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Module Title: Extended Practice


Student Name: Abbas Mushtaq

Studio Brief Title: Brief 17 : Brief 12 _ DR ME FLAGS Synopsis: Design and produce a unique and bespoke flag for the Dr. Me FLAGS exhibition to be held at Islington Mill, Manchester.

List of deliverables


(boards, resolutions, apps,etc)

(Series of business cards, posters, website etc)


6 x boards documenting reference, and contextual research along with development process and final solution. Also includes application and event documentation.

Evaluation: Positives and learning curves throughout brief I still appreciate and feel proud of this concept, it’s a very simple concept but I feel happy that I took a risk and gave it a to, to generally good feedback from my peers and designers who went to the exhibition such as Jon Bland. It proves to myself I can do more than just print design and also begins to get a bit of humour and personality into my work – something I feel I’ve been lacking in the past and something I’m still inconsistent with. Difficulties faced throughout the module A difficulty at first was simply thinking of a concept for the flag. The brief was very, very open. Naturally everyone just started making pretty shapes on flags, which was good fun but it didn’t sit right with me to just make something look pretty and have no real effect on the consumer. I felt it was a missed opportunity when a flag in itself in a conceptual, and metaphorical sense has so much logic and deeper meaning behind it. The time it took to gain a strong idea, allowed very little time for production, in fact I was making the flag the night before. This wasn’t ideal and probably brought down the final quality of the flag. What I would do differently next time Next time around I would sew back the edges of the flag, as I feel over time edges dithered away and the overall shape of the flag when stretched out deteriorated over time and began to represent a rectangular flag shape less and less. I would also push on the general concept onto more material if I could do it again and justify it, for example censor off everything from pillows, to phographs. Ratings (Very Bad) 1 - (Very Good) 5 Quality of work _______ 4 Quantity of work ________ 4 Attendance ________4 Punctuality _________3 Motivation _________4

Brief 12 _ DR ME FLAGS Cover Sheet  
Brief 12 _ DR ME FLAGS Cover Sheet  

Abbas Mushtaq Extended Practice Submission - 22/05/14 Graphic Design Leeds College of Art '14