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What is good?


Fighting is Good? 1. Exercise 2. Natural instinct 3. Safety, self-defence 4. Relieve stress 5. Self-improvement 6. Martial arts - philosophy on life 7. Wrong perceptions- “Cagefighting” 8. Less deaths in boxing than crossing road 9. Purpose and direction in life - athletes 10. Health & fitness - athletes life

My initial “What is good” was fighting, I wanted to look into the positive aspects of fighting on your wellbeing - physical and mental health.

Fighting is Bad? 1. Dangerous 2. Unintelligent? Safer means of exercise 3. “Human cockfighting” - John McCain 4. Long-term injury 5. Disease - Staph Infections 6. Jiu-Jitsu is “homoerotic” 7. Overconfidence, picking fights 8. Violence 9. Prison. Obviously 10. Wrong impression to young kids maybe

I researched into the idea of fight clubs, combat sports gyms and on the other end of the spectrum looked into a more spiritual side of fighting with martial arts philosophy in the Far East.

Abbas Mushtaq




Bushido - “The Way Of The Warrior”

“Leave behind all selfcentered thoughts, petty desires, and anger. Those who are possessed by nothing, possess everything.”

- Morihei Ushiba Aikido Master

My focus will be on creating a package containing a range of products aimed at martial arts practitioners or simply martial enthusiasts like me who enjoy the philosophy and way of a warriors life and want to better themselves and have a different perception.

Bushido - “The Way of The Warrior” I’ve decided to go down a more philosophical and inspiration topic for my project, looking into the Japanese term “Bushido” which translates to “The Way of The Warrior” - The stories and philosophy are very interesting conceptually and visually.

My concept as mentioned in the brief is to pursue my own creative ambitions and design style to create a portfolio worthy piece, so I aim to merge my style with classical Japanese print references.

Abbas Mushtaq



Subject research

Bushido - “The Way Of The Warrior”

Documentaries on the martial arts lifestyle and quest for self-improvement such as this Bruce Lee documentary have been very useful.

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War places more emphasis on the inevitability of war and battle and focus on tactics, honour and total disregard of fear.

“I’ve been wishing for a noble death. Now fate has called for me. .... I will accomplish your wish. With magnificence.”

- Shima Shinzaemon 13 Assassins

“The Art Of Peace” by Aikido Master and teacher Morihei Ushiba really focuses on balancing fighting and battle with peace and serenity, full of quotes and philosophy.

Akira Kurosawa, legendary filmmaker made numerous movies involving Samurai. Samurai lived a life of Bushido - The Way of The Warrior

13 Assassins. A movie about 13 samurai set out to assassinate an evil warlord. Themes of Bushido and dying an “honourable death” are covered. Abbas Mushtaq



Visual Research

Bushido - “The Way Of The Warrior”

I want to blend Japanese and Bushido references with a more experimental, contemporary style sensibility from me. I don’t want to just create classical Japanese print design.

As I want to create packaging housing a variety of material educating on Bushido and how to take steps towards spirituality and meditation.

I want to create a luxurious and permanent type of product range, with everything packaged and tied together nicely, with products you want to engage with. From posters to booklets.

Abbas Mushtaq

Studio FNT are Korean design studio who have a really cool layered aesthetic I want to incorporate. Possibly through screenprint which is relevant to layered Japanese woodblock printing.



Range of products

Bushido - “The Way Of The Warrior”

1. Posters, 3+

2. Booklets, 3+

3. Flyer/Postcards

4. Notebook

Atleast 3 posters, visualising badass and philosophical bushido quotes. Probably screenprinted.

Tied together, books on Bushido philosophy, legendary warriors and maybe a book on meditation and purification

Want to have something on a smaller scale, but don’t know what yet. Want something related and useful.

A notebook to practise calligraphy, write down notes and thoughts and to track progress in martial arts.

5. Box/protective packaging

6. Ink well and bottle

7. Ink brush and pen

8. Incense sticks and holder

Some kind of protective packaging, made from thick board or wood with laserengraving. Would house all the rolled up and tied together products to store and keep.

Packaging for Japanese/Indian opaque black ink and a well for pouring into for use.

Ink well to house the ink, and a bamboo pen and brush to practice calligraphy, what the Samurai and martial artists still do now to balance with violence with peace.

I feel it goes with the meditative and spiritual subject and would help the user to meditate and a state of emptiness.

Abbas Mushtaq



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505 Concept Boards  

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