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Purbeck House Accommodation Student Guide Purbeck Road Cambridge CB2 8HY



Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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WELCOME Welcome to Abbey College Cambridge Boarding House! I hope you will be very happy with your accommodation while you are studying at Abbey College Cambridge. Purbeck House offers a friendly and well-located home for our students. They offer a balance between socialising with other Abbey students and allowing students to have a place to study outside of the classroom. We hope that you find this booklet helpful for settling in as well as understanding what is required from you. Enjoy the year Dr Julian Davies Principal, Abbey College Cambridge

Helen Wilson Director of Boarding Welcome to Purbeck House! Your boarding experience is very important to us and we hope you are happy here. We will provide you with all of the support, experience and opportunity to grow into confident, resilient and independent young adults. We expect you to participate as a member of our very special community and look forward to learning more about you. Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Contents Welcome from your Principal and Director of Boarding


Statement of Boarding Principles & Practices


The Boarding Team


Boarding House Rules


Activities, Rewards and Sanctions


Complaints and Compliments


Boarding house charges


Morning routine, curfew and weekend absence


Weekday and Weekend Routines


Purbeck House facilities


Health and Safety


Medical care and Illness




Term dates


Useful Information


External Support


Places of Worship


Local shops and amenities


School shop


Map of Abbey College Cambridge


Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Hi I’m Helen and I’m the Head of House here at Purbeck! I started my career as a PE teacher and during this time I spent 5 years working at an International school in Spain. I am still very passionate about sport and will be coaching the Netball and Basketball team this year, alongside teaching PE. My experience at an international school has given me a fantastic foundation to understand how it feels to move to a new country and new school. Here at Purbeck I expect you to join in with huddle activities, boarding trips and any of the numerous clubs on offer. It’s an excellent place for you to learn about other cultures appreciate differences and mutual respect between staff and students will help to make this feel like a home away from home. The Boarding team are here to support you day and night with any issues. Most importantly we want you to feel at home here and achieve a sense of belonging in order to help you flourish academically. I look forward to getting to know you all, welcoming you into our community and celebrating your successes. I hope you have a fantastic year here at Purbeck, Helen Winter Head of House Purbeck

Statement of Boarding Principles & Practice Boarding Aim "To build a safe & happy community where our students can develop the skills needed for future independent living, within a professional, supportive & nurturing environment." Abbey College Cambridge aims to provide boarding facilities of the highest standard to allow students to thrive in their educational studies. We give our students an appropriate degree of independence while monitoring and being supportive of a healthy and safe lifestyle. We also take great care to help our students to adjust to being away from homes for what may be the first time. The ethos is of mutual respect which is maintained throughout the school and boarding and at all levels from the staff and students.

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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The Boarding Team will: 

Ensure all students are happy and healthy and that all rules are followed

Look after the welfare of students while in the boarding house

Ensure students receive morning wake up calls and leave the site by 08:45am

Carry out room inspections

Make sure students are in their residence by curfew and in their rooms at bedtime

Encourage everyone to become part of the Abbey Cambridge Community

Ensure all students receive an induction in how to access and use on site facilities

Recognise, reward and celebrate the success of students

Manage discipline and sanctions

Contacting the Purbeck Team The Purbeck team are on site and available to you 24 hours a day. You can contact the team by visiting the office or calling the duty phone on 07387 108983 In an emergency you can also call the boarding team on the emergency phone 07584 705720

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Purbeck House Rules 

Respect staff and other boarders

Students should actively contribute to the Purbeck community by taking care of communal spaces and taking part in activities

All blocks are single sex occupancy; no student should enter a block of the opposite sex. Students from other accommodations are allowed to visit, however must remain in the communal areas

No smoking anywhere in the building - you must use the allocated smoking area, and be of the legal age specified by UK law

No alcohol is to be brought onto Purbeck site and students are not to return to Purbeck intoxicated

All medication must be stored in the Medicine Cabinet in the Boarding Office

You must not tamper with any of the fire equipment, signs or medical boxes

Boarding houses are closed during the school day, Boarders must leave on time and register in the morning

