, designing and pattern making are taught. Classes are open to all and are very well attended.

In addition to our regular programme the community centre has several one-off events, workshops and activities throughout the year. This year we had the following:             

A digital switchover event Fundraising home made cake stall Christmas party Safer Neighbourhood police surgeries NHS health checks Celebrating diversity event Trips to Winsor, St Albans and Cambridge Family days out A cream tea Young Asian Women’s Forums Black history celebration International women’s day event Henna Mela and Navratri celebration

We were also host to many events and workshops organised by the Henna Asian Women’s Group and Sudanese Women’s Association, for example, business skills, listening, children’s martial arts, garden project, make up, henna and jewellery workshops, to name but a few.

Celebrating Diversity Event

When our son (20 months) attended the crèche for the first time we were very excited and anxious at the same time, but the introduction was gentle and now he is really enjoying going there. Also we liked the policy at the crèche and the staff who are friendly and professional. There is even a snack time which was a surprise. It’s been almost t months since our son joined the crèche and he has definitely becoming more sociable and vocal as a result. The whole crèche experience has been very positive for us..

Konstantin father of Maxim 20 months

English classes for adults are held at the Abbey Community Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in partnership with Neighbourhood Learning, Westminster Kingsway College, London. These classes provide basic English lessons to interested learners from the nonEnglish speaking communities living in the Kilburn area. Courses are offered at the entry one and entry two level and the learners range from those who have no knowledge of English to those who are keen to improve their skills in the language. The students represent people from a wide spectrum of ethnic backgrounds in the area. The courses are very popular and well attended. The crèche facilities available at the Abbey Community Centre also encourage mothers with young children to attend the classes. A normal lesson will involve speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar practice usually on specific themes like health, education, housing, travel, shopping, work, etc. Many students have achieved Edexcel ESOL certificates, some have moved on to higher ESOL classes, IT classes and childcare training.

The following courses ran throughout the year in our IT room:, all of these were free classes. Introduction to IT—this course teaches the basics of computing, sending and receiving emails and accessing the internet. The course is aimed at beginners. Moving on from beginners - this course was for those who had mastered the basics and were ready to add to their skills Computers for older men - This was a 10 week course after a successful pilot. Drop in sessions - these weekly sessions were facilitated by volunteers for students to brush up and practice in between classes get 1-1 help from knowledgable volunteers.

The year 2011/2012 was a very busy and exciting year. It was a very rewarding year for Henna especially as we have managed to grow our services and provide workshops of interest to our community. In keeping with our user led ethos, Henna staff have assessed member’s needs, researched available resources and then successfully raised funds to meet the needs of our membership. We were able to run successful pilots projects including the Befriending Project, new exercise classes, swimming lessons, the Young Women’s Forum and various pilot training courses such as make up, henna and jewellery making. Henna was successful in raising funds from the London Borough of Camden’s Equality and Cohesion Fund for three years to run the Befriending Service. This funding has ensured that we have a part time outreach worker/ volunteer coordinator and our volunteer expenses. Henna’s membership in 2009 was 69, in 2011 we had 176 members and this was due to the variety and quality of services we offered. 2011 has allowed Henna to deepen and solidify our core services to include the Monday Club, Healthy Living Project, Advice and Listening, and the Befriending Service. Our main weekly drop in for the over 50’s, affectionately known as the Monday Club, has transformed from a chit-chat group to include rewarding and informative workshops that develop our members’ knowledge and awareness on health and other lifeskills. Through the Healthy Living Project we successfully ran Cooking Clubs, Health Awareness sessions in partnership with local NHS partners, walks and exercise classes. Exercise classes have been extremely successful with classes running twice a week in 2011 and in 2012, we extended this provision to three times a week. Our original plan in 2011 was to reach 35 different ladies in a year through exercise but we have exceeded this target as we now reach over 55 different ladies. Henna’s pilot of the befriending project was very successful as we had over 40 ladies access the service. Along with these core services, Henna staff have been providing regular advice and listening services to our members on an as-needed basis. Through this service, staff have conducted one to one support for clients. One of the main reasons for our success has been how our different services have come together to offer holistic support for our members. Alongside our regular onsite service provision, Henna has celebrated cultural events such as our Annual Mela, Navratri (Festival celebrating the Moon Goddess in Hinduism) and Ramadan (month of fasting in Islam). This year we also celebrated Christmas and International Women’s Day with excellent turnout (we had 50 ladies

attend International Women’s Day). Henna offered several outings in 2011, some as local day trips (Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and Greenwich) and two coach outings (Brighton and Bournemouth). Our goal with the local day trip was to give ladies confidence to use public transportation to visit London’s iconic sites. We had excellent feedback from our attendees who enjoyed the sites and also felt more confident to independently travel within London. Our coach trips were successful with 42 attendees each from different backgrounds and age groups.

