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Module Title: Extended Practice


Student Name: Abbas Mushtaq

Studio Brief Title: Brief 16: SomethinkSounds Synopsis: Reconsider and rebrand SomethinkSounds, an electronic and Deep House record label based out of Berline, and London. (Extended Placement Brief from Golden) List of deliverables


(boards, resolutions, apps,etc)

(Series of business cards, posters, website etc)


12 x boards documenting progress, concept, final resolutions and proposals and application moving forward

Identity Guidelines Book

Perfect bound ’01.Identity Guidelines’ book in regards to SomethinkSounds

Application Book

Perfect bound ’02. Application’ book in regards to SomethinkSounds

SomethinkSounds CD

CD containing a selection of idents, visualisers and mock-ups of viral campaigns.

Evaluation: Positives throughout brief A positive with this module is, I feel I managed to think up a simple system of symbols that was a lot of fun to apply to different contexts such as projections, wayfinding etc. Difficulties faced throughout the module A learning curve within the module was artworking for packaging, in this case a record sleeve. I’ve never really done it before and it’s not an area I really want to work in, in the future. Designing for certain sizes, proved to be problematic and I got it wrong a few times, or didn’t artwork in the correct way for it to be ready for print. This was an old brief at placement, so setting up a document wrong didn’t have too many consequences, but was still frustrating as it wasn’t print ready, and up to scratch really in the regard. What I would do differently next time Next time around, I would mock-up proposals in a more consistent manner. Always using the same backgrounds, lighting, levels and so on. I feel my mock-ups when applied onto boards are a little inconsistent, and the only aspect tying the boards together is the visuals of the brand, but in terms of environment it can improve and come together more. I would also research into packaging and record sleeve sizes in more depth before artworking, having the size and measurements and so on nailed, before really artworking would have saved a lot of time. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this project, it’s a lot different to anything I had done up until that point. It takes into account clothing, idents, projections, flyers etc and is for a topic to do with music so was a nice change. It’s a shame I haven’t had a chance to get the deliverables physically printed, but the main reason for not doing so is I wouldn’t have been able to make the record sleeve to the quality I want it to be in college. Ratings (Very Bad) 1 - (Very Good) 5 Quality of work _______ 3 Quantity of work ________ 4 Attendance ________4 Punctuality _________3 Motivation _________4

Brief 16 _ SomethinkSounds Cover Sheet  

Brief 16 _ SomethinkSounds Cover Sheet Extended Practice Submission Abbas Mushtaq Leeds College of Art '14 22/05/14

Brief 16 _ SomethinkSounds Cover Sheet  

Brief 16 _ SomethinkSounds Cover Sheet Extended Practice Submission Abbas Mushtaq Leeds College of Art '14 22/05/14