You must sign in/out when leaving Purbeck site

You must be in your residence for curfew and your own room for bedtime

No guests are allowed in the building without staff permission and must be signed in. The HP have the right to refuse visitors

Students are not allowed to keep more than £50 in their safe or on their person

Students are expected to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at their allocated times. Take away is not permitted during the week

You must keep your room clean and tidy (the cleaner will clean but only if they can access your room, it is not their job to tidy your room)

No candles or tea lights anywhere on the site

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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No loud music

Always lock your door if you are not in the room

Doors must be closed at all time. Do not prop the doors open at any times as they are fire safety doors

Corridors must be kept clear to allow exit in the case of fire

Do not use portable electric heaters in your bedroom

Overuse of laptops and computer games after curfew will result in items being taken by the boarding team at curfew. This will be at the discretion of the Head of House

Students must follow the guidance when requesting weekend leave. Exeat may be granted by the Boarding team dependent on behavior, attendance and academic progress. Exeat requests must be received by the Wednesday prior to the leave date

As well as the above, you are expected to follow instructions and requests from the Boarding team at any given time.

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Activities, Rewards and Sanctions Rewards & Sanctions We want to support an active, inclusive and happy community in Purbeck House. If you contribute to that success we will celebrate. For example, if you keep the Boarding House and your rooms clean and tidy, if you help the house parents plan and organise activities, or you get involved in community volunteering we will celebrate.

The Boarding Rules are there to keep you and the rest of the house safe, support your learning and to comply with UK law. If you break the rules the boarding team will meet with you to discuss your behaviour and agree a plan of action for future compliance. If you continue to break the rules then you will incur sanctions and be referred to the Head of House, your parents will also be informed.

Student Voice There are lots of ways of getting involved at Abbey, making your voice heard and your contribution count:      

Student Council Student Surveys Suggestion Box Huddle meetings House Meetings One-to-One meetings with teachers/tutors/mentors

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Complaints & Compliments If we are doing something well and you would like to see it continued or developed, please do tell us, everyone likes a compliment. If there is something we could do better then please tell us either informally or through the complaints procedure.

Informal Complaint If you have a complaint about your accommodation and home, you should initially speak to: A member of the Boarding team. In the first instance, the member of staff will consider how to resolve the complaint most effectively. They will discuss this with you and, during term time, will try and resolve the issue within five school days of the complaint being made. If the boarding staff member is unable to resolve your complaint you should make a formal complaint to the Director of Boarding, Helen Wilson in writing or by making an appointment to discuss the matter.

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Accommodation Charges Please take care of your room and report any damages to your boarding team. If you damage your room or items in your room on purpose, one of the following charges may apply: 

Full room deep clean - £150 (excluding carpets)

Carpet clean - £75

Wax removal from carpet - £75

Bathroom floor polish due to staining - £75

Damage to walls (dents, scratches, holes and staining) - £150 plus cost of repainting

Redecoration/repaint due to non-standard wear and tear - £300-£1500 dependent on room size

Removal and disposal of items left behind at end of school year - £50 per bag

Damage to furnishings, appliances, window restrictors, kitchen items or doors/locks - cost of replacement at the time of damage

Tampering with smoke alarm or switching off fuse box - £300 and possible legal consequences

Replacement carpet - cost of replacement at the time of the damage

Replacement key/access card - £50 plus the cost of a lock change if necessary

Replacement of broken/lost kitchen/bathroom items - cost of replacement at the time of damage

Please note: Misuse or removal of fire safety features and equipment, or non-compliance with essential fire safety instructions, will not be tolerated in any circumstances and may be treated as criminal offences. If you incur any charges, the Boarding team will contact your parents, and the money will be taken from your school deposit.