The Henna Staff Team

The South Sudan Women’s Skills Development (SSWSD) was formerly known as the Sudan Women’s Association (SWA) until March 2011. It was established in 1991 by Sudanese women who took refuge in the UK and registered as a charity in 1996. The organisation changed its name following the birth of South Sudan in 2011 to reflect the origins of the majority of its members. Celebrating Diversity Project The Emmanuel Vincent Harris Trust funded the Celebrating Diversity Project, through Camden Council. This project is led by the SSWSD in partnership with our local community centre, the Abbey Community Centre (ACC), and the Henna Asian Women's Group, each organisation nominated a member to the steering committee. All three organisations are based at the ACC. The project aims were;  

Promote community cohesion among different community groups in the Kilburn area Encourage different communities to come together to participate in recreational activities which leads to shared appreciation and understanding of the communities within Camden.

A big event was organised to showcase all the arte facts created by the participants during the project period. It was attended by the Mayor of Camden, Councillor Abdul Quadir, and the Kilburn Ward Councillor, Thomas Gardiner. The Mayor handed out certificates of attendance to participants and certificates of appreciation to staff and volunteers involved, participants were extremely excited to meet their local Mayor. I wish to personally thank all the organisations and individuals involved who so generously contributed to make this day such a memorable and worthwhile event.

We also held the following events/training and workshops; A visit to Kew Gardens Black History Celebration Project management and business planning training Introduction to commissioning Buisness skills workshop Listening skills For children and young people, aged 1—14 we had; Flower planting Arts and crafts Drawing and painting

For young people, aged 13—19 we had; Martial arts Gardening Bollywood, hip hop and African dance Arts and crafts

“Everyone is friendly and welcoming and really helped me settle into a new area and being a new mum” Bumps & Babies

I have become good friends with the lady I visit and look forward to a good chat, tea and cake!” Kilburn Good Neighbours

“I have been coming to learn English at the centre for 6 months and am so pleased I can now help my son with his homework.” ESOL “I

thought I was too long in the tooth for computers, but I kept coming to the classes and now I email my grand daughters!” Intro to IT “After my knee operation the doctors couldn’t believe how well I recoverd, I said it’s all thanks to my exercise class.” Seated exercise.

“Taekwon do keeps me fit and healthy. It is really fun and I make new friends” Taekwon do

Monday 9.30 - 10.30 10.00 - 12.30 10.00 - 12.30 10.00 - 4.00 10.30 - 11.30 12.30 - 2.00 1.00 - 3.00 2.00 - 4.00 2.30 - 6.00 6.00 - 8.00 6.00 - 8.00

Thursday Zumba English as a Second Language (ESOL) Level 1 ESOL Crèche Henna Asian Womens’ Group Over 60’s exercise Bumps & Babies Under 5’s Crèche Henna Over 50’s Club Kilburn Neighbours Scheme Tae Kwon Do Thai Boxing

Tuesday 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 1.00 1.00 2.15 7.30

- 12.30 ESOL Level 1 - 5.00 Kilburn Neighbours Scheme - 5.00 Henna Asian Women’s Group - 5.00 S. Sudan Women’s Skill Development - 11.30 Soft Play Drop In - 12.30 ESOL Crèche - 3.30 ESOL Mixed Level - 2.00 Exercise Classes for 60+ - 3.15 Yoga for women - 9.00 Yoga

Wednesday 9.30 - 5.00 Henna Asian Women’s Group 10.00 - 11.30 Soft Play Drop In 10.00 - 5.00 S. Sudan Women’s Skill Development 10.00 - 12.30 ESOL Level 2 & Crèche 12.00 - 1.00 Tone up for women 1.00 - 3.00 Sewing Class 1.00 - 3.00 Under 5’s Crèche 2.30 - 5.00 Kilburn Neighbours Scheme 6.00 - 8.00 Tae Kwon Do 6.30 - 8.00 Thai Boxing

10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00

- 12.30 - 5.00 - 5.00 - 11.30 - 5.00

10.00 10.00 1.00 1.00 4.00 7.15 7.00

- 12.00 - 11.00 - 3.00 - 2.00 - 6.30 - 8.15 - 8.30

ESOL Level 2 & Crèche Henna Asian Women’s Group Kilburn Neighbours Scheme Soft Play Drop In S. Sudan Women’s Skill Development Legal advice sessions Narcotics Anonymous Under 5’s Crèche Women’s Exercise Class Children’s Piano Lessons Zumba Cocaine Anonymous

Friday 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00

- 5.00 Kilburn Neighbours Scheme - 5.00 Henna Asian Women’s Group - 11.30 Soft Play Drop In - 5.00 S. Sudan Women’s Skill Development 1.00 - 3.00 Under 5’s Crèche 1.00 - 3.00 Introduction to IT 6.30 - 8.00 Tai Boxing Club

Saturday 2.00 - 8.00 S. Sudan Women’s Skill Development 10.00 - 11.00 Councillors’ Surgery - only every 2nd Saturday of the month

Sunday 4.00 - 7.00

AA Self Help Group

Abbey Community Centre 222C Belsize Road, London NW6 4DJ Telephone 020 7624 8378 Registered Charity Number 295191 Limited Company Number 2028600


Abbey Community Centre Annual Report 2011-12  

Annual Report for 2011 - 12

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