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Programme Title: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Level: 6

Module Title: Extended Practice

Module Code: OUGD603

Brief Title: Wimbledon

Module Leader/Tutors: Amber Smith, Andy Lodge, Simon Harrison, Phil M

Module Credits: 60

Weighting of Brief within Module: 100%

Context Wimbledon is regarded as the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world and is held only once a year and watched all around the world. From my own opinion and from many others, Wimbledon feels posh, dated and too stuck in it’s ways – for example Roger Federer being told to change his shoes because the orange sole broke the strict all white rule. Making Wimbledon contemporary and appealing to a younger audience while being enjoyed by the existing regulars. The aim is to capture the elegance and glamour of the event giving material a feeling of collectability for an event, which is only once a year and produces truly legendary moments. Communicating Wimbledon as more than just a tennis tournament.

Brief Rebrand and re-imagine Wimbledon’s brand and visual identity across print collateral while also paying attention to web, TV and outdoors promotion. Creating a contemporary identity that fits contemporary culture and audience while also relaying the glamour and exclusivity of the most prestigious tennis showcase in the world.

Preparation Paying special attention to the rich tradition of Wimbledon, being careful not to stray too far way and alienating existing customers. Existing branding and identity material across print and web, which is relevant to your intentions. Wide target market of Wimbledon, sporting events gain attendance from all ages, young and old. The existing experience, costs and traditions of Wimbledon in terms of existing architecture, tickets products and souvenirs, even the weather. How can you use the notoriously rainy/unpredictable weather to your advantage?

Evidence Logo redesign. Print collateral ranging from and including tickets, books, programmes, magazines, leaflets, TV presentation, posters, packaging, clothing, web and with room to expand further.

--Development and logging on online blogs. Constant feedback, and refinement and further exploration through peer critiques. Consideration of all relevant formats and on-going experimentations with stock and layout.

Briefing: Monday 30/09/2013

Deadline: Thursday 22/05/2014


A proposed rebrand of visual identity across print and screen for the upcoming Wimbledon Tennis Championships of 2014 - Leeds College of Ar...

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