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Morning routine & curfew All students will receive wake up calls at the beginning of term. You will be given the opportunity to display independence and those that are punctual and able to get to school independently will no longer receive them. Curfew and bedtime rules are displayed on the door in all rooms and must be followed at all times. Staff will knock on your door at curfew to check you are in your room, if you are not there then the missing persons procedure will be followed. If you require an extended curfew for a particular event this can be requested and will be granted at staff discretion. If you wish for an early curfew you can speak to the staff in the office or call the duty phone to let them know.

Weekend absence Students may sometimes ask for permission to stay away overnight; however your parents or guardian must give permission for any overnight absence from Purbeck House. The permission should be requested by Wednesday on the week of absence and an email must be sent to detailing the dates of your absence and the name, address and telephone number of the responsible adult you will be staying with. Overnight absence is a privilege and will be granted at the discretion of the Head of House and will be dependent upon attendance, behaviour, academic progression and if they are requested for an activity in the boarding house. All students must return by curfew on Sunday evening. Date of absence Name of adult student is staying with Contact number and address of adult Relationship of adult to the student How student is travelling to address Expected time of return As members of the Boarding community we do not expect any more than 3 requests per term.

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Weekday and weekend routines Daily routines vary depending on student age. Routines also vary on weekdays and weekends. Please see the information in the box below for your age.

Students aged 16


Breakfast (all students to be seen and to register at breakfast)


Leave for school (boarding house closed until 415pm)


End of day sign out


Clubs/Activities/Free time




Supervised prep Mon –Weds/ Independent study Thurs - Sun


Curfew (all in Purbeck House)


Bedtime (no noise)

10pm(Sunday – Thursday)

Students aged 16


Breakfast (all students to be seen and to register at breakfast)

By Midday

Clubs/ activities/ events/free time


(maximum 5 hours at a time—must sign out) Prep (as required)

1-3 hours per day as needed





Curfew (all in Purbeck House)


Bedtime (no noise)

11pm (Friday and Saturday)

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Students aged 17+


Breakfast (all students to be seen and to register at breakfast)


Leave for school (boarding house closed until 4:15pm)


End of day sign out


Clubs/activities/free time




Prep (as required)/free time


Curfew (all in Purbeck House)


Bedtime (no noise)


Students aged 17+


Breakfast (all students to be seen and to register at breakfast)

By Midday

Clubs/ activities/ events/free time

08:00 – 10:30pm

(maximum 5 hours at a time—must sign out) Prep (as required)

1-3 hours per day as needed





Curfew (all in Purbeck House)


Bedtime (no noise)

11pm (Friday and Saturday)

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Purbeck House Purbeck House provides a well-located home for our students, immediately adjacent to the main teaching buildings, and a fifteen minute walk into Cambridge City Centre. The boarding houses offer you a balance between socialising with other Abbey students, and allowing you to have an ideal place to study outside of the classroom. Your individual accommodation is of a very high standard, with your own furnished bedroom and en-suite shower room. The staff at Purbeck House will offer and run a program of activities to make sure you get the most out of studying and living in the UK. This will include home based study and weekend leisure, sports and cultural activity programs.

Room In your room you will find a small kitchen area with a fridge / freezer, oven / microwave, hob, dishwasher, kettle and toaster. There is also a set of plates and cutlery to be found in the cupboards. The boarding team will explain how to use the appliances including the dishwasher, oven/microwave and hob and extractor fan. If you damage / break anything in your room, then you must inform a member of the boarding team immediately. They can then ensure that the item is repaired or replaced. (This may be charged to your school account. Please see the charges list.) Internet Free wireless internet is provided in your room at Purbeck House. You will find the wifi password on the noticeboard in your room, if you have any problems accessing the internet, please ask a member of the boarding team for help. Sensible internet use is expected, all students must follow the ICT usage agreement. You are not permitted to arrange your own internet/broadband supply. Meals As a boarder at Abbey College, breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided in the school canteen.

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Laundry and cleaning service Your bed linen will be changed once a week at the same time as your room is cleaned, you will have a poster on your noticeboard telling you which day this is. There is a laundry room on the ground floor for washing clothing and towels. The washing machines cost ÂŁ2.70 and take approximately 40 minutes, and the dryers cost ÂŁ1.50 and take approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. You will need to buy washing powder or liquid for the washing machine. Please ask a member of the boarding team for help and advice for the right type of washing powder to buy.

Health & Safety Security on the Purbeck site You will be given a key for your room and a card for access to the gate and your block on arrival. Please do not share this card with anyone else including any delivery personnel. You must not allow access through the gate or into your block to anyone. If you are at all unsure, do not let the person in and contact the boarding team immediately. Security in your room Please ensure that your bedroom door is locked at all times. The bedroom doors lock as you leave the room; please remember to always carry your room key. Do not give the key to anyone else; it is for your own use. If you lose your key you will be charged for a replacement. There is a safe provided in your room, please place your valuables in the safe, such as passports and money and do not carry them around with you. Do not share the code to your safe with anyone.

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Fire safety If a fire alarm sounds, you must leave the building immediately, by the nearest fire exit. Do not stop to collect your belongings or finish what you are doing. Please familiarise yourself with all the fire exits in Purbeck House. The fire assembly point is outside the cookery school, the same as during the school day. Do not cover the heater with clothes, towels or have the bed against the room heater. The bedside unit should be between the radiator wall and the bed at all times. Misuse or tampering of any detectors or alarms in your room will result in a fine and serious disciplinary action.

Electrical Safety Please ensure that you only use UK plugs for your laptops and any other electrical equipment you use. Please also only use UK power surge protected extension leads. If you are unsure on how to use the sockets, then please speak to a member of your Boarding Team. Overloaded sockets will be removed by the boarding team. Electrical equipment is tested once a year and given a sticker stating it meets the standards set. Any electrical equipment which fails will be removed and given to the Health and Safety Officer—this is known as PAT Testing. You should turn off and unplug all appliances before leaving each morning. Please turn off lights as you leave your room.

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Medical Care & Illness Please contact the Boarding Team day or night if you are feeling unwell. 

During induction, the school Matron and the Boarding Team will help you register with a General Practitioner (GP/Doctor)

If you are unwell outside of College hours (in the evening, at night and before 8am), you must tell the boarding team. They will care for you and arrange medical advice and treatment

If you are unwell, you must telephone reception 01223 578280 before 08:15am on school days and report your absence. You should also call the Purbeck House duty phone or find a member of the boarding team. Your absence will not be authorised until you have been assessed by the Matron

If you are unwell during college hours, you must tell your teacher or Reception, they will refer you to the Matron in the Medical Room.

The boarding team and College staff are trained in First Aid, and are the first people to turn to in the case of illness or accident

These are the times the Medical Centre is open to see the Matron without a prearranged appointment:

08:00 – 08:20 08:40 – 08:55 before registration 11:00-11:20 during break 12:30 – 13:30 lunchtime

Please report your need to see the Matron to the Reception staff and they will book an appointment and give you a slip to show to your teacher to leave the class.

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Medicines ·

All medicines and homely remedies should be shown and given to the boarding team upon arrival, students will sign a disclaimer to advise they have declared all medicines


Only students who have medicines prescribed and authorised by a doctor with prior parental permission received, will be allowed to keep their medicines after meeting with Matron. All other medicines will be stored by the boarding team and given back to students either at the end of term or at the end of their time studying with Abbey College Cambridge


Medicines not authorised for use in the UK, will be safely stored by the boarding team


Students in need of medicine will have an appointment arranged with the GP as a priority to get a prescription for UK licenced medicines.


Students must not share or lend their medicines to other students


Medicines should be stored safely, locked away and secure

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Term Dates 2018/19 Autumn Term 2018

Start of term Wednesday 5th September (New Students) Monday 10th September (Returning Students)

Half Term Monday 22nd October – Friday 26th October

Last day of term Thursday 13th December Students must leave their rooms by 9.00am Saturday 15 th December 2018

Spring Term 2019 Start of term Thursday 3rd January Students may move into their rooms from Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Half Term Monday 18th – Friday 22nd February

Last day of term Friday 5 April (All students except January start A-Level students) Friday 12th April (January start A-Level students) th

Summer Term 2019 Start of term Tuesday 23rd April

Half Term Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May

Last day of term Friday 28th June Students must leave their rooms by 9.00am Saturday 29 th June 2019

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Useful Information Emergencies & Health Care

Abbey College Cambridge Emergency Phone (24 hour response in the case of emergencies)

07584 705720

Parkside Police Station (Cambridgeshire Constabulary)

Dial 101

General Practice (Local Doctor, Woodlands Surgery)

01223 697600

Emergency Dentist (Out of Hours Dentist)

01223 723093

NHS Direct (telephone health information


Regent Street Dental Practice

01223 355923

Emergency services


Pharmacies For advice on common problems, minor illness and over the counter medicines:

Boots Cherry Hinton Road

237 Cherry Hinton Road

Boots Newmarket Road

320 Cambridge Retail Park (open till late)

GFT Davies

50 Hills Road

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Advice and Counselling Choices (Sexual Abuse)

01223 358149


0800 1111

Private Counselling is also available via the pastoral team – this is strictly confidential, please speak to Matron.

Independent Listener, Liz Parker Drop in session – Thursdays – 12pm to 1pm.

Student Support Worker Tuesday and Wednesday – 5pm to 8pm.

Students can also contact the following for advice and guidance;

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner 020 7783 8330

The National Children’s Bureau



Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Places of Worship 

Quakers, Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA

Baha'I Faith, 27 Worts Causeway, Cambridge, CB1 8RJ

Arbury Community Church, 263 Arbury Road, Cambridge, CB4 2JL

Unitarian Church, Emmanuel Road, Cambridge, CB1 1JW

Eden Baptist Chapel, Fitzroy Street, Cambridge, CB1 1ER

Wesley Methodist Church, Christ’s Pieces, Cambridge, CB1 1LG

Our Lady & The English Martyrs Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Rectory, Hills Road, Cambridge

Abu Bakr Jamia Mosque, 1a Mawson Road, CB1 2DZ

Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue, Cockcroft Place CB3 OHF

Buddhist Centre 38 Newmarket Rd Cambridge CB5 8DT

Korean Church meet at St Andrews Street Baptist Church on Sundays

Cambridge Chinese Christian Church, see website for details,

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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School shop and local amenities Living and learning in Cambridge is a privilege as there are so many things to see and do. Your boarding team will update the noticeboards regularly with information on what’s going on in the local area. For your ease there is a small selection of products available from the school shop based in reception – see price list on following page. The Co-operative, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are all good supermarkets located on the Leisure park at the top of the road, where there is also a cinema, bowling, gym and restaurants. Cambridge has two main shopping centres, The Grand Arcade and the Grafton Centre. If you need any help or advice on the local amenities please ask a member of the Boarding team.

Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Abbey Cambridge Student Shop - Price List

Black Biro


Pritt Stick 11g


Edding Handwriting Pen


HB Pencil


Casio fx-991EX Calculator for AS – L6 A-Level maths only Highlighter Pen

£24.00 35p

Note Pad (small)


Pukka Pad Note Pads (A5 medium)


Pukka A4 punched notepads


5 Star Rubber


Q-Connect Shatterproof Ruler






Aloe Vera/Kleenex Tissue {pack of 1}


Always/Lil-Lets Sanitary Towel


Tresemme Shampoo


Head and Shoulders Shampoo


Original Source/Sanex Shower Gel


Milton Travel Anti-bacterial Gel Hand-Wash


Nivea Small Deodorant (Male)


Dove Small Deodorant (Female)




Colgate Toothpaste


Travel Blue UK Travel Adaptor


Duracell Batteries AA {pack of 4}


Duracell Batteries AAA {pack of 4}


Purbeck House, Accommodation Guide

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Profile for Abbey College Cambridge

Purbeck House Student Guide 2018/19  

Purbeck House Student Guide 2018/19